The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue IV: April 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sat Apr  1 [23:46]
<TheProf> Hi folks. Just watched Souyth Park. The return of Starvin Marvin
<DoctorWho> Who?
<Alden> hmm, must be a new season?
<TheProf> I love the line "We must stop this before some backwater
	  third world country gets their hands on this spaceship!" The
	  next scene shows the thing landing in Sydney.

Sun Apr  2 [03:23]
 * DoctorWho notes that Linux has silently reset the time
<DoctorWho> Windows not-so-silently reset the time (:
<Alden> "Hi.  Bill has determined it's Daylight saving's time"
<`Ana> actually, MY windows box reset it silently. ;)
<DoctorWho> oh?
<`Ana> yeah.. It flipped without even letting me know.
<Alden> My Windows played the William Tell overture while hanging
	upside down over a vate of warm treacle while it reset the

Sun Apr  2 [01:02]
<Alden> Oh my god.
<Alden> Guess who wrote this line "Bonnie is talented just the script
	writers sucked!!"
<Alden> I'll give you a clue.  His initials spell David Yadallee
<DoctorWho> Alden: Unh??
<Alden> Nate: I told him Bonnie wouldn't post to RADW because it's a hell hole
<TheProf> Alden I prefer the term peon pit.
<Thete> Alden: good call. if you ever even had slight regard for
	bonnie keep her away from radw at all costs

Sun Apr  2 [01:43]
*** Alden has joined #DrWhoChat
<Alden> I have two theories at the moment.  the first that is
	Windows is reaching meltdown point.
<Alden> The other is that my primary HD is dying
<DoctorWho> :/
<Alden> I'm hoping it's the first, cause reinstalling windows is
	easier than buying a new hard drive *then* installing windows
 * Alden shows off his "I sold my soul to Bill Gates and all I got was
   this lousy OS" T-Shirt

Sun Apr  2 [20:0]
<Bob01> well the US Goverment finally decleared Mircosoft a monpoly:)
<AudioBoy> Bury Billy Burn!

Sun Apr  2 [20:02]
<The_42nd_Doctor> my mother once took her car to a garage, and there
		  was this pin-up girl calendar on the wall... Mom
		  said to the mechanic, "You have a lovely daughter"
		  and the next time she was in that garage, the
		  calendar was gone ;)

Sun Apr  2 [23:31]
<TheProf> Somehow the vision of Gates being paddle on his behind in a
	  courtroom just makes me smile.
<TheProf> The big question now is penalty.
<Alden> Hang 'em all!
<TheProf> I think Microsoft will be forced to give up it's browser
	  division at the very least.
<TheProf> The damages and fines could be in the billions of dollars.
<Alden> Which will go to who?
<Alden> The government?
<TheProf> Headline "Federal Goverment pays off National Debt with
	  Microsoft fines"
<TheProf> I want to see Gates fine 10 billion dollars and with a smile
	  pull out a check book and say "Who do I make it out to?"
 * TheProf wonders what Gate's has in his wallet.
<AudioBoy> Prof: you can bet it ain't a condom! ;)
<TheProf> ROTFL!

Mon Apr  3 [00:22]
 * DoctorWho  hates Windows
<DoctorWho> I can't even move the titlebar buttons around into a more
	    sensible arrangement
<TheProf> You use titles bar buttons?
<DoctorWho> Prof: You know, the _ [] X buttons in the upper-right
	    corner of every window?
<TheProf> Yeah
<TheProf> you want to move thoe?
<TheProf> those?
<DoctorWho> Yeah
<TheProf> why?
<DoctorWho> So I'm not constantly hitting the Maximize button instead
	    of the Close button :P
<DoctorWho> I'd like to leave the X where it is, move the _ all the
	    way to the left, and ditch the [] and the System Menu
<TheProf> so you have poor mouse controlm and this is Window's falt?
<DoctorWho> I can change those buttons in Linux :P
<TheProf> Nathan this isn't a matter of preference now. your crossing
	  into anal territory. :o)
<Alden> I've often wished I could change around the buttons and shite.
<Alden> The only way really is to get Windowblinds
<Alden> until Microsoft extract their heads from their other ends and
	work out people want a truly customizable OS
<DoctorWho> Actually, most people don't :/
<DoctorWho> Just us propellorheads
<Alden> Most people do!  That's why they "invented" themes...
<DoctorWho> Point.
<Alden> themes don't go far enough.
<TheProf> Themes? What are those?
 * DoctorWho gapes
<DoctorWho> Who are you and what have you done with Prof??

