The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue X: October 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Tue Oct  3 [00:54]
 * Jondar goes off in search of earmuffs :)
<Jondar> Becka is being inconsiderate and playing her stereo at a loud
	 volume :-P
 * SailorGallifrey tells Jason to turn this midi up full for sheer
   annyance factor :-P
<Jondar> annoying me or Becka? :)
<SailorGallifrey> Both, with any luck...
 * SailorGallifrey runs!

Wed Oct  4 [02:49]
<James_Thorpe> Hey Alden, what's the NZ national anthem?
<SailorGallifrey> "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport"?
<SailorGallifrey> no wait, that's Australia.
<Jondar> "God Defend New Zealand" -- I think...
<SailorGallifrey> God Defend New Zealand... cos nobody else will?

Wed Oct  4 [03:00]
<Theta-G> today was the day the first UNIVAC went online. it's a bank
	  holiday for software

Thu Oct  5 [01:04]
*** Pete_Wisdom is now known as Dr_Laura_Schlessinger
<Theta-G> jeff, you didn't tell us she was over at yer house
<Dr_Laura_Schlessinger> Yeah!
<Dr_Laura_Schlessinger> She says hi
<DoctorWho> Tell her we all hate her.
<Dr_Laura_Schlessinger> She says that won't stop her from doing her show
<DoctorWho> Somehow I didn't think it would
<Theta-G> give her some hohos and ask really nicely
<Dr_Laura_Schlessinger> She doesn't like hohos
*** Dr_Laura_Schlessinger is now known as Pete_Wisdom
<Theta-G> give her some jaffa cakes and ask really nicely
<Pete_Wisdom> Okay, I'll try....
<Pete_Wisdom> Okay, I gave her some Jaffa cakes and she says that she
	      might consider going from a Monday through Friday show
	      during the day time to three days of the week post
<Theta-G> haHa! she cannot resist the smashing orangey bits
<Pete_Wisdom> Actually, I Mickey Finned the cakes....she's quite a
	      different person when tipsy
<Theta-G> bwa
<Pete_Wisdom> She's also had about 3 glasses of Brandy
<Alden> Jeff: are you going to take comprimising pictures of her in
	bed with a woman?
<DoctorWho> BWAHAHAHA!
<Pete_Wisdom> A woman?  Hrmmm...where can I get a prostitute at this
	      time of night?
<Alden> 1800 HOOKER?
<Alden> 1800 BOINK?
<DoctorWho> 1800 WE-SUCK? >:)
<Mossy> LOL
<Alden> LOL!
<Mossy> I like the BOINK one
<Theta-G> omg
<Alden> where?
 * Theta-G blushes bright red
 * Pete_Wisdom strangles Thet and wonders what he looks like deep indigo
<Alden> don't tell me:
<Theta-G> Alden your phone numbers asctually work
<MegL> leave it to peter to try them out!
<Alden> Thete: are they connected? ;)
<Alden> who'd you get? ;)
<Alden> (he's not answering cause they turned up already)
<DoctorWho> Thete: That's not possible.  A phone number requires 7
	    digits, plus the prefix
<Theta-G> I added an "s"
<Alden> ah. :)
<Theta-G> well the one i tried had a recording, and i didn't have to
	  get past the utterance of "Hi" before hanging up. That was
	  quite a "Hi"
<DoctorWho> You do realize that they have your number now.
<Theta-G> fuck
<Alden> Well, that's what people usually ring for, yes...
<Theta-G> time to get DSL
<Theta-G> actually nate i have blocking. i have to bare my number with
	  a key code just to call some people
<DoctorWho> 800 numbers override caller-ID blocking
<Theta-G> fuck
<Alden> Now Thete is going to be hassled night and day by hookers
	ringing wanting to have sex with him.  Poor guy
<Theta-G> yep, DSL with a NEW NUMBER would be a good idea right about now ;-)

Thu Oct  5 [01:27]
<Theta-G> The AT&T van outside said 'cable' 'internet' and
	  'telephone.' I'm wondering when they'll stop handing out
	  numbers and just give out IPs
<Alden> Thete: what happens when we run out of IPs? :)
<Theta-G> then they start giving computers phone numbers ;-)

Wed Oct  6
<gordon-r-d> Eight people in #drwhochat, eight people in here! Ping
	     timeout, reset by peer, seven people in #drwhochat!

Sun Oct  8 [01:12]
<SailorGallifrey> I hear Bill Gates put a satanic message on a CD once.
<SailorGallifrey> If you play it bakwards, you hear '666'.
<SailorGallifrey> Better yet, if you play it forwards, it installs Windows NT!

