The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue VII: July 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Jul 1 [01:08]
[Nate's working on the quotefile] 
<DamnerCloseToTheQuotefile> Almost there... 
<El_Zoof> Does Nate's "Almost there..." remind anyone else of that guy in 
          Star Wars? 
<El_Zoof> "Almost there... almost there... arrrrgh! *BOOM*" 
<DamnerCloseToTheQuotefile> Stay on target... Stay on target... 
<DamnerCloseToTheQuotefile> Funny, Zoof, I was thinking the exact same 

Jul 1 [01:15]
<WeHaveQuotefile> The #drwhochat quotefile: 
<El_Zoof> "And there was much rejoicing." "Yay." 
<Alden> well, there goes my evening. :) 

Jul 1 [01:40]
<El_Zoof> Blake's 7 episode 1 is showing 
<Jondar> Zoof: where!?! 
<El_Zoof> On video... sorry 
 * Jondar fwaps Bruce with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM) 
 * El_Zoof challenges Jondar to a Game of Rassilon 
<El_Zoof> Actually, I don't have time for that... 
 * El_Zoof challenges Jondar to a Game of Arm Rassilon 

Jul 1 [04:32]
<El_Zoof> I'm in the quotefile! 
<El_Zoof> Now my life is complete... (Stabs self, expires) 
--- El_Zoof is now known as Dead_Zoof 
<Alden> Nate: OK, it worked. You can take him out of the quotefile again 

Jul 1 [05:36]
<raven_evermore> you know the scary thing about the quotefile. I'm not sure 
                 I said all those things... 
--- raven_evermore is now known as }-raven-{ 
<El_Zoof> What, you think Nate's gone raven mad? 
 * }-raven-{ pecks El_Zoof to death 
<}-raven-{> and you know the sneaky little bastards gonna put that one in. 
            all cause you cracked a pun 

Jul 1 [21:05]
<Shel> as i walk out to the kitchen and run into the vacuum cleaner for the 
       millionth time i think to myself "i've run into that one too many 
       times" then correct myself and think at least 5 too many times since 
       i've already thought that... and yet i've returned to my computer 
       and know full well when i walk back out there i'll run into it again 
<Shel> now the even deeper question.... why don't i move it? 
<Shel> LOL... so i go back out to restart the microwave concentrating on 
       dodging the vacuum and run into one of my son's cars instead 

Jul 2 [00:11]
<random_c> Sorry 
<random_c> We're having an intelligent conversation about Who with 
<random_c> (The God of #macintosh - stoned and still smarter than everyone 

Jul 2 [03:02]
<WeHaveQuotefile> I have keyboard marks on my forehead 
<Alden> Nate: fell asleep on the keyboard again? 
<WeHaveQuotefile> No, banging my head on it 
<Alden> doh :) 
<WeHaveQuotefile> A first 
<WeHaveQuotefile> I think I'll stick to walls from now on 
<WeHaveQuotefile> They're flat, they don't leave marks 
<WeHaveQuotefile> And I don't have to worry about breaking them 
<Alden> I dunno, one of the offices at work has a big hole in the door. 
<WeHaveQuotefile> LOL 
<Alden> no idea how it got there. 
<Alden> It wasn't there when I was hired - just appeared overnight... 
<}-raven-{> nate has qwertyitis 

Jul 2 [04:14]
<Alden> Heck no. my boss frowns on Microsoft products. 
<Alden> apart from Windows itself, of course. 
<Alden> He wants us all to go to Linux. 
<WeHaveQuotefile> Yee-ha! 
<}-raven-{> follow nathan to the promised land! 

Jul 2 [08:46]
<Brigadier> what is a Quotefile 
<PFC_W_Hudson> It is a list of funny quotes from last-ish month 
<Brigadier> oh 
<}-raven-{> or in our case, a number of months, all in one go. 

Jul 3 [03:53]
<El_Zoof> Anyone seen any good movies lately? 
<Alden> I saw The Mummy Returns. 
<Timelord> me, i saw the matrix day before yesterday 
<El_Zoof> Anyone seen any *good* movies lately? 

