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Doctor Whobert?

Mon Dec 01 [0:16]
<Whomiga> My mother has a cat that doesn't Meow - It squeeks
<Whomiga> Guess the name they picked...
<Nathan_Roberts> Mouse?
<Whomiga> Squeeker
<Nathan_Roberts> Squeeker?
<Whomiga> It squeeks - therefore it is a Squeeker
<Whomiga> My mother's cat and dog both eat dry cat food out of the same
          bowl.  The dog was raised by an earlier cat and the current cat
          has been raised by the dog.  So - now we have a dog that thinks
          he's a cat and a cat that thinks he's a dog - but acts like the
          dog that thinks he's a cat (Confused animals)
 * Nathan_Roberts tries to diagram Who's sentence
<Whomiga> My earlier description of the dog and cat was accurate for my
          mother's dog and cat
<Nathan_Roberts> What, dog thinks he's cat, cat thinks he's dog?
<Whomiga> Yep. And both eat cat food (Dry and Canned)
<Nathan_Roberts> So, cat thinks he's a dog, but he thinks he's a dog that
                 thinks he's a cat, so he acts like a cat?
<Whomiga> Actually, the cat acts like a dog that only thinks he's a cat
          (Doesn't always act exactly like a cat though) so it is very
          interesting.  Very confused animals
<Nathan_Roberts> So, you basically have a cat and a dog, neither of which
                 act entirely like either a cat or a dog?
<Whomiga> Pretty much
<Whomiga> Although the dog does act more like a cat at times and
          vice-versa for the cat
<Nathan_Roberts> These animals are so confused, you get confused trying to
                 describe them :)
<Whomiga> Exactly
<Nathan_Roberts> All you know is that one of them is "officially" a dog,
                 and the other is "officially" a cat :)
<Whomiga> Yep
<Nathan_Roberts> Unofficially, anything goes :)
<Whomiga> :^)
<Nathan_Roberts> So you've got a dat and a cog :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Which word means which animal I'm not quite sure...
<Whomiga> Actually a dat and cot
<Whomiga> or was that at dag and cot
<Whomiga> Doesn't matter
<Nathan_Roberts> If we keep this up, pretty soon we're gonna start
                 thinking I'm Nathan Roberts and You're Whomiga...
                 uh, wait...
*** Whomiga is now known as Whobert
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Nathiga
<Whobert> Whobert - Sounds like if the Doctor showed up on Dilbert :^)
<Nathiga> LOL!
<Whobert> That could be an interesting fan toon
<Nathiga> He's probably be the only one in the strip that had any sense :)
<Nathiga> And he'd work in a cubicle that was somehow bigger inside than
          it was outside, but an explanation is never given :)
<Whobert> That's Doctor Whobert
<Whobert> Doctor Whobert as a title to the strip - but still called
          The Doctor
<Nathiga> :D
<Whobert> Need to introduce this to someone who can draw - I can't
<Nathiga> heh... neither can I :)
<Whobert> Can't really call him Doctor though - Why would he be in a
          cubicle (What would be a good title?)
<Whobert> I guess he could be a Doctor....
<Nathiga> hmmmmm
<Whobert> Of what is never said (Like the show)
<Whobert> Too bad we'll have to wait till December's quotefile for
          everybody to see this :^/
<Nathiga> D'oh!
<Whobert> It's still November somewhere, isn't it?
<Whobert> :^)
<Nathiga> Hahahahaha
<Nathiga> I'm afraid that time for the quotefile is measured by PST.
<Nathiga> Of course, a month from now we'll probably have forgotten
          about it...
<Nathiga> And somebody'll come to us and say "Hey, this is a really great
          idea!" and we'll just be like, "huh?"
<Whobert> it's 3:59 EST - What time is it in PST
<Nathiga> 1am
<Nathiga> I suppose I could lie... nobody'd know :)
<Nathiga> For all intents and purposes, it could be 11:59:59pm now :)
<Nathiga> Course that means we couldn't work out anymore details now...
          better make it 11:30pm :)
<Whobert> hahaha
<Whobert> Have to decide who all the other characters are going to be
<Nathiga> I'm thinking having a Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart type person
          as the boss or something :)
<Nathiga> In keeping with the DW parody
<Whobert> Pointy hair - but with the mustache and UNIT uniform
<Nathiga> Yeah... he'll be a retired general or something
<Whobert> Willy the mailboy (Who gets really exploited during the cartoon)
          - Adric
<Nathiga> LOL!
<Whobert> :^)
<Nathiga> Better yet...
<Nathiga> How about we do it like Kenny on South Park and have him die
          regularly >:)
<Whobert> Not sure if that fits fully with the Dilbert part of the DW
          parody (But hey - you can't have everything :^)
<Nathiga> Hey, I know how to deal with this November/December problem...
          I'll just make this a special feature! Ha!
<Whobert> Everybody will see the page and go what is theis Whobert thing?
<Nathiga> I'll just call it Doctor Who meets Dilbert or something
<Nathiga> Anyway... everyone'll look at it just because it's a special
          feature : )
<Nathiga> I could call it "Special Feature: Recital of last year's
          phonebook" and people would read it :)
<Whobert> Actually - Some might pick up on the Whobert...
<Whobert> Redraw the Dogbert character to look like K-9?
<Nathiga> Yeah! I like it!
<Nathiga> Hmmm... Who's gonna be Wally....
<Whobert> Where was it that Dilbert never wanted to go?
<Whobert> Where everyone was Devils and such?
<Nathiga> Hmmm... no idea there
<Whobert> Well - anyway that's the Master's domain
<Whobert> Have to check
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o TheProf
<Nathiga> Hey Prof!
<Whobert> Darn - My Dilbert treasury is at home
<Whobert> Hey Prof
<TheProf> Nathan what evil are you up to?
<Nathiga> Prof: We're dreaming up a new fan cartoon
<Nathiga> A mix of Doctor Who and Dilbert: Doctor Whobert!
<TheProf> I have a scanner. :)
<TheProf> I bought a scanner today.
<Whobert> Can you draw?
<TheProf> I owe the wife great sex now for her letting me get it.
<Whobert> Uh, Oh!!
 * Nathiga will not inquire into such matters. :)
<TheProf> I can now do all the photos for Steve Hill that I have been
<Nathiga> Prof: Can you draw?
<TheProf> And I will have a photo for you Nathan for your page.
<TheProf> I can't draw a thing. The wife is fantastic though.
<TheProf> She is very talented.
<Nathiga> Could she do a Dilbert parody?
<Whobert> Actually - I'd love to get the Dilbert author to do it - but I
          can't have everything :^)
<Nathiga> Who: We wish :)
<TheProf> What would the parody be of?
<Nathiga> It's a fusion of Doctor Who and Dilbert
<Whobert> Whobert
<Nathiga> DOCTOR Whobert.
<Whobert> Doctor Whobert?
<TheProf> She says she does not do people.
<Nathiga> D'oh!
<Whobert> Dilbert isn't much of a person (You can take that however you
          like :^)
<Nathiga> Hmm.... Who here do we know that's an Artist? :)
<Nathiga> Synaesta's an artist, but I haven't seen her around in ages...
<TheProf> My wife paints but doesn't draw.
<Whobert> I'd love to continue this - but I need to go :^(
<Nathiga> :/
<Nathiga> Guess we'll have to finish this up later...
<Nathiga> Nite Who
<Whobert> Well have to bring it up when more people are around
<Whobert> Night Nathan (Mornight actually :^)
<Nathiga> Mornight :)
<Nathiga> I invented that term, and keep forgetting it!
To be continued?

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