The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume V, Issue I: January 2001

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mon Jan  1 [14:50]
<gordon-r-d> woke up at 1pm and asked "Mummy? Why is the world wobbly?"

Wed Jan  3
 * Alden fiddles with the coed and tries again
<Alden> code
<RedQueen> Alden: filth!
<Alryssa> coed? Put that coed down!
<Drake> hat does that coed look like Mr Bates? ;)
<Alden> Bah!

Wed Jan  3
<Alryssa> Did Nathan go and get a life on us again?
<Alryssa> We lose more quotefilers that way...

Wed Jan  3 [01:42]
<Alden> I'm going to kill the people who wrote miva if I get this damn
	error one more time.
<Alden> --> Runtime Error: Syntax error in parameters or arguments to
	MAIL command
<Alden> I've tried a bunch of things and all it's gotten me is more
	stress and the desire to kill Morgan

Wed Jan  3
 * Alryssa would KILL for a mac
 * AudioBoy would kill for a Big Mac... :)

Wed Jan  3 [04:18]
<Alden> Someone complaining on cause they don't
	like building roller coasters
<Alden> man are they playing the wrong game

Thu Jan 04 [01:44]
<talus> that's what i need in significant other.  a woman with enough
	sense to go to sleep at a decent hour, and with the ability to
	get me to do the same.

Thu Jan 04 [02:38]
<NathanR> "Woman claims Daleks ruined her life"
<Whomiga> Jo Grant after being seen with no clothes in the presence of a Dalek?

Thu Jan 04 [03:35]
<Bozzie> actually exists, and it's not porn, either
<TheProf> No, it's butter
<NathanR> Bozzie: ROTFLMA
<NathanR> O
 * TheProf kicks Nathan's ass around the room
<talus> oh? i figured would be the official
	website for the sports illustrated swimsuit issue

Thu Jan 04 [04:28]
<Jondar> Well, you remember how I was asking for a new name for the
	 fanfic site...
<Jondar> I decided to reuse an old name that Varos once was... :)
<NathanR> Jason: "Made from 100% recycled names?" >:)

Fri Jan 05 [02:44]
<DoctorWho> brb
*** DoctorWho Quit (Quit: Leaving)
<TheProf> Come back you coward!
*** DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat
<TheProf> Good Nate. You get a treat now

Wed Jan  3
 * Tentaclatron met Setok in person today
<Jondar> Blor: cool
<DoctorWho> Ah, so that's why he's not here this morning
<DoctorWho> So, where'd you bury the body?
<Tentaclatron> yeah, it was cool :)
<Jondar> Nathan: more to the point, how long did it take Setok to
	 crack under the pressure of gazing upon TheEvilOne(TM) in the
	 flesh?  >:-)
<Tentaclatron> Didnt bury it.
<Tentaclatron> Dumped it into the ocean
<Jondar> Blor: I would've thought that cremation was more your thing... :)
<Tentaclatron> I tried to really be the Lord of temptation but he only
	       bought stuff from 2 out of 3 stores we went into
<Jondar> LOL
<Tentaclatron> Well, that wouldnt be such a good idea. I might need
	       somewhere to stay if I'm going there sometime.
 * Razornak imagines Blor lying on a door letting Setok slowly slide
   under the icy waters

Sat Jan 13
<CrowTRobt> nate... WTQF?
<Drake> Nate still does the QF?
 * DoctorWho glares at Bill who then bursts into flames
<talus> drake: i hope so, or else i just spent 45 minutes going
	trhough my logs for nothing
<talus> actually what nate needs is a bout of jondar's disease,
	quotefile strain....
<DoctorWho> What I need is an extra 60 days each month

