The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume IV, Issue I: January 2000

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sat Jan 01
 * Dormouse2 is channel flipping and went from CNN to a shot of ICBMs
   launching...realized then it was TLC...

Sat Jan 01
<TheProf2000> My god. It just hit me. We now live in the 21st
	      century.....does 20th Century Fox have to change it's
	      name now?

Sat Jan 01
 * Alden started out with a 486 25 sx
<Alden> I'm still convinced they missed the "u" out of that

Sat Jan 01
<TheProf2000> I remmeber a friend told me to go to a place called he said I could look for anything on
	      there. First time on the internet I looked up....Doctor
<TheProf2000> I found DWIA. First website I ever went to
<SteveBreon> TheProf - well technically Yahoo was.
<TheProf2000> I know but search engines don't count. :o)
<TheProf2000> Finally one day in 97 I think I read on DWIA that Steve
	      hung out at a place called #drwhochat so I got this
	      funky thing called Mirc which took me days to figure out
	      and finally came to here.
<TheProf2000> I was unimpressed and left but came back two months
	      later and talked with someone named Nathan and never
	      left. :o)
 * SteveBreon runs after Nathan with knives... its all your fault!

Sat Jan 01
*** DoctorWho99 changes topic to 'Happy 1900!'
<TheProf2000> LOL
<dse2000> noooooo we gotta live through the 20th century againnnnnn
<dse2000> and it'll be twice as bad the 2nd time around
 * TheProf2000 looks forward to the 60s and free love

Sat Jan 01
<Crow2000> This New Year is likely to offer some amazing bargains on
	   some items -- namely things like generators, gas bottles
	   and a myriad of other items that were the subject of
	   emergency buying by millions of people worried about the
	   ramifications of Y2K
<DoctorWho99> LOL
<TheProf2000> Crow: They ran out of porta potties here in KC. people
	      bought porta potties for Y2K.
<Crow2000> good lord
<Crow2000> I can see the ebay auctions now
<Crow2000> for auction one porta john never been used honest
<TheProf2000> Some guy on the radio had a standing offer. If you
	      believed the world would end he would buy your home for
	      10 cents on the dollar. Your car too.

Sat Jan 01
<Whomiga> oops - Just read an article about a woman that has a
	  different type of Y2K problem - a tombstone purchased way
	  back in 1960 or so for the Husband has 19__ engraved in it
	  for her death...but she is still alive...
<Crow2000> oh no
<Crow2000> I hadn't thought of that...
<MegL> that's happened a lot
<MegL> it's a major problem
<TheProf2000> I heard that. The local cemetary has several like that
	      and it will cost $50 to change them to 20__
<MegL> it cost $2000 in some cases to get it fixed
<TheProf2000> $500
<TheProf2000> At least here for the cheap ones
<Whomiga> Only way to do it completely is to replace them
<Crow2000> yeah they have to use some special cement and re chisel it
	   too look right
<TheProf2000> Outliving your tombstone is a good thing
<Crow2000> not if it costs you $500
<Whomiga> Gluing a bronze plate over the numerals, filling them with
	  ground granite and glue or hollowing out the area around
	  them would all leave obvious signs that a change was made,
	  said Barbara Glass of Valley Monument Co.
<Whomiga> ''There's no good way to fix a tombstone,'' she said. ''Once
	  it's in stone, well, it's in stone.''
<TheProf2000> Talk about a bunch of pesamists. First they prebuy their
	      tombstones and then they think they will die before
<Crow2000> I would go out with a hammer and chisel and x out the 19
	   and write 20__ above it
* TheProf2000 marks 21__ on his
<Alden> Prof: LOL!!!!
 * Whomiga marks 30__ on his
<Whomiga> Hey, if we are going to think we are going to live
	  forever...lets get serious about it
 * Alden is a cheapskate and isn't buying a tombstone.
<Alden> my family can do that. ;-)
<Crow2000> I feel the same way alden
<Crow2000> I will be dead so I won't care at that point the living can
	   deal with it
<Crow2000> they can bury me in a pine box in potter's field for all I care
 * DoctorWho99 feels the same way
<Crow2000> hell just wrap me in an old blanket and dump me behind the
	   levy when i die
<DoctorWho99> Cremation.  No fuss no muss >;)

Sat Jan 01
*** Heptite has joined #DrWhoChat
<Heptite> Hi?
<Nathan_Roberts> This isn't jeopardy >;)

Sat Jan 01
<CrowTRobt> ok now that we are in 2000 when will that annoying term
	    "y2k" leave our language?
<Shel> probably half way through 2001
<CrowTRobt> ugh
<CrowTRobt> and is it two thousand or twenty hundred?
<CrowTRobt> I should have prepared myself for the new century better...
 * Blor wonders where all the rayguns are
<Blor> I thought we would all have rayguns in the 21st century
<Shel> and vacations to the moon
<CrowTRobt> flying cars and jetpacks too blor
<Blor> yeah!
<Blor> I want my jetpack!
<CrowTRobt> mars colonys
<CrowTRobt> interstelar space flight
<Shel> i want a flying car...
<Blor> I want to soar through the skies, zapping inncent bystanders
       with my raygun!

Sun Jan 02
 * Jondar tests a yellow background... Eew! bright!!
<Jondar> there goes the VarosYellow idea :)
<TheProf> Varos should be brave anyway
<Jondar> LOL Prof
<Alden> Jason: How about VarosPink?
<Alden> Or VarosPlaid? :-)
 * Jondar thinks about adding a webpoll to the themes page... "which
   color should the next Varos 'color theme' be?"
<Nathan_Roberts> VarosPolkaDot?
<TheProf> Can I hit him for you Jason?

Sun Jan 02
 * CrowTRobt goes back to using newsexpress
<Alden> Crow: What's newSEXpress?
<Alden> %-)
<CrowTRobt> ummm
<CrowTRobt> a pr...
 * CrowTRobt fwaps Alden
<Alden> hehehehe
<CrowTRobt> a news reader
<Nathan_Roberts> A pron download program?
<CrowTRobt> no
<CrowTRobt> it is a nice newsreader
<CrowTRobt> and my wife doesn't know it exis... 
<CrowTRobt> er
<CrowTRobt> and it is nice

Sun Jan 02
 * Jondar tries to work out how exactly he's going to mirror the "This
   Week in Doctor Who" document.
<Alden> tnemucod "ohW rotcoD ni keeW sihT" eht
<Alden> There you go.

Sun Jan 02
*** jubyy has joined #DrWhoChat
 * Alden finishes putting his jammies on
*** jubyy has left #DrWhoChat
<Alden> oops, did I weird someone out?

Sun Jan 02
*** TheProf is now known as Rabbi_Prof
 * Alden sticks Prof's T back in.

Sun Jan 02
<TheProf> Newsflash: Seattle mayor cancels all children's birthday
	  parties in Seattle over terrorist fears.
<RandomReboots> Prof, I hope that's a joke
<TheProf> It is. They haven't been able to get the mayor out of his
	  bomb shelter yet.

Sun Jan 02
*** FreeRadical has joined #drwhochat
<Xanta_Claus> free, make sure you steer clear of antioxidants!

