The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue X: October 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Oct 1 [00:31]
<Theta-G> oh, to live somewhere where i could play actual sound without 
<DoctorWho> Just swear at the people that complain ^_^ 
<Theta-G> the neighbor next door was either learnig the piano or playing a 
          tape of same -all day- 
<Theta-G> five or six people cranked their stereos in the alley and one guy 
          yelled "i -do- have ears!" it was a music war 
<Theta-G> i could only laugh and pack more boxes 
<DoctorWho> Another good old-fashioned war-where-nobody-gets-killed? 

Oct 1 [22:59]
<Theta-G> Netscape 6.1 Install: Verifying Integrity of Archives, please 
<Theta-G> Found pictures of nude weathergirls, aborting install... 
<Theta-G> busted 

Oct 2 [01:56]
<Alryssa> everything I learned about life I learned from Doctor Who 
<DoctorWho> 1) Daleks hate stairs 
<Alryssa> 2) Dinosaurs are made in Taiwan. 
<}-raven-{> everything i learned about life i learned from the back of a 
            pack of cigarettes 
<}-raven-{> 'Caution: May be hazardous to your health' 
<DoctorWho> Ash: Impressive, considering that most people don't even learn 
            the truth about cigarettes from the back of a cigarette pack 

Oct 2 [03:49]
 * Alden stares at the TV. This is the most tasteless TV show I've ever 
<Alryssa> what is it? 
<Alden> Back of the Y. 
<Alryssa> never heard of it. Probably just as well 
<Alden> They just had "wank race 2001" 
<Alden> Now a large monkey is beating the crap out of everyone 
<Alryssa> wank... race? 
<Alryssa> that isn't what I think it is is it? 
<Alden> back 
<Alden> Two blokes rush to find porn and wank off. 
<Alryssa> they didn't show the second part, did they? 
<Alden> one was using an internet connection, the other ended up at a gas 
        station and bought a soft-porn mag 
<Alryssa> just how did this get on tv? 
<Alryssa> that's not a race. That's an everyday occurrence... :P 
<Alden> Blowed if I know 

Oct 2 [20:31]
<Theta-G> It's my new prisoner fanvid. "hammer into nail" 

Oct 2 [20:35]
<InstaNate> This is what happens when I rely on the color of someone's nick 
            instead of actually reading it 
<DrFaust> Waitaminute. Your nicks have colors? 
<InstaNate> Faust: On my IRC client I do 
 * Theta-G watched nate try to software his way out of having to use 

Oct 3 [00:58]
 * Alden loads up the bjork video he downloaded earlier 
<Alden> bloody hell 
<MeggieMay> ? 
<Alden> ? indeed! 
<MeggieMay> she's dressed up as a devil this time? 
<Alden> no 
<MeggieMay> ok :) 
<MeggieMay> just figured it would go with the swam outfit ;) 
<Alden> She's topless and there is much body peircing 
<Alden> and needles and argh! 
<MeggieMay> I wonder if it's real? 
<DoctoloWho> o_O 
<DoctoloWho> What in the name of Holy Whatthefuck? 
<Theta-G> i see alden can't decide how he feels about bjork still 
<Theta-G> *slurp* 
 * Theta-G eats spaghetti & listens to a cd 
 * DoctoloWho listens to the radio and works on the quotefile 
<DoctoloWho> Except it's talk radio, so I'm only half-paying attention to 
<Theta-G> i see nate can't decide how he feels about talk radio still 

Oct 4 [19:36]
 * Alryssa pounces on Thete and nests in his hair. 
<thetaWerk> *adjustryss* 
<Alryssa> *burrow* 
<thetaWerk> i might have to ask you to stop doing that whil i'm at work if 
            you keep peeking out and making faces at my coworkers 

Oct 5 [02:00]
<TheProf> Al Bundy said "It's ok to call them hooters, melons, knobs and 
          sometimes snack trays" 
<TheProf> of course Judi then turned to me and said "No it isn't so don't 
          even start" 

Oct 5 [03:15]
 * }-raven-{ wakes up 
<Alryssa> Ash! 
<Alryssa> *pounce* 
<Alryssa> *topple* 
<DoctoloWho> *bottomle* 
<Alryssa> *fwap* 