Fri Oct 13 [09:20]
<NathanR> Did I mention I was sufficiently anal to add ID3 tags to
	  files that didn't have them?
<NathanR> Or even to reset ID3 tags that weren't in the format I liked?
<NathanR> Properly capitalized and stuff
 * chronotis gives nate the anally retentive bastard of the millenium award
<chronotis> and hears the certificate, with lots of spelling mistakes
	    for you to find

Sat Oct 14 [07:16]
 * DoctorWho goes through IE's BS internet setup wizard
<DoctorWho> Of the options on the first page, they forgot to include
	    an "Everything's already set up, just start the damn
	    program!" option

Sat Oct 14 [03:32]
<Theta-G> anyone have that url where that guy went into massive detail
	  about the subtle changes in toms scarf?

Fri Oct 20
 * Alden blinks. Oh! she was talking about the woman's *boots*
<Alden> I thought she said "nice boobs"
<Alden> Raised may eyebrows when she asked "expensive?"

Sat Oct 21 [13:47]
<talus> i always thought hershey chocolate would be populary with the
	guys.  it's so feminine it takes two female pronouns to
	describe it.

Sat Oct 21 [16:44]
 * talus sighs. if i was to boycott every stupid company that has
   defiles rock and roll by using a rock song in their adverts i'd
   wind up naked in the woods somewhere with just me and the trees.

Sat Oct 21 [21:46]
 * Theta-G is in perlgatory
<Theta-G> not quite hell
<Theta-G> but not perladise
<Theta-G> for a while, i kept inventing things and shunting
	  them nicely into the organized overall function structure,
	  but the last few features ware hacky and now i have to
	  re-file them where they belong in the code structure
<Theta-G> without exploding everything
<Theta-G> *headache*
<Theta-G> brb in a bout a year while i get it all up into my head long
	  enough to put it all back down where it belongs
<NathanR> Thete: Time for v2? >:)
 * Theta-G likes Nate and will not do the painful violence unto him

Mon Oct 23 [02:29]
<Mossy> unless anyone has any suggestions about how to get my sound on
	my G3 to start working again, I'm going to bed.
<Jondar> Mossy: tried a reset?
<oscar> he's an op in macintosh, id hope he'd at LEASt try that

Mon Oct 23 [21:59]
<DoctorWho> Hm.  Firestone is now running radio ads telling people to
	    check their tire pressure
<talus> i'd rather just check the writing on my tires and make sure it
	doesn't say "firestone".

Mon Oct 23 [22:37]
 * talus wonders what the point of posting a list of product release
   dates is if those release dates aren't going to be met.
<Alden> Talus: to stop the customers asking "when is it gonna be released?" :)

Mon Oct 23 [22:56]
[Talking about naming our computers]
<Alden> Nate: Name them after the Spice girls. ;)
<DoctorWho> You just want me to do that because then I'll have to
	    computers named Mel
<talus> lol
<Alden> Nate: If you have three computers, there's three of them not
	called Mel, you know. ;)
<TheProf> I named my computer $$@#$ $@#$# **&)$#@ because that's how I
	  refer to it most often
<DoctorWho> Prof has an idea... I could name them "Son", "Of", and "A"
<TheProf> LOL
<Alden> Nate: what happens when you get a fourth...?
<DoctorWho> Bitch.
<talus> and a fifth?
<DoctorWho> By then I'll have gone and renamed them all again

Mon Oct 23
<talus> dateline is supposed to be doing some story about rollover
	problems in suvs this week.  someone watch it and let me know
	if they can see evidence of the pole they use to make it turn

Mon Oct 23
<Theta-G> necessity is the mother of invention, but i have a feeling
	  pr0n is its girlfriend

Mon Oct 23
*** Signoff: BayouBecky (Quit: POOF! BEGONE!)
 * Jondar misread that quitline as "PROF! BEGONE!" :)

Tue Oct 24 [01:44]
<Alryssa> yeah, it was my fault. Hit me now
<GoodNate> I wouldn't hit a lady.
<Alryssa> You fwapped me about ten minutes ago!
<GoodNate> You're right.  *FWAP*

