The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue VIII: August 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Aug 1

dse: is a saucer shape really the most efficient design for a spacecraft?
Alryssa: *knocks on the saucer door* Ah, yes, Mr Dalek, is this design efficient for you?
PeterJF: NO
Alryssa returns, smouldering and charred.
Alryssa: Guess so...

Alden blinks. Dr Crusher sending Wesley for a haircut? He barely has any hair!
Alryssa: Alden: Plot Device? :)
Alden: "We need to get Wesley out fo the room quickly." "Have someone accidentally open an airlock?" "Not *that* quickly"

Aug 5

The_42nd_Doctor: Well. I had meant to make up for lost work hours this weekend, but the server in my boss' office crashed and isn't running yet... and it's a long weekend, so it won't be until Tuesday.
The_42nd_Doctor: So I decided I'd go to the library and do a little research that my boss wanted... have to consult some graduate-level physics books, probably... but the libraries are closed all weekend.
The_42nd_Doctor: When they say statutory holiday, they really mean it.
The_42nd_Doctor: <God> Sit still, dammit.
The_42nd_Doctor: <God> Write fanfic or something.
The_42nd_Doctor: <Me> Oh yeah? Make it cool enough for me to actually sit in my room.
The_42nd_Doctor: <Me> And you can read the stories out of my head anyways. So bleh.
The_42nd_Doctor: Okay, I don't really hear God's voice in my head, don't worry.

Kiri`: dante seems ok from his ofray last night
Kiri`: foray
Singed_AB: Sure that isn't frayed?
Singed_AB: ;)
PeterJF: frayed not
DoctorWho starts pulling petals off a flower
DoctorWho: Frayed... Frayed Not... Frayed... Frayed Not... Frayed... Frayed Not...
Kiri` unravels nate
DoctorWho: Or should that be Frayed Knot...
PeterJF: 'fraid not.
DoctorWho: *fwap*

El_Zoof: I gots me engaged
SupremeDalek: Bruce: Congratulations!
El_Zoof: Thanks
Lyssie: El: Dude!
AudioBoy: Zoof: Woohoo!
Alryssa: Dude!
Alryssa: Dewd, even!
DrFaust: Congratulations, Zoof!
TheDrake: congrats Zoof
El_Zoof: I've known Kelly for about three years... we've been dating for about two months... we went window shopping on Sunday and had a look in a jewellery store...
El_Zoof: ...and I bought her the ring
AudioBoy: Aww, kewl!
DrFaust: Who know it could be so easy?
El_Zoof: If it hadn't happened like that, I would have taken months or longer to ask her. Nobody else was surprised, it turns out.
AudioBoy: Oh. Wow. Well, you'll have to let us know where and when things will be so we can send Daleks, er, I mean flowerds. Yeah. FLowers.
AudioBoy: ;)
El_Zoof: As soon as I know I'll tell you :)
AudioBoy: heheh

El_Zoof: I haven't seen the cloney bits of Farscape yet.
El_Zoof: At least there aren't any Clooney bits of Farscape.
El_Zoof: "Soap Star Wars: Attack of the Clooneys"

TimJR: Okay, is it just me, or is the 'wheat side voice' in the frosted mini wheats commercials Simon Jones.
PeterJF: There should be an imdb for comercials
PeterJF: iadb
Whomiga: icdb?
PeterJF: icbm?
NateWallet: lol
PeterJF: Internet Commercial Bullshit Meter
NateWallet: LOL!!
Whomiga: We are trying to learn about commercials - not blow them up... although that doesn't sound like a bad idea

Aug 7

drone is now known as dron
dron: who the hell is chick hearn
AnnoyedNate: Not a chick
AnnoyedNate: That's all I know
dron is now known as dro
dro: i am being diminished
AnnoyedNate connects Thete up to an amplifier and turns it up to 11
dro is now known as OCEANS_ELEVEN

invincor: I found out tonight that the woman who moved in downstairs from me is a cop.
invincor: very cool.
invincor: I wonder if I'm ever too loud if she will call herself...

Aug 10

SeriousJ: ow. danger will robinson! scientists have manufactured a sterility virus for rabbits.
Alden: The only catch is it's an STD

Alden has a new script - type !list ;)
CrowTRobt: I'll bite
CrowTRobt: !list
Alryssa moos!
Fenric6: Fascinating script... It turns Alryssa into a cow... ;>

Aug 11

dse: I don't like FAQs where all the answers are on separate webpages
dse: I like them all on 1 page
Alden adds that to the "How Do I Annoy Doug" FAQ, but on a seperate page

Shel: "you know you're not a bab5 fan when B5 immediately brings to mind "Hit! you sunk my battleship!"