Oct 5 [04:09]
 * DoctorWho has trouble with the 1 flight he has to go up at school :P 
<DoctorWho> Imagine trying to go up the stairs with a ball and chain 
<DeputyQFRyssa> that's no way to talk about your wife. 
<DoctorWho> o_O 
<DoctorWho> You're thinking of Prof ^_^ 
<Alden> lol 
<DeputyQFRyssa> You're acting like Prof :P 
<DoctorWho> O_o 
<DoctorWho> I haven't said a single thing about Lis Sladen tonight! 
<DeputyQFRyssa> There it is :) 
<Alden> Hahahaha! 
<DoctorWho> I still haven't said anything /about/ her, have I? 
<DeputyQFRyssa> you mentioned her name. In Prof's books, that's enough. 
 * DoctorWho goes into lawyer mode ^_^ 
<DeputyQFRyssa> the more they deny it... 
<DoctorWho> *fwap * 

Oct 5 [21:34]
<DoctoloWho> The pre-roll commercials on live365 are starting to get 
             annoying. They don't even rotate them! 
<DoctoloWho> It's the same damn one every time 
<DoctoloWho> They seem to have one commercial in their entire repertoire 
<Theta-G> live365 is probably trying to avoid or limit layoffs. 
<DoctoloWho> They're apparently not having much luck, if that's the only 
             sponsor they can scrounge up ^_ 

Oct 5 [21:56]
<DoctorQuotefileWho> I wanna know of Anthrax can survive 10 minutes of 
                     irradiation in a microwave 
<Theta-G> nate, get out of the microwave 

Oct 5 [22:27]
<DoctorQuotefileWho> You know, I don't think I have Horny on the TardisFM 
<Theta-G> nate: didn't the court order stipulate that omission? 

Oct 5 [22:45]
 * Shel finally notices nate's nick... quotefile??? 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> Being worked on as we speak 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> er. type 
 * Shel goes into a quotfile induced coma 
<Theta-G> Ladies and gentlemen, DFW is an airport abbreviation for 
          Dallas/Fort Worth and not, as previously suspected, 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> ROTFLMAO 

Oct 5
<Alden> apparently there's a picture circulating on the net showing a
	guy with a handgun hanging off a missile on a fighter, and
	it's titled "The NZ air force joins the fight"

Oct 5
<TheProf> By the way. The Hartnell DVD is going to be Planet of the Giants
<DoctoloWho> whyyy?
<TheProf> Because......Regis i would like to call a friend

Oct 5
[Talking about the \/, | or * conversation...]
<DoctoloWho> Ok, now the question is... What am I gonna /name/ this special
	     feature? ^_^
<Alryssa> A Close Shave? :)
 * Alryssa runs!
<DoctoloWho> Right, you're hired as Assistant to the Quotefile ^_^
<TheProf> You cruel bastard!
<Alryssa> Bugger.

Oct 5
 * Alryssa smacks Nate upside the head to render him sensible.
<Alden> er, too late!
<DoctoloWho> * # @ < > . , ' " : ; \ | } { _ + = - ] [ ! ?
 * Alryssa picks Nathan up and shakes him about a bit
<DoctoloWho> @ [ > , ; = + | " : - } \ * ' # { < ] . _ ! ?
 * Alryssa turns him upside down and bashes his head on the #floor
<DoctoloWho> .
 * Alryssa finds Nate's reboot button
<DoctoloWho> linux 2.2.17
<DoctoloWho> login: 
 * Alryssa looks at Alden
<Alryssa> leave me to do all the work... you don't want to know what
	  happens if I take over the QF... it's in your best interest
	  to get Nate running. :)
<Alryssa> or.. crawling, at least
<Alden> O.o
 * DoctoloWho springs to life
<Alryssa> :o)
<DoctoloWho> Merry Christmas!
<Alryssa> close enough.