Tue Oct 24
<Starfury> I had a guy with an external CD Writer connected to his
	   parallel port.  "Wow," says I, "where did you get that?" He
	   goes "Electronics Boutique" in some town in california.  I
	   told him "Here's what you need to do.  You take it back to
	   them, and you demand your money back, and you make them
	   give it to you, because they ripped you off big time"
<Starfury> it was actually an internal CD RW. 
<talus> ugh!
<talus> hooked up through one of those "hard drive conversion" kits?
<Starfury> yeah, something like that
<talus> well el-bo has a liberal return policy.  i'm sure he got his
	money back.
<talus> geez.  why don't people realise that there's a reason some
	technology is really common, and the rest is on closeout?
<talus> people who are not nathan-like in their computer abilities
	should not try to mcguyver their computers.
 * TheProf thinks Nathan's powers with a computer are near supernatural.
<talus> yeah, we just need to get him a job in the computer industry
	so he can put these abilities to use fixing the lotto for us

Tue Oct 24
<NathanR> I think I'm just going to put this 486 away for a while
<talus> flash forward five years.  nate discovers his long lost 486
	and exclaims "i have just the use for this!"
<CrowTRobt> Nate filled the drive up with pr0n?

Tue Oct 24 [05:22]
<Theta-G> nathan is DEAD SET on having NO SOCIAL LIFE
<Theta-G> but i don't have one, so i can't cop much of a 'tude
<Alryssa> Nathan is dead - news at 11!
*** Alryssa has changed the topic to: <Theta-G> Nathan is DEAD
<Alryssa> talk about a misquote....
<Theta-G> :-P
*** Theta-G has changed the topic to: Alryssa sells her
    self (-designed shirts online)
 * Jondar looks at the videotape he got from blackstar today...
*** Theta-G has changed the topic to: Jondar scores (tapes from blackstar)

Wed Oct 25 [11:43]
 * TheProf walks in with a life sized version of Bugs Bunny. He sets
   it down on the floor and throws gas on it and sets it on fire.
<}-raven-{> prof: apart from aiming to make children cry, what u are u
	    trying to achieve?
<TheProf> LOL. Warner is going to have to recall the Edge of
	  Destruction video just released.
<TheProf> I'd like to see the tech who did Edge of Destruction at
	  Gally. I'm sure he would get a warm reception.
<TheProf> Boiling in oil is usually pretty warm

Wed Oct 26 [02:21]
 * Jondar gets Alden's reply... you were supposed to say "Who's There?" :)
<Alryssa> Trust Alden to screw up the punchline!
 * Jondar sent Alden the email with the line "Knock Knock"
<Jondar> Alden replies: <doors falls off its hinges>  Dang. ;)

Fri Oct 27 [21:11]
[Following reports that hackers allegedly stole Windows code from Microsoft]
 * TheProf runs into the room with handfulls of computer CDs. he hands
   them to Crow and says "Hold these will you?". Then 10 seconds
   later the Microsoft police burst in and scream "FREEZE!!"

Sat Oct 28 [07:29]
 * Pete_Wisdom gives Thete a noogie
<Theta-G> aaaaack
<Pete_Wisdom> What?
<Theta-G> aaaaack
<Theta-G> that's the noise to make whan someone gives you a noogie :-)
<Pete_Wisdom> Oh....hehe
 * Pete_Wisdom gives Thete a noogie
<Theta-G> aaaaack
<Pete_Wisdom> :)
<Theta-G> :)
<Theta-G> *heartburn*
 * Theta-G goes for the rolaids
<Pete_Wisdom> What did you eat that gave you acid reflux?
<Theta-G> raisin oatbran & cranberry juice
<Pete_Wisdom> You eat that everyday?
<Theta-G> sometimes it's "oaty bites," sometimes it's orange juice
<Pete_Wisdom> I guess you eat that to empty out your colon :)
<Theta-G> my belly started rejecting the poptarts and cap'n crunch
<Pete_Wisdom> No more kiddy breakfast for you 
<Theta-G> i wish i didn't suck at making eggs, i'dd do it more often
<Pete_Wisdom> Don't they have those As seen on TV things wher you can
	      make perfect omelets in the microwave?
<Theta-G> i watch plenty of tv but it's rarely live
<Pete_Wisdom> oh
 * Pete_Wisdom gives Thete a noogie
<Theta-G> aaaaack
<Pete_Wisdom> :)
 * Theta-G puts 'aaaaack' in his macro list
<Pete_Wisdom> fish!
<Theta-G> Today's fish is Trout á la Créme. Enjoy your meal.
<Pete_Wisdom> noogie
<Theta-G> aaaaack
<Pete_Wisdom> hehe
<Theta-G> actualy my macro list isn't automatic
<Theta-G> it's got things like /ctcp #drwhochat SOUND ___.wav
<Theta-G> and /msg NickServ IDENTIFY ######
<Theta-G> and:
<Theta-G> By Custom, with Wisdom and for Honor, I shall *fwap* ___
	  three times. Should no *thud* be heard by the third *fwap,*
	  I will, dutybound, pummel ___ with The Cajun Blackened
	  Trout of Rassilon.

