The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue VIII: August 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Aug 1 [00:31]
<}-raven-{> you know, the worst thing about going back to work (when i do) 
            will be the fact that I'll lose a whole 9 hours a day to 
            provide QF material. 
<}-raven-{> dammit 
 * }-raven-{ starts work on a raven-bot 
<}-raven-{> All i need to do is get it to occasional swear, hit people with 
            steel chairs, and take things people say the wrong way. 
<}-raven-{> kinda like the MS paperclip, but with attitude 

Aug 1 [19:00]
[Nathan starts to notice a pattern in Quotefile Feature names] 
<WeHaveQuotefile> Fuck! Bork! Spew! Moo! Fwap! 
 * Heptite looks at Nate... 
<Heptite> Go fish. 

Aug 1 [21:16]
 * Whomiga could do 1280x1024, but it is a bit much for only a 17" Monitor 
<NathanR> Rich: Depends on your eyesight 
<Whomiga> Nate - I'd like to keep mine :-) 

Aug 2 [00:13]
<TheProf> anyone who uses pacbell dsl is one sick puppy. isn't that right 

Aug 2 [19:11]
<Whomiga> If I won the lottery, the house would be mine as I would 
          obviously pay it off :-) 
<Whomiga> Of course, we all would still be living here 
<IanMc> If I won the lottery, first I'd pay off all my debts. 
<Whomiga> That is one of the main debts 
<IanMc> Then I'd probably go to see a financial broker, and see what he 
        could do with it. 
<Fenric3> Ahhhh, if I won the lotto I'd be able to move the hell out of 
          Maryland. ;> 
<IanMc> You know what they say.... 
<IanMc> You can get the hell out of Maryland, but you can't get the 
        Maryland out of hell. 

Aug 3 [00:44]
[Hi-Tech Tech Support...]
 * Alden goes into chat 
<Alden> da de da de da.... downloading graphics... 
<Alden> initializing applet... 
<ScaryDan> wasting your time... 
<ScaryDan> building up your excitement... 
<Alden> number of people waiting: 6 
<Alden> Number of techs helping: 0 
<ScaryDan> lol! 
 * Alden sighs. You're right. They're all out to get me 
<RedHate> LOL 
<Alden> oops, a tech showed up! 
<SteveBreon> ROTFL 
<Alden> Approximate wait time(minutes): 24 
<Alden> number of people waiting just shot up another 2 
<RedHate> Alden: I read that as, the people waiting just shot up the techs 

Aug 4 [02:11]
<RedHate> Check Shel's freezer 
<RedHate> One of these days she's going to clean the thing out and find the 
          missing episode of the Tenth Planet 
<RedHate> Either that, or the Space Pirates, Episode 2 again 

Aug 6 [00:18]
<DoctorWho> The burner should be following the standards, ECD should be 
            using it 
<TheProf> I have to agree with Nathan. it should unless it's working in a 
          totally new way. 
 * DoctorWho sees that Prof agrees with him, and suddenly starts to wonder 
   if all my knowledge on the subject is completely wrong 

Aug 6 [02:08]
<TheProf> Sitting next to whinos always helped me get dates. I look better 
          compared to Willie the wet weasle every time. 

Aug 6 [02:53]
<TheProf> Having two cats is like living with laurel and hardy 
<Nathan_Roberts> three are like living with moe, larry, and curly 
<TheProf> Truth is they are very close for not being litter mates. They 
          sleep together and get along wonderful. 
<TheProf> Thye are such creatures of habit. Judi goes to bed to read around 
          10 every night. Britannia loves that as she gets to curl up with 
          Judi at that time and it's become a ritual with them. On weekends 
          however Judi stays up later and by 10:45 britannia is sitting in 
          the doorway of the bedroom making a huge fuss. This 6 pound cat 
          is ordering Judi to come to bed. 
<TheProf> We reinforce her madness by of course going into the bedroom and 
          giving her some attention to shut her up. 

Aug 7 [17:39]
<trinalin> Apparently one of my former classmates was talking to his dad 
           and say "Trina Short. Remember her? She's taken over her dad's 
           position at the school." 
<Alryssa> was it a missionary position? 

