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"What If..."

A discussion of the new Doctor Who series [never] made by Virgin.

Tue Nov 25 [21:07]
 * SukiF wishes there had been a Sylvester McCoy Years, you just knew
   that woulda been fun to watch ;)
<Israel> Suki: You mean, you didn't see it?!  The clips from Love and War
         were *really* good.:)
<Jondar> Dan: and those clips from Revelation were fantastic too :)
<Israel> Jondar: Agreed, although i'm surprised they had the budget for
         that much CGI.
<Jondar> Dan: it was obvious... the next few stories were terrible
         FX-wise :)
<Israel> Jondar: True, like they were saving money.  Who's always had a
         problem with budget, Love and War was a money buster too.:)
<SukiF> I still wanna know how they afforded to hire Emma Thompson as Benny!
<Jondar> Suki: yeah, that puzzled me too...
<Israel> Suki: Generous contract terms.  They worked around her a *lot*,
         let her have plenty of times to go do movies.  That balanced out
         the lower pay.
 * SukiF thought the Hoothi looked a bit too rubbery though
<Jondar> it wouldn't be Who without the rubber monsters :)
<Israel> Suki: Always a problem with the BBC, you know that.:)  Nice CGI
         job on the main ship though.:)
<SukiF> Yeah, but you could see the bloomin' zippers up the back, this was
        the 90s you know
<dse> I enjoyed the fact that Conundrum was partly animated
<Israel> Dse: Agreed.  It fit the story and it worked well.  And the fact
         that they got the Batman:TAS animation house to do the work
         was great.:)
 * DrGrace gasps. The monster weren't REAL? :)
<dse> yes I enjoyed that, Batman's cool
<SukiF> Though it's hard to animate Sylvester McCoy... he's so animated
<Jondar> *sigh* it was so nice to see Courtney, Levene and Franklin again
         for No Future :)
<Israel> Jondar: Oh, *very* much so.  So glad they were all so up for doing
         the episode.:)
<dse> yeah it's amazing how young they looked there. especially considering
      how old they looked in Blood Heat and Happy Endings
<SukiF> Jason: Yeah, but Nick needs to add a few holes to his belt buckle..
        even more than in Battlefeild!
<Israel> Doug: They got some *great* new makeup people on the show.:)
<SukiF> I rather liked the CGI in Left Handed Hummingbird though... one
        rumor I heard, Sylvester lost his voice screaming so often on set
<Israel> Suki: No rumor.  They had to stop production for two days.  Sylv
         didn't overly mind, though, or so he says.
<dse> Suki: he did
<SukiF> Poor fellow, and I heard the writer was on set the whole time
        saying "He's not sufering enough!"
<Israel> Suki: Yeah, I heard they had to escort her off the set.
<Israel> It was nice to see everyone do Happy Endings for next to nothing.
         Under Virgin, Who became the show to do again.:)
<Jondar> and the serious frostbite the cast got on the location shooting for
<Israel> Jason: Oy, *yes*, I heard Jaye Griffiths was not thrilled about
<SukiF> I heard the BBC got a bit testy over how much fake blood was used
        in Hummer actually... and the Doctor's drug use utterly shocked them
<Israel> Suki: Of course.  That's why they aired Hummer after the watershed.
         First time ever for Who.
<dse> dont forget the bared breasts in Genesys
<Israel> Doug: Well, some selective ending made the bare breasts barely
<dse> suki: look at the McGann Years video again
<SukiF> At least Sylv had plenty of experience playing it drunk in Transit
<Jondar> and what was the name of the actor playing Chris Cwej... I've
         forgotten his name again... he was excellent! :)
<Israel> Jondar: And *how* did you forget Paul Gross?!:}
<Jondar> Dan: it must've slipped my mind :)
<Israel> Jondar: You know, the whole problem he had with accepting the part
         of Chris when he thought Due South was canceled and then Due South
         got renewed unexpectedly?
