The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue XII: December 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sat Dec  2
<TheProf> Mind you although we never saw it in the series I do believe
	  even time lords have to use the little time travelers room
	  from time to time.
<talus> prof: not true.  timelord have such an efficient body
	structure that they produce no waste.
<TheProf> No but Adric was a waste of space so there may be a connection.
<Theta-G> the TARDIS loo looks like a big glossy red chair. When you
	  go to sit on it is reforms to match your life form's 
          [ remainder censored for seasons of taste ]
<Theta-G> all i have to say is- I tought it was alive and it scared
	  the shit out of me (so to speak)

Sat Dec  2
 * Jondar ponders something... if I get to Gally one of these
   days... Hmmm... a "I'm Jondar's lil'Sis" T-shirt for Ryssa... >:-)
 * Alryssa grins
<Alryssa> I'll do it, y'know.
<Alryssa> And I'll have tally marks for every time I've managed to get
	  away with something on the back. ;-D
<Jondar> Alryssa: so, it's going to be a XXXXXXXXL t-shirt... just so
	 you can fit all the tally marks in? >:-)

Sat Dec  2
<Theta-G> Estrada went to mexico and he's been famous down here all
	  this time, i think i recall
<Theta-G> here / there
 * Theta-G is not in mexico
<talus> yet
<talus> :-)
<talus> tho the cab for your flight will be arriving shortly
<talus> kindly disregard the large gentlemen with guns who will be
	escorting you
<Theta-G> great. another political kidnap for the Talusian Front
<talus> who said this was political?  you just seemed like you needed
	a vacation.
<Theta-G> I want little caesars this time, not that pizza hut crap
<Theta-G> crazy bread, dammit
<talus> crazy dictator, crazy bread.  appropriate

Mon Dec  4 [03:07]
<DoctorWho> That was not cool
<Theta-G> lol
<Theta-G> any you wonder why i'm still putting off getting DSL
<DoctorWho> If you ever do get it... try to avoid PacBell
<Theta-G> nate: pacbell is unavoidable. they underly all of it
<DoctorWho> That's the problem.
<DoctorWho> But I'm not sure if the problem is at the telco end or the ISP end
<Theta-G> because i know how volatile it is, i wanna know a whole lot
	  more about te whole chain of dsl service before i buy in
<DoctorWho> Actually for the most part my connection is pretty stable
<DoctorWho> Their customer service stinks though
<DoctorWho> (And yes, that /is/ a technical term >;)
<Theta-G> i would (and do) rather read documentation for hours than
	  call customer service for jsut about anything
<Theta-G> the time lost is worth the stress saved
<DoctorWho> I'm not even talking tech support here
<Theta-G> especially since they just stick your nose in a web page you
	  could have found yourself while waiting on hold anyway
<DoctorWho> I'm talking stuff like, calling in to figure out why my
	    connection has been down for 3 hours
<Theta-G> ah
<Theta-G> ... because they suck?
<DoctorWho> Basically
<Theta-G> no need to call to know that ;-)
<DoctorWho> But I was starting to wonder whether the box had died or
	    their end had gone tits up
<Lyssie> tits up. Must remember that...
<DoctorWho> Lyssie: That came from Red Dwarf
<Lyssie> No surprise...
<Theta-G> i hate not being able to say 'tits up' at work. it's so
	  appropriate so often
<DoctorWho> LOL
*** DoctorWho has changed the topic to: <Theta-G> i hate not being
    able to say 'tits up' at work. it's so appropriate so often
<Theta-G> :-)
 * Lyssie snickers
<DoctorWho> I then have to wonder if "Tits Up" is meant in the same
	    vein as "Surfs Up"
<Theta-G> nah. if the body's keeled over, the tits are up
 * Theta-G makes a body dropping dead motion with one arm and a tits
   rising up from the body motion with the other
 * Lyssie giggles
<Theta-G> ^_^ pint mugs go bottoms up, NT servers go tits up (although
	  we don't have NT at work by decree)

Thu Dec  5 [06:54]
*** Pete_Wisdom has joined #drwhochat
<Pete_Wisdom> Heya
<DoctorWho> hi Jeff
 * Pete_Wisdom gives Thete a noogie
 * DoctorWho prods Thete with a 3.048m pole
 * DoctorWho prods Thete with a 3.048m Dalek
 * DoctorWho prods Thete with a 3.048m Noogie
 * DoctorWho prods Thete with a 3.048m Wedgie
<Thete> aaaaack

Tue Dec  5 [20:28]
 * DoctorWho rips the video card out of the Windows box and chucks it
   out the window
 * DoctorWho goes outside to pick up the video card
 * SteveBreon envisions Nate walking outside to pick up a video card
   wearing a shirt that says: "The Old Guard: Microsoft" on front,
   and "The New Guard: Red Hat" on back.