Aug 7 [23:21]
<DoctorWho> Ha! TardisFM has broken the 48 hour mark! 
<Alryssa> I hope it can be put back together 

Aug 7 [23:27]
<Jondar> Nathan: I usually just download the songs I like, or rip them off 
         CDs I buy 
<DoctorWho> Where do you hear about them? 
<Jondar> Ah... radio or TV usually 
<Whomiga> Nate, do you have either of those under your rock? 

Aug 7 [23:37]
<Jondar> coat hangers? what are they? :) 
<DoctorWho> An Americanism, I suspect ^_^ 
<Jondar> no... I was being sarcastic... 
<Oddone> lol.... 
 * Jondar = male bachelor --> hanging clothes up? what a novel idea... 

Aug 8 [01:49]
 * Jondar kicks Yahoo!Mail 
<TheProf> Kicks it right where the sun microsystems don't shine 

Aug 8 [02:41]
<TheProf> They thought he tore a tendon in his elbow but it turned out to 
          be only a bad strain and he will pitch again, likely next week. 
<NathanR> I dunno, don't sprains take a while to heal? 
<MegL> a few weeks 
<TheProf> He's been out for two weeks 
<Alden> well, on Doctor Who, the companions usually stop limping after a 
        couple of scenes. 

Aug 9 [02:31]
<}-raven-{> Alden: yeah, the virus thing is a bitch eh? 
<Alden> that's putting it mildly 
 * Alden wonders how long the line is to kick Bill Gates' arse 
<}-raven-{> so long its become a mobius loop 

Aug 10 [00:57]
 * DoctorWho goes out and gets a custom-made key for his keyboard that says 
 * SteveBreon wonders why Nate is spending his money on something that is 
   worthless like that instead of saving up for a new burner :) 
<Whomiga> Steve - Nate burns down the town everytime he turns on his entire 
          collection of Heat producers 

Aug 11 [02:01]
<-- PFC_W_Hudson has quit (Quit: ) 
<Whomiga> That was a quick hit and run 
<TheProf> Yeah, that's what my wife always says......I never wrote that 
<Whomiga> Nate - taking notes? 

Aug 11 [23:43]
<AudioBoy> To me life is Hell and Heaven is the end of life. But then I'm a 
           cynic. :} 
 * Alden is a non-believer so... room party in hell, anyone? :) 

Aug 12 [01:22]
<}-raven-{> has thete been online since he arrived back? 
<TheProf> Not since I've been here 
<TheProf> There was some ruckuss at the airport I heard 
<}-raven-{> ?? 
<TheProf> Something about Doctor Who smuggling 

Aug 12 [01:29]
<}-raven-{> `/me contemplates into which of the profs orifices he should 
            insert a rabid chicken.... 
 * }-raven-{ contemplates into which of the profs orifices he should insert 
   a rabid chicken.... 
 * }-raven-{ tries to work out where in the blue hell that stray character 
   came from.... 
 * TheProf has never understood 
<}-raven-{> understood what? 
<DoctorWho> Anything 
 * DoctorWho ducks 
 * }-raven-{ chickens TheProf 

Aug 12 [02:10]
<}-raven-{> woohoo! 
<}-raven-{> Horns of Nimon is on! 
<TheProf> Hide the children 
 * }-raven-{ watches the cheese factor rocket off the scale 
<}-raven-{> dammit, wish i'd remembered it was on. i wanted to record it... 
 * }-raven-{ watches nimon giving tom the horn.... 
<}-raven-{> its odd, cause the sets on nimon are actually pretty damned 
            well constructed. 
<}-raven-{> which probably explains nimons head. 
<}-raven-{> all the budget went on the corridors. 
<TheProf> Yeah, but the plot and dialog are made of tissue paper 
<DoctorWho> lol 
<TheProf> The sad thing is the guy who played the Nimon did the best acting 
<}-raven-{> Toms performance can't be considered acting. 
<}-raven-{> cause it was just tom being tom. 
<}-raven-{> I quite like tom going up to the nimon and saying 'they tell me 
            your terribly fierce....' 
<TheProf> Only Tom Baker could have pulled that off. Never would have 
          worked with hartnell and that line. 
<}-raven-{> i mean, how the hell did he do that with a straight face 
<TheProf> 2,439 takes? 

