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Special Feature:

The Wizard of #DWC

This session began on Monday, Tuesday, November 17, and goes to show that you should never toss a laptop out a window, lest you generate yet another special feature that I have to go and edit ;)
 * Nathan_Roberts picks up this 'laptop' and throws it out the window
 * SupremeDalek watches Nathan's laptop hit TheProf
 * Nathan_Roberts picks up his OTHER laptop and throws it out the window
 * SupremeDalek watches Nathan's other laptop hit The Profess
<CrowTRobt> He's gonna die now, Jack
 * Nathan_Roberts locks the windows and closes the doors!
 * Nathan_Roberts barricades the door!
<CrowTRobt> Nate you just locked a window with no glass in it Nate
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh shit!
 * Nathan_Roberts looks left
 * Nathan_Roberts looks right
 * Nathan_Roberts looks left
 * Nathan_Roberts looks right
 * Nathan_Roberts starts piling up computer parts in front of the window!
<Nathan_Roberts> There.  Watch her try to get past MY pile of spare parts!
 * CrowTRobt watches as Profess tips the pile ontop of Nate
<Nathan_Roberts> EEeeeeeeeek!
 * Nathan_Roberts is crushed by the weight
 * CrowTRobt winces
 <CrowTRobt> Now that looked painful
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathan`s_Ghost
<Nathan`s_Ghost> Trust me, it wasn't.  I didn't live long enough
<CrowTRobt> ah
<CrowTRobt> too bad >:)
 * Nathan`s_Ghost haunts Crow
 * Nathan`s_Ghost sneaks up on Crow
<Nathan`s_Ghost> BOO!!!!
 * CrowTRobt calls up Blor... One of your souls is ready sir
 * CrowTRobt watches as a giant pit opens up and sucks Nate's spirit into it
 * Nathan`s_Ghost reaches the Gates of Hell
 * Nathan`s_Ghost opens up the filing cabinet and looks for his folder
 * Nathan`s_Ghost finds his name
 * Nathan`s_Ghost opens up his folder
 * Nathan`s_Ghost sees the sole contents of the folder...
<Nathan`s_Ghost> A note reading, "You're too nice.  Go away!"
<Nathan`s_Ghost> BLOR!!! DAMN YOU TO HE... oh, wait
<The_Anti> all the damned luck.
 * The_Anti 's computer froze up just as he was going to make a joke
   involving Nate's crushed body and a Wizard of Oz ref
<Nathan`s_Ghost> ROTFLMAO!!!!
<Nathan`s_Ghost> Wait...
<Nathan`s_Ghost> Who's the wicked with of the west then?
<Nathan`s_Ghost> witch
 * The_Anti is the Dorothy is this one..
<The_Anti> Alden is the Cowardly Sheep..
<The_Anti> Nate: Wicked Witch: BLOR
<The_Anti> or if we stick with the 'theme'-ish kind of stuff it would be Quark
<The_Anti> you being the Linux witch of the East
<The_Anti> he would be the Linux Witch of the West
<The_Anti> hmm.
<Alden> Who's toto?
 * SupremeDalek watches winged monkeys start flying out of Nathan's computer
 * The_Anti is trying to think of that..
<The_Anti> well.. Jack would be the Wizard
 * Nathan`s_Ghost is for some reason tempted to say Prof >:)
<Alden> The weatherforecasting muct come in handy when he's flying that baloon.
<CrowTRobt> I can be the tinman
<The_Anti> heh. Prof might make a good Toto.
 * The_Anti nods.. Bill can be the Tinman
<Alden> Tin T. Robot?
<Nathan`s_Ghost> No, better yet!
<Nathan`s_Ghost> Prof can be the Scarecrow >:)
 * CrowTRobt kicks Toto... "I have no heart">:)
<CrowTRobt> hahaha Nate
<The_Anti> the first Tin Man with 100 proof 'Oil'
 * Alden wonders if there's anything special about a cowardly sheep.
 * CrowTRobt stumbles into the room
<Alden> I'd far rather be the kamekazi sheep.
<Alden> And everyone has to stop me strapping TNT to myself and throwing
	myself at the enemy.
<CrowTRobt> Thish oil tashes like scotch
 * The_Anti reads a story entitled: The Wizard of DWC
 <The_Anti> hmm. Aunt Em and Uncle Whats-his-face
<The_Anti> and Toto. that would cover most,if not all of the major
<The_Anti> hmm... Becky could be Auntie Em
<The_Anti> what was the name of the uncle anyways?
 * The_Anti slots special guest star Sean Connery in the Uncle Whatever spot
<Starfury> Ok! I'll play Auntie Em!
