The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue XI: November 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Fri Nov  3 [01:21]
<Theta-G> i'm gonna run gnome
<Alryssa> don't run home just yet! Oh, you said GNOME.
<Theta-G> *noogie*
 * Alryssa ducks the fwapping
<Theta-G> ducked right into the noogie ;-)
<Alryssa> bugger!

Fri Nov  3 [02:39]
 * Jondar begins to ponder what would happen if he put the contents of
   his sister's soon-to-be-old computer into this desktop case of the
   486 I inherited...
 * Theta-G watches Jason morph into Nate

Sun Nov  5 [12:16]
 * DoctorWho holds up an egg
<DoctorWho> This is your brain.
 * DoctorWho throws the egg on the ground and jumps up and down on it
<DoctorWho> This is your brain on Debian

Sun Nov  5 [12:38]
<CrowTRobt> damn it... Microsoft money has struck again!
<Arcalian> crow in what way
<CrowTRobt> everytime I open it it empties my bank account
<thetaWerk> "Microsoft Money... It used to be yours."

Sun Nov  5 [21:22]
 * Alryssa giggles. Her name may end up passing into popular
   culture. A work colleague of Tom's has decided to name her
   red-haired, green-eyed doll 'Alryssa.' :-P
 * Alryssa is still waiting for Hurricane Alryssa. :-D
*** Alryssa is now known as HurricaneRyss
 * HurricaneRyss whirls through the channel
 * SupremeDalek orders all the weather satellites to watch HurricaneRyss
 * HurricaneRyss strikes a pose
 * talus cranks up neil young's "like a hurricane" for alryssa
 * HurricaneRyss drifts across the Gulf of Mexico
 * HurricaneRyss stops off in Jacksonville, FL, for a breather
 * HurricaneRyss speeds up and sucks up Orlando.
 * HurricaneRyss makes a face
<HurricaneRyss> Ewwww!
 * HurricaneRyss spits something out
<HurricaneRyss> I hate the taste of Mouse....

Sun Nov  5 [21:57]
<talus> ooh, the d&d movie trailer is up.  wonder if i could finish
	downloading the 640x480 version on my dialup before the movie
<talus> drat, forgot i lost quicktime in the reinstall
<HurricaneRyss> so it'll be slowtime then?

Sun Nov  5 [22:05]
<DoctorWhoOnARampage> But /nothing/ is as bad as Debian
<DoctorWhoOnARampage> I mad a list of like 10 problems I had with it
<HurricaneRyss> So is there such a thing as a good distribution of Linux? 
 * HurricaneRyss can't remember the list of them now, but there's
   another one out there somewhere
<talus> nate: what was the last operating system you were satisfied with?
<HurricaneRyss> Nathan? Satisifed?
<talus> well, i only ask because some people have impossible standards
	in mates and wind up without one.  i'm just concerned nate has
	impossible standards in operating systems and might wind up
<HurricaneRyss> I sometimes think Nate's existence on this planet is
		simply to go around breaking everything he can find.
[I could have told you that]

Sun Nov  5 [22:16]
<talus> that reminds me, i promised to burn my brother something on
	cd-r.  have no clue what.
<HurricaneRyss> talus: pot luck? ;-)
<talus> ryssa: no, my dealer didn't show, but i'm trying.

Mon Nov  6 [00:46]
<Alryssa> sarcasm - a staple of radw
<thetaWerk> no jack, that's "fight" and "spasticism"

Mon Nov  6 [00:58]
<talus> well, "Whamo!" makes frisbees and yo-yos.  if this is true
	about the dvds, apparently "wamo" also makes frisbees, but not
	on purpose.

Mon Nov  6 [22:53]
<Xanta_Claus> is there gonna be a new star trek series?
<talus> xanta: apparently so.  i think it's called "star trek: dead horse"

Tue Nov  7 [02:51]
<Jondar> sheesh... this is annoying... blackstar have a "buy one get
	 one free" offer with DW VHS tapes... I only need one of the
	 tapes they list :-P
<talus> so give the free one as gift
<talus> or donate it as a door prize in the fan club
<talus> but whatever you do, don't ever pass up free stuff :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Sell it on eBay! >;)
<Jondar> Nathan: LOL! earn a profit on something I got for free :)
<Nathan_Roberts> That's the idea >:)
<talus> nate: that's brilliant
<Jondar> Nathan: are you sure you're not a Ferengi? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<talus> grand nagus nate?

Tue Nov  7
[Regaurding the FOX movie]
<Profcicle> It gets a DVD release this summer in the UK
*** Profcicle has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Fox TV
    movie (Yes, Paul McGann). Coming soon to a DVD near you!
<The_42nd_Doctor> That's not a DVD near me! That's nowhere near me at all! ;)
*** trinalin has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Fox TV
    movie (Yes, Paul McGann). Coming soon to a DVD near you kay!

Wed Nov  8 [01:59]
<Profcicle> who wants to see what my satelite dish looks like?
<Theta-G> prof: the ladies at the lab are complaining that you keep
	  asking them that

Wed Nov  8 [02:42]
<Profcicle> Hmmm. Most of the snow seems to be on the east side of town.
<Profcicle> I never get the good snow
 * talus sends prof a plane ticket for iceland
<talus> oh wait, you're already there.  nevermind.

