The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue X: November 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Tue Nov 02 [22:27]
 * NathanR can't wait for the presedential smear campaign over here... (NOT)
<Alden> Nate: I thought Clinton was doing a pretty good job of
        smearing himself...

Wed Nov 03 [00:17]
 * TheProf begins pulling out asorted torture devices.
 * NathanR pulls out the Demat gun
 * TheProf sets up a chair in the corner and places all his thumb screws and
   alike on a table next to it.
 * Jondar activates his personal forceshield
 * TheProf pulls out Nathan's old beloved teddy bear from when he was a child
   and says 'If you want the bear to live........QF."
 * NathanR demats Prof with the Selective Demat Gun (tm)
<TheProf> Fair enough
*** TheProf is now known as splattered_remains_of_TheProf
 * splattered_remains_of_TheProf oozes across the room onto the couch
 * NathanR cleans up Prof and flushes him down the toilet
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> Water ride!!!

Wed Nov 03 [00:31]
 * NathanR stares at Prof
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> You see a beautiful sight Nathan.
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> Slightly frozen but still lovely.
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> I may actually end up buying Long Johns. 
                                I can't believe it.
<NathanR> Wimp
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> Spokne from someone in California.

Wed Nov 03 [00:55]
 * Alden wonders if anyone dressed up as Dust Puppy for Halloween
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> My wife went as a Beanie baby.
<Alden> Prof: Now that's a straight line and a half. :-)
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> She got a white jump suit and put stars on it
                                and wore a heart earing. She wnet as Glory
                                the bear.
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> She put on the costume and said "What do you
                                think?" I told her this had some really kinky

Wed Nov 03 [01:00]
 * Alden suddenly realises why Meg's been really quiet.
<splattered_remains_of_TheProf> Because she's not here?
<NathanR> LOL
<Jondar> :)
 * splattered_remains_of_TheProf reaches over and turns up Alden's observation
*** AldenB has joined #DrWhoChat
*** Alden has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by AldenB)))
<AldenB> And suddenly I wasn't either!

Thu Nov 04 [23:37]
*** Topic is 'How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center 
    of a tootsie pop?'
 * TheProf knows the answer to the topic. 51.
<TheProf> I did it and counted once
<DoctorWho> So that's what's wrong with Prof

Thu Nov 04 [23:37]
 * DoctorWho had something interesting happen in Windows a few minutes ago
<Alden> Nate: Something worked?
<DoctorWho> Alden: I said interesting, not miraculous

Fri Nov 05 [00:21]
 * Alden takes his socks off
 * MegL faints

Fri Nov 05 [01:23] 
<TheProf> Watching messages from someone badly lagged is like going to to a bar
          and listening to the guy at the end of the counter talk after he's
          had 12 cold ones.  It makes very little sense.

Fri Nov 05 [21:54]
*** SuperGeek is now known as DoctorWho
<HurricaneSpecialist> "He's a SuperGeek, SuperGeek! He's SuperGeeky! Yow!"

Sun Nov 07 [00:52]
<Starfury> maybe it's like colonel and is spelled totally different than
           it's pronounced
<Starfury> only in english could olo sound like er.
*** DoctorWho is now known as DoctoloWho

Sun Nov 07 [00:54]
*** Alden is now known as DucterHu
<Starfury> Alden: wasn't that some porn star?
<DucterHu> Becky: Erm... I dunno, I don't know the names of any porn stars
<DucterHu> Oh, apart from Mel Bush.
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<DucterHu> Hi Prof
 * TheProf does a whois on DoctorHu and is not surprised to find it is Alden.
<DucterHu> With my luck, Prof will probably now ask why I'm using the nick of
           a porn star.
<TheProf> I would never ask a question I don't want the answer to.

Sun Nov 07 [01:09]
<Starfury> I'll have to move it back onto the floor before I can sleep
<DucterHu> oh dear...
<Jondar> Ah, you've been taking lessons from the Nate school of
         household cleaning? :)
[I get disconnected]
<Jondar> Damn! he prolly didn't see the quip :/
<TheProf> There's never a Nathan around when you need one.
 * TheProf luckly keeps a spare at all times.

Sun Nov 07 [01:10]
<TheProf> Everything I say should be imortalized in the quotefile. :o)
<TheProf> I just wish Nathan would run spellcheck on it first.
<DoctoloWho> I tried once, Prof.  The spellchecker ran screaming in horror

Sun Nov 07 [03:25]
<AldenB> Oh, goody, an 0900 number to check your lotto numbers.
<Jondar> Alden: Your........... lotto............. numbers............. 
         are............... thirty...............  one.............

