The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue XI: November 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Nov 1 [16:53]
<Whomiga> BTW: Mardi Gras day here is two days before I leave for Gallifrey 
<DoctorWho> Warning to the women attending Gallifrey: Watch out for the 
            confused bearded guy saying "Show us your tits!" ^_^ 
 * DoctorWho runs for his life 
<}-raven-{> Nate: your growing a beard for gally? 

Nov 1 [18:02]
 * Fenric1 works for a government agency... You'd think our payroll and 
   administration departments would have more sense than to send everything 
   in plain brown unmarked envelopes... ;> 

Nov 2 [07:29]
<Bob01> Nathan 
<Bob01> put on CNN or Fox 
<Bob01> DoJ reach an agreement with Mircosoft 
<NathanR> Oh? What's it say? 
<}-raven-{> 'April Fool' 

Nov 4 [10:00]
<Theta-G> crap... I forgot to get orange juice. 
<Theta-G> ah well, i'll make another quick trip later 
<DoctorWho> Clue, Thete. Thete, Clue. 
<Theta-G> Kieu McCullogh 
<Theta-G> Kieu McCullough 
<Theta-G> spelling, Thete. Thete, spelling. 

Nov 4 [13:49]
 * DoctorWho notices that his hair has actually reached shoulder length 
<}-raven-{> Nate: nose hair doesn't count. 
 * DoctorWho moons }-raven-{ 
<}-raven-{> Thats no moon.... 
<}-raven-{> Thats a.... 
<}-raven-{> SPACE STATION! 

Nov 4 [15:16]
 * Theta-G reads a software manual PDF 
<Wemb-away> oooo - what package? 
<Theta-G> it's an MPEG encoder for video 
<Wemb-away> Wow 
<Theta-G> MPEG is satan's own magic, applied to video 

Nov 4 [23:44]
<Theta-G> Aieeeeeeee! 
<NathanR> Anetscapeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 
<The_Anti> Aooooooperaaaaaaaa 
<Theta-G> I never worked for Netscape 
<NathanR> You're not trying to tell us you worked for Microsoft are you? 
<Theta-G> I went to a seminar at Microsoft's Foster City campus 
<NathanR> Oh My 
<Theta-G> I still have the implant to show for it 

Nov 4 [23:52]
<The_Anti> just saying that yes, it is me, I do exist and still alive, and 
           coming to a town near you SOON! 
<MadHa^^er30> OH NO ITS MEATLOAF! 
 * The_Anti sighs 
<The_Anti> Now I would do anything for love, but I won't do I 
           won't do that... 

Nov 5 [00:08]
[Several DWCers have been playing Fantasy Baseball on Yahoo!] 
<Theta-G> well prof has been bowing to ryssa;s tom, who dominated baseball 
<NathanR> Prof got his Base(s) Belonged 

Nov 5 [00:09]
<Theta-G> I have a new bad habit 
<Theta-G> after i watch a dvd, i sit at the computer until the tv set shows 
          the same dvd menu loop for 700 times and i go apeshit and turn 
          off the dvd player 

Nov 7 [6:28]
 * Jondar seriously doubts that lynx would cope with Yahoo's pages :)
 * InsomniaThete breaks out the krylon and sprays "old browsers: die
   in obscurity!" on a wall
 * }-raven-{ tries to look at the wall but can only see a 404! error

Nov 7
<rdanhenry> "Well, I'm Perpigil... Perpetu... Peri Brown and I can
	    shout just as loud as... saaaaay, that's a quite a tongue
	    there, Mr. Master..."
<Thete> !
<Thete> FILTH!
<The_9th_Doctor> O.O
<DoctorWho> o_O
<Thete> hey...
<Thete> brb
*** Thete has left #DrWhoChat
*** Filth has joined #DrWhoChat
<Filth> hey all
<DoctorWho> Filth!
<Alryssa> FILTH!
<Alden> Filth!

Nov 8
<Starfury> what's the difference between an ascot and a cravat? 
<Theta-G> (1) I got my ascot in the elevator doors 
<Theta-G> (2) I don't eat orange chicken anymore, but I still caravat. 

Nov 8
 * TheProf imagines the Brig running through the underground tunnels of 
   Disneyland blasting away at all the alien creatures..."That one looked 
   like some huge rat. I nailed him between the eyes!" 
<TheProf> Newsflash. Crazed military officer runs amuck in the Disneyland 
<Jondar> duck with the speech impediment... blow its head off... 
<TheProf> Tnkerbell is the "chap with the wings" 
<Alden> I thought Paul McCartney was the chap with Wings 

Nov 8
<}-raven-{> the problem with bush being a puppet is, they can't have a hand 
            up his ass, otherwise he has nowhere to speak from... 