<Jondar> Dan: that's right... it was a bit iffy for a while
<Israel> Jason: Luckily the DS people were willing to work with the Who
<SukiF> I heard after Lungbarrow Sylv asked for a huge raise in pay... so
        they regenerated him next story
<Jondar> and all those cameos in Dying Days... must've cost a fortune!
<Israel> Jondar: Yeah, but it was Virgin's last one, they were willing to
         blow some cash to go out with a bang.
<dse> Jondar: they did
<dse> they even got the original actor who played Professor Bernard
<dse> it's really great Alfre Woodard got the part of Roz
<Israel> Doug: Oh, Alfre was *happy* to do Roz, she loved the character.
<Meliphyre> so who played Cwej?
<dse> Paul Gross!
<Israel> Mel: Paul Gross from Due South.  You didn't know?
<Meliphyre> woo hoo!! even if he is a bit old but ooh is he sexy!!!
<SukiF> I hear they're finding all these lost 7th Doc adventures with Ace...
        Illegal Alien.. and I hear a new ones been found, Hollow Men
<Israel> Suki: They have.  I hear Slyv and Sophie are really glad both of
         those will finally get aired.
<Meliphyre> Who's Benny?
<Jondar> Emma Thompson... you've been in a time warp or something? :)
<Israel> Mel: Emma.  They gave her a *really* flexible contract.
 * Meliphyre has been at school <G>
<Meliphyre> I have no idea what's going on in any part of the world
<Jondar> and Lalla Ward was fantastic in Blood Harvest, she's aged well,
         hasn't she? :)
<Israel> Jason: Oh, very much so.
<dse> in fact she doesn't look like she's aged one bit
<dse> who played Jason Kane?
<Israel> Doug: Kenneth Branagh.  I heard Eternity Weeps was being filmed
         around about when he and Emma broke up, which contributed to the
         mood a *lot*.
<dse> oh, and I really liked it that they got Bruce Springsteen to play the
*** Jondar changes topic to "Strolling down Memory Lane..."
<SukiF> How about Bonnie coming back for Head Games, Alden got SO excited
        then didn't he?!
<dse> he sure did!! he was raving about it for weeks
<Jondar> Suki: oh yes, he even flew over for the filming!
<SukiF> Jason: Yeah, I hear he was hired as an extra
 * Jondar checks the Virgin DW Programme Guide... here it is: Alden Bates...
   he played one of the UNIT troops
<Israel> Suki: Such a shame the story sucked so bad.:{
<Israel> Anyone know if there's any truth to the rumor that William Gibson
         did an uncredited rewrite on Transit?
<dse> Dan: no, but the Discont Guide lists him as a possible inspiration
<SukiF> But my fave will always be Sky Pirates! Wooo! That was a show!
<Jondar> Suki: I was concerned that they borrowed the same effect from DS9
         for Sgloomi Po :(
 * DrGrace is still reminescing about the McGann years......
<Israel> Grace: I haven't bought the McGann years yet.  I didn't see the
         point of an in progress video.
<Jondar> Judi: it hasn't come out in Australia yet :(
<DrGrace> Poor Jondar
<Israel> Grace: Oh, assuredly.  The location filming in Borneo for Alien
         Bodies was truly gorgeous.:)
<SukiF> Reemmber when Marry Whitehouse put up that fuss over the first
        Virgin story? Genisis? Transit almost killed her I hear.
<Israel> Suki: Oy, *much* of the Virgin output nearly gave Mary an embolism.
<dse> I also liked when they ran the credits silently during SVAS
 * DrGrace thinks McGann will break Tom's record as the longest Doctor...
   er.... you know what I mean
<Jondar> Erm... you mean McGann will break McCoy's record for longest Doctor
<Jondar> Judi: McCoy had 8 seasons, Tom only got 7 seasons
<Israel> Jason: Yeah, I actually saw a bootleg video of the celebration
         they had on set when they broke the record.