Sun Jan 14 [03:09]
<DoctorWho> BTW, a word about the quotefile
<TheProf> We still have a quotefile?
<Fenric1> Prof: Just because the previous quotefile update happened in
	  the last millenium is no reason to be sarcastic... ;>
<DoctorWho> If you ever see a quote that you think belongs in the
	    quotefile, just shout "qf!"
<TheProf> qf!
<TheProf> Just testing
<DoctorWho> Of course, if you wanted to be a smartass, you could just
	    change your nick to something containing one of those
	    trigger words
*** TheProf is now known as qf
<DoctorWho> And of course, I could just /ignore you.  For the good of
	    the quotefile, of course.
*** qf is now known as TheProf
<DoctorWho> Prof has the right idea.
<talus> nate: i never thought i'd hear anyone say those words
<talus> maybe that's karmic payback for the time i said grek had a good idea

Mon Jan 15 [02:45]
<Alden> eep, fire alarm
<MegL> go check
<Alden> ok...
 * MegL worries that one of these days it's not going to be Kylies cooking
<Alden> back
<Alden> no, it *was* Kylie's cooking
<MegL> ok :)
<Alden> Mum says if there ever is a real fire, I'll be able to hear
	the screams of "FIRE!" as well

Mon Jan 15 [20:40]
<talus> but some of the stuff on bbc-a actually counts as
	intellectually stimulating
<NathanR> Doctor Who? >;)

Mon Jan 15 [21:29]
 * fuzzyoctopus pretends to be BRitney spears
<NathanR> I hope that doesn't mean you're getting implants
<talus> put some clothes on britney, you'll catch cold!
 * Arcalian chases FuzzyBrittney all over the place
<The_42nd_Doctor> Fuzzy Britney? I'm sure a little Barbie doll like
		  Britney shaves.
<The_42nd_Doctor> Britney fired the guy who directed her
		  videos... because she found out he used to direct
		  porn filme
<NathanR> 42: And this was a change, how?
<The_42nd_Doctor> Nathan: I'm trying to figure that out.
<talus> call me cynical, but i bet it's not that she found out, it's
	that someone else found out that she found out
 * The_42nd_Doctor trips Britney. "Oops! I did it again!"
<The_42nd_Doctor> (no offense to fans, but she annoys the hell out of me)
<Fenric1> Britney Spears has fans?  There is no God!

Mon Jan 15 [22:20]
<talus> hmmmm, i'm thinking of conducting a psychological experiment
	on myself, but i'm not sure this is such a wise idea
<Alden> Talus: <reverse psychology> Right, don't do it then. ;)
<talus> lol alden.  i think :-)

Mon Jan 15 [23:32]
<Shel> nathan's married...
<Shel> to his computers...  bigomist!

Mon Jan 15 [23:40]
<TheProf> I don't want to hear the word superbowl!
 * NathanR is looking forward to the superbowl
<Alden> Nate: Why??
<NathanR> Because it means Football season is almost over >:)

Tue Jan 16 [21:42]
<TheProf> The only quote I know from Star Trek 5 didn't make the
	  movie. It was from leanard Nemoy and he said "Bill do you
	  know what the f*ck your doing behind a camera?"

Tue Jan 16 [21:44]
<Alden> why is it some of the bits of Green Death at the slag heap are
	shot on location and some are CSO?
<TheProf> Because they ran out of condoms to make the maggots at the
	  location don't want to know why.

Wed Jan 17 [14:42]
<WhiteQueen> dare I ask who the mighty shark god is?
<SteveBreon> WQ: Blor.  Who else would it be? :)
<WhiteQueen> oh, right... :)
<NathanR> [14:43:07] *** [Omoo_Omoo_The_Mighty_Shark_God]
	  ( : El Blor-o
<NathanR> [14:43:07] *** [Omoo_Omoo_The_Mighty_Shark_God] @#Moomin
	  @#Tori_Spelling_Scares_Me @#drwhochat @#I_Hate_Fish
<gordon-r-d> are those real channels? :)
<NathanR> Yup
<NathanR> I think Blor owns some of them
<SteveBreon> gordon: He is usually the only person in them
<WhiteQueen> gordon: yeah, but I think he founded most, if not all of them.  :)
 * NathanR joins #I_Hate_FIsh and screams "Long Live The Fish!!!".
   Let's see how long before he kicks me >;)
<NathanR> [14:46:48] <Omoo_Omoo_The_Mighty_Shark_God> *** NathanR
	  targeted. Press F10 to boot
<NathanR> [14:47:21] <Omoo_Omoo_The_Mighty_Shark_God> *** SteveBreon
	  targeted. Press F10 to boot
<SteveBreon> Tough that's in a channel that I left ;)
<Omoo_Omoo_The_Mighty_Shark_God> Steve: You're still targeted. If I
				 press F10 you go boom here as well.
*** SteveBreon removes channel operator status from
<Omoo_Omoo_The_Mighty_Shark_God> dang

