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Mon Jan 15 [22:39]
*** NathanR is now known as ASmartAss
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<TheProf> I see Nathan is talking out of his wrong end again. ;o)
 * ASmartAss shuts his ass

Mon Jan 15 [22:51]
<MegL> they have a steak in keeping it up
<ASmartAss> T-bone?  Sirloin?
 * ASmartAss ducks
<Alden> Nate: Stop being a smart ass. ;)
*** ASmartAss is now known as NathanR
<Alden> that's better. ;)
<TheProf> Actually Nate I thought that nick was proof in advertising
*** NathanR is now known as TheAbusingKnucklesOfGod
 * TheAbusingKnucklesOfGod gives Prof a noogie
*** TheAbusingKnucklesOfGod is now known as NathanR

Mon Jan 15 [22:48]
<Shel> i hav a picture with a white background and i want to make it
<Compassion> i think you gotta select part of the area you want to
	     remove and then do a 'grow' on it so it selects th rest
	     of the stuff you're deleting, then 'cut' it.
<Shel> where is this "grow"?
<talus> on the "milk" or "vitamins" menu i think.....
 * NathanR gives Talus a noogie
<talus> hmmm, i wonder if i could hunt down this mysterious "grow"
	command, apply it to myself, and then be too tall for nate to
	give noogies to....
<NathanR> Too tall for me, but not too tall for The Abusing Knuckles of God
<talus> then i'll just have to grow taller than god :-)
<NathanR> If you can pull that off, I want the secret!!
<Shel> i found it :)
<NathanR> The secret?  Gimme!
<talus> rofl
<talus> great, nathan's gonna be the first person smited for being
	intentionally taller than god
 * Compassion rofls
<Compassion> with a smite smite here and a smite smite there
<talus> "thou shalt stop being taller thanst me!" "but it's not that
	i'm taller than you, it's that you're shorter than........"
<DarthBerfurt> greetings, everyone!
<talus> hello darthberfurt
<DarthBerfurt> what's up?
<talus> nate and i are trying to be taller than god
<DarthBerfurt> oh my!  how tall _is_ God anyway?
<talus> good question......
 * Alden checks
<Alden> I'm about 6 foot
 * NathanR gives Alden a noogie
 * Alden smites Nate
<Alden> sorry... I had an ego moment. ;)
<talus> at least 3 or 4 inches i'd think.  he's gotta be taller than
	an angel, and they says thousands of angels can dance on the
	head of a pin
 * NathanR trips and steps on God... woops
<DarthBerfurt> well that sure could ruin your day, Nate!
<talus> well, we're all atheists now boys and girls
 * NathanR checks
<NathanR> Oh wait, it's just red paint.  Nevermind
 * DarthBerfurt wipes her brow.  Whew!

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