Sun Nov 07 [15:56]
<HidingFromStrangeIRCers> I'm always surprised by the first snowfall of the
                          year, cause it's so quiet. 'Course, it's always
                          quiet. But the first one's always a bit surreal.
 * Whomiga would be real surprised by the first snowfall of the year...
   probably because it would be either the only snowfall of the year - 
   or the beginning of a new ice age...

Mon Nov 08 [01:23]
 * Jondar drops three anvils on his ISP...
 * Jondar phones ACME Labs and places an order for four anvils for the next ISP
 * Alryssa orders a large grand piano.
 * TheProf sends Jason a tin can and string
<Alryssa> as well as six aardvarks, fifteen million cans of campbells soup,
          and a half-gallon of boiling oil.
<Jondar> Oooh! hi tech equipment!
 * Alryssa also sends the vital paperclip.
 * Nathan_Roberts sends chewing gum and bailing wire
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, and duct tape
<TheProf> If you go below 20 just wistle into the will be faster
<TheProf> Most folks can whitsle at 24.4
 * Jondar tries whistlidjweujejfiojirgr eigo...............
<TheProf> It takes practice
 * Alryssa whistles and gets the whole neighbourhood's dogs outside.
<Alryssa> um. Lycos? Go get it!
<Jondar> heehee... a friend of mine named his new dog Yahoo :)

Mon Nov 08 [01:44]
<TheProf> My real name is Louise but nobody calls me that.....not even Mom.

Mon Nov 08 [13:14]
*** Big_Brother has joined #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> hi Jeff
<TheProf> Your just suppose to watch I thought?
*** TheProf is now known as Little_Brother
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as Middle_Brother
<Little_Brother> Oh brother!

Mon Nov 08
<Setok> (Star Wars in the form of thumbs)
<TomFODW> I guess the playboy channel has star wars in the form of some other
          part of the anatomy

Mon Nov 08 [23:23]
 * TheProf sees two pending messages for the e-mail list.
<TheProf> One is Jeffery which is no problem.
<HuggyDan> the other is which is me!
<TheProf> LOL! I was going to ask that to the room about who this was. :o)
<Jondar_Scanning> LOL! what a user name :)
<TheProf> Not sure still if I should aprove you. I mean we can't have an ego
          on the list bigger than mine.

Tue Nov 09 [01:10]
<HuggyDan> can ONE of the DoctorWho's please change back!!!!!
<HuggyDan> i'm confused!
<HuggyDan> and if anyone says "so's the TARDIS" i'll hit them
<Doctor_Who> So's the....never mind
<DoctorWho> Nevermind, I'll have him completely bewildered by the time I'm
<DoctorWho> I knew Prof was going to say that

Tue Nov 09 [01:30]
[Watching the Five Doctors on the Thetacam]
 * Jondar adjusts his contrast using the convenient test pattern that
   Tegan's wearing... Oh... that's a *dress* :)
<TheProf> By shows end she loses her rain coat, jacket, gloves and purse.
<HuggyDan> Prof - i bet you're wishing the show went for another 90minutes \
           so she could lose the rest...
<TheProf> Two more episodes and we are an R rating

Tue Nov 09
 * Alden wonders if when he watches TATR with the subtitles on, the screen
   will fill up with "(Mel screams)"

Tue Nov 09 [14:55]
<TimJR> Heres a strange joke-
<TimJR> Whats black and white and black and white and black and white?
<TimJR> Michael Jackson!

Tue Nov 09
 * thetaWerk looks at Nathan
<DoctorWh007> Hm?
<thetaWerk> The world of Gallifrey is not enough.

Tue Nov 09 [23:52]
<TheProf> This is officially Kansas City Winter preparedness week here. They
          are having special reports all week on the news on things like space
          heaters, driving in snow and alike. Pretty hard to take seriously
          when it was 80 degreees today and I had to get up during a report on
          treating frostbite to turn on the air conditioner.

Wed Nov 10
<The_Anti> I've already talked to the bosses at work, they won't let me take
           the Anti-Cam on location so you can see me hard at work telling 
           people what to do with their cheap computers...
<DoctorWho> Does what you tell them involve a window?
<The_Anti> Nate: for the people who run 386's and Win 3.0 and a 2400 
           baud modem: yes.

