The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue XI: November 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Nov 2

I_Am_Legend: I'm gonna build a time machine and go back with a Super VHS recorder and tape every single 60s DW ep
Whomiga: Forget SuperVHS - lets send Thete back with his MiniDV deck :-)
DoctorWho: Super VHS, bah. Get a MiniDV
invincor: if you've built a time machine, why can't you also build a digital video recorder? :)
Whomiga: Nate: brain?
DoctorWho hands over the communal brain
invincor: it might be simpler to build a warp drive, get 39 light years away, build a really big antenna, and record the original broadcasts
Whomiga: Inv - true, but the quality would be better at the source, than 39 years out
DoctorWho: That's an interesting thought... someone out in Alpha Centauri might have the missing episodes on tape ^_^
PeterJF: or crystal
DrFaust: SETI gets its first contact with another life form and it's a letter asking the BBC to make more Doctor Who...

Nov 3

Nate spots an omission in the Beeble Brox Company video list
nathanr looks at the list
nathanr: What happened to Theta-G Part Four?
PeterJF checks
PeterJF: it was under the sofa. thanks
nathanr: ^_^
PeterJF: always losing that
nathanr: Along with another copy of The Space Pirates, Part 2 I trust

nathanr: oh, someone earlier this morning mentioned that the video release of the Gunfighters will have a foldout flap with the lyrics to the Ballade of the Last Chance Saloon
Lyssie: Nate: Dude! We'll all have to learn it so we can sing acapella at Galley.
PeterJF: nate: LOL!
nathanr: *shudder*
nathanr: We could blackmail people with that
nathanr: But how wrong is that?
nathanr: They could edit a frickin Fleetwood Mac song out of Spearhead, but they can't cut that bloody ballade out of the Gunfighters
nathanr: Hell, they're /embracing/ it
Lyssie: Fleetwood Mac?
nathanr: There was a snippet of a Fleetwood Mac song in Spearhead
Lyssie: hehehehehe. That's very sad.
PeterJF: it's your last chance to edit 'cause the tape's comin' soon, it's yer last chance to save us from the last chance saloon...

Lyssie cackles. See, we should talk comics in here, 'cause 'Cafe is talking Doctor Who.

Nov 6

PeterJF: you rock nate, thanks again!
DoctorWho: You forgot the 'live under' ^_^
DoctorWho: I forgot the 'a'

Nov 10

Pete uploads a scan of the cover of a newspaper
Alden: is that a photograph or artwork?
PeterJF: photo. perhaps the newsprint grain is misleading
PeterJF: you'd be shocked to see tha paper. it doesn't even look that nice
nathanr2 munches on some newspaper
PeterJF: wish -i- had a cud, nate
nathanr2: well my doctor told me I should eat more grains
PeterJF: herre, take this fwapper.
nathanr2 fwaps himself
nathanr2 hands it back
PeterJF: ta.

PeterBN: don't do it.
PeterJF: i'm gonna do it.
PeterBN: do not listen to the invasion of time again.
Alden stares
PeterJF: but it's the only thing in my mp3 player and i'm too tired to reinstall the software
PeterBN: you'll wig out
PeterJF: i -am- wigged
PeterJF: ow
PeterJF: don't pull my hair
PeterBN: just checking :)
nathanr2 plays the funky sitar music at Pete
PeterJF: lol
PeterJF: eef. i might be out of aaa batteries
nathanr2: PeterBN stole them, I'm sure of it
PeterJF: how am i going to operate my digital crotch now
PeterJF: er, watch
PeterJF: er, mp3 player
nathanr2: BMI
Alden blinks
PeterJF: British Music Industry?
nathanr2: Bad Mental Image
Alden: Bite My Information?
PeterJF: lol
nathanr2: Another companion to TMI and NGT
Alden: ah :)

Alden is trying out LiveJournal clients
Alden looks at the client
Alden: hmmmm
PeterJF: next!

Nov 11

Lyssie: Collecting implies meticulous keeping and sorting. Me, I like playing with my toys.
nathanr2 looks around his room and wonders, by that definition, whether he's collecting computers or just playing with them...
Lyssie: Playing.
gordon-r-d: definitely playing
RedQueen: that depends. how many of them have no case and are screwed directly into the wall?

