Theta Discovers Alcohol

Remember: Friends don't let friends drink and IRC.
Sun Jan 31

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<TomFODW> Hi Peter!
*** Leia_42 has joined #drwhochat
<Leela> heya theta
<Theta-G> i am tyhe most drunkl now than i have ever been
<The_Anti> hey Peter!
<trinalin> Hiya Thete
<Leela> theta: man...
<Theta-G> wee finished out 2 yr database project
<Theta-G> our
<The_Anti> and it's Peter's sister!
<Leela> woo hoo!!!
<TomFODW> Can't be too drunk, Peter, you're spelling some words
<trinalin> Hiya Leia
<Whomiga> hi Theta-G
<Whomiga> hi Leia_42
<Theta-G> i am also on the phone with my sister
<Theta-G> i havew 2 fone lines
<The_Anti> Peter's liquored up?!?
<Leia_42> hi there!  just had to see how well he could type in his sad
	  sad state 
<Theta-G> hahahahahahaqha
 * The_Anti grins
<Theta-G> i am realllfy fikkkkked up
<Leia_42> hi everybody btw
<Leela> leia: are you the sister of this fine man?
<The_Anti> and he's making sense.
<The_Anti> he must be drunk.
 * The_Anti giggles
<Theta-G> she l;ives in cmnmnectcut
<Leia_42> yes...i have never known him to be inebriated....
<Leia_42> wish you could hear him!
 * The_Anti nods
<Leela> leia: it is a kind of scary thought...
 * Leela is hearing him in her head...
<Theta-G> i love evertybodcy
<TomFODW> What were you drinking, Peter?
<Leia_42> you bet leela!
 * Alryssa blinks at Theta
<The_Anti> some of us remember the night you showed up in your
	   sister's "Clothes"
<Alryssa> why's he been drinking then?
<Theta-G> theuy poure champahne all opver me at worrk
<Alryssa> LOL... his typing's almost as bad as mine
<Theta-G> asnd the and i had guiness amndn sapporo amnd
<Theta-G> hahahahqhahahgshdhdhdsudqyg[9say5027hoifjglv kj
<TomFODW> If he's this drunk, who turned on his computer and
	  logged him in?
<Theta-G> meweeeeeeeeeeeee
<Leia_42> he did.....while sitting on a chair at the same time!  
 * Alryssa prods Theta with Random
<The_Anti> Tom: I've been sloshed and been able to operate a
<Theta-G> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<Theta-G> \yunnmmmmmmy
<Leela> brb...
 * Whomiga has only been truly drunk once
 * Alryssa watches Theta's keyboard skills degrade
<Theta-G> me tooooooo meeg
<Alryssa> oh dear
<Theta-G> tonighttttttttt
<Leia_42> cheap date :)
 * invincor doesn't drink
<Lord`Jerec> Tom: as have I.
 * Alryssa sympathises with Theta's sister :)
<Theta-G> leeeela u r tghenfpourth person toinight to czsall mer a
	  cheep dayte
<Alryssa> LOL!!!
<Whomiga> Wow
 * The_Anti spent most of Thanksgiving weekend in an inebriated state.
<Whomiga> And I though Shel was interesting when drunk on IRC
<TomFODW> Well, Kris, you *were* at Visions, where it's more or
	  less de rigeur...
<Theta-G> i ma eaytong bnutreewrmoiilk breaad 
<Leia_42> it's actually a bit amusing....can't get into much trouble
	  (unless he falls off his chair!)
<Theta-G> to hel;p
<The_Anti> true.. sleep was that time inbetween the drinking and
 * Alryssa giggles
<Alryssa> this is too funny
 * TomFODW wonders what Peter's blood alcohol level is...
<Theta-G> oh im drop,ecxd thew bread
<TomFODW> Or would it be more accurate to wonder what his
	  Alcohol Blood Level is?
 * Whomiga is always logging when on his Amiga
<Leia_42> lol Tom :)
<TomFODW> I only log when I'm in the woods...
 * The_Anti forgot to turn his logging back on
<Whomiga> Tom - close
<Theta-G> randdom ber all sleepsy notwwww
 * TomFODW wishes he was...a LUMBERJACK!
 * Alryssa snickers and sends it to Nathan
<Whomiga> Someone needs to give him more Blood
<The_Anti> there. now it's going
<Theta-G> npo randomm mmmm
<The_Anti> This is definite QF material.
<Theta-G> awwwwegd
 * Alryssa falls about laughing
<The_Anti> maybe a special..
 * Lord`Jerec wishes I were... a WATERBOY!
<TomFODW> This is Comedy Central material
<The_Anti> "The One Time Peter ACTUALLY Made Sense!"
<k9mach3mark37> hello
<Theta-G> ic ant' t see tthe  lk keys right
<Alryssa> LOL
<Alryssa> HI k9
<Leia_42> you can say that again Anti!
<Whomiga> Hi K9
<Theta-G> ewpooooooooooooooooooo
<k9mach3mark37> uh oh - Alryssa's here
 * k9mach3mark37 starts running
<Theta-G> pant pamnfnt [panyt pant pant
<Bob01> hey jack
 * k9mach3mark37 is now up to *1* mile an hour
<Whomiga> Hi Jack
<SupremeDalek> Hello, everyone!