Wed Nov 10
<The_Anti> "Why can I not get the Internet? I've got a top of the line modem
           here..." "and what speed is it set at?" "uh.. 9600.. that's about
           as high as it goes.."
<Alden> Top of the line.... six years ago
<The_Anti> "How long have you had this computer?" "Oh I bought it last week
           from some store..."
<TheProf> Try 10 years ago
<CrowTRobt> try from uncle fred
 * The_Anti has discovered that Best Buy must be doing some liquidation.. 
   lots of 'new' 486's with 14.4 modem calls, that they just bought within
   a month.

Wed Nov 10 [01:38]
<Alden> What's the difference between a git and a jerk?
<Heptite> Maybe not much...
<Jondar> Alden: a few more braincells? :)
<Heptite> I view a git as being a bit more innocent of your annoying 
          actions/habits than a jerk.
<Jondar> as I said, having a few more braincells :)
<Heptite> If I accidentally kick you because I don't know how to handle my
          client/script, I'd be considered a git.  If I just kicked you
          'cause I wanted to, I'd be a jerk.
<Theta-T> i'll pass on the demonstration ;-)

Wed Nov 10 [02:21]
<Jondar> I would too, but at the moment, I have a cashflow problem :/
 * TheProf has one too. It's called the wife at the mall and boy can the cash
<Alden> Prof: Just remember, the answer to the question "Can I borrow the
        credit card" is "no!" ;-)

Wed Nov 10 
<Jondar> a new fridge that beeps when the door is open too long... on the TV
         ad... a teenage boy has the fridge open too long, and it beeps, he
         asks his mother "What happens when the fridge beeps at you?" - 
         Mother: "It means that if you don't shut the door, the fridge will 
         reverse over you" :)

Thu Nov 11 [23:54]
<marchhair> Does anyone know if Future Overlord Bill prefers Kirk or Picard?
<marchhair> I want to make sure I'm on the winning side.
<dse> Mh: Janeway, actually ;)
 * marchhair is not sure I can bend that far to please the Future Overlord.
<Alden> Dan: I heard he was a Who fan
<marchhair> I like Alden's answer better.
<marchhair> He probably wants a planet collection like in the Pirate Planet.
<Alden> "Lord Gates!"  "*hiss* *wheeze*"
<marchhair> "Nerds of Earth. I AM YOUR FATHER!!!"
<marchhair> Meanwhile, C3P0 crashes.
<Alden> "Noooooooo!  The penguin told me you killed my father!"
<marchhair> "Oh, well, uh... I AM YOUR MOTHER!!!"
<Alden> Now that's just scary. ;-)
<marchhair> I got more scary in one pinky than most people do in their whole 
            severed heads

Fri Nov 12 [00:41]
*** Topic is 'Nathan Roberts is back in, "The World Wide Web Is Not Enough"'

Fri Nov 12 [01:28]
 * TheProf is web browsing at: 12
<TheProf> I could make the text a slightly lighter shade of blue.
<TheProf> Opinions?
<Alden> Clinton needs to raise public awareness
<Alden> Oh, wait, you mean about your page?

Fri Nov 12 [01:53]
<Alden> Why is it no matter how many times I tidy my desk, it's covered in
        paper and junk again a few months later?
<Nathan_Roberts> Because you're a geek
<Alden> I have the geek power to instantly untidy desks....
<Alden> "Oh no, Bill Clinton's about to declare war on New Zealand!"
        <touchs desk> "Ha! Now he'll never find the declaration of War
        to sign!"

Fri Nov 12 [02:12]
<Alden> Prof: DirectX they are improving it so much that it's now faster than
        buying a 3DFX graphics card, apparently.
<Nathan_Roberts> According to who?
<Alden> Erm... Morgan
 * Alden withdraws his case

Fri Nov 12 [06:39]
 * CrowTRobt has been looking at his web site trying to decide what else
   it needs
<Jondar> in my case, sanity :)
<RandomReboots> Jondar: In your case, restraint >:)
<Jondar> Nate: well, the *design* of hasn't changed in what 3 months?
         surely a record :)

Sat Nov 13 [02:51]
 * NathanR looks at the output of the program he's writing for Random
<NathanR> Before: 10 banks of data, mostly full.  After: 7 banks of data, 
          the last one half-empty
<Jondar> good grief! Nate's invented a computer weight loss program :)

Sat Nov 13 [23:13]
<michaell> NP: Carpet Crawlers '99..."You've got to get in to get out..."
<GardenDan> NP : Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories - Tails
<thetaWerk> NP: power macintosh and dell gxi white noise