Oct 5
 * Alden stops the earth spinning and immediately splats into the nearest wall
<Alden> ooof
 * DeputyQFRyssa grimaces
<DeputyQFRyssa> FlatAlden
<Alden> at least now I'll be able to mail myself places. :)
<DeputyQFRyssa> on the up side, you'll be able to mail yourself to Meg :)
<DeputyQFRyssa> gmta :)
<Alden> well, I wouldn't be much use to Meg if I was flat.
<Alden> other than a rug maybe
<DeputyQFRyssa> she could use a footpump and reinflate you. 
<DeputyQFRyssa> Give you a blow job. 
<Alden> !!!!
 * DeputyQFRyssa runs very fast

Oct 6 [21:09]
 * DoctorQuotefileWho should go to bed but he's wiring himself up on Liquid 
 * BayouBecky offers to refill Nate's supply of ... lemonade 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> BB: Actually, the substance in question is Dew 
 * Bob01 notes him and Nathan are Dewaholics 
 * BayouBecky is a Dewaholic as well.... 
 * DoctorQuotefileWho fell off the wagon ^_^ 
<Theta-G> nate you set fire to the wagon 
<Theta-G> and rode around it making american indian noises 

Oct 6 [21:47]
<DoctorQuotefileWho> I need a padded desk... hell, I need a padded cell 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> I need a padded everything 
<Alden> Nate: think how your desk feels. :) 
 * Alden hands Nate a padded pencil 
 * Kiri` finds a pad of paper 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> When I'm not banging my fist against the desk or 
                     banging my head against the wall I'm tripping over 
                     shit or running into things with sharp edges 
 * Drake hands Nate a paddle 
<Kiri`> think you need a bigger place? 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> I need a keeper 
<FreeRadical> I've got this one, kind of used and banged up. It says "Made 
              in Traken," not sure what that's about. 

Oct 6 [22:07]
<DoctorQuotefileWho> NP: MC Hammer - Too Legit To Quit 
<Theta-G> hammer was a bat boy for the oakland a's istr. his mansion in 
          fremont might be torn down by now 
<Theta-G> unless a dot commer bought it 
<xanta> too in debt! too in debt to quit! 

Oct 6
<DoctorQuotefileWho> Wow.  I hadn't realized how cold I'd made this room
<Alden> Nah, we still like you, Nate.

Oct 7 [02:35]
 * Alden feels a strange urge come over him 
 * Alden twiches 
<Alden> I keep getting the urge to...tidy. 
<dse> do some spring cleaning 
<Alden> I can't! It's against my inherant nature! 
 * Alden feels himself being pulled towards a dustpan and brush. 
<dse> you cannot help yourself Alden, you will eventually give in to the 
      temptation to clean 
 * Alden wails 
 * Alden discovers his brilliant plan for rearraning his shelves is not 
   going to work by about a centimetre and a half 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> D'oh! 
<Alden> and I can't move the two shelves cause one is fixed and the other 
        is in the top holes 
<Alden> I think I just burned out my tidying urge 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> Saved! 
<Alden> my shelves are now untidy, but in a different order 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> LOL!! 
<Alden> What I really need is about 2 or 3 times the shelf space 
<Alden> I mean, I have this huge box in the middle of my room from the last 
        monitor I bought, which has basically been taken over as a table. 
<Alden> However I don't know what I would do with the stuff on it if it 
        wasn't there 

Oct 7
<FreeRadical> You know, it's impossible to get competent fast food service in
              this town.  Like moreso than usually.
<Theta-G> what is this faith that makes us think greasy teenage moms will keep
          food safety guidelines in mind?
<DeputyQFRyssa> competent and fast food and service were just put in the same
                sentence as each other. I think my head is going to implode.

Oct 8 [00:11]
 * Alden suddenly discovers he has a boney protrution at the back of his 
<AB_SofaMoper> Uh oh, Thete, I think Alden's discovered the implant... 
<Theta-G> sorry, Alden. I figured if we could get a direct tap on kinky 
          mistress mel fantasies, we could make a killing in 
          thought-transfer dvd sales 

Oct 8 [00:24]
<marchhair> Pants? Who wears pants when they're on the Internet? 
<marchhair> I mean, when not at work. 
<Theta-G> lol 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> And when the windows aren't open? 
<Theta-G> windows? 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> The glass kind, not the redmond kind 
<Theta-G> good point. the brick wall outside in the SOULLESS ALEY might 

Oct 8 [01:22]
<Theta-G> welcome to IRC, where your body says on local time but your brain 
          goes global 
<Alden> my brain goes globby 
<Theta-G> i know, i have been monitoring it 