Mon Apr  3 [02:01]
 * DoctorWho set up a 'virtual domain' on his local network
<DoctorWho> Now I can connect to "" on my local
	    network (even though I Don't own the domain)
<Jondar> Nathan: is that domain available?
<DoctorWho> yes
<TheProf> Buy the domain Nate before I do and then put up pro
	  microsoft propaganda just to annoy you.
<DoctorWho> And if you ever come back to Sacramento I'll go up there
	    and break both your legs
 * TheProf leaves tardislabs alone as he does want to return home
<DoctorWho> Prof: I'm glad you take my meaning.
 * TheProf takes Nathan's meaning and puts it in his pocket
Mon Apr  3 [02:22]
 * Alden notes one of the members of Hanson has had a haircut
<Alden> One down, two to go
<Jondar> :)
<Alden> yeah, like I can talk
<Jondar> Alden: any ideas which one? so I can torment Rebecka with
	 that fact? :)
<TheProf> Jason: Tell her it's the ugly one and see which one she
	  thinks your talking about.

Mon Apr  3 [23:00]
*** The_Anti has changed the topic to: I'm gonna get published! (sort
    of) (no really. I am. Just not Who. Nor is it a book. More like
    technical documents. Really.)

Mon Apr  3 [23:25] 
*** The_Anti has quit (Quit: <Alden> "Mum, you know that plant I was
    looking after..? I smoked it")

Mon Apr  3 [23:27]
<Alden> oh god, no.  I think Yads is developing an unhealthy interest
	in Bonnie Langford.
<TheProf> Any interest he has is unhealthy for the interestee
<Alden> if he joins the mailing list, I'll scream
<Shel> but will you do a mel scream?
<Thete> and in what key?
<Alden> In all keys.
<Thete> jolly good.
<Alden> I have very big lungs and an oddly shaped nasal canal.
<DoctorWho> LOL
<TheProf> LOL
*** Thete has changed the topic to: Alden: I have very big lungs and
        an oddly shaped nasal canal.
<FreeRadical> Oh, my mind.  Only my mind could make that obscene.

Mon Apr  3 [23:51]
<DoctorWho> Narf.

Mon Apr  3 [23:52]
<DoctorWho> I wanted to go to the store tonight, but a bad leg cramp
	    this morning has rendered me crippled...
<Shel> nathan, you know what, if you had gone, you might have found "it"
<Shel> i'm telling you, one of those trips to the store "it"'ll be there
<DoctorWho> And if I stay home, I might have found "it" when she
	    accidentally drove her car through my bedroom wall.
<DoctorWho> Either way, I've got an equal chance of meeting her.
<Shel> next thing you'll tell me is you're on the second floor

Mon Apr  3 [23:56]
<Thete> I would like to apologise for not performing whatever duties I
	may have been scheduled to do during the time after my
	upcoming kick from the channel
<Thete> i will rehjoin the channel after the kick as soon as possible
<Shel> what?
<Thete> They're Anti and TheProf, Anti and TheProf. One is ecstatic,
	the other is pissed off...
<Thete> I got published! what're you going to do today?
<Thete> The same thing we do every day. try to get Doctor Who released
	on DVD in America!
<Shel> pete, how long did it take you to come up with that?
<Thete> between the time nate said 'narf' and now

