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The Gallons of Wine Chiang

Sat Dec 23 [04:11]

[Theta was considering ordering a pizza]
<Shel> we once actually ordered it with extra cheese and the so called
       last piece of pizza was actually a blob of cheese
<Theta-G> charming
<Theta-G> cheese? blood flow? cheese? blood flow?
<Theta-G> tough choice
<Shel> my fridge is fuly stocked with cheese
<Shel> 4 different kinds :)
<Theta-G> now wine and cheese, i could get into that
<Shel> sometimes we get up to 6, but were out of cheese curds and
       string cheese right now
<James_Thorpe> Wine and cheese is so overrated :p
<Shel> i don't like wine
<James_Thorpe> It sounds real nice, but...
<Shel> i'll just take the cheese...  and i think i'll take some right now!
<Philtrid> hahhahahahha copulation and cheese
<Shel> co-jack, i'm coming!
<Theta-G> two glasses, a decent cabernet and a date are conspicuous by
	  their abscence from my life
<Shel> oooh, nice gooey cheese
<Shel> burnt my lip though :/
<Jondar> Thete: Ooooh... cabernet :)
<Shel> mogen david!  now that's a wine i can drink
*** Theta-G is now known as Wine-Chiang
<Shel> or else maneschevitz
<Wine-Chiang> Where!? Where is my Time Cabernet!?
<Philtrid> lol Thete
<Jondar> LOL Thete
<Shel> how long did it take you to think that one up?
<Wine-Chiang> 3 seconds
<Shel> because that's quite ingenius
<Wine-Chiang> *hic*
<Philtrid> hahaha
<Shel> so would the episode be called "The Gallons of Wine Chiang"?
<Wine-Chiang> well if i had a date i would be too distracted to think
	      all the time, but no, so it's full-tilt brainspew
<James_Thorpe> Yikes2?
<Wine-Chiang> LOLshel
<Wine-Chiang> Li!!!! Take the Wine of the Scorpion!
<Shel> i think this deserves a submission to nate :)
<Wine-Chiang> heheheh
<Wine-Chiang> Let the Gallons of Wine-Chiang GET YOU SLOSHED!
	      see? No wine, Mr. Sin!"
<Shel> what's the other guy's name?
<Wine-Chiang> Li-Hsen Chang?
<Shel> oh yeah :)
<Jondar> The great most honorable God... Whis-Kee Boh-tahl
<Wine-Chiang> LOL
<Wine-Chiang> I see my ancestors on the other side... they are waiting
	      for my with gifts of wine and cheese...
<Shel> the line i always use at the bar would work well... i don't
       feel well, i think i need the doctor
<Wine-Chiang> Now, about that pizza...
<Shel> (dr. mcgillicuddy's)
<Wine-Chiang> heheheh
<Shel> but that's a "native" thing here... not very wide
       spread... since it's a canadian liquor
<Shel> The Doctor and Te"keela" have arrived, quick, get the time cabernet!
<Shel> nevermind me, my mind doesn't function well at this hour

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