Sun Nov 14 [01:33]
<TheProf> We sort of did the same thing with wingless quackers Buddies. We
          bought three of those for $10 each. We have sold two for $250 each
          so far and still have one more.
<TheProf> Who says Beanies aren't fun to play with?
<HTQF> they are great to toss at the wall at high speeds

Sun Nov 14 [18:21]
<Whomiga> Small glitch - do I need to read the whole thing again just to get
          the fix?
<Nathan_Roberts> I fixed several glitches
<Whomiga> Hmmm... a quote file fix....
<Whomiga> From all the HTQF's and WTQF's that go around here - you might think
          that people do need a QF Fix...
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL!
<Whomiga> <quotefile addict>I need my fix man WTQF?</qf addict>

Sun Nov 14 [18:30]
<Whomiga> For fun I implemented a stupid - do nothing command that can
          executed from outside the program by other programs - it's the 
          'what' command
<Whomiga> The IRC Plugin, that is
<Whomiga> For the moment if any one asks about what command, I can say yes...

Sun Nov 14 [20:48]
<CrowTRobt> someday I do plan to actaully get a copy of psp5
<CrowTRobt> I really do
<NathanR> Soon as Hell freezes over?
<CrowTRobt> it already did that... remember nate
<NathanR> Ah, yes
<NathanR> Actually I think it's done that several tioes
<NathanR> times
 * CrowTRobt shakes his head
<NathanR> Every time Blor gets the new heating systems installed I go 
          and freeze it over again

Sun Nov 14 [20:59]
<Alden> H'ray!  Quotefile!
<SnowDan> Alden - its not worth looking at cos I'm not in it
 * Alden makes note: Must make Dan butt of more jokes so he gets quoted.

Sun Nov 14 [21:02]
<TheProf> Nathan: Windows 95 has a few Y2K bugs in it. I suggest you get the
          patches from you haven't been banned for life
          from it.
<TheProf> Nathan: Personally I would not be surprised if one day you find Bill
          Gates at your front door. While you stand there gaping he will pull
          out a baseball bat and beat you with it.

Sun Nov 14 [21:08]
*** NathanR is now known as IWantToKillBillGates
<TheProf> Get in line Nathan

Mon Nov 15 [00:26]
 * Theta-G has vegemite
<Jondar> Thete: heehee, tried some yet?
<Theta-G> no, the smell turns my stomach
<Jondar> LOL!
<Theta-G> i put a dollop the size of a pea on the end of a fork and had kiri
          try it
<Jondar> it's much better if you have it on bread, either as a sandwich
         or on toast
<Jondar> it's *not* meant to be eaten on it's own.
<Theta-G> she said "dear god" and promptly dove for a cup, the sink and
          some water
<Jondar> Muahahaha!
<Alden> LOL!
<Theta-G> i bought bread. maybe i will toast butter and veg now
<Theta-G> what beverage should i have with it?
<DoctorWho> Pepto Bismol?
<Theta-G> *crunch*
<Theta-G> hmmm...
<Theta-G> i'm not dead.

Mon Nov 15 [02:24]
[Talking about the Eye of Harmony in the TARDIS in the TVM]
<Theta-G> i can easily imagine that sentiment on the doctor's part, combined
          with his own genetic heritage made the eye accessible in that
          particular way
<Alden> Yeah, what happens if the Doctor needs to open it at some point
        and doesn't have a human handy,
<MegL> why would anyone need it open?
<Alden> Meg: Well, he might need to open it if... well, I dunno, he needs
        to hoover a planet or two
<MegL> LOL
<MegL> so your claiming the TARDIS is an intergalatic Noo Noo?

Mon Nov 15 [02:32]
<Alden> Well, ISTR in Deadly Assassin, Goth said he found the Master 
        on Terserus.
<Alden> The same planet as in Curse of Fatal Death.
<Alden> I figured he was in a conversation with a Terseron, and one of them 
        lit up.

