The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue VI: June 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Jun 5
<}-raven-{> they removed my appendix when I had a stomach operation when I 
            was a baby 
<Jondar> Grrr... don't talk to me about any kind of -ectomy :) 
<}-raven-{> it was a kinda 2 for 1 deal 
<Jondar> my sister is driving me mad asking questions about tonsilectomies 
         at the moment... 
<DrBreonstein> dectomy? Triectomy? 
<DrBreonstein> Whoectomy? 
<Theta-G> lifeEctomy? 
<Jondar> ROTFL Thete 
<Alden> Jason: Tell her if she doesn't stop,you'll give her a tonsilsectomy 
        with a blunt spoon 

Jun 5
 * DrBreonstein shakes his head - Spock was the first vulcan in Starfleet, 
   they've messed up continuity big time 
<Alden> They should have a female Vulcan who's addicted to the internet, 
        called T'Ping 

Jun 5
<Jondar> Alden: I'm beginning to wonder about your sanity... I mean, 
         watching Anorexic McBeal... 
<Alden> Was there ever any question of my sanity, or lack of, as the case 
        probably is? ;) 

Jun 7
*** Signoff: gordon-r-d (Quit: In Case Of Emergency, Break Laws Of 

Jun 10
<Oddone> Alden:'m afraid o ask but, what are *you* doing with a 
         Van der Graaf generator? 
<Whomiga> Well - he does have long hair... just wants it to stand up? 
<Alden> it's so I don't have to comb my hair in the morning. 
<Alden> I just grab onto the bugger, wait for my hair to stand on end, then 
        just wipe it back 

Jun 10
 * Alden wonders who in the NZ justice department likes his site. 
<Theta-G> Alden: they're keeping watch to make sure you don't jump any 
          sudden planes for the UK before they get a chance to call bonnie 

Jun 10
<Alryssa> YOu could try the Eisteddfodd 
<Theta-G> wazzat 
<Alryssa> a bard contest 
<Theta-G> i'd be barred from it 

Jun 13 [21:29]
<Xanta_Claus> shaq just said shit twice on the postgame interview 
<DoctorWho> lol 
<WhiteQueen> hmmm...what next? 
<Theta-G> shaq sound worse than shit for some reason 
<Theta-G> get this shaq offa my table 
<DoctorWho> get this [ ] off my [ ] 
 * Theta-G fires up the metallica (i hate them, they rock, i hate them, 
   they rock) 
<Theta-G> enter sandman is the shaq 

Jun 13 [21:01]
 * Theta-G just got off the phone 
--- Theta-G has changed the topic to: US Dr. Who DVD info at || "I got my shampoos carpeted 
    today." -- Kiri on the phone with wine 

Jun 14 [11:36]
<SaltWaterBill> hey nate WTQF? 
 * DoctorWho fwaps, bookshops, trouts, noogies, wedgies, moons, and dumps a 
   truckload of AOL CDs on Bill 

Jun 15 [06:07]
<}-raven-{> what stage are you at? 
<DoctorWho> Collecting quotes 
<}-raven-{> I'm guessing you've flown past enthusiasm... 
<}-raven-{> how about denial? 
<DoctorWho> of what? 
<}-raven-{> Enthusiasm: "I will get the quotefile done, its so much fun! 
<}-raven-{> Denile: "Quotefile? Whats a Quotefile? I don't know what your 
            talking about" 
<}-raven-{> Depression: (usually kicks in after the 100th Alden/Sheep joke) 
<}-raven-{> Fear: "The log files... they talk about me, they plan against 
            me. they're growing bigger when I'm not looking...." 

Jun 15 [06:05]
 * DoctorWho prods ash 
<}-raven-{> yuss? 
<DoctorWho> Brother, can you spare an @? 
<}-raven-{> beg... 
<}-raven-{> ;) 
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to DoctorWho 
<DoctorWho> Nyah! 
<}-raven-{> ... fuck 

Jun 16 [01:18]
<DoctorQwhotefile> fuck 
<DoctorQwhotefile> I just accidentally cleared my chat window 
<TheProf> LOL! 
<TheProf> typed /clear i see 
<Theta-G> Fig.(1) Nathan with Amnesia 