Tue Dec  5 [21:19]
<BayouBecky> Hey, I was serious about firebombing the place.... if
	     anyone wants to, they're more than welcome to
<talus> hey what are fiends for? :-)

Wed Dec  6 [02:08]
<magicmyrka> do you think I should register my name in chinese for the web?
<Alryssa> what is your name in Chinese then? :)
<magicmyrka> splat squiggle

Wed Dec  6 [03:32]
<Jondar> damn! is taken
<Alryssa> it is? DAMN THEM ALL TO... wherever it is they don't want to
	  go. The dentist, I suppose.
<Jondar> LOL! "Damn Them All To The Dentist!" :)

Wed Dec  6 [04:15]
<Alryssa> Nathan: You may be interested to know that I also now have
	  the 'Fwapping Prof' hotkey ;-P
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!
<DoctorWho> Bwahahaha!
<James_Thorpe> Paul's a nice name for a Doctor.  I'm glad it's not
	       McGurk or whatever that ugly guy's name was :p
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!
<DoctorWho> The one with the blue coat?
 * DoctorWho starts running

Thu Dec  7 [05:46]
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke*
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Omoo_Omoo> *** Pete_Wisdom targeted. Press F10 to boot
<Pete_Wisdom> Blor's awake!
<Pete_Wisdom> *** Omoo_Omoo targeted. Press F10 to boot
<Omoo_Omoo> This #channel isnt big enough for the both of us....
<Omoo_Omoo> Gor for your Fkey if you're man enough....
<Omoo_Omoo> Do you feel lucky, punk?
<Omoo_Omoo> Do ya?
<Pete_Wisdom> Alright, then, I challenge you to an Old West Sytle showdown
<Pete_Wisdom> Count 10 paces and then draw
*** Omoo_Omoo has kicked Pete_Wisdom from #drwhochat (Terminated)
<Omoo_Omoo> I won

Thu Dec  7 [15:01]
 * Pete_Wisdom  pokes the channel.
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Pete_Wisdom> *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke* 
<Neela> *FWAP*

Thu Dec  7 [15:04]
*** talus has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ gives channel operator status to talus
<talus> hello all
<Pete_Wisdom> Hey talus
<Pete_Wisdom> Do you ever relive the same moment twice?
<talus> uh yeah, rarely
<Pete_Wisdom> Do you ever relive the same moment twice?
<talus> uh yeah, rarely

Sat Dec  9 [04:28]
*** Theta-G is now known as PlasticHat
<DoctorWho> fish! !hsif phish! fiche! ni! button! chaka! movie! sladen!
<PlasticHat> Today's fish is Trout á la Créme. Enjoy your meal.
<PlasticHat> .laem ruoy yojnE .emérC al á tuorT si hsif s'yadoT
<PlasticHat> Today's Phish is Band á la Drugs. Enjoy your trip.
<PlasticHat> Today's fiche is Times á la Chronicle. Enjoy your research.
<PlasticHat> NI!!!
<DoctorWho> Today we're playing "Can we flood Thete off IRC" >;)
<PlasticHat> NI!!!
<PlasticHat> Please do not press this button again.
<PlasticHat> chaka khan, let me rock you, let me rock you, chaka khan,
	     let me rock you, that's all i wanna do, chaka khan, let
	     me rock you, let me rock you, chaka khan, let me rock
	     you, let me feel for you, chaka khan let me tell you what
	     i wanna do, do you feel for me, the way i feel for you,
	     chaka khan let me tell you what i wanna do, i wanna love
	     you, wanna hug you, wanna squeeze you too, let me take
	     you in my arms, let me fill you with my charms, ch
 * Arcalian takes the Plastic Hate and fwaps DW with it
<PlasticHat> WE HAVE MOVIE SIGN!!!
<PlasticHat> I'm tired of being cold, nocturnal, bloodlusting,
	     ravenously attractive yet treated like some bug-eyed
	     monster, never knowing if i'm waking or sleeping or
	     being! And *boy* am I sick of those wretched wooden
	     stakes! -- from 'Revenge of the Surfboarding Killer
	     Bikini Vampire Lis Sladens'
 * Arcalian does that with the Plastic Hat, too
<DoctorWho> Hm.  PlasticHat Linux? >;)
<talus> well i guess we know what theta's linux distro will be called now

Sat Dec  9 [09:45]
<DocWebstr> "I am dyselxic of Gorb. Insistance is fertile. Your ass
	    will be laminated."