Oct 8 [04:05]
--- Alden has changed the topic to: Tom wins Fantasy Baseball Championship! 
    | Taliban Survivor: "Osama? We've decided to vote you off. Good luck 
    with the Americans" 

Oct 8 [15:25]
 * DoctorQuotefileWho finds his local office 
 * }-raven-{ read that as orifice 
<}-raven-{> Filth! 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> No fair calling Filth on something that wasn't said! 
<}-raven-{> Feh 
<}-raven-{> Go Fish 
 * DoctorQuotefileWho figures out how to get to their office 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> Not orifice, OFFICE 
<gordon-r-d> damn... 
<gordon-r-d> I was about to make several suggestions :) 

Oct 9 [00:53]
<DoctorQuotefileWho> morning 
<Alden> morning Nate 
 * Theta-G clubs Nate over the head 
<Theta-G> *THWACK* 
<DoctorQuotefileWho> goodnight 
 * DoctorQuotefileWho falls over 
<Theta-G> cool. that'll work fine in february 

Oct 9 [01:30]
<Theta-G> actually russ you are a cutie pie 
<marchhair> I concur. QT-3.14159 

Oct 9 [01:33]
--- TheProf has changed the topic to: You have reached the end of the 
    Internet. Please restart your computer to go back to the beginning. 
 * TheProf waits to see how many people actually do. 
<Theta-G> You have reached the last page of my reasons for not fwapping 
          you. Either scribble out another page or duck. 

Oct 9 [02:02]
 * DoctorQuotefileWho sees his Mivascript counter is still working, despite 
   the fact that Yahoo said their changes would have broken it months ago 
<DeputyQFRyssa> Yahoo can't even break something right? Why does this not 
                surprise me 

Oct 9 [04:10]
<Theta-G> i've made a mistake 
<Alden> Thete: You've been a channel regular here how long? 
<Alden> and you just worked this out? :) 
<Theta-G> ... 
<MegL> hehe 
<Theta-G> :-} 
<Theta-G> i'd better re-adjust my relative mistake scale ;-) 

Oct 9 [20:49]
<Fenric1> Some nut with a knife and a gun sprayed chemicals all over a DC 
          metro stop today. Turned out it was cleaning fluid, which 
          explains why no one at the metro station could recognize the 
          smell. ;> 

Oct 9
<DoctorQuotefileWho> Thete: Bum means to hand-optimize code
 * Alryssa stares at the url. "Yes, your bum does look big in this
   source code."

Oct 10 [00:14]
--- Thete has changed the topic to: We are so bored we are comparing 
    character sets and the colors of our user lists. HELP US!!! 
 * NathanR sets his font to wingdings 
<NathanR> I can't understand a thing you're saying 
<NathanR> I can't understand a thing anyone is saying 
<Thete> nate is a dork head who can't read in WindDing text 
<Thete> uh oh- another flash of demented inspiration 
<Thete> I CAN'T SEE SHIT - Adventures of a Tie Fighter Pilot 

Oct 10 [00:31]
<DoctorWho> andale mono ipa is an odd font 
<DoctorWho> The lowercase letters g, q, and all the uppercase letters are 
<Alden> OH gOOD 

Oct 11 [19:20]
<thetaWerk> /whois ThisGodPersonAnyway 

Oct 11 [20:32]
<NathanR> What was the Ottoman Empire? 
<Fenric1> Nate: The sworn enemy of the Dick Van Dyke Empire. 

Oct 11 [23:17]
 * Shel makes a plea to satan 
<TardisFM> He's on ICQ you know ^_^ 
<Shel> that's where i made the plea :) 
<TardisFM> lol 
<Shel> "you never call.... you never visit.... *sob sob*" 
<Shel> let's see what sort of response i get... 
<TardisFM> LOL 
<Shel> his response "uh, that's because you moved without leaving a 
       forwarding address and then there's that restraining order" 