Nov 8
<Thete> it the quotefile was a woman, i'd be engaged now 

Nov 8
<Theta-G> i think i have spent less than 5% of the past 2 years with the 
          lights and computer off at night 
<Theta-G> that is pretty messed up 
<TheProf> No, simply proof that you're a geek. 

Nov 10
<Oddone> Amazing. Doctor Who was *incredible* in its last two seasons. It 
         get canceled. Trek's been messed up to hell for years now....but 
         somehow it just trundles ON.....ick. 
<Bozzie> Oddone: not all the fans would agree about that. 
<Fenric1> Not all fans would agree that the name of the show is "Doctor 
          Who"... ;> 

Nov 10
<MegL> E:FC is a compelet mess and Roddenberry isn't really the problem 
<Fenric1> Roddenberry, you're dead; stop making crap shows! 

Nov 10
<Oddone> Theta: Aw lemme guess, Vengance on Varso is *not* your 
         fave ep? 
<Oddone> Varos. 
<Theta-G> actually, i dig VoV 
<DocAway> Varso-so? 
<Oddone> Huh.... 
<Theta-G> it's a really good satire, diaper geezers notwithstanding 
<DocAway> "diaper geezers", LOL 
<Theta-G> oh, one more varos peeve: "really slow laserbolts" 
<DocAway> Is that a technical term? 
<Theta-G> oh, one more varos peeve: "really slow go carts" 

Nov 10
<Theta-G> One of my favorite things to do is when I happen to notice my 
          laserdiscs or the LD player, I get this messd up accent and walk 
          about saying LAHser-DEEEsk! repeatedly 
<Theta-G> I need a life 
<Oddone> Theta: What's that from? Or did you just pull it out of that 
         cesspool you call a mind?:^) 
<Theta-G> cesspool 
<nathanr> LOL 
<Oddone> LOL. I'd have thought that woulda came from an obscure movie.... 

Nov 10
<Theta-G> dear INS: please let ash emigrate cuz he knows about computer an' 
          stuff and can split the insane bay area rent. p.s. he is not a 
<DoctorWho> lol 
<Xanta_Claus> p.p.s. he is also not that pokemon trainer with that pikachu 
<}-raven-{> Thete: eh? 
<Theta-G> oh, wow, i almost forgot thant- thanks XC :-) 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<TomFODW> "Dear INS: Please let Ash emigrate, he's quiet and won't eat much 
          and is (mostly) housebroke" 
<}-raven-{> "Dear INS: Please let Ash emigrate, Toms begging for a 

Nov 10
<invincor> ever drive across Iowa? 
<Theta-G> I have 
<Alryssa> Steve: yes, I have 
<Alryssa> 5 hours worth of Iowa. Never again. 
<dse> what's it like? 
<Theta-G> corny. 
<Alryssa> Boring 
<Alryssa> Corny, soy-beany, nothing-but-fields-for-miles tornado-breeding 
<dse> corn is good for you 
<Alryssa> Not when you're staring at it for 5 hours. 
<Theta-G> actually, jon shanley & i got off the interstate for a while and 
          drove on the parallel state road foe a few hours. 
<Theta-G> that was like: 
<Theta-G> grain silo on the horizon... 
<Theta-G> 30 minutes later... it's getting closer! 
<Theta-G> 30 minutes later... here it comes! 
<Theta-G> 30 minutes later... woo hoo!!! grain silo and a gas station! 
<Theta-G> 1 minute later: another grain silo on the horizon... 
<Theta-G> it is just so flat you can see your future ahead for 90 minutes 
<DocAway> I wish the bay area was that flat 
<Theta-G> the silos also has a crossroad that you could take to get back to 
          the interstate. eventually we just took one 
<Alryssa> Thete: So Iowa is like that one scene in The Holy Grail with Sir 
          lancelot on the horizon? 
<Theta-G> if i drove as fast through SF as I did through Iowa it would be 
          like a blipvert if i didn't hit anything 
<Theta-G> of course the hills at 80mph would send me on a trajectory into 
          the bay 

Nov 10
<TheProf> I loved the story from today. Some man in Kabul decided as a way 
          to say thank you to the Northern Allience troops to show them 
          movies. He dug up his tv, vcr and videos buried in the back yard 
<SupremeDalek> Prof: LOL! 
<TheProf> Seems when the Taliban ordered tv banned 4 years ago he wrapped 
          his in plastic and buried them until the day he could watch them 
<TheProf> The picture I saw was pretty funny. All these men with AK-47s 
          watching Titanic 