Thu Nov  9 [02:10]
 * BayouBecky has caramel sauce all over... please excuse the mess
<DoctorWho> Kinky

Thu Nov  9 [11:47]
<k9mach3mark163> nate has been idle for 8.5 hours
<Bob01> yea
<Bob01> someone check and make sure Nathanis alive
<}-raven-{> Linux SUX!!!!!!
<}-raven-{> that should get a response out of him
<k9mach3mark163> hehe
<k9mach3mark163> Windows RULES!!!!!!!!!  linus is an IDIOT!
<k9mach3mark163> hmm - no response
 * }-raven-{ sticks a 'I want the child of Bill Gates' Sticker on Nates

Thu Nov  9 [13:13]
<TheProf> I bought a new monitor toady
<TheProf> 17 inch flat screen.
<Whomiga> Cool
<Whomiga> How much did that set you back?
<TheProf> $129
<Nathan_Roberts> $129 for a $17 inch monitor??
<Nathan_Roberts> Man have prices come down
<Nathan_Roberts> er... remove at least one $ from that sentence
<Whomiga> $17 for a 129 inch monitor :-)
<Whomiga> BTW: I would love what I wrote above - a 129 inch monitor :-)
<Whomiga> Oh course, who wouldn't?
<Nathan_Roberts> Tell me where and I'll buy a whole warehouseful
<Nathan_Roberts> Of course, if it's a CRT, a warehoseful might be just one...
<Whomiga> A 10 foot 9 inch monitor :-)
<Whomiga> Make that diagonally in HDTV, Widescreen type :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> OF course, you're need a platoon of lifters just to
		 move the thing...
<Nathan_Roberts> Or a crane...
<Whomiga> Actually - a very high resolution computer type projector
	  capable of showing on a 129 inch diagonal screen would be
<Whomiga> And probably be easier to carry around...
<Nathan_Roberts> The whole wall could be the monitor %)
<Whomiga> Have to have a white wall, though - could be interesting
	  watching people with other colours of wall
<Whomiga> The ultimate projector - projects a picture on the moon at
	  perfect clarity...
<whomiga> Would be one way to have a world premiere of a movie - or
	  would that be moon premiere?

Fri Nov 10 [01:58]
<talus> twisted's tag line annoys me.  i'm avoiding it til they change it
<Lyssie> o.O
<Alryssa> "I'm "to" lame to edit ircd.conf"
<Alryssa> it's... dull
<Lyssie> Hadn't actually seen it....
 * Lyssie has no clue what it means.
<Lyssie> And, anyway, Subreality are trying to kill twisted, like we
	 killed hebron and viper. ;]
<talus> i see it everytime someone who's on twisted joins the channel
<SSSpeedRacerrr> btw, I'm to lame to edit ircd.conf
<Lyssie> Ryss: Yeah. means absolutely nothing to me...
<NathanR> I think I know what it means.
 * talus has a theory, but i bet nate's is more detailed
<NathanR> ircd.conf is the configuration file for an IRC server.
<NathanR> One of the configuration options is the description tag for
	  the server
<NathanR> Apparently the default setting for dalnet's IRC server is
	  "I'm to lame to edit ircd.conf", probably to shame lazy
	  server admins that don't check their configuration files %)
<NathanR> The Twisted admin apparently noticed the typo, and put
	  quotes around it to emphasize it
<NathanR> (To shame the DALnet irc server coders, probably >;)
<SSSpeedRacerrr> that sentence corroborates the truth that more than
		 one programmer I know writes better code than English

Fri Nov 10 [02:14]
 * SSSpeedRacerrr has Lust for Zoe
<SSSpeedRacerrr> "Lust for Zoe" is someones fan site and would make a
		 damn good title for the kind of erotic novel that's
		 tucked in the corner of B. dalton where women can buy
		 it unnoticed
<talus> yeah, beauty and brains.  much more attractive than just brains :-)
<dse> "The Sex Life of Zoe Herriot"?
<dse> I'm not that familiar with how erotica should be titled
<SSSpeedRacerrr> they force you to sit through lectures on it in san
		 francisco ;-)
<talus> well.... if we're gonna go with tacky titles, i nominate "zoes
	does talus"
<talus> err, make that "zoe"
<SSSpeedRacerrr> no talus, you meant Zoes. One isn't enough for you,
		 you crazed wanton

Fri Nov 10 [03:27]
 * Nathan_Roberts suddenly has an odd idea
<Nathan_Roberts> Quotefile: Dead Tree Edition
<Alryssa> dead Tree edition? You mean... *shock horror* PAPER??
<Alryssa> that thin stuff people keep telling us about?
<talus> i bet with the right marketing that could make it to the
	bestseller list
<talus> tho paper's dangerous.  it can cut you bad
<talus> course when it does, conveniently it absorbs blood
<Nathan_Roberts> Talus: With the right marketing, the phone book could
		 make it to the bestseller list
<Alryssa> So... what was the thread of this idea, Nate? (before it
	  gets away from you... ) :-P
<Nathan_Roberts> No thread in particular
<Nathan_Roberts> I wsa just going through old quotefiles and it just hit me
<Alryssa> Dead Tree! Dead Tree! Dead... oh.
<Alryssa> What, the dead tree hit you?
 * Alryssa runs
<talus> if a tree fell on the quotefiler and no one else was around,
	would he publish a book?
<Alryssa> well if you're going to kill a tree, you may as well put it
	  to good use
<talus> who gets to kill the tress if you start this project?
<talus> and does that person get to use bazookas? :-)

Fri Nov 10 [03:35]
<Nathan_Roberts> Hm.... #dwc comedy cd >:)
<Alryssa> uhoh, I see ideas forming
<talus> just as long as you don't expect us to read whatever lines got
	us in the quotefile in the first place.  i have a voice that
	was meant for irc

Fri Nov 10 [03:38]
<Alryssa> Theta comes with his own jelly babies for that instant sugar rush!
<ThetaActionFigure> *bounce*
<ThetaActionFigure> *bounce*
<ThetaActionFigure> *bounce*
<Alryssa> And his own syringe so you can jab him with tranqulisers
	  when you've had enough!

