The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume VI, Issue I: January 2002

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Jan 1

TomFODW: new york's such a big place, a nuclear explosion could easily be missed
TomFODW: or mistaken for the opening of a new club

Xanta_Claus: video games help with hand eye coordination - so that when you get your license you already know how to weave dangerously through traffic!
Xanta_Claus: you just can't teach that!
Alryssa: And shoot at them at the same time :P

Jan 2

Alden: what's the oposite of a fallen angel? a risen demon?
Alden sprinkles self-raising flour on Blor

Jan 3

Gokemidoro: And how come they used cgi monsters instead of Rubber ones?
Jondar: ROTFLMAO! only Blor would ask *that* question!

Jondar starts getting more jealous...
}-Raven-{: The color of Jondar is gween

Alryssa: It's all right. I've not descended to the levels of ReBoot smut.
Alryssa: I can't wrap my head around that yet. Or anything else, for that matter. :P
}-Raven-{: Dot laying her hands on Bobs floppy?

Gokemidoro: Does there exist any gay dalek porn out there?
Alryssa: Bl0r: Seek and ye shall most probably damn well find
Jondar: Blor: only *you* could think of that!

Jan 4

Ryssa shows off on her webcam
MegL notices alryssa suddenly has clevage
DJPenguinBoy: To quote Alryssa, "that's a corset. :P" ^_^
MegL: actually alden told me (hey I asked)
Alden: I said of corset is

WebpagingDan: from a friend just now: "i just ate indian food. my arse is on fire"
WebpagingDan: had to share
Alden: LOL
Pete_Wisdom: ...
Alryssa: ROTFL
DJPenguinBoy: LOL
DJPenguinBoy: His entire digestive track from mouth to anus must be scorched
WebpagingDan: hers actually.
DJPenguinBoy: ah
Alryssa falls about laughing
WebpagingDan: she also just told me it was her first time eating indian food ever lol
Alryssa: bad idea :)
Alden: probably should have asked for mild. ;)
DJPenguinBoy: Knowing indian food, that probably /was/ mild
WebpagingDan: hahaha she just called me a freak cos i'm in a dr who chat room lol
DJPenguinBoy: LOL!
Alryssa: she set her arse on fire and she's calling YOU the freak? ;-)

Alryssa: jasekun: some essential Japanese for you: Koban wa doko desuka? (Where is the police box?)
Jondar: Ryssa-chan: noted :)
DJPenguinBoy: lol, I learned 'Koban' from Thete
Alryssa: ^-^
Alden: Kurt Koban wa doko desuka = Smells like the poilce box

Jondar can easily picture a LOTR (3 movie) boxed DVD set going to 8 discs :)
DJPenguinBoy: Jason: I'd hate to see the Harry Potter boxed set...

Blor: From a movie review: Hullo! Plot guy! You're fired, pack your bags buddy - you'll never work for this crappy film studio again.
Blor: Sounds like an awfully good movie

DJPenguinBoy: I have a problem
Thete: but the hat hides it

Jan 6

BayouBecky: Wow... you all ate dinner. I'm impressed
BayouBecky: ;o)
DoctorWho: I had lunch
DoctorWho: Actually, I had breakfast, if you go by my native timezone
EBCorp: DW - you in Aus?
DoctorWho: I'm in NathanLand
The_42nd_Doctor: LOL
BayouBecky: LOL
The_42nd_Doctor: Was it breakfast? Or second breakfast? Or elevenses? Or...
DoctorWho: Welcome to NathanLand. Population: Nathan
The_9th_Doctor: o.o
DoctorWho: To recycle an old quotefile entry...
TomFODW: Brenda: Nathan is a hobbit?

Thete: back me up here, dudes
DoctorWho puts Thete in reverse
Thete: beep
Thete: beep
Thete: beep
Thete: beep
Thete: beep
DoctorWho: Thete's a dumptruck?

Jan 7

Thete: okay that settles it. no sleep tonight
Thete: good thing i slept all day
DoctorWho: So did I
DoctorWho: I slept all day
DoctorWho: I also slept all night
Thete: glad to be aboard

Jan 8

DoctorWho: yo Thete
DoctorWho: How's Theta-G coming along? ^_^
Alden: WTTG?

Jan 9

El_Zoof: A movie starring Paul Darrow, Brian Blessed, Colin Baker and John Lithgow... more ham than "Miss Piggy meets Kevin Bacon"

Alryssa beats her friend about the head with a mallet. "Damn you, you will NOT die in 3 days by not forwarding this stupid letter!!!" GAGH!
Jondar: Muahahahahahahaha!
Alden blinks.
Alryssa: I cna't believe it. She's older than I am and she still forwards this shit
DoctorWho: Find one of those Chain Letter Hall of Shame websites and forward it there
}-raven-{: yeah, i got one of those the other day.. straight in the trash
DoctorWho: WIth the names of all the forwarders intact ^_^
Alden: Alryssa: It's true. three weeks ago I didn't forward one, and I died
Alden blinks. no, wait.
El_Zoof: I got one of those once... it told me to send 8 copies onward. I sent 8 copies to the arsehole who sent it to me.