Tue Apr  4 [00:00]
<Shel> write a best selling novel and dedicate the book to me :)
<Lyssie> Shel: yes, ma'am.
<Shel> thank you :)
* Lyssie  ponders.. hard fiction or really romancey-type horror?
<Lyssie> or SF/Fan...
<Thete> romancey-type horror romancey-type horror romancey-type horror
	romancey-type horror romancey-type horror
<Alden> shlightly drunk horror shtingsh
* Lyssie  snickers
<Lyssie> "Dedication: to Shel Wolf, who made me do it in the first place."
<Shel> yay!
<Lyssie> well, the first line is written...
<Shel> oh, and if it isn't too much trouble, i'd also like a character
       named after me :)
 * Shel tries to think of other things to add to this list
<Alden> Shel: and she has a torrid affair with a character called
	"Peter Davison"?
<Shel> oh no, not him
<Shel> not after the things i've heard about him
<DoctorWho> JCVD then? <ducks>
<Shel> oooh, now nathan's got an idea ;)
<DoctorWho> I'm dangerous when I get ideas
<Shel> oh, and put nathan in there and have him wearing a valleygirl
<Shel> geez, if i keep this up, i'll be writing the book myself ;)

Tue Apr  4 [01:30]
 * Alden gahs. will people please stop emailing me for five minutes?

Tue Apr  4 [02:30]
<Alryssa> Well, Max was like, 'Who the hell are you?" when Josie came in. 
<Alryssa> Josie: 'I'm a cat, hi!"
<Alryssa> Max: "So?"
<Alryssa> Josie:"And so are you.Hi."
<Alden> LOL!
<Alryssa> Max: "Cat? me? That's just a vicious rumour!"
<Alden> Newbie cat. :)
<Alryssa> "I am not a cat. I am people."
<Alryssa> Josie: "Uh-oh, I've moved in with a loony...."

Tue Apr  4 [22:17]
<Shel> i don't idle anymore
<TheProf> Yeah Shel. That's what they all say until some guy on a
	  street corner offers you some good idle.

Tue Apr  4 [22:19]
<eva> what does it mean to beg for Ops?
<TheProf> I want ops!!!
*** NathanR has kicked TheProf from #drwhochat (That's begging for ops.)

Fri Apr  7 [00:18]
<Jondar> and guess who might be asked to do barcodes for the DWCA mail? :-P
<Alden> how do you do barcodes then ?
<Jondar> Alden: I have no idea... apparently you need special software
<random_C> alden - same way you do anything else. Grind them up and
	   snort them up a rolled-up tenner

Fri Apr  7 [01:53]
<Jondar> Netscape is 5400Kb without Java...
<Jondar> and 13000Kb with Java
 * TheProf  orders it decaf
<NathanR> I like that.  Decaffeinated Netscape.  The Browser without Java >:)

Fri Apr  7 [02:01]
<NathanR> Which reminds me.  Here's a nice way to crash Windows.
*** Alden has quit (Ping timeout)
*** Alden has joined #DrWhoChat
<NathanR> Ah, Alden.  Tried the link I take it?
<Alden> It works in netscape too, apparently
<Alden> hmm, maybe the link ends up redirecting the console to the
	console, whereapon Windows says "duh?" and dies

Fri Apr  7 [03:08]
<Alden> heh, the cops confiscated a personalised numberplate that had
	an abustive term on it.  the plate was "3M T43"
<Alden> It only works if you see it in your rear vision mirror. :)
<Alden> took the cops 18 months to work it out. ;)

Sun Apr  9 [22:00]
*** starfury has changed the topic to: I HATE CHEESE.
<starfury> sorry.
<starfury> I'm feeling a bit daft.
<dse> I like cheese
<starfury> cheese is bad for you.
<starfury> clogs your arteries and stuff
<starfury> causes numerous fatalities in mice and rats every day.
	   (poor buggers)

Sun Apr  9 [23:18]
<Thete> what state is redding, in?
<Thete> i'm not a westerner
<DoctorWho> California.
<Alden> a mess?
<Thete> thanks nate, fwap alden. :-)
<madha^^er30> Peter you are from California how can you say you are
	      not a Westerner
<Thete> i've only lived here ten years, and spent most of it at a computer!