Sun Jan 02
<TheProf> Picky little Netsacpe.
<RandomReboots> Netscape is not as forgiving to bad HTML
<RandomReboots> (A bug or a feature? >;)
<CrowTRobt> yeah
<CrowTRobt> a feature
<RandomReboots> Depends on who you ask, probably
 * RandomReboots votes for feature
 * TheProf votes for programmer screw up.
<RandomReboots> Feature: 2, Bug: 1 >:)
<Alden> MS: 0

Sun Jan 02
<Kiri`> random.. is that you or nate?
<RandomReboots> Same person :)
<RandomReboots> ("you" and "nate" that is)
<Kiri`> random and nate are the same person?!  (quick someone call ash.. )

Mon Jan 03
<ScaryDan> my parents were married 20 years last year...
<ScaryDan> i'm 19 in 3 months time...
<ScaryDan> wow...i'm young...
<TopProf> I expected him to say he's 21. :o)
<ScaryDan> apologies to those i've made feel old.
<ScaryDan> *laughs* funny prof
<TopProf> Apology not excepted......*FWAP!*

Mon Jan 03
<Alden> Nate: She won an Oscar for her role in The Piano.
<PhantomReboots> The what?
<ScaryDan> Nate you uncultured buffoon

Mon Jan 03
<madha^^er30> I am not allowed to go skiing
<Alden> I'm not allowed to either.  Not after that dreadful accident
	with the tree
<Alden> I only pushed the nun.  How was I to know there was a tree down there.
<PhantomReboots> ROTFLMAO
<madha^^er30> so is that why Alden is Dain Bramaged
<Alden> Vani: Shhhh, I'm joking
 * MegL giggles
<TheProf> Yeah, he got caught relieving himself on a tree on the ski run.
<madha^^er30> ROTFLMAO
<MegL> ski run or ski nun?

Mon Jan 03
<TheProf> I never get use to the heat. Cold you can put more on. Heat
	  you get arrested after a bit.

Mon Jan 03
<madha^^er30> yea I know you get uncomphortable when it is over 70,
	      you carry a small fan with you
<PhantomReboots> Not anymore I don't... The thing fell apart :/
<PhantomReboots> It never did work very well
<TheProf> Nathan you are not suppose to hook 15 car batteries up to it.
<madha^^er30> no it didn't work , but those don't anyway
<PhantomReboots> Actually, it didn't actually /fall/ apart...
<madha^^er30> ?
<PhantomReboots> That's not what I meant by 'doesn't work'
<TheProf> Thing spun so fast it went airborn
<madha^^er30> you took it apart?
<madha^^er30> LOL
<PhantomReboots> I mean, mechanically the thing never worked properly
<PhantomReboots> There was some problem with the battery contacts
<madha^^er30> no it didn't
<PhantomReboots> I took it apart to try to fix it... never quite got
		 it back together

Mon Jan 03
<PhantomReboots> "You might be a geek if... You've ever tried to fix a
		 5 dollar radio"
<TheProf> LOL
<madha^^er30> LOL
<TheProf> If you skipped your senior prom because it fell on the night
	  you normally do D&D your a geek.
<PhantomReboots> If the only sex you get is the cyber kind, you might
		 be a geek.
<PhantomReboots> If the only sex you get is the cyber kind and you're
		 /married/, you /definately/ are a geek.
<Alden> If you ever passed up a date because "Star Trek is on that night"....
<TheProf> LOL
<Jondar> you might be a geek if... you've never had a date (or a girlfriend) :/
 * PhantomReboots raises his hand
<Alden> That's why I never go to movies on Tuesday night...
<TheProf> You might be a geek if your a kiwi with a website about a
	  redhead.....ops, that's you isn't it Alden?
<Alden> Humph!
<TheProf> LOL
<PhantomReboots> [11:16] <IanLM> If you haven't brushed your teath in
		 over a monty, and STILL had cybersex, you might be an
		 Internet Junkie
<TheProf> I prefer the term techno weenie myself instead of
	  geek. Political correctness and all that.
<PhantomReboots> [11:16] <IanLM> if you are annoyed that you have to
		 find clean underware and socks to go to work, you
		 might be an internet junkie
<madha^^er30> LOL
<PhantomReboots> [11:17] <IanLM> if you're idea of eating on the run
		 is moving your hand from the mouse to a slice of
		 pizza, you might be an internet junkie
<TheProf> LOL
<PhantomReboots> [11:19] <IanLM> If you hear a bell, and it takes you
		 more than ten minutes to figure out it's your
		 doorbell and not Windows telling you you're
		 download's finished, you might be an internet junkie
<Alden> LOL!!!
<Jondar> ROTFL!
<TheProf> LOL!!!!!!
<MegL> LOL
<madha^^er30> LOL!!!!!!
<PhantomReboots> [11:20] <IanLM> If you're wife has to email you for a
		 date, you might be an Internet Junkie
<madha^^er30> PROF!
<PhantomReboots> LOL
<TheProf> For me it is the oposite. :o)
 * MegL rolls
<madha^^er30> <just jokeing> ROTFLMAO
<PhantomReboots> [11:21] <IanLM> if you fotgot you're married, you
		 might be an internet junkie
<madha^^er30> LOL
<PhantomReboots> If I had a girlfriend, she'd probably have to do
		 that, because I'm ALWAYS ONLINE
<PhantomReboots> Using the phone line she would have otherwise called
		 me on %)
<madha^^er30> you know you can meet someone on line
<PhantomReboots> Well I'm not looking...
<PhantomReboots> Just waiting %)
<TheProf> He's saving himself for a real OS.
<Alden> ROTFL!!!!
<PhantomReboots> ROTFLMAO
<PhantomReboots> I told you, Prof, I've already found it.  It's called Linux!
<TheProf> I promised my mother, not until my reboot night.
<madha^^er30> LOL

Mon Jan 03
<NemaDream> I got a insurance card that had me listed as a male. I
	    called them and told them that according to them I was a
	    pregnant male.  It was changed soon after.

Mon Jan 03
 * Alden glares at The Tribe.
<Alden> I don't know why I even bother.
<Nathan_Roberts> bother what?
<Alden> turning the TV on when that show is on.
<Alden> I was hoping for a gritting post-apololyptic drama series, and
	it's South Auckland 90210
<Alden> with bad American accents

Mon Jan 03
<Jondar> there's other smaller brands of soda here... Solo (like
	 Lift), Mirinda (comes in several flavours, one of which is
	 like Fanta)...
<Nathan_Roberts> Mirinda?  Is there a Greg, Pitr, Mike, and A.J. too? >:)

Tue Jan 04
[It's Random's birthday!]
 * Alryssa gives Random a giant cookie.
 * NemoDream hugs random
 * random_C sticks a candle in it
 * Alryssa sings "Happy Birthday to you, squashed tomatoes and stew..."
<random_C> :)
<Alryssa> Bread and butter in the gutter, Happy Birthday to Youuuuuu!!

Tue Jan 04
<Alden> Recommendations: If you like this title, we also
	recommend... You shoot yourself
<NeedAnAspirin> Pull trigger now Yes/No?

Tue Jan 04
*** NemoDream is now known as whoopi
 * whoopi cushions.
 * NeedAnAspirin makes whoopi

Tue Jan 04
<Alryssa> bah humY2KBug!
<Alryssa> or maybe Bah Humilleniumbug
<NathanR> I like Prof's Yawn2k >:)

Tue Jan 04
<htqf> Hah. Story on the TV news: "Y2K didn't happen.  Was it overhyped?"
<NemoDream> Does windows crash?

