The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue II: Februrary 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Feb 2 [02:52]
<Blor> Its the end of the world as we know it... and its Nate's fault. 
<Alden> hmm, that's odd 
<Alden> I thought it was Prof's fault 
<NathanR> Today Hell, Tomorrow the World >:) 
<Alden> oh well, he's not here, so we can blame him anyway. ;) 
<Blor> Alden: Its Nate's fault. He's defying reality by going outside. And 
       it will mean the end of everything. 
<Alden> ah! 
<Blor> So it means I'm gonna have to work overtime soon 
<NathanR> overtime? 
<Alden> Nate: the end of the world.... there'll be a hang of a lot of 
        people arriving in Hell. ;) 

Feb 4 [03:09]
 * Whomiga would like someone with an optical mouse to try cleaning the 
<Alden> Richard: Don't need to. that's the beauty of an optical mouse. :) 
<Whomiga> Alden - yes, but I'd like to see someone complaining that they 
          can't clean the mouse - or rather that they can't find the ball 
          to clean :-) 
<Alden> Hehehehe 
<Alden> My mouse has no balls 
<DoctorWho> Eunuch mouse! 
<Alden> no, Windows... 

Feb 4 [03:00]
<DoctorWho> Oh, Random, did you hear I got A+ certified? 
<Alden> I always knew Nate was certifiable. :) 
 * }-raven-{ stamps 'grade-a nut' on nates head 

Feb 5 [02:52]
<Blor> I just insulted an Aussie by calling him a Kiwi 
<Alden> that's a complement, I thought. ;) 

Feb 5 [22:21]
<CloseToTheEdit> anybody can own sailor moon dolls, but what kind of mind 
                 could see them and think: "girl on girl webcam action!" 

Feb 5 [22:10]
<TheProf> I had to listen to my teacher talk about Red Hat and Linux for 20 
          minutes tonight 
<NathanQuotefiling> Took you that long to kill them? 

Feb 6 [00:51]
<Alden> I kept getting emails meant for people at Tetra Process Servers 
<Alden> who own 
<TheProf> Alden that's called insider information. You could make a 
 * NathanSlacking dumps a truckload of RedHat CDs on TheProf 
<TheProf> Either in stocks or blackmail is certainly an option 
<Alden> Prof: Most of the emails were dirty jokes 
<NathanSlacking> ROTFLMAO 
<TheProf> Alden that's sexual harrassment and you should forward them on 
          unless a certain price can be aranged to lose the e-mails 
<TheProf> You keep track of the e-mails and whose is whose e-mail addy. 
          When some poor smuck wrotes an e-mail calling the boss a Bozo the 
          price is $100 not to send it to the boss himself. If the word 
          asshole is used the price is $200. 
<Alden> LOL! 
<TheProf> If the e-mail mentions the Boss' wife you tack on an extra $50 
<TheProf> It's sort of a ala carte blackmail 

Feb 6 [01:45]
 * TheProf reads a dvd news release from 199. it talks about how over 1 
   million DVD players were sold in the first four months of 199. They sold 
   more than that the week before christmas this year. 
 * TheProf has a personal Y2K problem there 

Feb 6 [16:40]
<talus> anyone else ever notice that "not sold in stores" really means 
        "this product is crap"? 
<VilaResthal> yeah. 
<VilaResthal> But then, most of the stuff sold in stores is crap, too. 
<talus> true 
<talus> neil young's "piece of crap" should be our commercial anthem 

Feb 7 [00:06]
<TheProf> Nathan how close are we to QF? 
<DoctorWho> I'm working on it, honest! 
<TheProf> Can we at least have October and November? :o) 
<PeterJF> QF minus 16 hours and counting 
 * DoctorWho fwaps Pete 
<PeterJF> the wife's givin' prof the cold shoulder so Prof needs to read a 
          recent quote file to make sure he exists 