<The_Anti> down boy.
<k9mach3mark37> hi
 * The_Anti wipes the drool from Peter's chin
 * Alryssa tickles Peter
<Whomiga> Theta is flying at Mach 2
<Leia_42> go K9....(can hear that rc motor roar!)
 * SupremeDalek hugs the ladies
<TomFODW> Hi Jack
<Leela> does anyone know how to get in touch with random?
 * Bob01 listins to buffy the vampire music
<The_Anti> hey Jack
<Theta-G> aAAAAHGAHAHHHAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahaha'
 * TomFODW wishes he had the Tylenol concession for Peter's area...
<Alryssa> the keyboard can't keep up with him. Or should that be he
	  can't keep up the keyboard?
<Theta-G> nmotgiv cxkcxkle eme
<Lord`Jerec> smeggin hell!
 * k9mach3mark37 notices his motor burst into flame from all the strain
 * Lord`Jerec slams fist on table
 * Alryssa eats the motor
*** The_Anti changes topic to 'Welcome to "Fun with Drunks" night on
<Leia_42> pete...that was utterly illegible!
<Theta-G>  0ia  mdiudsyt br fgdejhydfrate d
 * Leia_42 hands Alryssa a bottle of Pepto
<Theta-G> dehyfdrated
 * Bob01 pops open some 100 proof moonshine and Scotish Weskey
 * The_Anti checks his ICQ to see if Random's on.
<Theta-G> bre
 * k9mach3mark37 now reallizes that he is helpless agains alryssa
 * Leia_42 hands peter a case of pepto
<Whomiga> Shouldn't that be Fun with Drunk (Singular)
 * Bob01 pops open some 100 proof moonshine and Scottish Weskey
<Theta-G> be dehgydtrated
 * Bob01 mixes the drinks and chugs them down
<Theta-G> i  am realyy a bitn piushed
 * Alryssa giggles
<Leia_42> twas brilig in the...
 * Whomiga almost read Scottish Weskey as Scottish Wesley
<SupremeDalek> Hi, Becky!
<Theta-G> hi meg i l;ove iu yoiu
 * Sam-Jones looks about innocently
<k9mach3mark37> hi Sam
 * SupremeDalek hugs Becky
<Whomiga> Hi Becky
<The_Anti> hey Meg and Bex
 * MegL hugs Alden
 * Alden raises an eyebrow at Theta.
 * Bob01 lights a cuban cigar with his south park lighter
<Alryssa> he is SOLID gone!
<Theta-G> sorfrrys aldennnnnnnnbeeeee
<Leia_42> hi Meg (waves)...i'm Thete's sis!
<Theta-G> ohhhhsahjreitttt
<Theta-G> shgitttt
 * Lord`Jerec is frustrated
 * Leela finds theta's slurred typing amusing...
<invincor> eh?
 * k9mach3mark37 gives Peter some crates of coffissswee
<Theta-G> gasp hasap gasp gasp
<k9mach3mark37> coffee, i meaan
<TomFODW> Oddly, when Peter is drunk he can't type but his speech
	  is clear as a bell
<Alryssa> Leela: Amusing? It's too good to not keep for posteria -er,
 * The_Anti starts singing the "LifeDay" song from the Holiday special
<Leia_42> :)
<Theta-G> \hoewfdypu lnpoew n tom i nevermet youuu
<Leela> for posterior's sake?
 * k9mach3mark37 is starting to think that he's drunk too - type 
   straight mutt!
<Theta-G> boooty hahahahahaha
<Bob01> hey he said boooty:)
<Leela> theta, where are you right now?  at home or at the office?
<Alryssa> *snort*
<Theta-G> ho,menow
 * Bob01 chungs down ye an other glass of mooshine
<The_Anti> boooty boooty
<Theta-G> talkes deeeep brasths
<Leela> okay... I was gonna tell you to tell a co-worker to hose you
	down and give you a coffee IV
<Leia_42> they poured him back into his apartment a short time ago
<The_Anti> home now
<Theta-G> 'dcoxve me ehome'
 * k9mach3mark37 notices that bob's speeling is gettting wurse
 * The_Anti starts translating Drunk Peter
<The_Anti> "Somebody Drove me home"
<Leela> theta's spelling is approaching Bob's tnoght.
 * Bob01 notes his spelling has always sucked:)
 * Whomiga is glad they dumped him there
<TomFODW> Hope Peter's not too drunk. Don't want him to risk
	  respiratory failure...
<Leia_42> that some strange fermented milk mixture *g*
 * Leela fwaps Leia for bad pun :-)
<Theta-G> hi
<The_Anti> when you've been drunk as much as I have.. you learn to
	   speak the language.
<Leia_42> oohhhh...i was bad....gets in corner :)
 * k9mach3mark37 decides to get some coffee
<Leia_42> sorry Bob!  got the silly bug
<The_Anti> "Hi"
 * Bob01 makes a screwdriver
<Theta-G>  hiyab
<TomFODW> Kris: But when you've been as drunk as you have, you
	  start to lose brain cells by the Titanic-load...