<SukiF> Jason: Well, when Sylv became exsucitive producer of DW why do you
        think his Doc stayed on so long?
<Israel> Suki: Yeah, but ratings went up, so the decision was justified.
<SukiF> Dan: Yeah, Sylv can do it all can't he? I hear he directed Sky
        Pirates actually
<Israel> Suki: Only portions, I heard.
<SukiF> Dan: Which parts you think?
<Israel> Suki: I hear it was most of the stuff he *wasn't* in.  I hear he,
         Paul, and Alfre could hardly film the Snata scenes for laughing so
<Israel> Y'know, I didn't like Godengine much but I was *thrilled* to see
         Jennifer Lopez cast.
<Gamera> IB:  Who cast her in GodEngine?
<Israel> Gam: Bex Levine, executive producer at the time.
<Jondar> Gamera: you be missing a lot, haven't you seen the McCoy Years tape?
<SukiF> I love it when McCoy chewed out Tom Bkaer in that vid! LOL! He
        really put it threw he's now the best DW ever
<geoffw> What did Sylv think of TRANSIT? :)
<Israel> Geoff: He enjoyed the shift in focus, actually.  He felt that Who
         needed to expand it's purview if it was to survive.
<Gamera> but what was it like working with Val Kilmer in both Love & War
         *and* Highest Science? 'though Val's one scene in Highest was
         filmed at the same time as L&W...
<Israel> Gam: It had to be.  They didn't have him for that long.
<Gamera> IB:  Yeah, he was only in the first 3 eps of L&W :(
 * Jondar tries to remember... who did Val play again... my minds gone
   blank :(
<SukiF> But do you know what I found the most shocking? That Sylv was the
        one that broke Emma and Kenneth up! He and Emma were doing more than
        just playing Doc and companion if ya get my drift
<Israel> Suki: Yeah, I heard that made EW a *horrid* set to be on.  Lots of
         people bitching at each other, Paul and Alfre playing peacemaker.
<Gamera> Is it true that Caroline John boycotted EW so they had to cast
         Louise Jameson in her place?
<Israel> Gam: Yup.  She felt they treated Liz so badly.  Louise was worried
         that caroline would be mad at her for doing it.
<Meliphyre> Has Happy Endings been filmed yet?
<Gamera> Meli:  They couldn't get Courtney and Franklin in the same room...
         made things *very* difficult.
<Jondar> Meli: yes, and it was a better Anniversary story than the
         Five Doctors
 * Gamera kicks Jondar.  HARD
<Jondar> Gamera: I'm only repeating the "reviews" in DWM at the time
<Gamera> Jondar:  Ahh... can't trust that Evan Dowe creep, he reviewed
         a story which he scored!
<SukiF> What about that youngest Hanson kid being in Tragedy Day? I got SUCH
        a kick when Sylv slapped him one in it
<Gamera> Yeah, Sylv got to be totally out of character, he loved it!
<SukiF> Gam: Yeah, I heard he REALLY did slap the kid too, and that the
        whole crew clapped when he did!
<Gamera> Suki:  That was Macauley Culkin... the Hanson kid wouldonly have
         been like 7 at the time
<SukiF> Gam: These kids look all alike to me
<Gamera> Suki: At least they didn't have the Nelsons play Chris ;)
<SukiF> Gam: Thank god, I hear they did want Vanilla Ice to play Jason,
        but Sylv threatened to quite if they hired him
 * MegL thinks tragedy day predates the Hansons
<MegL> by quite a few years
 * Gamera thinks Tragedy Day predates the Hansons being BORN
<Jondar> Meg: they didn't get the Hansons for Tragedy Day, I thought it was
         Macaulay Culkin... but I couldn't tell :(
<Gamera> I thought it was Macauley Culkin... abou a year before he finally
         outgrew his Home Alone looks.