Tue Jan 04
 * Alden scares himself with his own hair
<Alden> I looked at my shoulder and there's this big hairy thing sitting on it.

Tue Jan 04
<NathanR> Next!
*** President_Prof is now known as Next_
<Alryssa> woohoo. :o)
<Next_> You called?
<Alryssa> Before!
<NathanR> You're next.
<Alryssa> yes he is.
<Next_> next is * Andrew Prins
<NemoDream> Who's next.
<Next_> No, whose on first.
*** Alryssa is now known as First
<First> darn
<NemoDream> no what's on first. Who's next.
<First> that would be me
*** First is now known as Alryssa
*** Next_ is now known as whose
<NemoDream> first is before.
<whose> I'm on first!
 * Alryssa gets a headache!
 * NemoDream babbles incoherently
*** Alryssa is now known as First
<First> Get off me!
<NathanR> Who's on First?  (His wife, I hope >:)
<whose> LOL!
*** NemoDream is now known as what
 * First slaps Whose
 * whose hugs first
<whose> hugs last?
<whose> Bad joke #2371
*** First is now known as Last
 * what tags whose out
 * what trips over last
*** what is now known as Guest57895
 * Last is always that
 * whose begins to become comfused.......make that continues
<Alden> "Theodore Rex"
 * Last bitches at whose and grumbles at what
 * Guest57895 had quite a fall.
 * Guest57895 has amnesia now. ;)
*** Guest57895 is now known as nuts
*** nuts changes topic to 'Identity crisis, #dwc style'

Tue Jan 04
*** The is now known as TheProff
<Whomiga> Reboot, Crash? Yes/Yes
 * TheProf fwaps TheProff around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
*** Alden is now known as TheProof
*** whoopi is now known as NemoDream
*** MegL is now known as TheProuf
 * TheProff giggles
*** TheProf is now known as Windows98
 * Windows98 crashes
*** TheProuf is now known as MegL
*** TheProff is now known as ThePouf
 * ThePouf runs around like a girl.
*** Windows98 is now known as TheProf
* NemoDream gives Pouf a can of hair gel
<TheProf> I strongly agree. Only copy the best.
*** ThePouf is now known as Xerox
<Xerox> *copy*
<Xerox> *flash*
<Xerox> *copy*
<Xerox> *flash*
<Xerox> *copy*
<Xerox> *copy*
<Xerox> *flash*
<Xerox> *flash*
<TheProf> lol

Tue Jan 04
<NathanR> Why didn't any of the girls in MY school photocopy their
	  butts for me? >;)
<TheProf> Because you said you prefered copies of their hard drives.

Tue Jan 04
<Alryssaargh> well, my drink passed the first test.
<Alryssaargh> I didn't go blind.

Tue Jan 04
 * Alden discovers something interesting about Windowblinds
<NemoDream> Alden - the mouse cord makes the monitor fold up vertically?

Tue Jan 04
*** DorothyMcShane is now known as LisSladen
<SarahJane> ;-)
*** Alden is now known as TheProf
 * LisSladen in a bikini! bwahaha
 * TheProf slobbers on Sarah
 * SarahJane eyes Lis and starts a catfight
*** TheProf is now known as Alden
 * LisSladen pops a string
<Alden> Happy? ;-)
<Jondar> heehee
* SarahJane pops a cork
<LisSladen> Too bad Prof isn't around to see this. >:)
<SarahJane> dammit, I have to wear these pink dungarees!
<Alden> If Nate quotefiles it, I'm a dead man.
[Goodbye Alden.  It was nice knowing you >:)]

Tue Jan 04
 * NathanR stares at the quotefile processor
<NathanR> WTF?
<MegL> got me
<Jondar> >>Error: Quotefile not funny enough, shutting down.

Tue Jan 04
[Playboy Magazine's website did an article on Linux]
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Slashdot and sees that Linux's fate is sealed.
 * Alden looks at slashdot
<Nathan_Roberts> Today the Media... Tomorrow the World
<Alden> LOL!
<Alden> Playboy did an article on Linux?
<Alden> I do *not* want to see the photos of Linus.
<Nathan_Roberts> Their website did at any rate.  I dunno if that makes
		 it into the print edition
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Jondar> Playboy did an article on Linux !?!?!
<Brigadier> of course Playboy is doing a review of Linux
<Nathan_Roberts> It was a Pro-linux article too!
<Brigadier> how many porn servers are running apache you think?
<marchhair> Well, maybe they just showed a nude penguin?
<Alden> Dan: You mean without the tux?
<Brigadier> "We examined the performance of Linux on the following
	    sites <list of xxx material>"

Tue Jan 04
 * TheProf yerns for his webcam.
<TheProf> I plan to moon you all when I get it.
<TheProf> Mind you I will have to do it fully clothed or risk
	  frostbite where the sun don't shine.
<TheProf> I would not wish to have to answer the question at the
	  hospital "So Mr Morris. How did you get frostbite on your
<NemoDream> "The heat cut off in the bathroom."
<TheProf> LOL
<NemoDream> "Hold still, Mr. Morris. We'll be sure to keep the chisel
	    away from your skin."

Wed Jan 05
<TheProf> Geekwear by Bill gates fashions.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof gets the Most Fwapped award...
<TheProf> I would like to thank everyone who has hit me. This award
	  belongs as much to you as it does to me. *sob sob sob*
<Ctrl-CVwoman> Prof: wouldn't be a good idea. buy em' and they fall
	       apart the first time you wear them.
<Ctrl-CVwoman> would be the first time a piece of clothing BSOD'd.

Wed Jan 05
<TheProf> They could have Monica Lewinsky on one of those weight loss
	  exercise shows. I can just hear it now. They start doing the
	  deep knee bends and the instructor will say "Monica your
	  doing great. You've done this kind of excercise befopre
	  haven't you?"

Wed Jan 05
<Jondar> [I'll make a convert of you yet, Prof...] --> Muahahahaha!
<Nathan_Roberts> >:)
 * Jondar gets images of the Linux penguin saying "You know you want
   to come to the Linux side" ala Darth Vader...
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> That's more like Prof and Windows.
<TheProf> I find being on the dark side gets ypou more chicks
<Nathan_Roberts> you're already married
<TheProf> Yeah, that's why I need all the help I can get.

Wed Jan 05
<TheProf> Wonderful! The wife wants me to run down to the car and get
	  something at 3:45 in the mnorning.
<Jondar> LOL! TheProfess is a taskmaster...
<NemoDream> prof - mught want to bring a heater with you 
<TheProf> I might want to bring a dog sled
<TheProf> BRB. Think warm thoughts for me.
 * Jondar pictures of Prof roasting in hell with Blor........
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Jondar> I wonder if that'll be warm enough for him :)
<Lyssie> he has snow and sleet right now. A super nova wouldn't feel
	 warm enough.
<TheProf> I think it may be important that I can't feel my face anymore
 * Lyssie tosses Prof into the sun. There. You miiight be able to feel
   your fingers, now...
<TheProf> The thing is I am wearing my thermals so my pants get really
	  cold but I don't feel it....until I sit down and then
<TheProf> Truth is I've really learned to bundle up well so sometimes
	  I really don't feel how cold it is.
<TheProf> I have on thermals, a parka, gloves and a scarf I can use to
	  shiled my face from the wind so I am pretty prepared for
<Jondar> Prof: so you like your time doing "The Invisible Man" impressions? :)
<TheProf> LOL. Just about. When fully decked out I could walk past my
	  mother and she wouldn't know it was me.