Jul 3 [05:16]
<Alden> Nate: how much is your DSL a month? 
<WeHaveQuotefile> $40 
 * Jondar doubles that number and takes away 3... AU$77 :) 

Jul 4 [03:40]
<Theta-G> to me, a burrito will always be known as barf-in-a-blanket but 
          they are good food, i know 

Jul 4 [03:55]
<Theta-G> *photograph* 
<Theta-G> this is your dog. 
<Theta-G> *scooby* 
<Theta-G> this is your dog on drugs. 

Jul 4 [07:02]
--> TomFODW has joined #drwhochat 
<Theta-G> tombeck! 
<Pete_Wisdom> Halfbecked! 
<TomFODW> at your beck and call, jeff 

Jul 5 [15:45]
<SteveBreon> NP: Who do you say that I am? 
<CrowTRobt> did I mis something or was that a mischan? 
<trinalin> Was what a mischan? 
<CrowTRobt> <SteveBreon> NP: Who do you say that I am? 
<trinalin> Just sounds like someone telling us what's playing on their CD 
<CrowTRobt> ? 
<CrowTRobt> I didn't understand 
<SteveBreon> Yes that's what it was. 
<SteveBreon> I meant NP - Who do you say that I am? 
<SteveBreon> NP - Prince of Peace 
<CrowTRobt> I didn't realise that you were telling us what was on your CD 
<Fenric1> That's what people generally mean by "NP"... 
<CrowTRobt> new one on me 
<trinalin> NP = Now Playing 
<CrowTRobt> what does np stand for? 
<CrowTRobt> I get it 
<CrowTRobt> learn something new every day 
<trinalin> NP: Absolutely nothing as I rarely have music playing while on 
           the computer 
<}-raven-{> NP: how the fuck should I know? theres over 160 hours of music 
            on this machine. I don't even know where some of it came from. 
<}-raven-{> I'm not even sure some of its mine. 
<}-raven-{> I'm not even sure this is my computer. 

Jul 6 [21:12]
<Alden> Happy birthday, Drake! 
<Halibut> Yeah, happy birthday Drake 
<Drake> Thanks ALden :) 
<Drake> Thanks Hal 
<SupremeDalek> Happy Birthday, George! 
<Loloo> Happy Birthday George 
 * The_42nd_Doctor gives the Dragon a cake and tells him to blow out the 
   candles... wait, that might not work... 

Jul 8 [01:09]
 * TheProf reminds Alden of a certain day he got in trouble for talking 
   about donkeys 
<Alden> they started it. they wanted to know about my ass 

Jul 9 [01:00]
--> [-][-] has joined #drwhochat 
<Alden> that's an interesting nick, Thete 
<[-][-]> [ ] [ ] 
--- SupremeDalek has changed the topic to: The IRCer formerly know as 
<MegL> blind cybermen? 
<MegL> or eyes 
<MegL> something 
<[-][-]> lol, i was just gonna wonder how anyone would actually pronounce 
         it, but i guess jack has answered 

Jul 10 [10:50]
[Trying to head off an obnoxious conversation] 
<Theta-G> can we talk about sex or something? 
<CrowTRobt> what sort of sex? 
<CrowTRobt> my seamonkeys have been going at it for about a week now... 
<Theta-G> i dunno. sex between salt and pepper shakers or something 
<CrowTRobt> heh 
<CrowTRobt> Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper met one day and had hot monkey sex in 
            the spice rack 
<satsuki`> o_O 
<Theta-G> LOLOL 
<CrowTRobt> 9 months later little baby Paprika was born 
<Theta-G> didn't Mrs. pepper get her doctorate? 

