The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue III: March 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mar 1 [01:06]
<PeterJF> i've never used either, but i got hime to prove to me that all 
          the options of the DVD spec are there in the Pro version. iDVD is 
          scaled back to serve "small business and wedding videographers" 
          unquote ;-) 
<PeterJF> most wedding videographers won't be offering multi language audio 
          or subtitles or surround sound or branching etc 
<Alden> heh, branching on a wedding video.... "now lets see what happens if 
        the bride says no and flees from the church" 

Mar 2 [00:30]
<PeterJF> Dwuffca 
<PeterJF> Fodd Wha 
<PeterJF> Enby Dee 
<Jondar> Thete: DWCA is more pronounced Dwicka 
<DoctorWho> Wuttuf. 

Mar 4 [00:54]
<Alden> Morgan has Sailor Moon porn as his Windows desktop 
<Alden> he claims it isn't porn because it's artwork 
<TheProf> Porn can be artwork. 
<TheProf> If it's really good porn done tastefully and with an artistic 
 i like the plain old fashion smut 
 * MegL thinks you'd actually like a picture of Liz Sladen topless even 
   better ;) 
<TheProf> That's not porn! That's art of the highest quality! 

Mar 4 [21:28]
 * TheProf sets K9 to kick all perverts and to start with the sickest 
   person in the room. 
<-- TheProf has kicked TheProf from #drwhochat (pervert!) 

Mar 4 [22:43]
 * Alryssa gives Jason a birthday cookie with a candle stuck in it. 
 * Jondar thanks Alryssa *looks askance at the candle dripping wax on the 
<Alryssa> eat it before it melts, silly! 
<``Meg``> and blow the candle out first 
<``Meg``> :) 
<Jondar> Alryssa: what? candle and all? :) 
 * Jondar blows out the candle, then takes the candle off the cookie... 
<Alryssa> well, that's your preference ;P 
<Jondar> Alryssa: I think I'll do without wax in my diet for the time 
 * Jondar eats the cookie :) 
<Alryssa> but it's so good for you! Er... sort of 
 * Jondar watches Alryssa *wax* lyrical about the nutritional benefits of 
   candles... >:-) 
 * Alryssa groans 
 * Lyssie fwaps Jason 
<Alryssa> that was bad, even for you ;-) 
<Jondar> a truly en-*light*ening discussion... 
 * Lyssie fwaps Jason again 

Mar 5 [01:20]
<TheProf> I saw a picture today about the snow storm in New England. The 
          caption was "people prepare for the snow storm by stocking up on 
          essential items at the grocery store". The guy dead center in the 
          picture had two 12 packs of Michelobe was all i could see. 

Mar 5 [02:08]
<Thete> the theta-g webcam put me on the road to responsible abode tidiness 
<Shel> i don't think i'll ever be on that road 
<Shel> i'm somewhere in the ditch 
<Thete> *snerk* 
<Shel> i have to wait for someone to adopt my part of the highway 

Mar 7 [21:26]
<Arcalian> i DID hear cats converse once 
<Arcalian> when i was a kid we had neighbors across the street, ye know the 
           kind, who have like 50 cats 
<Arcalian> well this kitten went up to a really old cat and went "meow?" 
           obviously a question 
<Arcalian> and hte old cat HISSSSED, which obviously meant "shut the **** 

Mar 8 [09:16]
<SpooForBrains> don't know a robert ... #macintosh tends to be a little 
                more impersonal, we don't use real names often 
<SpooForBrains> except Ash who has chosen a silly nick :) 
<SpooForBrains> (kettle, meet mr pot) 
<}-raven-{> this from a man who's nick implies he has a head full of... 
            what is basically jism 

Mar 8 [09:05]
<}-raven-{> shit and fan have connected at high speed 

Mar 8 [09:08]
<Shel> can you howl? 
<SpooForBrains> I can howl great over IRC 
<SpooForBrains> AROOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo 
<SpooForBrains> See? 
<Shel> awwwoooooOOOOOOOooooo 
<SpooForBrains> Not so good in real life tho 
<Shel> the r must be a male thing.... lol 
<SpooForBrains> And you assume I'm male because ... ? 
<Shel> you have spoo for brains :) 

Mar 8 [19:19]
<EBCorp> Waiting for some Remotely Queues, and watching Godzilla USA 
<melloThete> there was never an American Godzilla film. That is what I 
             choose to believe. 
<EBCorp> Two torpedoes... just two torpedoes.. what is up with that? 
<melloThete> I take it you are trying to discuss a nonexistent film? :-) 
<EBCorp> Call it what you won't 

Mar 9 [00:31]
<TheProf> I am trying to figure out my Doctor Who solitair game. 
<TheProf> Who should be the four Kings is my big problem. 
<MegL> First four doctors 
<MegL> use the last four as knaves 
<TheProf> Ok, I'm open to suggestions for who the four kings and four Aces 
          should be?....How about Docs 1-4 as kings and 5-7 as Aces? 
<MegL> well you need four aces 
 * Alden stares at Prof 
<MegL> and 5,6,7 is three 
<TheProf> I plan to organize the suits as well. Reds will be companions and 
          black evil villains. 
<TheProf> I can use the logo as an ace 
<MegL> any reason you don't want to use mcgann? 
<MegL> he at least adds semetry 
<TheProf> McGann? 
<MegL> Doc8 
<TheProf> You know me. I may do Hurndall instead. :o) 
 * MegL 'd put JNT on one of the jokers 

Mar 9 [05:21]
<NathanR> morning 
<Pete_Wisdom> Hey Nate 
<}-raven-{> morning nathan 'quotefile my arse' roberts 

