The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue III: March 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Thu Mar 02
<Shel> i just got the best icq message "i noticed from you webpages,
       that other than being a raving looney, you are a doctor who
       fan, wanna chat?"

Thu Mar 02
 * Ed_of_Ex reminds all that the Edict of Expert is the ruthless
   doomsday cult/worldwide occult conspiracy with a heart.
<Ed_of_Ex> The heart, of course, is kept on a silver platter in the
	   temple and was ripped from a housewife named Mona
	   Schnozenbutt.  But we DO have one.

Thu Mar 02
<TheProf> By the way. Jason killed another sim in my game.
<TheProf> He fell asleep on the ground right next to the ladder out of
	  the pool. Nobody could get out. i didn't notice until one
	  person fell asleep in the pool and drown. I had to make a
	  second ladder in the pool and still one of the two
	  surviovors peed in the pool before they were able to get
 * TheProf fwaps Jondar around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
<Jondar> Prof: I think you need to get outside more before your
	 fixation on The Sims goes to your head...
[I think we're already too late.]

Thu Mar 02
<TheProf> They still have mucho plenty copies of Titanic available.
<TheProf> The Titanic DVD was an udder disaster.
<Jondar> Oh, they included cow parts as bonuses with the Titanic DVD? >:-)

Thu Mar 02
[Just after a conversation about 2001...]
*** Fenric1 has quit IRC (Write Error: Connection reset by peer)
*** Fenric6 has joined #drwhochat
<Fenric6> My connection is going.  I can feel it.
*** Fenric6 is now known as Fenric1
 * Fenric1 kicks his computer. You never sing "Daisy" to me what I'm
   reaching for the off button.

Thu Mar 02
<TheProf> Ok now I need just one hit to hit 200 and I have three
	  minutes to do it.
<Theta-G> Website Hits! Only 29.95! "Mark Me Up" ... "JPEG of my Love"
	  ... "Her name in my Guestbook" and, of course, "The Hampster

Fri Mar 03
 * The_Anti tosses Nate a marmola monax monax
<NathanR2> A what?
<The_Anti> a marmola monax monax
<NathanR2> A what?
<TimJR> huh?
<The_Anti> Woodchuck
<NathanR2> What Tim said
<The_Anti> Woodchuck -> Woodchuck draft cider.
 * The_Anti is gettin' liquored up.
<The_Anti> whoo oo
<MegL> if a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?
<Alden> How much cider would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck got
	really sick and chucked?

Fri Mar 03
<Alden> TFIF
<TheProf> Thank Frogs its Friday?
<Alden> Thank Frag It's Friday
<Jondar> shouldn't that be TGIF, Alden? :)
<Alden> Jason: Not when you're agnostic. ;)
<Jondar> heh
<Alden> Alternatively "Thank Someone I Haven't Decided On Yet It's
	Friday" or TSIHDOYIF

Fri Mar 03
 * TheProf pores chocolate on Hebron to.........nahh. I'll save that
   for when the wife is feeling better and.....never mind.

Fri Mar 03
<TheProf> Jason you act like you expect dalnet to work under the
	  normal laws of pysics and the universe.

Fri Mar 03
<Alden> I've got a question...
<TheProf> I've got a cookie. I win.

Sat Mar 04
 * TheProf is away (To Contact me, please fwap Jondar.)
<Jondar> yeah, fwap me, and I'll fwap Prof, and get his attention :)

Sun Mar 05
 * Alden makes a note to clean up his desk sometime
 * Alden promptly loses the note in the mess on his desk
<Alden> dammit, even the junk piles have junk piles

Sun Mar 05
<starfury_> GUESS WHAT!?!
*** starfury_ is now known as starfury__
<MegL> you got a drivers licence?
 * MegL says if that's right she's going to faint
<MegL> ;)
*** starfury__ is now known as Starfury
<Starfury> close
 * Starfury will have it within 2 weeks
<MegL> hahahaha
<MegL> I'm sorry becky
<MegL> it just popped into my head
<MegL> probably because of Randoms attempt to get one
<Starfury> why sorry?
<MegL> well you meant to surprise us and I actually attempted to
       figure it out :-}
<Starfury> well that's not what I was thinking of though
<Starfury> I was thinking of a better surprise
<NathanR> Paul McGann proposed to you?