Shel: someone pick a number 1-66
PeterJF: 43
DoctorWho: 69... damn, out of range
PeterJF: LOL
Shel: now 1-20
PeterJF: 13
Whomiga: Nate did what I thought of :-)
Shel: "how did the watcher protect nyssa and adric from the growing entropy field in logopolis?"
DoctorWho: Took them outside time and space
Shel: (it's question 13 on page 66) ;)
PeterJF: he took them out of the universe
PeterJF: although a spa would have sufficed
Shel: :P
Shel: well, how did he take them out of time and space? ;)
Shel: you got the second part of the answer, but not the 'how"
PeterJF: on a bicycle
DoctorWho: No, that was the Space Museum ^_^
PeterJF: No, that was Errol Flynn
IanMc: He did something to the TARDIS console.
IanMc: Maybe removed something.
PeterJF: "he's unsetting the coordinates"
DoctorWho: Disconnected something but I forget exactly what
PeterJF: if ya wanna bee childishly anal ;-)
Shel: disconnecting the tardis's coordinated sub-system ;)
DoctorWho: Well I remembered part of it...
PeterJF: Shel: my answer is more accurate. it's the actual line from the ep :-P
DoctorWho: Pete: So is Shel's, IIRC
DoctorWho: Spelling errors notwithstanding ^_^
Shel: yes, so take up that with nigel roberts who wrote the answer ;)
PeterJF: robinson
DoctorWho: LOL

Aug 13

Whomiga: Gotten from a LJ post "There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't."

Alryssa: So how many people had to go to casualty as a result? *runs*
PeterJF: we call it "the emergency room" here hon ;-)
Alryssa: So?
Alryssa: Just because I live here doesn't mean I have to suddenly start scratching my crotch and putting trucks up on bricks on the front lawn

Alryssa gives Nate a dirty, old PC. Rub this three times, who knows. Maybe a Linux genie will appear.
SupremeDalek: Alryssa: More likely that Bill Gates wil pop out of it! :-)
Alryssa: Jack: but there's an inherent problem there: That assumes Bill Gates is going to grant you three wishes, inevitably one of which will involve creating an OS that works. Doesn't that go against everything Gates stands for? ;-)

Aug 15

Alden: Hang on... Crusher's got a guy in sick bay who's inguries are regenerating... and the first thing he says when he wakes up is "Who am I?"
Alden: Shame he's not Paul McGann :)
Alden: uh ho, Crusher's finding her patient 'intriging'
Alden: perhaps he *is* Paul in heavy disguise

Aug 16

PeterJF: i can't help thinking dozens of non-catolicos dreaded the spanish inquisition long before they were invited to participate
I_Am_Legend: I was there in an earlier life and decalred: "Oh no, I'm not a Lutheran...I'm a Satanist."
I_Am_Legend: They weren't too pleased
I_Am_Legend: Then I tried to sell them a copy of Dianetics, and they booted me out
PeterJF: then they tortured you, you snapped and spent the last days of your life deluded into believing you were in IRC

Ashleigh`: I've got a thing for bigger cars....
PeterJF: if i was a ryss i would want to drive a tank, too
NathanR: LOL
Ashleigh`: ¬.¬
Ashleigh`: I was referring to the way they handle. *fwap* :)
Ashleigh`: I like the 'lazy' glide.
PeterJF looks at ryss peeking over the steering wheel
Ashleigh`: ¬.¬
Ashleigh`: I do not peek. I can see perfectly fine.
Ashleigh`: I just need to pull the seat up a bit :P
PeterJF: cripes - had to get close to make sure u weren't a littleoldlady :)
Ashleigh`: *FWAP*
PeterJF: the best part is, a low flying plane can shear the cab off and you live!

Aug 17

Brigadier: "What are we going to do tonight, Suaron?"
Brigadier: "The same thing we do every night .... try to take over the world"
DrFaust: Saruman moved in with Sauron? Maybe those two kids will make it work after all...
Arcalian: theyre Sauron and the Saruman, theyre Sauron and the Saruman...
Lyssie: "Saruman, stop watching that infernal machine!"
Arcalian: LOL Lyss!
Brigadier wonders what would happen if LoTR was done Scooby-Doo style ...
DrFaust: "But my palantir doesn't get the Elfish Network!"
Lyssie: "One was a White Wizard, the other's incorporeal...."
Brigadier: "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling hobbits!"
TomFODW: "I woudl have succeeded, too, if it weren't for those meddling Hobbits!"
Lyssie: "Jinkies, Frodo!"
DrFaust: "Re raid, ron't rou rose rim, Roobywise Ramgee."
Greebo_T_Cat: The Elves are leaving the realm!
Arcalian: Bilbo lost his glasses
Greebo_T_Cat: so does this mean?