Fri Nov 10 [03:48]
<talus> ya know that the line in the pinky & the brain theme song that
	goes "one is a genius, the other's insane"?  i always supected
	the insane one was brain, and the genius was pinky

Fri Nov 10 [04:24]
<Jondar> any way, a Windows Me install CD came with this new PC, so I
	 decided to try it... it lasted less than an hour before I
	 wiped the disk and reinstalled Win98.  WinMe has some good
	 features, but one feature I hate... you can't hack the
	 registry to move the IE files somewhere else :-P
<Alryssa> WinMe is, as usual, a pointless effort
<Jondar> Also, there's no option not to install the Movie Maker thing
<Jondar> no option to remove it either
<talus> i'm sorry but "WinMe" just sounds like something a cheap whore
	says at the gaming tables in vegas
<SarnyThete> WinMe LoseMe LaunchMe CrashMe, KickMe TrickMe WipeMe TrashMe
<Alryssa> Format:C
<Jondar> it looks just like Win98, with only a few minor differences,
	 yet takes up twice the space
<SarnyThete> Jason: it's perverse how that almost sounds like a feature

Fri Nov 10 [04:36]
 * Jondar looks at the new features added to mIRC 5.81... Oooh, you
   can now have proper chat hyperlinks in webpages
<Jondar> in the form HREF="irc://"
<talus> ooh, a great new source of newbies to play with!
<Alryssa> do we really want IRC virgins in here? ;-P
<Alryssa> we might scare them
<talus> that's why i want them here
<talus> scaring newbies is fun
<Jondar> Oh... the links only seem to work with IE at the moment...
<Alryssa> bum
<talus> so that means me and what, 8 or 10 other people in the known
	world won't be able to use them?

Fri Nov 10 [05:31]
*** talus has joined #drwhochat
<Alryssa> damn, talus, you just missed Zoe. She came in, did a lap
	  dance for Thete, then danced out.
<Alryssa> and me without a digital camera.
 * talus makes a very sad face
<talus> i'll just have to cheer myself up by hanging out with the page3 girls
<talus> yes we've just departed reality again, destination talusland
<Alryssa> population: talus
<talus> of course you've forgotten the dreams that live there.
	they're population too.  of a sort.
<Alryssa> dreams of the population, which again, would be.. you!
<talus> no, the dreams kind of take on a life of their own.  or so it seems.
 * Jondar yawns...
<talus> ut oh, all this dream talk is putting him to sleep.  better
	find something else

Fri Nov 10 [05:49]
<Alryssa> Jay: I have a new trigger word: Shatner
<Alryssa> Fuck - what was that?
 * Arcalian blinks
<Alryssa> the power dimmed for a second on everything
<Jondar> and that's what happens when you say that word? :)
 * Alryssa is lucky the PC didn't reboot
<Alryssa> that was freaky
<Arcalian> why what is that a trigger word *for* Ryss?
<Arcalian> aside from brown outs taht is
<Alryssa> Arcalian: Just type Shatner and you'll see
 * Arcalian looks nonplussed
<Arcalian> im gonna regeret this
<Arcalian> Shatner
 * Alryssa hears the rest of the room scream in abject terror as the
   strains of 'Lucy...' begin to play!
<talus> as in, the brown-out scared her so much she almost shatner pants?
 * Alryssa hears the rest of the room scream in abject terror as the
   strains of 'Lucy...' begin to play!
 * talus runs away from mass fwappings
 * Alryssa hunts talus down and beats the shatner outta him

Fri Nov 10 [05:54]
<Arcalian> of COURSE you were feelin silly, if youre in a good moode
	   yer silly, thats a Ryssa Rule
<Jondar> there are Ryssa Rules? :)
<Arcalian> yes
<Arcalian> for example
<Arcalian> whenver a pic of paul is within a five mile radius....(g)
 * Arcalian ducks fwaps
 * Jondar fwaps ducks :)

Fri Nov 10 [06:01]
<talus> i swear i didn't read that.  in fact i usually get all my dw
	news from conversations in here
<talus> but then you guys are a lot more interactive than web pages
	are.  i can scream at them all day and they never answer back.
 * Alryssa watches talus scream at a web page.... and then watches in
   amusement as the web page yells back.
 * Alryssa watches talus fall off his chair
<talus> that would be a truly interactive web page
<Arcalian> webpage: "I dunno man, shaddap!"
<Alryssa> All you need to do is put a scream .wav embedded in a web page
<talus> not possible, i surf from the couch
 * Alryssa sees the couch go over backwards
<Alryssa> *flip*
<Jondar> webpage: "If ya want me ta load any faster perhaps you should
	 get DSL, stupid!"
<Alryssa> *snort*
<talus> actually i was thinking something along the lines of talus:
	"where are you hiding the information i want, you crappy web
	page" page: "haha wouldn't you like to know!"
<talus> jondar: that too :-)
<talus> okay, now i need an alternate breakdown for dsl that more
	accurately desribes it....
<Jondar> "Download Speed: Lightning!"
<talus> i like it
<talus> best i had was "doesn't seem long"  as well as some rather silly ones
<Alryssa> "Ludicrous Speed!"
<Alryssa> Download speed: Ridiculous
<Arcalian> download speed: faster than a bunch of pmebers chasing paul
<Setok> alryssa: doesn't make D.S.L. :)
<Alryssa> I wasn't going for the initials
<Alryssa> *titter*
<talus> tho "dowload some ladies" somehow seems appropriate for some
	people i know/am

Fri Nov 10
<Jondar> one thing I had to do when I unpacked the new PC was divide
	 all the CDs I got with it into three piles: Drivers, Blanks
	 and Coasters
<talus> lemme guess, coasters was the biggest?
<Jondar> there was only 8 CDs on the coasters pile... two of them had
	 AOL on them :-P