Wed Jan 17 [17:35]
<Whomiga> Congradulate me! I just got the Snow White E-Mail
<Alryssa> Snow White?
<Whomiga> Yea - the virus one
<Whomiga> I don't usually see Virus E-Mails
<DoctorWho> Are you going to pick it apart and analyze it now? %)
<Whomiga> Since I'm on the Amiga, I'm considering...
<Whomiga> Nate - you beat me to it :-)

Wed Jan 17 [22:30]
<TheProf> California actually has the most electric generating wind
	  mills in the US. They don't really supply much although I
	  bet they have guys out there blowing on the things right

Thu Jan 18 [01:55]
*** TheProf is now known as ForpEht
 * ForpEht desides since dalnet is all twisted around backwards so should he.

Thu Jan 18 [22:50]
*** Lyssie has changed the topic to: Lyss got the job!
<The_42nd_Doctor> woo hoo!!
 * The_42nd_Doctor bounces around Lyssie in happy circles!
<dse> congrats Ana!
 * Lyssie bows, scrapes, etc, then runs around happily. Whoo!
<Alden> Ana: Congrats!
<TheProf> I can only assume by the hapiness it isn't McDonalds. :o)
<Lyssie> Nope. It's sitting at the front desk of a small
	 apartment/condo building.
<TheProf> Your the one whose says "Can we get back to you next week?"
	  when someone calls and says "My toilet exploded!!!"

Thu Jan 18 [00:40]
 * Jondar is on the phone...
<TheProf> Is the chair not very comfortable?
 * TheProf gives into peer pressure and gets on the phone.
 * TheProf now has a problem. He needs to be able to use the phone to
   call 911 to help get the phone removed from his........

Fri Jan 19 [00:27]
<Alden> Madonna and Britney Spears are doing a duet?
<TheProf> kinky!

Fri Jan 19 [22:27]
<talus> dal-net is weird anyway.  port 6667 is the normal irc port, but
	dal-net defaults to 7000
<Whomiga> The ones twisted accepts are on it's MOTD
<Whomiga> -  For faster service, you may use the following additional ports:
<Whomiga> -  6660 6661 6662 6663 6664 6665 6666 6668 6669 7001 7002
<DoctorWho> Wouldn't "6660-6669, 7001, 7002" have been more concise?
<Whomiga> Notice 6667 and 7000 are not in that list :-)
<DoctorWho> Rich: Well, it does say 'additional' ports
<Whomiga> Nate - nope 6660-6666 6668-6669 7001, 7002
<Whomiga> Nate - you included 6667
<MegL> put people just seem thick ;)
<talus> well they could check and see if they're using aol or juno for
	their isp, and if they are spell it out.  otherwise they could
	assume you have a basic level of intelligence and give the
	concise version

Fri Jan 19 [22:57]
<talus> see what happens when i try to be brief?  no one undertands
<talus> i should stick to wordiness.
<talus> then everyone can misunderstand more clearly

Fri Jan 19 [00:57]
 * Alden contributes to the Toupees for Taelons fund
<talus> you giving money or hair?

