The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue V: May 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

May 1 [00:18]
<TheteInVikingOutfit> witta quiff 

May 1 [01:10]
<TheProf> Did I tell you folks what did when I complained to the 
          BBB about them? 
<James_Thorpe> They sued you? 
<TheProf> Not exactly. You know they refused to cancel an order I had with 
          them. An order that was in the shipping process for three weeks 
          and they said would be another few more weeks before it was 
<TheProf> I went round and round with them. If it won't ship for weeks it 
          can't be in the process of shipping 
<Alden> Prof: cancelled your credit card? 
<TheProf> No, I complained to the BBB about it and they cancelled my order 
          and then cancelled my account with them. 
<TheProf> They then responded to my complaint with the BBB that my 
          complaint was not valid as I never had an account with them 
<Alden> LOL 
<TheProf> Does that mean i get my money back for all the orders i made with 
<Alden> yes, but they want their stuff back. :) 
<TheProf> I mean since they never happened surely they could not have 
          charged my credit card. 
<TheProf> It's just funny that this is how they respond to something like 
<TheProf> So i went through and checked out some other complaints about 
 with the BBB and sure enough there are these complaints 
          where says "This person does not have an account with us. 
          Theis complaint is not valid. 

May 1 [14:03]
<NateInBunnyOutfit> Morning 
 * }-raven-{ pulls nate out of a hat 
--- NateInBunnyOutfit is now known as DoctorWho 
 * }-raven-{ pulls a hat out of nate 
 * }-raven-{ pulls himself out of a hat held by nate 

May 2 [01:03]
<Theta-G> uh oh. prof is about to get his base belonged 

May 2 [22:17]
<Theta-G> from what warenchical dimension do u come from? 
<Theta-G> war-wenchical, that is 
<Theta-G> why am i correcting misspelling in non-words 

May 4 [01:27]
<}-raven-{> jesus, has everyone been drinking 
<}-raven-{> profs babbling incoherently, and now kiri's startred ;P 
<}-raven-{> actually, with prof, its not so noticeable... 

May 4 [01:48]
<Theta-G> i've only heard my radio show CDs once. I would remember them 
          more if I played them more. but I already curse doug adams for 
          popping up in my mind all the time 
<Theta-G> he's a rotter 
<}-raven-{> thete: he does that to you too! 
<}-raven-{> damn! 
<Theta-G> maybe he did a deal with satan 
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey Blor... Did you do a deal with... bugger. 
<}-raven-{> Nope, just terrance dicks. 
<}-raven-{> same difference. 
<Theta-G> I'll tell you what the WORST one is 
<Theta-G> it's from the TV show (at least, that's where I got it) 
<Theta-G> The very idea that 'it's a nice day' is forever followed by 
          'you're very tall' and 'so this is it, we're going to die." 
<Theta-G> i'm gonna have to move to wales jsut to avoid ever having to 
          think about it 

May 4 [01:14]
<Nathan_Roberts> You know what would be really, truly ironic? 
<Nathan_Roberts> If my first real Linux convert was Prof......... 
<}-raven-{> no, it'd be really, truly ironic if it was Bill Gates 

May 4 [01:26]
<}-raven-{> did you hear they've started making edible/flavoured crayons? 
<}-raven-{> I want some of those. 
<Nathan_Roberts> er.. 
<TheProf> What falor......colo....flav....... 
<Theta-G> might as well. they get eaten anyway after the walls are done. 

May 5 [00:55]
<Alden> Fen: I know the problem. I work up at 7:30 and wondered my my alarm 
        clock hadn't gone off. 
<Alden> "Bugger," I thought. "I forgot to set it" 
<Alden> then I remembered I hadn't set it because it was Saturday 
<Alden> and so I went back to sleep .;) 
<NateMergesorting> YKYNAVW... 
<TheteSeatbeltLight> Yanni Kept Your Nightgown And Volkswagen 
<NateMergesorting> THat's good. That took you 34 seconds. It would have 
                   taken me 3 days 
<TheteSeatbeltLight> 3 seconds. i just showed up 
<NateMergesorting> Thete: That scares me 
<TheteSeatbeltLight> Yikes! Keeps Young Nathan and Vani Worried 

May 7 [23:26]
<TheProf> Thete I am stealing your webring html code as we speak. 
<Theta-G> sincerest form 