Sun Mar 05
<Starfury> my mom declares that her birthday is cool because it's the
	   only day of the year that is also a command.
<Starfury> March forth!
<Whomiga> They Marched Forth - then almost a month later realized they
	  were April Fools...

Tue Mar 07
<TyphoidProf> Has nathan mentioned anything about the QF? I don't want
	      to risk asking him and recieving a nuclear devise toosed
	      on KC for a reply. :o)

Wed Mar  8
<Alryssa> Some guy swore he got headaches from the foxbox and covered
	  it in tinfoil...
<Alryssa> he also claimed that mobile phones gave him headaches. He
	  was not amused to come into work one day to find his cubicle
	  covered in tinfoil.

Wed Mar 08
<Alryssa> great cr*p, I leave my acct for two days and Hotmail decides
	  to redesign again...
<Jondar> Oh dear, they've found out that Microsoft has secretly
	 employed me as a webdesigner for :)

Thu Mar 09
<Jondar> stupid hebron... I think it hates McDonald's Hotcakes...
<Jondar> I was mentioning them in another channel and I got dumped >:-)
<TheProf> I love McDonalds pancakes! Yummy!!!
*** TheProf has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by MrBean^)))
*** MrBean^ has joined #drwhochat
<Lyssie> LOLOLOL
*** MrBean^ is now known as TheProf
<dse> re Prof
<TheProf> Jason was right!
<Jondar> I'm always right :)
<Alden> LOL!
*** TheProf has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Peer^)))
*** Peer^ ( has joined #drwhochat
 * Peer^ comes in and dumps TheProf's body on the floor. "Let this be a
   warning to you all!"

Thu Mar 09
<Cryptkeeper> alt.binaries.3d.bryce is cool but...well it's not quite :)
<Alden> mmmmm, digital blasphemy
<RedQueen> Alden: like 0010101100101011300101?

Thu Mar 09
<Jondar> Australia is getting Virgin Airlines, apparently in July.
<Alryssa> it's getting its first Virgin then? ;-)

Thu Mar 09
<NathanR> My video card suddenly went utterly berserk
<Jondar> Nathan: no, that was the mass hypnosis ray I was testing... :)
<TheProf> It said "I can't take this Linux shit anymore!"
 * TheProf fwaps TheProf around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
 * TheProf saves Nate the effort

Fri Mar 10
<TheProf> I haven't really driven in LA in years.
<Alden> I can tell.  you're still alive

Fri Mar 10
<Alden> "Wait, Brain, there's a note here.  It says 'I know what you
	did last summer.'  What did we do last summer, Brain?" "Same
	thing we do every summer, Pinky..."

Fri Mar 10
<The_Anti> well.. I could drink normal water, but I want some taste
<Alden> So drink it while looking at fine art...

Sat Mar 11
 * NathanR looks at the cam and for a moment thinks Jeff looks like Ben
   Franklin with a goatee
<NathanR> Don't ask me where that came from
 * Alryssa gives Nathan more mind-altering drugs. Waittaminit, he's
   already using Windows.
<FreeRadical> It must have been the the great big bald spot I don't have.

Sun Mar 12
<Jondar> and Dawn Fraser won't be lighting the torch... the opening
	 ceremony guru said that "once you find out how the torch will
	 be lit, you won't want to do it" :)
<Jondar> maybe it is going to be a flaming boomerang after all :)

Mon Mar 13
<iq140> oh Dr. Who is the man. 
<TheProf> Well IQ your welcome to pull up a chair and join us.
 * iq140 pulls up a chair, crosses his ankles, and waits for the Dr.
<TheProf> LOL. Unfortunately he never stops by.
*** NathanR is now known as DoctorWho

Mon Mar 13
<TheProf> The good old officila such and such of the olympic
	  games. here are so many of those it becomes a bit
	  pointless. "Snickers the official snackfood of the Olympic
<TheProf> I half expected an official laxative for the next Olympics

Mon Mar 13
<Jondar> the only major sponsors are those that are actually
	 contributing something to the running of the thing, not just
	 using the official xxx of the Olympics.
<Jondar> eg. McDonalds is providing most of the catering logistics for
	 the Olympic Village...
<Alden> Jason: Trying to poison the opposition? :)

Mon Mar 13
<marchhair> my newsreader's dictionary doesn't include the naughty
	    words. I've had to teach a few to the spellchecker. Now
	    why is that?  It isn't as if someone is going to
	    *accidentally* start cussing.

