The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue V: May 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Thu May  4 [02:25]
[Prof is working on themes again]
<TheProf> I may have enough pictures to do the wallpaper. Doing the
	  icons and cursors may be a stretch.
<TheProf> I definately need more wav sounds.
<TheProf> The one line I need Jason is Sarah tossing the Doctor the gelinite.
*** chronotis has changed the topic to: The one line I need Jason is
    Sarah tossing the Doctor <snip>

Thu May  4 [17:12]
<TheProf> Ok, who wants to change their nick to Spyder and watch 129
	  FBI agents rush into the room?
<DoctorWho> unh?
<TheProf> Spyder is the name of the person who created Love Bug.
<TheProf> He lives in Manila and can be identified at this very moment
	  by the fact he is burning his computer in a barrel in the
	  back yard as we speak.

Wed May 10 [00:55]
<Thete> i wonder what happens if I /ignore myself
<Thete> lalalala
<Thete> not much, it seems
<Alden> /ignore #DrWhochat doesn't work either. ;)
 * TheProf types /ignore nimrods
<DoctorWho> Hey, where'd Prof go?

Wed May 10 [02:03]
<Theta-G> you scare Alden's brother vani
<FreeTalk> A bug or a feature? >;)

Sat May 13 [02:02]
 * K^9 goes to and, um........
<K^9> 3 guesses as to what it is.
<Catatonic19> i dont want to know
 * MegL has no idea
<Catatonic19> ok, yes i do, please tell
<Alden> what 90% of the web is - porn site. ;)
<K^9> Right first try.
<Catatonic19> ok bad mental image dont go any further

Sun May 14 [23:45]
[Nathan is suffering from Crappy ISP Syndrome]
<DoctorWho> @#&^ @*&^ $&*@^# $*@# ( @#$(*& @#$^ @#$*& @#$^ (@#$ *(
<Alryssa> ***Nathan learns what it is to have a sucky ISP.... ***
<Alryssa> so, let's take bets.... 5-1 on Nathan being booted
		   after 5 minutes.
*** TheProf has quit (Ping timeout)
<Alryssa> I said NATHAN being booted...

Mon May 15 [00:46]
<Alden> hmm, Kylie just appeared in my doorway, a cell phone in one
	hand and a can of beer in the other
<NathanR> Alden: Wah???
<Alryssa> Typical Kiwi...
<Jondar> Alden: what a mental image!
<Alden> LOL!
<CrowTRobt> Alden I thought your sister was just a kid
<Alryssa> she's 18 now :)
<NathanR> She was.  Now she's 18 %)
<Jondar> Crow: no, it's my sister that's just a kid - almost 14
<Alden> grief, seems like only yesterday she was turning 16.
<Alden> now she can drink beer and vote.
<Alden> Some people like to do that at the same time to lessen the pain

Tue May 16 [23:50]
 * Alden looks over at Doctor Who. It's amazing how well those cavemen
   speak English
<dse> yes it is Alden
<dse> it is very amazing in fact
<TheProf> It's more amazing that the guests on Jerry Springer can.

Wed May 17 [00:06]
 * DoctorWho chucks the Babelfish Translation Page
<DoctorWho> If I'm going to have it, I should update it.  It's 3 years old
<TheProf> That's gray hair and a rocker for the Internet.
<DoctorWho> Prof: That's 6 feet under for the Internet

Fri May 19 [03:55]
<Alden> Mars needs women
<Setok> Alden: eh?
<Alden> Sample played in Pump up the Volume
<Setok> ah..
 * Setok was getting worried
<Alden> Of couse the artist is "MARRS", so it could be an appeal

Sun May 21 [00:11]
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
 * TheProf enters the room in his kilt and throws a large telephone
   poll into the room and then runs out.....Drive by caber toss!!!!
*** TheProf has quit (Quit: I've finally done it! I have use
    mathmatics to prove I don't exist! *POOF*)

Sun May 21 [03:45]
 * James_Thorpe opens up Paintshop Pro. Careful guys, this puts so
   much extra strain on my system that it makes other people's
   computers crash...

Sun May 21 [00:27]
<Theta-G> i dipped into radw for about a week, but only because i
	      REALLY didn't want to work on some freelance tasks I had
	      to do
<Theta-G> i need to deperately be avoiding something to end up in radw

Sun May 21 [23:33]
 * DoctorWho whips up a quick and dirty program in QBasic to log data
   from a serial port
<TheProf> Why?
<Thete> what prof said
<DoctorWho> So I can have my linux box dump all its logs to the serial
	    port, to be captured by an Auditor computer
<Thete> prof, better say it again

Mon May 22 [00:16]
<Catatonic19> and the dish ran away with the spoon. but hawaii was the
	      only state that would acknowledge the marriage as legal

Mon May 22 [23:45]
 * DoctorWho is finished with finals now
<DoctorWho> All I have to do is attend my Java class thursday to
	    attend some presentations and ... Say, speaking of which,
	    Prof, where were you??
<TheProf> Today?
<DoctorWho> Between 2:30 and 4pm PST?
<TheProf> Today?
<DoctorWho> Yes
<TheProf> I was having a romantic dinner with my wife celebrating my
<DoctorWho> You did that when you could have been here making fun of
	    me in front of the whole class!
<TheProf> You came in second if it makes you feel better.
<DoctorWho> ::lightbulb:: Happy Birthday
<TheProf> Don't remind me you young punk.