Sun Apr  9 [23:22]
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<FreeRadical> Howdy, Prof.
<Thete> hwy Prof!
<Thete> hey Prof!
<Thete> Hwy. Prof sounds like a cool TV series
<TheProf> I get half the royalties.
<FreeRadical> Hwy. Prof, is he a Roads Scholar?
<Thete> ow :-)
<madha^^er30> yikes
<Thete> that's yikes.exe to you

Sun Apr  9 [23:27]
<Thete> hey prof, did you watch fail safe?
*** TheProf has quit (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by MrBean^)))
<Alden> incoming!
<Thete> whoa. he needs a failsafe
 * MegL sings Here comes prof ie clause, here comes prof ie clause,
   right down prof ie claus lane...
 * MegL is totally silly
<Alden> hehehe.
 * DoctorWho stares at Meg
 * DoctorWho calls the whitecoats
 * Thete gets Meg a glass of water and some nice pills

Sun Apr  9 [23:31]
<Thete> Okay, let's see...
<Thete> Batman!
 * Thete waits
<Thete> Underdog! Help! I'm totally in deep sh*t!
 * Thete waits
 * Thete puts together one of those Gallifreyan cubes
 * Thete waits
 * Thete waits
<Thete> hmmm.
<MegL> what are you waiting for?
 * DoctorWho gets Thete a glass of water and some nice pills
<Thete> Shel!
<Thete> (louder) SHEL!
 * MegL pulls out a picture of the guy from the mummy she likes
<MegL> maybe this will bring her in :)
 * Alden looks around, say, there's Jean Claude Van Damme with no clothes on
<Thete> Gee, Shel might like that
<Thete> Ah well, guess we live in a time of few heroes
<Thete> Better save myself again
<DoctorWho> You could page her you know
<Thete> payge?

Sun Apr  9 [01:10]
<Thete> hey, when did jack horkheimer become stargazer instead of starhustler
<TheProf> Sinse the cops caught him trying to sell shares of venus to
	  Florida retirees.
<TheProf> "Greetings star gazers. Tonight we are going to point out
	  telescopes down a bit because it's show night at the Wison
	  school for girls"

Sun Apr  9 [01:19]
<Thete> and jack has the scariest rug in all of television.
<DoctorWho> rug?
<Thete> r
<Thete> u
<Thete> g
<DoctorWho> rug?
<Thete> skull mat
<MegL> toupee
<DoctorWho> Aha.
<MegL> shatner tribble

Mon Apr 10 [01:52]
 * Alden notes Altravista have a contact address.
<Nathan_Roberts> UltraVista?
<Thete> nate: go register now. then buy me a palmpilot
	when you sell it ;-)

Thu Apr 13 [02:36]
[Nathan is playing with old web browsers]
 * NathanR goes to Slashdot in mosaic 1.0 just for a laugh
 * NathanR takes a screenshot and saves it as SlashMess.png
<Alden> that bad, huh?
<NathanR> Yeah
 * NathanR tries Yahoo... Crash!
<Jondar> I scarcely bear to think what will look like in Mosaic 1.0
<NathanR> Now that you mention it...
<NathanR> Crash.
<Jondar> LOL! :)

Thu Apr 13 [03:01]
<Jondar> at least they did show The Time Meddler like they promised.
 * Alden wishes he could go back in time, infiltrate BBC and have the
   monk simulating the monk chants using an Enigma song... >:)

Thu Apr 13 [03:52]
<Jondar> Ooh... new cybermen story: "Tome of the Cybermen"

Thu Apr 13 [22:05]
<Jondar> Drake: surely they're two signs of the Coming of the End of
	 the World? :)
<Drake> don't worry Jason, if i update my web page then you know the
	end is near ;)
* DoctorWho wonders what would happen if Jondar and Drake met...
<DoctorWho> Would they cancel each other out?  Blinovich Limitation
	    Effect or somesuch?
<Drake> i would be looking way up, Jason would tower over me

Fri Apr 14 [07:22]
<Buccaneer_Blor> try me
<Shel> try you? is that a come on line?
<Buccaneer_Blor> You decide, sugar

Mon Apr 17 [22:38]
<DoctorWho> I took the 1.6g drive out of the Linux box and put it in
	    here, and put Window son it
<DoctorWho> Now I've got a nice dual-boot
<Thete> one for crashual. one for best
<TheProf> das boot
<Thete> dos boots