Pete_Wisdom: Why are there interstates in Hawaii?
gordon-r-d: Pete : they go underground and emerge in California and Alaska
Lyssie: ....that sounds wrong.
PeterJF: i was going to tell you, but gordon's answer is more fun
RedQueen: tell me, then
PeterJF: no, i've disgusted myself with a day of didactic typing
PeterJF: i'm having a breather
nathanr2: You tease
WhiteQueen: Thete needs to breathe?!
RedQueen: Thete: gordon probably has some stompy robots that could drag it out of you
WhiteQueen promptly administers mouth-to-mouth on Thete
DrFaust: Naw, he's just venting gaseous by-products.
gordon-r-d: I prefer *my* answer
PeterJF: i still refuse to answer!
gordon-r-d starts choosing which stompy robot to send in
PeterJF: oh corks.
WhiteQueen gets out of the way of gorddon's robot, since Thete seems to be breathing okay now...
gordon-r-d is now known as Optimus_Gord
Optimus_Gord: *STOMP*
PeterJF is now known as ____________________
nathanr2: ROTFLMAO
WhiteQueen: LOL!
nathanr2: Flattop!
gordon-r-d insert an air hose up Thete and leaps up and down on the pump
____________________ is now known as PeterJF
PeterJF: blow m- er, nevermind
RedQueen slaps Thete
nathanr2: LoL
PeterJF: ...
PeterJF: ow
nathanr2 gets out the TNT
nathanr2 blows Thete....... up
PeterJF: dammit nate
PeterJF: you know i prefer TCM
nathanr2: *fwap*

PeterJF: The Delaware is that synth used in The Sea Devils, for everyone here except inv who knows so don't tell me you know inv ;-)
invincor: but the Delaware was also used for all the other synth stuff in the Pertwee years, not just Sea Devils
PeterJF: dude, yer gettin' a Delaware *massive synth drops into frame on top of hapless victim*

Nov 13

random_C gets a phone call from a confused chinese takeaway blokie trying to work out where the hell I am
DoctorWho: Is there such a thing as an unconfused takeaway bloke?
random_C: not so I've noticed
random_C: I've ordered a 1/4 duck so I'll probably get 1/2 1 goose
Greebo_T_Cat: ah, but will your goose be cooked?\
random_C: doubt it. Probably be hopping round wondering where it's head went
Greebo_T_Cat: yeah, but we all have days like that

TheDrake: Campbell says after Spider-Man he doubts Raimi will want to do another low budget horror film
Greebo_T_Cat: Drake: you mean apart from the low budget horror flick he's signed up to do before spiderman 2?
TheDrake: Ash...i didn't hear about that,maybe Bruce was blowing smoke to confuse the fans?
Greebo_T_Cat: Drake: Bruce will blow anything to confuse the fans.. and i have the video to prove it!

Shel: and the credits take an hour themselves it seems
Shel: since they list EVERY member of the LOTR official fan club... if you're a member, look for your name ;)
Greebo_T_Cat: and if you're not, look for a name that you can pretend is yours

Shel: as michaelle's brother would say... Lotter Fotter
dse: to be followed by The Twin Towers
Shel: Two Towers
DoctorWho: Does he pronounce that Titty?

PeterJF: please check in... to the Airtel Plaza!
DoctorWho: Pete: You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave?
Shel: nate, until the swat team makes you leave

Nov 14

Greebo_T_Cat: one kid asked me if i was blade yesterday...
Greebo_T_Cat: 'Considering blade is an afro american in his 30's called wesley snipes.... No.'
Greebo_T_Cat: 'why don't you pretend to go on a killing spree!'
Greebo_T_Cat: 'why pretend?'
Greebo_T_Cat: that shut the fuckers up

DoctorWho: Oops
DoctorWho discovers a bug in the quotefile code
gordon-r-d stomps that sucker flat
Alryssa eats it.
Alryssa: Protein!
Now we know what's wrong with Ryss.

Nov 15

PeterJF: all righty- spaghetti break
DoctorWho wonders which way he's supposed to interpret that
PeterJF: very late but very satisfying
DoctorWho: I wasn't sure whether that meant food, or meant you were about to disconnect yourself to recable shit
PeterJF: hefh hefh hefh
PeterJF: *chomp* *slurp*
PeterJF: yuh... vuh kebbels ah pot uf mah vid qwipmah
PeterJF: *chomp* *slurp*
DoctorWho: Are you typing with your hands full again?
PeterJF: :)
PeterJF: somefin wike dat
SeriousJ: no comment
DoctorWho: <!-- comment -->
DoctorWho: no comment
DoctorWho: # comment
DoctorWho: no comment
DoctorWho: /* comment */
DoctorWho: no comment
PeterJF hands nate the fwapper
DoctorWho fwaps himself
DoctorWho hands it back
PeterJF: ta.

