The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue VII: July 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Jul 2

PeterJF is now known as The_Habit
PeterJF has joined #drwhochat
ChanServ gives channel operator status to PeterJF
PeterJF has kicked The_Habit from #drwhochat (only quitters win)

random_c: Nate - how dead is the dell?
DoctorWho: dead?
DoctorWho: It's actually running pretty well
random_c: Lee was present at the purchase. The Law Of Hardware therefore dictaes that... oh.

Jul 3

Greebo_T_Cat: hmm... anyone have any opinion on NetMD tek-nol-o-g
Brigadier: Greebo_T_Cat : consult Nate. He is qualified to provide diagnoses over the Internet
DoctorWho: Never heard of it
Greebo_T_Cat: nate has never heard of it, thus it does not exist.

Shel: do you remember where jem got her power?
PeterJF: no, only saw the commercials
Shel: synergy
DoctorWho is now known as Syner-G

Jul 4

dha: I.. made a symbolic link wrong. I may have just deleted a directory. what fun.
dha bashes head against wall repeatedly
dha: oh, thank $deity. I didn't do that.

Jul 9

PeterJF: faced with three failed windows installs on a single hard drive, i did the rational thing and finished the second half of the final timewyrm book.
Nathan_Roberts: lol
Nathan_Roberts: Do you mean three failed installs just tonight??
PeterJF: hell yes
Nathan_Roberts: Jesus H. Christ
SeriousJ: jesus hp laserprinter christ
Nathan_Roberts: lol
PeterJF considers installing xp
Alden: :-O
Nathan_Roberts: After all the problems Steve had with it??
Nathan_Roberts: Are you just /begging/ for trouble?
PeterJF: okay, so no xp
PeterJF: make me a better offer
Nathan_Roberts: I'm probably hiking out to SF tomorrow, you want me to show up with some help?
PeterJF is now known as a_better_offer

Nathan_Roberts: I hope that will give me enough time to get something done
PeterJF: the HD & cd drive are hella fast
Nathan_Roberts: How about the network.
PeterJF: that's how i made it thru 3 OS installs so fast
Nathan_Roberts: Because it's starting to seem like the best thing to do is hunt down all your documents on the PC, dump them off somewhere, reformat and reinstall
PeterJF: all i need is to push the documents off the machine, then i can torch
PeterJF: -
PeterJF: snap
PeterJF: well cool. i'd better crash so i can do all this on time tomorrow
Nathan_Roberts: ^_^
PeterJF: er, sleep
Nathan_Roberts: taking after your computer, eh? ^_^
PeterJF: (never say crash!)
Nathan_Roberts: snap ^_^
PeterJF: brain. give.
Nathan_Roberts: *unscrew*
Nathan_Roberts: *unplug*
Nathan_Roberts: *handover*
PeterJF: *thunk*
PeterJF: *click*
PeterJF has quit (Quit: squeeze the world 'til it's small enough to join us here to talk)

Jul 11

Alryssa has been scanning in artwork she did at the age of about 12 - 14 :)
PeterJF: The artwork was 12 beore you did it?
Alryssa fwaps Peter.
PeterJF: I got my daily fwap. I happy now.
Alryssa fwaps him again.

PeterJF fights down the Need for a Snack
PeterJF: agh! counterattack!
PeterJF loses
Nathan_Roberts: hm, snack
Nathan_Roberts wonders if it'll cool down enough to walk to Walmart for Pringles before they close
PeterJF is now known as PJFaway
Alryssa: A counterattack snack?
Nathan_Roberts: counterasnack?
SteveBreon: Countersnack?
SteveBreon: countersnack attack?
PJFaway: I'm gonna encounter-a-snack :-)

