The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue IX: September 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sep 1 [11:48]
<}-raven-{> this type of music is usually associated with drunk 13 year 
            olds. flashing lights and so many mixed hormones that you leave 
            the room not sure what gender you are.... 
<random_cd> hehehehe 
<}-raven-{> why do i have a sudden urge to wear trousers that are 7 sizes 
            too big for me.... 
 * random_cd hands }-raven-{ some big chains that serve no practical 
   purpose, and a skateboard 
<}-raven-{> actually, i saw a kid in Croydon today that had these huge 
            baggy white trousers on, with chords hangin out the side. and i 
            was trying to work out if you pulled the chord they would 

Sep 1 [18:09]
<xanta> did you hear about the new ride in vegas? 
<CrowTRobt> what new ride? 
<CrowTRobt> I know about the old ride in vegas... the one where you lose 
            all your money playing craps 
<NathanR> iow, The ride you get taken for? 
<CrowTRobt> thats the one nate 

Sep 2 [05:03]
 * Alryssa screams... no Christina Aguilera! 
 * Theta-G screams... oh Christina Aguilera! 

Sep 2 [22:34]
              ON THE WEB! 
<GeoffWessel> I forgot I wrote this! 
<AB_Fab> See Jesus jump! See Jesus dance! It's the Holy Jumping Jesus! 
         Yours for only three installments of just $19.95! 
<SteveBreon> haha! 
<GeoffWessel> Neil, trust me, it was either that or something totally 
              blasphemous ;-) 
<AB_Fab> Geoff; Well, there are some people who would have drawn and 
         quartered you by now. But then most of them lived inthe Middle 

Sep 3 [00:01]
<Theta-G> the virgin megastore is pretty cool, but there's something wrong 
          with this picture: 
<Fenric1> No virgins? 

Sep 3 [03:46]
<InsomNate> I was saying last night, "If I was doing the opening keynote at 
            LinuxWorld, I'd have started with 'My fellow americans, I'm 
            pleased to tell you that I've signed legislation outlawing 
            Microsoft forever. We begin boming in 5 minutes." 
<}-raven-{> "We have Bill gates strung up on a pole in the foyer. Baseball 
            bats can be purchased for a mere $10....." 

Sep 3 [05:12]
 * Alryssa has finished moving to the new apartment. Boxes everywhere again 
<Jondar> poor 'Ryssa 
<Alryssa> and my family arrives on Friday! 
<Jondar> eeep! 
<Alryssa> you bet your arse 'eep' 
<Jondar> "Hello mum, dad... pull up a box!" >:-) 

Sep 3 [05:19]
 * Alryssa looks at the Underground train on Thete's webcam. Of course it's 
   a model. It's too clean to be a real Underground train! 
<Alryssa> not one trace of graffiti 

Sep 4 [16:36]
<Xanta_Claus> pot noodle flavor, of course 
<}-raven-{> yes, but what flavour pot noodle? 
<Oddone> raven: I can't belive you asked that.....the only flavor is 
         *crap*, really..... 

Sep 4 [19:06]
<Oddone> Setok: How can you not like dancing?! I *can't* dance, but even 
         then, put on some music I'm out there doing my patented 
         dances("The flailing Whale", "The Sasquatch having an epilectic 
         Seizure", and the crowd stopper "The 'dear God, get fatty *off* 
         the dance floor!'") with the best of 'em..... 