Feb 7 [21:20]
<TheProf> In class today i took apart a computer and put it back together 
          again. Here's the funny part though. It worked afterwards too! 
<TheProf> I took out everything. Power supply, motherboard, cd rom, the 
<talus> okay, what have you done with the *real* prof? 
 * Supremedalek wonders if TheProf absorbed some of Nathan's DNA somewhere? 
<talus> i think everyone here knows the real prof could not disassemble a 
        computer to that level without there beign at least one major 
        explosion, resulting in the summoning of the belgian troops. 
 * talus now has Belgian troops at the door! 
<DoctorWho> Look out, the next thing you know Prof will be A+ certified 
<talus> scary 
<DoctorWho> Then you and I will look at our A+ certificates, and start to 
            wonder if they mean anything at all............ 
<talus> wait, who here besides you and me are already a+ certified? could 
        we like form a comission to warn comptia or something? 
<TheProf> The funny thing was I finished mine and it worked (actually after 
          I fixed the video card which wasn't inserted all the way into the 
          slot). The guys next to me put theirs together and turned it on 
          and nothing happened. It was dead. So they are starting to check 
          to find the problem and I looked over and said "Frank, I think 
          you were suppose to plug it back in as well". They hooked 
          everything up perfect the first time and then forgot to plug it 
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO 
<Alden> Hahahahahaha 
<Supremedalek> LOL! 
<talus> you don't wanna know how many times i did that very thing when i 
        was working onsite support. you hook up half a dozen cables and 
        forget to hook the power back up. 

Feb 7 [22:27]
<Alden> Morgan trying to tell me the picture of two naked anime chicks on 
        his desktop isn't porn: "But she's wearing something!" 
<Alden> Yeah, they were wearing each other 

Feb 7 [23:05]
<talus> sooooo, by any chance are the virgin islands this geek homeland 
        i've been hearing whispers about? 
<PeterJF> huh? 
<Alden> I thought it was Greece... oh, wait, that's the *Greek* homeland 
<PeterJF> talus? 
<talus> cahlk it up to another one of my joke bombs 
<Alden> Sweden is, of course, the Grek homeland 

Feb 7 [23:14]
<talus> just out of idle curiosity (and because i have a bet with myself), 
        nate are you adding january to this quotefile update, since it's 
        over now? 
<NathanQuotefiling> January is the reason the quotefile isn't out yet. 
<talus> ahhh 
<NathanQuotefiling> So who won? 
<talus> i did :-) 

Feb 8 [01:11]
<}-raven-{> HahA! that sontaran nearly fell over.... 
<}-raven-{> he runs down the steps and nearly goes ass over tit 
<Alden> Ash: what are you watching? 
<}-raven-{> Invasion of Time 
<Alden> ah 
<}-raven-{> This is a porn movie in disguise.... 
<}-raven-{> leela leads borusa off and orders him to 'come', the sontarans 
            are treating the castallan as their own personal bitch, and 
            he's enjoying it. and the doctors running around waving the rod 
            of rassilon 
<}-raven-{> 'steady old girl. this won't hurt a bit' 

Feb 8 [22:16]
<NathanQuotefiling> what're you ringing tech support for? 
<xanta_claus> because it's as close as he could get to wringing their 

Feb 9 [20:52]
<DoctorWho> Had to kill my gnome configuration 
<talus> poor gnomes. always getting such abuse. 
<IanMc> gnome, gnome on the range.... 
<talus> the firing range? 

Feb 9 [20:07]
<The_42nd_Doctor> my sister was almost Michaela. 
<The_42nd_Doctor> and I was almost Beverly. 
<The_42nd_Doctor> We would have been Dr. Quinn and Dr. Crusher. o_O 

Feb 9 [21:06]
--- Lyssie is now known as LysNotDrowning 
<-- LysNotDrowning has quit (Quit: . . .) 
<invncor> was there doubt as to Lyssie's underwater status? 
<CrowTRobt> damn 
<CrowTRobt> I read that as Lyssie's underwear status 
<talus> crow: don't feel so bad, i read it as that *twice* 
<talus> not sure if that means my eyes or my mind is going.... 

Feb 9 [21:54]
<chrisk1> /nick courtney 

Feb 10 [02:22]
<talus> you know with the success of the beatles "one", i've got to wonder 
        if they'll do a "2" of all their number 2 hits, and so on until we 
        get "39" an ep consisting of songs ringo wrote. 

Feb 10 [23:23]
<Alden> Shatner eats turkey? isn't that cannabalism? ;) 

Feb 11 [23:58]
--- Nathan_Roberts has changed the topic to: 
<Starfury> WOAH 
<Starfury> QUOTE FILE! 
 * Alden applaudes 
<satsuki`> O.O 
 * talus hits reload 
<TheProf> OH MY GOD! 
<TheProf> The world is ending! 
<Nathan_Roberts> You better read quick then 

Feb 11 [23:16]
<Starfury> Ok time for another Poll: Which Doctor Who Video Should Becky 
<Alden> Time and the Rani! 
<Starfury> have it. 
<Alden> Timelash! 
<Starfury> next. 