Aug 12 [02:25]
<Alden> unfortunately K9 doesn't have a self-righting mechanism 
<Nathan_Roberts> the questino is, does he have a self-righteous mechanism? 
<TheProf> Yeah but he does come armed with assorted sexual devises. there 
          is a reason Romana took him with her. 
<Alden> aiee 
 * TheProf is almost ashameed of that line 
<}-raven-{> TheProf: but any sex life with k-9 would be fairly limited. 
<}-raven-{> i mean, doggy fashion is the only way they could go..... 

Aug 12 [02:44]
<TheProf> Sort of DSL on steroids 
<TheProf> 8 mps download speed 
 * }-raven-{ primes another chicken for insertion 
<}-raven-{> BASTARD! 
<TheProf> It's mostly for folks who telecomute and buisnesses. It costs 
          $150 a month for the top tier 
<}-raven-{> BASTARD! 
<TheProf> We get it free though for 4 months and then drop to the lower 
          tier and just get the high speed internet connection 
<}-raven-{> BASTARD! 
<TheProf> LOL 
<Alden> bastard! 
 * Nathan_Roberts picks up and moves Ash's needle 
<}-raven-{> BASTARD! 
<}-raven-{> GIT...GIT...GIT...GIT!!! 
<}-raven-{> GIT...GIT...GIT...GIT!!! 
 * Nathan_Roberts moves the needle again 
<Nathan_Roberts> I see Ash is getting a severe case of Penis Envy 
 * Nathan_Roberts runs 
<TheProf> There's dsl and then there is Ion 
<Lyssie> Your internet connection is your penis? Interesting thought. 

Aug 12 [02:55]
 * }-raven-{ is watching the horny nimon 

Aug 12 [02:57]
[Thete has just arrived home from the UK] 
<Theta-G> for some reason, my apartment feels really weird 
<Theta-G> i'm a bit disoriented 
<}-raven-{> has it been kiri'd? 
<Theta-G> it was really odd to look at some of the people at SFO and know 
          for sure "only in america do people dress like that" 
<Nathan_Roberts> lol 
<}-raven-{> you mean the women were wearing bra's? 
 * Lyssie likes her bras, tyvm. 
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL 
<Theta-G> that too ;-) 
<}-raven-{> Lyssie: nate suffered a culture shock when he first arrived in 
            the UK. 
<}-raven-{> mostly at the amount of women obviously not wearing bra's 
<Nathan_Roberts> nate? 
<}-raven-{> thete, even. 
<Theta-G> ah- that's it- i'm in the wrong damn house! 
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL 
 * }-raven-{ slams head against wall 
<Alden> LOL 
<Nathan_Roberts> I wsa wondering when I visited the UK 

Aug 12 [03:02]
 * Theta-G tries to figure out why raven's nick looks odd. kiri's been 
   using this app while i was away 
<Theta-G> she's tidied up and i can't _find_ anything 
<Nathan_Roberts> Cleaning: Losing things in an orderly fashion 

Aug 12 [04:22]
<Theta-G> i can't believe brits *drink* blackcurrant-flavoured juices. that 
          is toooo sweet 
<Theta-G> i adore blackcurrant jellybabies (and thise gumdrops) but 
          blackcurrant flavour is too much for me to take in liquid form 
<}-raven-{> jesus, 10 minutes back on american soil, and he's dissing our 
            culture already..... 