Sep 8 [23:14]
<Theta-G> i gather that the editors used to call it that because people 
          discovered in bondage scenes used to always make the AP weird 
          news, back before the public got jaded about bondage 
<Alden> Thete: ahhhhhh. It's penis stories on Ananova 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<Theta-G> i want a nude ananove gui patch and then maybe i'll start going 
          there again for news 
<DoctorWho> LOL! 
<Theta-G> fifty bux says the ananova team had one rendered before they ever 
          went live 
<Alden> lol 
<Fenric1> heheh 
<DoctorWho> They probably started off with a nude model and then added the 
            clothes later 
<Theta-G> stands to attention 
<Theta-G> er, reason 

Sep 9 [22:44]
<xanta> if you have sex on an airplane you are part of the mile-high club, 
        what club are you in if you have sex while ircing? 
<AudioBoy> The IRKink Club? 
<The_42nd_Doctor> The smiley high club? 
<DoctorWho> Now the question is... What kind of pickup line would you use 
            on IRC? 
<Oddone> DW: "You. Me. Sex?" 

Sep 9 [23:21]
<random_c> I thought cyclones were smaller 
<Theta-G> weather phenomena? 
<random_c> #machintosh on topic as usual. 
<Theta-G> ah, dining with miss chan 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
 * DoctorWho remembers the time we were talking about Macs in DWC, and 
   Doctor Who in #macintosh 
<Oddone> DW: I think that's probably the closest these two channels have 
         *ever* been to being completely on topic..... 

Sep 10 [00:09]
<Oddone> Whoa. Lightbulb just went off. Really, why don't you people *tell* 
         me how much of a fuckwit I am?! 
<DoctorWho> Jose, you're a complete and total fuckwit! 
<DoctorWho> We're talking Dan Quayle territory here! 

Sep 11 [00:06]
<Oddone> The people who earn my ire are those who take *any* fandom too 
         seriously *COUGH*radw*COUGH*. 
<DoctorWho> ^_^ 
<DoctorWho> It's sad, really 
<DoctorWho> The internet is supposed to be this great medium that connects 
            people together from all over the globe 
<DoctorWho> But it seems to bring out the worst in people 
<random_c> '...removing all barriers to communication and thereby causing 
           more and bloodier wars than the galaxy had previously known...' 

Sep 11 [01:10]
<Not_a_Prisoner> they don't have any eyebrows, eith- wait... good lord! 
                 Mona Lisa is a Cyberman! 

Sep 13 [22:29]
<Theta-G> what i really want to do is a 6 minute sci-fi in the visual style 
          of a hartnell ep. 
<AudioBoy> Complete with flubbed lines? :) 

Sep 14 [01:31]
<Theta-G> i like food 
<Theta-G> i'm looking for a woman who likes food and breathes air. i won't 
          settle for less 
<}-raven-{> So a real dolls not for you then? 
<Kiri`> well it's a good start.. but all those mermaids are robably upset 
<Theta-G> i don't think mermaids would bring me home to meet the parents, 
          after all the tuna sarnies i've had 
<}-raven-{> lol 
<Kiri`> i thought they liked tuna 
<}-raven-{> "Mom, dad, this is..." "YOU MURDERING BASTARD!!!!" 
<Theta-G> LOL 
 * Kiri` giggles 
<}-raven-{> "I've been putting serious thought to having your parents for 
<Theta-G> LOLOL 
<marchhair> No, mermaids prefer canned chicken, esp. Tuna of the Land 

Sep 14 [15:13]
<gordon-r-d> was fine in the afternoon but its bucketing down now, Jones 
             refuses to go out... 
<Wemb> Jones? 
<gordon-r-d> Jones, my cat 
<Wemb> Awwww! 
<Wemb> You've got a little shithead! 
<Wemb> (I assume that's where you got the name from?) 
<gordon-r-d> well yes, but enough about my brother... 

Sep 14 [23:25]
<Theta-G> i figure if i keep packing, i'll have to move just to keep living 
<Nathan_Ro> All prepared for that (semi-)impending move? 
<Theta-G> one day i'll come home and there will be -nothing- to do, so i'll 
          go apartment hunting 
<Nathan_Ro> Ah, planning to pack the computer I take it ^_^ 
<Theta-G> well you know that the more i put it off the less i will have to 
<Theta-G> ten buxcks says that terrorism is not enough to make the bay area 
          affordable. us damn yanks will bounce back strong and i'll 
          -still- be living in this shoebox 
<Nathan_Ro> Well, if it were me, the aforementioned 'one day' would be the 
            day I packed the computer ^_^ 
<Theta-G> natch! 
<Theta-G> greetings! 
<Theta-G> there. shoebox greetings. 