Thete: eagle eagle eagle abort abort abort
DoctorWho blows up the bus anyway
Thete: ;-)
Thete: great. now who's gonna stop the master and the thunderbolt
DoctorWho: The person that just blew up the bus ^_^
Thete: lol
Thete visits the universe where the doctor is a homicidal maniac who blows up the bad guy in episode 1 every thime and runs before anyone can pin the collateral damage on him

Jan 10

El_Zoof: Anybody not seen the NZ travelog yet?
DoctorWho: NZ travelog?
El_Zoof: The one about NZ and jewellery resting on grubby palms
DoctorWho: ah, LOTR.
El_Zoof: I think they squeezed a few minutes of plot in there as well

Jan 11

Alden: Katy Manning is in it?
DoctorWho: She plays a Dalek supermodel

Pete_Wisdom: Chop suey!
El_Zoof finds a suey and chops it
El_Zoof: Done
El_Zoof: Death by overeating chinese food - chop sueycide

Alden: genius is 10% inspiration, 85% persperation, and 5% saying "to hell with it"
Nathan_Roberts: ROTFLMAO
Alden: and I'm going to bed
Alden: night all!
El_Zoof: Night Alden
Nathan_Roberts sees which alternative Alden is choosing ^_^

El_Zoof: I want to watch "The Time Meddler"... but there's too much saxon violence on televsion, they say
El_Zoof: At the risk of maximum fwappage, let me point out that Mary Whitehouse was bang-on about Doctor Who.
El_Zoof: Three examples from 3 eras
El_Zoof: "The Time Meddler" - Saxon violence
El_Zoof: "The Daemons" - Sexton violence
El_Zoof: "Silver Nemesis" - Sax and violins
Nathan_Roberts: *fwap* *fwap* *fwap* *fwap* *fwap* *fwap* *fwap* *fwap* *fwap* *fwap* *fwap*

Jan 12

}-raven-{: We believe in freedom of speech, altho we generally avoid swearing in front of minors.
}-raven-{: minors don't usually avoid swearing in front of us
CashewNate: LOL
Lyssie laughs!
}-raven-{: and the miners just bugger off to find some coal from somewhere

MrHorse hits perl with a wrench
MrHorse: >KLaK<
CashewNate: Thete: "Say nureek" - Perl: "Nureek" - KLaK
MrHorse: as if perl would obey me
CashewNate: Thete: "Say nureek" - Perl: "Squilukel" - KLaK!!
Oh_sod_it has joined #drwhochat
MrHorse: my sentiments exactly
MrHorse: WHOO HOO!!!
MrHorse 1, Perl -1
MrHorse: programming is a darkened building with one window alight... and the silence of the night broken by a single "Yesss!!!"
DoctorWho: Thete: That is a strikingly accurate image
DoctorWho: And the light is that of a CRT too, right?
RedQueen: most people call that sex, though

Pete_Wisdom has changed the topic to: <Samy> Better to have a square jaw than a square penis.
The_42nd_Doctor: o_O
Samy has joined #drwhochat
Samy had to see it.
Samy has left #drwhochat
DoctorWho: LOL!!
DoctorWho resists the obvious joke about a square peg in a round hole

CrazedRen: 99 episodes lost or destroyed, 99 episodes gone. merge the sound with pictures you found, 98 episodes lost or destroyed

Jan 13

Jondar wonders what to do with 600+ spare Harry Potter CCG cards
Alden: Ebay?
Jondar: possible...
DoctorWho: ebay of pigs?
Jondar takes the Fwapper Of Rassilon out of hammerspace and fwaps Nathan with it
Thete: hammer time and relative hammer dimentions in hammerspace

CrowTRobt: gee Thete...
Thete: no, Theta-G

Jan 14

Spam of the Day
NatePlayingPinball receives an invitation to the International Executive Guild Registry
NatePlayingPinball: "Since inclusion can be considered recognition of your career position and professionalism, each candidate is evaluated in keeping with high standards of individual achievement. In light of this, the International Executive Guild thinks that you may make an interesting biographical subject."
NatePlayingPinball: Would somebody tell them I don't even have a /job/?
}-Raven-{: exactly. therefore your in the perfect position to be an executive....
NatePlayingPinball: Is this the same logic that put Zaphod Beeblebrox in the office of Galactic President?
}-Raven-{: pretty much

