The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue XII: December 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Dec 1 [11:21]
<Thete> I used to put my friends in the freezer when they called me up. i 
        asked them if the little light goes off but it was just a telephone 
        so they couldn't tell 
<Shel> lol 
<DoctorWhoHyperSugarRush> LOL 
<Shel> my freezer doesn't have a light :) 
<Shel> lol 
<Thete> pity my webcam is a camcorder that i *like* 

Dec 1 [23:44]
 * DrFaust cracks open a can of Pringles. 
 * MegL hears drumming 
<MegL> this is what you get for opening a can of pringles >;-) 
<DrFaust> Damn those advertisers! 
<Thete> No, no. My fingers are smoking like firebrands from the last three 
        I sent to Hell tonight 
<DrFaust> Couldn't you send them a sharp letter or something, at least? 
<Thete> if the pen don't melt 
<DoctorWho> lol 
<DoctorWho> When did you become Blor's underling? 
<Thete> when i asked him to break the curse of Theta-G 
<Thete> I get a Gally premiere, he gets about 27 souls 

Dec 2
<BayouBecky> I could think of someone else who is a total ass.... 
<GeoffWessel> heyy what'd I do? ;-) 

Dec 2
<Thete> oh cool, sweet childa mine on vampireradio 
<El_Zoof> vampire radio - because our music really sucks! 

Dec 2
<WhiteQueen> Thete: I'm sorry to say that I don't think I got any pics of 
             Lisa Bowerman in her bathing suit on the beach... 
<Thete> one, two, three: 
<Thete> Denied! 

Dec 2
[Dealing with yet another lamer...] 
<Xanta_Claus> you can't always get what you want, but if you try 
              sometimes... you might find you get what you need 
<Xanta_Claus> like vowels for your nick 
*** ClckWcher is now known as ClockWcher 
<ClockWcher> can I buy a vowel 
<Drake> can you buy a clue? 

Dec 2 [03:45]
<El_Zoof> Tsar Wars! Starring Mark Hamillski as Lenin, and Alec Guinesstov 
          as Karl Marx 

Dec 2 [03:51]
<El_Zoof> It's *hot* tonight 
 * El_Zoof imagines everyone is glad they can't see him sitting at his 
   computer without a shirt on 
<El_Zoof> Let's put it this way - the last time I was at the beach, Captain 
          Ahab tried to harpoon me. 

Dec 3 [03:29]
<Alryssa> I remember one of my cats when I was still living at home and in 
          a block of flats... she got herself stuck on the roof ^^ 
<Alryssa> Our neighbours had to use an ironing board and food to get her 
          down :P 
<Alryssa> she's about as graceful as a swan with bunions 

Dec 3 [12:19]
<Deadite_Sofa> I saw a great piece of graffiti the other day in 
<Deadite_Sofa> 'KILL THE GOVERMENT' 
<Deadite_Sofa> and underneath another piece of wall scrawl that said 'And 
               then learn how to spell it' 

Dec 3 [21:44]
<BayouBecky> QUOTEFILE!! Three cheers for the quotefile! 
<NateOnTheRoadToHell> Oh, the quotefile is late again, isn't it? 
 * BayouBecky cheers for the QF and the editor of the QF 
<BayouBecky> No, that wasn't the reason I said that... Sorry nate 
<BayouBecky> Honestly, I hadn't even thought about the QF being late 
<NateOnTheRoadToHell> Neither had I, apparently ^_^ 

Dec 3 [22:44]
--- Kiri`` is now known as PottedPlant 
 * UFO1999 smokes PottedPlant 
--- PottedPlant is now known as Kiri`` 
<UFO1999> Wow, it turned into a woman 
<UFO1999> Far out man 

Dec 3 [67:15]
--- NateOnTheRoadToHell gives channel operator status to Loloo 
<Loloo> Hey nate - that doesn't look like a very good road to be on. 
<Deadite_Sofa> i've been there a few times 
<Deadite_Sofa> good roadside diners tho 

Dec 6 [23:23]
<WebThete> i'm finishing up the PraT Web Page
<WebThete> it's swell(tm)
<DoctorWho> (.... 4 years later)
<WebThete> no, that's Theta-G
<WebThete> ;-)
 * WebThete detoNates
<DoctorWho> Bewm!