Mon Mar 13
 * Alryssa spent today cleaning up after kitties :)
<Alden> "My house isn't a barn!"  "It could be if we cleaned it up a bit"

Tue Mar 14
<TheProf> Some writer decided to do a comparison article between film
	  (A fresh print) and digital projection. He unfortunately
	  chose Mission to Mars he said to do it and had to be dragged
	  kicking and screaming into the second showing. How come all
	  reviews for that film sound more like insults than reviews?
	  I haven't heard of a film getting this bad of reviews in a
	  long time.

Tue Mar 14
<Alden> I love this quote: "If 700 monkeys typed for 700 years, one of
	them would come up with "Hamlet." Give them a week, and six
	would come up with "Inspector Gadget." "
<TheProf> LOL
<NathanR> LOL
<dse> it's supposed to be infinite, not 700
<dse> an _infinite_ number of monkeys, an _infinite_ number of years
<MegL> doug, you sure?
<MegL> really sure?
<dse> yes
<Setok> dse: nope.. infinite isn't correct either. Just a "high number"
<NathanR> I think statistics would beg to differ >:)
<TheProf> No 700 should do it. For Mission to Mars perhaps only 2 or 3
	  would do.
<dse> I'm pretty sure it's infinite
<NathanR> I mean, at some point, stastically after a while you'd get
	  Hamlet, just by random chance
<Setok> as the point is that the probability of a monkey typing out
	hamlet is higher than 0. It's *not* infinitely small!
 * TheProf is not going to argue how many monkeys it takes to write Hamlet.
<NathanR> Prof: One? >:)
<Setok> well one might argue it originally only took one monkey, so... ;-)

Tue Mar 14
<TheProf> Hmmmm. A police log at a college. 1:50 pm. Police officer
	  helps student cut off bike lock. 2:05 student reports his
	  bike stolen!
<TheProf> Hmmmm. Another news story where they report that the state
	  Goverment officers in Colorado are saying there is no
	  serious threat from Y2K and they will be monitoring it from
	  an underground bunker on New Years Eve.
<TheProf> They make you feel so safe don't they
<TheProf> For sale. Artificial Xmas tree. Needs lights, ornaments,
	  stand and branches.
<TheProf> sounds more like they are selling a stick
<TheProf> Bad advertising "Give you wife something she deserves. A day
	  in heaven"
[SOUND] 357mag.wav

Wed Mar 15
<Fenric1> That was an interesting set of ping replies...
<Fenric1> Right after each other came...
<Fenric1> -FreeRadical- Have you clubbed an ignorant human today?
<Fenric1> -Jefferys- Ignorant? Ha! I don't know the meaning of the word!

Wed Mar 15
 * Alden wishes there was an .asm domain so he could register org.asm
<dha> although, with my luck, if there was an .ha, they wouldn't allow
      one-letter domains... :-|
<Alden> Doug could move to Sweden and register
 * Lyssie snickers
<dha> see?  some people have all the luck.
<dha> heck, maybe he wouldn't even have to move...
 * Lyssie wants a .ana domain... lyssie.ana sounds about right....
 * Alden sees the domain for the Cook Islands is .ck, and considers fu...
 * Lyssie snickers
<Alden> or su...
<Lyssie> hrm...
<FreeRadical> li?
<Lyssie> with .se... you could do...
<dha> Tonga has gotten a lot of play... .to
 * dha wonders if there's a .me
<Lyssie> well, there's .my for malaysia....
<Alden> Myanmar is .mm
<Lyssie> brazil is .br, iirc....
 * dha wonders if ruritania is .rr
<dha> brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.rr
<Lyssie> reading.rr
<Lyssie> pennsylvania.rr...
<FreeRadical> b&o.rr?
<FreeRadical> Or is that bo.pu?

Thu Mar 16
<TheProf> At the store the otherday I had money and the wife didn't
	  and asked me for a $20 so she could do something so i pulled
	  one out and in a condesending voice said in from of the
	  clerk "Go buy yourself something pretty"
<TheProf> She and the clerk busted up.
<TheProf> It was so condesending it was funny as hell
<TheProf> That's my latest thing. I did it today to. I said something
	  to her like "yes dear' and she went "your being
	  condesending" and in a very condesending voice I said "Of
	  course I'm not being condesending. Don't worry your pretty
	  little head over it."
<Alryssa> it's cute... real interesting sense of hunour
<Alryssa> (Of course, what we didn't see was what she did to Prof
	  later while he was asleep)
<TheProf> It was very painful I can assure you.
<TheProf> Mind you the marks hardly show
<TheProf> She's good
<Alryssa> ooo!
<TheProf> It's amazing what you can do with a car battery, 3 pounds of
	  whip cream and a waffle iron.