Jan 16

Weird ICQ user
Heptite: (03:00:15) Heptite: Hi! I'm Satan! Want to sell your soul?
Heptite: (03:00:40) 146316082: Im just here to make some friends, are U single?
Heptite: I'm 24/F
Alden: LOL
}-Raven-{: 'Hi, I'm Satan, Want to feel my Horns?'
Heptite: Hmm, is Satan single?
Alden: I imagine so
Alden: it's hard to find a date when your breath smells of brimstone
Heptite: (03:01:43) Heptite: Want to feel my horns?
Heptite: (03:01:59) 146316082: Excellent, im new to all this LOL :)))
Heptite: I think I'm talking to a program.
DoctorWho: They probably think you're flirting with them.
Heptite: Well, I responded to someone else a few weeks ago, and got very similar responses.
Alden: looks like a program to me as well
Alden starts up ICQ to see if he can pick up a sexy computer AI
DoctorWho: LOL
Heptite: (03:05:41) Heptite: Or perhaps play with my pitchfork?
Heptite: (03:05:54) 146316082: Im just here to make some friends, are U single?
Heptite: I'm 24/F
Heptite: Second time I saw that same response.
Heptite: (03:06:34) Heptite: Yeah, you mentioned that.
Heptite: (03:06:50) 146316082: Excellent, im new to all this LOL :)))
DoctorWho wonders if this is a spambot gone haywire
TheProf: Nahhh. if it was we'd all be dead
}-Raven-{: rogue spambot?
Heptite: I'm betting if I say the right thing I'm going to get an URL or something.
MAJIC_EYES_ONLY: The codeword is 'Swordfish'
DoctorWho: sex?
DoctorWho: porn?
}-Raven-{: 'hello spambot, fancy a fuck?'

Jan 17

DoctorWho: Actually, it's kinda sad when you can't even make 'instant' microwavable food...
DoctorWho: I know this guy in another chat that constantly burns water just trying to make soup.
DoctorWho: I think I can safely say, I've finally outdone him.
Thete: lovely
DoctorWho: "Damn, burned the water again." - "Oh yeah? I can do better. I can blow up Rice-A-Roni!"
Thete: rice-a-ruptured more like
DoctorWho: LOL
DoctorWho: rice-a-wrongi

BrambleroseLoamsdown got asked 'Where were you when Kennedy was shot?' yes I now dye my hair
MegL: lol vani
Alden: Vani: I just answer "behind the grassy knoll"

Jan 20

El_Zoof: The Australian government - "Hey, we need money to make our budget work!" "Hey, let's sell this corporation we own that's making a profit!" "Good idea!" "Um, excuse me, what happens when we need money for the next budget?" "Oh, shut up, you obnoxious little treasurer..."

Jan 22

gordon-r-d opens up a packet of Presidential Pretzels
gordon-r-d: big warning oon the packet..."CHEW DAMMIT!!!"

Jan 23

TheProf: Lis [Sladen] at one con wore a t-shirt that read "porn star"
TheProf: The next con she wore one that read "Don't judge a girl by her t-shirt"

Jan 24

The_Anti: I found out the hottie in the "Legend of the Rangers" TV movie was the dub voice for Akane
The_Anti feels so dirty now
Jondar: Anti: really? interesting
Thete: uh oh
The_Anti nods
Thete: anime ranma plastic doll webcam sex?
The_Anti: not tonight Peter, I have a headache
Thete: LOL
Jondar: Muahahahahahhahaha!
The_Anti: and it's anime sailor moon plastic doll webcam sex
Alryssa: LOL

Thete: i'm not gonna be very nice to know until gally. you are now being warned
DoctorWho: Thete: I thought the massive Theta-G Maniac Editing Session didn't start until the weekend ^_^
DoctorWho: Actually, considering that it's almost here...
Alryssa: Nate: You've got to ride on the train with him. be nice :)
DoctorWho: Ryssa: Not train. Van. And he'll be driving.
Thete: yer behind schedule, nate. i took today and fri off work. it begins the second i finish this web app for josh
Alryssa: I fear for both your lives.
Thete: which will be about 9am
DoctorWho: Thete: Takes one to know one
DoctorWho runs
Alryssa facepalms
}-raven-{: Ryssa: and i'm travelling back with the pair of them...
Alryssa: And you complained about me picking on you?!
Alryssa: :P
Thete: kicking would make me too happy and require me to signoff before k9 torched my ass
El_Zoof: WTQM?
DoctorWho sniggers
DoctorWho: QM?
Alryssa: ...
El_Zoof: QuizMaster
Alryssa patpats Thete
El_Zoof: If I ask QF I get a boot in the prunes
Thete: WTgdQF?
DoctorWho: If it'll make you happy, I don't have a K9 on this machine^_^
El_Zoof: And I don't like bruised prunes
Thete: WTgdmfQF?
Thete: WTgdbamfQF?
DoctorWho: WTgdmfTG? ^_^
DoctorWho bends over
El_Zoof: O_o
Thete: TILT
}-raven-{ glances at nate
}-raven-{: ..
}-raven-{: sorry

Jan 25

NathanR: t-11 hours until I make another chip in the rock
NathanR: Unless I'm confused again
Alden: again? still? same diff :)
}-Raven-{: what do you mean *again*
NathanR: Raven: That just means, this is another instance of my constant state of confusion
}-Raven-{: Nathan has been confused for so long, its when he see's things clearly that theres trouble...