Oct 11 [23:22]
<DoctorWho> I always wondered that about the TVM. "At midnight, this planet 
            will be turned inside out" 
<DoctorWho> midnight in which time zone?? 
<DoctorWho> Or does each time zone get picked off one by one, every hour? 
<DoctorWho> Was the world going to be carved into 24 pieces and 
            individually sucked into the black hole? 
<DoctorWho> Or did the black hole distort the passage of time so it hit 
            midnight all over the planet simultaneously? 
<Alden> Nate: No, the whole planet would be sucked through a plot hole. :) 

Oct 11
 * BayouBecky dashes into a phone booth and becomes.....
*** BayouBecky is now known as MommyBecky
 * DoctorWho dashes into a phone booth and becomes........
*** DoctorWho is now known as SuperGeek
 * Alryssa dashes into a phone booth and becomes...
*** Alryssa is now known as AlryssaInnaPhoneBooth
<AlryssaInnaPhoneBooth> ta-da!

Oct 11
 * DoctorWho dies horribly
 * Alryssa looks at Nate
<Alryssa> Dammit...
*** Alryssa is now known as QFRyssa
<QFRyssa> Bah, humbug
 * Thete damns it
<QFRyssa> you're all in trouble now
<Thete> why?
<Alden> Now Ryssa has to do the Quotefile.
<Thete> {{{ very afraid }}}
<Thete> i wish nate hadn't died horribly
<Thete> i had hoped he might go in his sleep
<Thete> ... when he finally got round to that whole 'sleep' business

Oct 11
<Alden> Is it sad when you watch a movie and you keep identifying
	sound bites as wavs that get played in this channel?
<Alryssa> LOL
<Alryssa> yes. :P
<Alryssa> what movie is this, Alden?
<Alden> Animal House
<Alryssa> does this imply we're animals? ;-)
<Alden> does that need to be implied? :)

Oct 12 [03:42]
<Alryssa> argh, I need to go to bed 
<-- Theta-G has quit (Quit: sleep) 
 * Alryssa stares at Thete. No, I said *I* needed to go to bed! 

Oct 12 [04:56]
 * Jondar is beginning to think it's due to my (always) crappy connection 
<Jondar> DSL is "always on" - my dial-up is "always crappy" >:-) 

Oct 12
 * DoctorWho tosses his cookies and tries again
<DoctorWho> er...
 * DoctorWho purges his cookies and tries again
<DoctorWho> er.... that's not much better
 * DoctorWho rm's ~/.netscape/cookies

Oct 13 [00:18]
<Theta-G> I once told a gal that I *was* the san francisco treat. 
<Theta-G> i didn't get a date. 
<Theta-G> and then i woke up 
<MegL> thete, this is why you don't get dates more 
<Theta-G> I should think up better come on lines :-) 
<Alden> Thete: "Want to see my G?" 

Oct 13 [09:18]
--> Theta-G has joined #drwhochat 
<Theta-G> Hey theter. 
 * Theta-G . o O ( theter? ) 
<DoctorWho> That's what you said. 
<Theta-G> I think that was supposed th be Hey there. 
 * DoctorWho waits for "No I didn't! I said..." in the style of 5docs 
   Hartnell and Pi ^_^ 
 * Theta-G waits for "Kindly refrain from calling me you!" 

Oct 14 [01:15]
<PhileasFogg> The Creation of the Universe was made possible by a grant 
              from Texas Instruments. 
<PhileasFogg> -- Credits, The Creation of the Universe (A PBS science 

Oct 14 [03:30]
<Alden> I just got an email saying WebRing has split from the Yahoo network 
<MegL> hmmm 
<DoctorWho> unh?? 
<MegL> that happened tonight - I was mucking with webring earlier 
<MegL> said yahoo 
<DoctorWho> Yahoo is actually /disassimilating/ something?? 
<Alden> Looks like it! 
 * DoctorWho picks up the red phone 
<MegL> what all does it say 
 * DoctorWho puts the phone down 
<Alden> You're ringing Blor to see if Hell froze over?? 
<DoctorWho> He's at walmart right now getting thermal underwear 

Oct 15 [23:05]
<Oddone> Okay folks, I'm off. I'll probably be back tomorrow, but try not 
         to act surprised if I just show up in another half hour..... 
 * WalkingHatStand shoots Odd in the ass with a Dew Dart 
<Alryssa> kinky 
<Theta-G> wtf is a dew dart 
<Shel> mountain dew 
<Alryssa> mountain dew 
<WalkingHatStand> You know what a tranquilizer dart is, don't you? 
<Theta-G> a dart? 
<WalkingHatStand> Same idea, except for Dew in place of the Tranq ^_^ 