Jul 10 [10:51]
<StaticShadow> you actually made me create two channels. there were no 
               #freespeach either (strangely enough) 
<satsuki`> StaticShadow: probably cos thats misspelled 
 * Theta-G frees a peach 

Jul 11
 * Alryssa beats Prof with an Ugly Stick.... oh, darn, someone got to you 
   before I did :) 

Jul 11 [01:40]
<Theta-G> i tend to think that fans of obscure TV shows are a generally 
          antisocial bunch, until genuinely malicious people wander by. 
--> TheProf has joined #drwhochat 
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to TheProf 
<}-raven-{> speaking of malicious people... 
<}-raven-{> oh, hey prof! ;P 

Jul 11 [22:06]
 * Whomiga just saved his life by throwing away some beans that were in the 
<Whomiga> I only know they were beans, because that's what they were when I 
          put them in there... 
<EBCorp> You sure they haven't changed? 
<Whomiga> For that matter, I might have just tossed out a cure for AIDS... 
<EBCorp> They could be quantum beans 
<TheProf> They could be the deadliest thing known to man 
<Whomiga> They were in a Butter Bowl - it didn't take much of a look inside 
          to decide they needed to be kept closed... 

Jul 11 [23:09]
 * TheProf wonders if he could talk Alden into playing Fantasy baseball? 
   The Kiwis! ;o) 
<Alden> I wouldn't know where to start! 
<TheProf> Alden all civilized countries play baseball. :o) 
<MegL> since alden's baseball knowlage is Who's On First, I think you 
       should pass 
 * MegL wonders who told Prof NZ was civiliazed 

Jul 12 [02:43]
--> Tetrap ( has joined 
<Jondar> re Alden 
<Tetrap> grrrrr, bloody paradise 
<Tetrap> oi! nickserv! Front and centre! 
<-- Alden has quit (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Tetrap))) 
<Tetrap> thank you 
--- Tetrap is now known as Alden 
<Jondar> o/` Oh, Think Twice... It's Just Another Day Using Paradise... dot 
         net dot nz... >:-) o/` 
<Alden> lol 
<Alryssa> *groan* 
 * Jondar wonders if there's a reason for "tnt" to be in Alden's addy >:-) 
<Alryssa> explodo-isp! 
<Jondar> especially considering that Alden's connection keeps blowing up :) 
<Alden> it's what I'm gonna be using on paradise at this rate 
<Alryssa> He's blowingup paradise! Someone stop him! 
<Jondar> well, if it's a case of Paradise Lost... so be it... :) 

Jul 12 [04:02]
<}-raven-{> CWWTT was perfect for reading on the tube to work... 
<Alryssa> Ash: That's why we went with spiral binding :) 
<Alryssa> easier to hold in one hand 
<Alden> Ryssa: cooool! 
<Alryssa> and the spine won't crack 
<}-raven-{> Ryssa: *snigger* 
<Alryssa> Alden: Innit! :) 
<}-raven-{> easy to hold in one hand... *guffaw* 
 * Alryssa fwaps Ash. FILTH! 
<Alden> Ash: filth! 
<Jondar> LOL 
<}-raven-{> Yes! and its mine! all MINE! 
<Alryssa> *bapbapbapbapbapbap* 
<Alryssa> We'll be using spiral binding again for this one 
<Jondar> actually... it probably isn't easier to hold... if you're stuck in 
         a crowded train carriage in peak hour :-) 
<Alden> It's even harder to hold if you're actually driving. 
<Alden> I almost hit a bus 

Jul 12 [06:11]
<}-raven-{> I am a faithful labrador to Random :P 
<nathanr> and laborer 
<}-raven-{> Washing machine/ cooker/ sex toy. 
<}-raven-{> that's me. 

Jul 12 [06:15]
<}-raven-{> DO YOU MIND! 
<}-raven-{> I'm a respectable man. 
<Alryssa> Ash: You are? :) 
<}-raven-{> Ryssa: YES! with THREE settings! 

Jul 12 [07:26]
 * nathanr hammers out NA12 
<StaticShadow> hammers out? 
 * }-raven-{ imagines nathan with a hammer, chisel, and blank cd.. 

Jul 12 [10:53]
<nathanr> Adjust for however many mnites it takes 
<nathanr> minites? 
<nathanr> Sounds like a type of parasite 
<TheProf> LOL 
<nathanr> The doctor told me I have Minites! 

