The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue IV: April 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Apr 1

PeterJFK: the bottle she done swallowed u up shel (or at least your typing)
Shel: i don't really like dik rock but there's jsut somethign abotu teh song cowboy
Fenric1: Dik Rock! Yes! I shall only refer to him as that from now on... ;>

Apr 7

Alden: oh crap, they're letting Wesley play with the holodeck controls
PeterJF: y'know, trek really seems unenjoyable to me. i can handle TOS because the skirts are high and the look is more dated and consequently interesting. but the pleasant beige world of TNG and beyond bored me to annoyance
Alden: ok, this scene is dragging on
Alden: they're trying to convince the holocharacters they're not real
PeterJF: and the holocharacters think they're insane or street vagrants or both
PeterJF: I've decided that "protagonist tries to convince self/others of reality" is not a good idea if a writer can avoid it, because it just highlights the illusion of cinema.
Alden: :)
PeterJF: I mean, I couldn't care less what reality is, now that you mention it, because you're flickering at 24/25/29.97 fps or whatever
PeterJF: how quaint. tha fake little tv character thinks he's real
Alden: LOL
PeterJF: mouthing off acbout reality is tough in fiction and threatens the entire cinema illusion in scifi :-)
PeterJF: gentle writer: let the audience -forget- what is real! don't yap about it! if they -do- get into your plot enough to gorget, the most subtle of hints will give them quite a mind freshening reminder
PeterJF: peter shut up

Alden: Why do DVDs have soundtracks designed to be played through 5 speakers when I have only 2 ears?
PeterJF: we can't tell you
PeterJF: it's a secret
Alden: Ahhhh, OK
Alden: Is this in case I upgrade my head to have three more ears? :)
dse_: just one
dse_: in the front
dse_: then you'll have a left ear, a right ear, and a final front ear

Apr 14

ARoundTwit is still burning shit here
ARoundTwit: And believe me, it smells like crap.
ARoundTwit: er...
el_zoof: Carry on undeturd

PeterJF: sadly, i have concluded that 60 international confidants can't supply what one supportive glance from a local friend will deliver
el_zoof: Peter - what if we used webcams?
el_zoof: Er...
PeterJF: LOL
el_zoof finds some pants
PeterJF: also you get to hit local wiseass people and the therapeutic value is enormous :-)

Greebo_T_Cat: The IRS nearly became a hardware/DIY chain last year, on account of how many times they've screwed and drilled people...

Apr 17

PeterJF looks valiantly into the sunrise
Alryssa watches him scream in pain.
Alryssa: "My eyes!"
PeterJF: great. now i gotta quest for the holy braille

Alryssa notes her dress button came undone again, and eeps
PeterJF: TartyRyss!!!!!!
PeterJF: and no 'black hole of tartarus' jokes, pleeze
PeterJF runs to the kitchen
Alryssa sets Peter on fire

Apr 21

WhiteQueen looks at her pile of laundry and thinks maybe she should get some of it done...
PeterJF looks at her pile of laundry and thinks he'll get some of it done tomorrow
PeterJF: better get me a plane ticket
PeterJF: or remember to check all the pronouns

PeterJF: i told charles daniels i'd have to start respecting him if he kept coming in here at the expense of wallowing in radw
TomFODW: f*** radw
PeterJF: ah, a much more terse way to put it ;-)
NekoKarasu: Tom: thats an awfully big task
TomFODW: Neko: Well, I don't mean *literally*...
NekoKarasu: all at once, or do you want them to form an orderly queue?

DoctorWho wonders if he's the only person in here that still doesn't have a livejournal (or at least some equivalent)
Oddone: Nate: JOIN US......OOooooooh......
dha: BE LIKE US...
dha: then again. Nate's journal: "Under rock". "Still under rock." "Yep, rock still there."

Apr 22

Alden: ok, two people are snogging, and neither of them are Kirk. How often did *thaT* happen?? :)
PeterJF: Sounds like a math problem
PeterJF: Two people are snogging, and neither of them are Kirk. So how much Quatro-Triticale is the Enterprise carrying?

EBCorp: I have a deep fascination for acts of god
gordon-r-d: I misread that as acts of Gord...nothing to do with me, mate
gordon-r-d: "Yes, he says his car was destroyed in a hideous act of Gord. Yes sir. It seemed to innvolve armadillos, ninjas and a bouncy castle somehow.."

Apr 24

Stemming from an unrelated private conversation
Alryssa personally thinks it makes the term 'chat room' an oxymoron :P
PJFlaundry: oxy moron- the bitter tasting acne cream so morons don't try to eat it
DoctorWho: Ok, Pete, you've earned your 11. You can stop trying now.
PJFlaundry stops
Alden: 11 whats?
PJFlaundry: tell her
DoctorWho: 11 on the Whatthefuck scale
DoctorWho: On a scale from 1 to Tilt
Alryssa sniggers
Alden checks his trousers. Nope, still there. *whew*
Alryssa: LOL
Alden: Nate: ahhhhh!
PJFlaundry: hi alden welcome to the club 11

Apr 25

PeterJF: i'm pretty shocked that drwho fandom hasn't piled an uber universaldatabank onto an online database already
Fenric1: Dr Who Fandom: Not as sad as you thought.

PJFsortingHD: just means you are close to hotmail, and hotmail is harboring a dork. big surprise ;-)
DoctorWho: For 'dork', substitute 'moron'
PJFsortingHD: moron that later

Apr 26

PeterJF: i woke up at 415. i don't know why.
NateRippingCDs: That's not the time, that's your area code

Apr 27

El_Zoof: I just had a really bad idea
SpooForBrains: beer soup?
SpooForBrains: deep fried peas?
El_Zoof: A cartoon that crosses the sea, joining the best of British with the wierdest of America
El_Zoof: Rocky & Penfold join forces to find their best buddies in... Dangermoose!

TomFODW: i remember the TV Guide review of it though: "Laverne and Shirley is shot before a live audience - which is what should be done to whoever wrote the theme song."

jheasey left the channel
Drake: heasey didn't stay long..did hea?
TomFODW: he see...he go
Judi groans
Judi: People are trying to pun me to death tonight
TomFODW: it's the serious vulcan medical condition called Pun Farr
Drake: admit it you've groan to love my puns Judi
Drake: only the code of Punshido keeps me going...............
Drake: i am a Samuwry..............

Apr 28

PeterJF takes another bite of the nestle CRUNCH bar

Apr 29

Drake: if i married the mail lady would that be a envy-lope?

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