Oct 15 [23:29]
[Thete is doing a vanity search] 
<Theta-G> google's first page of Peter Fagan contains me and the other two 
          fellas. a successful sculptor in Illinois and a modest 
          photographer in Texas 
<Theta-G> actually, there's a third fella in Australia who is some kind of 
<WalkingHatStand> Peter and Jason are the same person!! 
<Theta-G> That's why we have the same # of DVDs 

Oct 16 [00:07]
<DoctorWho> This o_O moment brought to you by.... 

Oct 16 [00:46]
<Theta-G> [moona baysa] 
<Theta-G> those cybermen must be italian 
<DoctorWho> or gungan ^_^ 
<Theta-G> gungan? 
<DoctorWho> jar-jar 

Oct 16 [03:40]
 * NathanR grabs Jason: Help me!!! 
<NathanR> I'm writing an IRC server in Java! 
 * Jondar just stares at Nathan, as if he'd grown 3 heads and a tail... 
<NathanR> and feathers and horns 
 * Jondar tries to scrape a coherent sentence together... 
<Jondar> Nathan: WHY!?!?!?!?!?! 
<MegL> I think he's bored 
<Alryssa> Jason: Yeah 
<NathanR> Meg's answer is as good as any 

Oct 16
<Pete_Wisdom> You know what I want for Christmas...I want a Fender
              Strat or a Yamaha Midi capable keyboard
<Alryssa> Not until you clean up your room
<Pete_Wisdom> But Mooooooom

Oct 18 [03:58]
 * NathanR now has no screen on his window 
 * Jondar draws a window on Nathan's monitor and then rubs it out: Now you 
   have no window on your screen :) 

Oct 18 [03:59]
<NathanR> You didn't hear my revelation yesterday 
<Jondar> Nathan: you revalated that Windows is actually a good OS? :) 
<}-raven-{> revalation? 
<NathanR> "monopoly" is an oxymoron 
<Jondar> Nathan: you didn't realise that? 
<Jondar> Mono = one, poly = many :) 
<NathanR> And I think this should give rise to a new term 
<NathanR> Monopolythiest 
<NathanR> Someone who worships the Almighty Buck 
<Alden> Well, Buck Rogers *was* a pretty good show, but still 
<Alden> that *is* pushing it 
<NathanR> *fwap* 
<Alden> Sorry, I forgot my resolution to be less funny to avoid unnecessary 
<Jondar> ROTFL 
 * Alden sits and looks deadly serious. :-| 
 * Jondar takes out a gun and looks seriously deadly >:-) 

Oct 18 [23:12]
<Theta-G> it's really funny watching someone change nicks to make a point 
          in another channel. a bit like watching comeone's botty while 
          they're fishing something out of their car 

Oct 18 [23:14]
<DoctorWho> 22:58:05 <-- Morpheaous has quit (Quit: (SickNerv (Ting 
<Theta-G> interes Ting 

Oct 19 [07:02]
 * Alryssa laughs at the spam : "Home Loan Approval" - damn, I'm not an 
   American citizen and I'm not working and yet I can get a homeloan? Wow, 
   America is amzing! ;-) 
<DoctorWho> Ryssa: I bet you can get a preapproved credit card too 
<DoctorWho> ^_^ 
<Alryssa> Nate: Sure I can! 
<Alryssa> and so can my cat! 

Oct 19 [20:29]
<The_42nd_Doctor> Someone just stuck a paper under my door... 
<Theta-G> call the CCDC 
<CrowTRobt> does it have a mysterious white powder on it? 
<The_42nd_Doctor> "Elect Ali Nadeem for Bethune Councillor"... aah, 
                  popularity contest time again. 
<The_42nd_Doctor> aah, no. Just black toner. 

