The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue IV: April 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Apr 2 [01:45]
 * Jondar finally notices the blackmail bits at the bottom of the tgif 
<}-raven-{> clue, jondar. Jondar, clue.... 
<DoctorWho> Thete, clue. Clue, Thete. >;) 
<}-raven-{> Hey! my line! 
 * }-raven-{ beats the clue out of Nate 
<DoctorWho> Yeah, but you didn't use it :P 
<}-raven-{> .... 
<}-raven-{> Bastard 
<}-raven-{> All your Quotefile are belong to us 

Apr 9 [22:44]
<-- TheProf has quit (Quit: Small green men are climbing up my pant leg. 
    Must be medication time.) 
<Thete> Hey... this is Prof's wallet... 
<-- Thete has quit (Quit: hey Prof!) 

Apr 10 [02:23]
<Alden> Nate's going for the idle record? ;) 
<Heptite> Hurry! Someone DDoS him! 
<Alden> lol 
 * TheProf decides to have some fun and picks up a stick and pokes Nathan 
--- DoctorWho was kicked from #drwhochat by TheProf (TheProf) 
--> DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat 
--- DoctorWho was kicked from #drwhochat by TheProf (TheProf) 
--> DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat 
--- DoctorWho was kicked from #drwhochat by TheProf (You killed Kenny!!!) 
--> DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat 
--- DoctorWho was kicked from #drwhochat by TheProf (You killed Kenny!! You 
--> DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat 
--- DoctorWho was kicked from #drwhochat by TheProf (DoctorWho was kicked 
    for crimes against humanity...Namely for voting for Ross Perot) 
--> DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat 
<TheProf> Just like the bad penny he is. 
--- DoctorWho was kicked from #DrWhoChat by Alden (I'm not Prof, but I do a 
    mean impersonation) 
--> DoctorWho has joined #DrWhoChat 
<TheProf> I say we tie him up and beat him with socks full of horse manure 
--- DoctorWho was kicked from #drwhochat by Pete_Shower (If enough people 
    do this, will Nate get mad when he wakes up?) 

Apr 15 [03:00]
<Thete> there once was a timelord called doc: a halfbreed just like mr 
        spock. their alien dads were controlled by their nads with a 
        weakness for earth women's frocks 

Apr 15 [04:32]
 * random_c ponders paging Thete to turn his kitchen light off. 
<Alden> I wonder if he has a clapper 
 * Alden readies biggun.wav ;) 

Apr 17 [00:58]
<Thete> What is the difference between Me and Fiber Optic Cable? The Fiber 
        Optic Cable is getting laid in the street in front of my apartment 

Apr 17 [02:10]
<}-raven-{> i just got called a 'SAD FUCK' by someone on napster... 
<}-raven-{> I pointed out that i was usually quite happy at times like 
            that, and thanked him for his viewpoint 

Apr 19 [22:49]
<SaltWaterBill> the lost site award. Congratulations just by finding this 
                page you win this nifty award take the gif and put it on 
                your page. Don't bother to email me becaue I don't care. 
<TheteImposingOrder> Bill's "Just take the GIF and shut up" award 

Apr 21 [01:40]
--- Alryssa has changed the topic to: Buffy will air on UPN starting next 
    fall | <Thete> the word 'naked' was sitting right there in the middle 
    of 'Snakedance' all this time and I never noticed till now 

Apr 21 [02:24]
<Shel> so i'm dragging you into the suffering? 
 * Thete feels your pain 
<Thete> ooer, nice pain 
<Thete> *run* 

Apr 23 [21:19]
<TheProf> Nate, tell Jack how good 405 is. 
<DoctorWho> how good 405 is. 

Apr 24 [23:36]
 * random_c sits still and waits for the corset to magically make the 
   stomach ache go away 
<Thete> of corset probably won't help 

Apr 26 [02:01]
<TheProf> I have a friend who now has 4 spare dsl modums. He ordered dsl 
          and they sent him the modum but forgot to turn on his service so 
          he complained. They sent him another modum. Thanks he said but 
          his modum works, they simply won't turn him on so he complained 
          and they kept sending him modums every time. Finally he called 
          and talked to a supervisor and they switched him on and let him 
          keep the other four modems they sent him. 

Apr 26 [20:57]
<The_42nd_Doctor> I would be paranoid if I had a roomie smoking pot and I 
                  couldn't get the smell out of my clothes and my stuff. 
<The_42nd_Doctor> "Out, out damned pot!" 

Apr 26 [22:24]
<DoctorWho> Oh jeez, I almost pulled out a calculator to figure out what 
            percentage 12 out of 100 is 

Apr 26 [75:02]
<TheProf> LOL. I had to call earthlink for some reason a few months back 
          and it was annoying because I could hear him flipping pages and 
          if i would say "I can do that can we move it along" he got lost. 
<Alden> hehehe 
<TheProf> This guy likely went from McDonalds to tech help. Then again 
          every once in a while you find someone who really knows their 
          stuff and it's refreshing as hell 
<}-raven-{> Prof: even we needed our folders for reference tho' 
<TheProf> Ash that's not the point., You don't need a huge folder with step 
          by step instructions to get to the control panel. 
<}-raven-{> No, true. 
<}-raven-{> well maybe after a heavy drinking session... 
<}-raven-{> but i generally need to have step by step instructions to piss 
            straight if i'm that drunk 

Apr 27 [15:57]
 * Shel fears what this person is assuming 
<DoctorWho> who? 
<Shel> on icq 
<TheProf> They are assuming what? 
<JGarthW> Need some more details Shel :) 
<Shel> what do you like to do while your on the computer? 
<Shel> my reply - listen to music really loud or watch a movie 
<Shel> is that all? 
<TheProf> Yeah and talk to dumb people on ICQ 

Apr 28 [08:46]
<Peter_Smith> DIVX stands for Digital Video Express. This pay-per-view 
              variation of the DVD-video standard is supported by Circuit 
              City and a Hollywood law firm. Circuit City committed over 
              $100 million to ensure its success. 
<TomFODW> pete: "This theory is now known as the 'Waste of Time (and $100M) 

Apr 28 [08:54]
<Peter_Smith> nate, i showed PraT to the Legion of Rassilon last nite 
<Nathan_Roberts> And? 
<Peter_Smith> a great time was had ;-) 
<Nathan_Roberts> Rock! 
<Peter_Smith> now i owe them copies 
<Peter_Smith> since most of them are *in* it 
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL 
<Peter_Smith> its kind of neat after all the editing i know everyone by 
              first and last name and can spell it ;-) 
<TomFODW> Prat- what an apt least for its maker if not 
          for the video itself... 
 * TomFODW fwaps himself again and invites everyone else to join in 
 * Nathan_Roberts pummels Tom on Thete's behalf 
<Peter_Smith> i don't know if it's me or joe yer yappin' about ;-) 
<TomFODW> both, of course 
<Peter_Smith> lol 
<TomFODW> but mostly you 
 * Peter_Smith adds a fwap :-) 

Apr 29 [04:07]
<Thete> 403am - what the helvetica condensed bold oblique am i doing awake 

Apr 30 [22:36]
[Prof has just ICQ'd me asking about the quotefile] 
--> DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat 
 * DoctorWho nukes the crap out of Prof and everything within a 100-mile 

Apr 30 [23:40]
[Thete has just ICQ'd me asking about the quotefile] 
--> DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat 
 * DoctorWho nukes the crap out of Thete and everything within a 100-mile 

Apr 30 [23:41]
<DoctorWho> This Drive-By Nuking has been brought to you by Tardis Labs. 
            Violently assaulting your senses since 2000. 

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