The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue VIII: August 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Wed Aug  2 [01:45]
 * CyberTalus keeps expecting to win the "Get This Crap Off the Net" Award

Wed Aug  2 [02:39]
 * James_Thorpe  whistles 'Fake Plastic Trees'.
 * NathanR  whistles 'Fake Plastic Br...' Nevermind.
<CyberTalus> Britneys?
<NathanR> Close enough
<James_Thorpe> We have a new slang term, boys and girls.

Wed Aug  2 [02:40]
 * Alden finds someone with Paul Young's "Love of the Common People"
   and goes for that instead
<Jondar> Alden: why didn't you ask me?
<Jondar> I have that and can DCC it
<Alden> Oooh, yes please. :)
<Jondar> prolly faster than Napster too
<CyberTalus> and Metallica won't know you've traded it :-)

Wed Aug  2 [02:52]
<NathanR> Hm.  Microsoft has a Doctor Who project, and now Bell Labs
	  has a Project Tardis
<Jondar> Nathan: when the US Army starts a Project Kaled or Project
	 Mondas, I'll be worried :)

Wed Aug  2 [05:36]
<Jondar> my cousins used to have a 128, I should've bought it off them...
<NathanR> I have a relative with one
 * Jondar did get all of their C64 disks though :)
<Jondar> lots of cool stuff they had that I didn't :)
<NathanR> Wonder if they still have it
<NathanR> And if they'd be willing to part with it
<NathanR> And if I really want it that badly....
<Jondar> :)
<NathanR> I'd offer them what it's worth, but they'd have to pay me.
<NathanR> Maybe that could be the offer.  "You pay me to get rid of it
	  for you." >:)

Thu Aug  3 [01:48]
<Fenric1> And on the eighth day, God looked down on the Earth and said
	  thusly, "D'oh!"

Sat Aug  5 [01:45]
<CyberTalus> no thanks, I've got enough of a circus already.  they're
	     called my family

Mon Aug  7 [04:13]
<CrowTRobt> blor has spoken not a word
<CrowTRobt> poke him Jeff
 * NathanR  pokes the IdleMaster
<CyberTalus> I thought Blor was silent cuz he hoped we'd incriminate
	     ourselves with something he could use to steal our souls
<CyberTalus> and if he talks we'll remember he's here and not do that
 * Jefferys pokes Blorkwhore
<Alden> Fish!
 * NathanR draws a card
<Alden> Evil evil fish!
<Alden> climbing up the walls!!!
 * CrowTRobt piles fish up aroudn blor
 * NathanR THROWS fish at Blor
 * Jondar drops a one ton haddock on Blor :)
 * CrowTRobt slaps Blor around with a large trout!
<CyberTalus> geez, remind me never to let you guys know I don't like
	     something.  oh wait.  i take that back.  I don't like
<CyberTalus> that's gonna start to reek in a minute
<Jondar> leave it for say 24 hours, and they'll be a large odour... :)
<CyberTalus> I don't think it needs to wait that long
<CyberTalus> 24 minutes would probably do it
 * NathanR turns the firehose in Blor's general direction
<CrowTRobt> it already reeks talus
<CrowTRobt> Blor smells nasty to begin with... Brimstone stinks
<CyberTalus> well I guess I won't be buying any of their tires then
<Jondar> LOL
<Jondar> "Brimstone Tyres: No Need For Burnouts, 'Cause They're
	 Already Smoking!"

Wed Aug  9 [02:53]
<NathanR> Is that a lagged clone?
<Tetrap> yup
<Tetrap> it's eerie...
<Alden> and I'm howwibly howwibly lagged...
<Tetrap> yes, you are
<CyberTalus> lol
<NathanR> LOL
<Tetrap> go find another server
 * Tetrap waits...
 * Tetrap slaps his clone about a bit
<Thete> go on, shake your head and walk out...

Sun Aug 13 [15:32]
<cybertalus> I have two e-mail accounts which sometimes feels like
	     three too many

Tue Aug 15 [01:41]
<cybertalus> anyone who had an aol address for me would be five years
	     out of date
<NathanR> Anyone who had an aol address for me would be on crack

Tue Aug 15 [02:10]
<James_Thorpe> So guys, what does a 'divide overflow error' indicate? 8P
<cybertalus> James: computerese for "you do the math, i'm going out
	     for a smoke"?

Wed Aug 16 [07:11]
<cybertalus> i think what it really boils down to is that metric is
	     rational, logical, and easy to figure out, and americans
	     don't see ourselves as any of those things, so we reject

Thu Aug 17 [18:34]
<Pete_Wisdom> Windows ME: It combines the framiliar expression "Woe is
	      me" with the identical feeling felt whenever using

Thu Aug 17 [19:01]
 * Alryssa bats Nate with a penguin
 * DoctorWho laughs at the expression of horror on Alryssa's face as
   the penguin suddenly comes to life and turns on her
 * Alryssa  eats the penguin. *burp*
<DoctorWho> YOU CANNIBAL!!!!
 * Alryssa looks up. "What?!"
 * Alryssa eats the #sofa
<cybertalus> what does penguin taste like?
<Alryssa> chicken
<cybertalus> what does chicken taste like?
<Alryssa> penguin.
 * DoctorWho fissles and smokes
<DoctorWho> Circular logic error!
 * Alryssa watches Nate explode
*** DoctorWho is now known as LittleBitsAndPieces
 * Alryssa pokes the remains of Nathan.
 * Alryssa skewers some bits of Nate and holds the kebab over the #fire
*** LittleBitsAndPieces is now known as CookedBitsAndPieces
<Alryssa> yummy!
*** CookedBitsAndPieces is now known as EatenBitsAndPieces
 * Alryssa belches.
*** EatenBitsAndPieces is now known as DigestedBitsAndPieces
 * Alryssa 's eyes go wide, and she dashes to the #bathroom
*** DigestedBitsAndPieces is now known as Shit

Sun Aug 20 [13:37]
<cybertalus> i swear if all the night people i knew would just band
	     together, we could overthrow the idiot daytime people who
	     insist on a 8 to 5 world
<DoctorWho2> Talus: I wish
<cybertalus> nate: i'm not kidding.  i don't know anyone who likes
	     daytime hours
<Pete_Wisdom> Talus - But the world revolves around banker's hours :)
<DoctorWho2> Talus: How about you and I band together and overthrow
	     Jeff into the lake.

Thu Aug 24 [22:12]
<Lyssie> You people occasionally out wierd me. Be proud.

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