Oct 20 [22:53]
<Thete> hmm. the terrified ben & polly was still in my browser. so I right 
        clicked it and tiled it on my desktop. 
<Thete> it actually generated the visceral impression that my computer is 
        terrified of me. 
<Thete> that's too frightening. I can't just leave them shrinking in the 
        corners of my monitor like that. 
<Thete> I have things to do and they look like they'll scream and shut down 
        the OS if I try to open My Computer 
 * Thete stretches the pic instead of tiling 
<Thete> there. 
<Thete> now they're HUGE and scared, but the mouse pointer is fly-size, 
        realatively. so now they're just being silly. 

Oct 22 [02:00]
<MadHa^^er> well when your done baby sitting sweet Kiri, is there NOT a 
            woman or Wench in SF you would date? 
<Thete> well gimme 10 minutes why dontcha, I only just re-varnished my 
        caveman club! 
<DoctorWho> o_O 
<Thete> WOMAN!!! *thunk* 
<DoctorWho> That's why he can't get a date ^_^ 
<Alden> LOL 
<Thete> also, I'm in love, sweet love with the file I just encoded. I am 
        making frickin' -movies- here. dream #037 is coming true before my 

Oct 22 [05:02]
<DoctorWho> Wow, the Ogg project has been in the works since the days when 
            the 486 was new 
<Alryssa> ogg? 
<DoctorWho> An open-source replacement for MP3 
<Alryssa> oh 
<Alryssa> and they're still not done? 
<DoctorWho> They're at RC2 
<DoctorWho> Very close to a 1.0 release 
<CycloneJack> if i hurry I can beat them with the release of theta-g 

Oct 22 [06:08]
<CycloneJack> wunna these days 
<DoctorWho> I'm going to cut you into little pieces 
<CycloneJack> damn you and your psychic brain, nate 
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO 
<CycloneJack> i'll put you and Morbius on The Psychic Brains Network 

Oct 22 [21:56]
<Fenric1> A friend of mine in college was named Gray. Since he was always 
          hopelessly late for things, we described his manner of 
          time-keeping as Grayscale... 

Oct 23 [22:45]
<DoctorWho^_^> Whenever I'm offered the chance to get drunk, all I have to 
               think is: "Do I want to end up in my own quotefile over 
               this?" ^_^ 
<Theta-G> nathan you TEMPT fate with that line 
<Lyssie> Nate: As if we would *ever* get you drunk with just that purpose 
         in mind.... 
<Theta-G> although to be honest, if you went to gally you might not get 
          drunk. you are tal and not skinny so the amount to make you drunk 
          would probably kill me stone dead, and who's gonna risk it 

Oct 24 [01:50]
<TheProf> The next two things I am hoping for on DVD (besides more DW) is 
          Mr Bean and Blake's 7. 
 * TheProf is not holding his breath 
<DoctorWho> Yeah, I remember the time you actually tried it. I was actually 
            worried that your face would stay blue until the day you died 
<DoctorWho> Admittedly, I thought that was going to be the same day 
<TheProf> lol 
<DoctorWho> But the EMT guys did a wonderful job 
<TheProf> It was a she...nice that she didn't press charges but then again 
          she started it with that cpr 

Oct 24 [02:33]
 * TheProf ate at a nice scottish place this morning. 
<Alden> mcdonalds? 

Oct 24 [23:15]
<TheProf> My wife is doing something evil 
<Alden> she and the cats are plotting against you again? 
<MegL> and this is unusual? 
<TheProf> She's in North carolina bidding on Ebay stuff where i can't 

Oct 24 [23:45]
<marchhair> Oh, btw, Buster has a cat called Pikachu (originally called 
<marchhair> Pikachu is a orange-pink cat. 
<Compassion> pika pika pika pika pika 
<Alden> chu 
--- Compassion is now known as Pikaaaaa 
<Theta-G> *fwap* 
--- Pikaaaaa is now known as Pikachuuuuuu 
--- ChanServ removes channel operator status from Theta-G 
<Pikachuuuuuu> pika! pika pi 
<TheProf> Chanserv the sick and twisted 
<Theta-G> dammit, *fwap* all you pikafreeks 
<Theta-G> *fwap* 

Oct 25 [01:55]
<TheProf> Ever wish you would see one of those little news blerps in the 
          evening and have the news person say "news ancor pissed and had 
          enough. At 11!" 
<TheProf> You'd tune in just to see if he was still there and if so to see 
          if he has a chain saw 