Dec 7 [19:50]
<EBCorp> There's a huge asteroid crater feature in the Sahara in Chad - 
         guess what it's been informally named 
<Drake> i don't know 
<Drake> what is it informally named? 
<EBCorp> the Dimple in Chad 

Dec 7 [23:46]
<TheProf> I was listening on the radio on the way home tonight and heard a 
          commercial. The commercial said "And you know of course that on 
          Christmas Eve that Man with the beard will be coming to visit 
          your house"...of course in my mind I go "Wonderful! Bin Laden is 

Dec 8 [19:05]
 * WhiteQueen just ate waaaaay too much... :) 
<DoctorWho> crap, dammit 
<DoctorWho> (not you) 
<WhiteQueen> DW: good timing... good save! :) 

Dec 8 [20:53]
<Thete> e=mc3 
<DoctorWho> Time Monster? 
 * Thete hi5's nate 
<Thete> i think if i screw up something and get corrected i should always 
        say "not in the extratemporal physics of the time vortex, you 

Dec 9 [00:41]
 * MegL has no interest in giving a kangaroo speed 
<MegL> that's up there with cow tipping 
<Alden> Meg: so, not only do you tip the waiter over there, you tip the 

Dec 10 [22:49]
<TheProf> If we have any real problems with the dsl Judi simply can walk 
          over to the person in charge of the alpha testing 
<DoctorWho> I can just see it now 
<TheProf> She's one floor above the dsl department 
<DoctorWho> Prof: Hey, there you go, all she has to do is go stomping 
            around her cubicle until it drives the people in the DSL 
            department insane ^_^ 

Dec 10 [23:07]
<-- Thete has quit (Quit: zap) 
<-- Emperor_Palpatine has quit (Ping timeout) 
<DoctorWho> zapped Prof on the way out ^_^ 

Dec 11 [21:11]
 * Alryssa wonders if she even got A+ certified if anyone would listen to 
   her. :P 
 * Lyssie snuggles her Cous. I love you and listen to you. Whether you're 
   A+ or not. 
<Alryssa> That wasn't the message I was getting either 
<GeoffWessel> Ryss, there are people at work who are A+ and MCSEs who *I* 
              don't listen to since they also have high rates of clutching 
              systems up! :-) 
<Alden> Ryssa: No one listens to me, and I'm a computer programmer! 
 * Alryssa stares at Alden. Bull. :P 
<Alden> Ryssa: See! 

Dec 11 [21:35]
 * Thete adds neil to the list of people who have conceived and executed a 
   movie inside the time it takes to make Theta-G\ 
<Thete> that's 15 thousand and seventy four now 

Dec 11 [23:59]
<AudioBoy> Face it, UFO. The universe is out to get us all. Might as well 
           give up and hide in a cave now. 
<UFO1999> And have the USAF bomb the shit outta me? No thanks 

Dec 12
 * Thete 's Favorite PC File of the Year is... 

Dec 12
<El_Zoof> I have billions of ideas for books whizzing around in my head. 
          It's a pity they all suck ferociously, have already been written, 
          or most often both... 

Dec 12 [01:20]
<Alden> I'm going to be 80 and look back at my life and realise I spent it 
        all in a chat room 

Dec 12 [02:03]
<TheProf> nate you said you use Norton's firewall right? 
<Nathan_Roberts> no 
<TheProf> what was it you used? 
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't have one 
<TheProf> ahhh. 
<Alryssa> he likes to tempt fate :P 
<Nathan_Roberts> I have a static firewall set up on the router 
<TheProf> Ahhhhh 
<Alryssa> dammit, Nate, for a moment I was giving people the illusion you 
          lived on the edge! That you were a demon DSL user with no concept 
          of personal safety! Sheesh... :P 
<TheProf> No but if you ever saw him down a full one liter of Mountain dew 
          in 8 seconds and live to tell about it, you'd be impresed. 
<Nathan_Roberts> lol 
<Alryssa> He wouldn't just live through it... he'd belch through it... 