Sat Dec  9 [10:53]
<talus> okay, time to forget some more phone numbers by programming
	them into my cell phone

Sat Dec  9 [01:32]
<TheProf> Let's see. Snowed in with my wife and only one computer to
	  play on the internet with.....this could get ugly.

Sat Dec  9 [02:29]
<Jondar> how fast is the ISS supposed to move across the sky?
<TheProf> three minutes at the longest view wise.
<TheProf> Most likely about a minute
<TheProf> Depends on the orbit height
<Alden> if it looks like it is getting bigger, run.

Sat Dec  9 [02:51]
 * Jondar was busy drilling holes in wood earlier... trying (and I
   mean trying) to build a CD rack :)
<Alryssa> Jason: How far did you get? :)
<Jondar> erm... a piece of pine that looks like swiss cheese? :)

Sat Dec  9 [03:00]
 * Jondar looks up at the mention of gem and mineral show...
<Jondar> Oh look rocks! >:-)

Sun Dec 10 [00:16]
 * DoctorWho dumps a bucket of ice water on Alden
 * Jondar pulls a lever and watches as a tonne of jellybabies falls on
   DoctorWho -- Ah, isn't Death By Jellybabies wonderful? :)
<DoctorWho> Jason has been taking lessons from Helen A, I presume?
<Jondar> :)
<Alryssa> from me :)
<Jondar> no, I will admit that I added that alias after watching
	 Happiness Patrol :)

Sun Dec 10 [01:27]
<PlasticHat> prof: i have a theory that weathermen ask for extra money
	     for their funky weather prediction gear but secretly they
	     have built a massive weather control system, and they
	     just make bad predictions to cover up the truth
<Fenric1> PH: Empricial evidence...
<PlasticHat> Kristina Abernathy told me this in my dream last night

Mon Dec 11 [23:51]
 * Jondar looks at a radar image from an hour ago... Hmmm... maybe
   there is a storm on the way...
<TheProf> No, those are ICBMs....DUCK!!!!!
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<TheProf> Oh yeah. Your about to fry in a nuclear holecost and youy
	  spent your last moments abusing me.
<Jondar> Prof: at least I'll leave this earth feeling satisfied that I
	 fwapped you one last time... :)

Tue Dec 12 [04:13]
*** Theta-PT has quit (Quit: dendrites offline)

Wed Dec 13
<Theta-G> sep: ordered CDs from oct: cancelled CDs, got
	  an email to the contrary, talked with a cust rep. nov: got
	  the CDs from the UK. this morning: got email saying it's too
	  late to cancel the chapters CDs. this evening: got an email
	  saying the CDs are delayed. just now: threatened to send a
	  raw fish with returned merchandise.
<Theta-G> *pace* *pace* *pace* *pace*

Wed Dec 13
<TheProf> Tonight on the 5 o'clock news the weatherman went out and
	  used a ruler to measure the snow. The ruler had a sharp edge
	  and he jammed it into the snow and somehow cut his hand
	  enough to require stiches (He did the 10 pm news with a
	  bandage on his hand). He said he will now be known as the
	  only meteorologist injured messuring snow.
<TheProf> He jabbed it in and went "Son of a...something not very pleasent!"

Wed Dec 13
<BayouBecky> Has anyone else procrastinated in buying their prezzies
	     for peoples?
<BayouBecky> Or am I really the only one in the world who hasn't gone yet?
 * SteveBreon raises hand
<BayouBecky> Yay!
* BayouBecky bounces around Breon... I'm not alone!
<BayouBecky> Whoooo!
<DoctorWho> Is this really something to be proud of? >;)

Wed Dec 13
 * Alryssa flops on the couch with her sis.
<TheProf> at least not on her sis.
[TheProf SOUND] splat.wav
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!
<Alryssa> Ah, love that hotkey.
<TheProf> LOL
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!

Wed Dec 13
 * }-raven-{ fwaps TheProf with the steel chair of rassilon
<TheProf> Ouch!
<Alryssa> Ash: Make that a hotkey to save your typing ;-)
<TheProf> I think so far the count is 34 people with fwap TheProf hotkeys.
 * Alryssa fwaps Prof!

Wed Dec 13
<Theta-G> hey, y'know what?
<Jondar> what?
<Theta-G> I think this is the font on the terry pratchett books in the US
<Jondar> :)
<Theta-G> hmmm i dunno mebbe not
<Theta-G> i am exhausted but i can't sleep
<Jondar> :/
 * Jondar ponders watching Ark in Space...
<Theta-G> maybe i need a monad block
<Jondar> LOL
<Theta-G> figured you'd get that ;-)
<Theta-G> this i why i dig this place. people understand a whole 10%
	  of what i say :-)
<Jondar> ROTFL

Wed Dec 13
<NathanR> I need to check what version I'm running.
<DoctorWho> 0.2!?
<DoctorWho> That's ancient!
<TomFODW> yeah - came out LAST WEEK!

