The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue IX: September 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sep 1

Morentis: I just can't win.
Morentis: Random things in K9 keep ceasing to work and generating errors.
random_c: don't tell me, tell nate

PeterJF: it's a tough call cuz you tend to be a bit pipolar
PeterJF: you have 3.14159265natewilltopthis moods
Whomiga: I cna get to 3.14159265358979 without looking
invincor: I can do 3.14159265
invincor: because I can remember Richard Hurndall saying it in "The Five Doctors" :)
PeterJF hi5's steve
PeterJF: i pasted a flood of it from google once just to make nate fwap me

Pete_Wisdom joined the channel
Pete_Wisdom: What did I miss this time?
PeterJF: i would tell you what you missed this time but i'm starting to get the 'times' mixed up
Pete_Wisdom: It's 2:44 EDT
PeterJF: okay.
PeterJF: oh- there was that quick channel bungee by pat tallman. she gave her hotel room number in philly and flipped out again
Pete_Wisdom: Pat Tallman was here?
Alden joined the channel
PeterJF: hey she's back!
PeterJF: hi patricia!
PeterJF: O.O
PeterJF: crap! alden you forgot the wig
PeterJF: sorry jeff. no pat tallman, just this tall man

Sep 2

DrFaust: You know, the "people in the phone booth" stunt really doesn't have much novelty when they're all DW fans.

Shel: and when is an object not a foreign object ("do not place foreign objects in your ear")
PeterJF: am i foreign object or against it?

Pete_Wisdom wonders when the next noogie from Thete is
PeterJF noogies Jeff
Pete_Wisdom: You should put that on a timer, Peter
PeterJF: never say i never gave ya nuthin' :)
Pete_Wisdom: It's only virtual noogies :)
PeterJF: I done fousands o' these. Fousands.
PeterJF noogies Jeff's virtual skull
DoctorWho: Faustans?
PeterJF noogies Nate
DoctorWho: aaack
Pete_Wisdom: I guess this is payback for all time I noogied my brother...
PeterJF noogies Jeff
Pete_Wisdom: Thete never had a little brother to noogie
DoctorWho: Hm... neither did I
DoctorWho noogies Jeff
PeterJF: LOL
Pete_Wisdom: aaack!
DoctorWho looks at Pete and Jeff
DoctorWho: Jeff is Pete's Grek!
PeterJF noogies Nate
dha: oh yeah, the other thing I bought on ebay was a complete Timewyrm set. woohoo
PeterJF noogies Paul Cornell
dha: heh
Pete_Wisdom: I'm missing a Cat's Cradle...
PeterJF noogies Jeff
Greebo_T_Cat: well, you can't have mine.
PeterJF does NOT noogie Ash
DoctorWho: LOL
Greebo_T_Cat: wise boy.

Sep 3

Alden: My title suggestion for it is "The Fall of the Republic"
Pete_Wisdom: Star Wars Episode III: The One With The Unhappy Ending (with the cast of Friends as members of the doomed Jedi forces)
ZygonC: How about Star Wars Episode III: Who's Your Daddy?!

Sep 6

PeterJF: that totally rings a bell
DoctorWho: That was me.
PeterJF: I heard a cry.
DoctorWho: That was me.
PeterJF: I heard a cry.
DoctorWho: That was me.
PeterJF: I heard a cry.
DoctorWho: That was me.
Alryssa: Do not push this button again
DoctorWho: LOL
PeterJF: Please do not hurl Franz at me.
PeterJF: I am an automaton and do not require "pahmping ahhp."
SeriousJ: are you fully functional?
PeterJF: vibro digits, subcutaneous stimulators, the lot.
DoctorWho: The parking lot?
Alryssa: Vroom, vroom?
DoctorWho: Please do not throw car commercial slogans at me
DoctorWho: Oh wait, that's not what that one says
Alryssa: Please do not throw fwaps at me

Alryssa: I have contours?
Alryssa wonders if she has duck tours as well
DoctorWho: rabbit tours?
AudioBoy: No, a contour is when Shaun Lyon shows you around the AirTel Plaza Hotel in February.
DoctorWho: Duck tours!
DoctorWho: Rabbit tours!
DoctorWho: Duck tours!
DoctorWho: Rabbit tours!
DoctorWho: Duck tours!
DoctorWho: Rabbit tours!
Alryssa: *fwap*

Sep 7

DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat
StaticShadow: n8 awakens...
PeterJF: Nate! *tomtomtom*
PeterJF: Nate! *tomtomtom*
PeterJF: Nate! *tomtomtom*
PeterJF: Nate! *tomtomtom*
PeterJF: Hmm.
PeterJF: Tom seems dormant.
PeterJF: Tom! *natenatenate*
PeterJF: Tom! *natenatenate*
PeterJF: Tom! *natenatenate*
PeterJF: Tom! *natenatenate*
PeterJF: Nate Rises From The Depths!