Jun 16 [01:22]
<Theta-G> daleks use toilet plungers, yes? 
<TheProf> The one I sat in did. 
<TheProf> I had a friend build a perfect one....he used a bathroom plunger 
<TheProf> We had a DW fan club meeting and so people could find the house 
          he parked the dalek on the front lawn. Like i said it was a 
          perfect daek and took him 2 months to build. 
<TheProf> So here it is sitting on the front lawn and a police car goes 
<TheProf> 2 minutes later here comes the police car back the other way and 
          then past again. 
<TheProf> 5 minutes later here comes another police car, different car than 
          the first. 
<Theta-G> LOL 
<TheProf> In the next 30 minutes we counted 5 different police cars 
          cruising past the Dalek. 
<TheProf> Then came the police helicopter which buzzed the house several 
          times obviously taking a look at the dalek. 
<TheProf> Lastly came the highway patrol car taking a drive past 
<TheProf> We half expected the dalek to be arrested. 
<Alden> hehehe 
<Theta-G> "4 mary 5, what is that thing? some kinda front yard machinegun 
<Alden> i wonder if any of them knew what it was 
<TheProf> I kept waiting for the border patrol...the Dalek may have been an 
          illegal alien I figured. 
<TheProf> Alden I worked at the arena at the time and had several police 
          officer friends there who worked the Kings games and i asked 
          several about it and turned out DW was widely watched in the 
          police department. They knew what a Dalek was and seems the word 
          went out so all these officers are coming by to see the dalek. 

Jun 16 [04:54]
--- DoctorQwhotefile gives channel operator status to SteveBreon 
 * SteveBreon keeps reading Nate's nick as: DoctorQwhorefile 

Jun 18 [00:05]
<Alden> I'm anticipation. I'm completly against any sort of cipation 

Jun 18 [00:29]
<TheProf> Nate hurry up with that quote file! 
 * Jondar hides... 
<TheProf> It's alright. I'm wearing body armour 
<Jondar> Prof: yeah, but I don't want the weapons bouncing off your body 
         armour and hitting me! :) 

Jun 18 [01:04]
<Alden> Nate: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! 
<Alden> do. not. tempt. fate. 
<Alden> I beg of you. 
--- Lyssie is now known as Fate 
--- Fate is now known as Fate`` 
<Fate``> What was that, dearie? 
 * Alden tempts Fate`` with a cookie 

Jun 18 [23:57]
<TauntsOblivion> <-- Kiri 
<SwiftAngel> <-- WhiteQueen 
<AllYourQwhotefileAreBelongToUs> <-- DoctorWho 
<Alden> <-- Prof 
 * AllYourQwhotefileAreBelongToUs fwaps Prof 

Jun 19 [01:08]
<Wh0miga> What is the easiest way to see who is in the channel in ircii? 
<Alden> Richard: play bigbang.wav and see who complains? 

Jun 21 [23:33]
<AudioBoy> Lived in Indy until I was 31. 
<AudioBoy> er, 29 rather. 
<AudioBoy> No, wait. 30. 
<AudioBoy> Yeah, 30. 
<Theta-G> sold 

Jun 22 [02:23]
<NathanR> You know, if I lived in my own house, I'd haul out a large 
          boulder and put it on my roof 
<NathanR> Just so I can literally say, "I live under a rock" 

Jun 22 [05:19]
<SupremeDalek> Prof: Are you rigged to explode to avoid fwapping by Nathan? 
<TheProf> Nahhh. That would never work 
<TheProf> Nathan would feel it worth dying for. 

Jun 22 [23:47]
 * }-raven-{ looks at the Vortex reel preview 
<}-raven-{> oh gods... 
<Theta-G> :-) 
<Theta-G> Beerabunga!!! 

Jun 23 [01:48]
<NathanR> K9's channel guarding configuration dialog is getting rather 
<Theta-G> KISN 
<Alden> IE not like mIRC's config dialog 

Jun 23 [02:16]
<Theta-G> tü kaffa zee dhrab eil prutta chavna? 
<NateOnALateNightHackingRun> What was that, romulan? 
<Theta-G> thetian 
<Theta-G> late-night-too-bored-to-make-sense-so-noise-will-do-ian 

Jun 23 [02:40]
<Theta-G> apple computer never used to use tabs. it was a windows 95 thing, 
<Theta-G> now look at the top of 

Jun 23 [02:57]
<El_Zoof> You can get paid for doing almost anything on a webcam these days 
<El_Zoof> Or so it would seem, looking at some of the links 
<El_Zoof> Makes you wonder about the future of the human race 
<El_Zoof> Hell, some people get paid for coding Windows 
<Alden> the future of the human race is everyone in 6x6x6 boxes typing on 
        computers and waving to other people on webcams 

Jun 23 [03:01]
 * NateOnALateNightHackingRun smacks mirc 
<Theta-G> $natesbitch = "mirc"; 
<Theta-G> smack(up) $natesbitch; 

Jun 23 [04:02]
<El_Zoof> Windows ME - the latest coating of paint on the dirty sheet used 
          to cover the turd that is DOS 

Jun 24 [05:04]
 * DoctorWho throws open the blinds 
<DoctorWho> Which aren't blinds at all, but a blanket nailed to the window 
<Alden> ah, the hacker approach 
<Theta-G> that must look classy 
<Alden> it's "the window blinds cludge" 
<DoctorWho> Kludge is my middle name! 
<Alden> "Don't worry, we'll code the actual window blinds when we have 
<Alden> "OK, I've decided the window blinds are going to be in version 2" 
<Theta-G> i forgot that you're tall on stature, short on cooling fans. you 
          must be overclocked 