Wed Dec 13
 * Jondar has time off work, so what am I going to do during
   Christmas? play around with computers :)

Wed Dec 13
*** Tentaclatron is now known as BlorLunch
<DoctorWho> Blunch?
<BlorLunch> I am the mighty Blunch!
<Setok> blunch: btw. we're visiting .se over new year
<Setok> we're in Stockholm on the 29th and leave on the 3rd
<BlorLunch> cool
<BlorLunch> Then we should meet
 * Setok is going to have to inject himself against .se bacteria
<Setok> blunch: yeah, I need to get some stuff from the scifi store :)
<Setok> I have to work out how long we're going to be in Stockholm
<Setok> we're going up to a place called Grängesberg for a
	small computer party
<DoctorWho> Oh no, the Finn and the Swede shall meet!  How will the
	    world survive???
<Setok> well, it has happened before
<Setok> the world barely made it
<BlorLunch> I will standing in port with a sniper rifle
<BlorLunch> Unfortunately I dont know what Setok looks like
*** BlorLunch is now known as Blor
<DoctorWho> lol
<Setok> *phew*
<Blor> Anyone got a pic?
<Setok> nope!
 * Setok whistles 
<Blor> of course you do
<DoctorWho> He's not on the rogues gallery, I'm afraid
 * Setok has actively stopped his pics from spreading around too much
<DoctorWho> You hunted down and killed everyone that had one?
<Setok> pretty much
<Setok> it's just so I can sell official copies at high prices

Sun Dec 17 [03:22]
<Shel> i never use my webcam unless i'm drunk...
<Shel> then i'm stupid enough to turn it on...

Sun Dec 17 [16:19]
<EBCorp> The key to garlic is apparently sulfur...  To grow it really
	 good you need lots of manure
<talus> joy
<DoctorWho> So that's why it smells that bad
<talus> rofl
<DoctorWho> It's literally made out of shit

Sun Dec 17 [16:20]
 * DoctorWho suddenly notes that it's 4:20
<DoctorWho> This is the second day in a row that I've noticed the
	    clock when it was 4:20
<DoctorWho> Is that a sign of something?
<DoctorWho> Am I onto something?
<DoctorWho> Or am I just on something?
<talus> well there is a 42 in there...
<DoctorWho> I never noticed that
<talus> i notice 42's in all kinds of places.  not that it really
	seems to make a difference.  when i was playing the lotto 42
	never came up once.
<EBCorp> You mean Brenda, or the number?
<talus> the number
<Arcalian> LOL
<Arcalian> Brenda sohwing up in the lottery would be quite interesting
	   would it not
<talus> hehe
<talus> especially since i play the virginia lottery
<DoctorWho> Today's numbers are 2, 13, 27, 45, 58, and Brenda
<talus> rofl
<talus> you know, i think next time i play the lotto, i'm gonna use
	those numbers
<DoctorWho> Talus: They're as good as anything else.
<DoctorWho> But if you win remember I get a cut of it
<talus> hehe, nate, in that case i'll just take my chances on the
	"close my eyes and point" method :-)
<DoctorWho> Talus: I take no responsibility for any harm that you may
	    inflict on myself after my numbers come up.
<talus> lol nate
<DoctorWho> on myself???
<DoctorWho> I'm suddenly talking like Colin in The Two Doctors
<DoctorWho> Though I don't take any responsibility for any harm you
	    inflict on me either

Mon Dec 18 [16:42]
<talus> swearing is a good thing, dammit!

Mon Dec 18 [18:26]
 * AudioBoy dives behind the sofa to avoid all the political talk and
   discovers an infinite number of British children.

Tue Dec 19 [02:43]
<Alden> have I mentioned recently how I'm basking in a tropical summer? :)
<Prof_of_the_Antarctic> No, because you want to live.

Tue Dec 19 [03:20]
<Alden> I need to find a "I didn't tell my brother what I wanted for
	christmas so all I got was this lousy T Shirt" T shirt.

Tue Dec 19 [03:19]
 * Theta-G watches sunlight come in the window like it was The
   Accusing Forefinger of God and realizes he got very little sleep
<DoctorWho> lol
*** Pete_Wisdom_Away is now known as The_Accusing_Forefinger_of_God
 * The_Accusing_Forefinger_of_God points accusingly at Thete
<Theta-G> as long as The Abusing Knuckles of God don't give me a
	  noogie, I'll be OK
*** The_Accusing_Forefinger_of_God is now known as The_Abusing_Knuckles_of_God
 * The_Abusing_Knuckles_of_God abusingly gives Thete a noogie.
<Theta-G> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Theta-G> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Theta-G> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Theta-G> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Theta-G> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Theta-G> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
 * Arcalian sends Theta to the hospital
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO
<Theta-G> medic!
 * Theta-G watches a man in period dress show up
<Theta-G> No, not Medici! Get out!

