The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue VI: June 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Fri Jun  2 [03:10]
 * Jondar looks at the BBC Schedule page... good grief...
<Jondar> cool design :)
<Jondar> no way I'm going to "borrow" that though... :)
<Alden> what's the url?
 * Alden types "Doctor Who" into the "When it's on next" box
 * Alden waits for it to come up 2150
 * Alryssa waits for Alden to get: "Oh, it's one of YOU lot again..."

Sun Jun  4 [00:59]
<Tetrap> hehehe, just found a site with an outdated link to the Mel
	 Bush page with the comment "why?!!?!?!??" on it.  So I
	 submitted the correct URL with the comment "because ;)"

Sun Jun  4 [02:28]
*** Whomiga has changed the topic to: Thete did not set this topic. Oh
    yes he did! Oh no he didn't!!
<Whomiga> Sorry - couldn't resist
<SteveBreon> Who - I think we can all find it in our second heart to
	     forgive you.

Thu Jun  8 [02:57]
<Tetrap> Yikes
<Whomiga> Yea, Alden?
<NathanR2> ?
<Tetrap> it's being awkward
<NathanR2> awkward?  sedward?  grepward?  perlward?
 * Lyssie gigglefits
<Lyssie> cadward?
<Whomiga> makeward?
<Tetrap> lol!
<NathanR2> diffward?
<Whomiga> picoward
<NathanR2> viward?  emacsward?  joveward?
<Whomiga> pineward?
<NathanR2> elmward?
<Lyssie> lallaward?

Thu Jun  8 [00:51]
 * Alden whips out a grappling hook and rappels up the wall
<MegL> what are you looking for up there Alden?
<Alden> had to change the light bulb
<MegL> ok :)
 * Alden unscrews the light bulb and puts a new one in
<NathanR> Zzzzzzzap!
 * Alden starts to rappel down before realising someone's painted a
   huge mural of Lis Sladen naked on the ceiling, with the light bulb
   in an inappropriate place.
[Prof has been sneaking in here at night, it seems]

Fri Jun  9 [01:55]
 * Tetrap listens to the MP3 he just downloaded. Oh *dear*
<Doctor_Who> Alden
<Doctor_Who> ?
<Jondar> ??
<Theta-G> ???
 * Jondar sees Thete's ??? and raises him ????? :)
<Theta-G> go fish

Fri Jun  9 [01:56]
<Tetrap> Someone doing an impersonation of Pertwee singing "Shut your
	 f***ing face, Uncle F***er" in the style of "I am the Doctor"
<MegL> well it could be worse, they could be impersonating shatner doing it
<Theta-G> Alden I do not ever want to know what steamy rank corners of
	  Dr. Who fandom you frequent
<Tetrap> Thete: RADW
<Tetrap> Nuff said. ;)

Fri Jun  9 [01:09]
 * Jondar tries to ignore the "morse-code impressions" that my father
   is doing on the laundry wall, trying to find a wall support stud
   to attach a shelf to
 * Jondar taps S-T-O-P-stop B-A-N-G-I-N-G-stop on the common wall :)

Sun Jun 11 [02:36]
<Thete_Pinged> i would love to see a show where humans show up
	       occasionally and are often baddies
<PaulDoc> I think it's more than a little false the way people are not
	  only everywhere, but always the best and the main chracters,
	  and serve as the judge and jury to the practises of the
	  other species.
<PaulDoc> As if the human way is the only way, and the human mind is
	  the more mature mind, and that we know everything.
<Thete_Pinged> it pretty much comes back to "people prefer to take in
	       stories that are about peoplle"
 * Alden waves a "Bug-eyed monsters from Alpha Centauri are people too" sign
 * NathanR waves a "Small Furry Creatures from Alpha Centauri are
   people too" sign
 * Jondar waves a "hermaphrodite hexapods from Alpha Centauri are
   people too" sign :)

Sun Jun 11 [02:55]
<Thete_Pinged> peter gunn. peter fey-gunn.