Thu Mar 16
 * Alden smells something horrible
<Nathan_Roberts> Jason's Dad's cooking? >;)

Thu Mar 16
<Starfury> I mean can't you reasonably expect people to consider a
	   mere 8000 years in the future when writing code?
<Jondar> Star: do you really think that the people of 10K would
	 actually be using 8000 year old software? :)
<TheProf> yes
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<TheProf> and fwappers too I imagine

Fri Mar 17
<Alden> A town in NZ is changing its name from "Pokeno" to ""
<Jondar> and I suppose all the street names are going to start with a tilde (~)
<Jondar> "What's your address?" " Street/36"

Fri Mar 17
<TheProf> Jason that is the 10,000th time you have fwapped me and for
	  your prize you get an all expensed paid trip to Alden's
	  house. There you will eat his food, drive his car and play
	  with his computer.
[And get tortured by his sister?]

Sat Mar 18
*** ErinGoThete changes topic to 'Yes, I know it was yesterday,
    Doctor, but isn't time relative? The parade's today, we'll be
    pissed all weekend and the box looks mighty fine in green!'

Sat Mar 18
<Thete> wife: i don't want to have sex tonite. husband: is that your
	final answer? wife: yes. husband: okay, then i'd like to call
	a friend...

Sat Mar 18
<Thete> and now... i attempt to survive the fourth and final episode
	of The Gunfighters.
<Thete> i pulled the tape out' the archive and discovered i could only
	handle one ep in a day
<Thete> it's the last night of torture / it'll be over soon / it's
	their last 12 renditions of The Last Chance Saloon

Sat Mar 18
<Thete> I could have the hugest set chewed into sawdust in under 30
	seconds if they'd just let me do my show about a married
	couple played by Lynda Baron and Brian Blessed

Sat Mar 18
<MegL> but sometimes fans really don't like stuff cause they really
       don't like stuff :)
<Alden> And sometimes because they're just jealous of Bonnie's awsome
	acting talent.
<Nathan_Roberts> Bonnie screaming would be preferable to the ballade
		 of the last chance saloon >:)
 * Nathan_Roberts suddenly has an evil thought
<Nathan_Roberts> The ultimate form of torture.
<Nathan_Roberts> Worse than Bonnie screaming.  Worse than the ballade
		 of the last chance saloon.
<Cryptkeeper> could there be such a worse thing?!?
<Nathan_Roberts> Bonnie screaming the Ballade of the Last Chance Saloon >:)
<Alden> I'll email her and suggest it for her next CD.

Sat Mar 18
<Thete> hey, maybe i should register

Sat Mar 18
<TheProf> It's at times like this when I don't feel well that I begin
	  to worry. My wife loves to watch true crime shows which
	  doesn't bother me as much as when she takes notes during the
	  ones about poisonings.
<Drake> Prof don't sign anything that leaves everything to her...........

Sun Mar 19
<Alden> I still wanna Dapol Rani to dangle from the read-view mirror
	of my car. >;)

Sun Mar 19
<Thete> shel, is that a script?
<Shel> is what a script?
<Thete> search me
 * Shel frisks pete
<Shel> nope, no script on you
<Thete> ^_^
<Thete> frisky!

Mon Mar 20
<CrowTRobt> Prof is there way I can stop earthlink from sending me
	    their lame email newsletter(spam)?
<TheProf> I wish I knew Bill.
<CrowTRobt> I thought you were an earthlink cusomer Prof?
<TheProf> I am Bill but I don't know how to ask them to not send me
	  their newsletter
 * SteveBreon goes out to EarthLink... I guess I have to do all the
    dirty work ;)
<TheProf> Yeah, let the runt do the dirty work. ;o)
<CrowTRobt> don't insult him prof... he may stop doing the dirty work
 * SteveBreon is *not* a runt... I'm not short and I am definitely not
   fat... being 5'9" at 130LB makes me skinny... ;)
<SteveBreon> Now... a Peon... that I am :)
<CrowTRobt> you are a nice kid Steve and we all like you a
	    bunch... now go find that info for us :)
<SteveBreon> LOL!
<TheProf> Short and skinny. Sounds like a runt to me. :o)
<SteveBreon> Short>??!?!?!?
 * SteveBreon fwaps Prof
<TheProf> Steve I'm 6'1 210 pounds. I could stuff you in a locker. ;o)
<CrowTRobt> Stop that Prof... I want to continue to use... I mean keep
	    steve for a friend