Fri Nov 10 [07:41]
<Alryssa> Argh!
<Alryssa> I keep getting runtime errors on this estimate... won't let
	  me get any further
<talus> careful about mentioning runtime errors around me.  my brain
	was already moving in gear to talk you through a clean install
	of the software i work phone support for

Fri Nov 10 [09:45]
<Kroll> <The Guide>French people are none too pleased at the Americans
	for their assault on French as The International language and
	will cheerfully subvert them with cracker sites.</The Guide>
<Jondar> Kroll: the majority of hacker sites seem to be based in Russia :)
<Kroll> <The Guide>Russian people are none too pleased at the
	Americans for their assault on their political system and will
	cheerfully subvert them with cracker sites.</The Guide>

Fri Nov 10 [11:38]
<talus> whew!  thank bill for safe mode.
 * talus notes for future reference that when windows recommends
   against something, it's probably a good idea to listen to it.
<KnightOfJaffaCakes> I wish Windows had a "dangerous' mode for getting
		     more work done at the risk of a more severe crash

Fri Nov 10 [19:50]
<Anji-Kapoor> (When you need something done right, do it yerself)
<talus> ak: good idea.....
 * talus begins running the country

Fri Nov 10 [22:05]
<talus> nate: at the risk of getting fwapped, did you try a reboot?
<talus> tho normally a reboot shouldn't be required for such a thing
<NathanR> Talus: This is Windows we're dealing with here.  You need to
	  reboot when you come back from the toilet.

Fri Nov 10 [22:37]
<talus> i wish i could create a shortcut that would hibernate the
	laptop and drag me off to bed
<Nathan_Roberts> Talus: You might be able to do the former... I have
		 my doubts about the latter...
<talus> well no point in hibernating the laptop if i'm gonna be too
	sleepy to move from the couch to the bed
<talus> because on the couch the laptop can just remain on my chest
	and act as a heater
<The_42nd_Doctor> wouldn't it also irradiate your internal organs?
<Jo_Grant> talus: there are better things to have sitting on your
	   chest acting as a heater, you know...
<talus> jo: true, but i'm allergic to cats, and i don't live in nevada
<Fenric1> A double no on the pussy heater then.
<Theta-G> at leat you kept the 'h' in
[All class, this lot]

Fri Nov 10 [23:29]
<The_42nd_Doctor> see, if there was someone in this building doing
		  that, they'd get kicked out. Not for having sex, but
		  for doing it loudly and disturbing people.
<The_42nd_Doctor> I think the policy is, what you do in your room is
		  your own business, so keep it that way.
<talus> don't ask, don't yell?
<talus> jo: ahh, i just thought maybe it was her own form of
	exhibitionism or something.  maybe even a way of gloating.
	"hear that?  i'm having great noisy messy sex, and you don't
	even have a good pinup to keep you company!"

Fri Nov 10 [23:38]
*** JoGrant is now known as MegL
<talus> i always wondered if jo had a brother named research....

Fri Nov 10 [23:42]
*** TomFODW_writing is now known as TomFODW
<TomFODW> Well, I finished my story!
<talus> tom: you're 1 hour 15 minutes early.  you'd said you wouldn't
	be done until 4.  would you like to run the airlines for us?
<talus> aww, you're no fun.
<TomFODW> fun is not what i'm personally looking for in an air traffic
<TomFODW> and if you are, remind me never to fly with you

Fri Nov 10
<talus> florida's not even a place i wanna visit.
<Alryssa> not after this especially ;-P
<talus> nothing to do with this.  it's not my kind of weather.
<talus> and it's too flat
<talus> when i look to the horizon and see smog, i wanna see some
	mountains hiding underneath it, dammit!

Sat Nov 11
 * Alden is a bit Irish
<Alden> also a bit Scottish.
<Alden> so part of me wants to drink lots of Guiness, and the other
	part doesn't want to pay for it. ;)

Mon Nov 13 [19:37]
 * OddioBoi has a feeling that, even with an alien invasion, we'd
   manage to be divided on how to deal with it.
<talus> oddio: of course not, there'd be the "cool!  aliens!  let's go
	talk to them!" camp, and the "damn!  aliens!  let's go kill
	them!" camp

Mon Nov 13 [19:40]
<OddioBoi> Brenda: Well, if the aliens are smart they'll just vaporize
	   the whole area around DC and leave. :)
<talus> lol oddio!  can we get some of those aliens now?

Mon Nov 13 [22:22]
 * Alden sells his body on the street to raise airfare to Galley. ;)
<Alden> Mind you, I'm going to look a bit silly arrive there just a head. :)

Mon Nov 13 [22:57]
<talus> survey: "in the average month how often do you access the web
	for pleasure?"  me:"uhh, how come 'more than once a day' is
	the most frequent?  i need 'more than three times an hour'"

Mon Nov 13 [16:02]
<DoctorWho> Well no wonder this isn't working... my CD-R drive was unplugged
<Alryssa> Blond Moment!
*** Alryssa has changed the topic to: Nathan in Blond Moment Shocker!

Tue Nov 14
*** TheProf has joined channel #drwhochat
<TheProf> Alden send warm air.
 * Alden sends over all NZ's politicians. They're full of hot air

Tue Nov 14
<DoctorWho> Yow.  It must be about 35 degrees outside.
<DoctorWho> That's cold even by my standards
<TheProf> Nate your a good 13 degrees warmer than me.
<TheProf> Here in the winter our highs are lower than the coldest days
	  in california
 * Alden tries to remember what season it is
<TheProf> football

Thu Nov 16 [16:22]
*** talus changes topic to: Babylon 5 was our first best hope for
    widescreen until some moron at Warner Brothers screwed it up.