May 8 [00:46]
<Theta-G> OOPS CAPS 
<Theta-G> oops 
<Theta-G> a mosquito came in last nite. i ain't opening the windows without 
<Theta-G> fricking vampire bugs 
<Kiri`> and here i thougt they were hunting you for sport... 
<Kiri`> the Teta-g Hunting club.. 
<Kiri`> 4000 mosquito's strong 
<Theta-G> well the thrill of cleaning their residue from my walls is gone 
<DoctorWho> residue? 
<Theta-G> *WHAP* 
<Theta-G> residue. 
<Theta-G> fricking vampire bugs 
--> Mosquito has joined #DrWhoChat 
<Theta-G> AAAGJH!!!!! 
<Theta-G> AAAGH!!!!! 
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO 
<Theta-G> *WHAP* 
<Theta-G> *WHAP* 
<Theta-G> *WHAP* 
 * Mosquito shaves Thete. 
<Kiri`> ROLF 
<Theta-G> *WHAP* 
<Theta-G> AAAGH!!!!! 
<Theta-G> *WHAP* 
<Theta-G> fricking vampire bugs 
<Kiri`> oh tha'ts classic... what timing.. 

May 8 [01:27]
 * DoctorWho looks at monday's Sinfest again 
<DoctorWho> Is it just me or does the expression on Satan's face look like 
            Charlie Brown's just after the tree eats his kite? 
<Alden> I noticed that too.... 
<DoctorWho> Oh good, I'm not going crazy 
 * DoctorWho stops and looks at who's agreeing with him 
<DoctorWho> Help! I'm losing my mind!!! 
<Alden> %) 
<}-raven-{> nathan, considering your mind, its probably for the best 

May 8 [20:58]
<Theta-G> "I've got another idea." "Are you sure, sir? It *does* mean 
          changing the bulb" 

May 10 [01:01]
<TheProf> You know your from Kansas if: 
<TheProf> 1. You no longer associate bridges or rivers with water. 
<TheProf> 2. You never met any celebrities. 
<Alryssa> you fall down storm drains? 

May 12 [01:22]
<Theta-G> is this thing on? 
<Alden> Thete: apparently.... 
<Theta-G> oh, good 
<Theta-G> the differences between a dead chat room and a text file are few 

May 12 [16:20]
 * Shel tags pete 
<Theta-G> Shel, you really know how to make me feel like I'm "it" 

May 12 [19:09]
<FreeRadical> Left Behind... what a strange body part to name a film after. 

May 12 [23:54]
<AudioBoy> I just don't understand why some people can't be a fan of 
           multiple eras of a TV show. 
 * Alden likes multiple eras 
<Jondar> Alden: those eras being season 23 and season 24? >:-) 

May 13 [03:53]
<Philtrid> Please do not read this text. 
<Alden> ok... doh! 

May 14 [00:38]
 * DoctorWho goes to fire up the mandrake box 
<TheProf> Nate th4e computer Pyro 

May 14 [02:32]
<MegL> Ted hates Christians 
<TheProf> Ted "I hate cathlolics" Turner 
<MegL> probably other religions if he thought about it 
<}-raven-{> Ted "I suck the cock of Satan" Turner? 
<MegL> LOL 
<MegL> no, he's athisit I believe 
<Alden> Ash: he commits fellacio on Bill Gates? 

May 14 [06:49]
<El_Zoof> Someone just sent me an email describing me as "A goof-nugget in 
          the happy meal of life." 
<NateServ> LOL 
<NateServ> What prompted that? 
<El_Zoof> I... I'll admit it. I'm on a... 
<El_Zoof> a... 
<El_Zoof> ...a Star Trek email sim. 
<NateServ> email sim? 
<El_Zoof> play by email. 
<El_Zoof> Make up a character, stick him on a ship with a bunch of other 
          characters made up by other characters, and press puree. 

May 14 [07:26]
<El_Zoof> Wow, this place is really kickin' tonight! 
--- DoctorWho has been kicked from #drwhochat by DoctorWho (DoctorWho) 

May 15 [01:26]
[Alden is trying to listen to Ash's radio station, with little success] 
<DoctorWho> Alden: You can probably blame the NZ<->EU link for that :P 
<Alden> yeah 
<DoctorWho> What is the NZ<->EU link anyways? An ISDN line? :P 
<}-raven-{> nate: last I heard, it was a piece of string with a paper cup 
            at each end 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<}-raven-{> and a guy at each end reading out binary to each other 
<Alden> stopped again 
<}-raven-{> stopped as in music ended, or as in it stalled... 
<Alden> as in stalled 
<Alden> actually, I bet it's cause pegasus checks for email every five 
<}-raven-{> or the guy at the NZ end of the string is taking a drink 
 * }-raven-{ has a grand total of one listener. 
<}-raven-{> woo. 
<}-raven-{> nate, who has been listening since yesterday ;) 
<Alden> Well, I would listen, but the guy on the NZ tin can went for corn 

