The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue II: Februrary 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Tue Feb 01
[Nathan discovers the joys of a 17 gigabyte hard drive]
<NathanR> I love this.
<NathanR> "There isn't enough disk space left on drive C: for this download"
<NathanR> So I save it to the so far untouched drive Q: instead.
<NathanR> Now where has all my space gone??
<NathanR> Ah.  It's because I downloaded 30 megs of .mods last night
 * NathanR dumps those to Q: as well
 * TheProf wonders about the k-P drives.
<NathanR> They're used for various stuff
<Jondar> Nathan: are you organising? or just dumping until they fill up? :)
<NathanR> I've been using a couple just to store ripped WAVs from CDs
	  before I convert to MP3s
<TheProf> Nathan's computer sounds more like a digital landfill than a
<NathanR> LOL!
<NathanR> That's probably not to ofar from the truth
<TheProf> Nathan: You do know that you can do this really cool thing
	  called delete right?
<NathanR> I just deleted a whole bunch of crap actually.
<TheProf> Great! You finally got rid of Linux.

Tue Feb 01
<NathanR> Slackware 7 comes with GNOME and Enlightenment... I can't
	  say I'm entirely impressed with either...
<NathanR> The fact that they're ass-slow on a 486 probably has
	  somethign to do with it...
<TheProf> Nathan: Enlightenment isn't the program. Enlightenment is the choice.

Wed Feb 02
[SOUND] stripper.wav
 * TheProf watches the shelcam and ads a little mood music for it.

Wed Feb 02
 * NathanR fwaps Prof harder for abusing Doctor Who quotes
 * TheProf hits Nathan on the head with a crystal cupcake.
<TheProf> Tegan: So Turlough, is that a Black guardian summoning
	  crystal in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
 * NathanR fwaps Prof
<NathanR> See why we've set up hotkeys for that?
 * TheProf rips out Nathan F11 key.
 * NathanR fwaps Prof

Wed Feb 02
 * Jondar noticed that he'd prolly be able to fit around 200 MP3s on a CD-ROM
<Jondar> (based on a CD-ROM being 640Mb)
 <Nathan_Roberts> I thought itwas 650?
<Heptite> It's 650.
<Jondar> no idea
<Jondar> I was just using 640 as an estimate
<Alden> He has to leave room for 10MB of porn
 * Alden ducks.
 * Jondar fwaps Alden with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
<Nathan_Roberts> D'oh
<Jondar> Prof didn't do that one :)
<Alden> No, it was worthy of Prof though. ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> yeah, maybe that's why I jumped for the hotkey >:)

Tue Feb  1
 * The_Anti swears at his computer some moe
<The_Anti> more
 * DoctorWho swears at his computer some larry
 * DoctorWho swears at his computer some curly

Tue Feb  1
 * Arcalian notes the presence of an Arcalian-Audio Boy resonance
<AudioBoy> The only thing that's resonating right now is the casing of
	   my PC after I have whacked it with an ax...
<DoctorWho> Percussive maintenance?
<AudioBoy> It's a LEMON.
<DoctorWho> Make lemonade out of it... er...
<AudioBoy> It's been a pain since I brought it home on November 11th 1997.
<DoctorWho> Sorry about that mixed metaphor
<AudioBoy> And now I'm getting rid of it.
<AudioBoy> My wife and I are fed up with it. I am buying a brand new
	   system designed specifically for doing music with 24/7 tech
<AudioBoy> And this machine is going to be cannibalized then sold.
<Arcalian> Audio: so DW's mixed metaphor was actually apt!

Wed Feb 02
<Shel> i've killed nathan!
<NathanR> You have?
<Shel> i show the url and poof you die
*** NathanR has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by Shel2)))

Wed Feb 02
 * Jondar fwaps Fen with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
 * Fenric1 moons Jond with the Arse of Rassilon.

Wed Feb  2
*** Lyssie has quit (
*** dse has quit (
*** Heptite has quit (
*** Blor has quit (
<FreeRadical> They're getting picked off one by one...
<TheProf> We don't need them! They were dragging us down!
*** Lyssie has joined #drwhochat
*** Heptite has joined #drwhochat
*** Blor has joined #drwhochat
*** dse has joined #drwhochat
<FreeRadical> rey'all
<TheProf> Don't go splitting on us and expect us to welcome you back
	  with open arms.

Wed Feb  2
 * Alden listens to CDs while he works.
 * TheProf always listens to tapes when he works........scotch and duck
   are the best.

Thu Feb 03
<MegL> Alryssa, in general they don't have rain drains in Kansas -
       they use the dip method of getting rid of water
<NathanR> Dip method?  Hire some dip out of high school to bail it out?
<MegL> no, what they do is put large dips at certain intersections
<MegL> then when it rains, the water is channeled down them
<MegL> basically if you see a sign that says dip you'd better slow down
<Alden> Meg: Why, cause Yads is crossing the road?