<SukiF> Gam: It probably was one of the Culkin's, they breed like rabbits
<Gamera> could have been the girl Culkin adn we'd never have noticed! :)
<Israel> Gam: I was surprised Take That were so willing to parody themselves
         in Tragedy Day.
<Gamera> IB: It was cheeky of them to ask Paul McCartney to voice the
         eponymous spider, but I'm glad he refused.
<Israel> Gam: Agreed.  Bob Hoskins was a *much* better choice.
<geoffw> I heard a set report from "Damaged Goods" that at times the
         production had to stop halfway because it was hard to muster
         all that emotion every day
<Israel> Geoff: OOOOH, yes, everyone threatened to resign several times.
<geoffw> now that I DIDN'T hear! Resign?!
<Israel> Geoff: During filming, yeah.  *After* filming, they all thought it
         was brilliant.
<geoffw> Was it really that hard?
<Jondar> Legacy was a nice story though...
<Gamera> Even Alan Bennion didn't save Legacy.
<SukiF> How about Tim Curry playing the new Master in First Frontier. Him
        and Sylv got on well
<geoffw> Yeah I hear Curry may replace McGann when the time comes ;)
<SukiF> Geof: Ohhh, I heard it was Rowan Atkinson
<Gamera> David Hyde Pierce was interesting in First Frontier... the first
         US actor in DW since 1987 and only the second ever!
<Gamera> Andy Garcia as Huitzilin was *cool*
<Israel> Gam: He got *so* into the part, didn't he?
<Gamera> A little too much so :)
<SukiF> Gam: Yeah! He looks good in a loin clothe too, I hear the AGEB has
        started now
<Gamera> and Charles Nelson Reilly in _Conundrum_...
<Israel> Gam: No surprise he had such a great time on the show.:)
 * DrGrace is totally thrilled McGann will be knighted next year. Too bad
   McCoy blew his chance after that big scandal :D
<SukiF> Judi: Well, I hear McGann has a few skelaton's in his closet. He
        once wore the UGLIEST moustache!
<DrGrace> Suki, LOL.   Well, at least it wasn't as bad as Sylv's wig  :)
<SukiF> Judi: Well he had to have a wig in Tragedy Day!
<Meliphyre> Are they going to try to get Matt McConaughy for atleast one
            epiode? :)
<Israel> Mel: With Paul doing Due South, they may try to get him I hear.
<Meliphyre> PAuls doing Due South?????????? still??? again????
<Israel> Mel: And you think Who has dedicated fans?:)
<Meliphyre> I like Due South. I was sad when it went off :(
<geoffw> I know I'm in teh minority, but Sylv and Sophie seemed to like
         Cartmel's scripts. Doing something different and all
<Gamera> I don't think it was Cartmel per se, I think they just had
<geoffw> Gamera: well, Sophie said somewhere, that it was nice to do
         something out of the ordinary, and not commit as heavily so they
         could do other things as well as film WARHEAD and WARLOCK
<Gamera> Judi Dench's cameo in Tragedy Day was brilliant -- I hear that was
         the role tha tipped Barbara Broccoli into hiring her for
<dse> although I wonder how they were able to get Roger Delgado for
      Dark Path
<SukiF> Doug: Computers
<Gamera> That wasn't Roger Delgado, that was a lot of dodgy CGI and a body
<Jondar> dse: it was a look-a-like, I thought
<Jondar> now, let me get this straight... did they make two K9 models for
         Lungbarrow, or was it FX again?
<Israel> Jason: Two models.  Cheaper.
<Gamera> Didn't they just put John Scott Martin into a tin box?
<Gamera> Christian would have been Benjamin Bratt I think.  Bit of a
<Israel> Gam: Agreed on Ben Bratt.  Surprisingly, his accent wasn't all
         that good.
<SukiF> Did you know they used the same house they used in The Rocky Horror
        Picture Show as the house on Allen Road? I hear Andrew Cartmel
        didn't like it though
<geoffw> Suki: yeah, Cartmel didn't like it at first, but it grew on him....
