The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue XII: December 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Dec 1

Whomiga: Ok, hands up those who wish to report Ash for discrimination ;-)
Guest14431: not me :)
Guest14431: and why would i want to stick my hand up some one who wants to report ash?
RedQueen: more to the point, who's hand? if it's Frank Oz, I'm volunteering... that man has talented hands

Dec 2

PeterJF has Quit IRC (Mead error: Perception reset by beer)

Dec 3

IdleEric: This eclipse will be repeated on Dec 14, 2020 when the best observing spot will be central Argentina.
IdleEric: The next total eclipse for Toronto will be April 8, 2024
DrFaust: But I can't wait that long. I want to see an eclipse now!
xanta moons the channel, though covering most of his ass - "i got'cher partial eclipse right here!"
SupremeDalek shoots xanta
IdleEric: ah - Jack shot the moon

Guest32018 has joined #drwhochat
PeterTheGrape: shel's computer is like a cat that keeps bringing the same poor mouse back in
PeterTheGrape: or, in this case, a sleeping shel
DoctorWho: An empty shel?
Alryssa: *facepalms*
PeterTheGrape hands nate the fwapper
Lyssie: Self-abuse?
DoctorWho: *fwap* ooF
DoctorWho hands it back
DoctorWho: And not the good kind.
PeterTheGrape: i just found that it's more important for nate to be fwapped than for me to do the fwapping

AudioBoy: There's got to be a simple answer as to why the IDE Channel 1 port isn't working on this card. And I'm sure it's a simple answer.
DoctorWho: And it's probably wrong ^_^
AudioBoy: Nate: Yeah, it's probably 54.

Dec 4

Playing Musical Servers, again
NathanR3 joins everyone on Mesra
Alryssa: Good plan.
NathanR3: So now we can all be... Mesrable together
Alryssa: *FWAP*
Lyssie slaps NathanR3 around a bit with a large head of lettuce.
Alryssa detoNates

Alryssa staples Nate to the room. Again.
PeterJF: owwwwwwww
PeterJF: owwwwwwww
PeterJF: owwwwwwww
DoctorWho waits
Lyssie: Y'know, I've heard of Acupuncture, but never staples....
DoctorWho: I've heard of staples. I got my printer there
PeterJF: does that mean nate's an acupunk?
DoctorWho: I won't fwap you if you won't fwap me.

Dec 6

PeterJFI straps his wrist to the fuselage
PeterJFI: hang on folks
DoctorWho gets the noose
PeterJFI . o O ( necktie party )

Dec 7

Guam is in the middle of a hurricane
SupremeDalek notices that the radar imagery from Guam has stopped updating
SupremeDalek notes that the reasons for this lack of updates ranges from temporary communications breakdown to the radar dish becoming airbourne

Dec 8

DoctorWho finds a 360x226 AT&T logo... called "at&tsmall.jpg"
DoctorWho: I'd hate to see the big one
PeterJF . o O ( mmmm, T, T&A )

Dec 10

MacAddict: heh E is having a show called star date
MacAddict: they are looking to find a date for eddie munster
TheDrake: hope thay can find a date for Anna know someone in their 90's

dha: for ages, I said the travel business would be great if not for the customers. Then I decided we needed to get rid of the customers *and* the vendors.
dha: Then I moved into the back office doing computers and accounting and decided that we also needed to get rid of the travel agents.

Dec 11

(Time unknown)
DoctorWho: "Nice going, Merlin"
DoctorWho: Abracawhatchmacadabracallit!
Alryssa giggles at Nate
DoctorWho: Ryss: Do you have any idea how hard it was to figure out how to spell that?
Alryssa: Nate: *smirk*
DoctorWho: "That was easy enough"
Greebo_T_Cat: is nathan now speaking entirely in quotes?
Greebo_T_Cat: has the QF thing gone to his head?
Greebo_T_Cat: ;)
DoctorWho: And ReBoot quotes, to (pardon the phrase) boot

(Time unknown)
Alryssa: I got a problem with this 'ere winmodem. The software crashes while I'm using it at random. Now... I think I may have tracked it down to it sharing an IRQ with my graphics driver. Should I change it to one that's not being used?
SpooForBrains: yeah worth a try, but IRQs can be tricky buggers
SpooForBrains: what OS are you running?
Alryssa: 98 SE
SpooForBrains: tried totally uninstalling it and reinstalling it? then it should reassign an IRQ and that might resolve the conflict
Alryssa: Yeah, I tried that. :-/
Alryssa: Windows freaked out on me for about 15 minutes
Alryssa: "No, the modem is HERE! ARGH!":

(Time unknown)
PeterJF: I'm an officer-at-large of The Offical Bureau Of Thought Measurement. Our 2002 scale ranges from "Huh?" to "Thought About It Too Much"

(Time unknown)
Nate's working on the quotefile
DoctorWho: right, that's the second logfile down

(Time unknown)
timeladymagdalene: I remember when I wanted to have an excuse to get a single room my sophomore year, my friend Andrea (fan) suggested that I tell the housing committee that I had chronic hysteresis
AudioBoy: *lol*
timeladymagdalene: I said, with my luck, I'd get the ONE FAN who'd know I was bollocksing

(Time unknown)
smokeytimelady wonders if she can cleverly hide the words, 'screw you' in a drawing ...
AudioBoy: You could draw a "screw" and a female sheep. ;)

(Time unknown)
Alryssa: Alden: Did you finish that Unreal Tournament level?
Alden: nope, I haven't really had time. >.<
Alden: haven't had much time to *play* UT, let along make levels for it. :/
Alryssa figured
DoctorWho: "Hm. 42 + 69 - 1.44, carry the 6, borrow the 2, cross the t..."
Alden carries the 6
Alden: Where do you want me to put this?
NathanR points to the trash chute
Alden trashes the 6
Whomiga: So, now we have trashy 6 in the channel?
Alden: yup
Alden: The best kind ;)
DoctorWho: Sounds like the name of a boy band...
DoctorWho: or girl band
Whomiga: Or fabulous 6? - Going in to get their album in a store... Do you have fabulous 6?