Sep 14 [23:55]
--- Theta-G is now known as Theta-GTE 

Sep 15 [21:17]
<AudioBoy> *sigh* 
<AudioBoy> Two emails all day and they're both sex spam. :} 
<AudioBoy> "Make your breasts bigger -- guys will notice!" 
<AudioBoy> Ys they will. They'll beat the crap out of me and call me names. 
<AudioBoy> "Make your penis larger!" 
<AudioBoy> That's easy. Just think about sex and *bam!* -- it automaticaly 
           gets bigger! :} 

Sep 17 [09:54]
<}-raven-{> a network cable in the kitchen... what was i thinking.... 
<DoctorWho> "I'm not feeling geeky enough. What can I do to enhance my 
<}-raven-{> this from a man who built a terminal just to irc from bed 

Sep 18 [21:38]
<WhiteQueen> bases loaded... two outs.... 
<Theta-G> all your base are loaded 

Sep 18 [23:30]
<Theta-G> can somebody tell me which week the word got round about putting 
          tennis balls on zimmers? they look ridiculous 
<NathanR> zimmers? 
<Theta-G> walkers 
<NathanR> ah 
<NathanR> I've always wondered what the point of that was 
<MegL> to stop them from skidding 
<NathanR> When I was at TechTV studios I noticed they had /cameras/ with 
          tennis balls stuck on in places 
<MegL> also stops scuffing of the floor 
<MegL> with the TV studio it may be to muffle any sounds 
<Theta-G> ok, to be honest, i thought it was a cool hack, but it adds a 
          fresh, athletic feel to walkers which is like painting a 
          mcdonalds in the background of the mona lisa 
<NathanR> LOL 
<UFO1999> or the USS Enterprise, which was done on some Trek plate :) 
<Theta-G> UFO: i reserve the right to think less of you for knowing that 

Sep 19 [20:22]
<Fenric2> I wish more politicians had the courage to stand up to God... 
          "Oi! Move this mountain you bearded English actor!" 

Sep 21 [00:27]
<TheProf> One time at a Kings game I went downstairs for break. When i took 
          the elevator back up to the concorse it was me and 8 police 
          officers in the elevator. We start going up and I say "I am safer 
          right now thatn the President of the United States" which cracked 
          up the officers 
<TheProf> One of the officers then said "Another way to look at it is your 
          in a very small space with 8 armed men" 

Sep 21 [17:15]
<DrFaust> Is anyone else getting msg spam in Spanish? 
<gordon-r-d> not me 
<IanMc> Hmmmm... what's Spanish for "no"? 
<IanMc> Oh, right. No. 

Sep 22 [00:15]
<Xanta_Claus> i remember in college there used to be graffiti beside the 
              toilet paper rolls in the stalls that read "Liberal Arts 
              Degree, Take One --->" 

Sep 23 [01:20]
 * Theta-G throws a dart at a map of northern california 
<Theta-G> Hmmm. 
<NathanR> Ah, decision-making, Davison style? 