Tue May 23 [01:40]
<Jondar> what's a word starting with M that you'd associate with DW?
<Alden> Mel!

Fri May 26 [00:14]
<Jondar> is going to be reviewed by the DW club here... why
	 am I nervous? :)
<DoctorWho> You're afraid they'll only give you a 99% score instead of 100?

Sun May 28 [03:15]
<Jondar> it's really nice to keep a record of older versions of stuff you wrote
<Jondar> I now have 3 Zip disks full... (I must move those to CD-RW)
<NathanR> Jason: Varos Mks. n-1 through n-10? >;)

Sun May 28 [03:26]
<NathanR> You saw what happened to Thete when he tried that.
<NathanR> He went barking mad.
<NathanR> Which wasn't so bad, because nobody could tell the difference anyway.

Sun May 28 [01:18]
<TheProfCarcass> Judi and I helped set up the fair. The guy running it
		 is a frined of ours. One of the dealers is a Catholic
		 Priest. It was at the Brass Armadillo Antique mall
		 and Ed put Father Cox's table in a place and didn't
		 look up to see the sign on the wall over it. The sign
		 read "Get your Armadillo droppings here". We were
		 sure with the thunderstorm Ed was going to be struck
		 by lightning for that.

Sun May 28 [04:35]
<Heptite> Crashme is a bit of C code that is /designed/ to try to crash an OS.
<NathanR> What exactly does it do?
<Heptite> It literally creates random garbage in memory, casts a
	  function pointer to it, and /runs/ it.
<NathanR> LOL
<Heptite> If the machine is still up, it tries again.
<NathanR> How does Linux deal with it?
<Heptite> I left it running overnight once.
<Heptite> I've heard that linux copes with it running for months.
 * NathanR wonders what would happen if you tried in Windows.  Crash
   and burn, probably
<Alden> Nate: It'd probably crash when you were downloading the program. ;)

Tue May 30 [00:01]
 * DoctorWho ponders what episode he should watch next
<TheProf> Doctor Who and the bikini women.
<DoctorWho> I suppose I should watch Monster of Peladon next.  But I
	    won't.  Just to piss off Prof. >;)
 * TheProf fwaps DoctorWho around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
<DoctorWho> Actually I'm not going to because I don't really like
	    it... it's not as good as Curse
<TheProf> You slime
<TheProf> You have no taste
 * DoctorWho is thinking Pertwee
<DoctorWho> How about... The Mutants!  NOT
<TheProf> Nate how about the Daemons?
<DoctorWho> Prof is suggesting an episode that doesn't have Lis.  I'm shocked.
<TheProf> Actually I think the daemons is the best Pertwee episode.
<DoctorWho> I was just thinking the Silurians, but the Daemons might
	    be a better choice
<DoctorWho> I won't be up all night watching that one %)
<TheProf> Yeah and you can see Katy bend over in a short skirt.
<DoctorWho> I was also considering the Three Doctors
<TheProf> Let's see. Katy bending over in a skirt or Pat Troughton....hmmmmm.
<DoctorWho> Hm.  The Silurians, the Daemons, or the Three Doctors
<TheProf> Lizards, Katy in a skirt bedning over or Troughton. It's
	  your choice Nate but I know what I would take.
<DoctorWho> Right, I've made my choice.  I'm sorry, Prof.
*** MegL has joined #drwhochat
<DoctorWho> I guess this means I'm into beastiality.
<DoctorWho> And now Meg is wondering about me.
<MegL> nathan, just tell me the first part of the discussion :)

Tue May 30 [03:47]
<Heptite> NathanR: Non-dedicated means you can /not/ stay connected
	  all the time.
<Heptite> They "oversubscribe" those lines.
<NathanR> erk
<NathanR> Bad bad bad
<NathanR> You mean I actually have to (shudder) disconnect when I'm
	  not using it?  (Can you tell I'm alreayd spoilt?)

Tue May 30 [04:35]
 * NathanR goes to update his email on slashdot
<NathanR> I've got it on the spambin now, but I think I'm going to
	  change it to doctorwho
<NathanR> I'm only going to actually give out spambin@... to sites
	  that don't have a legitimate reason to ask for email.
<NathanR> doctorwho@ will be my general purpose public address
<NathanR> Even though they'll ultimately end up going to the same place :P
<Alden> ah, so we know if we're in Nate's good books by whether he
	gives us the doctorwho@ or the spambin@ address

Wed May 31 [00:29]
*** random_C has quit (Quit: and did you think before you made that
    decision, or did you listen to the little voices?)

Wed May 31 [00:29]
<DoctorWho> Eureka!
<Thete> Hoover!
<Alryssa> gesundheit
 * Tetrap pours cold water in Nate's bath

Wed May 31 [00:30]
<Thete> Hey, Aly, I'm curious to know what the weirdest things about
	America are, now that you have been here a while
<Thete> Us yanks can't see the forest for the interstate

Wed May 31 [02:49]
<Jondar> an anomoly in an impossibility
<Tetrap> Jason: Sounds like a description of Internet Explorer running
	 in Windows and not falling over

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