Nov 10
<TheProf> They had a problem with the third show. The Iron Chef was caught 
          cheating with a cook book under his apron 
<Thete> he got demoted to aluminum chef 

Nov 10
<AudioBoy> All we need is for Falwell to condemn DW the way he condemned 
           Tinky Winky and Who is assured a revival! :) 

Nov 10
<MegL> it's been off air for almost 13 years 
<TheProf> That's ok. I've been off my rocker for 20 

Nov 10
<MrBean^> Even one size fits all hats are often to small for me 
<MrBean^> Yes, I have a big head in more ways than one. 

Nov 10
*** ninilu has joined #drwhochat 
<ninilu> !list 
<}-raven-{> !buy it 
*** ninilu has left #drwhochat 
<random_C> !Fwap 

Nov 10 [17:12]
<DocAway> Hm, I got a MacWorld flier 
<CrowTRobt> mac world... that is the place for Mac Daddy pimps to buy all 
            their cool pimp clothes, right? 

Nov 10 [22:02]
<DocAway> KTEH used to run it every so often 
<Theta-G> KTEH is a hoopy feed that knows where its tower is 

Nov 11 [00:53]
<TheProf> Last year when it snowed Coventry had a great time chasing snow 
          flakes. Brit on the otherhand went slowly out onto the patio and 
          inched forward onto the snow....then a gust of wind blew snow all 
          over her and she nearly ran me over trying to get into the house. 
          The snow attacked her! 

Nov 11 [09:56]
<}-raven-{> so i should be able to rip the commentary as mp3... 
<}-raven-{> or something. 
<}-raven-{> or you could just not be a cheap ass and buy it yourself ;) 
<Theta-G> speaking of cheap ass 
<}-raven-{> yes? 
<Theta-G> ... 
<Theta-G> sorry, i was torn between talking about britney and what i had 
          intended to say 

Nov 17 [23:21]
<Bill_Filer> If I lived on a peaceliving planet, I'd be sure to draw big 
             dicks on the wall. 
<Thete> (1) LOL 
<Thete> (2) WTF? 

Nov 19th [6:22]
 * }-raven-{ is trying to encourage his hair to grow more quickly...
<Heptite> Mine's at 1/2 inch.
<Heptite> Towel it off and it's /dry/.
<}-raven-{> your whats at 1/2 an inch?
 * }-raven-{ ducks
<Heptite> Raven, get your mind out of the gutter...
<Heptite> ...It's blocking my periscope!

Nov 20
 * Alryssa gets progressively colder, despite the rising estrogen levels. 
<Theta-G> hey at least you -have- the changing of the seasons in ohio 
<Theta-G> it's 56 degreees with a chance of fog year round in san francisco 
<Theta-G> fahrenheit 
<Theta-G> gesundheit 
<Alryssa> I'd like that. My arthritis wouldn't play up so much then 
<Theta-G> it's like living on a u-boat. you get out of sync with time 
<Alryssa> Time doesn't mean much to me :o) 
<Alryssa> it's all relative. And I really hate some of my relatives. 

Nov 20
 * SupremeDalek looks at a satellite image and sees a decent storm system 
   over New Zealand 
 * SupremeDalek mutters "Don't even think about comments like indecent 
   storm system!" 
<Drake> awww... Jack... did your subscription to "Playstorm" run out again? 
 * SupremeDalek FWAPS Drake HARD! 

Nov 20
<TheProf> I also learned that the name lowland gorilla is a lie. I put a 
          tree next to the wall and the gorillas used it to climb out...and 
          of course attack the guests 
 * Theta-G quickly scrolls up to be sure Prof is playing a sim 

Nov 20
 * Alryssa finds it ironic... her Earthlink connection is more stable than 
   her hubby's DSL for work, which is flakier than a pharoah's scalp in 

Nov 20
<Theta-G> I need to visit monticello one day 
<Theta-G> monticello is this really cleverly constucted place that 
          jefferson built and lived in. it's on the back of nickels. 
<Alryssa> And Lincoln made this great place out of two ears of wheat, it's 
          on the back of the old 1cent pieces. :P 
<Theta-G> i think that's an observatory on top 
<Theta-G> I wonder what the deal is with the torch and sprigs on the dime 
<TheProf> I have always wanted to visit there 
<TheProf> I actually live about 2 miles from a real civil war battlefield 
          which is neat for someone from california 
<TheProf> California has no battlefields 
 * Alryssa lives about half a mile from a Dairy Queen, that's pretty cool. 