Feb 12 [00:41]
<TheProf> I have always been amazed that McDonalds and Apple never merged. 
          They could corner the Mac market. 

Feb 12 [01:41]
 * Alden finishes off the qf at last 
<James_Thorpe> *clap clap clap* 
<TheProf> Now it's time to bug Nate again about the next one. 
 * Alden readies the shoe-box for Prof's remains 

Feb 12 [23:49]
<TheProf> Cool. Some nice person sent me an e-mail with a cute picture of 
          Anna Kournikova. 
<MegL> I hope you know that's a virus 
<TheProf> Actually I almost got a picture of her and sent it to my wife 
          just to pull her leg and see if she would e-mail me screaming not 
          to open it/ 

Feb 13 [01:55]
 * TheProf makes a mental note to get a new varos link button. 
<Jondar> Prof: hold off there for a while 
<TheProf> Oh your going to change designs again? 
<Jondar> Prof: am I *that* obvious? :) 

Feb 14 [02:43]
<Jondar> the Win2K server at work is still up... should I be calling in the 
         people from Ripley's Believe it or Not? 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<DoctorWho> How long has it been up? 
<talus> 6 minutes and counting. a new record. :-) 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<Jondar> Nathan: since about 3 weeks after Win2K was released here in 
         Australia... I think it's getting on 5 or 6 months 
<DoctorWho> Oh My God 
<DoctorWho> That's an uptime rivaled only by Unix systems 
<}-raven-{> . o O (Nate must be impressed, he capitalised each word in that 
            exclamation :P) 

Feb 14 [05:22]
 * Jondar still hasn't read the latest QF yet... no time 
 * Jondar will probably read it next week, when things are less stressful 
<talus> ooh, should we spoil it by telling him the ending? 

Feb 15 [01:49]
<PeterJF> |( <- Pre-Coffee face 

Feb 15 [02:10]
<PeterJF> I met kiri after work today and she asked me what i wanted to 
          eat. I said catherine zeta-jones. 

Feb 15 [03:33]
<talus> of course the ideas that always interested me were the ones that 
        predicted at least one planet inside the orbit of mercury 
<Philtrid> inside the orbit? 
<Philtrid> what? 
<talus> closer to the sun 
<Jondar> yeah... I heard that if they found one, they were going to name 
         it: "Crispius" >:-) 

Feb 17 [00:42]
<PeterJF> I don't own a pornograph 
<PeterJF> oh, wait, here it is. it was in a box labeled 'camcorder' 
<PeterJF> i could only get it to make fanvids. although there may be some 
          tasteful states whee that counts 
 * Alden whips out his pornograph 
<Alden> hmm, I'm getting high readings. OK, who's got the playboy 
<PeterJF> 1.0 "mating cats yowling in the alley" 
<PeterJF> 2.1 "neigbors gettin' some" 
<AudioBoy_Editing> 2.1.1 "Wife gettin' some withthe neighbors" 
<PeterJF> LOL 
<PeterJF> and here i thought becki was a computer widow! 

Feb 17 [02:56]
<SwampyNeil> Anyone here have any experience with turntables in a "hooking 
             'em up to your stereo" sense? 
<CrowTRobt> Turntable? Geez neil I bet you write with a hammer and chisle 
            on blocks of stone too 

Feb 18 [03:09]
<}-raven-{> we'll be there for monday afternoon, tuesday, wednesday 
<DoctorWho> We should do lunch or something 
<}-raven-{> those are words i never thought i'd here u say 
<DoctorWho> Oh come now. You know I'd never pass up lunch >;) 
<}-raven-{> 'we should do lunch' are the words of an advertising 
<DoctorWho> LOL 
<}-raven-{> Who are you!! what did you do with the King Geek! 
<DoctorWho> I never thought of it that way. But I don't know of a less... 
            formal way to say it 
<}-raven-{> 'lets go run up a bar tab?' 

Feb 18 [03:28]
[Nate give Ash his phone number] 
 * }-raven-{ sticks it on a 'sticky' under the words 'drugs contact' 

Feb 19 [02:23]
 * NathanR has trying to get some sleep, with limited success 
<Alden> Nate: Have you tried direct from manufacturer? 