Thu Nov 16 [18:37]
 * DrFaust wonders if he should start buying flavored shoes.
<talus> how about starting with scented and working up to flavored
<DrFaust> Talus: My sneakers are already heavily scented.
<talus> faust: uhh, probably not the scent i had in mind

Thu Nov 16 [23:05]
<Jondar> eeep... someone stole a car from the Sydney Motor Show...
<The_42nd_Doctor> Jason!
<Jondar> double eeep... a 1952 Olympic Gold Medal that was donated to
	 the Melbourne Olympic Museum, has gone missing :/
<The_42nd_Doctor> and it's in that car!!

Thu Nov 16 [23:52]
<Starfury> I dunno why companies don't want their customers to know
	   they outsource.  I mean, everybody does it, and only stupid
	   people think that customer service is better when done
	   in-house... Hmm. Stupid people.  I think I just answered my
	   own question.

Thu Nov 16 [23:58]
<Theta-G> "Are you just saying that I flame this newsgroup because
	  under my mean, callous, heartless God, Queen and Country
	  exterior, that I just want to be loved?" Well, yeah... I
	  mean, don't we all?  "No. You're wrong. I flame this
	  newsgroup to keep my mean, heartless, God, Queen and Country
	  interior as nasty as the exterior, you Yankee heretic."

Fri Nov 17 [02:51]
 * Theta-G wonders why all the american DALnet servers are sending him
   to europe
<Theta-G> my words are taking better trips than I can afford
 * Pete_Wisdom gives Thete a noogie
<Theta-G> aaaack

Fri Nov 17 [19:59]
<talus> another thing earphone don't do that headphones do: keep my
	hair out of my face when i'm groovin' to the tunes
<DoctorWho> Talus: That's what a hat's for >;)
<talus> nate: i wear one of those all day at work.  when i come home i
	don't wanna wear one anymore.
<trinalin> You have to wear a hat at work?
<talus> trina: no, it's by choice.  i do have to wear my hair pulled
	back, and i prefer to wear a hat when i have to do that.
<DoctorWho> You could also cut your hair out of your face..............
<talus> nate: hell would have to freeze over more times than we've
	definied words for numbers before i would cut my hair.
<DoctorWho> Talus: In that case, I'll have to make a few more outings
	    from my rock >;)
<talus> nate: once a day for the next hundred years still wouldn't get
	hell frozen over enough times
<talus> i'll be on an airplane about 30 hell freezes before i cut my hair

Fri Nov 17 [20:09]
<talus> ooh, i forgot i bought fresh cashews earlier.  damn this has
	been a good night.  expanium, bbc-a coming to cable, fresh
	cashews.  god, i've just burned 12 lifetimes worth of good
	karma in one night.
<DoctorWho> Damn Talus, now I want cashews!!
<Alden> Nate, Talus: damn you both. :)
<talus> nate: wel, it's only 8:15 there, stores are prolly still open
<DoctorWho> Yeah but do I really want to do it...
<DoctorWho> Also I'm not sure I have enough money to spare...
<DoctorWho> I took trip to Radio Shack and spent a good portion of
	    what I have in my checking account
<talus> nate: ahh.  computers over food.  glad to know your priorities
	are still on straight, otherwise i'd loose a hell freeze.

Fri Nov 17 [20:31]
 * DoctorWho kicks Corel.  There's a REASON that the Windows installer
   uses standard VGA mode
 * talus blinks
<talus> did nate just favorabley compare windows to another os?
<talus> damn, just lost one more hell freeze
<talus> nathan roberts: one man air conditioner for hell

Fri Nov 17 [20:20]
<gordon-r-d> Talus : I always used to use Quoth by Polygon Window to
	     annoy the neighbours. Six minutes of horribly loud
	     clanking noises :)
<talus> gordon: that could work.  tho personally i think me howling at
	the top of my lungs at 11:30pm to a song i'm playing in
	earphone, would be more annoying
<gordon-r-d> Talus : Hmm
<talus> gordon: i can howl pretty loud and off-key
<gordon-r-d> I can scream unintelligibly, I should join a death-metal
	     band really... :)
<talus> gordon: rotfctdospd!
<talus> (that's rolling on the floor choking to death on spice drops)
	tho there was supposed to be an l for laughing on the end

Fri Nov 17
<DoctorWho> well I guess it's time to head to the store, if I want to
	    get those cashews and cornuts
<DoctorWho> What isle would thouse be on, BTW?
<talus> nate: depends.  in some stores they're with the candy.  in
	others they're near crackers.
<talus> and i'm sure other stores might be creative and put them with
	chips, or who knows even picnic supplies
<DoctorWho> In our safeway, I think those are all the same isle
<MegL> around here we have a nut section
<MegL> nuts are usually in the isle with potato chips and pop
<Alden> our house has a nut section.  It's the bedroom across the hall
	from mine.

Sat Nov 18 [01:32]
 * TheLemonadeNazi has a mini collection of Linux CDs
<random_C> mini collection?
<random_C> Is there a distro you don't have?
<TheLemonadeNazi> Slackware, Mandrake, SuSE, Corel, RedHat,
		  TurboLinux, Caldera, and Debian
<TheLemonadeNazi> I've been downloading and trying them all out
<TheLemonadeNazi> And I'll be trying FreeBSD and NetBSD too
<TheLemonadeNazi> I'd try OpenBSD too, but they don't do ISOs
 * TheLemonadeNazi wonders if there's any other notable linux distros
   he wants to try out
<random_C> Storm?
<TheLemonadeNazi> I think I've covered the big name ones
<Nathan_Roberts> hm. storm
<random_C> Nate, talking to yourself is the first sign
 * TheLemonadeNazi prods Nathan_Roberts.  You don't believe a word of
   that, do you?
<Nathan_Roberts> Nah

Fri Nov 17 [11:43]
<Theta-G> My Big problem with Election Night: They didn't tell me
	  'night' is spelled m-o-n-t-h

Sat Nov 18
<Alden> "If "Star Trek" fans are "Trekkies," are Harry Potter fans "Potties"?"
<Fenric1> Potheads?