Nov 20
 * }-raven-{ baps the ping packet back at alryssa 
<Alryssa> *poink* 
 * Alryssa is knocked in the side of the head with it 
<Alryssa> *oof* 
<}-raven-{> oops. sorry 
 * Alryssa stares dazedly 
 * Alryssa sees little pieces of HTML code floating round her head. <CHEEP> 
<Alden> I knew it, Alryssa sits around on her ash all day. 
 * Alden ducks and runs 
<Alryssa> really Alden, you need to get that lisp seen to :P 
 * Alryssa fwaps Alden anyway. 

Nov 20 [22:14]
 * Theta-G is having a snack. This is done without sending any information 
   to Microsoft. 

Nov 20 [22:34]
<Theta-G> I think you'll find that hypermineral people become versed in 
          each others dendrites all the time! 
<DoctorWho> hypermineral? 
<Theta-G> as opposed to hypomineral 
<marchhair> heavily stoned? 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<DoctorWho> Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new euphamism 
<Theta-G> out from under the rock ;-) 
<DoctorWho> LOL!! 

Nov 20 [22:54]
<DoctorWho> The two secrets to success: 1) Don't tell everything you know 
<Lyssie> 2) Don't hide behind a curtain that can be moved by a dog. 

Nov 21 [12:43]
<StaticShadow> leafblowers again? :) 
<IanMc> No leafblowers on this end. 
<StaticShadow> nate is being terrorized by someone with a leafblower :) 
<StaticShadow> i guess hes taken leaf of his senses :) 

Nov 21 [18:43]
<TomFODW> i'm The Voice of Reason and Truth 
<TomFODW> at least by comparison with the rest of you 
<Theta-G> Tom, my bullshitometer will require repairs that you should pay 

Nov 22 [16:49]
<}-raven-{> my next hug will probably be from dave stone tomorrow night... 
<}-raven-{> it will be followed 10 seconds later by 'buy me a drink... you 

Nov 23
<NathanR> (Note to self: Stop distracting Thete ^_^) 
<Drake> Confuse -A- Thete 
<Vila> (self to note: Stop telling me what to do!) 

Nov 23 [11:59]
<Thete> Four hours to go. I think I'll make it 
<Thete> I'm on the other computer finishing the PraT site 
<NathanR> LOL 
<Thete> I said Nov 23 and by Zarquon I'll not be late :-) 
<NathanR> 11:59:59pm is still on time, by Quotefile Standards ^_^ 
<Whomiga> Nate - half a month late is "on time" by QF standards :-) 

Nov 23 [21:35]
<SteveBreon> if ya dont mind me askin, who is amy? :) 
<trinalin> My sister 
<Fenric1> Trina's evil twin. The one with the beard. 

Nov 25
<Thete> do you sleep with the lights and computer on? 
<DoctorWho> yes and no, respectively 
<Thete> i usually conk out with the both of them going 
<DoctorWho> Well, at least one computer runs 24/7 here 
<DoctorWho> Actually, now that's two 
<Thete> although you can probably tell from the logs that i've got a 2am 
        auto-shutdown going 
<DoctorWho> and I usually can't be buggered to turn off the third 
<DoctorWho> Really? I never noticed that 
<Thete> half the time i abort it because i'm still awake 
<DoctorWho> Thete: Oh, and as for the lights... I usually have them
            off even when I'm in here and awake
<DoctorWho> (Sign #218 that I Am A Vampire? ^_^) 
<Thete> nate if i didn't know you *do* venture outdoors occasionally, i'd 
        take up a collection and buy you a dalek to live in 

Nov 25
<CrowTRobt> ok Nate... I am dying to hear the explination of that nick 
<NedReck> Spontaneous inspiration 
<NedReck> I heard someone say the word redneck on the radio and it just 
          occured to me 
<Drake> you could be a NedReck........... 
<CrowTRobt> I see... I think 
<Drake> if you blow up many computers 
<CrowTRobt> if you can tear up anything ... I mean anything especially 
            thinks that are hard to tear up with ease... 
<CrowTRobt> you might be a nedreck 
<NedReck> If you're a world recordholder for the number of soda cans in 
          your room at any one time... 
<NedReck> you might be a nedreck 
<Thete> i can never get other people to have more soda cans in my room than 
<NedReck> Thete: What's your record? 
<Thete> Out Of This World Sound Effects (BBC Sound Effects #12) 

Nov 25
<Oddone> They were gonna shoot the series *here*!! In utah! Literally 4 
         BLOCKS from my apartment! Now I wish that Fox movie had become a 
<Alden> Odd: You live 4 blocks from a quarry? 