Jul 12 [16:38]
<The_42nd_Doctor> Phantom Menace was horrible. It reminded me of Roger 
                  Rabbit. ^^; 

Jul 12 [18:05]
<Nathan_Roberts> Shel, could you do me a favor? Check your freezer and make 
                 sure my sanity isn't in there 
 * Shel wonders how nathan still remembers her freezer 
<The_42nd_Doctor> what's memorable about your freezer? 
<Shel> my freezer is full at the moment... my roommate has a frozen meat 
       buying disorder 
<Nathan_Roberts> Well I guess my memory isn't in there 
<Shel> brenda, if anything is ever missing you are to check my freezer 
<Shel> after bar parties at my house - people left their cigarettes and i 
       would throw them in the freezer so they don't get stale 
<TheProf> LOL 
<Shel> well, once someone left a shoe... so i threw that in the freezer 
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO 
<Shel> so it's a joke around here STILL after almost 5 years about my 

Jul 12 [35:10]
<sallyh> lol and there was I thinking cybersex was safe?! 
<TheProf> LOL 
<}-raven-{> not if you get caught in the storm and theres a thunderstorm... 
<nathanr> LOL 
 * }-raven-{ envisions a blackened, charred and smouldering geek typing 
   'you were incredible' on a melted keyboard 
<nathanr> ROTFLMAO 

Jul 14
<Blor> Ponder this logic: Any tofu-gobbling healthnut will tell you that 
       every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes off your life; and any 
       proper, bible-humping, crucifix-polishing Christian will tell you 
       when you die, you go to heaven to serve in God's glorious kingdom. 
       Therefore, every cigarette I smoke brings me seven minutes closer to 
       God! Praise the Father! The Son! And the Philip Morris Company! 

Jul 14
 * The_42nd_Doctor wonders if it would be rude to leave a note on the door 
   of the next room, telling the occupant to either turn the music down or 
   get more than two songs. 
<WhiteQueen> 42: go for it... but cut the letters out of old newspapers and 
             magazines, just for kicks. :) 

Jul 17
<Compassion> in a traditional wedding, what does the best man do? 
<Theta-G> he relaxes for the groom, so the groom can wig out 

Jul 17
<Alden> there's nothing more useless than a web page that requires you to 
        have java enabled to click on any of the links 
<TheProf> Yes there is. A browser with java disabled. :o) 
[An angry Narn with the key?] 

Jul 19
<}-raven-{> I had a surreal day dream the other day of Godzilla vs Godzilla 
<}-raven-{> With Godzilla coming out to Number of the Beast, and Godzilla 
            USA strutting out to 'Born in the USA' 
<}-raven-{> And running away when the pyro's went off. 

Jul 19
 * MegL wonders what prof had with his curry? 
<MegL> I mean, what do you eat along with the meal? 
 * Alden thinks 12 glasses of water 
<TheProf> I had a traditional Indian drink' 
<TheProf> Coca cola 
<MegL> LOL 
<TheProf> Then I sucked on the fire extinguisher but they let me have water 
          after that 

Jul 20
*** PseudoAsh is now known as Theta-G 
*** Theta-G has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by }-raven-{ (no clones! 
*** Theta-G has joined channel #drwhochat 
<}-raven-{> Cheek! 
<Theta-G> :-) 
<}-raven-{> Cheeky bastard.... 
<Theta-G> cheeky? does my butt look big in this? 
<}-raven-{> no, but it will in your coffin. 

Jul 21
[Thete's running his own radio station, and is soliciting submissions] 
<Shel> so what sort of mp3s are you looking for? 
<Theta-G> yes 

Jul 22
<Theta-G> eclectic = huge pile of unrelated crap fm 

Jul 22
[Thete is playing a song he got from me that I heard on Ash's station] 
<}-raven-{> Nate: aren't we resposible for you having this? 
<DoctorWho> Nope 
<DoctorWho> I got it off Gnutella 
<DoctorWho> Though you're responsible for me learning of it 
<}-raven-{> that's what I meant. 
<Theta-G> although nate's responsible for me having it ;-) 
<DoctorWho> Ah, in that case, yes 
<}-raven-{> and now I'm listening to it... 
<}-raven-{> its the circle of 1337 
<}-raven-{> life, even. 
<DoctorWho> LOL! 
<Theta-G> tell dexeter 

Jul 22
<GeoffWessel> is radwm ever gonan come online? :-0 
<Theta-G> geoff: i'm beginning to think it's a conspiracy 
<Theta-G> :-) 
<AudioBoy> Thete: You know its just Jon's part of the "International Jewish 
<Theta-G> none of the jews i know have received their zion conspiracy 
          membership cards, apparently 
<Theta-G> maybe they can't find the on switch either 

Jul 22
<Theta-G> radw is always there to remind us what auntie vanessa told tegan 
<Alden> Thete: "F*ck off"? 