Sat Oct 28 [16:39]
 * TimJR thumps his head against a wal.
<Arcalian> a wal?
<Arcalian> is that like half of a wal-mart?
 * Arcalian ducks a fwap
 * gordon-r-d fwaps a duck

Sat Oct 28 [17:15]
<Pete_Wisdom> That's computer clock is going from 8PM to 7PM
	      every five minutes or so
<Pete_Wisdom> One minute it's 7:## PM, the next it's 8:## PM......
<Pete_Wisdom> My computer clock is going all funky on me
<Pete_Wisdom> I think it'll be doing this for next 6 hours or so
<Arcalian> Pete: it thinks its the 70s?
 * Arcalian ducks a fwap
 * Pete_Wisdom lowers his fwap so it hits Arc

Sat Oct 28 [23:33]
 * TheProf cusses a blue streak!
<TheProf> My Prisoner DVDs I ordered 4 months ago are back ordered!
<TheProf> I just called them. They don't know when they will be
	  shipping them. What is the damn point of pre-ordering them?
<DoctorWho> Watch as Prof first cusses a blue streak, then drives
	    halfway across the country to Barnes and Nobel and makes a
	    red streak across the walls
<TheProf> No Nathan. It would be a yellow wet mark.

Sun Oct 29 [01:18]
 * Alden feels dizzy
<TheProf> Alden stop molesting Dizzy.

Sun Oct 29 [17:04]
<Theta-G> nathan was kind enough to install redhat linux in the hopes
	  of helping me, but all he seems to have done is make me
	  consider other distributions of linux
<NathanR> Thete: In that case, I feel I've accomplished something >:)

Sun Oct 29 [17:23]
 * Alryssa fwaps Steve with the Fwapper of Rassilon (tm)
<TomFODW> Excuse me. I'm the Attorney of Rassilon (TM), and I'm here
	  to serve you with a Cease and Desist order to stop putting
	  my client's name on your shoddy merchandise.
<TomFODW> Now, if you want to purchase a licensed Fwapper of Rassilon
	  (TM), I'll be happy to accommodate you.

Sun Oct 29 [21:29]
<Starfury> that's it! Shawn the sheep for president! Gromit VP. 
<AudioBoy> "Mr. President, what's your opinion of Newt Gingrich?" "Baa!"
<AudioBoy> "Ross Perot?" "Baa!"
<AudioBoy> "The Republican's new tax bill?" "Baa! Baa!"
<AudioBoy> "Doctor Who?" "Damn fine TV show, baa!"

Mon Oct 30 [11:28]
<talus> drat, now i need my windows "manual" to enter my product key.
	wonder where i left that at
<PenguinBoy> Microsoft strikes again
<talus> really, i didn't even know they were unionised

Mon Oct 30 [21:06]
 * PenguinBoy hacks into Windows 98 to change the "To avoid seeing
   this message, always make sure to shut down Windows 98 from the
   'Shut Down' dialog" to "To avoid seeing this message, support the
   DOJ case against Microsoft to protect your freedom to choose a
   real OS"

Mon Oct 30 [22:18]
<Alden> oops, I've insulted Yadallee on RADW
<RedQueen> "oops"?

Mon Oct 30 [22:48]
*** nathanr_ is now known as RedHater
<RedHater> Ooh, even better!
<SteveBreon> lol
<RedHater> The 'r' was a typo, but I tihnk I like it this way
<RedHater> Evolution in actino
<RedHater> action
<SteveBreon> haha
<The_42nd_Doctor> A good name for a Linux distribution would be "MadHat".

Mon Oct 30 [22:58]
 * TheProf has a plan for Halloween. sneak up to Bill gates house and
   put a copy of Windows on the porch and then set fire to it. When
   Billy comes out and stomps on it I'll take a picture. I can make
   millions selling a picture of Bill Gates stomping on a copy of
   windows in anger.

Tue Oct 31 [22:37]
<talus> i usually get invited to a halloween party, because one of my
	dearest friends' birthday is on halloween, and he has a party.
	this year tho he had a wedding.
<talus> i hope next year he goes back to having a party.  it's a lot
	less work :-)

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