Sat Nov 18
 * OddioBoi just spent 3 hours on the phone with Theta-G...
<TheProf> and survived!
<Alden> I thought men weren't supposed to have long phone
	conversations with each other. :)

Sat Nov 18
<DoctorWho> My graphics-capable computer is currently occupied
<Alden> downloading porn again?
 * Alden runs!
 * DoctorWho grabs the dull knife and hunts down Alden

Sat Nov 18
<TheProf> Nate how can I see a list of the alt number key characters?
<DoctorWho> Character map in Windows
<LoganM> Prof: Character Map :)
<DoctorWho> Under accessories, I believe
<TheProf> yeah
<TheProf> I was searching for that phrase
<LoganM> System Tools in Win98
<LoganM> if using the original default location
<LoganM> don't know *why* it was put in System Tools
<TheProf> Not there
<LoganM> Prof: you may need to install it from the Win98 CD
<DoctorWho> Jason: Because Bill likes to move things around when
	    you're not looking?
<CrowTRobt> huh
<CrowTRobt> I didn't move nothin'
<DoctorWho> Bill: Not you.  Uncle Bill.
<DoctorWho> Gates.
<LoganM> Crow: not you, the big Microsoft-type Bill :)
<DoctorWho> Or maybe that should be Big Brother Bill
 * TheProf inserts his windows 98 cd
 * DoctorWho doesn't ask where

Mon Nov 20
<DoctorWho> +++AT S0=1
<DoctorWho> Woops
<DoctorWho> ROTFL
<PimpMeister> I remember having reat fun learing all the hayes
	      codes. It was like i could get my modem to confess all
	      sorts of crap ;-)
<PimpMeister> this is why i'm workin' on a web site now, i
	      suppose. i'm in the college cafeteria reading a Hayes
	      modem manual instead of an inch-thick book on film
	      theory that makes dr who the unfolding text read like
	      the K9 activity book

Mon Nov 20
[Gordon is having a Bad ISP Day]
<gordon-r-d> reminds me, need to take a look at their weekly excuse
	     why their service isn't improved yet... :)
<talus> "we tried to upgrade our service, but our main line installer
	turned out to be jack the ripper, and is now in prison.  we
	are attempting to hire another main line installer, but all of
	them seem to be employed running tin can and string telephones
	in remote portions of alabama"

Mon Nov 20
<The_42nd_Doctor> Homeschooling is not illegal at all.
<trinalin> In Canada, that is?
<The_42nd_Doctor> Nope.
<trinalin> (It isnt in Ohio.)
<trinalin> Heck, there's now an online PUBLIC school in Ohio.
<trinalin> Taking away our students.  :-)
<trinalin> (But, dammit, never the ones you WISH it would take away)

Mon Nov 20
<LordSaiyan> !list
<chibi-light> !fish
<Fenric1> !pants
<TimJR> !Midget in Funny Hat!
<The_42nd_Doctor> !evilsincethedawnoftime
<JGarthW>  !burma
<talus> !sleep
<TomFODW> !IwantmyMaypo
<The_42nd_Doctor> !I'vegotaluvverlybunchofcoconuts
<TomFODW> !howmuchwoodwouldawoodchuckchuckifawoodchuckcouldchuckwood
<TimJR> !awoodchuckwouldchuckasmuchasitcouldchuckifawoodchuckcouldchuckwood
<TomFODW> !fourscoreandsevenyearsagoourforefathersbecamethreefatherswhenonedied

Tue Nov 21
<Jondar> Argh! I made a special DW 37th anniversary graphic for the
	 site today, I uploaded the graphic, but not the updated html
	 file to show the graphic :-P
<Theta-G> I made a special DW 37th anniversary graphic!?!?!?!? what's
	  so fricking special about the 37th annversary? Is that the
	  "molybdenum anniversary?"
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO
<Jondar> Thete: well, it's halfway between 25 and 50... >:-)
 * Theta-G smacks his head on the desk repeatedly
<Theta-G> *whack*
<Theta-G> *whack*
<Theta-G> *whack*
* Alryssa whacks Thete for good measure
*** Theta-G has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to HAPPY
<Alryssa> well now you';re just being facetious. 
<Theta-G> of course! i've got more facets than brain cells!
<DoctorWho> What's halfway between Silver and Gold anyway?
<Theta-G> Molybdenum
<DoctorWho> Is Molybdenum really exactly halfway in between?
<Theta-G> yes
<Theta-G> Molybdenum
<Bozzie> Molybdenum?
<Theta-G> Molybdenum
*** Alryssa has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to HAPPY
    folks. Thete has found his Word of the Night and he knows how
    to use it.
<Bozzie> Is that that special metal from Senesorites?
<DoctorWho> It's an element
<DoctorWho> Can't recall which one... Is it a transition metal?
<Theta-G> it's a real metal
<Theta-G> chemical symbol Mo
<DoctorWho> Is there a Larry and Curly?
<Theta-G> Larrybdenum And Curlybdenum? Yes.
<Bozzie> shempinium?
<Theta-G> Geronishemp
<Theta-G> and it's the 37th anniversary of something if you're a silly
	  scot with the Web site
 * Jondar fwaps Thete with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
*** Theta-G has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Doctor
    Who's 37th, it's "Molybdenum" anniversary. Let us bask in it.
<Alryssa> take that apostrophe out!
<Theta-G> oops, how rude of me. i didn't mean to ass that apostrophe
<Theta-G> and make an add of myself

Tue Nov 21
[Thete knows the true cause of all angst]
 * DoctorWho swears
<Theta-G> hardware or software, nate
<DoctorWho> Stupid pieceashit video card locked up
 * Theta-G adds a check to the HW column of the crib sheet
 * DoctorWho screams
<Theta-G> nate: hardware or software?