PeterJF says something to make Nate play a file
PeterJF: actually I'd better wait till he gets back from Wal-mart before I say it
Nathan_Roberts: I haven't left yet
PeterJF: oh good
PeterJF:                                         stevespam
Nathan_Roberts: er... ok, now what am I supposed to do?
PeterJF: put a cereal bowl on your head and scream "WHO AM I!?"
The_42nd_Doctor: ... a cereal bowl?
TheDrake: sureal bowl surely
The_42nd_Doctor: George: I just love surreal for breakfast.
Nathan_Roberts plays There's Nothing On Top Of The Fridge.xm instead, just to be perverse
PeterJF: you fiend
Nathan_Roberts bows
PeterJF: but yer playin' fylez now an' u weren't before :-)
TheDrake: surreal is best in the way to not start the day with :)
PeterJF: Muahahahahaha
Nathan_Roberts: Well, not music anyway
PeterJF: you own -music-?
PeterJF runs
Alryssa fwaps peter
PeterJF: actually i am glad to have much of your music. just keep Stereotomy far far away :-)
Nathan_Roberts: LOL
Nathan_Roberts: Let me guess
Nathan_Roberts: Too Pink Floyd-ish for you
PeterJF: i wanna hear stevespam but i'm too lazy to boot lemac
Nathan_Roberts: got Winamp?
PeterJF: i wanna hear stevespam but i'm too lazy to install a player on the PC
Nathan_Roberts: You /are/ underequipped there ^_^
Nathan_Roberts: underequipt?
dha: Peter - you listen to music other than Hotel California over the phone??
PeterJF: i wanna hear stevespam but i'm too lazy to call Nate

Jul 12

NathanR wonders what the list Troughton runs off at the end of the War Games is
Fenric1: Nate: Quarks, Yeti, Cybermen and Daleks, I think...
NathanR: Fen: Add Ice Warriors and I think that's it
AudioBoy: Add Ice Warriros and serve.

Greebo_T_Cat: 'ladies and gentleman, let me introduce the mark 2 transport device, i call it the... far and distant thing! *Dramatic chords* thats english for the word dalek...'
Greebo_T_Cat: *dalek continues to trundle, and trundles over the steps, and ends up crashing to the floor, where its wheels continue to trundle helplessly*
Greebo_T_Cat: 'Oh for fricks sake, couldn't someone of put in a ramp? honestly. I mean, throw me a frickin bone here, how am I supposed to show my new mass killing device off if we don't even have a ramp in the building.'
CrowTRobt: lol
CrowTRobt: am I supposed to imagine Dr Evil saying all this? because I am
Greebo_T_Cat: 'It sucks! I mean, as soon as it encounters a staircase, its screwed. ass.'
Greebo_T_Cat: 'allright scott, enough'
CrowTRobt: lol
Greebo_T_Cat: 'and whats with the plunger? couldn't you of given it arms? whats it going to do, suck people to death?'
CrowTRobt: stop... you're... hurting me
CrowTRobt: giggle
Greebo_T_Cat: all the time, the dalek is trying to right it self in the background, and failing.

Jul 13

From a discussion of what Doctors faced what creatures
DoctorWho: and fwiw, Kandyman is probably not a bad entry to include under Robot
CrowTRobt: then they all can say they faced a robot
Alden: except McGann
CrowTRobt: yeah...
Greebo_T_Cat: me wanders by
CrowTRobt: wait no
Lyssie: Eric's acting was robotic....
CrowTRobt: he faced Eric Roberts
Greebo_T_Cat: McGann faced off against eric roberts acting

Jul 15

PeterJF: nate: -all- the boxes are in the kitchen
NathanR: lol
PeterJF: taller than the fridge
Alryssa: But there's nothing on top of the fridge, right?
PeterJF: :-)
NathanR: LOL!
PeterJF: horny.xm honey?
NathanR: ROTFLMAO!!!

dse: how can a muppet get HIV?
Skyler-Monroe: Very carefully.
dse: it's a blood disease, and muppets do not have blood
NathanR: Nor do they have vocal cords, yet they can speak ^_^
Fenric1: When Frank Oz puts his hand up your ass, you'll sing like bird, vocal cords or no vocal cords...

Jul 16

Alryssa laughs her ass off
PeterJF puts ryss' ass back on
PeterJF: *ploink*
Alryssa: Ooer.
Alryssa: Damn detachable asses.
PeterJF: sorry to grab it, but there was no other way :)
Alden: I got mine duct-taped on. see?
Alryssa facepalms
NathanR screams INCEST
PeterJF: Alien abduction? no, Alden Assduction!
NathanR: *fwap*
Alryssa: *fwap*
Alryssa eyes Nate. Brain.