May 15 [03:56]
[We're talking about Gnutella]
<Alden> someone should write a porn grabber and call it "gnude" 

May 16 [01:20]
<Theta-G> this whole international bit is really screwing with my lexicon 
<Theta-G> All you have to do is get a reasonably lame grasp on a dozen 
          variants of english, and mix them up until you don't remember 
          what goes where and you decide to work on japanese so *somebody* 
          will understand you 
--- DoctorWho has changed the topic to: <Theta-G> this whole international 
    bit is really screwing [SNIP] 
--- Theta-G has changed the topic to: Not 
--- DoctorWho has changed the topic to: Too 
<Theta-G> oddly enough it was the [SNIP] i took offfense at *shudder* 

May 16 [01:25]
[Ash has just played a song that was being talked about earlier] 
<DoctorWho> were people talking about it earlier because you were playing 
            it or are you playing because people were talking about it 
<}-raven-{> Nate: its one or the other. 
<}-raven-{> I'll remember which at some point in the future. 
<Theta-G> nate, frying pan. frying p- buggrit *whack* 

May 16 [04:40]
<Alden> where is Elbonia anyway? 
<Alden> Halfway down Armenia? 

May 16 [20:55]
<RedQueen> there's something very comforting about everything being in the 
           right place when you dream about it 
<Theta-G> for you perhaps. I'd *like* a lot of t to be elsewhere ;-) 
 * Fenric1 is slightly insulted that Thete's dreaming about me being such a 
   bad speller. 

May 18 [00:20]
<Theta-G> hello Jason Fraser the Australian of Scottish descent who worked 
          at the sydney olympics and works on the dwca web site 
<Theta-G> and has a really keen 
<Alryssa> which he hasnb't updated in a whole twenty minutes! 
<Theta-G> 20!? 
<Jondar> ROTFL 

May 18 [22:25]
--> Philth`` has joined #DrWhoChat 
<Philth`> g'day phil 
<Philth``> how's it goin mate 
<-- Alryssa has kicked Philth` from #drwhochat (No Cloning around!) 

May 18 [23:14]
--> Not_Dick has joined #drwhochat 
--- Not_Dick is now known as SHel 
--- SHel is now known as Shel 
<Shel> LOL 
<Alden> hi Shel! 
<Shel> forgot someone was ircing on my computer last night 
<Alryssa> Shel, who is not Dick. Apparently. ;) 
 * Alden doesn't ask... 
<Theta-G> that nick is the equivalent of coming back from the bar with a 
          pair of panties 

May 19 [02:46]
 * }-raven-{ starts the shoutcast with the apt Weapon of choice 
 * Alden would listen, but someone snipped the piece of string in half and 
   they're looking for a new piece 

May 19 [21:44]
<Theta-G> futt the wuck 

May 19 [21:53]
<WhiteQueen> Thete: you never gave me your number, darling. :) 
<Theta-G> d'oh! 
<Whomiga> 1-800-SAFE-SEX? 
<Theta-G> 1-880-SAFE-MODE 

May 19 [21:52]
[Jeff is working on his own radio station...] 
<FreeRadical> You know, it's amazing. I have winamp on random, but it seems 
              to keep playing the same 40 songs. It's no better than 
              regular radio! 

May 19 [23:27]
<El_Zoof> Little Known Facts: Castrovalva was originally known as "Fall of 
          the House of Escher" 

May 21 [00:50]
<TheProf> MCI won't stop calling. "You morons, my wife works for Sprint and 
          we get free long distance!" 
<TheProf> One time I told on my wife worked for Sprint and the dummy kept 
          trying to convince me that their rates were so good they could 
          even beat what we were getting. I asked him "Yopu mean you can 
          beat free? You'll pay me to use MCI?" 

May 23 [06:36]
<Theta-G> I'm gonna have to watch myself. UK swear words don't seem the 
          least bit offensive to me, so I have to be careful not to use 
          them arelessly 
<Theta-G> arselessly? 
<Alryssa> lol 

May 24 [00:35]
<Theta-H> From the producers of "Elisabeth R," a tale of inrigue at court 
          and the soul of a Monarch, comes "Nathan R," a tale of 
          interrupted connections and the sanity of a Madman. Based on the 
          book "Nathan AAARGH" by David Agnew 

May 24 [05:39]
<NathanR> Alden, you need WIndows 2000 
<Alden> I would buy it, but I don't have a house to mortgage 
<Alden> besides, Gates already has my soul. I have nothing more to give him 

