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A Close Shave

Sep 9 [21:32]
<BobNope> I went to a store.. bought a redhad manual.. for 13$, with 3 free 
 * AudioBoy bought a redhead manual once, too, but I never could find one 
   to test out my knowledge on... 
 * AudioBoy hides. 
<Drake> you can handle redheads? 
<AudioBoy> Well, according to the manual I can. If it's accurate and not 
           outdated. :) 
<xanta> ab - does that redhead manual explain how to tell whether the 
        curtains match the carpet? 
<Drake> hmmm,i'd like a copy of that 
<AudioBoy> Xanta; Well, it says that's on of the tests of determining a 
           true redhead, but unfortunately you have to pass through several 
           steps in order to get to that point. 
<AudioBoy> Unless you want to get slapped and then arrested. 
<Oddone> Neil: and a few of those setps will get our ass kicked.... 
<AudioBoy> Yup. :) 
<Drake> ass kicked.......some people enjoy that i hear 
<AudioBoy> yeah, the safe route involves a large time and financial 
<xanta> ab - unless she's a stripper 
<Oddone> lol.... 
<AudioBoy> True. 
<AudioBoy> But then I'm not sure I'd want to get a stripper model redhead. 
<xanta> then again, she could always shave and then you'll never know 
<Drake> stripper model redhead sounds good to me...... 
<AudioBoy> Ewww. Sorry, but am I the only guy that *doesn't* like the 
           shaved look? 
<DoctorWho> I was about to ask how one would tell if it was a hardwood 
            floor instead ^_^ 
<xanta> ab - what about the landing strip look? 
<AudioBoy> Not really. 
<AudioBoy> I like it au natural. 
<Oddone> Guys....I'm *eathing*.... 
<The_42nd_Doctor> LOL 
<Oddone> eating..... 
<AudioBoy> earthing? 
<Oddone> But whatever the hell eathing is I'm sure I'll do it 
<xanta> so what, you like the fully unshaven or the shapely triangle 
<AudioBoy> Well, the shapely can be nice, if it isn't overdone. 
 * DoctorWho thinks these guys have eating on their minds... 
<AudioBoy> *lol* 
<Drake> Jose to eat and #DWC is not a wise thing to do 
<Oddone> Nate: Don't make me hurt you..... 
<TheWriter> grr 
<Oddone> Drake: What can I say? I search out the danger in the world..... 
<DoctorWho> Tell me what would trigger it and I'll make a point to avoid it 
<Oddone> DW: You're *no* fun.... 
 * AudioBoy wonders what Brenda and the other wonen here are making of this 
<xanta> on my surgery and ob/gyn rotations, i saw many variations on the 
<AudioBoy> Do you ladies have any opinions? :) 
<AudioBoy> Xanta: Lucky you. ;) 
<Oddone> Neil: You *really* wanna know?! Think man..... 
 * Drake imagines Neil in a Austin Powers voice going "i like a bit of fuzz 
   down there Baby......yeah Baby..YEAH!" 
 * The_42nd_Doctor is highly amused 
<AudioBoy> Well, I will say that any look, even ones that I don't find 
           appealing, won't turn me off from a person. You never know who 
           is going to be really cool. Besides, by the time you get that 
           far, it won't matter what she looks like by then. :) 
<AudioBoy> If you;re thatfar a long, you'd *better* think she's pretty damn 
           cool. :) 
<xanta> ab - so what you're saying is, "it's all pink on the inside"? 
--> SupremeDalek has joined #drwhochat 
<Oddone> Jack. Hi. 
<Fenric1> Hijack 
<SupremeDalek> Hello, everyone! 
<AudioBoy> So, Jack, tell us: do you prefer shaved, trimmed or au naturale? 
<AudioBoy> ;) 
<DoctorWho> Now there's a contrast. Here I am afraid Jack will walk into 
            the middle of the conversation, and Neil outright drags him 
            into it ^_^ 
<Oddone> xanta: You are *EVIL*, sir, and let me just say..........I for  *proud* to know such a complete and utter bastard. 
<xanta> well - at least one person is on my low wavelength that i'm on 
 * AudioBoy feels the need for a cold shower coming on. :} 
<xanta> \/ , | , or ? 
<Oddone> I'd better see at least *half* of this in the QF or you're dead....

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