Jul 23
<Theta-G> when capture card manufacturers say 320x240 they mean "320x240 on 
          a really good day with a southeasterly tail wind" 

Jul 23
<Oddone> I love living in downtown Salt Lake City. Wanna know why? Because 
         I'm living on a fucking PARADE ROUTE. That's right. Utah has its 
         *own* fucking holliday on the 24th of July, and I live litterally 
         a few yards from where, in about 2 goddamned hours, every High 
         School Marching Band, Group of Singing Kids, and yes, hollering 
         hooting onlookers will try their best to drive me insane. Someone 
         please shoot me. 
<Oddone> Worse still, it's apparently *tradition* to wait on the streets 
         overnight for the festivities to start. And they're loud. And then 
         a huge group of bikers decide to just cruise up and down the 
         street for NO GOOD REASON. They are, of course, extrememly loud. 
<Oddone> I had to work until Midnight tonight. Didn't get home until 1:30 
         a.m., and now, it's 3:55, and I just about fucking given up on 
         sleep. In a few minutes, I'm going to join the revelers, because 
         goddamn it, even *I'm* not stupid enough to think that I can kill 
         them all.... 
<Oddone> Honestly, I'd love it if the parade did something truly *unique* 
         this year. Like...."Sprit of the mimes". I'm serious. Show your 
         state spirit by being as FUCKING QUIET as you can. I'd love it, 
         that's for damned sure.... 
 * Jondar ROTFLs at the thought of a whole parade full of mime-artists 
   walking against the wind... :) 

Jul 23
*** ectobia has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by satsuki` (This kick 
    was sponsored in part by Microsoft Combat Boots - kick #505) 

Jul 24
<Kiri`> anyone here know how to translate km into m? 
<Alryssa> Take away the K? :) 

Jul 24
<Alryssa> is there an alternative freeware email program I could use? :-/ 
<Jondar> Outlook Express >>>:-) 

Jul 24
 * Rebecca_Fogg saw Jurassic park III last weekend though 
<StaticShadow> was it good? 
<Rebecca_Fogg> I enjoyed it except for that stupid blonde Tea Leone 
<Rebecca_Fogg> I was yelling "EAT HER!" at the screen :P 

Jul 24
<StaticShadow> i thought spreadsheets were those pages in the middle of 
               Penthosuse :) 

Jul 24
<DoctorWho> Backup logs from the last 4 years? 
 * DoctorWho actually has IRC logs dating that far back... 
 * TomFODW actually has some food in his freezer dating that far back... 
[Note to self: Don't eat at Tom's place] 

Jul 24
<Theta-G> Don't be too proud of this chatological terror you've logged 
          onto. The ability to fall asleep at the keyboard is insignificant 
          next to the power of The Life. 
<TheProf> Darth Theta 
 * Theta-G raises his arm and points 
<Theta-G> I find your lack of tan... disturbing. 

Jul 24
<AudioBoy> I can burn TR CDs in 12 minutes. :) 
<Bozzie> I can burn any CD in about one minute 
<Bozzie> of course, there has to be a flame, and it's not much use 

Jul 24
<TheWriter> im doing one huge ass render 
<}-raven-{> TheWriter: who's ass are you rendering, and why? 
<TheProf> If it's Lis Sladen's I'll take a copy 
<TheWriter> working on my under water scene. 
<TheProf> underwater ass. interesting. Skinny dipping? 
<}-raven-{> TheProf: You really are a sad lonely little man aren't you? 
<TheProf> LOL 
<TheProf> Ash little i have never been called. 
<}-raven-{> Well of course you havn't. Ash Little isn't your name. duh 

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