Wed Jan 05
<NemoDream> no wonder the editor before the last editor quit. the
	    labels are madness.
 * NemoDream is 3/4 done
<Jondar> NEmo: I thought you finished the labels last night?
<NemoDream> I finished the typing part. I'm doing the sticking/sorting
	    part now.
<Jondar> Nemo: Ah...
<TheProf> You love the sticking. Admit it.
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps Prof
<NemoDream> the sticking's fun.  the sorting sucks.
<TheProf> I was right and nathan hit me....Nate that's my wife's job.

Wed Jan 05
*** TheProf has quit IRC (Quit: First year I wanted coal from santa
    and he gave me an ice maker for Christmas)

Wed Jan 05
<Jondar> LOL! I told WinAmp to randomise the MP3s I have and play
	 them... ended up putting The Sunscreen Song after Ice Ice
	 Baby :)
 * Jondar concludes that WinAmp has weird tastes when it
   randomizes... /Call Me Al/ followed by /Free As A Bird/
<Jondar> these combinations are almost as bad as the ones I used to
	 use on the radio :)
<Jondar> though, nothing compared to the combination that was played
	 when I was off sick... /Let's Talk About Sex/ by Salt 'N Pepa
	 followed by /Bedroom Eyes/ by Kate Cebrano

Wed Jan 05
 * Nathan_Roberts gets out his box of spare parts, and prepares for
   the annaul Purge
<Jondar> Nathan: why does the word "purge" scare me when you're concerned? :)
 * Nathan_Roberts returns, less one computer case and about 20 pits and bieces
 * Jondar fwaps Nathan - now you've got me started on a purge :)

Wed Jan 05
 * Nathan_Roberts pokes Blor
<Man-Thing> WHAT?!
<Shel> i do!
<Shel> err... no, i guess i don't
 * CrowTRobt points to nate
<CrowTRobt> he did it
<Nathan_Roberts> Did not!
<Man-Thing> YES NATHAN?
<CrowTRobt> sorry nate but we would all have to suffer his wrath had i not told
<CrowTRobt> * Nathan_Roberts pokes Blor
<CrowTRobt> ummm
<Nathan_Roberts> Aren't I supposed to die now or something?
<Shel> you did!
 * CrowTRobt hides package
<CrowTRobt> wasn't me honest
<TheProf> It was Chezwho
<Nathan_Roberts> CheezeWho?
<CrowTRobt> yeah him
<TheProf> LOL
<CrowTRobt> what became of our mentally disturbed little buddy anyway?
<Man-Thing> Do you have cheeze doodles over there?
<Nathan_Roberts> Not by that name
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders if those are the same thing as Cheetos
<Man-Thing> Its crunchy yellow thingies that smell like old socks and
	    taste great
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders how the last two bits can go together
<Man-Thing> Nate: There's cheese involved. Go figure.
 * Nathan_Roberts figures 2+2=5
<CrowTRobt> yes blor cheetos are cheese doodles or cheesy poofs
<Nathan_Roberts> Cheesy Poofs??
<Shel> but they're crunchier than most others
<CrowTRobt> I take it you don't watch south park nate...
<Nathan_Roberts> No
<Man-Thing> yumyumyum
<Man-Thing> Its a perfect hangover diet.
<Shel> nah, chili is
<Nathan_Roberts> You speak from experience, I presume
 * Man-Thing dont want anything spicy when hungover.
<Man-Thing> Nothing hotter than ketchup.

Wed Jan 05
 * SteveBreon found something astonishing out yesterday
<SteveBreon> What I found out: Nathan_Roberts and Brigadier are two
	     separate people :)

Thu Jan 06
<CrowTRobt> pokemon is evil
<TheProf> Hey! it's better than the other.
<TheProf> Not by much
<CrowTRobt> at least kids never killed each other for their beanies
<CrowTRobt> oops I said *it*
<CrowTRobt> I hope I don't get sued
<TheProf> You probably will
 * Jondar watches a team of Ty's lawyers batter down Crow's door...
<CrowTRobt> arrrrrgh
<TheProf> It's the Ty secret police!
[SOUND] blgtroop.wav
[TheProf SOUND]
<Jondar> Nathan: maybe we should change the Belgian Troops to Ty lawyers?
<TheProf> ROTFL!
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Ty Stormtroopers? >:)
<Jondar> Nathan: heehee :)
<CrowTRobt> why don't they sue Van de Camp's for making Beanie weenies?
<TheProf> I think they spell theirs Beenie
<Jondar> Crow: actually, Van de Camp can sue Ty for them, apparently
<CrowTRobt> no they don't
<CrowTRobt> they spell it beanie weenie
<CrowTRobt> it has beans in it see
<CrowTRobt> pork n BEANS and weenies
<Jondar> are these like baked beans and sausage or something?
<CrowTRobt> sort of
 * Jondar nods
<TheProf> Ty doesn't own the rights to the name Beanie. They tried two
	  years ago to get it but the goverment copyright office
	  turned them down.
<Jondar> at least I know have a general idea of what you're talking about :)
<CrowTRobt> they have little sliced viena sausage in then
<CrowTRobt> whe I think o f bean sand weenies I think of franks and
<TheProf> It's online someplace. The copyright office has a website
	  and you can look up something and see if it is copyrighted
	  or look up a company and see what they have requested.
 * TheProf had Beanie Weenies for dinner tonight by the way.
<TheProf> I really did.
<TheProf> I was worried Ty would sue me for having dinner.
<Jondar> Prof: did you imagine they were Ty lawyers while eating them? :)
<CrowTRobt> hmmm
<CrowTRobt> I only eat those when my wife isn't here
<CrowTRobt> she feels like I should eat only what she calls "real" food
<MegL> she cooks for you
<MegL> feel blessed
<Nathan_Roberts> Depends on what it is she cooks...
<CrowTRobt> viennas and beanie weenies and junk food isn't food in her opinion
 * Jondar doesn't exactly feel blessed when his father cooks... :)
<CrowTRobt> lol
<Jondar> queasy, yes, blessed? no...
<MegL> I wish you could introduce your dad to prepackaged food that
       cooks up in 15 minutes Jason
<TheProf> My wife cooks for me because of the UN resolution banning my cooking.
<TheProf> 15 minutes to cook something? That's way to long.
<Alden> Hehehe.
<Jondar> Meg: that would make things worse, I think... he hates the
	 microwave like it has the plague or something :)
<MegL> I'm talking stuff that's frozen
 * Nathan_Roberts lives on microwave food
<MegL> you bascially heat it up in a skillit
<TheProf> Who defrosts it. I suck those frozen.
<CrowTRobt> I searched for beanie weenies and got beanie baby web sites
<TheProf> Vam Camps should sue!!!
 * Jondar would just like to see Ty try to sue Lycos, Yahoo! or
   altavista for "linking to sites that contain material that's
   infringes Ty copyright" :)

Thu Jan 06
<Alden> the violations they mention are spamming, remote access
	programs, multiple logins and nuking
 * Alden is a good little boy and does none of those
<Nathan_Roberts> Remote access programs?
<Alden> yeah, like back oriface
<TheProf> Bend over software.
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at the Linux box, complete with telnet daemoon
<Nathan_Roberts> daemon
<TheProf> I like that!
<Nathan_Roberts> Though daemoon seems appropriate, given the
		 conversation at hand...
<Alden> LOL!
<TheProf> If I ever have my own software company it's going to be
	  called bend over software.
<Alden> What sort of software would it produce? :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Crap.
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> Just like Microsoft

Thu Jan  6
<Blor> Police report: Complainant reported neighbor's dog was left
       outside for days at a time. Complainant was concerned for dog's
       well being. Police located dog in question and found it to be a

Sat Jan 08
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at the clock... T-9:45 (roughly)
<NemoDream> what's the countdown to?
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm venturing out from under the rock again
<NemoDream> ah. might want to bring some sunblock
<Alden> Nate: Where is the asylum tour going this week?