Thu Feb 03
 * TheProf waves a crutch at meg hello.
<Alryssa> Prof, what did you do?
<TheProf> I stepped on a pile of snow that was covering a rain drain
<Alryssa> ack
<TheProf> Sprained my knee and shoulder plus assorted other bruises
<TheProf> The drains here are huge and I sank into the drain up to my knee.
<TheProf> What is most embarressing is i was helped back to the house
	  by a 12 year old.
<Jondar> Prof: I don't know whether to laugh at that or not...
<TheProf> Anyway the wife came home and took me to the hospital where
	  the Doctors were very nice although i swear I could hear
	  them giggling out in the hallway. They wanted to put my
	  shoulder in a sling for a few days but then how could i walk
	  on my crutches then?
<TheProf> The good news is the wife now has to take out the trsh for
	  the next week.
<TheProf> My wife was so sympathetic too. i called her and told her I
	  needed to go to the Doctor and her reaction was simply. "I
	  don't want to hear it. you were the one who wanted snow"

Thu Feb 03
 * TheProf notices that in Australia they spell curb as kerb.
<TheProf> we spell it here as curb
<Jondar> it's "kerb" according to the Macquarie dictionary
<Alden> I've always known it as anglefarglewibblet.
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<NathanR> ROTFL!
<Alden> Now Jason's doing it. >:)

Thu Feb 03
 * TheProf seems to have killed the deserved to die.
 * Alryssa kills Prof for killing the conversation
<Jondar> it was TheProf, with the stripper.wav in #DrWhoChat

Thu Feb 03
<Jondar> OK, Oprah Winfrey has "O" magazine, Elle McPherson has "L"
	 (Elle) magazine... what about the other 24 letters of the
	 alphabet? :)
* Alden creates a magazine called "Bugger" and sticks it on the shelf
    next to "O"
<Alryssa> Jondar: 'z' is apparently owned by Naomi Campbell, cos
	  that's what happens when you read it

Thu Feb 03
<Jondar> I remember when I lost the screw popped out of one of the
	 pairs of glasses I used to wear. IT happened at HS, and I
	 couldn't find the screw... so I used a staple... flattened
	 it, then put it through the screw hole, and then wrapped it
	 around, kept my frames held until I could get the glasses
	 repaired :)
<NathanR> Jondar: I've done similar things with a paperclip
<NathanR> on sunglasses
 * NemoDream tried string once.
<TheProf> Jason: Use the white tape. More nerdish. :o)

Thu Feb 03
 * Alden wonders if he should try doing another graphic in PSP or it's
   going to crash again
<TheProf> Go for it Alden
<NathanR> Hope you have airbags
<Alryssa> Prof: You just want him to crash, don't you?
 * NemoDream gets out the fire extinguisher
 * NathanR has airbags in his computer. Unfortunately they have a
   tendancy to go off when I get mad and bang on the computer.
<Alryssa> Nathan: "Bloody thing!" *smack* Hissssss! *pop* "Mmmmmfff!"

Thu Feb 03
<Alden> I click to go into the room and the server sits there staring at me. ;)
 * Alryssa envisions a server staring at Alden
<Alryssa> Phew :-)
 * Alden brought in the cat to stare back, and the cat blinked first.

Thu Feb 03
<DoctorWho> Testing
 * Heptite gets a magic marker and writes "Fail!" on DoctorWho's forehead.

Thu Feb 03
<JGarthW> I had the K9 theme on a 45. When I made tapes for people,
	  I'd put the K9 theme on the end to annoy them

Fri Feb 04
<Shel> now i'm going to risk life and limb to ask a question
<The_Sentry> /kick Shel No it's not!

Fri Feb 04
 * Blonde_Edict_of_Expert drops ONE TON WEIGHT on TheProf
 * TheProf is now much shorter.

Sat Feb 05
<Alden> An animated cursor of the Doctor strangling Peri?
<TheProf> He did nearly Kill her......Pitty Tegan wasn't around.
<NathanR> Or M... (sees Alden)... Nevermind
 * Alden puts the axe back and smiles at Nate
<MegL> no, Tegan would have kicked him the balls
<MegL> end of senario

Sat Feb 05
<Theta-G> I'm startinbg a letter writing campaign to get "Kraft
	  Vegemite" renamed "Kraft Mahogany-Coloured Sweat Paste"

Sun Feb 06
<Alden> "We spent a lot off time to check your information and add it to our
        database and lead our visitors to your site, so please consider placing
        a link back to our site."
<Alden> Not a lot of time checking their spelling  though

Sun Feb 06
[Playing with Text-to-Speech software]
 * NathanR has Bill Gates on his desktop reading the chat to him
<Alden> Microsoft is *not* a monopoly.

Sun Feb 06
<Alden> I was listening to Whispers of Terror today.  Morgan walked in
	and said "Didn't they have enough money for the pictures?"

Sun Feb 06
<gaz78> please excuse me whlst i have a mel moment with mirc

Sun Feb  6
 * Whomiga_386 notes that his mom is worried about where he is going to
   stay when he goes to Gallifrey
<random_C> in the capitol?

Sun Feb  6
<NathanR> Rich: I had a major Linux crash yesterday morning
<Whomiga_386> Nate, reaally bad?
<NathanR> The whole filesystem spontaneously became massively corrupted
<Whomiga_386> Yuck!
<NathanR> Files bacame 'transmuted' into directories and vice versa
<Whomiga_386> Spontaneous corruption..
<Whomiga_386> Did it get elected to high office?

Sun Feb  6
<Jefferys> Why is the Sunday paper always so big?
<TomFODW> because it takes steroids and works out a lot
<TomFODW> it was tired of the Saturday and Monday papers kicking sand
	  in its face
<TomFODW> embarrassing it in front its girlfriend, the Tuesday paper

Sun Feb  6
 * Jefferys licks an envelope and dies.
 * TimesChamp deduces that the envelope is poisoned.
<Whomiga> Or, that was one very bad paper cut...