Fri Jan 19 [10:08]
*** Wee_girlie has joined #drwhochat
*** Wee_girlie is now known as Blor
<talus> been trolling the scottish cybersex channels again blor?
<Blor> *whistle*
<Blor> Dont know what you're talking about.
<Blor> Move along.
<Blor> Nothing to see here

Sat Jan 20 [00:14]
<TheProf> 5.5 causes me to have all sorts of hic ups when online
<TheProf> It keeps saying I have trouble with my trust provider
<Jondar> Prof: that sounds like a security setting problem
<TheProf> likely
<Jondar> or those certificates have expired.
<talus> that's simple to fix prof.  just do like i do and don't trust
	anyone.  then you have no trust provider
<TheProf> I would take your advise Talus but I don't trust you.

Sun Jan 21 [17:32]
 * DrFaust wonders why Circuit Breaker isn't cold running around at
   Christmastime with only a metal bikini/exoskeleton.
<Alden> DrF: Cause.... it's a comic? :)
<Alden> but why does it look like he has jaws?
<DrFaust> Alden: Cause... it's a comic? :)

Mon Jan 22 [01:39]
 * Alden posts jade info to the mailing list
<Alden> "Everyone onto Jade!" <jade crashes> "Everyone onto Twisted" <crash>...
<Alden> the cycle continues...
<Alden> "A working server!!!" <pounce> <crush>

Mon Jan 22 [02:04]
 * NathanR wonders if DALnet is experiencing DOS attacks right now or what
<NathanR> Actually, I think they're Windows attacks.  Much more devistating

Mon Jan 22 [21:32]
<PeterJF> "I have had quite a bit of extra work to do lately, and
	  DALNet was kind enough to counter my lazy impulses by
	  denying me access to any of their servers. Thanks, DALNet!
	  :-)" -- Peter Fagan

Mon Jan 22 [22:09]
*** Drake has quit (If you are reading this,you have just wasted 7
    seconds of your life...)
<TheProf> Drake I want my 7 seconds back you weiner!!!!

Mon Jan 22 [22:40]
<PeterJF> I ask this room: am I nuts?
<TheProf> Your judged by the company you keep so look around you
[I'll take that as a Yes]

Tue Jan 23 [00:55]
<PeterJF> Smite me a Gipper, I'll be Bach for Bucharest

Mon Jan 22 [01:14]
<TheProf> By the way. Intel plans to have a 2.4 gig cpu by Christmas
	  on the market.
<TheProf> Basicly a 2,400 mhz
<DoctorWho> yow
<Alden> Prof: the LED on the front of the case must be getting long by now
<DoctorWho> lol
<TheProf> One problem. It's to fast for Windows 98. Windows operates
	  slower on the new processors.
<Alden> LOL
<DoctorWho> Slower????????
<TheProf> Yes!
<Alden> At some point the MHz is going to start getting higher than
	the $$$ you pay to get the MHz
<TheProf> It's causing errors. Windows 98 was designed to run no
	  faster than a 400 mhz
<DoctorWho> LOL
<Alden> Thank you, Mr Gates
<Alden> "No one will want to run faster than 400MHz"
<TheProf> So it's having to double check itself. I didn't read all of
	  it but it's kind of funny actually.
<Alden> or was it just "when they get higher than 400MHz, they'll have
	to buy a new OS! AHAHAHAHAHA!"
<TheProf> Now what in the hell can you even imagine at this point that
	  needs a 2+ gig cpu to run?
<Alden> Prof: Dalnet

Mon Jan 22 [17:30]
 * Alryssa gives talus a noogie
<talus> not without a ladder you don't :-)

Mon Jan 22 [23:51]
<Alden> "19-million Fresh E-Mail Addresses".  Cool, email address porn

Mon Jan 22 [00:31]
[Nathan has been logging into and out of AIM]
<PeterJF> nate, you are a cat, and AIM is the doorway.

Mon Jan 22 [03:10]
<Alryssa> Everyone's become immune to the trolling by now. it's been
	  going on so long
<Alryssa> it happens... like all those pictures of Britney
	  Spears. Sooner or later you just can't help wondering what
	  all the fuss is about.
<Alden> is John Long the left one or the right one?
 * DoctorWho stares at Alden
<Alden> I always thought he was a bit of a tit. ;)

Mon Jan 22 [04:03]
<Alryssa> *sigh* Stupid git... /msging me with 'ctc? asl pls. stl
	  thr?' I responded, 'sorry, I don't speak AOL.'