Sat Jan 08
 * Jondar has found an article called "A Brief History of" at the Microsoft site
<Alden> Is it written by Steve Hawking?
<Jondar> the article is about the various changes to the Microsoft
	 site since it opened in 1994.
<Jondar> I've considered something similar, but decided, "too many
	 changes, so there's no point" >:-)
<Alden> 02/15/95 - rebooted the server
<Alden> 02/16/95 - rebooted the server
<Alden> 02/17/95 - rebooted the server
<DoctorWho> More like...
<DoctorWho> 02/15/95 10am - rebooted the server
<DoctorWho> 02/15/95 11am - rebooted the server
<DoctorWho> 02/15/95 12pm - rebooted the server
<Alden> 02/15/95 12:30pm - server seems stable
<Jondar> 02/15/95 12:31pm - no, it's not, had to reboot again
<Alden> 02/15/95 2pm - server rebooted of its own accord.  Had a nap.
<Jondar> 02/15/95 4:30pm - woke up from nap... could smell smoke
	 coming from the server...
<Jondar> 02/15/95 4:35pm - extinguished fire
<Jondar> 02/15/95 4:40pm - sent in requisition order to IT department,
	 new server computer
<Alden> 02/15/95 5:00pm - the new Mac arrived
<Jondar> 02/15/95 5:45pm - had to reformat Mac HD - tried to install
	 NT 3.1... it wouldn't work.
<NemoDream> 02/16/95 3:00am Hackers broke in, stole credit card
	    information and CEO bank accounts.  New Windows release
	    sprayed over with "Mac rulz hurr hurr" graffiti.
<NemoDream> 02/16/95 3:02 am Never mind. That was us.

Sat Jan 08
<DoctorWho> Hm.  t-8 hours
<Alden> already?
<Alden> time is flying
 * DoctorWho gets a gun and shoots it down

Sat Jan 08
<NemoDream> how big is 98 cms?
<Alden> <holds hands apart> that wide

Sat Jan 08
<Alden> "Webshots is the #2 most popular download on the Internet!"
<Alden> begging the question: What's number 1 then?
<DoctorWho> Alden: You are number 6 >:)

Sun Jan 09
<Blor> Why do I never learn? DONT have 10 browsers open at the same
       time as the programs you use for work.

Tue Jan 11
<Shel> i watched this really funny thing on tv last night about "relationships"
<Shel> 2 psychologists were battling it out over who's attracted to whom
<Shel> the guy was saying men are attracted to 18-25 year old girls no
       matter what age the man the is - because is "innate" to be
       attracted to women during the women's prime childbearing years
<Shel> and that women are attracted to older men for protection and wisdom
<Shel> while the lady was saying how wrong this guy was and that it
       depends on how the person was raised is what determines who
       they are attracted to
<Setok> well I'm not sure what kind of men attract women really, but I
	can understand the argument that 18-25 year old girls tend to
	attract men
<Setok> of course that's just a generalization
<NathanR> perhaps a bit of both
<Shel> well, my "general" opinion is that men are attracted to long
       blond haired bimbos with big boobs of any age that at least
       look under 40
<Setok> shel: could be true ;-)
<Setok> shel: but what I think you have to remember is that those
	bimbos attract men in a certain way. I doubt many men would
	picture themselves having any kind of serious relationship
	with Pamela Anderson
<Shel> yes, i agree - they are attracted to, but lust wise, not "love"
<Setok> shel: yeah. I guess it's the same with women aswell? Different
	men for different kinds of attractions? ;-)
<Shel> but i think the same thing applies to women, they seem to be
       attracted to the "bad boys" but marry the "stable" ones
<Setok> yeah
<Setok> quite concerning really - I'm not much of a bad boy and
	certainly not stable!
<NathanR> LOL
*** Shel changes topic to 'Free Relationship Therapy from Dr. Lawson
    and Dr. Wolf - Today on #drwhochat, with Special Guest
    Professor Roberts - Resident "Bad Boy"'
<Shel> so nathan, what makes you "bad boys" so desirable?
<Shel> hehehe
<NathanR> You're asking the wrong guy here >:)
<Setok> heh
<Shel> yeah, and setok and i are really the ones to give advice on
<Shel> i've been single 6 years - i think that would make me anything
       *but* an expert :)
<NathanR> I've been single 21 years.  I'm even /less/ of an expert!
<Setok> we have an outsider's view on things ;-)
<NathanR> We're on the outside looking in.  Actually, we're on the
	  outside banging on the door screaming to be let in.
<Setok> nathan: I think you need an invitation to get in
<Setok> and I don't like the look of that massice security guard on
	the other side of the door, just waiting to be allowed to kick
	us out the minute we try to get in..
<Shel> so nathan, you're saying you willful defiance of normal laws is
       what makes you a "bad boy"?
<Shel> staying out (of bed) all night...  talking to all kinds of
       girls on the (computer) phone every night...
<Shel> see, if you leave out certain details, you life sounds like a "playa"
<Setok> hehe
<Setok> nath's a real womenizer
<NathanR> I wish
<Shel> i bet your best pickup line is "hey, let me get in side your
       (computer) case"
<NathanR> WHAT pickup lines?
<NathanR> I wouldn't know a pickup line if it picked me up and threw
	  me into the lake
 * Setok thinks pickup lines are pathetic
<Shel> oh, so they come to you for your (computer) expertise...  you
       must have quite the reputation
<Shel> oh, but pick up lines work on guys :)
<Setok> they do?
<Setok> well maybe they do..
<Setok> I just think the whole concept is a bit silly.. 
<Shel> lol
<Shel> well, i've found guys who "accidentally" start normal
       conversations are the best "pickup"
<Shel> what's funny is the normal conversation is usually about
       horrible past relationships
<Shel> which is how i ended up going out with the past 3 people i dated
<Setok> well I'm in Nath's league when it comes to those things. Never
	really given them a go..
<Shel> so all you have to do is find a way to be pitiful but not
       pathetic :)
<NathanR> That sholdn't be too hard.  I /am/ pitiful %)
<Setok> I mean if I suddenly decided I'd have to talk to some girl I
	wouldn't know what to say, unless it was someone I
	knew. Talking rubbish is just not me...
<Setok> pitiful? Hm.. wonder how I could manage that ;->
<Shel> aren't you in school?
<NathanR> Who?
<Shel> could always scope out some girl in class and ask her a
       question about the class or something
<Setok> shel: what.. at the CS dept??? :)

Tue Jan 11
<Bob01> PokeBob: the foul mouth, lacking proper grammer pokemon??:)

Tue Jan 11
[Prof's thoughts on the latest Jenny Craig spokesperson: Monica Lewinski]
<TheProf> I am all in favor of her using Jenny Craig. The less Monica
	  I see around the more I like it.

