The #drwhochat Quotefile

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Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Aug 24

Greebo_T_Cat: Well yay for BT, the bunch of cocksucking motherfucking lie-filled shitbags.
TikiWho: Ash, I'll agree with you, but gee, I wish my provider were cocksuckers. Oh wait.
TikiWho: I'm my provider, and I am a cocksucker. :-)
Alryssa sniggers at Tiki
IanMc: Felatio Telecommunications.
Greebo_T_Cat: Felatio Communications: We get ahead by giving head.
Alryssa fwaps Ian
Alryssa: LOL
Greebo_T_Cat: Felatio Telecommunications: where the customer comes first
Greebo_T_Cat: Felatio Telecommunications: when we make mistakes, we're not afraid to swallow...
Greebo_T_Cat: ... our pride and admit we made a mistake.
Alryssa: Fellatio Telecom: Do we suck? You bet your sweet ass we do!
Greebo_T_Cat: Felatio Telecommunications: We suck. At no extra cost...
TikiWho: *falls over*
Greebo_T_Cat: you ok there Tiki?
Alryssa: Felatio Telecoms: Support where you need it most >;-)
Alryssa: We killed the gay dude!
Greebo_T_Cat: Felatio Telecoms: If your line goes down, don't worry, so will we!
TikiWho: Just a mild case of over-excitment.
TikiWho: A little hyperventilation.
Alryssa tells Jason to regenerate, already ;)
Greebo_T_Cat: Felatio Telecoms: we're not afraid to take it on the chin...
Greebo_T_Cat: or anywhere else for that matter
Alryssa giggles insanely
Greebo_T_Cat: Felatio Telecoms: Let us be your mouthpiece
Lyssie: *snicker*
Alryssa: Felatio Telecoms: Pleased to be your receiver
IanMc: As long as they provide cunning linguists, too.
Greebo_T_Cat: ... ok, has this joke reached a climax yet?
Greebo_T_Cat: oh no, wait they're still coming...
Alryssa: Ash: We're just getting warmed up :P
Greebo_T_Cat: Felatio Telecoms for business: Big or Small can take you on

Aug 25

PsycloneJack: i can't invite y'all down to sunnyvale today but now ya got the next best thing ;-)
Alryssa blows up sunnyvale, for lack of anything else to do.... >;)
PsycloneJack: oh you've spoilt it now
Alryssa: Nah, I just rearranged it a bit
PsycloneJack . o O ( blowing up he art room )
Alryssa: like... over several hundred square miles rearranged it
Alryssa: You have an inflatable art room? ;)
PsycloneJack: observe how I do not reply 'blow me'
Greebo_T_Cat: Are we back to Felatio Telecommunications again?
PsycloneJack: repea the slogan duder
Alryssa: Felatio Telecoms: What goes up, must come down
Greebo_T_Cat: 'If your line goes down, so do we.'
StaticShadow: hehe :)
StaticShadow: ;)
Greebo_T_Cat: 'We suck. At no extra cost!'
WhiteQueen: "We know just where to put our poles"
Greebo_T_Cat: LOLOL
Greebo_T_Cat: 'let us be your mouthpiece'
Alryssa: "Where getting shafted is always a pleasure"

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