Tue Dec 19
<Alden> oh.... Who is Doctor Who?
<DoctorWho> Me.
<Alden> Nate!  Your ass is smart!

Wed Dec 20 [15:51]
<TheProf> I was really happy this year because for the first time I
	  knew what to get my parents for Christmas.
<TomFODW> Grandchildren?

Wed Dec 20 [23:34]
<TheProf> Drove over the Mo River today and was amazed to see it frozen over.
<Fenric1> If you drove over it, you should be damn glad it was frozen
	  over... ;>

Thu Dec 21 [03:53]
<Alryssa> "I'm a little teapot short and stout, here's my handle,
	  here's my... handle?! Shit, I'm a Cyberman!"

Thu Dec 21 [04:03]
[Prof recounts his exploits in Roller Coaster Tycoon...]
<TheProf> Alryssa I like to make coasters that kill people. That's my
	  challenge. :o)
<TheProf> My favorite coaster I made pulled 18 gs. I called it the Killer B.
<Alryssa> prof: You're evil
<Alryssa> and this is news, I guess...
<TheProf> I made one coaster that was simply a ramp and the coaster
	  shot out of the station at 100 mph and down a hill before
	  vaulting at the bottom. It just about flew across the entire
	  park. I called it Suicide.
<TheProf> Dumb thing was I could simply reset it and in about 5
	  minutes I had a full train again of Peeps and off they would
<Alden> If you ever go to a fun park, and it has "Brian Morris" in the
	name, don't go on the roller coaster named "Bloody Screaming
<TheProf> I was trying an experiment. I made a coaster with a giant
	  loop and I was trying to make the coaster train from Suicide
	  fly through the center of the huge loop but I couldn't get
	  it just right.
<Alden> <people screaming with doppler effect> Prof: "Hmm, a little to
	the left"
<TheProf> Image the added excitement to a coaster if while you are
	  going through the loop a train from another coaster that has
	  left the tracks and is now flying to certain doom and death
	  for all abourd passes right through your loop. Now that's an
	  E ticket attraction!!
<Theta-G> could you put a grid of machetes that shear off the tops of
	  people as they whizz by?
<TheProf> Not a bad idea!
<TheProf> The red color would add to the effect.
<Theta-G> or any obstruction
 * Theta-G gives "CarnivalProf's CLOTHESLINE SUICIDE" a miss
<Alden> I only killed people on purpose once...  that was when I
	decided to show my brother what happens when you set the
	launch speed on a vertical launch whatzit too high
<TheProf> I killed folks on the bobsled coaster. I made one and
	  thought it worked like a regular coaster. How was I to know
	  bobsled coasters aren't on tracks but slide along? It came
	  down this big hill and up the next hill and just kept going
	  much to my horror.
<TheProf> Now you must admit adding a 100 foot jump to the bobsled
	  event at the Olympics would increase viewing.
<Alden> LOL
<Theta-G> yeah, but only evel knevel's son would pass the qual trials
<TheProf> Annoucner: "and here comes the first bobsled of the Swiss
	  National team and OH MY GOD!!! I'm not sure any members from
	  that sled survived that one. now here comes the Swedish team
 * Theta-G puts on his sportsuit, sits at the microphone and practices
   saying "Ohhh!!! Tha's gotta hurt"
<TheProf> There is just something about watching a bunch of
	  Skandanavians flying without wings that i find amusing.
<Theta-G> me too! how about that
<TheProf> My wife killed a mechanic. A flume ride broke down so she
	  grabbed a mechanic and dropped him on the flume ride...he

Thu Dec 21
<Alden> I went into a music store today, an eminem's current album has
	an R18 rating - people under the age of 18 can't buy it.
<Alden> However the sign said you could order a "safe" version
<Alden> I was wondering... blank CD? :)

Thu Dec 21
 * Jondar starts looking for various KFC drinking straws... "bullets"
   for my "weapon" :)
<DoctorWho> unh?
<Jondar> I've made an improvised pea-shooter out of McDonalds and KFC
	 drinking straws
<Alden> is this a sister countermeasure?
<Jondar> Alden: offensive, not defensive :)

Thu Dec 21
 * Theta-G reminds everyone that tests show ThetaCrisps(tm) to be only
   20% lethal. ThetaCorp (GbMH) representatives concur that being
   only "a bit dead" is far preferable to the sort of full-body death
   you get with their competitors' products.

