The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue III: March 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mar 1

moosifer_jones: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
moosifer_jones: the problem with installing Word is the stupid fucking paperclip thingy is now siwtched back on!
moosifer_jones starts attacking bits of Word, violently
gordon-r-d: I *hate* that paperclip...I wanted a little Nimon or a Meep...
Ladylark: Oh, Mags, i'll have to send you this little realtime video someone gave me... guy with a puter, and a large paperclip behind him.. "You look like you're writing a letter" "piss off!" "you look like you're writing a letter" "piss OFF!" "you look like you're writing a letter" "aaarrrghh!!! <attacks it>"
Deadite_Sofa1: Thank God MS don't do military software...
Deadite_Sofa1: 'Hi! you seem to be trying to launch a tacticle missle strike... Do you want help blowing up Poland?'

Thete: well, the $%# computer seems to think the dsl is down, which is clarly not the case
Thete: grrrr
dha: ok. I've been doing this too long... my *immediate* reaction was... "hm, $%# - global variable of some sort with a comment..."

Mar 2

Jondar still needs to get used to this laptop... touchpad mice are slightly tricky :)
DoctorWho: You too, huh? ^_^
DoctorWho: My laptop has both a touchpad and a tit
Jondar: :)
Jondar: one of the first things I did on the laptop was turn pointer trails on as well... :)
Alryssa: a... tit?
Alryssa got used to the touchpad quickly... in some respects it's better than a mouse
El_Zoof: I hate the damn nipples
DoctorWho: One of those nipple/button things
DoctorWho: Of course, I usually just plug in a PS/2 mouse
DoctorWho: It has an interesting way of preventing conflicts between the three
Jondar: ah yes, the trackpoint... thank you IBM for that...
DoctorWho: When you use one (touchpad, nipple, external) it disables the others until a few seconds after the other stops moving
DoctorWho: That's what it's called?
Jondar: it was IBM that started that on their first range of ThinkPads
DoctorWho: In some respects I like it better than the pad
DoctorWho: But still... give me a real mouse anyday
El_Zoof: This is quite probably the only situation in which I believe balls are superior to nipples

El_Zoof imagines the Beeb doing a Doctor Who/Star Wars crossover set in a herb farm
El_Zoof: "Darth comes to Thyme"

Thete chucks another disc in the bin
Thete: glad these were cheap (but that might be part of the problem)
Alryssa: Gah. That sucks
DoctorWho charlies another disc in the bin

The_42nd_Doctor: Frisbeetarianism-- the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck there.

Mar 3

Alden: ow
Thete: ?
DoctorWho turns alden's w around
Thete: o mama padbury hum baby

Mar 6

invincor: I heard a study result yesterday that people who ate a high-tomato diet, i.e. lots of ketchup and spaghetti sauce, cut their risk of prostate cancer by 1/3
Thete: steve: at my workplace we gave that story the headline "medical marinara"

Thete: there once was a doc named pertwee
Thete: who found a poor little birdie
Thete: he put it in his hat
Thete: there the bird sat
Thete: 'twas a partridge in a pertwee

Mar 8

trinalin: LOL - you know you're getting old and forgetful when you open mIRC and 15 minutes later, open up mIRC only to find you're already online! :-)

Drake: i'm afraid of my future being read, in case it's Tarot-ble.............................

Mar 10

Thete: I haven't seen yellow submarine since it was on TV when I was a kid. still.
NathanR: In other words, you saw it last week.
NathanR runs
NathanR: Hey. You're only as old as you feel ^_^
dha: Nate - in that case I've been dead for 5 years.

random_c: I have to re-output what I've done one of the women I'm sending it to is convinced she can't play a PAL VCD
Thete: can't help you with human resources issues. next door down :-)

Mar 11

Alryssa waits impatiently for UPS.
Oh_sod_it waits impatiently for fame and fortune.
Alryssa thinks fame and fortune will get there first. ;-)

Mar 14

PeterJF: i think i've caught a cold
PeterJF: i should get it autographed by whoever hit it over here

Mar 15

DoctorWho: yo Thete
PeterJF: hey nathos, what's the good word
DoctorWho: nathos?
DoctorWho: NathOS?
PeterJF: 2.0, even
DoctorWho: lol
PeterJF: i sent my sister the rock detnation url. lazier than writing my own gally write-up, and i'm in there enough to justify it ^_^