Aug 18

CrowTRobt: I painted my cyberman with silver paint to make him look like the silver nemesis variety...
CrowTRobt: little did I know that after 10 years the paint would oxidize into a gold color and kill him

Aug 19

AudioBoy: Okay, Tom, Ettiquette 101:
AudioBoy: Tact is keeping your mouth shut when something you want to say could be taken as offensive by other people.
TomFODW: nope, still not getting it. you're a piss-poor teacher, you know that, neil?
TomFODW: ;)
AudioBoy: Now, let's test out this theory.
AudioBoy: "Oh deart, my wife just died in a horrible car accident..."
AudioBoy: Now, Tom, what do you say?
TomFODW: what do you care, she was cheating on you anyway?
AudioBoy fwaps Tom.
AudioBoy: No!
AudioBoy: Bad Tom!
TomFODW: what!
Arthur_the_Aardvark: was the car damaged?
AudioBoy: No biscuit!
AudioBoy fwaps Arthur.

Aug 21

Alden joined the channel
Alden: BOO!
San_Hoser: eep!
Alden: Evenin awl!
San_Hoser: howdy
Alden: What's going on in the best channel on DalNet?
San_Hoser: kinda quiet actually
Alden: The first person to say "I dunno, I'll pop over to #startrek and look" will get fwapped. ;)

Aug 23

Alryssa: 90 + degrees here. -.-
Alryssa: projected high for today, anyway.
Alden: projected high = marijuana cigarette on a movie screen

Alryssa: Ugh, ok... my head hurts.
AudioBoy: :(
AudioBoy gives Ryss a neckrub.
DoctorWho: redneckrub?
Alryssa: ¬.¬
Alryssa: I'm off to get some shuteye
AudioBoy: Sleep well, Ryss.
AudioBoy snugs Ryss good night. :)
Alryssa: *yawn*
AudioBoy: *tuck*
DoctorWho: friar?

Aug 24

PeterJF: Press [3] for Canberra Juice Cocktail.
NathanR: 3.14159265358979323846264338
PeterJF: At the 3.14159265358979323846264338327 9502884197169399375105820974944 592307816406286208998628034825th stroke, you will have swum the channel.
NathanR wonders which is more sad. That Pete actually went and looked up the actual digits of Pi or that I went and looked them up just to see if he looked them up

Aug 25

nathanr suddenly has a wacky idea
Alden: again?
Alden: aren't we still cleaning up from the last one? :)

dha: databases have schemas. XML has schemas. Lisp-like language afficiados have Scheme. :-)
christmastreedalek: And power-mad dictatots have schemes ^_^
christmastreedalek: dictators
dha: heh. dictatots.
dha: Really young dictators.
Arcalian: dictatot? is that a lil dictator?
dha: "Jim Henson's Dictator Babies!"

Aug 26

NathanR: <random_C> Nate, talking to yourself is the first sign
NathanR: * TheLemonadeNazi prods Nathan_Roberts. You don't believe a word of that, do you?
NathanR: <Nathan_Roberts> Nah
NathanR: Quoth the quotefile...
Alden: lol
PeterJF: i missed the first sign, and the second one, and the bloody exit
NathanR: lol
NathanR tells the highway crews to go cleanup that blood
PeterJF: perhaps missing that exit was a good idea
Alden: that's what you get when you're on a highway to hell
Alryssa: Or a highway to #dwc :P
Alden: same difference ;)
NathanR: When did Blor take over the channel?