<Gamera> The Wars were doomed from the minute they put that Gallagher gimp
         into such a key role
<Gamera> but having Julian Glover come back to do "Sanctuary" was a
         nice touch.
<SukiF> I hear it took alot to get Sylv's clothes off for Bad Thearapy, but
        they threatened to blackmail him with pics from Having a Ball
<Gamera> Leonardo DiCaprio was good in Bad Therapy but Nicola Bryant once
         again ruined the final product
<SukiF> Gam: Yeah, the *kiss* was very controversol too
 * DrGrace looks up. Which kiss?
<SukiF> Judi: When Sylv had to kiss Leonardo.... though it was proved not
        to be a kiss in the later ep the public got most outraged
<Israel> Gam: I heard Nicola kinda was rebelling against the way Peri was
<Gamera> IB:  The Peri/Sylv meeting was pretty much the nadir of the last
<Toni_R> Suki: How's Bad Therapy besides getting to see Sylv sans clothes?
<SukiF> Steph: Was very good, Sylv put in a wonderful performance
<SukiF> I was amazed Blessed agreed tp do it too
<geoffw> still, it was nice Crass actually reunited to do "No Future"....
<Israel> Geoff: I know.  I was surprised Crass even *agreed* to do the
<Gamera> They wanted Ben Aaronovitch to do video links for the SVAS special
         release but he lost the videotapes while waling through an airport
         X-ray scanner
<Jondar> Gamera: that was shocking, wasn't it
<geoffw> n, the nadir was SVAS getting delayed, and having to come out
         later with THE DYING DAYS as a Movie Special.  I think the two
         events might have overshadowed each other
<Israel> Gam: Yeah, Kate had to some major writing and *everyone* was
         pissed at Ben for that.
<geoffw> Dan: I guess Steve Ignorant was always a WHO fan
<Meliphyre> Will there be production delays of SVAS b/c like the camara
            dies or something?
<geoffw> Mel: it came out already.  As a Movie Special
<Meliphyre> ooooh ok
<Israel> Can you *believe* they got Connery to do Benny's dad in RoTLD?
<SukiF> Dan: Yeah, and Meryl Streep as her mother in those flashbacks,
<Jondar> Dan: he was perfect for the part of Admiral Summerfield!
<Gamera> Jason Connery looked too young for the part
<Gamera> then again Benny's dad wasn't supposed to be too old.
<geoffw> I jsut couldn't believe I got some credit in RWND :)
<geoffw> and the Japan setting....oooohhhh.....
<Israel> Geoff: Oh, that advisory credit?  Well, you deserved it.:)
<DrGrace> Suki, isn't it amazing how kissy the Doctor has become?  Though
          I think the accidental shag in Dying Days was a bit much
<SukiF> Judi: Not with Sylv's Doc, he only got to kiss one person, but
        McGann's Doc, yeah
<Gamera> Elton John had a lot of fun camping it up in Bad Therapy
<Gamera> having John Hurt play me in Happy Endings was nice, even though
         he only got 2 lines :)
<Israel> Gam: At least you got on *air*!:)
<Gamera> though at least I got to play myself in Vamp Sci, didn't even
         require a prosthetic nose or fake widow's peak ;)
<SukiF> I hear the whole cast got drunk filming Happy Endings, Sylv, Emma and
        Tim Curry were said to of done some NASTY things in the tabloids
 * Meliphyre is now trying to picture Paul Gross with a body bepple
<Israel> Gam: Oh, and wasn't Max Von Sydow as Oscar Steinmann in JW just
<geoffw> and it was nice that Kate took my advice as far as casting
         Siouxsie as Te Yene Rana
<Gamera> IB:  He won an Emmy for that :-)
<Israel> Gam: That's right, he *did*.
<Gamera> Alanis Morissette could have done it too.
<geoffw> Gamera: yeah, but Siouxsie's still HOT tho :)
 * Gamera sits down with the calculator and tries to budget these casting
   choices based on book sales :)
<Jondar> I thought The Also People was rather good...