Aug 12 [04:49]
 * Theta-G looks at a little photocopied 'zine he got at tavern 
<Theta-G> "The Ass of Morbius" starring terence and philip 
<Lyssie> Thete: lol! 
<dse> The Ass of Evil 
<dse> The Ass of Death 
<Lyssie> Asset of Fire.... 
<Lyssie> The Deadly Ass 
<}-raven-{> Ass and the Rani? 
<}-raven-{> oh wait, they actually made that one. 
<Pete_Wisdom> The Hand Shoved Up the Ass of Sutekh 

Aug 12 [05:01]
[Talking about Dalek episode titles] 
<Theta-G> huh huh huh, it's got a cemetery in it... let's call it 
<Lyssie> yeah, but 'Revelation' is more... Evocative of pretentiousness.... 
<Theta-G> what precisely *was* the 'revelation?' that colindoc has a bigger 
          ego than davros? 

Aug 12 [17:22]
<TomFODW> first time over there? 
<Theta-G> first time abroad, period. 
<Theta-G> I even drove a rental car for a couple of days and didn't hurt 
          any people or objects 
<Whomiga> Cats/Dogs? 
<Theta-G> busted 
<Theta-G> no, no injuries at all ;-) 

Aug 12 [17:47]
<Theta-G> i rode BART today. it's part of my commute since my workplace 
          shifted to a new building across town while i was away 
<Theta-G> i was testing out the commute 
<TomFODW> at least they told you, peter 

Aug 12 [18:04]
 * Theta-G wonders if this new version of ircle copes with mirc colors 
   properly after all these years 
<Theta-G> i think i'll join a warez channel & see how the insane amounts of 
          colortext look. brb. 

Aug 13 [02:26]
<Alden> no, sheep are not aerodynamic 
<Alden> unless you shave their wool off and staple wings to their sides. 
 * Alden blinks. 
 * Alden claps his hand over his mouth 
 * Nathan_Roberts straps twin solid rocket boosters onto a sheep. Oh, 
   that's easily remidied 
<}-raven-{> alden: one of your steps to world domination i take? 
<Alden> I know nuuuzing 
<}-raven-{> Nathan: your obsession with strapping twin solid rocket 
            boosters to things is a tad disturbing. 
 * }-raven-{ tuts loudly at nate 
 * Nathan_Roberts straps twin solid rocket boosters on Ash and sets them 
<}-raven-{> Now just wait a minaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... 
 * }-raven-{ flys out of the channel 
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO 
<-- }-raven-{ has left #drwhochat (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............) 
--> }-raven-{ has joined #drwhochat 
<Theta-G> holy shetland pony a steaming, charred sheep just hit the 
          pavement in the alley outside my window. it wasn't pretty 

Aug 13 [08:53]
--> DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat 
<DoctorWho> Morning 
<StaticShadow> hi Nate 
<DoctorWho> Ugh 
 * }-raven-{ gives nathan an evolution pill 
<}-raven-{> should help him on a couple of million years... 
 * DoctorWho fwaps Ash 
<}-raven-{> lets see how its working. 
<}-raven-{> nathan: Define pi 
<DoctorWho> Define or recite? 
 * DoctorWho sees he's evolved to 'Lawyer' already 
<StaticShadow> eegah! 
 * }-raven-{ gives nate another pill. 
<}-raven-{> if hes at lawyer, he's halfway there 
 * }-raven-{ watches the evo-meter roll up to 'geek' 
<DoctorWho> I have to leave for another outing in little under an hour 
<}-raven-{> nathan: hows the quotefile? 
<-- DoctorWho has kicked }-raven-{ from #drwhochat (DoctorWho) 
--> }-raven-{ has joined #drwhochat 
<}-raven-{> he's back! 
<}-raven-{> but wait! an outing? dammit, he's over-evolved. he's reached 
            'civilised human being' 
 * }-raven-{ forces nate to watch 'married with children' re-runs. 
<}-raven-{> should bring him down a few notches 
 * DoctorWho dies of internal brain hemmhoraging 
 * }-raven-{ looks at the prone form of nate. 
<}-raven-{> its not exactly what i was aiming for. but it'll do. 
 * }-raven-{ voodoo's nate and sends the zombie out into the world 
<}-raven-{> go forth and multi-task 

Aug 14 [01:06]
<Alden> my brain just stopped working 
<Oddone> Alden: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're well on your way to being a 
         complete *dunce*!! Unless that's not what you want 
<Alden> Oddone: I think I pssed that point already 
<Alryssa> does that mean he's about to become a Windows PC? 
<}-raven-{> or a microsoft exec 
<Oddone> Alden: Have you made it to "Fuckwit" yet, or is there still 
<Alden> Ash: and that one 
<Alden> on my way down to BBC exec, I think 
<Oddone> DEAR GOD. 
<Alryssa> eeek! Time to reel Alden back in! 
<Oddone> Alden: Seriously.....if it gets any worse....I'll shoot you. 
         Because you're a friend, and I hate to see friends suffer...... 