Aug 27

Alden: I gotta get to next Galley just so people have some pictures of me looking half respectable
Alryssa: *g*
PeterJF: respect the hippie.
PeterJF: c'mon now.
Alryssa: Alden, I dug the hair, dewd
Alden: I woulda dug the hair more if it weren't attached to me. Which it now isn't. :)
NathanR ought to cut his hair before next gally...
PeterJF: you are total belushi at the moment nate. it's kinda cool :)
Alryssa: What, he's dead?
Alryssa runs

Alden facepalms.
Alden: I want to make a yahoo group for a fanzine. But there are no fanzine catagories on Yahoo Groups.
Alden: There's a humour magazine section
Alden: and an adult magazines section
Alden: but nothing for a Doctor Who fanzine
PeterJF: but no silly adult magazine section
Alden: maybe I should just put it under Adult Magazines, and when Yahoo complains, I can tell them where to go
Alryssa: Yahoo would complain?
Alryssa: That would make hell freeze over by itself
PeterJF . o O ( Dr. Hooters )

DoctorWho: It occured to me to intersperse QF sketches in with interviews outlining the history of the quotefile ^_^
Alryssa: Nate: The Brief History of #dwc? ;)
DoctorWho: LOL!!
Alryssa: "Drake created the room.... it all went downhill from there, really."
PeterJF: nuther bleedin "doc" umentary

DoctorWho is now known as NateDoingTheUnthinkable
dha: What, going outside?
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: worse
Alden: I can't think what Nate is doing
AudioBoy: OMG! Nate's taking a bath!!
AudioBoy sofadives.
Alryssa`: Nate: Tom saw your nick and wondered if you were cleaning up your room. :P

Aug 28

Greebo_T_Cat: Ok, now I have to sit and wait whilst the engineer goes to the local exchange, because no notes have been left by the engineer who *visited* the exchange, so he doesn't know whats been done...
Greebo_T_Cat is now... 3 hours late for work. ish.
IanMc wishes for some parmesan cheese.
Greebo_T_Cat wishes for a gatling gun
Alden wishes for 47 million dollars
Greebo_T_Cat wishes for world peace, an end to poverty and disease....
Greebo_T_Cat: and a gatling gun
IanMc wonders whose wish will come true first....
Greebo_T_Cat: *pleasebeminepleasebeminepleasebemine*
Greebo_T_Cat: or the gatling gun part at least....
Alden: Ash: why do you want a gatling gun?
Greebo_T_Cat: To line up various BT Techs against a wall and have a shooting party....
Alden: ahhh....
Greebo_T_Cat: except the tech who's currently running my ass off to help me, as he appears to of been handed zero-fuckin info on this case...
Greebo_T_Cat: This BT engineer is remarkably honest.
Greebo_T_Cat: he considers the 'dead fish' modems to be a pile of shit and he was relieved i wasn't using one
Greebo_T_Cat: He's also a Mac user at home. I like him :)
Greebo_T_Cat: Plus my colleague just rang up and said that everything at work was ok, and if i couldn't make it in, it was cool...
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy defines the technical support division of British Telecom as a bunch of mindless jerks that'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes
Greebo_T_Cat: Nate: the revolution came. We then discovered the bullet-proof properties of shit-in-suits
Greebo_T_Cat: BT amazes me, One exchange serves the entire tewkesbury/northway/bushley/bredon area....
Greebo_T_Cat: and its unmanned.
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: o_O
Greebo_T_Cat: Its brilliant. totally brillaint.
NateDoingTheUnthinkable is impressed with BT. They've elevated stupidity to a high art
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: That kind of stupidity takes /talent/
Greebo_T_Cat: BT executives don't die... they run for parliment.
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: ah. A step down then
NateDoingTheUnthinkable: Into politics, where all it takes is mundane, everyday stupidity
Greebo_T_Cat: Newsflash: G W Bush was a BT technician... let go after he soldered his tongue to a RADIUS configuration.

Aug 29

PeterJF: dooood there's red fusion left in the frudge
PeterJF: fridge
PeterJF: who's a lucky boy?
PeterJF: not my cat, that's for sure!
PeterJF: wheeeeeeeee
Alryssa: You have a cat? ;)
PeterJF: soon, baby
gdt1970 left the channel
Alryssa giggles. I think we scared it.
Alden: LOL
Alryssa: I was waiting for a pussy comment ;D
Greebo_T_Cat joined the channel
Alryssa falls out of her chair
Alryssa: OMG.
DoctorWho: Close enough ^_^
Alryssa: Talking of...
Alryssa: Ash, dewd. You have timing, man.

Aug 30

gordon-r-d just got the entire Robocop trilogy for under £17. Coolness.
gordon-r-d: A great movie and a couple of drinks coasters. :)

Aug 31

oDoctorWhy hists Faust
DrFaust: Why are you histing me?
oDoctorWhy: -s
oDoctorWhy: +s
oDoctorWhy: -s
oDoctorWhy: +s
oDoctorWhy: this feels like the hokey pokey

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