Sep 23 [01:33]
<Theta-G> shooby doo bop wop shooby skiddly iddly ooh bop 
<Theta-G> ski-dahhhhhhhh 
<NathanR> I see Thete is stuck back in the.... What decade is that anyways? 
<Alden> 70s? 
<Fenric1> Yeah, baby, yeah... 
<NathanR> I see Thete is stuck back in the 70s 
 * Theta-G shakes his head sadly 
 * NathanR gives Thete his card 
<Theta-G> Happiness Patrol Special Agent? 
<NathanR> It's frightening that (a) You actually caught the reference from 
          such little detail, and (b) I knew you would 

Sep 23 [01:43]
 * Theta-G goes back to basket weaving 
<NathanR> ah, now there's a job I could try out for 
<AldenB> Nate: you're already a basket case. :) 

Sep 23 [01:46]
<MinnieFay> ::looks at clock:: woah, didnt realize how late it was 
 * NathanR looks at the clock 
<NathanR> Holy cow, it's 2010! 
 * Theta-G hits nathan 
<Fenric1> Nate: Oh shit! My credit card bill is late! 
<AldenB> funny, it's 2040 here 
<Theta-G> 2001 the year my fist makes contact 
<NathanR> For the sake of my own safety, I think I better move out of 
          commuting distance from Thete ^_^ 
<Theta-G> I'm a pretty dangerous dud when I'm cornered 
<Theta-G> or dude 
<NathanR> either works. ^_^ 
<Theta-G> take yer pick ;-) 
<Theta-G> snap 
 * NathanR admires Thete's Peril Sensitive Sunglasses 
<Theta-G> At the first sign of TheWriter, they turn completely black, thus 
          preventing me from seeing anything that might make me profoundly 
          pissed off 
<NathanR> Dude, where can I get some? 
<MinnieFay> ::lost:: 
<Theta-G> soory, minnie, i;m being abstruse 
<NathanR> And do they come in Brigadier Nathan Rogers flavor? 
 * NathanR puts another mark on the wall for Thete and trudges off to the 
<Theta-G> you just hate NR cuz people mistake u2 
<NathanR> That and he's an annoying git ^_^ 
 * NathanR puts 2 and 2 toghether 
<Theta-G> You're putting 2 and 2 together i can tell by the look on your 
          face that you're putting 2 and 2 together 
<NathanR> There's an ieda. Vocabulary Sensitive Sunglasses that turn 
          completely black, thus preventing me from seenig a word that I 
          might have to look up 
<MinnieFay> and hes getting 5? 
<Theta-G> likely 
<NathanR> beat me to it 
 * NathanR pauses 
<NathanR> 'beat' is probably not the best word to use at this point ^_^ 
<AldenB> i want glasses that will make me spell perfectly 
<NathanR> Alden: You could just get us all Prof-sensitive sunglasses ^_^ 
<Theta-G> i am tired 
<Theta-G> i sincerely thought he typed 'smell' instead of 'spell' 
<NathanR> o_o_O 
<Theta-G> siamese twins or a doubletake? 
<NathanR> alien ^_^ 
<AldenB> I knew it, Nate a Silurian 
 * NathanR stares a hole into Alden 
<NathanR> ...literally 
<Theta-G> from the planet Silur 
<AldenB> ow 
<Theta-G> *8-o 
<NathanR> o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_O 
<Theta-G> okay, everybody type /clear and we can share a moment of amnesia 
<NathanR> Did you just say something, Thete? 
<Fenric1> Penis? 
<Theta-G> The penis mightier than the sword 
<Theta-G> er, 
<NathanR> ROTFL 
<Theta-G> The pen is mightier than the sword 

Sep 23 [02:09]
<NathanR> Mountain Dew, or as I like to call it, "Liquid Awake" 

Sep 23 [90:02]
<MinnieFay> lol i love random tangents 
<NathanR> y=tan(rnd(x))? 
<MinnieFay> akk. the scary thing is i think i understood that 
<NathanR> and (b) I knew you would? ^_^ 

Sep 24 [21:44]
<Whomiga> hi Thete 
<Theta-G> what's up 
<Whomiga> Are you still on AIM at work? 
<NathanR> I don't see him on 
<-- Theta-G has kicked thetaWerk from #drwhochat (ugly m-th-rf-ck-r) 
<NathanR> LOL! 
<Whomiga> I do - idle over 3 hours now... 
<NathanR> Well I know why I don't see him now 
<NathanR> Somehow he's disappeared off my list 
<Whomiga> he switched it to his computer at home then went off again 
<Whomiga> I got, and I quote "phhhhhbt" 

Sep 27 [00:31]
 * Alryssa pinches Dan's cheeks. 
<marchhair> ouch! 
<Alryssa> FILTH! 
<Alryssa> ;-D 
<MadHatter30> which cheeks? 
<DoctorWho> o_O_o 
 * marchhair blushes 
<Alryssa> that's for Dan to know and er... 
<Alryssa> never mind! 