Sun Feb  6
<TheProf> Jason just doesn't want to show us that all the pictures of
	  him and Nicola have him rather obviously drooling.
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<TheProf> The truth hurts Jason. ;o)
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<Jondar> Prof: but it's going to hurt you more than it'll hurt me >:-)

Sun Feb  6
<TheProf> By the way my DW lead miniatures got kicked out of the new
	  curio cabinet. The wife decided she wanted the shelf for her
	  Alice in Wonderland.
<TheProf> I'll fix her. I'll just get another curio cabinet.....of
	  course that may be her plan.

Sun Feb  6
<TheProf> that's a poll. I want to do a quiz.
<TheProf> Not sure there is anything like I'm looking for.
<TheProf> I just want something fun on my website that i can change
	  from time to time.
<Alden> underwear?

Mon Feb 07
<Jondar> ROTFL! the Sylv photo is almost too big for my scanner >:-)
<TheProf> Ego actual size?
<Alden> You're thinking of Colin. ;)

Mon Feb 07
<Jondar> OK, weirdest question of the con: "If American TV exectives
	 were to decide to bring back Doctor Who, on the condition
	 that the Doctor regenerate as a talking dog, what breed of
	 dog would he be?"
<Alden> My question is, how big would the mob with blazing torches be?

Mon Feb 07
<Jondar> The Programme Guide that I edited sold very quickly. We had
	 150 copies printed, and they sold in 2 hours, I now have
	 orders for at least 50 more copies.
<TheProf> What jason doesn't know is they had a book burning that night.

Mon Feb 07
 * Jondar resamples the scanned photos... the Sylv photo scanned at
   5000 pixels wide and 7467 pixels high
<TheProf> You need a bigger monitor
 * TheProf buys a 36 inch computer monitor and goes to the DW naughty
   images page.
<TheProf> Let's see......Katy Manning pictures.....
<Jondar> one of the 6 fan made Daleks that were at the con was
	 actually modelled on that lucky Dalek in that Katy Manning
	 picture :)

Mon Feb 07
<Jondar> "And who do I make this cheque out to?" - Sylv, while signing
	 stuff for me
 * Jondar is trying to work out a way to get the Sylv photo into one of
   the mock video cover designs I do :)
<TheProf> One of the forgotten episodes. "Doctor Who and the Koala of Death".
<TheProf> Paul Hogan plays the koala.

Wed Feb 09
<TheProf> LOL. Someone made Spiderman.
<dse> that's Spider-Man
<dse> with a -
<Alden> that's Pedantic, with a p. ;)

Wed Feb 09
 * DoctorWho once again resists the temptation to try to install
   Windows NT......
 * TheProf doesn't say a word
<Shel> nathan, are you stupid?
<Shel> sorry, but NT?
<TheProf> Resistence is futile
<Jondar> NT is a lot better than 95 or 98
<Jondar> IMO
<DoctorWho> Yeah.  NT is a second-rate OS, and 95/98 are only third-rate >:)
<Shel> nathan, just think NT, last part of JNT - so must be evil and
       related to microsoft - it's worse than evil!

Wed Feb  9
<Shel> i've got this wwww disorder
<Shel> i keep typing 4 instead of 3
<DoctorWho> lll

Wed Feb  9
<TheProf> The wife was reading this morning about the massive attacks
	  on websites this morning and said "Nathan you think?" :o)
<TheProf> I told her no because Nate would target

Thu Feb 10
[Jondar is working on his latest fanfic...]
<Jondar> Hmmm... Jonas Darleyth...
 * Jondar discovers accidentally that Jonas is an anagram of Jason, oops >:-)
 * Jondar looks back at the wizard name "Jonas Darleyth" - not only is
   Jonas an anagram of Jason, look at the first three letters of each
   name... sheesh! Am I that desperate for a Mary-Sue character?
<Alryssa> Don't tell me that wasn't intentional!
<Jondar> Alryssa: it wasn't!
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO
<Alryssa> Good grief!
<Nathan_Roberts> Sadie Fanthius

Thu Feb 10
 * Whomiga_edu notes that his name is misspelled and somehow I've been
   promoted from II to III on the Gallifrey Membership list

Thu Feb 10
<TheProf> Microsoft is admitting they were hit with a DOS attack yesterday.
<Nathan_Roberts> Really??
<TheProf> was hit
 * Nathan_Roberts remembers what Prof said yesterday... It wasn't me!!!
<TheProf> That has yet to be determined Nathan. Please don't leave town.

Fri Feb 11
<MegL> another word I muck up is Basically
 * MegL wouldn't bet that was spelled right now, even
<Alden> looks right to me
<Jondar> it is right :)
<Alryssa> yup, is right :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Pascally?  Fortranly?  Javally?  Perlly?  Clly
<Jondar> Oooh... pretty and Perlly :)
<Alryssa> Stop being so Clly
 * Alryssa ducks!
<Jondar> I'm shocked, Alryssa. Don't you know there's a Code to stop
	 these silly programming puns? :)
<Alryssa> Jason: if it exists, I'm sure Nathan has crashed it, taken
	  it apart and left it for dead by now.