Mon Apr 17 [22:41]
<DoctorWho> I'm on Linux now
<DoctorWho> It's /nice/ on a P133.
<TheProf> Nate's a few floors shy of a sky scraper.
<DoctorWho> Gnome is kinda nice, but the window managers drive me insane
<DoctorWho> Enlightenment in particular, but I also don't like how
	    WindowMaker interacts (or doesn't) with Gnome
<TheProf> Go windows manager!
<DoctorWho> Window Mangler?  (MS Windows)
<Thete> S&M Windows more like
<TheProf> I say we start ghostlighting nathan.
<DoctorWho> ROTFLMAO
<DoctorWho> I say we start moonlighting Prof.  Oh wait, that should be
	    just plain "moon"
<DoctorWho> ( | )
<Thete> bwahahahahaha
*** Thete is now known as Nathan_Roberts
*** Nathan_Roberts has changed the topic to: ( | )
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Thete
*** TheProf is now known as CrowTRobot
<CrowTRobot> It's switch nicks day!
 * DoctorWho notes that CrowTRobot is registered, and not to Bill
 * Alden watches the IRCops get Prof for being a bot
*** You are now known as TheProof
<Thete> all i'm saying is, show me the proof!
 * TheProof flashes Thete
*** Alden is now known as TheRebuttal
 * TheRebuttal shows Prof his rebuttal
<Thete> no thanks nate, you already showed the backside
<TheProof> >:)
<Thete> that was enough
<TheProof> That was too much.
<TheProf> That's a backhanded compliment if I ever saw one.
 * TheProof looks at the word rebuttal....
<Thete> LOL
<TheProf> I was already butted once.
<Thete> so did nate
<TheProof> real + butt = rebuttal
<TheProf> Sorry. Only one butt to a customer.
<TheProof> This is surreal.  I keep looking at what I type, and
	   thinking it's coming from Prof
<Thete> Tonight: nathan's cognitive dissociation
<TheProof> Or lack thereof
<TheProf> Nah, you can tell when it's me. The higher intelligence is a
	  dead give away.
 * TheProof fwaps Prof
<TheProf> self abuse?
<TheProof> Touche

Tue Apr 18 [00:21]
[Fenric is watching The Leisure Hive]
<Fenric1> Ah, Tom Baker's now ready to host the Shada video.

Tue Apr 18 [00:54]
*** TheProf has quit (Quit: I've finally done it! I have use
    mathmatics to prove I don't exist! *POOF*)
<Fenric1> I have used mathematics to prove the letters "d" and "e" don't exist!

Tue Apr 18 [01:44]
<Shel> night nasty nate and put the valley girl down... you might roll
       on her while you sleep
 * NathanWriting fwaps Shel
<Shel> hehehe
<NathanWriting> Are you saying I'm so fat I might crush her to death?
		(Even though it's true?) >;)
<Shel> no, she's filled with air, any weight on her at all would deflate her
<Alden> LOL!
<NathanWriting> I'll take that as a 'yes'.  Even if it's a roundabout one
<Shel> why else do you think she can't walk herself? she'd float

Wed Apr 19 [16:56]
<Wh0miga> I think someone actually asked Elizabeth Sladen for a pair
	  of Underwear once (Or more times)
<Wh0miga> Have to ask Prof - he would know
<DoctorWho> She sold a pair of her panties at an auction once
<DoctorWho> According to Prof
<Wh0miga> Wonder how high Prof went before Profess killed him? :-)

Sun Apr 23 [23:45]
<The_Anti> oooh.. they revamped astalavista...
<TheProf> again?
<Alden> altavista?
<Alden> it looks the same to me...
<The_Anti> no no no no no
<The_Anti> not Altavista.
<The_Anti> Astalavista.
<TheProf> Baby

Sun Apr 23 [23:54]
<DoctorWho> Which cat is that?
<TheProf> Cambridge
<TheProf> She's 14
<TheProf> Her hobbies include eating, sleeping and slapping the two
	  younger ones in the head.
<Alden> Funny, that's my brother's hobbies too

Sun Apr 23 [23:58]
[Prof is showing off pictures from the zoo]
<TheProf> In pic #95 the wife is telling the goose to not go into the
	  cheetah enclosesure. One did a few weeks backand.....lunch
	  was served.
<DoctorWho> Ouch.
<Thete> mmmm tastes like chicken

Sun Apr 23 [00:20]
<Alden> yeah, that's what was posted to RAWD
<Alden> RADW
<Thete> RAWD: real arseholes writing about the doctor?

