The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue II: February 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Feb 1

dha is *rather* miffed, however, that they're scheduling the Canon Fodder II talk against the cricket match.
WhiteQueen would *much* rather see the cricket match... :)
}-Raven-{: DHA: You know what i do when theres to conflicting events at gally?
WhiteQueen: Ash: sleep through both?

Feb 2

DrFaust: I'd feel naked without glasses after so long. I've been wearing them for...<counts on fingers> 12 years.
DoctorWho: You have 12 fingers??

Feb 3

Alryssa has no glasses on...
Alden: filth!
Alryssa eyes Alden
Alden ears Alryssa
Alryssa fwaps Alden

Alryssa grins. "The sign of a geek: You move house, and the first thing you unpack is your computer to get online and tell everyone you've moved and are now sitting amongst a sea of boxes."
Alryssa: what's up? :)
Oh_sod_it: me - but only just :-)
Jondar: the stockmarket, the sky, *looks up* Damn! need more light bulbs... *scribbles on todo list again*
Jondar shows off his now five page todo list
Alryssa reads. "#1: Call sister and tell her how much fun I'm having in my new pad...WITHOUT HER..."

Jondar: Thete on a sugar high... *shudder* is it as bad as Thete drunk?
Alryssa: Jason: Well, no... drunk, he just slobbers about and then passes out. On a sugar rush, he practically bounces off the walls and talks nienteen to the dozen until you tranq-dart him :P

Counting in Japanese
Alryssa: itsutsu
Alryssa: yottsu
Alryssa: mitsu
Alryssa: futatsu...
Alryssa: hitotsu!
NathanR: fujitsu
Alryssa: *fwap*

Feb 8

RedQueen: DW: hey, I've lived for months on nuts and apples
The7thDoctor: Eva: I didn't know you had pouches in your cheeks. :)

DoctorWho: TheteCo?
Dent_Arthur_Dent: Thete Co. Making dreams come true. at an unspecified time and date ;)

Feb 12

}-Raven-{: Mr Pot, meet Mr Kettle...
Whomiga: * Mr Kettle calls the Mr Pot black
NathanR: Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot.
}-Raven-{ holds out his hand to nate
}-Raven-{: royalty fee's. now
NathanR drops a dead fish in Ash's hand
}-Raven-{ looks at the dead fish, and then at nate
}-Raven-{: *blink*
}-Raven-{: given that you know full well what would happen when you gave me this fish, why did you continue to do so?
}-Raven-{ inserts one end of the fish into nates ear, pulls it out the other side, and gives nates brain cavity and fish-floss

Feb 17

(Time unknown)
Nate, at Gally, on Rich's laptop
Whomiga: I just said, in the room, "1, 2, 3, Filth!"
Whomiga: And Dave made it his sig attrbuted to me
Whomiga: And I said, "I can't take credit for that."
Whomiga: Me - "It's in the quotefile." Mossy - "Yeah, but Where's The QuoteFile?" Me - *takes off his Fwap! button and throws it at mossy

(Time unknown)
NateOnRichsLaptop: Ash is as we speak flirting with a cute girl
Alden: Nate: Unfortunately he's so drunk, it's Dave?

Feb 22

Dave is the resident Perl Monger
dha: You have no idea how confused I get when a subject line for a DW list mail include the word "Peri"...
Alden: lol
DoctorWho: ioi

Feb 24

Thete: I was having a nice quiet beverage alone, and then lovely ladies showed up and wrapped themselves around me and dragged me back to my hotel room which promptly became full of people instead of me alone. I plead total innocence except that I was admittedly randy as... well, as me.
RyssEditing giggles
EBCorp: O_o
Thete: y'know gally sounds a hell of a lot better now I'm typing it back out

CrowTRobt: did somehow nathan actually go to gallifrey?
Thete: hell yes. and he thrived
CrowTRobt peers at "nate"
Thete . o O ( throve? )
DoctorWho: You /are/ out of the loop ^_^
CrowTRobt: what did you do with nathan you imposter?!
DoctorWho: We threw him out an airlock.
Thete: sorry bill. the rock hath been detoNated
CrowTRobt: dammit
DoctorWho: Bewm!
Thete: he's a madman now
CrowTRobt: I turn my back for a couple of days...
Thete: well, he was a madman before...
RyssEditing giggles
DoctorWho: I'm a madderman
Thete: LOL!!!
I madder than hell, and I'm not gonna take it any more?

Feb 25

Thete: I was dehydrated
DoctorWho: You had your extra heads cut off?
DoctorWho ducks
Thete is now known as KingGhidorah

Feb 26

random_c: mmmm good soup
Mosquito is now known as random_campbell

Feb 28

Showing off WinAmp visualizations
Thete: whoa...
Thete: what're the white blossoms
Thete: "white blossoms of some kind..."
Thete: ah. ok.
DoctorWho: It's called 'FyrewurX'
Thete: wurX for me

El_Zoof: If a tree falls in a forest, and it hits a census taker, does that count?

Pete_Wisdom ponders dressing up in costume for Galley next year....I'd make a great ColinDoc.... :)
TomFODW: Jeff, you're scarcely tall enough to make a decent PatDoc...
Pete_Wisdom: Oh well....I could always dress up as Bilbo Baggins...
TomFODW: jeff, i'm not sure you're tall enough for that either...
Pete_Wisdom: Tom - What am I suitable for? A puddle of mud?
TomFODW: Jeff: Don't sell yourself - you should pardon the expression - short

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