Sun Jun 11 [09:20]
<Doctor_Who> 1995: Microsoft - "Resistance is futile" | 2000: Linux -
	     "Resistance is futile"
<Whomiga> 23rd Century: Borg - "Resistance is Futile"

Mon Jun 12 [02:00]
*** Alden has left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
*** Tetrap has joined #DrWhoChat
<Tetrap> ouch
 * Tetrap collects his booby prize from his inbox
<NathanR> booby prize?
<Tetrap> the "you have ben disconnected" email
<Tetrap> I should start a collection and email them all back to IHUG
	 just before I leave for a different Provider

Mon Jun 12 [02:23]
*** NathanR sets mode: +o to Jefferys
*** Jefferys is now known as Jefferyshower
<Alden> so Jeff immediately goes and has a shower. ;)
<NathanR> Going to wash that @ off of himself?
<Jondar> o/` "I'm going to wash that at right out of my hair..." o/`

Mon Jun 12 [07:45]
<NathanR> f*ck
<Shel> YES!
<NathanR> I never knew "YES!" was the appropriate response to "f*ck"

Mon Jun 12 [09:02]
<CrowTRobt> I just got up and and sitting here in my underwear and
	    Paula walks in and goes "has anyone gone and got the
	    mail?" takes one look at me and says "of coarse not!"

Tue Jun 13 [04:04]
 * Tetrap wonders if he needs to change the "Bought to you by IHUG and
    Simplenet" bit on his main page to "IHUG and Yahoo" :P
<Jondar> heh
<Tetrap> Alas, poor Simplenet.  I knew hir well
 * Tetrap holds up a shell of a hard drive
<Tetrap> A server of infinite space and hits
 * Jondar loads a zip drive into a catapult... Pull!
[Jondar SOUND] biggun.wav
 * Jondar reels from the recoil of the biggun :)
 * Tetrap wonders why it's suddenly raining bits of zip drive

Tue Jun 13 [04:07]
<Jondar> my sound card and speakers make biggun.wav ten times worse
<Tetrap> Fortunately I don't have that problem.  My speakers are under
	 my sister's bed.  It took a while to run the wires through
	 the wall...
<NathanR> ROTFLMAO!!!
 * Tetrap listens to his sister peeling herself off the ceiling

Wed Jun 14 [03:38]
<Tetrap> ok, 30 icons
*** Tetrap has left IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<Jondar> make that 30 icons and the person crashes :)
<Lyssie> and there goes Alden.
*** Jondar changes topic on #drwhochat to: Now remember children,
    don't load more than 30 tray icons at once, or you'll end up
    like 'ole uncle Tetrap... :)

Wed Jun 14 [03:54]
<Whomiga> Hello? Earth to Dalnet, come in Dalnet...
<NathanR> Dalnet to Earth: Get stuffed.

Wed Jun 14 [04:44]
<Tetrap> I like penguins
<NathanR> Alden's conversion to Linux is nearly complete.

Wed Jun 14 [05:03]
<Jondar> "Steve Roberts of the Restoration Team made the announcement
	 on the Team's website forum that the reconstruction of "The
	 Tenth Planet" part four will be full-length; instead of
	 including a CD with the package, the entire episode will be
	 reconstructed with audio for release on the tape. " -- from
	 Outpost Gallifrey
<Jondar> the first "official" missing episode recon? :)
<Tetrap> how are they going to reconstruct it?
<NathanR> What Alden said
<Tetrap> South Park style animation? ;)

Wed Jun 14 [15:21]
<Brigadier> b/c 2000 is FREE
<random_C> free as in shiny green copy?

Wed Jun 14 [15:26]
<Shel> hmmm... spam in my inbox that says i sent it to myself
<NathanR> LOL
<Shel> "FWD:  How To Stop Annoying Spam"
<Shel> body of message "CLICK HERE"
<Shel> that's it
<Shel> click there and end up on a million spam lists or your computer
       melts and you don't have to worry about spam since you no
       longer have a computer to receive it on

Fri Jun 16 [06:10]
<El_Zoof> Do it more! Hijack buses and force them to watch Doctor Who!
<El_Zoof> Even better, force them to watch "Spock's Brain" until they
	  promise to watch Doctor Who!
<El_Zoof> "Please! No more Shatner! We'll even watch 'The Twi...'
	  er... okay, five more minutes of Shatner won't kill us..."