Mar 9 [10:50]
 * NathanR is having fun cleaning his bathroom shower (NOT) 
 * Brigadier chuckles ... don't you have a shell script to do that? 
<Brigadier> exec('./bathroom/shower/clean', 0) 
 * NathanR thwaps the Brig 
<-- Brigadier has quit ( 
<NathanR> Ha! Thwapped him right into a netsplit :P 

Mar 10 [01:29]
--- SarnyThete is now known as SarnierThete 
 * Shel steals pete's sa and gives him a ho 
<HornierThete> maybe i should downgrade to just horny 
--- HornierThete is now known as HornyThete 
--- HornyThete has changed the topic to: Return of the Night of the 
<Shel> but horny thete gives more of the devilish impression 
<HornyThete> >:-D --E 
<Shel> i hope that's a pitchfork 
<HornyThete> :-) 
 * HornyThete . o O ( no, you can't make the happy to see you joke ) 
 * HornyThete . o O ( chill it, dude ) 
<Shel> stop thinking so loud ;) 
 * HornyThete . o O ( [ ] ) 

Mar 14 [00:47]
<Jondar> goof grief... now I'm getting the same virus-attachement sex 
         spam... in Spanish :-P 
<Thete> spamish? 
<MegL> No one expects the spamish inquisition! 

Mar 14 [07:56]
<CrowTRobt> I think my page needs something... it just seems to be missing 
            something... maybe I could but dancing Jesus on it... 
<Nathan_Roberts> Dancing Jesus? Is this the next Dancing Baby or Dancing 
<CrowTRobt> actually it was a joke on the Simpsons the other day 
<Nathan_Roberts> ah 
<CrowTRobt> Homer got a computer and he saw a dancing jesus page then 
            decided to make his own page... 
<CrowTRobt> his page was dancing jesus, flying toasters, hampsters and all 
            the other crap pages like that where he stole the images and 
            pasted them on his own page 
<Nathan_Roberts> Sounds like he read one of our old quotefiles 

Mar 16 [00:00]
<Thete> i'm downloading a 48MB manual for a 6.4MB application. computers 
        suck, man. 

Mar 16 [10:54]
<random_c> mischan 
<random_c> argh! i mischan'd a mischan 

Mar 16 [10:53]
<random_c> Crow: are you still dropping acid? or have you moved on? 
<CrowTRobt> I have never dropped actid... raven I think that is 
--- random_c is now known as }-raven-{ 
<}-raven-{> dammit, why does she keep altering my config file! 
<}-raven-{> . o O (mental note to fwap random later) 
<CrowTRobt> fwap random? are mad, man< and you accused me of being on drugs 

Mar 16 [20:22]
<The_42nd_Doctor> Don't drink and derive. 
<The_42nd_Doctor> or perhaps, Don't derive derunk. 

Mar 16 [21:48]
<talus> brain.wav? that's a punnish filename if ever there was one 

Mar 17 [09:26]
[Nate's got his DSL in the new place] 
<DoctorWho> Hey Thete! I won the gamble! 
<Thete> !?!?!?!?!?!? 
 * DoctorWho invites a /whois 
<Thete> kickass 
<Thete> :-) 
<DoctorWho> Thete: Guess when it officially got switched on 
<Thete> nate: just now? 
<DoctorWho> Nope. 
<Thete> in a minute? 
<Thete> Seven years ago? 
<DoctorWho> Next friday. 
<Thete> b-zarre 
<DoctorWho> Yes, officially it doesn't get switched on for another week. 
<Thete> :-) 
 * Thete watches pacbell finish 'testing' and *blip* nate's gone :-) 
<DoctorWho> But yesterdayu morning I heard a tech working o n the interface 
            box outside, our line went dead for a few minutes, then came 
<DoctorWho> Plugged the dsl box in and it synched. 
<Thete> well hopefully this is a case of they just won't be able to find 
        their other buttock to tell you what happened yesterday for another 
<DoctorWho> LOL!! 
<Thete> "You've got DSL!" "No shit, Sheherazade." 

Mar 17 [11:19]
 * Pete_Wisdom gets an e-mail from a "potential" employer that says that 
   they looked at his resume and was impressed with it, but accidentally 
   deleted it. 
<talus> jeff: i'd do anything i could to get that job. after doing that, 
        you could probably get away with just about any screwup you made by 
        reminding them of the time they deleted your resume 

Mar 17 [11:36]
<talus> nate: actually i can quit tv whenever i want. it's not even 
        switched on right now. i'm playing the radio instead. 
 * DoctorWho takes Talus's TV and throws it out the window 
<talus> hey! 
<talus> i didn't say i wanted to go cold turkey! 

Mar 17 [11:58]
<Pete_Wisdom> Target is the only store of that type that seems to give a 
<talus> jeff: the reason for that is that wal-mart pays shit, treats 
        employees like shit, and anyone who can get out does as soon as 
        possible. i've never cared for organized labor, but a few weeks of 
        working at wal-mart had me dreaming of unionising the hell out of 
        that place. 
<Pete_Wisdom> Speaking of lousy service, I could complain until I was blue 
              in the face about the local McDonalds here... 
<Pete_Wisdom> It takes 5 minutes to make one frigging cheesburger! 
<Pete_Wisdom> It takes 15 minutes to complete an order 
<Pete_Wisdom> Fast food at that place isn't 
<talus> that's because mcdonald's hires the people who are too stupid to 
        work at wal-mart. in fact that's why they have mcdonald's in a lot 
        of wal-marts now. you can't actually get a job in the mcdonald's 
        part unless you're deemed unworthy to work in the wal-mart itself. 

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