The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VII, Issue II: February 2003

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Feb 3

Alden runs to the phone and rings the funny farm. "Hello, do you make pickups?"
DoctorWho: Alden: If they don't, ask about minivans

Pete is in Bad Filk Mode
PeterJF: and then i will be able to say
PeterJF: to say
PeterJF: Theta-G...
PeterJF: you keep leading.........
PeterJF: me.................................
PeterJF: on.........................(paino)
PeterJF: (piano)
Alryssa: Yes, the pain ;)
DoctorWho: paino attention to the man behind the curtain

SteveBreon likes to say fuck a duck
gordon-r-d: I use bollocks and bugger a lot
RedQueen looks at gord. Do you now...
gordon-r-d: ok, I should maybe have reordered the words in that last sentence
gordon-r-d: in fact, just rereading that sentence scares me with the imagery it conjures up
RedQueen: gord: no shame in it, you wou8ldn't be the first man to say that...

Feb 5

(Time unknown)
Alryssa: There's a small airport in Cleveland whose runway stops right on Lake Erie :P
Alryssa: It gives one the impression of, "Get this landing right OR DIE!!"

(Time unknown)
Kiri`: actaully it was the harassing of the guests by the sentient jelly babaies.. - why do you think the SWAT team *really* got called eh? ;)
EBCorp: Since the police almost took in Dave for drinking outside, amybe that's why the SWAT team were called
Alryssa: That was my first thought upon setting eyes on the SWAT team outside my door that morning - "OK, what did Dave do now?"

(Time unknown)
NekoKarasu: Interesting question. If you had kids, and they asked you about drugs, what would you tell them?
NekoKarasu ponders
lee: I'd say "if you do anything harder than weed I'll disown you"
random_c: *nods*
random_c: Otherwise known as 'don't do anything I wouldn't do'
NekoKarasu: Hm.
NekoKarasu: I'd show them a picture of Keith Richards.
NekoKarasu: let them make up their own mind
Oh_sod_it: Otherwise known as 'don't do anything I wouldn't do' - or some things I *have*
NekoKarasu: 'Don't do anything i wouldn't do. And if you get your hands on some really good shit, remember who was there for you all those times you grazed your knees"

(Time unknown)
DoctorWho: My dad has his TV turned up so loud that I can hear it through the door and across the room
DoctorWho: And he's watching sitcoms.
HeleneoTroy: million decibel laughtrack?
DoctorWho: SOmething like that
DoctorWho ponders playing techno tracks at full volume
Thete: eventually you stop flipping through the channels, grimacing, thinking "this crap is purely for easy to distract idiots" and advance to "strewth! i'm participating in this."

(Time unknown)
IdleEric peeks in from between a huge salad
The_42nd_Doctor: between a salad?
IdleEric: (munch... crunch...)
IdleEric: Lettuce is the only way the California economy exports water
PeterJF: LOL!
Alryssa: LOL
IdleEric: Even the orange juice is from concentrate

(Time unknown)
Whomiga: They always have the Internet group meeting too early :-)
Whomiga: Actually - not quite as early as one year
Whomiga: By definition - we are not awake (or even half conscious) at that time
MacAddict: heh
Whomiga: Wow - they actually have it at an awake time (except possibly for Nate)
MacAddict: so its simple
MacAddict: just keep nate up all night
Whomiga: The schedule shows it at 6:30 PM on Friday
Whomiga: Nate doesn't get up until at least 7:00 pm :-)

(Time unknown)
PeterJF: you make the most oblique observations... like romana's predilection for psychobabble disappearing until the next time a robert holmes episode rolls around ;-)
Jefferys: How does Romama
PeterJF: lucky How
Jefferys: s dialogue fare in non-Bob Holmes stuff?