Dec 12 [02:53]
<TheProf> Judi once asked me about a movie and if the language was as bad 
          as was said. I told her simply that every other word was mother. 
<Thete> in america we say "for god's sake." the brits use "for fuck's sake" 
        in equivalent situations. guess they dig fucking :-) (i, of course, 
        prefer for pete's sake) 
[Five minutes later] 
<Nathan_Roberts> Thete: LOL! I just realized the signifigance of "for 
                 pete's sake" 
 * TheProf watches Nate catch the rebound off the joke 
<Thete> /dcc send Nathan_Roberts duh.duh 
<Alryssa> Gee Nate, that bottle of Dew you downed earlier really does kill 
          off your brain cells. :P 

Dec 12 [03:01]
<Ash_the_yuletide_Raven> i think the most horrendous thing i heard an 
                         american say was when i was working in the old 
                         computer workshop in town.... 
<Ash_the_yuletide_Raven> these two merkin tourists stopped, looked in the 
                         window, and the guy said 'oh look, they have 
                         computers here' 
<TheProf> Ash stupidity is a worldwide epidemic 
<Nathan_Roberts> Ash: Nice to see us Yanks have faith in you guys. 
<Ash_the_yuletide_Raven> yeah, i know 
<Ash_the_yuletide_Raven> i was gonna go outside with my bosses lighter and 
                         say 'hey look, we have fire too' 

Dec 14 [22:45]
--- Whomiga is now known as Nobody_Of_Any_Significance 
--- DoctorWho is now known as SirNotAppearingInThisFilm 
<SirNotAppearingInThisFilm> Should have figured that one's registered 
--- SirNotAppearingInThisFilm is now known as DoctorWho 
<Nobody_Of_Any_Significance> So is this one :-) 
<Alryssa> Delenn wasn't registered, but that one was? :P 
--- El_Zoof is now known as SirNotAppearingInThisChannel 
<-- SirNotAppearingInThisChannel has left #drwhochat 
<DoctorWho> lol 
--> SirNotAppearingInThisChannel has joined #drwhochat 
--- SirNotAppearingInThisChannel is now known as El_Zoof 
--- Nobody_Of_Any_Significance is now known as SirNowAppearingInThisChannel 

Dec 14 [22:53]
 * TheCommissioner posted the Prisoner and the Time Lord message to radwi 
   and hopes you're not her to deliver a subpoena 
--- TheCommissioner is now known as thete 
--- thete is now known as thetse 
--- thetse is now known as Thete 
 * Whonigma gets out a fly swatter and goes after the thetse fly 
<Thete> run away 
 * El_Zoof wonders what a poena is 
<Thete> *snerk* 
 * DoctorWho poenalizes Zoof 
 * Alden gets out a fly sweater and puts it on the fly 
<DoctorWho> lol 
<Thete> alden remind you not to post pictures of your dog 
<Alden> I don't have a dog. :) 
<Thete> sorted 
<El_Zoof> I don't believe in dog! 
<DoctorWho> Brothers included? ^_^ 
<Thete> frickin slysdexic 
<Alden> ducking fyslexia 
<El_Zoof> I'm nto dyslxic, pnut drnuk! 

Dec 14 [23:31]
<Alden> My room is anothe vietnam... looks like abomb hit it sometimes. ;) 
<DoctorWho> Alden: That's not Vietnam, that's Hiroshima! 
<Thete> my dishes are another vietnam 
<Thete> like i said earlier, i skipped dinner. brb :) 
--- Thete is now known as KitchenTheteAFK 
--- KitchenTheteAFK is now known as Thete 
<Thete> why try 
<Thete> the kitchen won. i'm ordering a pizza. 
<GeoffWessel> HAHAHHA 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<Fenric1> Somewhere a kitchen is laughing... 

Dec 15 [00:10]
[Responding to a message from my IRC client] 
--- You have new mail (10 messages, 52863 bytes total). 
<DoctorWho> [00:10:35] --- You have new spam (10 messages, 52863 bytes 
<MegL> lol 
<Thete> i've been pretty pummeled with spam for a while. weekends are the 
<Alryssa> Tom gets all the spam 
<Alryssa> I don;t get much, not really 
 * DoctorWho heavily abuses his infinite email address feature at his 
   webhost ^_^ 
<Fenric1> Does spam have any purpose? Has *anyone* bought a product because 
          they got crappy email about it? 
<DoctorWho> Fen: Apparently so, else the spammers wouldn't still be in 
<Thete> I love spam. I now have breasts like a couple of Rovers and my 
        todger is used for hanging laundry by the folks across the alley 
        from my apt. building 
 * Fenric1 has remorgaged his home 27 times, and is so far out of debt, 
   that he's broke. 