Sep 27 [01:32]
<-- UFO1999 has quit (Quit: ) 
--> Alden has joined #DrWhoChat 
<Theta-G> wait a minute 
<Compassion> hmm? 
<Theta-G> UFO1999 (from new zealand) signs off, and 5 seconds, later, in 
          comes clark bates, adjusting his glasses... 

Sep 27 [20:32]
<DrFaust> Haunted houses lost their appeal for me when I found a fire 
          extinguisher in the vampire's coffin. 

Sep 27 [23:42]
<Theta-G> Nathan: when two women fight, who wins? The american viewing 
          public. I think the same applies to drooling fangirl action 
<DoctorWho> o_O 
 * Kiri` FWAPS Thete into Last Week. 
<Theta-G> Hey cool, I have seven extra days to finish stuff now 
<Kiri`> thete - always glad to help you get your goals accomplished.. 
        *fwaps you into last year* 

Sep 28 [03:06]
<Alryssa> *belch* 
<Alryssa> *drool* 
<Alryssa> Gee, I'm turning into a baseball player overnight. 
<Alden> LOL 
<Alryssa> *spit* 
<James_Thorpe> *scratch self* 
<Alryssa> *adjust* 
<Alryssa> *hock a loogey* 
<Alryssa> oh wait, I'm supposed to hit a ball with a bat as well? 
<Alryssa> sounds like work to me. 
<Alryssa> what, you'll give me $15m a year to hit that ball? Oh, ok. 

Sep 28 [22:59]
 * Theta-G gets on his knees and looks at the sky 
<Theta-G> where in the real world may i find women this, er, avid? 
 * Theta-G waits for god to answer 
<Theta-G> no answer. guess it's a faith thing. fair enough, nothing new 
          there :-) 
--- Fenric1 is now known as ___GOD___ 
--- ___GOD___ is now known as Fenric1 
<Alden> God: I think you need to clarify the "Thou shalt not kill" thing 
--- Fenric1 is now known as ___GOD___ 
            SHOULD BE LOCKED UP! 
--- ___GOD___ is now known as Fenric1 
<DoctorWho> God: So, why don't you use your Supreme Executive Power and 
            strike the people killing in your name dead? ^_^ 
<DoctorWho> Or at least, inject them with a little bit of brainpower 
--- Fenric1 is now known as ___GOD___ 
<___GOD___> NO COMMENT. 
--- ___GOD___ is now known as Fenric1 

Sep 28 [23:59]
 * Alden pouts 
 * DoctorWho spouts 
<Alden> filth! 
<Alryssa> bah! 
<Alryssa> FILTH! 
<DoctorWho> /timer 0 300 /say Filth! 
<Alden> that's about right for this channel. ;) 
<DoctorWho> Since we seem to say that every 5 minutes ^_^ 

Sep 29 [01:10]
<Theta-G> i have fridge magnets of "milk & cheese: dairy products gone bad" 
<Theta-G> cheese is saying: "eat me!" 
<Theta-G> milk is saying "drink me!" 
<Theta-G> and thares a third magnet of the duo screaming "sugar fix NOW!!!" 
<Alryssa> pasteurised. (past-your-eyes) 
<Alryssa> lol 
<Theta-G> pasteurize: farther than you can see 
 * rdanhenry fwaps Alryssa 
<Alryssa> ow! 
<Alden> booo 
<Theta-G> bacteria: the back of a cafeteria 
<Alryssa> Dysentry: Somewhere near Coventry. 
<Compassion> uninstalled: euphemism for being fired. 
<Theta-G> Coventry: where the witches' secret treehouse is 
<MadHatter30> LOL 
<Compassion> beepilepsy: convulsions caused by pagers going off 
<MadHatter30> Morbid: a higer bid 
<Compassion> yuppie food coupons: $20s from an ATM 