Wed Jan 24 [20:30]
<talus> i just had a strange thought watching b5.  it occurred to me
	that it costs a lot less to record marcus on a screen
	pretending to be out in deep space than it does to actaully
	send him there.
<DrFaust> Talus: So you wonder what NASA's doing with all that extra
<The_42nd_Doctor> Talus: the Pathfinder mission cost less than the
		  movie 'Waterworld', and was much more entertaining.

Wed Jan 24 [21:28]
<Alden> Yes, I find it funny that as soon as I start downloading a
	L!nux distribution, Microsoft brings out a new set of critical
<Alden> "Come back!  We're getting better!"

Wed Jan 24 [21:27]
<NathanR> Linux by and large doesn't suffer viruses
<Alden> ah
<NathanR> main thing you need to worry about is security holes
<Alden> Ah
<The_42nd_Doctor> Alden, are you going to sneeze?
 * The_42nd_Doctor gives Alden a hanky
<Alden> Brenda: eh?
<The_42nd_Doctor> You kept going 'Ah'
<Alden> Brenda: Chu. :)

Wed Jan 24 [02:02]
<TheProf> Ok, now this is a cool website.
<TheProf> It came via e-mail with a note "If this site is of no
	  interest I apologize for any inconvenience caused" No
	  interest!? This is like God showering me with love.

Wed Jan 24 [02:10]
<TheProf> Truth is I have no idea exactly how many Lis pics I
	  have. Some are in the general DW folder because they have
	  Pertwee and are more a general picture.
<TheProf> You never know when these bits and pieces may come in handy
<Alden> ...said Dr Frankenstein

Wed Jan 24  [02:14]
 * Alden checks Nate's idle time and wonders if he's working on the
   quote file... :)
<Alden> or just asleep. ;)
<TheProf> Likely asleep
<Alden> darn
 * Alden visits Nate in his dreams and hands him a notebook computer to
   do the quotefile on
<Alden> I hate to be pushy, but... ;)
<TheProf> You should have given him a cookie as well. :o)

Thu Jan 25 [03:45]
 * DoctorWho is planning a trip out from under the rock
<Heptite> Under what rock?
<DoctorWho> The one I live under
<Heptite> Hmm, do you have to pay rent?
<Heptite> And what state do you live in? (And if you say, solid,
	  liquid or gas, I'm gonna fwap you.)

Thu Jan 25 [05:03]
<Pete_Wisdom> I had a weird dream last night that the United States
	      went into economic turmoil and during the turmoil all of
	      of the lower 48 sank into the ocean
<Pete_Wisdom> Well, actually, there was a big swirly thing in the
	      middle of Kansas that pulled everything in, but
	      essentially all of America went poof leaving only ocean
	      between Mexico and Canada
<Pete_Wisdom> Except for Vermont....Vermont was made a province of
	      Canada at the last minute

Thu Jan 25 [15:25]
<talus> hello gang
<gordon-r-d> we're a gang now? do we have our own colours and territory?
<talus> hehe
<talus> "gang" is fewer letters to type than "everyone" :-)
<gordon-r-d> Don't mess with the DrWhoChat Massive. We will make you
	     watch Timelash!

Thu Jan 25 [17:46]
<The_42nd_Doctor> rotflshccomnaiweda!
<The_42nd_Doctor> that's "Rolling on the floor laughing so hard Coke
		  came outm y nose and I wasn't even drinking any."
<DoctorWho> Was she snorting it then?

Thu Jan 25 [18:05]
[Bill is checking the links on his site]
<CrowTRobt> oh this is *really* sad... I had an outdated link to a
	    page on my own site on there!