Jun 24 [05:24]
<NathanKludgeRoberts> There's a data structure called a deque 
<NathanKludgeRoberts> It's a double-ended queue... basically a cross 
                      between a queue and a stack. I always thought it 
                      should be called a quack 
<Alden> so you stick stuff on either end and take stuff off either end? 
<NathanKludgeRoberts> Yeah 
<Alden> sounds like the organisation method I use on my desk at work 

Jun 24 [06:06]
<Theta-G> nope, it was cool to see what a legacy-free OS looks like, but 
          it's to sepaprate from the real world 
<}-raven-{> real world? what is this thing you speak of? 
<NathanKludgeRoberts> The thing outside your rock 
<}-raven-{> Pot, kettle, kettle pot.... 
<Theta-G> that thing where you turn off your computer and there's a person 
          standing there who wants to know if you did whatever it was that 
          you said you were going to do when you turned it on in the first 
          place ;-) 

Jun 24 [23:03]
<SaltWaterBill> and it fixed everything 
<KludgeNathanRoberts> What? 
<SaltWaterBill> well yesterday I purchased a full version of win98se 
<SaltWaterBill> I just finished installing it 
<Whomiga> Everything? - I'll win the lottery now? 
 * SaltWaterBill gives richard the product key... just play those numbers 
   in the lotto 

Jun 25 [00:34]
<SaltWaterBill> nate for some reason that page won't load is the url 
                correct? it is a dns error 
<DoctorWho> It's called Nathan's an idiot and can't type 
<SaltWaterBill> ah it is also called bill is so zoned that he didn't cath 
                the typo 

Jun 25 [01:46]
<}-raven-{> winME.... 
<}-raven-{> More Erros 
<}-raven-{> More Errors 
<Theta-G> More Eros 

Jun 26 [01:30]
<PhileasFogg> do you blame me? 
<Kiri`> always. 

Jun 26 [02:49]
<LordMayorRichardWhittington> i remember a friend of shawn garoutte's who 
                              had porn on his 286 
<DoctorWho> Must have been a bitch, trying to decode image files on a 
<LordMayorRichardWhittington> 386 i meant 
<DoctorWho> Must have been a bitch, trying to decode image files on a 

Jun 26 [03:51]
 * DoctorWho looks at the Bad Word checker and ponders putting the 7 Words 
   in it ^_^ 
<Alden> Nate: Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker, Davison, McCoy and 

Jun 26 [03:54]
 * Jondar scribbles a note... rename Bad Word Checker "Carlin Protection" 

Jun 26 [05:02]
<El_Zoof> Need... creativity... 
 * Jondar phones "Dial-A-Muse" for Bruce... :) 
 * DoctorWho phones "Easily-A-Mused" 

Jun 28 [02:13]
<Alden> BTW, MSN has taken over the biggest ISP in New Zealand. 
<Alden> my parents went to log in to get thier email and a big MSN symbol 
        was on the page 
<Theta-G> what isp is that 
 * Theta-G punctures many locations on prof's outer surface 

Jun 28 [05:59]
<DoctorWho> I guess what I'll do is, on the 30th I'll finish off the 
            quotefile and mail off the quotes 
<TheComedian> and the QF will be updated up through June? 
<DoctorWho> Yes 
<DoctorWho> Dunno if it'll be much of one... it seems kinda small even for 
            4 months 
<DoctorWho> 5 months 
<TheComedian> wow ... this is the latest you heve ever put it off... nearly 
              6 months 
<TheComedian> I can see where this leading 
<TheComedian> yearly updates tothe QF 
<DoctorWho> Don't give me ideas 

Jun 29 [04:26]
<Alden> gee, if you're going to pick details with the plane type, why not 
        the fact that the SUV could never have supported the front end of 
        the plane anyway? ;) 
<Theta-G> shhhh ;-) 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<DoctorWho> Busted! 
<Theta-G> this is why fandom is a bad idea. entertainment was never meant 
          to be checksummed ;-) 

Jun 30 [01:42]
 * Jondar wonders if mIRC and Easy Coaster Maker can co-exist... 
<DoctorWho> Jason: Why shouldn't they? 
<Jondar> Nathan: last time I tried it... mIRC crashed, took Windows with 
         it... and I ended up with a coaster 
<DoctorWho> Eep! 
<Theta-G> I've been playing Coaster Burner Tycoon 

Jun 30 [02:20]
<Theta-G> he talks to it at one point, but it's never shown in close up 
<Theta-G> oh wait, two points 
 * DoctorWho draws a line 

Jun 30 [04:16]
<Alden> Hey! A post in rec.arts.drwho.moderated! Wait, no, it was just a 
        bug squashed on the monitor 

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