 * The_Anti sneaks in after running away from Nate with Toto under his arm..
*** The_Anti is now known as Antorothy
<Starfury> Ok... while Dorothy is off in Oz, me and Uncle What's-his-face
	    will just stay here in the storm cellar. 
<Starfury> alone.
 * Antorothy thinks they should have it be Bruce Boxleitner then..
<Starfury> Anti: Or Paul McGann...
 * Starfury would not mind it being Paul McGann =)
<Antorothy> ok.. Paul McGann in a cameo as Uncle Whatshisface
<Starfury> righto.
<Starfury> here in the storm cellar
<Starfury> alone
<Starfury> with Uncle Whatshisface
<Starfury> Oh dear... I seem to have forgotten to restock the matches.  Now
	   we have no way to light the lantern. Shucks.
<Antorothy> you get to be a flying monkey too.
 * CrowTRobt goes around kicking munchkin ass
<CrowTRobt> I have no heart
 * Antorothy comes out of the black and white world into the color world and
   sees Nate crushed underneath a stack of computer parts.
 * Antorothy watches as the Munchkins (played by Doug n' Dave) come out and
   sing the 'Ding Dong,the Linux Witch is Dead' song
<dse> hey!
<dse> I'm not that short
<Antorothy> Gee K-9,I don't think I'm in Wisconsin anymore..
 * Antorothy fwaps Doug
<Antorothy> play along,darnit all.
<Nathan`s_Ghost> Of course!  k-9 is Toto!
 * Nathan`s_Ghost bangs his head into the wall for missing the obvious
 * Antorothy grins
 * Antorothy listens to K-9 spout off info about this new glorious
   colorfilled world they've landed in.
<Antorothy> But Munchkin Doug,I want to go home... all this color scares me..
 * Antorothy listens to K-9 analyse the color spectrum of the light
   around them..
 * CrowTRobt gets out his axe to chop up some munchkins
 * Antorothy tosses Crow some 100 proof Whi-- Oil.
 * CrowTRobt drinks it and suddenly becomes drunk as hell
<dse> just follow the Yellow Brick Road
<Starfury> follow the yellow brick road!
 * Antorothy starts off down the Yellow Brick Road
<Starfury> follow the yellow brick road
<Starfury> follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road!
 * Antorothy watches K-9 jokingly stun some of the over-enthusiastic Munchkins
<Starfury> Weee-eee-eee're OFF to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz
<Starfury> Because because because because because of the wonderful things
	   he does!
 * Antorothy drags K-9 and the inebriated Crow off down the Yellow Brick road
 * CrowTRobt steps on some ants
<Antorothy> gee Crow.. I wonder if the Wizard of DWC will be able to get me
	    home and get you a heart..
<CrowTRobt> die you scum!
<CrowTRobt> I don't want a heart
 * Antorothy listens to K-9 report on a long-distance scan...
 * CrowTRobt guzzles more lico... er oil
 * Antorothy drags the party into a New Zealandy forest..
 * Antorothy listens to K-9 report the presence of a sheep-like entity nearby
<CrowTRobt> watch out there are bush whackers, kiwi and sheep in here
<CrowTRobt> Bush whackers, kiwi and sheep oh my
<Antorothy> Bush whackers, kiwi and sheep oh my
 * Antorothy watches K-9 extend his blaster..
 * Antorothy fwaps Alden
<Alden> Ouch
 * Antorothy points to Alden's entrance in the non-existant script
<Starfury> Oh... Alden's the one without a brain, then, is he?
 * Alden looks crossly at Becky.
<Starfury> Look, it ain't my fault
<Starfury> where's the scarecrow then? or is Crow the Tin Pot doing double
<Nathan`s_Ghost> Prof is the scarecrow
<Antorothy> well.. we casted Prof as the scarecrow.. but he's not here
<Starfury> oh, right
<Starfury> ok then
<Starfury> go on
<Starfury> I'll just go back to being in the storm cellar in the dark with
	   Paul... I mean, Uncle Henry 
<Antorothy> Oh my.. look. It is a strange sheep of some kind...
<Alden> Baaaaa.
 * Antorothy gapes as K-9 targets it with the blaster
<Antorothy> Alden's the cowardly Sheep
 * Alden roars at the doggie
<Antorothy> and Nate'll have to double in for Quark if need be..
 * Alden is being a sheep. Ignore him. ;-)
<Antorothy> Look. It is a Cowardly Sheep..
 * CrowTRobt kicks the sheep
 * Alden whines and nuzzled Antorothy's leg.