Fri Feb 11
<Jondar> Hmmm... 22 people... I wonder if my dads barbeque can cope... :)
<Alryssa> heh
<Jondar> more the point, I wonder how my guests will cope if it's my
	 father doing the cooking!
<Nathan_Roberts> Ack
<Jondar> and here we have charcoal and salad, or charcoal and charcoal
<Alryssa> LOL
<Alryssa> "And here we have -"  "Charcoal?" *glare* "No. It's your present."

Fri Feb 11
 * Nathan_Roberts decides to do some long-overdue catchup work on his website
<Jondar> catch-up? website? what's that? >:-)

Fri Feb 11
<Alryssa> men are like carpets... lay 'em right first time, and you
	  cna walk all over 'em for years...

Fri Feb 11
<dse> hey Alden there's a post on radw that's asking about Mel Bush
<dse> perhaps you'd care to educate him? :)
<Alden> Doug: With a baseball bat?

Fri Feb 11
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
 * TheProf  walks in carrying the remains of Sim Alden.
*** Jondar is now known as BetaReadingJondar
 * TheProf  looks at Jondar....."Murderer!"
<Alryssa> Did Alden use too much lighter fuel on the BBQ again?
<TheProf> Sim Alden and Sim Nathan died in the game.
<Alryssa> oh dear... how?
<TheProf> Sort of.
<Alden> Oh no!
<BetaReadingJondar> Er... I'm not Jondar, he went that-a-way *points*
<NathanR> Sort of?
<Alryssa> LOL
<TheProf> I think Jason killed them.
<Alryssa> !!!
 * Alden  falls to his knee. WWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!!!!
 * Alryssa  looks at Alden. You're dead. Be quiet!
<TheProf> Jason and Alden had a fight over this redhead next door.
<BetaReadingJondar> he did? tut-tut... what is the world coming to these days?
<TheProf> The red head I had named Bonnie Langford.
<Alden> Prof: LOL!
<TheProf> Right after this Alden went to make dinner and the stove caught fire.
<TheProf> So Alden is trying to put the fire out.
 * Alden unzips.
<TheProf> Meanwhile I send Nathan to the phone to call the fire
	  department (No smoke detector in the kitchen. Big mistake)
<Alden> No fire extinguisher. ;)
<TheProf> Nathan was kind of tired.
<TheProf> He was a profesional daredevil and that takes a lot out of you.
<Alden> Ah, yes, crash testing Linux systems all day.
<BetaReadingJondar> Ah... professional daredevil... he installs
		    operating systems on poor computers all
		    day... >:-)
<TheProf> So Nathan.....fell asleep in the kitchen on the floor 
<TheProf> Both Nathan and Alden died in the fire and
	  Jason......proposed to Bonnie and she accepted.
<TheProf> I am sure that stove was rigged by Jason. I am sure of it!
<Alden> Gosh, how conveeeeeenient. ;)
<BetaReadingJondar> I'll have to tell Jason that he's a naughty boy
		    next time I see him... *looks over his shoulder*
		    Ah, there he is now....
<TheProf> The happy ending is Jason now lives with Bonnie and the urns
	  containing sim Alden and Sim nathan are on both sides of the
 * Alryssa  falls off her chair laughing
<Alryssa> I MUST get this game.
<Alden> Prof: What, exactly, was SimProf doing while all this was going on? :)
<TheProf> I am married to a Miss Sarah jane
<Alden> Ah, figures. ;)
<NathanR> ROTFL
<Alryssa> why am I not surprised?
<Alden> Does the Profess know?
<MegL> where going to tell Proffess
<MegL> ;)
<TheProf> Yeah, she lives in the big house in the neighborhood.
<Alden> SimProfess found out, divorced SimProf and claimed half his
	beanie collection
<TheProf> This game is to wierd.
<MegL> LOL
<Alden> She sold it for 1.3 million.
<TheProf> The fun part was watching Sim Alden and Sim Jason dancing
	  together.....that's another story.
<BetaReadingJondar> Chortle
<Alden> Then she blew it all gambling and has to make money topless dancing.
 * NathanR stares at Alden
 * BetaReadingJondar is told by Jondar to press F11...
 * BetaReadingJondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<BetaReadingJondar> Ah, so that's what it does... :)

Fri Feb 11
<TheProf> I think Alden's Bonnie page is just slightly better than this one.
<NathanR> I think Prof's just slightly understating things
<Alryssa> only slightly??!
<TheProf> Yeah in the way Bill Gates is slightly richer than I am.
 * MegL thinks Prof is blind
 * Alden giggles
<MegL> then again this page we're looking at will blind you
<MegL> orange with blue font
<MegL> :p
<Jondar> Oooh! new color scheme for *evil snicker*
<TheProf> Don't prevoke him. Ny themes are on varos and I don't want
	  them on something that color.
<Jondar> Prof: think about it, I'd prolly be able to make blue on
	 orange look halfway decent :)
<NathanR> Jason could make black on white look halfway decent
<NathanR> Hell, Jason could make black on /black/ look halfway decent

Fri Feb 11
<Jondar> anyone want to come to my 21st birthday barbeque? :)
<Alryssa> Me! Me!
<Alden> when is it?
 * MegL  would if she was on the right continent
<Jondar> March 4, 7pm :)
 * Jondar  is working on the invitations now...
<Alden> heh, I could almost fly over on the Saturday and fly back on the Sunday
<Jondar> Alden: why not? I could prolly put you up for the night
<Jondar> that'd be no problem :)
<TheProf> Yeah, you kill him with a boobytrapped stove and now you
	  want toi have your sister torture him.
<Alden> LOL!
<Jondar> Prof: he gets enough torture from Kylie as it is :)
<TheProf> How stupid dp you think he is?......ok he'd probably do it.