Nov 27
[reading past QF's]
<DocWebstr> "Throw The Alden"...
<DocWebstr> *fear*
<DocWebstr> I just had this horrible mental image of a new Olympic sport. Alden tossing.
<Alryssa> ooer missis
 * Alryssa hides her eyes!
<DocWebstr> "Fetchez la Alden." "Quoi? "Fetchez la Alden!" *TWANG* "Jesus CHRIST!"

Nov 29 [17:08]
<}-raven-{> nuckfut bunting castards 
<gordon-r-d> Nuckfut City Limits? 
<DrFaust> Hey, they've got a great bar out there called Buck Futter's. 
<DrFaust> A friend of mine playing Civ II once signed the Treaty of 

Nov 29 [22:05]
<DoctorWho> I have food waitng for me in the microwave 
<Thete> dewd 
<DoctorWho> fewd 
<DoctorWho> while( <> ) { s/oo/ew/; } 
<Thete> while <NATE> { fwap; } 

Nov 29 [22:53]
<Alden> BRB, going to see if the temperature is coming down any 
<Alden> back 
<Alden> nope 
<Alden> still, the sun will be down in a bit 
<Kiri`> how hot is it? are we in danger of fried Alden? 
<Alden> around 84F 
<marchhair> 84F? That's just warm. 
<DoctorWho> 84 is hell by my standards 
<Alden> 84 is Too Damn Hot 
<Alden> on the plus side, at least I don't have to chip my car out of an 
        ice cube in the morning 
<TheProf> Alden my biggest shock I had after moving here was going out 
          after an evening of sleet and freezing rain to find my car 
          looking like a glazed donut uner half an inch of ice 
<TheProf> Took 45 minutes to get the car drivable and the ice stayed on for 
          3 weeks 
<Alden> what did you do to it? 
<TheProf> I took an ice pick and hacked the car door open and got the ice 
          scrapers out. 
<TheProf> Then hacked some more to clear holes in the windows. 
<Alden> Wow, I usualyl just pour warm water over it 
<DoctorWho> Which then immediately re-freezes.... 
 * DoctorWho imagines standing outside running a blowdrier on a car and 
   falls off his chair 

Nov 29 [23:24]
 * TheProf makes another rum and coke 
<Thete> YeSSSS!!! 
 * Thete punches at the air 
<DoctorWho> hm? 
<TheProf> Glad you like my choice in drink 
 * TheProf runs out of rum 
<Thete> Prof, why are you plastered 
<TheProf> Not yet 
<Thete> Prof, why are you "nicely drunk" 
<TheProf> That and the bottle is empty 
<Thete> Prof, what's the occasion 
<TheProf> I need the space in the cupboard 
<TheProf> It was either finish the rum or eat the entire box of cookies 
<marchhair> you passed up an excuse to eat and entire box of cookies? 
<marchhair> any normal person would have gone for the cookies 
<TheProf> Actually there was only enough for three drinks 
<TheProf> But I had a wine cooler to start 
<Thete> uh oh- mixed liquors 
<DoctorWho> o_O 
<TheProf> Thete not really as one wine cooler couldn'nt get a squirrel 
<Thete> prof: i had a dixie cup of champagne and two beers and i was 
        quotefiled ;-) 
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO 
<TheProf> LOL! 
<DoctorWho> I'd have had the same amount and gone "Is something supposed to 
<Thete> tipsy -> drunk -> plastered -> smashed -> fishstickingly drunk -> 

Nov 30 [01:13]
 * TheProf found out tonight he gets XP for free 
<Alden> Prof: my condolences 

Nov 30 [01:55]
<Jondar> that's my mirror of the This Week in Doctor Who thing... that 
         would help 
 * Thete looks at the list and picks a state to move to 
<Nathan_Roberts> You're already /in/ one 
<Jondar> Nathan: and you don't mean one of the 50 either, I suppose? >:-) 

Nov 30 [19:03]
<Thete> That Joke took the Zinc Stoat of Budapest in 1971 
<El_Zoof> Zinc Stoat? 
<Thete> of Budapest. 
<Thete> it's a sort of trophy 
<El_Zoof> WTFAYO? 

Nov 30 [20:50]
<AudioBoy> Oh, joy! I just got a note from the pastor. My friend Kerrie 
           from church said she would be the ass in the children's sermon 
           this Sunday if I would be the cow. 
<AudioBoy> I think she's type-casting me. :) 

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