Aug 14 [15:48]
<Oddone> Personally, cloning me would be a mistake, because I don't *do* 
         anything. It'd just be 3 or 4 slobs sitting in a Studio Apartment, 
         fighting over who got to use the Dreamcast to surf the web.:^) 
<Oddone> We'd be buried in our own garbage within 3 hours..... 
<Oddone> Of course, if I could get 3-4 *paychecks*...... 

Aug 14 [16:25]
--- trinalin has changed the topic to: *** Topic is '*** Topic is '*** 
    Topic is '*** Topic is ''' 

Aug 14 [23:40]
<Alden> Hey, if a person is suicidal and another person, through their 
        actions, pushes them over the edge and causes them to commit 
        suicide, can the second person be tried for manslaughter/murder? 
<DoctorWho> Alden: Anyone in particular you have in mind? ^_^ 

Aug 15 [03:51]
<}-raven-{> i once ended up sat opposite another who fan on the train... 
<}-raven-{> i was reading Heart of Tardis IIRC... it was one of Daves 
            books, cause i remember dave had just given it to me. 
<}-raven-{> and this guy starts up a conversation with me, and starts 
            ripping into Dave and a lot of the other writers. 
<Alden> oh dear 
<Alden> did you tell Lawrence to be quiet? :) 
<}-raven-{> and i just sit there and wait for him to finish. paused for a 
            few seconds and said 'i'll be sure to tell them what you think' 
            and went back to my book. 
<Alden> hehehe 
<}-raven-{> at that point he was like... 'what?' 
<}-raven-{> so i told him i'd just come from a party at Dave Stones place. 
            he shut up after that. 

Aug 16 [01:16]
<TheProf> When i was in high school I played football. i was small for a 
          football player as in very skinny. We were playing the 
          championship game in front of 15,000 people at the end of the 
          season. All the big players were hyping themselves up by pounding 
          on each others shoulder pads so I asked one of our defensive 
          linemen to hit me. I think he drove me about a foot into the 
          dirt. I felt it in my shoes. 

Aug 16 [02:07]
<Alden> though if I order from overseas, I suspect I'll be slapped with a 
        custom's bill... 
<Alden> which is part of the reason why they're so expensive... 
<TheProf> That may not always be that large. Our customs bill for our first 
          shipment was less than $75 fopr over $20,000 worth of ceramics 
<Alden> I *think* it depends on what you're shipping as well as how 
        expensice... not sure 
<TheProf> Alden how about if someone bought a camera for you and mailed it 
          to you? 
<TheProf> put the word "gift" on the box 
<Alden> >:) 
<Nathan_Roberts> >:) 
<TheProf> Your talking to someone whose wife lives on Ebay 
<TheProf> I've shipped to every civilized country you can think of and 

Aug 16 [23:41]
[Alden forgets to reset his configuration after a DOS attack the night before]
--> Alden has joined #drwhochat 
<Alden> morning 
<Alden> hmm, when did Dalnet start showing the mask of the person who set 
        the topic? 
<Alden> hmm, could be cause I connected to the anime-chat network! 
 * Alden looks embarressed and shuffles out 
<-- Alden has quit (Client Exit: My other quit line is a novel by Stephen 

Aug 17 [00:27]
<random_c> compassion - the rats are leaving the sinking ship that is 
<random_c> And I've got access to a box in ireland whose admin's home phone 
           number I have. 
<random_c> The Conditions Of Use are "Don't do anything illegal, don't 
           break it, don't phone me before 9am." 