Nov 16

Whomiga: I still have my blinking TARDIS behind me
SeriousJ blinks at Whomiga
NateLosingGripOnSanity: Wow, the whole TARDIS blinks now? That was quite an engineering feat

Nov 17

HeleneoTroy: the only part i hate about making chocolate is getting it from the pot to the mug without spilling it all over the stove
Lyssie: That's what the microwave is for. ;)
NateLosingGripOnSanity: what Lyssie said
HeleneoTroy is 01de sk00l w/ her chocolate ;)

Nov 18

PeterJF: trillian lets you change your quitline but you have to play three levels and beat two bosses in that bizarre UI first

Kiri`: Alden - what did you get your boss for the wedding?
Alden: Kiri: an aluminium wall clock
Alden: shhhhhh, no one tell him! :)
Kiri`: HEY ALDENS BOSS! what time is it? oh you don't know.. good.. wait till you married =)

Nov 19

Alryssa scritches. Lyss want handmade candles for Yule pressies? ;)
LysWritingNovel: Oooo. Fire!
LysWritingNovel: Yes. :)
DoctorWho: lol
Alryssa: I thought you might. ;)
PeterJF: Try It, Yule Like It

TomFODW: ugh, just heard someone on the radio mispronounce "Houston Street"
Greebo_T_Cat: They called it whitney street?
DoctorWho: Steel chair or not, you know I have to fwap you now.
DoctorWho: It's my duty.
DoctorWho: *fwap*

Nov 20

LysAFK: DrWhochat: Kicking out the idiots since 1997.
StaticShadow: dont you mean 1996= :)
Lyssie: Yeah, yeah.
NathanR: I dunno, depends, do you want to go all the way back to its efnet roots?
Greebo_T_Cat: Drwhochat: Existing outside the realms of space and time since... er....

PeterJF clicks an email labeled 'Want to be a part of a 300 billion industry?'
DoctorWho: pr0n?
PeterJF: Hm. It just says "Me neither."
Alden: LOL
DoctorWho: LOL
DoctorWho: ROTFL
Alryssa: *facepalms*

Nov 22

TheDrake: never invite a snowman for Thanksgiving...they're just so abominable.........
invincor: and their stomachs bleep at the dinner table

Nov 24

Delenn: o/` Oh where, oh where is my Sher-i-dan gone, oh where, oh where can he beeeeee... o/`

Nov 25

RebelHeart joined the channel
RebelHeart left the channel
PeterJF: hi Reb
PeterJF: bye Reb
DoctorWh1: Do you have to reb it in like that?
PeterJF: owww
PeterJF hands nate the fwapper
DoctorWh1: *fwap*ooF
DoctorWh1 hands it back
Alryssa fwaps Nate
PeterJF: tsk ryss
PeterJF: thou art a tyrant
PeterJF: a cute tyrant, but still :)
DoctorWh1: Worse than just a rant, a tyrant!
PeterJF: thanks be to tyrant

DoctorWh1 has decided he is never eating tuna again
SarnyThete: why
DoctorWh1: Every time I try it seems to make me horribly ill
SarnyThete: fair enough
DoctorWh1: At least, recently
SarnyThete: i suggest you discard the can before mashing up the tuna next time
DoctorWh1: oh?
SarnyThete: 'sgood eatin that way
SarnyThete: less iron, but oh well
DoctorWh1: ah.
SarnyThete: oh look. i have the fwapper already
SarnyThete: *fwap* ooF

Nov 26

Alden: since I installed a quicktime control, it broke support for MIDI files imbedded in web pages
Alden: there is a use for quicktime after all. :)

Nov 27

DoctorWh0 is starting to wonder if his broken ethernet dongle is at fault
Alryssa: Technical term: Dongle.
DoctorWh0: Yes.
Lyssie snickers.
Alden: yes, when in doubt, check your dongle is firmly attached
Alryssa: Filth!
DoctorWh0 is glad to see he's not the only person that thinks of something else when he sees (or uses) that word
DoctorWh0: I tell you, Ryss, you're my own personal corruptor
Alden blinks innocently
Alryssa cuteblinks
Alryssa: I'm touched.
DoctorWh0: biblically?
DoctorWh0 runs
Alryssa detoNates

Nov 28

StaticShadow: thete!
PeterJF: shad!
DoctorWh0: The Real Slim Shadow?

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