Mon Nov 15 [02:55]
<Theta-G> nickserv is like being on a submarine with a skinny bespectacled
          french guy on mescaline who periodically goes paranoid and doesn't
          recognize anyone

Mon Nov 15 [02:56]
 * Nathan_Roberts does a /list
<Nathan_Roberts> There's a channel with 1152 people on it.
 * Nathan_Roberts can't imagine that
<Theta-G> ?
<Alden> I wonder if that'd crash mirc
<Nathan_Roberts> The channel is #zurna.  You can try and see if you like >:)
<Theta-G> fuk
<Nathan_Roberts> hm?
<Alden> whoa
<Theta-G> that's not a channel, that's a backwards waterfall
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Alden> It's one massive flood of joins and parts
<Alden> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> Good bloody lord
<Theta-G> i have a new script idea. the inhabitabts of that channel are 
          a new breed of irc addict. that kind of spew isn not even fast
          enough for them, and so they gather there to see if they can I/O
          faster and faster until their bodies fail

Wed Nov 17 [01:05]
 * Nathan_Roberts may need to get a haircut soon. If only to get the 
   knots out of my hair :/
<Alryssa> Nathan: Maybe you tied them there to remember something?

Thu Nov 18 [23:19]
 * Nathan_Roberts will be back shortlyish.
*** Nathan_Roberts has left IRC
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
 * TheProf messures Nathan.......Hmmmm. He's still the same height.
   Nathan, leave and try again.

Thu Nov 18 [23:50]
<TheProf> You click on varos and think "I wonder what design for his page
          he has on this week?"
<Nathan_Roberts> He's not /that/ bad
<Alden> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> Close, but not that bad
<Jondar> Oi! I haven't changed the design since August!
<TheProf> Amazing
<Jondar> but you might want to ask yourself that question on Nov 30 or Dec 1
<TheProf> Not again!
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, advance warning
 * Jondar finished the coding last night
<TheProf> Jason we begged you to get theropy.
<Jondar> therapy? but I like HTML tinkering :)
<TheProf> At least I got my design right the first time.
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar got it right the first time too.  And the
                 second time, and the third time, and the fourth time......
<TheProf> LOL
<Jondar> :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Obviously he doesn't come from the "If it ain't broke,
                 don't fix it" school of thought >:)

Fri Nov 19 [00:13]
*** DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat
<TheProf> Is it Nate or is it Memores?
 * DoctorWho fwaps Prof
<TheProf> Memorex
 * DoctorWho moons Prof
<DoctorWho> ( | )
<DoctorWho> I was expecting you to say "Yup, it's nate.  I've seen that butt

Fri Nov 19 [01:23]
<Nathan_Roberts> Help, help!  I'm turning into a java programmer!
 * Jondar calls the asylum

Fri Nov 19 [21:59]
<Alden> OK, someone shoot me.  I cann't get that S Club 7 song out of my head.
 * Alden runs around the channel screaming
<Alden> nooooooooooooooooooo and now they're on TV
 * Alden grabs the TV and flings it out of the window!!!!!
 * HurricaneSpecialist sings the Barney theme to Alden to get the S Club 7
   song out of his head
<Alden> Ahhhh!
 * Nathan_Roberts flings HurricaneSpecialist out the window
<Iago2> Alden: Flintstones, meet the Flintstones!
 * Nathan_Roberts flings Iago out the window
 * Iago2 grabs the sill before falling to his death.
<Alden> Ian: Thanks for reminding me there are worse things. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> I just pick some random song and play it.  Of course,
                 the only thing that accomplises is to get /that/ song 
                 stuck in my head
<Alden> Doctor Whooooo, HEY! Doctor Who
<Nathan_Roberts> Thanks Alden.  Now I've got THAT stuck in my head.
<Alden> Sorry Nate!
 * Nathan_Roberts flings Alden out the window
<Alden> Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*splat*

Fri Nov 19 [22:05]
<TimJR> i can't believe i just wrote this-
<TimJR> "Voice: Hello and Welcome to the 127th Annual Complete Twit Companion
        of the Year Show. Here are our contestants, Adric, misslabeled as being
        excellent in mathematics, Harry Sullivan, who everyone knows is an
        imbecile, James McCrimmon, a Scotsman, and Perpugilliam Brown, who has
        so much hot air in her head, we believe her breasts are the only thing 
        that keep her from floating into orbit."

Sat Nov 20 [01:05]
 * TheProf makes a fire to keep warm out of old acting performances by Mathew
<TheProf> Good wood like that is hard to find.