(Time unknown)
Lyssie: Hey, we aim to please.
DoctorWho: Ana: That sounds like the name of an instant-messaging based internet sex service ^_^
Lyssie: What a tempting concept.
Lyssie: "We AIM to please, for all your cyber fantasy needs!"

(Time unknown)
ComputerKiller: Ok, you know you're a geek when you look at a website logo that's got a string of binary numbers, and
ComputerKiller: a) Start checking to see if it says something
ComputerKiller: b) Within 5 seconds, recognize the fact that it's ASCII
ComputerKiller: c) Within 10 seconds, can tell what it says without looking up the code
ComputerKiller grabs a butterfly net and goes chasing after his life
Alden: won't it go through the holes? :)
Oh_sod_it darns the holes in his life
ComputerKiller: Darn them to Heck?

(Time unknown)
Yuletide_Ryssa is assaulted with popups... GAH
Alden is assaulted... peanut

(Time unknown)
DoctorWho suddenly discovers some tiny screws on his desk
DoctorWho: Where'd those come from?
DoctorWho: Oh wait, I remember
MegL hopes not out of your head or it might fall off ;-)
DoctorWho: I may have a few loose screws but they're all internal

Nate accidentally disconnects himself from IRC
DoctorWho: And now it's time to play "Can Nathan Keep His Keyboards Straight?"
Jondar: Alt-F4 (Nathan disappears again)... "No, He Can't!"

Dec 12

DoctorWho: Sheesh, you get convienience stores in dorms?
DoctorWho: I live in a condo and I don't have a convienience store within a mile
PeterJF: condo want arm and leg to live there

Dec 14

Shel: nate, have you been drinking? because you're typing worse than i am
DoctorWho: shel, are you on crack?
Shel: that's a bit of a personal question, isn't it... but yse, i'm sitting on my ass

Dec 15

Alden: Our Prime Minister has come out today and stated she prefers the Lord of the Rings books to the films.
Alden: Way to promote them, Helen!

Dec 16

PeterJF: If I saw dude knocked out with a bomb on his back, i'm not totally sure I'd just assume the buckle in the front was a detonator
PeterJF: especially if i didn't know a cyberbomb when i saw one (no, not the whole story just the explosive devices in it)

Dec 17

Alden has joined #DrWhoChat
invincor is mysteriously cold and unaffectionate... aloof
Alden: aloof of bread?
Alden: sheesh, on IRC for 30 seconds and already my first fwap
Alden: must be a new record
Whomiga: you haven't ever gotten a preemptive fwap (as soon as you came in?)

Dec 18

Alryssa: It's YABB code, which I've never heard of
Alden: Ah, Yet Another Bulliten Board
Alryssa: It worked the other night... now it's screwed up again
Alden: I looked at that briefly when I wanted to switch my message boards to use CGI
Alryssa: Ugh, don't.
Alden: I didn't. ^_^
ComputerKiller: YABBa DABBa Do?
Alryssa: More like YABBa DABBa Don't. :P

Dec 19

Shel: i have this horrible philosophy about school right now... don't care how i do as long as it gets done
Shel: and i went into the final exam with the lowest possible grade for the class as a C, so not worried about failing
Shel: basically, if i get an A on the test, i get an A in the class...
Shel: if i fail the test, i get a C
gordon-r-d: and a C is a pass?
Shel: so either way... i pass!
Shel: A, B, C, D, F... only F is failing
gordon-r-d: oh well, your lack of concern is understandable then :)
MarkyD: I had a similar approach to my dissertation - if I scraped a pass, a got a 2:1 overall - if I got 100%, I still got a 2:1 - guess what I aimed for? ;-)
gordon-r-d: heck, in that scenario I'd just sit there and flick boogers at the backs of the heads of those sitting in front of me

Shel: but i don't think i'm that overweight!
Shel: or am i deluded?
gordon-r-d: you don't look overweight to me...
Greebo_T_Cat: take off your shirt. we'll give you an honest opinion, right guys?

EBCorp: Good grief... the BBC News has discovered the passage of time
EBCorp: It says here, 'Discovery of the Year'...
TomFODW would fwap eric, but it would only encourage him
EBCorp plans to come to Gallifrey one day earlier
TomFODW: earlier than what?
TomFODW: and why should we care? ;)
EBCorp would fwap TomFODW, but it would only encourage him
TomFODW fwaps eric for not fwapping me - i need all the encouragement i can get

dha: you don't have my email address? I thought everyone had my email address...
dha: oh, no, wait. that's just the people who want my penis to be larger...

Dec 20

Pete_Wisdom: What do you get if you eat too many Christmas decorations?
Pete_Wisdom: Tinselitis

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