BlankReg: oh fuk. i am sore. my arms hate me because i just tried to use them
DoctorWho: What did you try to do?
Alryssa: Should you ask that question?
DoctorWho: Perhaps not
BlankReg: i'm told it's a strange ritual called "building upper body strength"
BlankReg: but it's not in the index of any of my o'reilly books
DoctorWho: Wow, sounds like some bad juju to me
BlankReg: yeah
Alryssa: That's easy, just lift a few CPU's for about half an hour. :)
BlankReg: lol
Greebo_T_Cat: '... no'
Greebo_T_Cat: 'YES!'
BlankReg: :-)
Alryssa falls over
DoctorWho: You wouldn't feel anything because you'd be STONE DEAD
DoctorWho points at Ryss.  See?
Alryssa watches Peter do the 'dead ant' routine. "Ash, you're supposed to make him work, not kill him with the OS."
Greebo_T_Cat checks alryssa for a pulse
Alryssa stares at Nate. Brain.
DoctorWho: *rip* *lob*
DoctorWho: I take no responsibility for any unpleasant side-effects of it having been in my skull.
Alryssa eyes it. "It's far too clean to be mine."
Greebo_T_Cat throws nates brain into RADW, and dives for cover
BlankReg: you fiend
DoctorWho: Well I hope I turn out to not have a need for that brain after all
Alryssa: You won't get it back now :P
DoctorWho: what Nate said

SteveBreon: Okay well I am going to bed night all
PeterJF: latr SteeeV
SteveBreon: bye Fett!
SteveBreon has quit (Quit: )
DoctorWho: Fett?
PeterJF: Bubba Feet
DoctorWho: Theta Fett?
PeterJF: Brain. Keep it.
DoctorWho falls off his chair
DoctorWho: When the Theta-G project is over we've got to like move 500 miles away from each other, if it's not too late ^_^
PeterJF: amen
DoctorWho: awomen
DoctorWho is an equal opportunity employer ^_^
GeoffWessel: amen and awomen walk into a bar

Jul 17

Greebo_T_Sleepin: Pete: i know i have to come back to the states, i have half a dozen people telling me that at least once a day. you guys fund it, i can do it, otherwise, for now, i'm stuck in the UK.
Greebo_T_Sleepin: I need to go to New York. run across central park asking people if they are the gatekeeper....
DoctorWho: lol
PeterJF: you would too
Greebo_T_Sleepin: Damn straight
Greebo_T_Sleepin: :P
PeterJF: and you'd get away with it, because we can always pull the grace holloway line
DoctorWho: ROTFL
Greebo_T_Sleepin: lol
PeterJF: then said passerby would pull the ren & stimpy fireman - "British, ya say? *starey eyeballs* I've -known- people like that..."
PeterJF: then ash would say "biblically?" and we'd have to haul ass
DoctorWho falls off his chair
DoctorWho: Or if they hit him and knocked him out we'd have to haul Ash
DoctorWho hauls ass
PeterJF: *fwap*
Greebo_T_Sleepin: Thats a point, I'd have to go the New York Public library and ask one of the librarians if they were menstruating.
PeterJF: why the hell don' they just call it womanstuation

Jul 19

Greebo_T_Cat: What is your name? 'Steve of the Breons' What is your quest? 'To seek the holy Grail' What... is the colour of the 8th Doctors coat? 'Green, no, wait, BROWAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!'

Jul 21

TheDrake: i dreamed of Judi once...she fwapped me over and over for all those bad jokes.............
NathanR: Drake: Er... that was a dream? ^_^
TheDrake: right's real life...the dream was where she didn't fwap me :)

PeterJF: I remember a certain fan video shoot where I was reminded "we have sound" at 5-minute intervals.
NathanR thinks he's heard this one
PeterJF: there's a blooper from when i lost it
PeterJF: and pummeled the dude
NathanR falls off his chair
IanMc: "Action!" "We have sound!" "Cut!"

PeterJF: argh. i so want a sandwich but i'll sleep terribly
CrowTRobt: sleep?
CrowTRobt: sleep is for the dead
DoctorWho: Sleep is wasted on the dead ^_^
PeterJF: the dead are wasted, i just sleep

Jul 23

AssTeroidalTimeDilator: all the cops in the donut shop say
NathanR2 looks at AssTeroidalTimeDilator
NathanR2: How did I know it was Thete before even doing a whois? ^_^
AssTeroidalTimeDilator: Brain. Let Ryss have a try.