Aug 17 [20:20]
 * TheProf pulls out the nathan summoning alter and places a Penguin on it 
*** Joins: DoctorWho 
<DoctorWho> re! 
<}-raven-{> Hurrah! 
<SteveBreon> *Gasps* prof did something right for a change 
 * TheProf cheers!!!!! 
 * TheProf fwaps SteveBreon around with a copy of Windows 98 operators 

Aug 18 [20:43]
<MegL> hey, you going to buy some powerball tickets for tomorrow Prof? 
<TheProf> I already did 
<TheProf> Judi sent me out 
<TheProf> I told her the odds were more likely that i would be killed in an 
          auto accident driving to get the tickets than actually winning 
          the jackpot and thus was it worth the risk? 
<TheProf> Judi said "Before or after you bought the ticket?" 

Aug 24 [22:53]
<Whomiga> Problem is that my mother is getting tired of storing them for me 
          - and they may need to go... 
<TheProf> misschannel? 
<Whomiga> Prof - a conversation before you came in 
<Whomiga> About my Playboy collection 
 * Whomiga thinks he has a chest full of Computer magazines in the corner 
   of his room 
<Whomiga> I know I have the chest, and I think it is full of computer 
<DoctorWho> Dump the computer mags and use it to store the Playboys? 
<DoctorWho> (Time to see where Rich's priorities really lie ^_^) 
<TheProf> Nate has a smart idea 
<TheProf> In 2 years the computer mags will be worthless but Miss October 
          will still be stacked. 

Aug 26 [02:36]
<Alden> Hudson: It's ironic that our countries are metric, yse we still get 
        quarter pounders at McDonalds 
<TheProf> Alden a quarter Kilo is a bit small and sounds like a drug deal 

Aug 26 [10:48]
<DoctorWho> Raven: I attended the Linux 10th Anniversary Picnic and 
            Barbecue yesterday 
<raven_evermore> they found a rock big enough to hold that under? 

Aug 26 [22:05]
[Oddone uses a Dreamcast to get online] 
<Oddone> Chirs: You do IRC on Webtv?! HOW? 
<DoctorWho> Odd: Congratulations, you finally found someone lower on the 
            food chain than you ^_^ 
<chrisk1> Odd: Yes. Have been for years 
<Oddone> PARTY!!! 
<chrisk1> What're you on, Odd? 
 * Oddone throws out confetti, and puts up a banner that says "Chirs is 
   worse off than Oddone!! Hurray!" 
<Oddone> Chris: Sega Dreamcast. It has a native IRC client, can do Voice 
         over IP, and play MP3s.....HAH! 
<Oddone> Chris:Not to be rude, of course.:^) 
--- Fenric1 gives channel operator status to chrisk1 
<Fenric1> Run, Odd! ;> 
<Oddone> AUGH!!! 
<Oddone> Chris: I am SO sorry. 
<Oddone> Really. 
<Oddone> TRULY. 
<Oddone> Sorry. 
<Oddone> Webtv is a *fine* internet implement.... 
<Oddone> FOR ME TO POOP ON!! 
<Oddone> Bwahahahaha! 
<Nathan_Ro> What Odd doesn't realize yet is that WebTV doesn't support any 
            of the op functions ^_^ 

Aug 27 [21:09]
<TheProf> Nathan Ro? 
<DoctorWho> My nick got bobbitted! 
<TheProf> A cut below the rest 
<Whomiga> It's bad when such a thing becomes normal lexicon :-) 

Aug 28 [04:06]
<MegL> hey everyone here who cares heard that Kevin sorbo and his wife had 
       there baby? 
<Alryssa> I didn't even know he was married 
<ALden> I didn't even know he was pregnant! 