Dec 15 [00:25]
 * Thete 's Chat Corrollary to Murphy's Law: You will mispell in chat, 
   beginning with the most important, central, key word of your sentence. 
<Fenric1> Thete: That's such bushllit. 

Dec 15 [00:29]
 * Thete does the 'waiting for the pizza chick' dance 
<DoctorWho> chick? 
<Alryssa> it's a chicklet covered in tomato sauce, what? 
<Thete> you don't think i like pizza HAT much do ya? 
<Thete> THAT 
<Alryssa> *snigger* 
<DoctorWho> LOL! 
<Fenric1> It's time to play Find The Pepperoni. 
<AudioBoy> Woohoo! 
<Alryssa> Thete: Freudian slip? 
<Alryssa> (especially with all the Trojan talk...) 
<AudioBoy> Sleudian Flip? 
<Thete> i only flirt mercilessly. she might not be 18 yet 
 * Alryssa facepalms 
 * SupremeDalek napalms 
<DoctorWho> How do you know it's a she anyway? 
<Alryssa> In California? Who knows! 
<Thete> Nate: i live i the tenderloin. I know. 
<Thete> ;-) 
<Alden> o.O 
<Alryssa> o.O 
<Fenric1> DW: The rovers are a dead giveaway. ;> 

Dec 16 [02:00]
<TheProf> I can't get to two other Australian sites i know 
<TheProf> My God! The southern hemesphere is gone! 
 * TheProf is going to miss those big australian beer cans 
<Alden> Prof: we don't need you northern hemisphere folk any more, so we 
        unscrewed at the equator. See you! :) 

Dec 16 [02:17]
<TheProf> We moved into an apartment where the previous occupent was a 
          serial killer. ZNo joke either. 
<Jondar> Erk :( 
<Alden> eeep 
<Alden> did you check under the floorboards before moving in? 
<TheProf> Judi being Miss loves to read murder mysteries thought it was 
<Jondar> :) 
<TheProf> We found out later that likely the management drove the poor 
          bastard to killing people they were so bad. 

Dec 16 [02:57]
<GillGrissom> Alden didn't you say your sister and Bro are in Lord of the 
<Alden> No, I didn't. 
<GillGrissom> ok 
<GillGrissom> I thought you did 
<GillGrissom> so they aren't 
<Alden> I said my brother was auditioning, and my sister was the wicked 
        witch of the west 

Dec 16 [03:00]
<Alden> The Lord of the Rings (subtitle: the fellowship of the ring) 
        (subsubtitle: come to New Zealand, you bastards) 

Dec 17
<Alryssa> DUDE! 
<Alryssa> ok. I'll stop Thete-ing. 
 * Alryssa can't believe she said what she did about Mossy last week. I was 
   positively channelling. :P 
<SarnyThete> heheheh :) 
<SarnyThete> MOSSY? HUH? 
<SarnyThete> oops caps 
<Alryssa> "The guy works for Apple and he doesn't have a phone? DUDE!" 
<SarnyThete> lol 
<Alryssa> I think I asked someone to shoot me. 
<SarnyThete> I never ask people to shoot me 
<SarnyThete> they might comply 