Oct 26 [04:09]
<MeggieMay> problem is I tried to ghost 
<MeggieMay> I figure if I change to megl it'll get me ;) 
<Alden> wait til you get the "MegL isn't on IRC" message from nickserv? 
<MeggieMay> nickserv is back 
--- MeggieMay is now known as MegL 
 * MegL waits to die ;) 
<MegL> guess it's not caught up 
<Alden> it'll probably go down first. ;) 

Oct 26 [05:55]
<Theta-G> what'dja have for breakfast 
<Theta-G> pea green soup 
<Theta-G> what'dja have for lunch 
<Theta-G> pea green soup 
<Theta-G> what'dja have for dinner 
<Theta-G> pea green soup 
<Theta-G> what'dja do all night 
<Theta-G> pea green soup 

Oct 26 [07:29]
<CrowTRobt> I am playing hooky today 
<Blor> Hooky? sounds kinky 

Oct 27 [23:36]
<marchhair> Hey, I had something similar, Ryssa. I was a philosophy major 
            and I had this really strong set of ethics, but they belonged 
            to the university, so I had to give them back when I left. :-) 

Oct 28 [00:56]
 * Pete_Wisdom is watching DS9...oh no, Dukat's daughter got shot! 
<Thete> Amelia Dukat? 
<Alden> old ep 
<Alden> so old, it has screened here! 

Oct 28 [09:51]
<SpooForBrains> okay ... when you don't want your car stolen you park next 
                to something nice with no alarm ... 

Oct 28 [21:53]
<WhiteQueen> he's been idle for 7 hours... 
<Alden> Nate! Nate! Bill Gates is in your home and he's installing Windows 
        XP on your computer!!! 

Oct 29 [14:51]
 * Shel flips on the anthrax channel... aka cnn 

Oct 29 [17:17]
--> Kaoru-kun ( has joined 
<StaticShadow> hi kaoru-kun 
<Kaoru-kun> ahhhhh 
<-- Kaoru-kun ( has left 
<StaticShadow> that was brief :) 
<Arcalian> ?? 
<Arcalian> file that under WTF 

Oct 29 [22:28]
<Thete> Whenever someone wants to console me in this channel I can't help 
        wondering how heavy the TARDIS console is and how much it would 

Oct 29 [23:44]
[Haloween time...] 
<Oddone> Well, I *might* be able to come up with something better at my job 
         (Postal Service, for those who don't know) they gave me a $50 gift 
         certificate for perfect attendance for a fiscal quarter. I need to 
         buy a new winter coat with that, but if I've got enough left 
         *over*.....PIMP. My friends and I went shopping for costumes the 
         other day, and when we saw the fat guy pimp costume...everybody 
         just screamed "JOSE!!"(Like I can help that I was born a 

Oct 30 [13:42]
<}-raven-{> Even when i was drunk i didn't find it funny. 
<}-raven-{> and when i'm really drunk, i can find, like, tin foil funny. 

Oct 30 [14:32]
<Oddone> raven: that's all I've ever heard about it....I won't run XP for 
         about another 6 months or needs to mature..... 
<}-raven-{> Oddone: no, it needs to grow a set of balls to get thru 
            puberty. then it needs to mature. 

Oct 30 [14:38]
 * }-raven-{ is too funk to druck 

Oct 30
<Alryssa> I watched some parody this afternoon... 'Shriek if you know
	  what you did last Friday the 13th' or something
<dse> I've heard of it
<Drake> i bet the title was the best thing to that film 
<Kiri``> i saw that in the guide.. 
<dse> how about "I Screamed Because Halloween Fell on Friday the 13th
      Last Summer"?
<Alryssa> Gods, talk about trying to take the piss out of too many films 
<Alryssa> there were *some* funny bits, but it tried far too hard
<Drake> "I Screamed because i paid money to see this damn film last summer!"

Oct 31 [07:49]
<}-raven-{> Whens your birthday nate? 
<DoctorWho> A week from today 
 * }-raven-{ goes off to arrange a strip-a-gram 
 * DoctorWho sniggers 
<}-raven-{> a woman strips off to reveal a penguin underneath.... 

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