Sun Dec 24 [12:53]
<DoctorWho> Ha!  I think I have a subtitle for "Quotefile: Dead Tree Edition"
<DoctorWho> <Alryssa> well if you're going to kill a tree, you may as
	    well put it to good use
<talus> so, are you gonna make .pdfs of the dead tree edition?  :-)

Fri Dec 22 [01:42]
<Alryssa> The book's here. Finally.
<James_Thorpe> Which book? :D
<TheProf> Alryssa gets excited about the phone book ariving each year. ;o)\
<OddioBoi> She must get off on reading all the names ofthe people
	   named McGann... ;)
<OddioBoi> Looking for Pauls or people with the initial P. :)
<Jondar> ROTFL
 * Alryssa beats Neil with her broom.
<Alryssa> *bap bap bap bap*
<OddioBoi> Owie, owie, owie!

Sun Dec 24 [13:02]
<talus> dart, i was all excited about a rebate check that just came,
	thinking it was the $30 one from my modem.  turns it was a $3
	one on a ream of paper that i'd forgotten i'd sent off for.
<DoctorWho> $30 says that rebate will never come
<talus> lol
<talus> the last time i sent off for a modem rebate it didn't come,
	but the company went bankrupt a few months after i sent off
	for it, so i suspect that's why.  i'm gonna be really annoyed
	if that happens again.
<talus> though if it does, my third modem will be from microsoft.
<DoctorWho> Talus, you and I know they'll be Winmodems
<talus> nate: doesn't matter, we just need the rebate to put em out of

Sun Dec 24 [15:57]
*** DoctorWho gives channel operator status to Bozzie
<talus> and now we have whoserv
<DoctorWho> lol
<DoctorWho> Actually I'm doing this manually
<talus> oh
<DoctorWho> Whoserv!
<DoctorWho> I wonder if DALnet would allow a nick like that
*** DoctorWho is now known as WhoServ
<WhoServ> >:)
<talus> grr, another nick to add to notify...  when will i learn?

Sun Dec 24
[Nate's watching A Hard Day's Night]
<DoctorWho> "I look after myself" - "That's what I'm afraid of"
<DoctorWho> "Have you seen Paul's grandfather?" - "Of course, he's
	    concealed about my person"
 * talus is officially jealous of nate's movie collection
<DoctorWho> LOL
<talus> especially since i'm all but counting the days til the march
	dvd release of that film
<DoctorWho> Did I mention I have Help! too?
<talus> yes, you did, nate <mumbles about people who listen to britney
	owning beatles films>

Mon Dec 25 [19:21]
<talus> let it be was one of the first 3 cds i ever got
<Nathan_Roberts> What were the toher two?
<talus> let it be, magical mystery tour, and the soundtrack to the
	1988 film about john lennon.  (i had all the other late
	beatles stuff on tape already and didn't wanna duplicate just
<talus> (no i don't type that fast.  i was already working on that response :-)

Tue Dec 26 [20:26]
<NathanR> New, Extra Sucky DALnet, with 30% more Suck for the same price!
<talus> lol nate
<NathanR> It's Free, and it's Worth Every Penny!

Tue Dec 26 [21:58]
 * AudioBoy reads about the success of Eloectroconvulsive Therapy.
<The_42nd_Doctor> <snort>
<The_42nd_Doctor> the only person that'll put some life into is
		  Frankenstein's monster...
<Alden> Neil: It's true - I used electroconvulvsive therepy on my
	sister and I've never felt better.

Wed Dec 27 [16:28]
<EBCorp> Damn, Geocities is fuct.  Remind me why I use it.
<talus-the-misanthrope> eb: four letters....
<talus-the-misanthrope> f
<talus-the-misanthrope> r
<talus-the-misanthrope> e
<talus-the-misanthrope> e
<DoctorWho> And worth every penny.
<EBCorp> Oh yeah...  right.
<DoctorWho> Hangon, I think I'm giving them too much credit there

Wed Dec 27 [21:30]
<fuzzyoctopus> I heard the funniest thing in the mall the other
	       day. This mom was dragging her kids around and one of
	       them wanted to go into Sam GOody, she pulls them away
	       and hissed "We burn our *own* CD's remember?"

Wed Dec 27 [22:57]
<DoctorWho> What the he.......
<DoctorWho> A web page that scrolls /horizontally/????
<TheProf> For folks afraid of heights Nathan.
<TheProf> This vertical webpage stuff is a fad.

Thu Dec 28 [20:03]
<talus_away> geez, more car shows on the history channel?  last week
	     it was tool shows.  i think someone got confused and put
	     the history channel logo over top of the testosterone
	     channel's programming.  if next week is bikini week, i'm
	     gonna be completely convinced.