Dec 17
<Shel> i almost stopped breathing when i heard pete talking of riding on 
       the train with you 
<DoctorWho> Random's paying my way 
<Shel> wow 
<Shel> that's cool 
<Shel> so, what sort of favors are you giving her in return? ;) 
<DoctorWho> Um... 
<DoctorWho> I'm afraid to ask. 
<Shel> can't be computer related, because she's a mac person 
<Shel> lol 
<Shel> so when are you arriving? 
<DoctorWho> don't know yet 
<Shel> thought pete was talking about the train already? 
<DoctorWho> Does he have aschedule planned out already? 
<Shel> i don't know, just that he's sure he's going to drive you nuts on 
       the train ride 
<Shel> lol 
<DoctorWho> He's gonna drive me nuts or I'm gonna drive him nuts? ^_^ 
<DoctorWho> Or both? ^_^ 
<Shel> i'm guessing neither... you'll cancel each other out ;) 
*** DoctorWho has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Who will drive 
    the other nuts first on the train to galley, Pete or Nate? The 
    over-under starts at $20 
*** Thete has joined channel #DrWhoChat 
<Thete> ! 
<Thete> O.o 
 * Ash_the_Yuletide_Raven has $50 down 
<Thete> on who? 
<Ash_the_Yuletide_Raven> don't let me down pete... 
<Thete> LOL 
<AudioBoy> My vote is that Thete can hold out longer. :) 
<Thete> it's gonna be tough... I've got manic mania down pat, but nathan 
        has his Bizarre Unfamiliarity With the Outside World that always 
        makes me TILT 
<Thete> i think i'll get my train ticket this weekend. wanna do that 
        together with the modelf filming? 
<DoctorWho> I usually just get my ticket online 
<Thete> ah- keen 
<Thete> how do i do that? 
<Thete> i figure? 
<Thete> ah 
<DoctorWho> You can have them mailed or you can pick them up the day you 
<Thete> keen 
<DoctorWho> You can just walk up to the ticket machine, feed it your credit 
            card, and it'll print them on the spot 
<Thete> if i do it ahead of time mailing will work 
<DoctorWho> I'm at my mom's house right now, that's how I got here 
<DoctorWho> Literelly got the ticket online the day before 
<DoctorWho> And got it out of the machine 
<DoctorWho> No need to deal with a live person ^_^ 
<Thete> "DoctorWho: No need to deal with a live person ^_^" see "Bizarre 
        Unfamiliarity With the Outside World" 
<DoctorWho> ^_^ 
<Thete> TILT 
<Thete> We'll be on the train and Nate will go "what are those?" ... "Those 
        are crops, Nate. That's where onion rings come from." 
<DoctorWho> LOL!! 
<Thete> "Where's this?" "Fresno." "Looks like my room, except with grimy 
        buildings instead of grimy ATX cases." 

Dec 17
[Watching the ThetaCam] 
 * Alryssa giggles.... /sound nervadrawers.wav? ;-) 

Dec 17
<Thete> the sign said "drink canada dry" so off i went 

Dec 17
<Thete> dammit, i have byronrhythms 
<Thete> (really screwed up sleep patterns) 
<Thete> in honor of my ol' friend byron dymocke 
<Thete> everyone has one byron in their life 
<Thete> who shows up at yer house at 1am to kidnap you for a munchie run 

Dec 17
<marchhair> I just broke my glasses. 
 * Number6 knows how that feels 
<Alden> doh 
<Number6> Lens or frames 
<marchhair> Lens came out. 
<NathanR> Ah, and now you can't see to fix it ^_^ 
<marchhair> I tried to put it back and it is back in, in a half-assed way. 
<Number6> Ah, been there many times...they NEVER go back in again right 
<Number6> Yup, totally 
<Number6> Been there done that 
 * Jondar nods 
<Number6> It'll pop out suddenly when you least expect it :) 
<marchhair> Always does. 
<Number6> Yup 
<Number6> Musta been when i fwapped ya :) 
<Thete> you think you have it bad? try being an optometrist. 
<Thete> it's tough just trying not to make a spectacle of yourself. 
<Number6> KILL HIM 
<Number6> :) 
 * Thete runs from rover 
<NathanR> ROTFL 
 * NathanR fwaps Thete on general principle 
<Number6> Orange Alert! Bad Joke detected! 
<Jondar> Thete: *groan* 
<Thete> an optometrist told me that joke 
<NathanR> figures 
<Number6> That's when you poked him in the eye, right? :) 