Aug 28 [21:50]
 * AudioBoy has to look for a "Caffeine Inside" t-shirt now. :) 
<AudioBoy> MAybe I'll make a logo for Bren's website. :) 
<The_42nd_Doctor> can't make a logo out of it, someone already has. 
<AudioBoy> They have? 
<The_42nd_Doctor> well, I saw it on a shirt. 
<The_42nd_Doctor> and a goth chick friend of mine at school has one with 
                  the same Intel-inspired logo, reading 'Satan Inside' ^^;; 

Aug 30 [21:49]
<Theta-G> i figure a big task is redesigning the tank that is linux until 
          it can be a honda accord for the masses (ie bringing it to the 

Aug 30 [21:53]
<DoctorWho> I've always said that I want linux to take over the world. 
            Because that way people would start writing the stuff I want 
            for it 
<DoctorWho> "My greatest hope is that Linux will take over the world. It's 
            also my greatest fear." - Me, sometime, somewhere 
<DoctorWho> There's a fine line between user-friendly and dumbed-down... 
<Theta-G> sorry to agree, but i do 

Aug 30 [22:04]
<DoctorWho> You know, that gets me to thinking... what exactly is the 
            motivation behind the people working on mozilla? 
<DoctorWho> or KDE, GNOME, KOffice, Debian, or any other major opensource 
            projects (particularly the noncommercila ones) 
<Theta-G> I figure it's the same as fan video, only better since they're 
          creating something that's useful and is talked about by people 
          everywhere (like you jsut did) 
<DoctorWho> Sometimes the motivation is Hack Value ^_^ 
<Theta-G> exactly 
<DoctorWho> I think that's thet only reason I wrote FreeTalk ^_^ 
<Theta-G> they *are* really at the *top* of their profession 
<Theta-G> those folks could walk into a six figure salary without thinking 
          too much about it, but they want recognition and to really do 
          something that matters, i imagine 
<DoctorWho> Sometimes it's for recognition (Name up in lights) 
<Theta-G> snap 
<DoctorWho> Sometimes it's personal need (Necessity is the mother of 
<Theta-G> hi mom 
<DoctorWho> Sometimes it's Hack Value (Sheer hell of it) 
<Theta-G> hi satan 
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO 
<Theta-G> nathan, meet the floor. chair, get over it. 

Aug 31 [20:32]
--> Drake has joined #DrWhoChat 
 * AB_Fab flags the dragon in for a landing. 
<AB_Fab> A little to the left. 
<AB_Fab> A little more. 
<AB_Fab> No, wait, too close!!!! 
<AB_Fab> *skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddd* 
<AB_Fab> *smoosh* 

Aug 31 [20:38]
 * Theta-G grows a beard 
<Shel> oooh, facial hair 
<WhiteQueen> hmmmm... you'd look *good* with a beard, Thete! :) 
<Theta-G> brb gotta blush 
<Theta-G> ok back 

Aug 31 [23:05]
<SteveBreon> My high school is the only high school in the state, or one of 
             the only ones, that offers a philosophy course. 
<SteveBreon> But the school board won't let us call it philosophy we have 
             to call it "History of Western Thought" 
<Fenric1> Won't let you call it "Philosophy"? 
<Lyssie> How sad. 
 * Fenric1 shakes his head at the state of education today. ;> 
<ALden> Steve: lemme guess, and Mathematics has been renamed "That Thing 
        with the Numbers and Stuff" 
 * Lyssie snickers 
<Fenric1> Alden: Subtitled, "and it's not hard -- honest!" 
 * ALden giggles 
<SteveBreon> Fen: Yep. I guess it goes a long with the whole idea that a 
             philosophy course would cause kids to actually think about 
             life and thus make them challenge dogma given to them by their 
<SteveBreon> Alden: No. That's called "How to ace the Math portion of the 
             MAP Test" 
<Lyssie> English is now, "That Thing With The Letters"..... 
<ALden> Hehehe 
<Fenric1> Steve: That's insane... I can't even begin to comprehend how they 
          came to that decision... 
<Lyssie> Sex education is now called "That Thing You Do".... 
<SteveBreon> lol Ana 
<Fenric1> Lyss: You mean "That Thing You Shouldn't Do Or You'll Die 
          Horribly!!!" ;> 
<Lyssie> Library Science - How to Dust Books. 
 * ALden giggles 
<ALden> Computer Science: how to become extremely frustrated at an 
        inanimate object 

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