Sep 29 [01:16]
<Theta-G> i used to think ash couldn't spell for shit until i remembered 
          that "taranshula" is either lister or the cat's spelling in red 
<Theta-G> Los Angeles: Tehrangelino. Portland: Tehrantial rainfall. 
<Theta-G> I'm here all year, folks 
<Theta-G> it's a sort of threat 
 * Alryssa beats Peter with a feather duster 
<Theta-G> man, HOW the HECK do i get single chix to get all kinky on me 
          like y'all do 

Sep 29 [01:26]
<Alden> why is it you damn Americans have different names for everything? 
<Theta-G> because you never call us to check! 
<Theta-G> i blame the phone companies 
<Theta-G> and their expensive rates 
<Alryssa> rotfl 
<Alryssa> hey, I get 9cents a minute to the UK :) 
<Theta-G> hello? is that llangollen? yes? well we've decided to spell tyre 
          with an i. yes, i know it's the same spelling as sleepiness, but 
          we need something to kill the boredom, since they censored mae 
          west. ok? bye. 

Sep 29 [01:39]
--- Alryssa has changed the topic to: Jack B. is 40 today. | Happy freakin' 
    Birthday, Jack! Here, blow out this hurricane and make a wish! :-) 

Sep 29 [01:50]
[Playing with Alryssa's scripts] 
 * DoctorWho will give someone else a chance at the snog ^_^ 
 * Alryssa looks at Nate. :P 
<DoctorWho> Alright then, if nobody else wants it 
<DoctorWho> Snog! 
 * Alryssa lays DoctorWho on the ground, crawls on top and gives DoctorWho 
   a slow... long... deep... penetrating... sensual... tonsil tickling... 
   orgasmic... hair straightening... toe curling... organ raising... nipple 
   hardening... spine tingling... life-altering... fantasy-causing... did I 
   just see the GODDESS??? I think my clothes are falling off! Why aren't 
   we in bed?? Kind of kiss !!! :-) 
<Alden> Nate: somehow it just seems hollow when it's involuntary. ^_^ 

Sep 29 [18:52]
<Theta-G> The Chat Is Not Enough 
<DoctorWho> Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a name for the sequel to QF: TMP 
<DoctorWho> Now we just need to shoot them both ^_^ 
<DoctorWho> (The sense of the word 'shoot' used in that sentence is your 
            choice ^_^) 
 * Theta-G locks and loads 

Sep 30 [00:14]
<Alryssa> Damn, BayouBecky, I've missed you! :P 
<BayouBecky> I've missed ya too! 
<MadHatter30> I think we have allmissed you hon 
 * DoctorWho read that as 'we have assimilated you' 

Sep 30 [02:02]
 * SteveBreon just got home from homecoming night 
<TheProf> Ok Steve. if you were at homecoming, weren't you already home? 

Sep 30 [23:12]
[Prof is having trouble with an idiot on one of his mailing lists] 
<TheProf> Remember my dim bulb on my list? 
<Theta-G> potentially 
<TheProf> She sent an e-mail of complaint to my ISP 
<Theta-G> oooh, a good old fashioned nobody-gets-actually-killed war! 

Sep 30 [98:02]
 * NathanR fwaps Prof 
 * TheProf deflects the fwap with his chicken 
<NathanR> rubber chicken? 
<Alryssa> ha! 
<Alryssa> if Prof cooked it, probably 

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