Dec 17 [00:33]
<DoctorWho> Caffeine screws me up generally, so I avoid it unless i'm 
            already 120 degrees out of phase 
<Thete> ok, why 120 degrees 
<Alryssa> only 120? 
<DoctorWho> 8 hours off 
<Thete> ah 
<DoctorWho> So you'er going to bed when you should be waking up 
<DoctorWho> Arguably the most pessimal arrangement 
<Thete> i hate it when that happens 
<Thete> and it happens 
<DoctorWho> Tell me about it 
<Thete> pessimal: The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. 
<Thete> 'pizzalike' is in the disctionary but not 'pessimal' 
<Thete> ah ha 
<Thete> interesting 
 * Thete pessimizes his hard drive with more jpgs 
<DoctorWho> lol 
<Thete> frankly, i bear the stress of the an ever-present knowledge that to 
        use a computer is to pessimize it 
--> TheProf has joined #drwhochat 
 * TheProf comes in and screams in pain 
<Thete> it's okay, it'll grow back and you can finsd another hairdresser 
<DoctorWho> Thete: I get that feeling when I use Windows 
<DoctorWho> Prof: I get that feeling when I use Windows 

Dec 17 [00:49]
 * Thete listens to a 1984 christmas record 
<Thete> by frankie goes to hollywood 
<Thete> it's pretty much five people goofing off with a tape machine 
<DoctorWho> Ah, like Theta-G? ^_^ 
<Thete> "this is the spirit of christmas to come..." 
 * Thete . o O ( relax, don't do it ) 
<Thete> make love 
<Thete> your goal 
<DoctorWho> Actually, it was the blooper reel I had in mind when I said 
            that ^_^ 
<Thete> lol 
<DoctorWho> The *unedited* blooper reel 
<Alryssa> Thete not edit something? 
<DoctorWho> Raw footage 
<Thete> doctor 'once before i said this-' 
<Thete> thete: 'okay, cut...' 
<Thete> doctor: '... that's not what i said' 

Dec 17 [01:18]
<Thete> Only In San Francisco #423: Newspaper Ad, a photo of a shiny chrome 
        new Harley motorcycle, above the words: "IT VIBRATES." 

Dec 17 [01:20]
<TheProf> My computer vibrates....bad bearing in the cpu fan 
<Alryssa> Prof: Sure it's not the hamster dying? 

Dec 17 [01:23]
<TheProf> Ok, this is sad. In the quote file Nate wrote this. 
<TheProf> <DoctorQuotefileWho> I need a padded desk... hell, I need a 
          padded cell 
<TheProf> <DoctorQuotefileWho> I need a padded everything 
<TheProf> Nobody offered him a padded bra. A perfect joke was there on the 
          vine waitinf for harvest and it rotted! 
<Thete> i don't need the padded bra, i responded to the breast size spam 
<TheProf> We married guys like getting those breast enlargement spams but 
          it worries us when those penis enlargements come in 
<TheProf> Especially when they say "Here is the information you 

Dec 17 [04:06]
 * Ash_the_yuletide_Raven welcomes Alryssa to the 'Midnight Oil Burners' 
<Ash_the_yuletide_Raven> Our Motto: In Caffeine we trust, In Somnia we 

Dec 17 [12:19]
 * DoctorWho ponders a scheme whereby he could DJ his stream 
<Ash_the_yuletide_Raven> DJ PenguinBoooy, keepin it real on the digital 
                         wheels of steel. aieeeee. or something 

Dec 17 [12:21]
<Pete_Wisdom> KABUL (Reuters) - U.S. forces will bomb Afghanistan (news - 
              web sites) on Sunday -- with 46,000 pounds of cake, a 
              military spokesman said. 
<Pete_Wisdom> The cakes, from California, would be dropped near the cities 
              of Mazar-i-Sharif and Kunduz in the north and Kandahar in the 
              south, Sergeant Major Raymond Cordell, head of public affairs 
              at the U.S.-British guarded Bagram air base north of Kabul, 
              told Reuters. 
<CrowTRobt> lets hope they don't land on some poor afghani's hut 
<CrowTRobt> and if it is fruit cake it could be seen as more warfare 

Dec 23 [19:28]
<Gamera> of course visually it was gorgeous but as George Lucas proved, 
         that and a dollar will get you on the subway 

Dec 23 [20:40]
<Thete> alden is either 3 or 5 hrs behind me, but tomorrow 
<NathanR> I think Alden is 3 and Jason is 5 
<Thete> yeah, but when we spring forward he falls back 
<Thete> so alsen can go from 3 to 5 back 
<NathanR> ah 
<Thete> so alden is *never* 4 hrs back from us. he's always 3 or 5 
<Thete> unless you wanna get fiddly about exact days of switching ;-) 
<NathanR> I was abuot to ask about that ^_^ 
<Thete> nfi. i'm resigned to having a few days a year when i'm clueless, to 
        go with the other 300 or so 
<NathanR> Then there's Austraila. Has Jason told you what a mess it is down 
          there wrt dst? 
<Thete> Nate: yes. i ran screaming off into the kitchen 