Fri Feb 11
<Nathan_Roberts> Hm... It's only the 11th.... I still have time to get
		 the quotefile done by the same time of the month I
		 got it out last month >:)

Fri Feb 11
<NathanR> Random: Tell me what you think.  I was considering
	  installing this "student copy" of NT that I got with my
	  text`book`, and was backing up in preparation.  The CD burn
<NathanR> Now, is that a Message from Above or a Bad Omen?
<random_C> Tis a message to deny the evil of NT
<Setok> great way of burning an NT CD: throw it in the fireplace

Sat Feb 12
<TomFODW> so you're *not* going?   :(
<Jefferys> No
<Jefferys> I'm very disappointed
<Jefferys> This would have been the perfect year to go and all 
<Jefferys> And I keep on saying I'll go and then the plans of mice of men....
<Setok> hm, go where?
<Jefferys> To Hell
<Jefferys> I was going to meet Joachim
*** Blor has joined #drwhochat
<NathanR> Speak of the devil

Sat Feb 12
 * CrowTRobt sings #let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... on Prof
   and not on me!#

Mon Feb 14
 * random_C wanders in and burps a jet of flame across the channel
<random_C> Mum's curry
<TheProf> I've never had curry myself.
<TheProf> Indian food is not nearly as common here as in Britain.
<random_C> yeah well that's british culture for you. If someone's got
	   something better than you, invade.

Mon Feb 14
 * TheProf throws himself into the Timelash rather than look at Colin's
   coat one more time!
<TheProf> I was saved! I I landed on Peri's (The rest of this joke has
	  been censored by dalnet)

Mon Feb 14
*** TheProf has quit IRC (Quit: Now I'll just check over the Colin
    Baker wallpaper and....My eyes!!! My eyes!!! I'm

Mon Feb 14
<Alryssa> my God, did Nate update the website?
<Alden> *horror sting*
<Alryssa> false alarm. :-P
<Jondar> he added the new K9
<Jondar> that part was added...
<Jondar> no sign of the QF (looks around to make sure Nathan isn't here...)

Mon Feb 14
<TheProf> LOL. Some guy got his Sim killed because the Sim washed
	  their hands and then replaced a light bulb. They had no
	  machanical skill and died.
<TheProf> ZAP!
<TheProf> I did hear someone else say they had a Sim try to fix the
	  shower and had no mechanical skill and the door stuck closed
	  on them and the Sim drowned.
<dse> can Sims die of old age?
<Alryssa> dse: depends if people will let them live that long!

Mon Feb 14
 * Jondar is adding a new section to - someone call the crazy
   webmaster's home!

Tue Feb 15
 * Setok thinks we should have a #dwc meeting in Finland!
<DoctorWho2> What, all one of you?
<Setok> no, everyone should come here!
<DoctorWho2> As if.
<Shel> lol
<Setok> if it was Finns only then I could combine it with the "Finnish
	DrWho Fan Gathering" and sit on my own at the TV watching
	Revelation of the Daleks
<Setok> OTOH I finally convinced the Star Trek club I'm at to show
	some DW so maybe...
<DoctorWho2> New recruits? >:)
<Setok> well we can always dream, can't we? :)

Tue Feb 15
 * TheProf voted for the Oscars. He votes strict Republican.
<MegL> Prof, I didn't know that Bush was acting?

Tue Feb 15
<TheProf> The guy use to manage a resteraunt I liked to go to and he
	  was a wonderful guy. The company finally fired him basicly
	  because they didn't want to pay him what he was making so
	  after 10 years he was out on his butt. I never ate their
	  again but suddenly he was the guy in the suite. Turns out 3
	  days after he lost his job he hit the lottery for a cool 7
	  million. Nice guys do finish first. He tipped me big that

Wed Feb 16
<MadScientistNates> Random and Shel are already conspring to get me to
		    go, somehow...
<Shel> you mentioning it makes me think we have a chance at succeeding ;)
 * MegL giggles and thinks of fans in vans driving to northern California
<MadScientistNates> ROTFLMAO!
<DrFaust> It'll be like Deadheads, only a profusion of hefty folks
	  with prescription glasses. And a distinct lack of
<MegL> DrF, try space gear over tie dye

Wed Feb 16
<TheProf> Steve: Can we look forward to some new pics on DWIA any time
	  in the near future?
<shill66> After I move and get settled, I plan on adding new stuff and
	  possibly, maybe, possibly an overhaul of the site design.
 * Jondar 's eyes light up at the mention of site redesigns >:-)
<TheProf> Down Jason! Down!!!

Wed Feb 16
<TheProf> In class the teacher asked "Does anyone have someone they
	  think may be online right now?" I said my wife was likely
	  online. So he had me send her an e-mail via telnet as a
<TheProf> I wrote "I'll be home in an hour and I expect my dinner to
	  be on the table and my paper ready for me. The wife's reply
	  came up in less than 5 minutes and pops up on the screen for
	  all the class to read.
<TheProf> She wrote"NO!!!!! I'm busy. May I suggest McDonalds or
	  hiring a maid."
<TheProf> Funny thing was when I got home my dinner WAS waiting for me
	  to my shock. :o)

Wed Feb 16
<Shel> what the hell kind of message is this "hello, do you like free sex?"
<Setok> shel: one to which you reply, "Yes, please. My place 20:00."