Jul 24

Jondar mutters about evil little sisters that want a colour "Jason-drawing" of Sailor Moon characters :-P
Alryssa: *g*
Alryssa: But Jason, you live away from the little sister now. Surely it's easier to ignore her ;-)
Jondar: feh
Jondar: brb - microwave is beeping at me
Alden: it's going to back up over your sister?

CrowTRobt: how big is your buffer window, ante?
CrowTRobt: nate
gordon-r-d: heh, Auntie Nate

PeterJF: Laundry (n.) Thete's Bitch.
Alryssa snickers at Pete
PeterJF: played for and Got
PeterJF: *movebust*
Lyssie: Thete: Come do my laundry for me?
PeterJF (n.) Not Lyssie's Bitch.
Alryssa: Not yet, maybe >;-)
PeterJF: We must all confront our inner Laundry and tame it
PeterJF: our -own- inner laundry ;-)

PeterJF: Bill: All I really want to do is clean the cobwebs out of the fanvid I've got. The new model shots and snippets of dialogue are just porcelain dental crowns because back then I could only afford silver, If you get my meaning.

Jul 25

CrowTRobt: Doctor Pepper kicked a big godzilla ad campaign and poured money into the coffers of the movie compnay that did the american version
I_Am_Legend: "Ahhh, I love Dr pepper. now back to watching Godzilla wreck Tokyo." Sheesh
CrowTRobt: everytime any one drinks anything in the american scenes added to the movie it si either from a dp can or cup
CrowTRobt: the cans and cups with dp on them littered the war room of the pentagon...
CrowTRobt: even if the people weren't drinking a cup or can of it was in the scene
DeusExMofo: I remember at the time how surreal it was to see no Coke cans
I_Am_Legend: There's a DP vending machine in the war room for God's sake
CrowTRobt: lol
CrowTRobt: yes there is
DeusExMofo: Steve Martin inhabited some depraved Coca Cola-free dimension
I_Am_Legend: Raymond Burr stands there, looking morose, while the git next to him slurps Pepper non stop
I_Am_Legend: I half expected to see Gojira ripping a Dr pepper vat open and sculling 5000 litres after troching Tokyo
I_Am_Legend: "Man, anyone who says that fire breath is easy to maintain is lying, lemme tell ya"

Jul 26

Alryssa 's brain would hurt, if she had one
IWantToKillBillGates: Ok, who's turn is it with the brain tonight?
PeterJF: here, take it
PeterJF: i'm looking at kylie so i don't need it

Whomiga: My first programming task was actually converting a program from VIC20 screen size to the 64 screen size
IWantToKillBillGates: I've been playing with a 64 emulator on and off
IWantToKillBillGates: Doing dumb stuff like learning how to program assembly language on it
IWantToKillBillGates: Just because I never got to do it back in my 64 days
Alden: Nate: You tremendous geek :)
IWantToKillBillGates: Rich: That 22-column screen hurts my eyes!
CrowTRobt: the things we do to wile our time away
Whomiga: Nate - I did lots of that - I have a program I wrote to add commands to basic
Fenric1: Assembly language is good to learn on any processor... Just to get you into that way of thinking...
IWantToKillBillGates: I can look at a monitor with 56hz refresh rate without trouble, but throw some 2:1 aspect ratio text at me and I go nuts
PeterJF gives Nate a stack of magazines to-
PeterJF: oops, wrong magazines
PeterJF gives Nate a stack of magazines to type code in from

Jul 27

TheDrake: i don't think most Americans know where New Guinea is :)
DrFaust: "Students demand wars in easier to locate countries."
TheDrake: and in Countries that the President can pronounce...
SpooForBrains: doesn't leave many
SpooForBrains: hey, make it so that there can only be wars in places the President can spell ...
SpooForBrains: instant world peace!

Jul 30

PeterJF: dammit dammit dammit mac OS update, for the 15 thousandth time i do not have a malefactoral iPod so stop trying to get me to install the Dodd Gammed updater[50 exclamation points]
PeterJF: i installed iTunes, shrieked, and deleted it, but i believe some of it LIVES... somewhere... whispering "he wants an iPod...."
dha: oh, I want an iPod...
PeterJF: dha: pity there's no text box in Apple SW update where i can type "go bother dave"

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