May 25 [00:27]
<DoctorWho> That was so Not Cool 
<DoctorWho> My Linux box locked up! 
<Alden> eep 
 * }-raven-{ watches Satan go past in a snow plow 
<}-raven-{> damn. 
<DoctorWho> It locked up in a rather unusual way too 
 * }-raven-{ watches a fleet of flying pigs chase after satan 
<}-raven-{> go on.... 
<DoctorWho> I was playing an MP3, and suddenly it stopped playing. But XMMS 
            was still running (it was scrolling the display) 
<Alden> did it show a big flashing picture of Bill Gates and say "Your hard 
        disk are belong to us"? 
<DoctorWho> lol 
<}-raven-{> set up us the WinME 
<DoctorWho> And the system quickly ground to a complete halt 
<DoctorWho> I tried to get into another terminal to see what was running, 
            but it finally just locked up completely 
<DoctorWho> Finally had to hit the button. 
<DoctorWho> I have no idea what happened 
 * }-raven-{ watches the pigs go kamakaze causing satan and his snowplow to 
   plumit off the cliffs and burst into flames.... 
<}-raven-{> *sniff* *sniff* mmmm..... Bacon..... 

May 25 [03:15]
<-- Alryssa has quit (Quit: I need Paul McGann, like RIGHT NOW.) 
<}-raven-{> oh dear... she's been using that random quitline generator 
<}-raven-{> actually, no, she hasn't, has she. 

May 25 [22:57]
<Theta-G> The Web sure doesn't seem to have any way of paying for itself, 
          but TV is getting pretty damn diluted 
<Theta-G> Even when I play devil's advocate, I start to worry that my 
          viewers are gonna lose their addiction one day 
<DoctorWho> Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like everywhere you go 
            you're saturated by someone trying to make a quick buck? 
<Theta-G> that too 
<Alden> Nate: I'll tell you for $5 

May 27 [01:37]
<Theta-G> new york: the city that never sleeps 
<Theta-G> san francisco: the city that sleeps with whoever the hell it 
          wants to 

May 27 [08:12]
<DoctorWho> I swear, I'm about ready to march down to PacBell's corporate 
            office and strangle the first asshole I find 
<DrWho9> DW: You get better results strangling the neck 

May 28 [04:44]
<DoctorWho> morning Thete 
<Theta-G> Yo Paul & Nate 
<Theta-G> whatchoo up2 nate 
<DoctorWho> Trying to adjust to Day Mode 
<Theta-G> Last night at about 11 I wandered the kitchen tired 
<Theta-G> "What am i hungry for?" 
<Theta-G> Then I turned- 
<Theta-G> there was the bed- 
<Theta-G> "Your'e hungry for tasty sleep!" 
<DoctorWho> *crash* 
<Theta-G> ex ACTLY 
<Theta-G> so here it is early & stuff, and I'm up 
<DoctorWho> I crashed about 3pm 
<DoctorWho> Woke up around midnight 
<DoctorWho> I'm still tired 
 * Theta-G laughs 
<DoctorWho> I haven't gotten a good night's sleep since last week 
<Theta-G> g- 
<Theta-G> gu- 
<Theta-G> good... 
<DoctorWho> LOL! 
<Theta-G> what? 
<Theta-G> never heard of it. 
<DoctorWho> It's that thing where you have a day off and don't have to go 
            to work or school and you sleep for 10 hours and you wake up 
            without any external influences like alarm clocks and the like 
<Theta-G> I always wake up with no alarm clock, it's uncanny 
<Theta-G> and right on the hour (or half hour) 
<DoctorWho> (Replace 10 hours with however much sleep you need) 
<Theta-G> my circadian mechanism must be quartz 
<DoctorWho> LOL! 
<DoctorWho> My circadian mechanism must be a vintage 19th century 
            grandfather clock 
<DoctorWho> With nobody around to adjust it 
<DoctorWho> And breaks down a lot 

May 30 [03:53]
[I'm recording something for Ash] 
 * }-raven-{ doesn't mention BT behind the music 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<DoctorWho> Fine, then I will ;) 
<DoctorWho> Do you want me to use a new, blank tape, or will it be good 
            enough if I zap and reuse an old one 
<}-raven-{> Nate: its up to you. 
<DoctorWho> Ok. I'll recycle an old Voyager tape >:) 
<}-raven-{> Oh, bury the axe in my back, why don't you... 

May 30 [23:19]
<Alryssa> Thete: I hope you have a/c 
<Theta-G> I do at work. This alleyway outside my window thankfully gets 
          shady at around 4pm 
<Alryssa> Thete: *sympathy* 
<Theta-G> Sympathy? no no, it was cool when I got home. Also I bought a fan 
          and she's really cute 

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