Wed Feb 16
<DoctorWho> ROTFL
<Shel> nate, all that rooling can't be good for you stiff back ;)
<Shel> oops rolling
<DoctorWho> drooling?
<Shel> drooling on the floor?  did you find "it" one of these past few days? ;)
<DoctorWho> ROTFL
<DoctorWho> As if
<Shel> as if?  you sound like a valley girl ;)
<DoctorWho> If the slang fits, wear it.
<Shel> lol
<Shel> so, you'd wear a valleygirl? ;)
 * Setok would
<DoctorWho> lol
<Shel> well, they would be awfully light, since their heads would be empty
<DoctorWho> LOL
<Setok> shel: that's OK. I'd do all the thinking 
<DoctorWho> Yes, I'm sure you've got enough brainpower to do the
	    thinking for both of you
<Setok> just buy her some chewing gum every now and then to keep her happy
<Setok> life would be sweet ;-)
<Shel> no, you'd be wearing her and her gun snapping would drive you insane
<Shel> oops gum
<Setok> gun snapping? That could get dangerous
<Shel> nah, she'd be your body armor
<Shel> thrusday and friday they say no rain but lots of clouds
<Shel> oops thursday
<NathanR> thrustday?
<Shel> nathan, stop thinking about wearing that valleygirl!

Wed Feb 16
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as TheQuotefileNazi
<TheQuotefileNazi> We're looking at a quotefile double-feature.
		   Anyone want to try for a triple?

Thu Feb 17
<TheProf> I love the feel of freezing rain in the morning. Feels like
	  victory.....actually after a few minutes you lose all
<TheProf> Cool! Tornado warnings. Looks like it's going to be a lovely day.
<TheProf> Auntie Em! Auntie Em!!!!
<TheProf> They say you never feel a thing when a tornado rams a
	  telephone pole through your head at 300mph.

Thu Feb 17
<DrFaust> If Event One was a massive in-rush of hydrogen, doesn't that
	  mean Event Two was the universe breaking wind?

Thu Feb 17
<El_Zoof> Someone once described the Windows 98 password system as a
	  steel door on a cardboard box... he then reformed his
	  opinion to a cardboard door on a cardboard box.

Fri Feb 18
<El_Zoof> "And abruptly, the sound ceased."
* NathanR  falls over dead
<El_Zoof> I was beginning to wonder...
* El_Zoof  pokes the corpse of NathanR to check if he's really dead
* El_Zoof  waits a second
* El_Zoof  has a moment's silence
* El_Zoof  pilfers the corpse for any valuables
* NathanR  suddenly sits up screaming
<El_Zoof> Damn. Here's your watch.
<El_Zoof> I need a watch, too...
<NathanR> You don't want mine.  It's in pretty sad shape
* El_Zoof  sighs bitterly and readjusts his sundial
<El_Zoof> My watch works the same anywhere in the world. It'll do the
	  same things underwater, pn top of Mount Everest, and smashed
	  into little pieces in the bowels of a pig.

Sat Feb 19
<FreeRadical> Apparently, we're the only survivors.  We're the last
	      two people on earth!
 * TheProf scoots farther over on the sofa

Sat Feb 19
<TheProf> You hear I got my own domain?
<FreeRadical> Cool.
<TheProf> Do you own a domain?
<FreeRadical> Yes,  It's not Who related, but
	      neither is the page.
<TheProf> How long have you owned it?
<FreeRadical> About a month, maybe a bit longer.
<TheProf> Ahhhh. So your new to this domain thing
<FreeRadical> Yeah.  It's something I've been seriously thinking about
	      and never had a job to pay for it.
<FreeRadical> It's kind of sad when you get a job to support your
	      hobby, and your hobby is a business.
<TheProf> I've been thinking about a domain for a few months now and
	  finally did it.
<TheProf> I think Nathan is planning to get one as well.

Sun Feb 20
<Anti_at_Work> I worked fast food for 8 1/2 years
<Anti_at_Work> then I went right from fast food into toilet cleaning.
<Anti_at_Work> and from there, I went straight into ISP Tech Support
<Anti_at_Work> no real change there
<Anti_at_Work> just paid twice as much

Mon Feb 21
<Nyssa> Jondar: do people call you Jondar in real life?
<Jondar> Nyssa: yes - it's been my nickname since about 7th grade :)
<TheProf> They also call him other things but never to his face. :o)
<Jondar> along with JB, Jase and JJ
<TheProf> Yes jason people call you cuddles the Bear behind your back.

Mon Feb 21
 * TheProf picks up his DW program guide...Hmmmmmm. It's a very old
   program guide.....but it cronicles the series up to the present
   date.....I must consult the Portreve on the matter.

Mon Feb 21
<TheProf> anyone have a good mp3 of the DW theme?
<DoctorWho> Which one?
 * DoctorWho doesn't know why he asked that, as the only DW theme he
   has on Mp3 is the one Prof doesn't want
<TheProf> Which is?
<DoctorWho> TVM theme, natch
<TheProf> Your right.