Feb 19 [14:20]
<PeterJF> slacking? HA! i don't think i've paused since i woke up 
<NathanR> I believe it 
<Fenric1> You slept? Slacker! ;> 

Feb 20 [02:10]
<TheProf> Jason I tried I think 147 sevrers 
<TheProf> before twisted got me on 
<Jondar> Prof: erm... there isn't 147 servers in DALnet :) 
<TheProf> There is when you start at one and keep going around and around 

Feb 24 [20:41]
--- Fenric1_Killjoy is now known as KandyMan1 
--- Lyssie is now known as Helen_A 
<Helen_A> I want you all to be happy. Smile! 
<Helen_A> I wonder what delicious concoction the KandyMan has created for 
          us today.... 
<DoctorWho> I suppose now would not be a good time to mention that I'm 
            getting extremely annoyed 
 * Helen_A shakes her head sorrowfully at Nate... 
<Helen_A> Which, actually, could get me killed by my own regime. 
<KandyMan1> Wow. Apart from the lack of a metal mustashe, I look just like 
            the KandyMan. ;> 
 * KandyMan1 stomps around the channel pulling the fearful-looking, giant 
 * DoctorWho opens up a can of Safeway Select Lemonade and dumps it at 
   KandyMan1's feet 
<KandyMan1> Bastard! 
<Drake> oh don't be such a Kandy ass 
 * Helen_A looks into the Kandy Kitchen 
<Helen_A> Why, KandyMan, you don't look happy... 
 * KandyMan1 spins his eyes at Helen_A 
 * Helen_A advances slowly with a blow torch... 
 * KandyMan1 waggles his metal mustashe at Helen. 
 * Helen_A falls over, giggling. 
<Drake> and does the KandyMan do cavity searches? 

Feb 25 [21:28]
<CrowTRobt> I got dizzy watching timelash it was like getting stoned 
<DoctorWho> What do you suppose the writer did? >;) 
<Tom-Servo> dw - it was the eighties - so..coke 
<-- CrowTRobt has quit (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by 
--> MrWhiteFolkz has joined #drwhochat 
--- MrWhiteFolkz is now known as CrowTRobt 
<CrowTRobt> what did you guys see me say last? 
<Fenric1> Crow: You said you were stoned... 
<Oddone> Crow: That you use Timelash as an illegal narcotic. 
<CrowTRobt> oh yeah 
<Oddone> Wait, it *is* legal, isn't it? KEWL...... 
 * CrowTRobt passes the smoke to fen "ere coff coff" 
<Fenric1> Cheers... 
<CrowTRobt> everyone take a dragg off the timelash 
<Oddone> Whoa....the colors......mostly pink really..... 
<Oddone> CT: Thanks bro..... 
<CrowTRobt> uh oh 
<CrowTRobt> odd that is time and the Rani you are smoking dude 
<Tom-Servo> crow - oh no, he's deaf now 
<Oddone> CT: OH MY and Jane....DIALOGUE...oh my GOD....... 
<Oddone> AAAAGHHHHHH!!!!! 
<CrowTRobt> lol 
<Oddone> Bad trip!!! BAD TRIP!!!! 
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO 
<CrowTRobt> call poison control! 
<CrowTRobt> odd just od'd on Time and the Rani 
<Oddone> Losing abilitly to human speech patterns....HELP..... 
 * Arcalian chuckles 
<Oddone> Giant brain and strange matter thingie...making SENSE....make it 
         STOP!!! PLEASSSSEEEEEE!!!! 
<Oddone> "Time melts the Snowman!" OH GOD NO........ 
 * CrowTRobt tries to help 
 * Oddone comes down from his bad high, slowly..... 
<Oddone> slowly.... 
<CrowTRobt> lets see what is a soothing episode to watch? 
<Oddone> Genesis....of......Daleks...... 
<Oddone> pllllllleeeeeeaaaaasssssseeee........ 
<CrowTRobt> easy there come over here and watch davros 
 * Oddone comes down completely. 
<CrowTRobt> look at the funny man rant about a germ in a vial 
<Oddone> I am NEVER taking a hit off of Who again until I'm CERTAIN what ep 
         it is. That could have been the entire "Trial of a timelord" or 
         worse, "Dimensions in time". 

Feb 28 [20:57]
<Pete_Wisdom> Kevin Costner will be forced to make a sequel to For the Love 
              of the Game, entitled For the Love of God, Stop Making 

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