}-Raven-{: why bother putting 'again' in nate.
}-Raven-{: then again, why bother putting as usual...
NathanR: Why put anything at all? :P
}-Raven-{: then again, why bother stating your confused, when we already all know your confused.
}-Raven-{: *snap*
Jondar: LOL
NathanR is
}-Raven-{: a penguin-lover?
NathanR: That was not a fill-in-the-blank
}-Raven-{: Oh.
NathanR spacestations Ash
}-Raven-{: Thats no space station! thats an Assteroid!

Jan 27

}-Raven-{ isn't wearing a helmet *g*
}-Raven-{: mischan
}-Raven-{: (someone asked me if i wanted to be a mod on a board, i said i'd rather be a rocker, and rode off on a harley)

The_Anti puts away the Horking Jar of Artichoke Hearts for now
The_Anti was getting oil all over the kbd
Alden: kinky
The_Anti: ooer
The_Anti: it enhances the Cyber-sex feeling
Alden: I'll bet
The_Anti: lubrication for the keyboard
The_Anti: makes the magic fingers work faster
The_Anti grins evilly

Jan 28

The_42nd_Doctor has succeeded in cleaning the desk, but moved most of the mess into a drawer that used to contain the phone.
DoctorWho: Sounds a lot like my cleaning methodology ^_^
The_42nd_Doctor: As long as I'm at my computer and not looking at the rest of the room, I can pretend it's clean in here. :)
DoctorWho: Dust, rug. Rug, dust. ^_^
The_42nd_Doctor: *hack* Dusty... opening window.
The_42nd_Doctor: Under the bed there are boxes that I keep putting stuff into but never take anything out of... they've been moving around with me since first year.
James_Thorpe: You sound like a text adventure, Bren
The_42nd_Doctor: >> move clothes
The_42nd_Doctor: * You put the clothes on the chair.
The_42nd_Doctor: >> move clothes
The_42nd_Doctor: * You put the clothes on the bed.

Jan 29

Alryssa: I dreamt I was here last night and we had a hostile takeover attempt...
Alden: Ryssa: I'm bored. I'm going to stage a takeover
Alden: Right, I'm in charge!
Alden: There, that was easy
Alryssa: Alden: Did you clear it with Drake first? ;-)
Alryssa baps Alden.
Alden: yeah, if Drake turns up, I'm sunk ;)

Alryssa: what brings you here, other than the /join command? ;-)

Jan 30

WhiteQueen: NP - "Ghostbusters" Ray Parker Jr.
}-Raven-{: Eva: Ok. thats spooky
WhiteQueen: Ash: why?
}-Raven-{: NP - "Ghostbuseters" Ray Parker Jr.
WhiteQueen: LOL!
}-Raven-{: started just as your line came up on the screen
}-Raven-{ gets the fear
WhiteQueen: mine too... :)
}-Raven-{ presses next to skip to the next track to remove the jinx
}-Raven-{: ARGH!
}-Raven-{: ARRRRRRGH!
WhiteQueen: what's the next track?
}-Raven-{: RUN DMC- Ghostbusters

Thete: dave southwick works in de anza 3. he took me to the apple store on friday
Lyssie throws an apple at Thete
Thete: half price on dvd stud pro :-)
Mosquito: huh?
Mosquito: you were here and didn't tell me?
Thete: i was there for like 10 minutes
Mosquito: just for that I won't take you to lunch on last friday.

Jan 31

WhiteQueen: NP - "Comfortably Numb" Pink Floyd
}-Raven-{: Right. thats it. all pink floyd is now removed from my playlist
WhiteQueen: Ash: you're kidding, right? :)
}-Raven-{: i'm fucking not.
}-Raven-{: ARGH!
WhiteQueen: this time it's the radio! I'm not playing a CD!
}-Raven-{: Eva: scary thing, i only encoded 'Echoes' today.
}-Raven-{: so this has only been in my playlist about 3 hours
WhiteQueen: I think your computer is having some sort of bizarre love affair with my stereo...
}-Raven-{: Eva: could be. should get them together, they could produce Sony Discmans for us.
WhiteQueen: they could... mine's a Sony double-bass boombox... :)

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