Fri Jun 16 [06:14]
<El_Zoof> Premise: "Spock's Brain" is worse than "The Twin Dilemma". Discuss.
<NathanR12345> Toss-up.  End of discussion.
<El_Zoof> Yes, both of them do make people toss-up... oh, that's not
	  what you meant? Sorry.

Fri Jun 16 [06:18]
<El_Zoof> Premise: The BBC sells Doctor Who to Paramount. What do
	  Paramount do with it?
<El_Zoof> A) Turn it into "Star Trek: Doctor Who"
<El_Zoof> B) Bury it
<El_Zoof> C) Turn it into "Married... with TARDIS"
<El_Zoof> I think I just gave myself nightmares.

Fri Jun 16 [08:03]
<Starfury> what does LAN stand for?
<Starfury> (i know what it is, we have that at work. I dunno what it
	   actually stands for)
<El_Zoof> Lunatics Are Nuts
<El_Zoof> Lizards Are Nautical
<NathanR12345> Local Area Network
<El_Zoof> Lucy And... spoilsport.
<NathanR12345> Spoilsport doesn't start with n!
<El_Zoof> Yes, but the name of the spoilsport does. :P

Sun Jun 18 [07:48]
<Theta-G> thanks :-)
<Theta-G> oops mischan
<Theta-G> i don't seem to be able to pull a value out using a string
	  that *matches* one of the keys, but is generated outside of
	  the original iteration
<Theta-G> smeg
<NathanR> Another mischannel?
<Theta-G> one guess ;-)
<NathanR> You are Starfury and I claim my 5 pounds
 * Theta-G  pounds NathanR five times
<NathanR> Ouch.
<NathanR> Ouch.
<NathanR> Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Sun Jun 18 [11:33]
*** random_C has left IRC (Quit: ah! Our one week of summer, when we
    all stop moaning about how cold it is and moan about how hot
    it is)

Sun Jun 18 [12:42]
<Brigadier> crow : xyzzy
*** PaulDoc has left IRC (
<NathanR> Brig: Hm.  It looks like you teleported PaulDoc instead of Crow

Mon Jun 19 [15:29]
<Brigadier> NathanR : are you running W2K?
<NathanR> Linux
 * random_C falls over sideways at the idea of nate running win2k

Tue Jun 20 [01:07]
<Jondar> BTW: /me has another website to play with :)
<TheProf> Just what Jason needed.
<NathanR> Revamp impending!   Revamp impending!
<TheProf> Jason you already have the Olympics. You don't need another toy.
<Jondar> I might have to delay the revamp in order to get
	 this other site finished
<NathanR> Which site is this?
<Jondar> the DW Club of Australia wants an updated site by July 1
<Jondar> Nathan:
 * NathanR has an evil thought
<Jondar> Oh? do tell... :)
<NathanR> DWCA: Part of the `network` >;)

Tue Jun 20 [01:41]
[Prof tells stories of his time as an usher at the Arco Arena]
<TheProf> The sick part was watching Barney the Dinosaur singing
	  Twisted Sister one time.
<CrowTRobt> no!
<TheProf> Yeah Barney sang Twisted Sister.
<NathanR> I'd kill for a video of that
<CrowTRobt> ok god I got it in my head
<CrowTRobt> arrrrgh
<TheProf> It was between two shows and we were eating lunch. It was
	  "Barney on Tour" and Barney comes out and suddenly he's
	  singing along with Twisted sister.
<CrowTRobt> that voice just doesn't go with those songs!
<CrowTRobt> aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<Jondar> OK, I'll just go off in my own little ignorant world then... :)
<TheProf> I nearly choked to death laughing.
<CrowTRobt> I feel violated
<NathanR> I feel vindicated
<TheProf> I had this image in my mind of Barney starting this new
	  career as an opening act for Metalica

Tue Jun 20 [02:05]
 * Jondar starts sneezing...
 * NathanR watches as his CD rack collapses >;)

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