 * Antorothy hands Crow another quart of boo... oil
<CrowTRobt> anybody want lamb chops?
 * Alden whimpers and hides behind a tree.
 * CrowTRobt drinks the oil
 * Antorothy drags the Cowardly Sheep out and offers it some proffered Kiwi
 * Alden sings: If I only had courage in a deep, manly voice.
 * CrowTRobt drunkenly uses his axe as a cane
 * Alden scarfs the kiwifruit.
<Antorothy> Come on,Cowardly Sheep,we're going to see the Wizard of DWC..
	    maybe he can give you some balls..
 * Antorothy grins evilly..
 * Alden trots along.
*** Alden is now known as Alden_sheep
<Alden_sheep> Baaaaaaaaa
 * Antorothy drags the motley assemblage further down the Yellow Brick Road
 * CrowTRobt is a heartless bastage
 * Antorothy passes the limp,lifeless Scarecrow and wonder what it feels
   like not having a brain..
 * Antorothy puts the Cowardly Sheep in between himself and Crow
 * CrowTRobt steals the Scarecrow's wallet
<CrowTRobt> empty
<CrowTRobt> The ID says Brian...
<Antorothy> We're off to see the Wizard,the wonderful Wizard of DWC..
 * Alden_sheep bleats along to the tune.
<Antorothy> we hear he is a wiz of the whizz if ever a whizz there waz.
 * Starfury thinks that line is a bit iffy.
 * Alden_sheep whizzes on Crow's leg.
<CrowTRobt> da wonnerful wisherd of d w Shee
<Nathan`s_Ghost> A scarecrow with a brian instead of a brain
 * Antorothy drags the motley crew further down the road and looks around
   for the flying monkeys
<Alden_sheep> No, the flying monkeys are later.
<Alden_sheep> We visit the Wiz first.
 * Starfury reluctantly comes out of the storm cellar and puts on the
   monkey suit
<Antorothy> ah. ok
<Starfury> oh NOW you tell me
<Starfury> :P
<Alden_sheep> baaaaa.wav
 * Antorothy finds his way to the Emerald City and the home of the Wizard.
 * Antorothy knocks on the door.
 * Alden_sheep gets out his autographed picture of Laaaaambert.
 * Starfury tries to get back into the storm cellar, but is thwarted by
   these stupid wings.
<Antorothy> We want to see the Wizard!
<CrowTRobt> We are going to the something shity to shee the wisherd
 * Antorothy digs in his basket and gives Crow another quart of bran.. oil
<CrowTRobt> mmm good shtuff
 * Antorothy knocks on the door again..
<Antorothy> hmm. no answer.
 * CrowTRobt rings the bell
 * SupremeDalek EXTERMINATES Antorothy
 * SupremeDalek EXTERMINATES CrowTRobt
<CrowTRobt> aaaaaaahhhhhhh
 * Alden_sheep whizzes on the door.
 * SupremeDalek EXTERMINATES Alden_sheep
<Antorothy> eek.
<CrowTRobt> Hey Wisherd why are you shooting lashers at ush
 * Antorothy watches as K-9 leaps into action shooting the rogue-not-
   appearing-in-this-story Dalek
<Antorothy> Yeah.. we came to ask for help for stuff and junk and stuff
<CrowTRobt> hey Anti I think the Dalek is the wishaerd
 * Alden_sheep bleats
<Antorothy> I want to get home and the sheep needs some cahones and Crow
	    just needs alcho-- oil
<CrowTRobt> yeah
 * Alden_sheep sings a song about being a king, in a firm, manly voice.
<Antorothy> pray tell,oh great Wizard..  what can you do for us?
<SupremeDalek> I am the Great and All Powerful Wizard of #DWC and I can
	       shoot lasers at anyone I wish to! NOW, GO AWAY!
 * Alden_sheep says the sheep equivalent of "sod you then"
 * Alden_sheep sulks.
 * CrowTRobt watches as k9 pulls a curtain back and reveils a weather man
   type person
<Antorothy> now just a minute you.. you.. evil naughty person
<Antorothy> he's a drunk... *points at Crow*
<Antorothy> he's a coward... *points at Alden*
<Starfury> Ok...can we hurry this along. I mean not that I'm not enjoying the
	   storm cellar and all, but this monkey suit is getting a bit stuffy
	   and I want to go to bed (get yer mind outta the gutter, you pervy
	   drunk tin teapot)
<Antorothy> and I just want to go home to Wisconsin.
 * Alden_sheep is no cow! He's a sheep!
*** random_C has joined channel #drwhochat
<Antorothy> AH!! It's the Linux witch of the West!