}-raven-{: my idiot moment was at gally this year, where i spent some time talking to this nice woman sat by the pool about arthritis cures and mineral suplements... and we chatted about the weather in the UK... etc etc...
}-raven-{: then Mr Beech came over and said, oh btw, this is Anneke, one of the guests of honour
}-raven-{: i considered this for 30 seconds, and carried on the conversation

Mar 19

TomFODW: English is the ultimate case of stealing and borrowing - Germanic structure, but the vocabulary has raped & pillaged from almost every other language on Earth
roger`: well, 'raped' is perhaps a little emotive
}-raven-{: the english language is a result of a one night stand gone horribly wrong.
TomFODW: in the old, original sense of the word - rape = abduct
TomFODW: i have an enormous vocabulary & write with extreme precisions
TomFODW: precision
TomFODW: oops
}-raven-{: BWAHA!
Nathan_Roberts: LOL
}-raven-{: QF!

Nathan_Roberts: Well, my experiences with HP computers haven't been as bad as what I've heard about compaq computers...
Alryssa: well, once I uninstalled all the compaq shit on this one it seems to be fine. :P
IanMc: Nathan: Dude, you're gettin' a Dell.
IanMc ducks.
Alryssa: Dewd, you're gettin' an InfiDell.
Nathan_Roberts fwaps both of you
Alryssa: *owch*
IanMc: Tag team fwap!

Nathan_Roberts: anyone know if Windows 2000 has an equivalent of msconfig?
El_Bastardo: Nate: go fish
Alryssa: *fwap*

Mar 20

PeterJF joined the channel
Shel: oh, i mean YO PETE!

}-raven-{: I once had a t-shirt that said 'I don't worship the devil, I just work for him'

Mar 21

TheProf hears the wife watching survivor
DoctorWho: Prof: If you really love her, go and kill her now.

Mar 25

Alden: ::::::::::::::::* Attack of the colons!

(Time unknown)

Mar 25

Alryssa loves the scene in the park where Morpheus is feeding pigeons with a loaf of French bread... she comes along and talk to him and gets frustrated with his attitude, snatches the remainder of the loaf from his hand and throws it at him, bopping him on the head. The look on his face is one of sheer terror. Just my kinda gal. :)
Alryssa: King of Dreams, getting his arse kicked by his sister. Mwaa.
PeterJF eyes his sister warily
Alryssa: whaaaat? And she wears an ankh, too. She rocks. :)
PeterJF: [press] "The Goth Car goes 'Ankh' 'Ankh'"
Alryssa: *FWAP*
PeterJF: ooF
Alryssa: *FWAP*
PeterJF: ooF
PeterJF: [press] "The Ryss Sis goes *FWAP* *FWAP*"

PeterJF: ther

Mar 26

DoctorWho: Snap ^_^
Alryssa: *hi-5*
DoctorWho: *hi-C*

Alryssa: sleep.
Alryssa: Sleep good.
DoctorWho: What you think I'm trying to do, woman?
DoctorWho: I'm in bed, on the bedside terminal
DoctorWho: I'm not tired enough to sleep, but too tired to actually do anything worthwhile
DoctorWho: So I'm in DWC instead ^_^
Alryssa: I've been in that state for about 72hours :)
PeterJF: I think I should find nate a job out of spite
DoctorWho: . o O ( My plan is working!! )
PeterJF: *FWAP*

Mar 27

NekoKarasu: i still remember him ranting about how we shouldn't call this drwhochat when everyone was idle...
NekoKarasu: and kept going on and on...
NekoKarasu: 'drwhochat. last word, chat'
NekoKarasu: so i kicked him with 'oh fuck off. last word, off.'

Mar 28

PeterJF: i like widdle kitty witty witties
PeterJF: meow meow meow meow
NekoKarasu mauls Pete
PeterJF: maul rat.
Alryssa: *groan*
Alryssa: *FWAP*

invincor turns on hbo
Shel watches HBO turn on Steve

Mar 30

Alden: now ie's trying to download the page instead of display it. damn ms products
Alden: fine, it's not going to work
GlitchBob: *rolls eyes*
Alden: typical. Microsoft can't even code a web page properly
Alden: "you have chosen to download a file" No I fucking, haven't! It's a fucking web page!
GlitchBob facepalms
Alden beats the crap out of IE and finds there's nothing left

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