Dec 23 [21:27]
<Thete> There's a novel called the forlorn hope that mentions the church of 
        elvis. enough years went by that people started arguing if he 
        really existed. you laugh now, but i figure in 100 years you could 
        fake up a new elvis film 

Dec 24 [12:43]
<Bozzie> It's when I'm on call and I get paged when things break. 
<Janer> Oh, YIKES 
<Bozzie> It's lotsa fun. (I'm not very convinving, am I? 
<Janer> hehe 
<Janer> I don't think anyone likes to be "on call", so to speak 
<Bozzie> Well, the pager does have vibrater alert, also known as "pleasure 
         mode" ;-) 

Dec 24 [21:55]
<Xanta_Claus> hmm - taxi on tv land 
<HolidayThete> xanta you've validated my decision four months ago to 
               disconnect cable like you wouldn't believe :) 

Dec 26
 * TheProf gives the room a warm hello moon (_|_) 
<Alden> hey Prof 
<TheProf> Where I come from a nice moon is concidered good manners 
<Thete> Sacramento? 
<Lyssie> ew 
<Thete> Sacramento always sounded like some kind of Holy Chewable Breath 

Dec 26
<Drake> the Academy voters usually see the films when the Academy sends 
        them the tapes of the films 
<Bozzie> pan and scan or widescreen? <g> 
<Drake> the age of some the voters,i think color and sound is still a 
        marvel for them 

Dec 26 [20:26]
<Drake> i'd like to see all the boy bands break up 
<TomFODW_Writing> just wait until their voices change, drake 
<TomFODW_Writing> then they can all go live in Menudoville 

Dec 26 [22:54]
<Thete> and look at the mod fashions on my webcam 
<Alden> flares or parachutes, you decide! 
<Thete> we call them bellbottoms here in the US because it's a big awkward 
        word for big awkward pants :-) 
<DoctorWho> lol 
<Thete> flares are for firing out of a pistol to get noticed (almost the 
        same thing ;-) 

Dec 27 [10:29]
<StaticShadow> (.) (.) 
<Thete> static, those are big tits for a dude. you should see a doctor 
<StaticShadow> lol 
<Thete> or are they that size *because* you saw a doctor? 
<StaticShadow> hehe 
<Thete> am i supposed to call you "dude" anymore? 
<Thete> i can never figure that out 
 * StaticShadow smacks thete over the head 

Dec 27 [19:50]
<Xanta_Claus> so what was the title that an unearthly child had at it's 
              beginning on screen? 
<invincor> "An Unearthly Child" 
<DoctorWho> An Unearthly Child 
<Drake> "Freaky Shit in the Scrapyard" 

Dec 27 [23:16]
<sanman> who was that Dr Who actor who had the scarf? 
<sanman> he had the hat and scarf 
<El_Zoof> That was Sophocles Grant. 
<sanman> was it? 
<sanman> ok 
<sanman> the one with the longish curly mop of hair 
<El_Zoof> He played the Doctor between 1874 and 1632, and was eventually 
          killed during the Russian Revolution. 
 * Thete hits El_Zoof 

Dec 27 [23:17]
<TheProf> Doctor Who vs the Communist Empire with Joseph Stalin as Davros 
<Thete> prof, could you hold these wires for a second 
 * Thete detonates TheProf 
<TheProf> The episode was never finished after Stalin had the entire 
          technical crew put in front of a firing squad 
<TheProf> Sorry, that was JNT who did that 
<El_Zoof> I thought JNT was first up against the wall when the revolution 
<Thete> prof, could you hold nathan for a sec 
 * Thete nates TheProf 