Thu Dec 28 [02:01]
[Nate is up to his old tricks]
<DoctorWho> Whoa!  That was neat, in a hackish way
<DoctorWho> I just piped the soundcard input into the program I wrote,
	    then played a morse code sample on the other computer (the
	    other sound card is plugged into this one with a
<DoctorWho> And it decoded the message as it came in
<TheProf> The messaage read "Only a nerd would spent a lot of effort
	  decoding this message"
<TheProf> Trillions have been spent in the last 30 years, perfecting
	  the Internet, improving the technology in ways none of us
	  can even imagine. One of the greatest achivements man has
	  created, changing life as we know it across the globe and
	  Nate is using it for Morse code.
 * TheProf goes back to using PSP 7 to make stone tablets.

Fri Dec 29 [16:17]
<thetaWerk> i hafta get me train tikkits 4gally
 * DoctorWho sings Ticket to Ride, by the Beatles for Thete
<talus> hmm, combine that with the beatles song on my cd player right
	now and you've got "ticket to ride across the universe"

Fri Dec 29 [16:34]
<talus> #dwc has been around so long that we're getting our own
	special on the history channel next month.  it's all about how
	german #dwcers used the #couch to hide jews during wwii
<thetaWerk> we used to have to always go over to #fire to find out how
	    to make it cause nate would sneeze ours out all the time

Fri Dec 29 [18:14]
<DoctorWho> Talus: here in CA, there's no smoking in any public building.
<talus> nate: north carolina will never go that far.  it made the
	local news when this area got our first bar that bans all
<talus> and that was this week
<DoctorWho> Ugh.
<DoctorWho> What a backward, heathen state
<talus> nate: we *grow* a lot of the tobacco that's consumed in this
	country, what do you expect?
<DoctorWho> You repeat me.

Fri Dec 29 [18:57]
<talus> troughton is in "seeds of death".  i can always remember that
	because he's dead.
<talus> and baker's in "seeds of doom".  i can always remember that
	because his career is doomed

Fri Dec 29 [19:40]
*** David has joined #drwhochat
<Shel> hi da5id
<DoctorWho> 5?
 * Shel wonders if anyone catches the reference
 * talus does
<talus> i think
<Shel> think roman numerals nate
<DoctorWho> D'oh
<Shel> it's from a book
<Shel> Snow Crash
<Shel> the main character has a friend named Da5id
*** DoctorWho is known as Do100torWho

Fri Dec 29 [19:45]
<SteveBreon> Arc: I am mailing Dubya a grammar book as an inauguration
	     present :)
<talus> and thus steve's fbi file begins

Fri Dec 29 [19:50]
<Arcalian> talus yed have to be more than rooting for said
	   destruction.  Ye'd have to be pro-active with it
<talus> arc: ahh okay.  so it's down to laziness then.  i'll applaud
	destruction if it comes, but i ain't gonna lift a finger to
	bring it about.
<talus> well, expcet maybe my middle one :-)

Fri Dec 29 [21:19]
<talus> for all that he supporst big tobacco, why the hell couldn't
	helms show that support by being a lifelong smoker and getting
	lung cancer?  that'd show his loyalty.

Sat Dec 30 [00:58]
<HollywoodSquares> ooooh, cookies.  i have some of those.
 * HollywoodSquares goes to get his cookie mobster brand cookies
<DoctorWho> cookie mobster?
 * HollywoodSquares looks up.
<HollywoodSquares> whoops
*** HollywoodSquares is now known as talus
<DoctorWho> You may have just invented a new brand name >:)
<Alden> Hmm, if you cross the cookie mobster, you get tossed in the
	river with chocolate chip shoes
<talus> i think i'll use it for websites.  "we offer you a cookie you
	can't refuse"

Sat Dec 30 [01:04]
*** Shel has joined #drwhochat
<MegL> re shel
<Shel> re, i fell asleep before
<Shel> woke up to the phone
<Alryssa> shel: You did WHAT with a phone??!!!
<Alryssa> You sick pervert!

Sun Dec 31 [14:26]
 * DoctorWho looks at where he stands on the quotefile
<DoctorWho> I don't think i'm going to get it done this millennium

Sun Dec 31 [17:25]
<talus> you know nate, i think we're in a very small minority in here
	as the nondrinkers
 * MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan  doesn't drink!
<talus> you know nate and steve, i think we're in the very small
	minority in here as the nondrinkers.
 * satsuki` doesnt drink ^^;
<talus> you know nate, steve, and neela i think we're in the very
	small minority in here as the nondrinkers.
<talus> (and that's the last one)
<talus> it's new year's.  everybody's talking about or thinking about
	drinking.  except for the horny ones