Sep 8

PeterJF: i keep meaning to learn vi, since it's the only text editor you can count on being availavble in unix. except i think it's shit and i prefer emacs and won't cave in to that kind of tyranny. so it sucks to be me once every couple of years when i find myself stranded and reading vi commands on the web
DoctorWho: Pete: Even I can't keep VI straight in my head
PeterJF: that's because it's as straight as the line the master walks

Sep 9

DoctorWho: Why are we +R tonight?
Alden: Pretzell
DoctorWho: Been unusually persistant?
Alden: no, just a dick
DoctorWho: guess he's taking his only chance to /be/ something that he doesn't /have/ ^_^

Alden: how do you spel twelfth?
Alryssa: twelfth
DoctorWho: like that, I think
MegL: you spell spel spell

Sep 11

frobisher: yeah, I know a guy whose test to see if a language was useful was to try to write Hunt the Wumpus in it.
frobisher: he did it in postscript. I was frightened

Sep 12

PeterJF: if liverpool wasn't a harbor, it would be part of wales, i was noticing from a map
PeterJF: it is about as near as you can get to wales without being in wales
dse: is that a good thing?
Alryssa: Don't answer that.
Alden: Doug: not being in Wales, or being as near as possible to Wales?
dse: either one
PeterJF: never send montgomery scott to wales
Alryssa: *fwap* and *fwap*

Sep 13

nathanr2: If anyone knows who is, send me an email and let me know so I can approve them for the group
PeterJF: me
nathanr2: ?
PeterJF: is my spam trap
nathanr2: aha
nathanr2: Do you want me to unsub the other you and approve that one?
PeterJF: i subscribe to the list with my speakeasy mail, but when i want to use the features at yahoo groups, i login as austinprefect, but i dowanna use austinprefect mail
PeterJF: yahoo makes me login to read old list email, but i'd be high to let yahoo send me mail i was required to lookm at ;-)
nathanr2: "Now I'm gettin spam, and I know why... Because I got high, Because I got high, Because I got high..."

Sep 14

Greebo_T_Cat: Also about the time the dead became the first band to have a bass player with a quadrophonic bass.
Greebo_T_Cat: seperate channel for each string.
Greebo_T_Cat: they were the uuber-geek band. :P
Mosquito: you were born 20 years late and 1/3 of the world away ;)
Greebo_T_Cat: Mossy: tell me something i don't know
Mosquito: I have a very cool cordless screwdriver.
Greebo_T_Cat: Ok, i didn't know that.
Greebo_T_Cat: does it have three settings?

Sep 16

The_42nd_Doctor: I discovered margaritas last week, and now the weather gets cold. It was a virgin margarita, but it was still really good.
DoctorWho: female margarita to male margarita "Wow, you were really good, you sure you're a virgin?" ^_^

Sep 17

Alryssa: He had his tail amputated back in May
Alryssa: Cancerous sore developed on it.
DoctorWho: Max got a surgical n installed into his name ^_^
Alryssa: Yup! :)
Alryssa: He's got a spoiler now instead of a tail ;)
DoctorWho: spoiler?
PeterJF: cat talk, nate
PeterJF: er,
PeterJF: car talk, nate

Sep 19

Setok: nice new info about (yet again) a new possibility for dw to return to the TV
DoctorWho: yawn
Xanta_Claus: but will it pass the invincor test? ;)
Whomiga: hehe - will it pass the anyone with any common sense at all test
Setok: whomiga: well at least it came from the BBC1 director this time
Setok: instead of the tabloid press
Whomiga: Oh, then it is definitely false ;-)

PeterJF: the 1984 max headroom pilot plays like they were 10 years into the internet already
PeterJF: there's a lot of stuff in there that has since come to pass
DrFaust: Yeah, I noticed my new TV set doesn't have an off switch...

Sep 20

PeterJF: i actually feel like i've experienced daleks masterplan now.
PeterJF: a good telesnap might enhance that
PeterJF: but whatever
DoctorWho: I don't think there's enough material from masterplan to construct a 'good' one
PeterJF: a telesnap might enhance that
PeterJF: ;-)
DoctorWho: Have you seen the two existing episodes?
PeterJF: yeah
PeterJF: they're on the daleks earlyears tape
TimesChamp: Like Marco Polo - actually there's no telesnaps for Marco Polo.
PeterJF: i've seen the telesnaps of ep 7 too
DoctorWho: of MP or DMP?
PeterJF: DMP
PeterJF: feat of steven
PeterJF: +s
DoctorWho: feat of steven... no, that was 6 ^_^

Kiri`: alden - hey what's with saddam's kid being a kiwi?
PeterJF: saddam prolly wants his kid somewhere -safe-
Alden: I think he moved here. As you would. :)
Kiri`: and he was allowed to get citizenship?
Kiri`: wow..
Alden: "I'm going to attack and destroy America!!! Watch me!!!!" "That's great, dad... Um, I'll just be over here..."