(Time unknown)
SteveBreon: my melatonin levels are too high - must sleep.
PeterJF: nitenite
PeterJF . o ( ... )
PeterJF . o ( melatonin for what she's done... )

(Time unknown)
PeterJF goes hunting for a usenet sig he read in 1992
PeterJF finds it
PeterJF: My views do not represent the views of KSU
PeterJF: because I think that their ideas are more fucked up than a football bat

(Time unknown)
AudioBoy DCCs NekoKarasu a roll of NECCO wafers.
AudioBoy: :)
NekoKarasu: keen
NekoKarasu is now known as NECCOKarasu

(Time unknown)
DoctorWho: morning
Static_MC: morning Nate
PeterJF: nate: stat is missing all the wild sex we've been having at gally.
DoctorWho: o_O
DoctorWho: So have I!
TikiWho: India definitely had groupies. I was one of them.
TikiWho: Of course, India's groupies all seemed to be gay men.
DoctorWho: Tiki: Ah, so /you/ know where to go for a good time? ^_^
PeterJF bows respectfully to Tiki
PeterJF: we have some wild LAN "setups," which i suppose can be mistaken for "sex" if you squint your ear
DoctorWho: Jammin Lannage
Static_MC: for some, that IS sex, i suspect
DoctorWho: LOL!
DoctorWho: busted
TikiWho: as I said...ANYONE can get sex at a sci-fi convention.
PeterJF: LOL

(Time unknown)
TomFODW: US Gov't today elevated its terrorist alert from yellow to orange. and i'm flying tuesday morning...
random_c: "Are you sure, sir? It does mean changing the bulb."

(Time unknown)
DoctorWho ponders logistics for the coming week
random_c: Nate: add rock to hat, walk?

(Time unknown)
SeriousJ: ()()
Alden giggles
Alden: pr0n!
PeterJF: i'm still in script development, trying to find just the right story to fit the title "leave it to cleavage"

(Time unknown)
PeterJF: although this -is- san francisco. i might get evicted for playing country music

(Time unknown)
Whomiga: I see dead people... Oh, sorry - it's just an Elvis movie on AMC...

(Time unknown)
Greebo wanders off to the main office
DoctorWho: the... Principal Office?
DoctorWho runs

Feb 11

(Time unknown)
SeriousJ: anyone use Opera as a browser?
TheDrake: i do
RoamingNate: I do
TheDrake: gad hope this dosen't make us married now Nate

(Time unknown)
At Gally...
RoamingNate: ok, I'm on a couch in the lobby on a laptop. And the guy in the chair across from me is playing on what looks like a gameboy
RoamingNate: I wonder who's more sad...
Xanta_Claus: nate - game boy or game boy advance - saddness factor varies greatly on this variable alone

(Time unknown)
RoamingNate: "You are the weakest <a href>, goodbye."
RoamingNate: Ok, that was bad. You can hit me now.
HeleneoTroy: :P
HeleneoTroy thwaps
RedQueen chucks her shoe at Nate
Whomiga: rotofwap, anyone

(Time unknown)
dse: I saw Eva in a tight low-cut dress shortly before departing
RoamingNate: doug: With the corset?
dse: I believe so, yes
RoamingNate: I missed that costume
RoamingNate: Only heard about it thirdhand
SeriousJ: say "Eva, mind shoving this camera down your cleavage?"
Arcalian: *sigh* cleavage
RoamingNate: # No comment.
SeriousJ: chatters need cleavage cam!
dse: is there anything more wonderful than cleavage?
AudioBoy has joined channel #DrWhoChat
SeriousJ: and just like that AB appears

NathanR has joined channel #drwhochat
NathanR: Morning
WhomigAway: morning Nate
SteveBreon: You back at home now Nate?
WhomigAway: He best not be - today is the last day of the convention
SteveBreon: Ah.
WhomigAway: he was quick at getting home if he is - as he was in his room at 3:30 this morning

Feb 19

(Time unknown)
Alryssa: If this starts another round of "How many #dwc'ers does it take to change a lightbulb" jokes...
Lyssie: I don't try to change my lightbulbs. I accept that they're bi, gay, lesbian, or straight.