<Gamera> John Hurt's voice was unrecognizable in Also People...
<Israel> Jason: Oh *G-d*, but that one cost *so* much money.
<SukiF> Jason: Who played Kadiatu?
<geoffw> Jondar: talk about those EFFECTS!
<Israel> Nicky: Angela Bassett.  She liked the character, thought she was
 * DrGrace was thrilled with Vampire Sci after they decided to pattern it
   after Buffy the Vampire Slayer
<Jondar> Dan: yeah, totaly blew that years budget out of the water
<geoffw> Dan: and it showed for SHAKEDOWN too :)
<Israel> Grace: Yeah, and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Sam was a good casting
<Meliphyre> Sarah Gellar is and always will be Kindle on all my children :)
<Jondar> Geoff: they got around that by getting a fan to direct the middle
         bit :)
<Gamera> Sarah Gellar is and always will be Sydney on swans crossing :)
<geoffw> Jondar; and it showed!
 * Gamera is still trying to find an appropriate role for Alyson Hannigan
<Meliphyre> yeah but she got an emmy for AMC :)
<Gamera> back when she wasnt' afraid to be a brunette :)
<geoffw> well, hopefully my script will get accepted without blowing the
         budget :)
<Israel> Gam: And wasn't it cool for Original Sin to bring back Tobias
<Gamera> alyson hannigan could have been in damaged goods but that seems
         somewhat sacrilegious
<Gamera> IB:  Kevin Stoney has aged pretty well!  Even though it was a
         voice-only role for him.
<Israel> Mike: What'd you think of who they cast as you in ONII!?
<geoffw> Oh wait, I did make it onscreen!  As a splatty blob!
<geoffw> DUH!
<geoffw> and say what you want, but Bruce Campbell _was_ Creed McIlveen ;)
<Israel> Gam: Hey, Jennifer Lopez was the best thing about the GodEngine
         guest cast!
<Israel> Geoff: Oh, I agree, best performance i've ever seen from him.
<Gamera> GE was so bad I don't even remember her role
<Gamera> but then again she was an unknown when GE was released
<Israel> Gam: True, no wonder they got her so easy.  Still, she hasn't been
         reluctant to mention the part in interviews.
<SukiF> I rather liked Stephen Fry as Macbeth
<Gamera> that was Graham Crowden as Macbeth
<geoffw> Dan: too bad Boxleitner's James McIlveen was so brief tho :\
<Israel> Geoff: True, but with Bab5 and all, Bruce didn;t have time for
         much more.
<Gamera> which one did Desmond Llewelyn do?
<Israel> Gam: Oy, I'm blanking........
<geoffw> Israel: yeah, well, it was nice that we got what we got :)
<Jondar> I wonder how those radw people fared with the filming of Ship
         of Fools... I haven't heard anything from them since... :(
<Israel> Jason: I'm fine.  It was a fun experience, though kinda messy.:)
<geoffw> yah Dan and I had a blast on the set
<geoffw> as it were
<Gamera> I got credit for the joke I wrote in ROTLD
<Israel> Geoff: And wasn't Emma *nice*?
<Jondar> didn't Desmond do a cameo in Blood Harvest?? *thinks hard*
<geoffw> Dan: I was touched
<Israel> Jason: I think that might have been it.
<Gamera> wasn't that Arthur Hewett?
<Jondar> and what about Pacino as Capone?
<Israel> Gam: I was stunned they managed to get Sam Waterston for
         Dragon's Wrath.
<dse> nice CGI effects for the Chelonians
<dse> Pacino always gives a good performance
 * Gamera hasn't seen DW yet.
<geoffw> Dan: any production reports from the ALIEN BODIES set?
<Israel> Jason: I was surprised he agreed to do the part again.  But he
         was in England at the time and he thought it would have been fun.