Thu Jan 25 [21:32]
<CrowTRobt> reading radw some poor fool called warner home video to
	    ask about the status of Edge of Destruction
<DoctorWho> Bill: A 'fool' for trying to deal with Time Warner in the
	    first place/
<CrowTRobt> the idiot on the phone gave some bullshit story about how
	    Warner doesn't handle BBC products at all
<CrowTRobt> where do they get these people? 
<CrowTRobt> what kind of information do these people have?
<Alden> Bill: I think they hire them off the street
<CrowTRobt> you would think that a customer service hotline would have
	    the lastest info
<CrowTRobt> I felt sorry for the poor radw guy... he was in a
	    panic... he thoght Warner had dropped BBC
<Alden> from a great height?

Thu Jan 25 [21:46]
<DoctorWho> LOL at the current Slashdot poll:
<DoctorWho> The End of the World Will Be Caused By ...
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<Whomiga> I'll agree with that...
<CrowTRobt> yes nate that was truely amazing timing
<CrowTRobt> nate you know we couldn't script this stuff to happen if we tried

Thu Jan 25 [00:07]
<TheProf> anyone know a good place to have a homepage?
<alden> Geoci<fwap>

Thu Jan 25 [00:49]
 * DoctorWho hears yet another commercial hawking a product, promising
   "Better Sex, More Often"
<DoctorWho> Does that mean it'll help me find women?
 * Heptite does /not/ say what came to mind.
<alden> Nate: Maybe it reduces the swelling from excessive masturbation
<DoctorWho> ROTFL
<MegL> hahaha
<random_C> alden: surely that would be a DISadvantage....
<DoctorWho> Uh... what kind of swelling are we talking about here?

Thu Jan 25 [01:30]
*** alden is now known as ALDEN
*** ALDEN is now known as Alden
<TheProf> You capitalist!!!

Thu Jan 25 [01:53]
<TheProf> You can't surf the Internet anymore without a damn Yahoo ID
<TheProf> Is there anything online now not owned by either AOL or Yahoo?
<DoctorWho> MSN? %)
<TheProf> No, Yahoo bought out Bill Gates three months ago. Gates now
	  works as a janitor at an elimentary school in Montana where
	  the kids pelt him with spitwads.

Thu Jan 25 [00:51]
<Heptite> There's a rubber keyboard that's waterproof, you can roll it up...
<Heptite> It can even withstand many kinds of chemicals...
<talus> i will not make computers out of rubbermaid
<Alryssa> rubber maids? I thought we;d stopped talking about playboy!

Thu Jan 25 [01:37]
<Jondar> Prof: did you get my email about the Hurricane theme? I
	 haven't heard back, so I assume everything is OK? :)
<TheProf> Looks good. I've had it on for two days testing it
<Jondar> no problems/bugs?
<TheProf> None so far.
<Jondar> (read: I don't have to upload and reupload 10 times before
	 you're happy? >:-) )

Mon Jan 29
<Jondar> Alryssa: how big would you like this file?
<Alryssa> Jason: Is that a chatup line for a geek or what!

Mon Jan 29 [06:37]
*** AudioBoy has joined #drwhochat
<McGannDoc> Hi Neil!
<AudioBoy> Ryssa? or Tom?
 * McGannDoc looks at Neil. "Three guesses. No wait... " ;-)

Mon Jan 29 [15:10]
*** talus has changed the topic to: Congrats to Nate on becoming A+
    Certified. We always knew you were certifiable, and now we've
    got proof. :-)

Tue Jan 30 [00:36]
*** Pete_Wisdom has changed the topic to: Religion is the opiate of
    the masses. So go smoke your nearest clergyman.

Tue Jan 30 [23:03]
<TheProf> Typhoon has a new motto for the hackers.
<TheProf> (1) Thought you won?

Tue Jan 30 [01:51]
<Blor> chaaaaaaaaa! pik pika pikachu pipi ka pikachu pi pika pikachu
       pipi ka chaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
<Alden> uh oh, Blor's turned into a pokemon
<Alden> How do you get 50 Pikachu onto a bus?  Poke 'em on.
 * Alden waits for the fwaps

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