Tue Nov 21
 * JGarthW stops Alryssa by having the BBC cancel her
 * Alryssa starts a mass letter campaign and is renewed again.
<JGarthW> Alas, Alryssa becomes a lame FOX TV movie, and is never
	  heard from again :>
<Alryssa> But garners a whole male brigade who drool over her every
	  picture and word. :-P
<Theta-G> AKTB?
 * Lyssie has seen Ryssa. Women will drool, too. ;)

Tue Nov 21
<DoctorWho> Well now I've got 7 OS's installed on Gallifrey
<Alryssa> Nate: Well, no wonder it blew up. Sheesh
<Theta-G> install 30 more and you can have your own molybdenum OS party
<talus> the linux trick of rassilon!

Tue Nov 21
 * Theta-G 's Whathefukometer goes off

Thu Nov 23 [18:03]
<talus> wow nate.  i never thought about shortcuts on an alarm clock
<ShortcutMaster> Now you see how truly obsessed with shortcuts I am
<talus> there are far more dangerous things to be obsessed with.  at
	least i don't have to worry about you stalking and killing a

Thu Nov 23 [18:07]
<talus> there's a /whois command, why not a /whoisnt
 * ShortcutMaster wonders what a /whoisnt command would actually dfo
<talus> details, details.  :-)
<ShortcutMaster> /whocares
<ShortcutMaster> /whatdoyouwant
<ShortcutMaster> /whyareyouhere
<ShortcutMaster> /whereareyougoing
<ShortcutMaster> /wouldyoulikefrieswiththat

Thu Nov 23 [18:18]
<ShortcutMaster> Oh no, not another dying CPU fan
<talus> that's bad
<ShortcutMaster> It's a relief though.  For a moment I thought it was
		 a hard drive
<talus> that would be worse.  unless you've figured out a way to store
	data on the cpu fan
<ShortcutMaster> If I figure out a way, I'll give you a cut of the
		 fortune I make >;)
<talus> thanks
 * talus goes to spend his $0.05 cut in the bubblegum machine.

Thu Nov 23
<Whomiga> You have PAL everything :-)
<Alden> well that's the advantages of living in a country with a
	decent video format
 * Alden sprints. ;)
 * Whomiga fprints

Thu Nov 23
 * AldenWerk has now been at work 4+ hours and has done a total of 1/2 
   hour work
<DoctorWho> Alden: Welcome to IRC Productivity Drain >;)

Thu Nov 23
 * DoctorWho doesn't say anything about the stability of software
   under the Amiga >;)
<Whomiga> No - just a program I'm writing that liked to lockup when a
	  certain operation was attempted
<Whomiga> Most software is quite stable, actually - once the bugs are removed
<talus> who: that sounds *so* like a bill gates quote
<Whomiga> The bugs in the program - NOT the OPERATING SYSTEM

Thu Nov 23
<Arcalian> trouble is, is Lara is was fat as well as endowed, shed
	   never be able to even move
<DoctorWho> Arc: I'm not sure how she moves around just being as well
	    endowed as she is
 * Arcalian likes Lara actually...on a purely hormonal level at least
<Arcalian> DW: its video games man, no reality involved, suspension of
	   disbeleif is required
<talus> i wanna know what she looked like before the surgery :-)
<Whomiga> Nate - she just tosses her ... and she has to follow...

Thu Nov 23
<Whomiga> POKE Nathan, Awake?

Thu Nov 23
<dha> Jack!  you've crawled out from under the ballots! :-)
<SupremeDalek> Dave: And from under the legal briefs! :-)
<BayouBecky> Whose legal briefs have you been in??
<Whomiga> How short are illegal briefs?
<SupremeDalek> Richard: Ask the perverts who come in here! :-)
<Whomiga> Didn't I just ask them? :-)

Fri Nov 24 [03:36]
*** Philtrid has quit IRC (Quit: (Killed ( (User has
    been banned from DALnet (Due to repeated and constant clonebot
    floods from the domain, your ISP is no longer
    welcome on DALnet. Please direct questions to
<Theta-G> I'd compain about people's quit messages being books, but it
	  doubles the activity in my chat window at 335am

Fri Nov 24 [03:47]
<Theta-G> I did too much LDS. Now I'm a Mormon.

Sat Nov 25
<talus> all it says about snl is "brittney spears"  no mention of new or repeat
<DoctorWho> Well I know how to watch that one.  Turn on the TV and
	    turn off the sound >;)

Sat Nov 25
 * Pete_Wisdom_Away gives Thete a noogie
 * Theta-G puts the noogie in a box for later

Sat Nov 25
<Theta-G> the DJs in SF call 'em mixtapes
<DoctorWho> But "Nate's Mixtape" just doens't sound the same
<Theta-G> heheheh
<Theta-G> speshly sice it's not a tape, is it ;-)
<DoctorWho> Thete: "Nate's Salad CD" doesn't sound the same either >;)
<Theta-G> LOL
<talus> if i ever make such collections i'll just call it "crap i like"
<DoctorWho> LOL
<Theta-G> i've got some mixtapes, and one CD called "Thetakalcha Matrix"
<talus> or maybe "crap to listen to in the car", "crap to put me to
	sleep", "crap i don't really like but included because i can
	fit 10 hours of music on a cd-r and hate to be wasteful"
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO
<DoctorWho> Talus: Some of the stuff on some of my anthologies could
	    be described as "crap I don't really like but included
	    because I had space and couldn't find anything better to
	    fill it with"

Sat Nov 25
<DoctorWho> What I don't like about jewel cases are the way they're
	    constantly breaking
<Theta-G> jewel cases are geat for protecting CDs, but the cover is a
	  catholic torture device for innocent little CD books
<Theta-G> Do CD booklets scream, unheard, between the time you put
	  them into the jewel case wrong and the time you close the
	  jewel case?