Sun Dec 31 [17:28]
*** Alden has joined #DrWhoChat
<gordon-r-d> Happy New Year Alden!!!
<Alden> is everyone else in the 21st century yet? ;)
<DoctorWho> So what's it like in 2001?
<Alden> Nate: All these damn black monoliths keep turning up
 * talus is on the look out for duoliths and trioliths. they're much
   rarer. and i hear quadroliths are good luck

Sun Dec 31 [17:30]
 * DoctorWho beats Steve over the head with a bone
 * MrBreonTheNewYearsVardan takes it Nate used to play M:TG :)
<DoctorWho> Steve: Nope
<DoctorWho> Never played it actually
<talus> steve: magic the gathering was started in seattle.  after
	windows, nate's been wary of anything that comes out of

Sun Dec 31 [20:27]
<Shel> nate, have you been drinking?
<DoctorWho> Shel, are you on crack?

Sun Dec 31  [22:34]
<gordon-r-d> whereas I've just managed to complete a 17Mb download
	     while drunk,. hahahahhaaaaaaaaa
 * talus waites for tomorrow when gordon realises he's download 17mb
   of barney songs
<Whomiga> Is there actually 17MB of Barney songs around?

Sun Dec 31 [22:41]
 * gordon-r-d  has finished the 700ml bottle of Smirnofdf Vodka
<gordon-r-d> I cannopt get ny more drunk tonight
<gordon-r-d> this may or may not be a good thing
<IsraelBeta> Grodon: Yes, you can but it'd involve a trip to the
	     emergency room.
<gordon-r-d> Dormouse : depends on mwhat I'm typing
<gordon-r-d> Israel : Precautions ghae been taken,
<gordon-r-d> prcautions have been taken
<gordon-r-d> There is a completely soberprson in the house to take
	     care of any problems I may hevae
<gordon-r-d> but basically, I had plenty arbohydraates earlier, as
	     long as mmy blood sigar level is fine, then thing are
<The_42nd_Doctor> ooh... suddenly I'm sleepy.
<gordon-r-d> 42 : go bed
<gordon-r-d> dont push yourself too far
<The_42nd_Doctor> not yet :)
<gordon-r-d> like I can talk....:)
<talus> talk about the pot and the kettle!
<The_42nd_Doctor> I'm not drunk, I'm just watching TV and chatting...
<The_42nd_Doctor> <snicker>
<gordon-r-d> it 6:46am
<talus> actually some of gordon's typing actually reminds me he's scottish
 * SupremeDalek watches Gordon do a Yads imitation at the keyboard
<gordon-r-d> Jack: I will remember that slur upon myu character :)
<talus> gordon: come morning you'll be lucky to remember last week :-)
<Brutacus> I think gordon is in jolly old England
<The_42nd_Doctor> Scotland.
<gordon-r-d> Talus : I can type more Scottihsh if you want
<talus> gordon: that's quite alright.  i kind of like being able to
	understand you
<gordon-r-d> She cannae take any mair cap'n Shes gonaae bllow!
<gordon-r-d> six moths from now I wil read a qoutefile and get the shock of my life... :)
<The_42nd_Doctor> Nate, are you recording this?? We can blackmail him
		  with it later.. ;)
<DoctorWho> lol
<talus> i'd give good odds gordon gets his own special feature.
<gordon-r-d> oh shit
<The_42nd_Doctor> :D
 * Alden giggles
<gordon-r-d> rotflm ao!
<talus> hope i didn't scare ya sober.  after all that work getting
	plastered and all

Sun Dec 31 [22:53]
<gordon-r-d> You see, if I were an offensive belligerent drunk I would
	     not come on here, as I would be kicked by someone, I am a
	     hasppy, cuddly drunk

Sun Dec 31 [23:10]
<Anti_Booze> Ham Salad and Chuchilla, The Wookie MOnster
 * talus recruits the wookie into his mob and turns him into the
   wookie mobster.

Sun Dec 31 [23:16]
 * gordon-r-d is amazed he can still operarte Agent while complete ly blitzed
<DoctorWho> You're not completely blitzed
<DoctorWho> We can still understand what you're saying
<gordon-r-d> Doc : and evrything I say is being monitored and kept for
	     black amaieli purposes> :)

Sun Dec 31 [23:19]
<DoctorWho> This disc is probably my favorite CD
<talus> britney spears covering pink floyd?
 * DoctorWho beats up talus
<talus> oooh, i seem to have touched a nerve there
<DoctorWho> Now I may like some of Britney (and I don't mean her
	    breasts), but Britney covering Pink Floyd would be an

Sun Dec 31 [23:58]
<gordon-r-d> MARRY CHRISTMAS NATE!!!!!!!!!!!!
<gordon-r-d> oh fuck

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