Oh_sod_it: it's EVIL - if god had intended you to be able to find an exact point in a film, without rewinding back and forwards several times past the point, he wouldn't have invented VHS

Sep 22

Geoff and Fen are up to their usual antics...
Alden: o.O
Alden: Eeek, bad mental image
Fenric1: You *can* threaten, sure... But you are there, and your Goddamned head is over there...
GeoffWessel: yeah you talk real big behind a keyboard ;-)
Fenric1: You talk real big with a keyboard shoved up your ass, boyo! ;>
GeoffWessel: and, in summary, baseball sucks my ass. Thanks and drive safely.
Alryssa: To the guys having the pissing contest: We've seen them, we're no longer impressed, now put them away.

Sep 24

WhiteQueen: NP - The Ramones, "I Wanna Be Sedated"
gordon-r-d: ok, now I@m scared
gordon-r-d: NP Shonen Knife "I Wanna Be Sedated"

WhiteQueen: my sister's cat loves to play with plastic champagne stoppers, and has actually gotten drunk by managing to get to one before she could pick it up and wash it for him...
gordon-r-d: yeah, we wash 'em first, but all our cats have loved playing with corks
gordon-r-d: but playing with the water coming out of the tap is a new one
NathanR: My mom says that Umber has taken to /drinking/ out of the tap recently
WhiteQueen: NP - Blues Traveler, "Runaround"
gordon-r-d: NP : Shonen Knife "I Am A Cat"

DoctorWho has obviously missed some reference here
DoctorWho cracks his whip at the rock. Get back!!
Alden: Nathan Roberts: Rock Wrangler

Sep 26

Alden tries to work out why the menu of his Terminator 2 DVD appears to be stuck in French
Alden: At least it's not Italian. "Pasta la vista"
Alryssa facepalms
Alryssa sends the fwapper after Alden

Sep 27

Alryssa paddles Eric
IdleEric: Eep
Alryssa: *spank*
IdleEric: Eep
DoctorWho: o_O
Alryssa smirks
Alryssa: I made Nate o_O
Mosquito: you *made* Nate? OMG...
DoctorWho: O_o
DoctorWho: That settles it
DoctorWho: Nate /is/ Erwin and Ryssa /is/ Dust Puppy
Whomiga installs WindowsXP on Nate...
DoctorWho: RAAAAAAPE!!!
Arcalian: LOL
SteveBreon: ROTFLMAO

PeterJF: oh yes... it's.... #chezwho!!!!!
PeterJF: ... and i'm /quit
DoctorWho: You can't /quit, I fired you!
PeterJF: fire this!
DoctorWho puts the cannon away
DoctorWho gets out the flamethrower
PeterJF: ta
PeterJF: *crunch*
PeterJF: nothing like a well-fired studio exec...
PeterJF: tastes like chickenshit

PeterJF: sorry bout that dude
PeterJF: have a dr pepper
DoctorWho will have a Vanilla Coke instead (blasphemy!)
TimJR: who's blaspheming what?
PeterJF blasts tim's femur

NathanR2: Thete is ThetAFK
Kiri`: how u know he's afk?
NathanR2: I'm just guessing from his lack of chat for the last 20 minutes or so
Alryssa: well his lack of response might be a clue. ;)
Alryssa: Arrrrr!
Alryssa: ;D
NathanR2: Brain.
Alden: Nate: Maybe he's editing Thete-G ;)
NathanR2: I'll check with Blor.

Alryssa: Maxil has a little grey stuffed kitty (and no, I don't mean Josie)

Sep 28

NathanR2: Signs that you've been using VI for Far Too Long...
PeterJF: 1.
PeterJF: typing "Signs that you've been using VI for Far Too Long..."
NathanR2: VI is the 'standard' Unix text editor
NathanR2: And it's not for the faint of heart
PeterJF: it's pronounced "six"
PeterJF runs
NathanR2 fwaps Pete
Alryssa detoThetes
NathanR2: But what's really sad is if you know how to use ED by heard.
NathanR2: And let me tell you, even I'M not /that/ sad
Alryssa: I'm stunned. ;)

dha: What really gets me is that people somehow can't keep dha and dse straight, but on #perl, there's a dhd that no one ever confuses me with. and his name *is* dave. :-)

PeterJF changed mode: -o PeterJF
PeterJF: "opped out" :-)

Sep 29

DrNathenstein sees that the other me doesn't know he's disconnected yet
The_42nd_Doctor: Nate: I only see one of you.
DrNathenstein: Precicely ^_^
DrNathenstein: Actually the other me still is connected, just split off
The_42nd_Doctor: aah. Natesplit.

Sep 30

Commenting on the Happy Hacker Keyboard
Alden: I can see a good argument for leaving off the caps lock key though
Alden: Hell, give me a usenet feed and I'll show you several thousand good reasons...

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