Sat Nov 25
<talus> hmm, maybe should just embrace my role as conversation killer
	and go into channels we don't like and kill their
<Alden> i tried that, but all the sex channels kickbanned me
<talus> hehe alden
 * Theta-G looks for "Getting Kicked out of Sex Channels for Voicing
   My Kinky Ideas Is My Bag, Baby" by "Alden Bates" at
<talus> ut oh
<Alden> LOL!
<Alden> "Oh no, not again!"
<Theta-G> heheheh
<talus> and thus alden became the first person in history to be
	roasted by theta twice in the same year

Sat Nov 25
<talus> ooh, this'll kill a few minutes.  i'll go vote in whatever
	these vh1 awards are
<talus> drat, i have to be registered to vote.  i don't wanna register
	and get junk mail fro vh1 for the next 1000 years
<Theta-G> Radio Shack thinks I live at 76 Totter's Lane, San Francisco

Sat Nov 25
<Alden> brb, need to change light bulb
<Bozzie> How many people on #drwhochat does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
<James_Thorpe> 1
<Bozzie> nope 2.
<James_Thorpe> Why's that?
<Bozzie> 1 to change the lightbulb, and 1 to ask stupid questions
	 about how many people need to change it
<Bozzie> make that 3 - one to answer incorrectly ;-)

Sun Nov 26
<Theta-G> there's a cloning scene in the nude bomb where they have
	  this arch you run through and they had tons of clones in a
	  big fight sequence. they send daleks through a kind of
	  transformation arch in 'Evil of the Daleks' and because it's
	  an audio, the description reminds me of the one in TNB
<Theta-G> they also morotized an office deak and chair so Smart could
	  drive it on city streets; stupidest thing i've ever seen
<DoctorWho> o...k...
<Alden> Thete: Why?  Too cheap to give him a car?
<Theta-G> i can't remember the justification; i was too busy working
	  out of the thing counted as two vehicles or one
<marchhair> It's a gimmicky gadget. Spies gotta have gimmicky gadgets.
<Alden> Dan: but not ones which scream "I'M A SPY" at the top of their
	lungs when they drive down the street. :)
<Theta-G> LOL
<Alden> "Gee, that's a nice exploding pencil... you're not a spy by
	any chance, are you?"
<Theta-G> Alden: the way the lightweight contraption bounced over the
	  pavement, the message was mostly "I AM A DORK"

Sun Nov 26
<RedQueen> NP: "King Midas in Reverse" --The Hollies
 * Theta-G and Don King proudly present, at Madison Square Garden....

Sun Nov 26
<Theta-G> gee, i'm pretty tired...
<Theta-G> i should go to bed
<Theta-G> if i could just remember what I was saying
 * Lyssie tucks Thete into bed with a plushie Sarah Jane.
<Theta-G> :-)
*** Signoff: Theta-G (Quit: i'm going to pack my goodies and i'm going
    to sleep)

Sun Nov 26
 * OddioBoi waves meekly.
 * talus hands oddioboi the earth. here's your inheritance....

Sun Nov 26
<TheProf> New banner add. Shock the Monkey. You zap him with a stun gun.
<Alden> I'd rather insert the stun gun somewhere where the monkey
	won't be able to extract it
<TheProf> I'll help push.

Sun Nov 26
 * DoctorWho downloads BeOS 5 Personal Edition
<Theta-G> Nate: they've finally got BeOS for Intel? coool.
 * DoctorWho kicks Thete out from under the rock.  My rock!

Sun Nov 26
 * DoctorWho looks at how disk much space c:\windows takes up
<DoctorWho> 437MB.  Can anyone say "Bloat?"
<Theta-G> *ahem*
<Theta-G> Bloat.
<DoctorWho> I knew you could
<Blor> Bloat?
<Blor> Thats my dad

Sun Nov 26
<Theta-G> i added functionality without having to go to 2.0 :-)
<DoctorWho> LOL
<Theta-G> which was kind of like editing someone's dna to give them a
	  different taste in food

Sun Nov 26
 * talus checks the stability meter on his computers, sees it's at
   60%, realises that's about as high as windows gets, and decides to
   settle in
<Alryssa> Windows and stable don't come in the same year as each other, talus
<Alryssa> unless you're talking about the kind of stable that horses live in

Sun Nov 26
 * Kiri` pokes thete
 * Alden joins in the poking
<Kiri`> we've lost thete.. 
 * Kiri` pokes harder
<Alden> *poke*poke*poke*
<Alden> Wake up, Thete, or you'll have keyboard face in the morning!
<Kiri`> wonder if he laid down or he's noddin off at thekeyboard
<Theta-G> ?
<Kiri`> it lives!
<Theta-G> geez, i browse the web and folx have el mejor thrombo
<Kiri`> no.. we just care that your not getting keyboard face and a hurt back.
<Theta-G> hey, it adds character
 * Kiri` grins
<Kiri`> if you say so.. 
<Theta-G> the ; character to be precise

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