<CrowTRobt> bwahahaha
 * Alden_sheep spills his bag of marbles into the floor and nudges them
   around with his nose.
 * random_C looks at Anti strangely
<Antorothy> and she's going to send out the flying monkeys after us in the
	    wizard's palace itself..
<Antorothy> Random: play along..
<random_C> only if you give me some of what you've been smoking
 * Nathan`s_Ghost tells Random to check with Crow in that case
<Starfury> we're doing The Wizard of Oz.  More or less.
 * CrowTRobt hasn't has any alcoh--- Oil in a while and begins to have the DTs
 * Antorothy listens to the Linux Witch of the West give her spiel about
   getting the 'little pretty and his K-9 too.."
 * Antorothy tosses Crow a can of bee-- oil
<CrowTRobt> ::slurp:: belch ::
 * Antorothy watches the flying monkeys come in and menace the group..
<CrowTRobt> get offa me you monkey
<Antorothy> get 'em K-9
 * Antorothy gets swooped off by the flying Monkey and falls in front of
   the Linux Witch of the west..
<CrowTRobt> oreo oh oh
<CrowTRobt> oreo oh oh
 * Antorothy grabs a bucket of lager and tosses it on the witch, which causes
   her to drop out in a drunken stupor.
 * CrowTRobt sneaks in the witche's castle
 * Antorothy saved a bucket for Crow too
 * Antorothy gives the bucket to Crow
 * CrowTRobt drikes the Lager
<CrowTRobt> mmm good shtuff
 * Antorothy drags the entire assemblage back to the palace of the Wizard..
<Starfury> Can I go back to the storm cellar now? Uncle Henry's waiting.
 * Antorothy shoos Becky back to the cellar
<CrowTRobt> oh great and powerful wisherd
<Antorothy> there. We killed the witch.
<CrowTRobt> we are back
 * CrowTRobt watches k9 pull the curtain back reveiling a man with a barometer
<Antorothy> now give Crow more booze,give Alden some courage and GET ME HOME!!
<CrowTRobt> uh anti look over there
<Antorothy> hey.. it's a WEATHERMAN!
<CrowTRobt> that weather man has a remote control...
 * Alden_sheep bites the weatherman on the leg.
 * CrowTRobt looks at the weatherman's booze stash with greed
 * Antorothy walks over to the man in the weatherstation.
<SupremeDalek> GO AWAY!
<CrowTRobt> look at all that booz er er oil
<Antorothy> now.. give Crow some booze,get Alden some courage and GET ME HOME!
 * Antorothy jacks up Jack by his collars
 * Antorothy listens to K-9 advising him about putting Jack down.
 * Antorothy puts Jack down.
 * SupremeDalek prods Antorothy with a 3.048 m plunger
 *  Starfury didn't think weathermen wore collars.
<CrowTRobt> I want booze
<Antorothy> listen.. Weatherman. Please. We killed the witch,Crow's nearly
	    out of boo--- oil,Alden's hiding..
<Antorothy> and I just want to go home.
 * Antorothy sobs
 * CrowTRobt goes into the Dts
 * SupremeDalek dumps a case of Old Crow On Crow
 * Alden_sheep potters off and urinates on a nearby statue.
 * CrowTRobt goes into a drunken stupor
 * SupremeDalek pulls out one of the Doctor's two hearts and inserts it
   into Alden
<CrowTRobt> heheh
<Antorothy> well.. Crow got his oil,Alden got his courage,but what about me?
<CrowTRobt> you got a heart instead of nads
 * Alden_sheep is now a Time Lord sheep and regenerates a new pair of bollocks.
<Antorothy> I just want to go home..
*** TheProf has joined channel #drwhochat
<Nathan`s_Ghost> Prof!  You're just in time to be the scarecrow!
<CrowTRobt> oh here is the scarecrow
 * Antorothy watches as the Scarecrow magically comes to life..
<CrowTRobt> he needs some money and stuff
 * SupremeDalek activates a transmat and sends everyone back to where they
   cam from originally
 * Alden_sheep wanders off and is promptly slaughtered for mutton.
 * Starfury gets sick of waiting for Antorothy to come home and goes off to
   Paris with Uncle Henry.
 * SupremeDalek throws Antorothy into a transmat and pulls the switch
 * Antorothy wakes up in the dark cellar
<Antorothy> Oh.. they were so right... there's no place like home..
 * Antorothy breaks out in song singing the dramatic end theme: "Somewhere
   Over The TARDIS"
 * Antorothy looks around in the black and white world and smiles..
 * Antorothy watches as K-9 etches in the words "THE END" in the tin doors...

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