(Time unknown)
MacAddict: I like my kodak
MacAddict: its 4 years old so I am due to buy something newer in the near future
NateNotAtGally: What does it save pictures onto?
Whomiga: punched cards :-)

(Time unknown)
Alryssa: Eric: Try TGIF!
EBCorp: Ryssa - still an hour until Friday
Bex: S.H.I.T.
Bex: So happens It's Thursday

(Time unknown)
Kiri`: AHEM would someone please let me know who the new people are? *stares balefully at the rest of you*
DrFaust: I'm a stranger here myself.
Whomiga: Athena is Kris' friend as mentioned on the Mailing List before Gallifrey
Arcalian plops Athena down in front of Kiri. "Kiri, Athena. Athena, Kiri. shake hands and start plotting evil schemes together"

Feb 20

(Time unknown)
WhomigAway: Mark - when I was in the Navy, we had a movie showing how quickly the Forrestal (An Aircraft carrier) started with a small accidental fire caused by a missile on the flight deck and how quick it got out of control
WhomigAway: Some still refer to the Forrestal as the USS Forest Fire...

(Time unknown)
EBCorp: Before I left, I asked my flatmate not to have sex in my bed.
EBCorp: She didn't.
Benglebert_Slaptyback: she did it in your chair instead? :-P
EBCorp: oh, shit...

(Time unknown)
Benglebert_Slaptyback: dammit you people I keep apologising to my friend for your idiocy
Benglebert_Slaptyback: stop the shitty language!
Shel: who the fuck keeps swearing?
NekoKarasu: what f'n language?
NekoKarasu: Shel: fucked if i know
Shel: was i fucking asking you?
Shel: :)
NekoKarasu: and theres no need to apologise for our idiocy. we're *PROUD* of it :)
EBCorp fucking started it, sorry
NekoKarasu: Shel: you fuck my wife? you fuck my wife?

(Time unknown)
random_c gets told to go out and shag random people
WhiteQueen: ran: public masturbation? isn't that illegal? :)

(Time unknown)
WhiteQueen: Greebo: you had two other women to keep you busy... ;)
Greebo: true.
DoctorWho: Who was the other one?
Greebo: that'd be telling.
random_c: ...which is why you were asked, DUH
Greebo: A gentleman never tells.
Greebo: whilst sober.
random_c: What's your excuse?
Greebo: hey, thats my gimmick!
Greebo: its on tape this year...
WhiteQueen: I can't believe David actually took a swig... :)
Greebo: Hehe... neither can i...
Greebo: that was strong JD
random_c thinks of the tape of last year, with Beetlejuice drinking Treacle's JD on stage
Greebo: Ran: this was David Howe refusing to comment on the BBC whilst sober... so i walked up to the front of the hall and gave him my hip flask...

(Time unknown)
Whomiga: I saw one of those New Zealand planes with Frodo on it when arriving in LA
trinalin: You'd think a hero like him could ride *inside* the plane, wouldn't you?
trinalin: It's that "No shirts, no shoes, no service" philosophy of airlines
gordon-r-d: just stick him in one of the overhead luggage things

(Time unknown)
trinalin: EB - the rain then sleet then snow was all today :-)
EBCorp: trina - since when did you move to Toronto? ;-)
trinalin: EB - Toronto? Amy's wondering why we stole her MN weather!
trinalin: It's pretty bad that we've had more snow this winter than she has
The_42nd_Doctor: I sat here all afternoon studying and watching the rain turn into snow.
The_42nd_Doctor: The theory around here is that one of our professors came out of his office, saw his shadow, and now we'll have six more weeks of winter.

(Time unknown)
Greebo is now known as Stitch
Shel: wgere's lilo?
lee: in my MBR

(Time unknown)
Alryssa is getting an external modem to resolve her IRQ conflict
Alryssa: Been driving me batty, it has
PeterJF imagines rutger hauer rolling out of a truck into ryss' apt
SeriousIdle: would he fit?
PeterJF: hauer you supposed to tell

Feb 25

(Time unknown)
Alryssa recorded herself singing tonight, because she was bored.
PeterJF: because i was bored
PeterJF: because i was bored
PeterJF: because i was bored

Feb 27

(Time unknown)
PeterJF: big big flakes in new england this year. i felt right at home. they're falling on my jacket and they ahve fricking shapes.... couldn't believe snowflakes actually looked the way people keep drawing them
Stitch: pete: god saw the drawings and thought 'shit! thats a good idea!'

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