Dec 28 [00:08]
<dse> re all 
<AldenCleaning> re Doug 
<El_Zoof> Re Doug 
<Thete> we 
<Thete> re doug 
<Thete> the tunnel when it caved in 
<DoctorWho> ? 
<El_Zoof> And you were complaining about *my* jokes 
<DoctorWho> *fwap* 
 * DoctorWho detoThetes 
<Thete> lol 
<Thete> my bad jokes are so common as to be ambient. you're playing harmony 
<Thete> er, 
<Thete> melody 
<Thete> never mind 
<DoctorWho> melony? 
<El_Zoof> It took me far too long to get detothetes 
<El_Zoof> That's someone who commits a melon 
<Thete> no, that's dolly parton 

Dec 28 [00:14]
<El_Zoof> If *that* doesn't stop a topic of conversation, nothing will 
<GeoffWessel> even more than "I had this nasty discharge the other day"? 
<El_Zoof> Ew 
<GeoffWessel> well? 
<Thete> military service ain't yer ting geoff 
<El_Zoof> I hope you've just left the army is all I can say 

Dec 29 [04:46]
--> Pete_Wisdom has joined #drwhochat 
<Jondar> Hi Jeff... 
 * Jondar readies the safety net next to Jeff's bed... 

Dec 29 [16:01]
<EBCorp> Oh dear - one of the smallest satellites of Uranus has been 
         temporarily denied status as a moon by the International 
         Astronomical Union 
<EBCorp> that's a shock 
<Xanta> uranus is on strike? 
<EBCorp> I don't think it's like that - Uranus is a non-unionised planet 
<}-Raven-{> 'B-b-ut it came from URANUS!' 
<El_Zoof> So... no longer a moon when you look at Uranus 
<El_Zoof> It hasn't filed the paperwork properly yet. But once it has, it 
          can take on its status as a moon - legally - once more. 
<}-Raven-{> thats no moon... 
<}-Raven-{> thats a.... 

Dec 30 [01:40]
<Compassion> 'New pill adds 1 to 3 inches to penis, guaranteed' What, is it 
             a 3 inch long pill and you tape it onto the end? 

Dec 30 [23:14]
<GlitchBob> "You don't just order eggs for breakfast. You're asked 'How do 
            you want them?'" she said. 
<GlitchBob> "I ordered a martini last night and they asked me 'On the rocks 
            or straight up?' I don't know." 
<DoctorWho> Thete: Prepare to be tilted. 
<DoctorWho> Ryss: I don't even know what that means 
 * Wilibald_Hardbottle prepares 
<Wilibald_Hardbottle> TILT 
 * DoctorWho resets Thete 
 * GlitchBob boggles 
 <GlitchBob> TILT 
 * GlitchBob crashes 
 * DoctorWho falls off his chair 
 * DoctorWho resets Ryss 
<DoctorWho> Thete: This is going to happen like every 2 minutes on the ride 
            to LA ^_^ 
<Wilibald_Hardbottle> did your parents keep you in a scientology retreat 
                      for most of your life, nate? 

Dec 31 [19:08]
<AudioBoy> Oops, Jonathan Creek's on.  bbiab
<Thete> craldo. a reason to get cable.
<DJPenguinBoy> What, "Bathing Brooke" on E! wasn't enoguh? ^_^
<Thete> The World Is Not E!nough
<DJPenguinBoy> LOL
<Thete> was it honestly brroke shields? bathing?
<DJPenguinBoy> Nah
<Thete> typical
<DJPenguinBoy> Actually Brooke Burke (Wild On...) swimsuit calendar 
<Thete> babe and switch

Dec 31 [11:55]
 * Whomiga is going - night all
<Alden> night Richard!
<DJPenguinBoy> nite Rich
<LeftenantWho> night Whomiga
<MegL> night richard
<Whomiga> And - yes, I realize I'll have to catch the QF when I get up :-)
<DJPenguinBoy> And it's only 5 minutes away!
<LeftenantWho> Nate gonna have the quotefile out on time?
<TheProf> Do we have quote file?
<TheProf> Hey nate, I expect the quotefile up in 10 minutes
<DJPenguinBoy> We will in 5 minutes
<DJPenguinBoy> You'll have it
 * TheProf tries to think of something witty in the next 4 minutes
 * TheProf sweats under the pressure...........
<DJPenguinBoy> You'll have to do better than that ^_^
<TheProf> LOL!
<DJPenguinBoy> Then again, maybe not ^_^

If you have any comments, suggestions, or submissions for the #drwhochat Quotefile, E-Mail me.

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