Tue Mar 21
<Thete> now if only they could remove the crystal turd and put the
	five doctors back the way it was, i'll be happy

Wed Mar 22
<TheProf> No law says I can't be Republican and be in a Union. The
	  Pres of our local Union in Sac was republican.
 * MegL nods - your a california though
<MegL> they aren't normal
<MegL> in anything
[So that's what my problem has been all this time...]

Wed Mar 22
<EBCorp> OK, I'm in a public lab again, in a bank of IMacs with no
	 'phone jacks.
<EBCorp> And you know how some people don't understand the volume controls.
<EBCorp> There's a Nimrod beside me who is playing MIDOIs with his
	 hand over the speaker.  What a silly person.

Wed Mar 22
 * TheProf checks his guestbook to see if the dipshit left another
   message about Lis being in porno films on it again.
<Alden> He posted again?
<TheProf> Nope.
<TheProf> Just making sure he didn't
 * TheProf puts up a anti moron filter on his guestbook
<Shel> dang, so i can't post?

Thu Mar 23
*** thetaWerk was kicked by Alryssa (No, you're not going to get the
    idle record!)
<Nathan_Roberts> DENIED! *moon*

Thu Mar 23
<Nathan_Roberts> I had another guy write something nasty about me in
		 my guestbook.  I turned around and opened up the
		 "edit guestbook" tool and appended a nasty message of
		 my own on the end of his message
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't get mad.  I get even.
<Alden> I don't get even, I get odd

Thu Mar 23
<TheProf> Someone linked once to a pic of our for their Ebay
	  auction. The wife made me simply take the picture off since
	  we weren't using it anymore but I wanted to put up a pic of
	  the Klan or something as revenge.

Thu Mar 23
<TheProf> There is this author the wife and I like who writes about
	  Florida. One book he wrote was this hilarious one about a
	  mobster who opened up an amusement park in Florida and he
	  had what was only described as "An obscene Mickey Mouse
	  tatoo" on his arm.
<TheProf> In the end he lost the park, was sent to prison and Disney
	  sued and won $10 million for copyright infringement for his

Thu Mar 23
 * TheProf puls a pineapple from under his coat! Nobody move or thye
   get a Dole in their head!

Thu Mar 23
<TheProf> Gee the Oscars seem to anti climactic now.
<Alden> Prof: wait til you see the ceremony.  They hid the oscars in
	seperate locations in the auditorium, and the winners have to
	look for them.
<Jondar> Alden: no, they have to go the police station, to collect
	 their Oscars from the "recovered goods" department :)

Fri Mar 24
<TheProf> Steve Breon sent me a link to his new Lis Sladen page,
	  Pretty nice but I told him he needed to drop the "Died: TBA
	  Place of Death: TBA"
<Alryssa> Prof: Don't worry, I think she'll end up outliving him just
	  to prove a point ;-)
<TheProf> I just find it funny. What is going through his mind to
	  include that? :o)
<TheProf> I know it's a test page but that just jumped right out at me. 
 * Alden nips up to the next level. He's only got Hartnell, Troughton
   and Sladen listed.
<TheProf> Two dead and one he's waiting with a shovel for.

Fri Mar 24
<Thete> AldenB sounds like a terra alpha name
<AldenB> I am second in command to MegL
<AldenB> And we're glad you're happy. ;)
<Thete> and we're crabby you're vlad

Fri Mar 24
<FreeRadical> Anyone got any morphine?  It won't make the pain from my
	      wisdom teeth go away, but it should make it more
<Nathan_Roberts> What's up with your teeth? :/
<FreeRadical> They're impacted at about a 90 degree angle to the rest
	      of my jaw.
<Thete> negative, negative, didn't grow in. just impacted on the surface.

Fri Mar 24
 * Thete shuts the hell up
 * Shel shuts the heavens down

Fri Mar 24
<Alden> OK, it's twenty minutes in, and I've already worked out the
	plot to this week's episode of The Pretender.