Tue Jan 11
<the_quark> Nate - well, what do you want, running a bastardized,
	    years old version of Slackware?  Download something
	    recent, for God's sake.
<NathanR> I want a computer that doesn't reboot itself once a week.
<the_quark> Besides which, without a case, it might be hardware issues.
<NathanR> My thoughts exactly.
<TheProf> I think it's great that your computer is showing some initiative.
<TheProf> I have to admit. I think Nathan is the only person I know
	  who could make a working computer out of two Wheaties boxes,
	  some tin foil, string and an old record player.

Tue Jan 11
<CrowTRobt> Nate do you really think you would be still using 3.11 if
	    I hadn't set you win95?
<NathanR> Probably
<the_quark> And no doubt complaining about how it doesn't work.
<NathanR> Oh, just like I do with Windows 95 you mean?
<NathanR> Or maybe, I'd have gone to Linux and never come back
 * NathanR grabs the battle axe and starts chasing Bill around the room!

Thu Jan 13
<Shel> steve, my parents required a extra curricular activity during
       every sports season
<Nemom> shel - what'd you pick?
<Shel> nemo, to piss off my dad i chose pompons and cheerleading ;)
<SteveBreon> lol shel
<TheLinExpert> ROTFLMAO
<Shel> and after 1 month of pompons he dropped the rule and i quit the squad ;)

Mon Jan 17
<Arcalian> everyone was attacking Adric and someone said he had a
	   saving grace and i said "What's hes not as bad as Mel?"
<Arcalian> needless to say, Alden was not amused....
<DoctorWho> Arc: You said that in front of Alden and you're STILL ALIVE??

Fri Jan 21
 * Jondar still thinks about installing a small swimming pool in this room...
<NathanR> Swimming pool??
<Jondar> Nathan: it's a joke - a comment at how hot it is here

Sat Jan 22
<TheProf> Alden would you happen to have the original pic of Mel
	  screaming you have on that one page? :o)
<Alden> Yeah.
<TheProf> would you be so kind and send it to me?
<nathanR> Two words: File | Save
<TheProf> Nate, the picture is minimised on his page. I need the
	  original full sized version.
<nathanR> D'oh
<TheProf> I plan to use it for an icon with the other monsters
 * TheProf runs for his life!!!!
 * Alden sends beanie-seeking missles after Prof

Sat Jan 22
 * Alden doubletakes at the thing Mariah Carey is wearing
<Jefferys> What's she wearing?
<MegL> wearing or isn't wearing?
<MegL> heheh
<Alden> Erm, isn't wearing. ;)
<Jefferys> hehe
<Lyssie> you mean Carey was actually in clothing?
<nathanR> What exactly is she isn't wearing?
<Alden> Looks like she pasted a couple of squares of fabric to the
	sides of her breasts.
<Alden> She was showing about a 6 inch wide strip of cleavage.
 * Alden didn't get his ruler out or anything.
<Jefferys> LOL
 * Jondar showed his mother the pictures of the ducttape clothing
    yesterday... and she seriously asked me if I'd like to try to make
    something similar :)
<nathanR> LOL
<Heptite> Ducttape clothing? Where?
<Heptite> I saw a corset made out of thinnet, or coax, or something once.
<Jondar> Hep:
 * MegL thinks Jason's mom is creative
<Jondar> Meg: Oh yes, she likes sewing, knitting etc... I think she
	 sees it as a challenge :)
 * Jondar looks at the pair of ducttape gloves.... Hmmm... rubber
   kitchen gloves wrapped with duct tape...
 * Jondar looks for one of his old baseball caps...
 * Jondar comes back with old baseball cap... now to find the duct-tape
<Jondar> duct-tape is useful for fixing cricket batting gloves, and
	 cricket bat handles...
<Jondar> and trust me to find the roll in my cricket kit bag...
<nathanR> LOL
<TheProf> Duck Tape. The handyman's secret weapon.
<TheProf> If you ever saw Red Green you would see duck tape in a whole
	  new light.
<Heptite> Hehehe, I've seen it.
<Jondar> Prof: I've already seen Red Green, and I don't want to see it
	 again, thank-you-very-much :/
<TheProf> One show he was going to remove the legs off a table and he
	  has this hammer so he "Could do the job correctly". and you
	  think he's going to pull the nails out but instead he bashes
	  the legs with the hammer breaking them off.
<Jondar> "Are those biker shorts chaffing? Make your own with duct
	 tape. No more chaffing and in taking them off you get an
	 expencive hair wax for free. " -- from the duct tape site,
	 "uses for duct tape"
 * Jondar has half covered this baseball cap with duct tape...
<Jondar> I suppose people would like to see this cap once it's been
	 completely covered in ducttape? :)
<nathanR> Natch
<Alden> Jason: Yes. :)
<Jondar> this is strangely reminding me of my 10th grade final art assignment
<Jondar> the rules of the 10th grade art assignment were to make a
	 sculpture out of an old school desk chair, and the junk we
	 find on the field trip to the "reverse garbage" art store
<Jondar> I made a "virtual reality machine" scupltre, and win 3rd
	 prize in the regional art show :)
<Jondar> duct tape and silver spray paint featured prominently
<Jondar> the virtual reality machine didnt' really work, but I'd found
	 an old keyboard, and old motorbike helmet, and the virtual
	 machine idea was too good to waste
<Jondar> even wired up several LEDs that would flash :)
<nathanR> Sounds like the sort of thing a BBC prop department would
	  come up with >:)_
<Jondar> Nathan: yeah... :)
<Jondar> "As a single guy trying to scrape toget all the money I can,
	 I often find myself accidentally spending the money I've set
	 aside for rent. This month, I've put all my rent money in an
	 envelope and layered it with about twenty strips of Duct Tape
	 all around the outside of the package. I labeled it "RENT, DO
	 NOT SPEND" with a Sharpie marker. I then Duct Taped the whole
	 bundle to the underside of my mattress until rent day. I have
	 no idea how I'm going to op
<Jondar> "I may just mail the whole thing to the landlord and let him
	 worry about it. But at least I know my money is safe!!" ---
	 Joel B.
<Jondar> "My brother wrapped his feet in duct tape once, and he didn't
	 need socks for a week, until my Mom made him take off the
	 tape." --- Kyle Petersen
<Jondar> "When I was in high school, one of my friends decided to
	 contribute to the united way charity drive. His way of
	 contributing?  he sold pieces of duct tape for 1$ and
	 purchasers were able to stick him to one of the pillars in
	 the school cafeteria. Quite a creative way to give to
	 charity, eh?!" --- Leigh Chapman
<NathanR> stick... him... to... one... of... the... pillars... ?
<Jondar> "When I was a kid, there was an especially hot week in
	 summer. Too hot to do anything outside except swim. I made a
	 pool out of four lawn chairs, some 2X6 boards, a role of
	 black landscaping plastic. The whole thing was held together
	 with the most useful tool of all, duct tape. My brother and I
	 spent those hot summer days relaxing and playing in our
	 pool. The pool was about 10'X15', and was 3' deep. Very large
	 for a couple of little kids, and a whole lot
<NathanR> Wow
<NathanR> Roll your own pool
<Jondar> yeah, it's given me some scary ideas :)
<NathanR> Do I want to know?
<Jondar> you know how I was commenting earlier that I needed a pool in
	 here... >:-)

Sat Jan 22
<Alden> OK, and yikes is mimisized to the desktop instead of the taskba
<Alden> r
<NathanR> Two words.  Reboot Time
<Alden> actually, the two words I was thinking of were "holy" and "shit"

Sun Jan 23
<Shel> whoa, windchill -30
<TheProf> chilly
<TheProf> My wind chill is a mere 4 degrees.
<Shel> high tomorrow is estimated to be 18
<TheProf> At least it's a dry cold.