Tue Apr 25 [21:21]
<TheProf> I often say "Next time I'm marrying a taller wife" where the
	  wife replies "Next time I marry a richer husband"

Wed Apr 26 [00:08]
<Alden> Don't you just hate it when the webcam catches you making a face. ;)
<Thete> that pic was Alden after having saves The Earth and received a medal
<Thete> followed by Alden after having been told that his brother was
	going to gargle goldfish to win a bet
<Thete> now we have "Alden watching someone 3 miles away being bludgeoned"
<Thete> "Alden skillfully removing unwanted food into a napkin"
<Thete> "Alden wondering if he should kickban Thete"

Wed Apr 26 [01:05]
<DoctorWho> Prof: In answer to your question about the webpage... I'm
	    considering Simplenet
<TheProf> I still think finding a wife with a brother who owns an ISP
	  is cheaper.
<Jondar> Nathan: you could be nice to Jondar and put "" in
	 the referral field? :)
<DoctorWho> I'll keep that in mind
<Alden> Or you could put in. ;)
<TheProf> Put metebelis3 in and annoy the kiwi and Aussie.
 * DoctorWho fwaps Prof.  You're not even a simplenet member
<TheProf> I say Nate you take bids on the referal.
<DoctorWho> >:)
<TheProf> Put it up on Ebay. :o)
<Jondar> LOL Prof
 * DoctorWho looks at Jason and Alden... How much you willing to pay
    for it? >:)
<Alden> Nate: well, it's a month free, ISTR, so bribing you to refer
	tetrap would be self-defeating. ;)
<Alden> since it would cost more to bribe you then to pay the bill myself. ;)
<DoctorWho> Alden: But it's an auction, so the bids would never get that high.
<Alden> Nate: $20?  Plus I'd have to pay a bundle to make out the bank draft...
<Jondar> Alden: you can't get an international money order?
<Alden> I don't know how to get those
<Jondar> Alden: post offices should do them :)
<Jondar> and they're generally cheaper than bank drafts...
<Jondar> at least, they are here.
<DoctorWho> Note that Jason is helping Alden along here because he
	    wants in on this auction >;)

Wed Apr 26 [02:19]
<TheProf> Now this is interesting. I've gotten 5 hits on my DVD site
	  the last day from
<TheProf> Someone finally noticed me?
 * TheProf quickly scans his butt and puts the picture up on his
   webpage (When am I going to get a second shot to moon the BBC?)

Thu Apr 27 [02:12]
<TheProf> I have been reporting spammers to yahoo, hotmail and alike
	  but most use forged e-mails anyone although I've gotten a
	  few back from Yahoo wher they say they deactivated that
<TheProf> So I got a few.
<Alden> Yeah, and the spammer just gets a new yahoo account. :/
<TheProf> Yeah but I make him work for it.

Thu Apr 27 [02:38]
<Alden> I've been IRCing too long - I walked into the living room and
	said "Back"
<MegL> LOL!!!!!!!
<Alden> Surprisingly, no one responded "side"

Fri Apr 28 [02:52]
<NathanCoveredInDust> You people are weird
<Alryssa> And this is news to you?
<Jondar> Nathan: and this is news? :)
<NathanCoveredInDust> No but I never realized how bad you were.
<Setok> nathan: I always tell everyone I'm just a normal young man
<Setok> they never believe me :P
*** Alryssa has changed the topic to: Nate has a moment of startling
*** Jondar has changed the topic to: Nate has a moment of startling
    clarity... (or was it sanity?)
*** Alryssa has changed the topic to: Nate has a moment of startling
    clarity... (or was it sanity?) at the bottom of a glass of Dew.

Sat Apr 29 [00:20]
<TheProf> I got a porno spam today that talked about they were a bunch
	  of freshmen girls from UCLA who were doing a porno site to
	  make money for college. Nice story but I found it hard to
	  believe it unless they moved the UCLA campus to Japan. The
	  e-mail came from
<TheProf> Later I got the same porn e-mail again but this time from Argentina.

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