Fri Mar 24
 * Alden finally manages to get chatpop to work.
<Alden> It's anime chat!
<Alden> it's a lot faster than the last program of this sort I tried.
<Nathan_Roberts> What was the last one?
<Alden> I don't remember.  It was ages ago
<Nathan_Roberts> Virtual Places?  The Palace?
<Alden> Virtual Places, I think
<Nathan_Roberts> Figures
<Nathan_Roberts> That thing is slow as crap
<Nathan_Roberts> The avatars were kinda cool... but for the most part it sucked
<Nathan_Roberts> I used Doctor Who avatars, natch >:)
<Alden> heh.
<Nathan_Roberts> On the day Windows 98 was released, ZDTV was talking about it
<Nathan_Roberts> Someone sent me a Windows 98 avatar.  (A picture of
		 the Windows 98 box)
<Nathan_Roberts> I immidiately took it into paint and drew a big red
		 "No" symbol over it >:)

Fri Mar 24
<TheProf> The lawyer was kind of cool. Nice guy for a corperate
	  shark. Then again he was young and the rabies most likely
	  hadn't taken full control yet.

Fri Mar 24
<TheProf> Ok Nathan, how do I update K9?
<DoctorWho> Download.  Unzip.  Restart mIRC
 * Alden covers his eyes - unzip the file, not your trousers!

Fri Mar 24
 * DoctorWho  is so tempted to buy something online just because he can %)
<FreeRadical> New credit card?
<DoctorWho> Check card
<FreeRadical> It's dangerous, trust me.  I've bought nearly $1500 in
	      stuff on line since I got mine a few months ago.
<DoctorWho> Ouchies
<FreeRadical> Well, luckily, I have a job that can afford it...
<FreeRadical> I get paid more than most manual laborers for sitting on
	      my duff for eight and a half hours surfing the web.
<FreeRadical> I love tech support for that one reason.

Sat Mar 25
<Jondar> the last time they had a cult TV sale, some were discounted,
	 but not all.
<Jefferys> Oh.....could be a glitch in their system....
<Jefferys> Or their advertising was false
 * Nathan_Roberts picks door #2
<Nathan_Roberts> I think I want Door #2, but I'm not sure so I'll take
		 a lifeline...
<Nathan_Roberts> (How's that for a mixed metaphor?)

Sun Mar 26
<Jondar> poll: white text on black background, or black text on white
	 background? Which do you like better?
 * Alden points to his web page
<Alden> black text on white. ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hispanic text on asian background

Sun Mar 26
 * Jondar has decided that when he gets his CD writer, I will *not*
   tell Rebecka that I can make custom CDs... otherwise, I don't
   think I'll get any peace... :)

Sun Mar 26
* Nathan_Roberts is away (Auto-away)
<TheProf> was he ever actually here?
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof. Does that answer your question?
<TheProf> Yes
<TheProf> in a violent way but yes.
<Nathan_Roberts> That's the way I like it. >:)
<TheProf> Kinky

Sun Mar 26
<Alden> argh
 * TheProf puts a parrot on Alden's shoulder
*** TheProf changes topic to 'Hoist the Jolly Roger! It's pirate night!'
 * Alden blinks at RADW. OK, *Yads* is trying to start a troll war with Snarky?
<Alden> The group is hereby officially wacked
 * TheProf will be the dashing and good looking first mate.
<dse> what can I be?
<TheProf> You can be the ship's monkey
<TheProf> It's an important job.
 * TheProf gets a shovel and starts digging a whole in the corner to
   bury the treasure.
 * TheProf starts putting a chest full of Lis Sladen pictures into the
<Alden> If I was going to be a pirate, I'd say "Arr" not "argh"
<Alden> argh is a general pain noise. ;)
<TheProf> I thought a general pain noise was anything written by Yads?

Mon Mar 27
<Alden> oh, god.  I think Yads is trying to get to the top of the stats.
<TheProf> He needs a hobby
<Fenric1> I think radw *is* his hobby...;>
<TheProf> I suggest cordless bungee jumping for him. Very exciting

Mon Mar 27
 * Jondar notices they're using Assiduous on the video wall for text :)
<Jondar> that font gets everywhere these days, doesn't it? >:-)
<Alden> They're using it for the lead in to the adverts here too.
<MegL> Jason, you know your a geek when . . . 

Mon Mar 27
<Jondar> I'm still trying to work out what I did to Word or my
	 printer, that now has Word asking me to insert paper whenever
	 I print.
<Alden> "Bend over and insert the paper now"

Tue Mar 28
<SteveBreonCRing> Oi!  DS9 is on :)
<Drake> Ds9 is on what.......crack?, herion?.......