Mon Jan 24
<Jondar> Whoa! Australia scored 330 in their innings of the cricket...
<TheProf> YYEEEAAHHHHH!!!! that good Jason?
<Jondar> Prof: yes, it is.
<Jondar> especially for a 50-over game
<TheProf> It's old folks playing?
<Jondar> no
<Jondar> an over is a group of 6 balls bowled
<TheProf> Jason I'm afraid my cricket is a bit on the dim side. :o)
<Jondar> Prof: that much is obvious >:-)
<TheProf> I'll take you to a baseball game when you get over here and
	  tell you the rules wrong.

Mon Jan 24
<TheProf> Speaking of the games, Sydney should be getting all fired up
	  soon with those right around the corner.
<Jondar> Prof: Sydney has been fired up pretty much from the day it
	 won the bid :)
 * TheProf half expects jason to come running into the channel waving
   this big tourch proudly and setting the curtains on fire with it.

Mon Jan 24
<Jondar> one of the biggest problems at the moment is that they've got
	 three universities trying to work out a way to get the torch
	 to burn underwater
<Jondar> the organisers want the torch to go over the Great Barrier
	 Reef, with a scuba diver :)
<TheProf> Jason: How about just leaving it on dry land? that would be
	  much better than having it go out don't you think?
<Dormouse2> huh??? an underwater torch?
<Jondar> yes, an underwater torch :)
<Morentis> Those crazy Aussies.
<TheProf> I knew we should have let China have the games. 
 * Morentis snickers.
<Dormouse2> and I thought we only set fire to our waters here in the States
<Alden> it could go over the great barrier reef on a boat maybe. :)
<Jondar> the torch is going by foot, by car, by road train (truck), by
	 train, by plane, by Sydney Harbour ferry, by inflatable raft,
	 on horseback...
<Morentis> Yeah, have the runner run in place on a raft.
<Jondar> by boat,
<Morentis> By dingo!
<TheProf> How about good old fashion running with the thing?
<Morentis> By razorback!
<Jondar> by camel
<Dormouse2> a flaming dingo
<Jondar> Prof: most of it is being run :)
<Dormouse2> By roo?
<Morentis> Yes, yes, I can see it... a burning razorback....
<Jondar> but they're also trying to think of unique ways of carrying the torch
<Morentis> Do it like the Greeks did. Naked.
<Jondar> also, some places are so remote, that going by plane is the
	 only practical way of transporting it
<TheProf> How about strapping it to a Kangaroo? I can imagine this
	  tewrrified kangaroo with this flaming torch strapped onto it
	  running away into the outback
<Jondar> the torch is being relayed a 100 days before being lit at the
	 opening ceremony
<Morentis> By angry crocodile.
<Dormouse2> set fire to the Crocodile Hunter and...
<Jondar> it spends 5 days just going around the Sydney metropolitan area :)
<TheProf> The passoff Eric could be nasty....especially if the next
	  runner is one of those little children they like to have run
<TheProf> How about Paul Hogan!?
<Alden> Rolf Harris.
<Morentis> Yes! Everyone loves Paul Hogan! Especially the Aussies!
<TheProf> He could have it on a burning knife.
<Morentis> Or we could just set his head aflame.
<Alden> hehehehe
<TheProf> ROTFL
<Morentis> Fair dinkum!
<TheProf> Now an even better idea would be by surfer to bring it to
	  the Australian shore........oops!!! Whipeout!!!
<Jondar> Prof: they considered that actually, when the torch arrives
	 at Manly Beach, but settled for it going out by livesaver
	 dinghy :)
 * Alden does wonder where that flaming arrow eventually landed that
   one olympics...
<Jondar> Alden: in the cauldron
<Jondar> AFAIK
<NathanR> flaming arrow?
<Alden> I thought it went clear over.
<Jondar> Nathan: Barcelona
<NathanR> ?
<NathanR> That doesn't tell me anything
<TheProf> Jason: Is their any way the torch won't be traveling in
	  Australia? Michael palin hasn't travelled on this many
<Alden> They later showed footage from another angle and the arrow
	flew straight over it.
<Jondar> the cauldron in the Barcelona stadium was lit by a flaming arrow
<Jondar> in 1992
<TheProf> They emptied part of the parking lot as a landing zone for
	  the flaming missile.
<Morentis> Welcome to the Olympics! Incoming!
<Alden> that's it!  you could light it by setting Paul Hogan alight
	and firing him out of a catapault!
<NathanR> LOL
<TheProf> LOL
<Jondar> the only thing they've kept secret is where the main cauldron
	 is going to be in the stadium, and the people that get the
	 honour of lighting the cauldron, and bringing the torch into
	 the stadium
<Morentis> "Micheal J. 'Crocodile' Dundee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......"
 * Dormouse2 makes a note to never order "Flaming Hoagies" again...
<Alden> Prof: I hope whoever fired it had good aim, or some people
	woulda gone back to find their cars burned out...
<NathanR> LOL!!
 * TheProf has visions of Paul Hogan being told he would be allowed to
   carry the torch into the stadium. he gets there and they douse him
   with gas and set him on fire. he goes running screaming into the
   stadium where the next runner lights his tourch off of his burning
<NathanR> Muahahahaha!
<Jondar> LOL Prof
<Morentis> Poor Paul Hogan. :)
<TheProf> Paul "I had one good movie" Hogan.
<Jondar> someone writing to a newspaper suggested that the cauldron
	 should be lit by a flaming boomerang :)
<TheProf> LOL!!!
<Dormouse2> "RUN! It's on it's way back!!!"
<Morentis> What if the boomerang came back?
<Jondar> Eric: that was my thought when I read the article :)
<Jondar> they do know the first person to carry the torch on
	 Australian soil. An aboriginal athlete named Nova
	 Perris-Kneebone will run with the torch around Ayers Rock
 * Alden sings: My boomerang won't come back
<TheProf> The Australians are just mad right now because at the last
	  Olympics when they won a gold medal the band played "I come
	  from a land down Under" for the Australian National
	  Anthem". An honest mistake I thought.
<Jondar> Prof: heh
<Jondar> Prof: an Australian won a skiiing event last year, at the
	 award ceremony there was a lot of embarrassment, when the
	 they didn't have a copy of the anthem or an Australian flag
	 to put on the flagpole :)
<NathanR> D'oh!
<Jondar> this was in France or Switzerland, IIRC
<TheProf> I do think the adding of the Crock wrestling and beer
	  drinking as Olympic events at Sydney was a nice touch
	  though. Admit it. you'd watch those over race walking any
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<TheProf> Be honest. Would you rather see crocadile wrestling or a
	  bunch of people trying to walk fast? I can go down to the
	  mall and watch that.
<Jondar> I'd rather see neither of those :)
<Morentis> I'd rather see fast-walking people wrestle crocodiles.
<TheProf> What would really be fun is to watch the beer drinking
	  medalists try to crawl up to the podium for their
	  medals. "Now we see the Russian Gold medalist accdepting his
	  medal. he bows down for the medal to be placed over his head
	  and OH my! That was rather discusting wasn't it!"