Mon Feb 21
*** Nathan_Roberts has quit (Quit: I hate Windows)
<TheProf> Nate: Windows hates you too.
<DoctorWho> I may have to get rid of Windows
<TheProf> Why?
<DoctorWho> Because it doesn't *(&#$ work
<TheProf> Operator error?
<DoctorWho> Operator Bill you must mean?

Mon Feb 21
<TheProf> My sims are being haunted by the ghost of sim Alden
<DoctorWho> Eh?
<TheProf> Yeah I sort of......killed him.
<DoctorWho> Again!?
<TheProf> He had it coming!
<TheProf> He peed in my livingroom!
<DoctorWho> Unh?
<TheProf> The stupid sim releaved himself on my carpet so I waited
	  until he got into the pool and took out the ladder......he
	  fell asleep around 5 am and drowned.
<DoctorWho> o...k...
<TheProf> Now I have his urn in my game room next to the pool table
	  and every once in a while his ghost shows up.
<DoctorWho> LOL
<TheProf> Very scary
<TheProf> You have to go to the urn and mourn in order to keep the
	  ghost from showing up but no way am I going to mourn someone
	  who diddled on my carpet.
<DoctorWho> This is a weird game
<DoctorWho> People pee in living rooms, and fall asleep on the way to the phone
<TheProf> I know. Wierd game.

Mon Feb 21
 * TheProf looks up
<DoctorWho> You know what they say about a watched pot
<TheProf> Yeah, it has to boil sometime.

Mon Feb 21
*** Brigadier has quit (
*** dha has quit (
*** AusME has quit (
<TheProf> I see they all went out to pasture.

Tue Feb 22
<TimJR> hey.... how do you spell 'pies de resistance'?
<RedQueen> piece de resistance
 * Fenric1 bakes Red a French Revolution Pie.
<RedQueen> okay, I'll bite.  tell me, what's a french revolution pie?
<Fenric1> Red: It's one of the pies de resistance, no?

Wed Feb 23
 * TheProf looks at Jason's gun.......your sights are off.
 * TheProf tries to fix Jason's gun (gunshot sound)
<TheProf> Sorry Alden!
 * TheProf wipes off the gun and quickly hands it back to jason.
[Siren sound]
 * TheProf points at Jason "It was horrible! he killed him in cold
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<TheProf> See! He's violent!!!
 * TheProf watches as the police beat jason with billy clubs (sound of
   Jason being beaten)

Wed Feb 23
 * RedQueen desperately craves about 3 gallons of water... I'm so
   thirsty it's unbelievable
<RedQueen> which i think means I have to go home now
<Fenric1> Don't they give ya water fountains at MIT? ;>
<RedQueen> Fen: not good ones... certainly not ones I can drink 2
	   liters of water uot of :)
<Whomiga> much water is in a toilet...
<Whomiga> Just a random thought
<Alden> Depends what shape the toilet is
<Nathan_Roberts> I get the feeling that thought isn't random at all.
<Alden> The ones in the US look like they hold more than the toilets here.
<Alden> Are you talking about the bowl or the tank?
<Whomiga> bowl
<Whomiga> The ones that would be at the University probably have the
	  Jet Flush - no bowl
<Whomiga> No tank rather
<Alden> the loo at the hotel was weird.  When you flushed it, it
	created a vortex in the bowl
<Whomiga> All of them, that I know of here do
<dse> most of them are like that
<Whomiga> Well - Most anyway
<Alden> Most I've seen here use the brute force approach and dump
	water down the bowl
<Whomiga> Is it really bad when we talk about toilets?
<Whomiga> :-)
<Whomiga> I know, I brought it up....
<Nathan_Roberts> Yup... Conversation went right down the crapper... Literally.

Wed Feb 23
<Shel> do i look my height? ;)
 * Fenric1 is 6'0"
<MegL> you don't look short 
<MegL> but you hang around tall guys so it makes everyone look about average :)
<shill> I think I'm 7'15"
<TheProf> Steve: That's the time and your clock is broken. ;o)

Wed Feb 23
<Jondar> *Diet* Mountain Dew!?!?!
<Jondar> and I thought normal Mountain Dew was bad enough...
 * Jondar can't stand any diet soft drinks... taste
   bland/funny/iffy/all of the above
<TheProf> This from a guy who snorts lines of html.

Thu Feb 24
<TheProf> I was working in class doing ftp using linux and told my
	  teacher when I was having problems "Remind me to beat the
	  crap out of my friend Nathan when i get a chance"

Thu Feb 24
<Jondar> is that your final answer? *Regis gets clunked over the head
	 with a frying pan*

Thu Feb 24
<Jondar> hebron's split off, along with it's host server
<TheProf> I swear at times if dalnet was alive it would be on life
	  support with someone holding the plug in their hand.