 * The_Anti nods at Tom
<The_Anti> yes.. thankfully I have the brain the size of a planet.. so I've
	   lots to spare
<Theta-G> woooo eatsd ke
<Theta-G> kme
<The_Anti> "wooo eats k9"
<Theta-G> no no nodwds
<The_Anti> "nod nod nods"
<The_Anti> or "no no nots"
<Alryssa> is he saying 'kick me'?
<Alryssa> :)
<Theta-G> lalalalala
*** Cryptkeeper has joined #drwhochat
<The_Anti> "la la la la la"
<Cryptkeeper> Evening folks
<Leia_42> you are a master of translation Anti!
<Theta-G> hioc rypty ;longdo
<TomFODW> Kris, it kind of loses something in the translation...
<Leia_42> not even close, Thete
 * The_Anti nods and bows at Leia
<The_Anti> "Hey Crypty Londo"
<Leia_42> i stand corrected peetie
<Theta-G> theen sitpodowmn'
<Theta-G> ;ei's cat is jewsus
<The_Anti> "Then sit down"
<The_Anti> " his Cat is Jesus "
<Theta-G> fuk
<The_Anti> " Naughty F-Word "
<TomFODW> A toughie, no?
<Theta-G> i'm not sirprides d that crusADE is hetomngf vcamncelled
<Theta-G> getting
<MegL> Theta, it's not even shown yet
<The_Anti> "I'm not surprised that Crusade is being cancelled."
<MegL> and I actually was able to read that last line ;)
<Bob01> what Crusade is getting canceled as in the B5 crusade?
<Theta-G> the bread i s hrelpingf
<Leia_42> bread is your friend
<Theta-G> shit
 * Alryssa fwaps Theta for swearing
<The_Anti> "The bread is helping" "Shit"
<Theta-G> sorrpy oip[poy gooddesss
<Whomiga> Wow I fully understood that one
<Theta-G> 'oppy
<The_Anti> "Sorry hoppy Goddess"
<MegL> What's Glen got to say?
<k9mach3mark39> "sorry op goddess"
<Theta-G> no no
<Leela> it must be whole grain bread,
<Leela> with extra fiber.
<k9mach3mark39> "no no"
<Alryssa> *snort*
<MegL> op goddess?
<The_Anti> "no no"
 * Alryssa laughs
<Alryssa> I've been elevated 
 * The_Anti had to run that one through the translator.
<Alryssa> I'm a  goddess now, instead of a bitch ;-)
<Alryssa> I think Peter should get drunk more often
<Alryssa> ;)))
 * Leia_42 becomes awestruck
<Theta-G> 'biitdfcxhgofdess
 * Leela tries to think of the IRC equivalent of "beer goggles"
<Leela> "beer monitor"?
 * Whomiga wonders, do you want to be one?
<Leia_42> lol
 * Alryssa kicks theta off his chair!
<TomFODW> Alryssa: The two are not mutually exclusive, you
<Alryssa> :)
<Leela> "BitchX Goddess?
<The_Anti> "b!tchGoddess"
<k9mach3mark39> um anti, want to translate that? I'm not going to
		type the translation
<Alryssa> Hiiii-YA!
<Theta-G> types this very slowly
<k9mach3mark39> "types this very slowly"
 * Leela failed to understand theta's last line...
<Leia_42> he's up to a first grade level now :)
<The_Anti> "Types this very slowly"
<Theta-G> aiyaaa
*** DavrosDW has joined #drwhochat
<k9mach3mark39> "aiyah"
<SupremeDalek> Hi, Davros!
<DavrosDW> hi guys
<The_Anti> " Ah Yeah.. "
<Theta-G> i shoil;d go sdlepppnbybyye
<Leela> theta: drink a lot of water before you go to bed.
<Leela> And pop a few Advil
<Theta-G> leia sed that too
<Leela> water = important.
<The_Anti> " I should go sleepy bye bye "
<k9mach3mark39> " i should go to sleep"
<Leia_42> leela wise :)
<Theta-G> noite note!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Theta-G> i lobver averytuybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Alryssa> LOL
<MegL> Night Peter
<Leia_42> :) k9
 * Alryssa runs away from slavering peter
<The_Anti> night Peter.. sleep and dream well..
<Leela> night, peter... water, water, water
<Alden> Night Theta
<Leela> advil
<Leia_42> nighty everyone
<Alryssa> night Peter....
<Cryptkeeper> Bye Theta :)
<k9mach3mark39> "night night" , "I love everybody"
<Theta-G> oka leela
<Leia_42> thanks for putting up!
<The_Anti> " nite nite "  " I love everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
<SupremeDalek> Night, Peter!
<Whomiga> night Theta-G
<Leela> :-)  good boy.
<The_Anti> night Peter's Sister
<k9mach3mark39> "okay Leela"
*** Theta-G has quit IRC (Quit: fdfgfw4uyfjeh akd)

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