<Israel> Geoff: "Overbudget" doesn't begin to describe things.:)
<dse> but what was really great was seeing The Pit being done on Mystery
      Science Theater 3000
<Gamera> the sad thing about the NAs is that there aren't enough parts for
         old male british actors
<SukiF> Doug: Yeah, that was a hollar
<geoffw> ISrael: oh dear.  Well, they scrimped on WAR OF THE DALEKS, tho....
<Israel> Doug: Oh, like you didn't see it coming during the *original*
<Jondar> Gam: yeah... wasn't there a demonstration about that?
<dse> of course I saw it a mile away
<geoffw> Jondar: I remmeber the demos after TRANSIT aired....yeek!
<Israel> Geoff: Well, hell, they actually did some location stuff in Borneo.
         And Robert Carlyle, wow.
<Gamera> Dennis Wolfberg was the best thing about Transit and he died in
         the first five minutes
<geoffw> and hey, Robert Culp as the president getting blobbed ;)
<Israel> Geoff: Hey, remember the ten minute rant Mary Whitehouse made on
         BBC1 after Damaged Goods?
<geoffw> Israel: eh, screw her.  Doesn't she know she always ups the
         ratings anyway?
<Jondar> Dan: I thought she wouldn't stop... she went on and on and on
         about it...
<Israel> Geoff: Yup.  Part Four of DG blew away the competiton.
<geoffw> Israel: definitely the top winner that week
<geoffw> of course some of it may have been the bloody-car-crash-fascination
         around that story
<Israel> Geoff: 14 million people.  Closest competitor had *8* million.
<Meliphyre> Deadfall been filmed yet?
<Jondar> Meli: it's in post-production last I heard
<Israel> Geoff: True, but Paul and Alfre and Slyv all thought it was a
         really brill script to work on.
<Meliphyre> ahhh k
<geoffw> Dan: even if they did threaten to quit a bunch of times :)
<Israel> Mel: Yup, it's in post pro.  Don't know if they got Paul back
         as Chris yet.
<Jondar> of course, Australia is always several months behind though :(
<geoffw> but damn, if that doesn;t get an Emmy nomination....
<Meliphyre> WEll tell me when you find out if it's Matt or Paul.. i'm
            happy either way :)
<Israel> Geoff: Well, as Paul said, "With the Bruises we got, would you
         have been smiling?"
<Meliphyre> Just remember it is Chris on the cover and not jason :)
<geoffw> Or Hell, LUNGBARROW even !
<Israel> Mel: Oh, certainly.
<geoffw> Israel: hey, they're richer as people for it :)
<Meliphyre> Only so I can be on the set and deliver the donuts or something
<Israel> Geoff: G-d, but the set designers did *such* a good job on
<Israel> Mel: You *weren't*?
<geoffw> Israel: those chairs, and _Badger_.....
<Meliphyre> I wasn't what Doc
<Israel> Geoff: Badger was Henson.  Get the best for the best.:)
<geoffw> ISrael: Henson and Ron Thornton :)
<Israel> Mel: You told me you *had* gotten on set for Deadfall.
<Meliphyre> Alas no, but I want to be, Doc :)
<Israel> Mel: You mean, you couldn't break security?  Aw, poot.
<Meliphyre> I havn't tried yet.. id idn't know if it was filming.. but you
            better believe I will to see Emma, Sylv and especially Matt or
            Paul :)
<Israel> So, we tuckered out on vid talk for the night?
<geoffw> Dan: for now, anyway.
<Nathan_Roberts> After what, 2 hours? :)
<Jondar> Dan: I think so...
<Israel> I'd like to thank you *all*, that was some seriously classic
 * Jondar doffs hat
<geoffw> although just one last thing -- Akira Kurosawa doing RWND was a
         coup :)
 * SukiF bows, and claps for everyone else
<Israel> Ack, Nathan, add that last bit from Geoff!:)
<Nathan_Roberts> ... And on that note... :)
The End.

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