Tue Mar 28
<TheProf> Varos is sort of Frankenstein
<SteveBreon> Frankenstein?
<TheProf> Yeah, it is constantly re-animated

Tue Mar 28
* Anti-Anti_Binks glares at Prof
<TheProf> You see a lovely sight Anti
<Alden> Holding up a mirror, Prof?

Wed Mar 29
 * Brigadier just bought a brand new sound card and speaker set :)
<Brigadier> Sound card : $73
<Brigadier> 5.1 surround sound : $210
<Alden> The look on Brig's face when it burns out the motherboard:
	priceless. ;)

Wed Mar 29
 * Jondar fwaps Thete with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
 * Thete responds with the Helpless Flailing Arm Gestures of Rassilon (TM)

Thu Mar 30
 * Jondar bought some candy from the "self service" candy shop
   yesterday after buying the DW books :)
<Jondar> self service = where you're given a bag, and you fill the bag
	 with any candy you like, and you pay by the kilogram :)
<NathanR> oooh
<Jondar> you don't have those kind of stores in the US?
<Jondar> I'm surprised at that... they're all over Sydney, and in most
	 theatre megaplexes
 * NathanR peeks out from under the rock
<NathanR> The only candy store I've ever seen was See's
<Jondar> well, no one else has answered yet, so I'm going by what you
	 said Nathan :)
<Jondar> however unrepresentative of US culture that may be... :)

Thu Mar 30
<Drake> who let BRIAN BLESSED in here?

Fri Mar 31
*** Blor has joined #drwhochat
*** Blor has quit IRC (Client closed connection)
<Alden> hmm, drive-by possession

Fri Mar 31
<NathanR> Damnola.
<The_Anti> What's that, Linux Lad?
 * The_Anti strikes a heroic pose.
 * TheProf strike oil.......I like my strike better.
 * NathanR strikes Prof

Fri Mar 31
<NathanR> The quotefile is due tomorrow, I need to get the emails out,
	  and I'm too tired to deal with it
<TheProf> Nate: Let the e-mail people rot in Detroit
<NathanR> When did Blor move there?
<Blor> When did I move where?
<TheProf> He didn't. Even evil has some limits.
<Blor> oh
<The_Anti> Detroit's too close to my sphere of influence anyways.
<The_Anti> he'd have to pay up certain... 'infringement penalties'
<Blor> I hate lawyers
<NathanR> Blor: Too evil for even you?
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> rotfl!
<Blor> They should stay out of religion, Good vs Evil and Evil vs Evil
<Blor> Nate: Let me just say that they have certain powers beyond both
       me and Anti.
<The_Anti> Ah.. Lawyers. My best invention. :)
<The_Anti> yes, they did gain a life of their own, I will admit that
<Blor> Dont try to take credit for them....
<The_Anti> well.. I did have some input.
<Blor> I think someone else has something to do with that... *points upwards*
<Blor> Just to annoy me I think...

Fri Mar 31
<TheProf> Jason please tell us your ISP people are alive and well and
	  that blood all over you is just ketchup.
<Jondar> what blood? *looks down* Oh *that* blood... :)
<Alryssa> Jason: What have you been up to and where did you hide the bodies?
<Jondar> Alryssa: I dropped a few anvils on my ISP... unfortunately
	 people were there and they went *squish*

Fri Mar 31
<TheProf> I know I'm not in California anymore when I go to the
	  grocery store and they don't have any chocolate low fat soy
<Jondar> soy milk... Ergh!
<Jondar> :)
<TheProf> I agree Jason
<TheProf> If your going to have low fat soy milk you don't need it to
	  be chocolate.
 * Jondar remembers staying at a relatives place for a weekend, and
   being forced to drink soy milk... *shudder*
<TheProf> Sort of like ordering two diet plate specials at a resteraunt.
<NathanR> The plate is the special.

Fri Mar 31
<Jondar> yeah, it's supposedly a Generation Y music program type thing...
<Alden> Generation Y?
 * Alden can't keep up with all these generations
<Alden> I thought the one after "generation X" was "generation next"
<Jondar> we're running out of letters too :)
<bYroniC> then we'll have to start over i guess...
<bYroniC> Generation A???
<Alryssa> Generation XYZ?
<Alden> Generation O positive?
<NathanR> Generation O Bugger

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