Sat Nov 20 [02:31]
<Jondar> Sydney's is a mess at the moment (like most of the rest of the city)
<Jondar> construction at ground level and underground
<Jondar> every time I go into the main business centre here, there's either 
         a) a new hole or b) a former hole filled with a finished, 
         new building :)

Sat Nov 20 [10:52]
 * Nathan_Roberts confiscates the entire computer. I can always use another
<Random_C> Like I said when Ash dragged me kicking and screaming out of Micro
           Anvika, there's no such thing as too many computers

Sat Nov 20
<Jefferys> Oh, is there not one maiden's breast whoch does not feel the
           moral beauty
 * The_42nd_Doctor checks... sorry, mine don't...
<Jefferys> Of making worldly interest subordinate to sense of duty?
<Jefferys> Who would not give up willingly all matrimonial ambition,
<The_42nd_Doctor> No matrimonial ambition here.
<trinalin> I just want sex
<Jefferys> To rescue sucha a one as I from his unfortunate positio?
<The_42nd_Doctor> What unfortunate position might that be?
<trinalin> 42 - on the bottom
<The_42nd_Doctor> And why must I not be married to rescue you from it?
<Jefferys> Oh, is there not one maiden here whose homely face and
           bad complexion
<Jefferys> Have cause all hope to disappear of ever winning man's
<The_42nd_Doctor> Now, wait just a minute there...
<trinalin> I've got a homely face and bad complexion
<The_42nd_Doctor> I'm unmarried *willingly*. ;)
<Jefferys> Of such a one, if such there be, I swear by Heaven's arch
           above you,
<The_42nd_Doctor> Bad complexion, check. Homely face, well, I think I'm
                  kinda cute. :)
<Jefferys> If you will cast your eyes upon me, However plain you'll be,
           I'll love you.
<The_42nd_Doctor> Oh, *there's* a pick-up line.
<trinalin> "You're butt ugly, but I love you"  <---- yeah, a great pick
           up line :)

Sun Nov 21 [23:03]
 * The_Anti enrolls Alden in a 12 step Trek program
<chas_m> Step 1. Admit you have a problem and TAKE THE DAMN EARS OFF.

Mon Nov 22 [00:20]
 * Alden checks out the Geri screensaver.
<Alden> OK, what's the point of putting pictures of Geri on my screen when
        I'm not going to be around to look at them?
<Jondar> use them to scare off other people?
 * The_Anti fwaps Jason
<MegL> more like Morgan bait

Mon Nov 22 [22:03]
 * Jondar got distracted by parental discussion about my sister's Christmas
   present (the three of us are putting in money to get her one big gift)
<Nathan_Roberts> A One-way plane ticket to Timbuktu?

Mon Nov 22 [22:22]
<TheProf> What do you get with these Olympics?
<Jondar> Prof: not sure, actually
<TheProf> That's why Sydney got the games! They were after something else.
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Jondar> it's certainly not HDTV, we don't get that until 2001
<TheProf> Modern plumbing perhaps? ;o)
<Jondar> ROTFL!
<Jondar> BRB - have to drain the septic tank >:-)
<TheProf> LOL
<Starfury> they get to upgrade from sheep to real women... oops sorry
           that's New Zealand...
<Jondar> LOL Becky
 * Starfury runs and hides!
<TheProf> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> HAHAHAHA
<Alden> Jason: You have a septic tank?  We just have holes in the ground...

Mon Nov 22 [22:33]
<Starfury> I still think it would be cool to be able to edit your movies...
           that way if your kids really wanted to see an R-rated action movie
           or something, and you wanted to tone it down, you could.
<Starfury> I mean, they do it for broadcast TV, why not for DVD?
<Alden> Becky: Then we could buy Commando, set it to G rating and watch all 5
        minutes of it. ;-)
<Starfury> Prof: SEE... THERE's a good reason for the choose your own rating
           system!   You can choose PG or PG-J (Parental Guidance, minus 
           Jar Jar)
<TheProf> You press a button on your remote and Jar Jar is replaced with
          Gillian Anderson dressed in rubber.

Sun Nov 28 [03:48]
<Alden> OK, we have a world first.  A transgender member of parliment
<MegL> male to female or f to M?
<Alden> male to female
<Alden> used to be called Trevor, I think
<Nathan_Roberts> Your brother got a gender change and ran for parliment? >;)

Mon Nov 29 [10:33]
<DoctorWho> Windows is so unstable it's beyond laughable
<Arcalian> its a broken window
<DoctorWho> Yeah, right.  BrokenWindows 95
<Arcalian> somebody should UPS Gates a real broken window
<Shel> arc, duct taped together

Tue Nov 30 [16:33]
<Alryssa> they've had like, 15 adoptions in the last 3 weeks
<Alryssa> but then, the screening process is very strict.
<NemoDream> still that's pretty good
<NemoDream> does the screening process include blood tests and
               lie detectors? ;)
<GothDan> "can you tell the difference between a scratching post and the sofa?"
          "meow" BEEP BEEP BEEP

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