Mon Jan 24
<Jondar> Melbourne got very upset at not having the Olympic Games
	 again in 1996, that the leader of the state government down
	 there proceeded to try to steal every other major national
	 sporting event from other Australian cities
<TheProf> Shoplifting sprting events is a major no no.
<Jondar> exactly
<Dormouse2> How about shoplifting AS a sporting event?
<Jondar> ROTFL Buster
<Jondar> how would points and medals be awarded?
<Jondar> for the most you can steal?
<Jondar> the most creative way of stealing?
<Dormouse2> value I would think..creativity yeah
<Jondar> the most expensive item
<Dormouse2> Ever see a teenager shove 6 record ALBUMS in his pants and
	    try to get away?
<Jondar> Dor: yes
<Alden> LOL!

Mon Jan 24
<NathanR> Someone in another room is working on a CGI counter, and was
	  wondering what to call it.  I suggested count++ >:)

Tue Jan 25
<TheProf> And now a word from our lawyers...  If you are under 13,
          please do not send us an e-mail because our lawyers tell us
          we cannot answer your message.
<TheProf> Wonderful. A soap company that hates children.
<TheProf> Mind you some 12 year old read that and e-mailed them "You
	  all a bunch of dweebs."
<MegL> no, a soap company that's been threated to be sued by some parent
<MegL> more likely
<Jondar> actually, it's to do with privacy details, apparently
<MegL> oh yes! that would another reason
 * MegL remembers we've got a law about not allowing kids under a
   certain age to give out info on themselves without parental
<Jondar> apparently you have to get permission to collect personal
	 details from minors, or something. An email addy could be
	 considered personal details
<MegL> Jason, if the site uses a java type email, they might take cookies
<Jondar> Meg: yeah, I know
<TheProf> Guys your having a serious talk about the morals of a
	  webpage on dishwashing soap. Stop it.

Thu Jan 27
<TheProf> It has snowed in sacramento a few times but it's very rare
<TheProf> In fact it's snowing here as we speak. brb
<TheProf> Just RADW snow.
<TheProf> ie just a few flakes, nothing to be taken seriously.

Thu Jan 27
<Jondar> the EFnet #drwho people are there, but they don't talk :)
<TheProf> Can they teach the people in RADW?

Fri Jan 28
<IsraelBeta> Rusty: One line of dialogue I would have to put in the
	     movie: "Sydney, this is the *third* time someone's tried
	     to kill you!  Once is a nutjob, twice is a psychotic,
	     three times...what, did you piss off Satan?"

Fri Jan 28
<Brigadier> what is a numberplate
<Alden> Brig: what you stick on your car.
<Brigadier> oh you mean a license plate
<Alden> If you like.
<Jondar> no, it's a numberplate, we don't want any more Americanisms
	 here thanks! :)

Sat Jan 29
 * Jefferys_Away  gets out the steel guitar and strums.
<Jefferys_Away> Well if you ever plan to motor west
<Jefferys_Away> Take my way, that's the highway that's the best
<Jefferys_Away> Get your kicks on route 66
<Jondar> I'll give Jeff his kicks on route 66, and a /kick out of the
	 channel if he doesn't stop singing :)

Sat Jan 29
 * Setok  wonders if he has slightly lost his mind 
<Arcalian> Setok: you are a regular in this chatroom; i dont think
	   "slightly" comes into it

Sat Jan 29
<TheProf> Some jerk outbid my wife on an auction and then sent her a
	  snide e-mail afterwards.
<Edict_of_Expert> Prof: What did he say?
<Theta-G> DENIED! *moon*
<Shel> GRANTED! *sun*
<TheProf> Ha ha ha ha ha! I won.
<TheProf> I sent a reply that simply said "I suggest you grow up"
<Theta-G> sounds like he really need to savor those rare successes in his life

Sat Jan 29
*** Theta-G has quit (Quit: 404 Not Found)

Sat Jan 29
 * Jondar remembers what he and a friend did with SimCity on the
   Commodore 64... we built a city up one day, saved it, and then the
   next morning, we loaded SimCity, loaded the save game, and then
   went out for the day. When we came home that night, SimCity was
   still going, and with a sizeable amount of money in the bank >:-)
<Alden> I've heard of people doing that with Roller Coaster Tycoon
<Alden> Course, sometimes it backfires and they end up with vomit and
	litter everywhere.

Sat Jan 29
 * Alden hufs Meg and Ana.
 * MegL hufs and hugs alden
<MegL> heheh
<Alden> er, hugs
 * DoctorWho hufs and pufs Alden
<MegL> HR Puffinstuff?
 * DoctorWho huffs and puffs and blows the channel down
 * MegL made of brick >;-)
<DoctorWho> D'oh!
 * DoctorWho huffs and puffs and goes off to get the TNT

Sun Jan 30
 * NathanR  ponders what cd to burn next
<NathanR> er... rip next
<The_Anti> Nate: burn "Cher's Greatest Hits"
<The_Anti> I'd love to see the plastic melt.. :)

Mon Jan 31
<Jondar> Eeep! I have to update
<The_Anti> lord knows it was only updated 20 minutes ago.. :P
<Alden> Jason: this is new? ;)
<Jondar> Alden: I actually have to remove stuff
<DoctorWho> Remove... stuff... ?
*** The_Anti has changed the topic to: Rare moment in History, Jason's
        actually going to _remove_ something from in an

Mon Jan 31
 * PommyAus wonders why hes started going from content to really hungry
   in a second lately.
<Jondar> IRCing burns calories? >:-)
<PommyAus> Could be Jason, could be.
<Jondar> "New wonder exercise from #DWC Systems.... IRC - burns
	 calories, tones muscle* --- *IRCing should only be used in
	 conjunction with a balanced diet"
<Alryssa> IRCing can help weight control only as part of a balanced diet...
<Alryssa> side effects include... giggling bouts, inhuman typing speeds...
<PommyAus> Warning, may contain elements harmful to backs.
<PommyAus> Contains Nuts.  Lots of 'em
<Jondar> Alryssa: other side effects: lack of social skills,
	 incoherent speech patterns...
<NemoDream> ....acronymic lingo...
<PommyAus> Can induce insomnia
<NemoDream> ... says l oh l instead of laughing....
<Alryssa> May cause Abbrev. of lang.

Mon Jan 31
<Alden> OK, opinions please...
<Jondar> Alden: sure - "Star Wars is a load of drivel" >:-)
<Alden> which looks better: or
 * Jondar notes that his injection of Alden with Jondar's Disease is
   progressing nicely... Alden's updating his website again... :)

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