Thu Feb 24
<TheProf> They arained the guy who dragged that 6 year old to death
	  here today. They brough him in in an armored car with a
	  bullet proof vest on. I say let him go on bail. He won't
	  last 10 feet
<Alden> Prof: I would have brought him hanging out of the armoured car
	dragging along the ground. :P

Fri Feb 25
*** Theta-G is now known as Rolb
<Rolb> Muahahahahaha
<Rolb> I am Lord Rolb, the antiBlor
<Blor> Rolb: You must be an awfully nice guy then.
<Rolb> I can eat a grapefruit with salt and tabasco three times an hour
<Rolb> I can rip the tags off of pillows and mattresses
<Rolb> Fie!
<Rolb> My Archer Enemy!
<Rolb> Aaaagh
*** The_Anti is now known as Lorb
<Rolb> the Blor Force is crubming away my antiBorical particle shield!
<Lorb> I am the Grey Blor! I am neither ultimate Evil OR ultimate good...
<Lorb> I am the Ultimate Neutral!
<Blor> Lorb: You're just some very, very dull person?
 * Lorb pushes his glasses up.
*** NathanR is now known as Orlb
<Orlb> So what's that make me?
<Rolb> Orlb: you are the Indeterminate Blor
<Rolb> the Schroedinger potentially-existent blor
<FreeRadical> No, Orlb is the evil-one's tooth-brush.

Fri Feb 25
<Jondar> "is that your final answer?" *gets clobbered by the
	 Millionaire Game Show haters*
<NathanR> No.  The Final Answer is 42!
<Jondar> Nathan: actually, it think it's C) 42 - but I need to take a
	 lifeline, I'll phone a friend... :)

Fri Feb 25
 * Alden wonders why he can't have a monitor on the ceiling so he can
   irc while lying down
 * Jondar hands Alden a video projector... connect it to your video
   card, then angle it up at your ceiling.
<TheProf> Cool idea
 * TheProf aims his at the far building and has a 27 foot monitor now.
 * TheProf makes a mental not to stay off of the pron sites.
<TheProf> porn I mean
<TheProf> Althoughn the pron sites can be nasty as well.
<FreeRadical> I like Prof's freudian typo, his "mental not"
<TheProf> Mind you I think the nuns who live in that building would
	  get upset as well if I was showing 27 foot tall pictures

Fri Feb 25
 * TheProf throws a three day old balony sandwitch at Nemo. Biological

Sat Feb 26
<Theta-G> there's a tab on that reads, "cons & fandom"
<Theta-G> i keep juxtaposing it in my mind

Sat Feb 26
<TimesChamp> Nemo: all high-rise buildings don't have a 13th floor.
	     The hotel I worked for.. has 22 floors but no 13th floor.
<RedQueen> TC: nonsense.  the Green Building on campus has a 13th floor
<TimesChamp> Eva: Really?  Didn't know that.  
<RedQueen> TC: yeah.  it's 20 storeys, with a 13th floor
<AudioBoy> Well, it doesn't surprise me that MIT's buildings have 13th
	   floors. Mathematicians don't believe in luck. :}

Sat Feb 26
<Shel> my mom gave me this one plant that didn't need much water or
       sunlight... i killed it in a month
<MegL> you need something like Herman. This plant refuses to die
<MegL> :)
 * Alryssa just thinks Shel says too many obscene words around them and
   they die of embarrassment!
<Shel> i don't swear unless there's alcohol involved... or windows crashing
<DoctorWho> You must swear constantly
<TheProf> My wife once said to me after I swore "Watche your damn language"

Sat Feb 26
 * MegL is still wondering why BBC America is showing Deadly Assassin
   and then Robots of Death?
<Alryssa> Meg: Two words: The BBC

Sun Feb 27
 * FreeRadical is browsing at
 * TheProf is browsing at

Tue Feb 29
<Alden> Agnostic = I don't know where I'm going when I die, but I hope
	they have room service

Tue Feb 29
 * Alryssa wonders if she should devise the #dwc Drinking Game?
<Shel> drink for every typo
<Shel> but don't count bob01's or porf's unless you have a high tolerance
<TheProf> You would get blasted in no time
<The_Anti> a shot for every line of song lyrics that Jeff quotes as well..
<Shel> anti, we aren't planning on becoming alcoholics!
<FreeRadical> A shot every time someone mentions Linux after someone
	      else mentions a computer problem.
<FreeRadical> Two if the computer problem is Nate's.

Tue Feb 29
<TheProf> You look like Tara lapinsky
<Alryssa> Tara who?
<TheProf> That runt ice skater
<Alden> Erzi Dax. ;)
<Jondar> Muahahaha Alden!
 * Alryssa fwaps Alden
<TheProf> Hit him again!
 * Alryssa fwaps Alden yet again
<TheProf> Good girl!
<NathanR> Didn't Alryssa once say that the next person to say she
	  looked like Ezri dax was to die?
 * Alden smokes a last cigarette.
 * Alden remembers he doesn't smoke and promptly dies of smoke inhalation

Tue Feb 29
<TheProf> I've done my last DW theme for a while I think.
<TheProf> I want to do some non DW stuff
<Alryssa> Prof: So, what would you use for a #dwc theme? Nathan
	  Roberts is the icon for the recylce bin?
 * Alryssa runs!
<TheProf> Alden would be recycle bin empty.
<Alden> Cause I'm not full of crap, of course.

Tue Feb 29
<Shel> who the hell would go knocking on doors at 1 am?
<TheProf> Someone you don't want to open your door to.

Tue Feb 29
<Jondar> Hi Random and Thete - was AFK
<Theta-G> Archibald Fitzgerald Kennedy?
<MegL> away from keyboard
<Theta-G> oh... away from keyboard... of COURSE!
<Theta-G> *smacks forehead*
<Theta-G> *falls over*
<Theta-G> *decomposes*
<Theta-G> *smells a bit*
 * Alden sniffs. Has Prof been cooking again?

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