The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue IX: October 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Fri Oct 01
<TheProf> Alden: You do know about the Bonnie/Lis project.
<Alden> What Bonnie/Lis project?
<TheProf> Lis and Bonnie just finished doing a DW audio drama together.
<TheProf> Will be released next year.
<Alden> ERm... whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!
<TheProf> It was on RADW. If you can find some more info on it let
          me know as I don't even have a title.
<TheProf> Let me find the thread. I am using dejabadnews
<TheProf> Using Mel in the BF Audios
<TheProf> The audio drama will be called "The Grating of the Eardrums"
          according to one person. :o)

Fri Oct 01
<WebBat> i feel like the stranger from outta town in an old western movie
<WebBat> everyone stops talking when they enter the saloon
<TheProf> My cats often act the same way. I walk in and it's like they
          were talking and then the human came in.....I am sure they are
          talking about me as well.

Fri Oct 01
<Theta-G> #drwhochat dossier: TheProf: Sarah Jane fanatic. Had a Sarah Jane
          Web Page packed with more interesting information than bad
          spelling, and there's lots of bad spelling

Fri Oct 01
<Theta-G> y'know what?
<DoctorWho> No I don
<DoctorWho> No I don't.  Enlighten e
<DoctorWho> ,e
<DoctorWho> m,e
<DoctorWho> me
 * Theta-G kick DW until proper change spills out

Sat Oct  2
 * Jondar has seen everything now... an Animorphs / Dragonriders of Pern
   fanfic crossover
<Nathan_Roberts> I've never heard of either one of those
<Jondar> Hmmm... I'm surprised you haven't heard of the Pern stories...
         but then again, considering you like that rock so much :)

Sun Oct  3
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: You remember what you were saying about nutcases
                 and magnets?
<Alden> Nate: Are they selling magnitised underwear for impotence?
 * TheProf remembers the Bobbits and wants nothing metal down his trowsers.
 * Alden starts juggling magnets.
<Alden> The tricky bit is when you walk past the fridge doing this

Sun Oct  3
<Alden> The camera adds to the appetite.  Just ask Colin Baker
<TheProf> Alden: How many cameras was Colin eating?

Tue Oct  5
<TheProf> Hawkins says traveling back in time could be possable.
          If he drove accross Kansas he could prove it.

Wed Oct  6
<Alden> OK, it's time for the penguin to use its butt and moon Bill. >:-)

Wed Oct  6
 * TheProf puts his finger on the kick button and asks Nathan if he has
   the QF finished?
*** TheProf has been kicked off channel #drwhochat
    by Nathan_Roberts (No!  (Preemptive strike))

Wed Oct  6
<Nathan_Roberts> I always find some reason to turn off/reboot the machine
                 after about 5 days
<Alryssa> Nathan: What, like it's about to rebel?

Wed Oct  6
<madha^^er30> well don't you sing in the shower Alden?
<Alden> Nope, in the car
 * TheProf use to sing in the shower but the wife begged me to stop.

Wed Oct  6
<TheProf> My favorite character in Hill Street Blues was a flasher who
          would show up from time to time. He was only listed in the
          credits as "Buck Naked" and that was pretty much all
          he said. "I'm Buck naked!!!"

Wed Oct  6
<TheProf> Great show about police officers. In one episode they are doing
          an investigation by internal affairs and all the officers are
          taking lie detector tests. They test one guy and ask him
          "When were you born?" and he says "A long time ago in a galaxy
          far far away." The tester looks up and with shock
          says "It says he's telling the truth".

Wed Oct  6
 * Alryssa turns TheProf into a Furby!
 * Whomiga starts to say something then stops
<Alryssa> Richard: Hey! Don;t chicken out now! ;-)
<Whomiga> Well - I was going to say "Not much difference then?" for the
          Prof being turned into a furby remark
<TheProf> I am not a furby. I am a Pokemon.
<TheProf> Furby is so last week.

Wed Oct  6
<TheProf> I don't call my computer by name simply because the cats never
          come when called so why even try with the computer.

Wed Oct  6
<ElZoof> Windows 98! Totally intuitive after only 6 weeks of intensive

Thu Oct  7
<Nathan_Roberts> I /like/ Time and the Rani
<TheProf> Nathan: You need help.
<Nathan_Roberts> Old news.
<TheProf> Still relevent.
<Nathan_Roberts> Still old news.
<TheProf> Stilll......never mind

Thu Oct  7
<TheProf> They are a sex spammer.
<TheProf> aka pond scum.
<Nathan_Roberts> You give them too much credit
 * TheProf apologies to the local pond.

Thu Oct  7
<Starfury> wait... my brainwaves are crossed.  the name of the last
           HHGTTG was Mostly Harmless, not Don't Panic
<Starfury> well, I think Mostly Harmless sucked.
<TheProf> It was Mostly bad.

Thu Oct  7
<TheProf> I wish Bonnie hadn't left because her and Ace together would have
          been great.
<Starfury> *nods*
<Starfury> great complimentary contrast of characters, and, though I say
           it through gritted teeth, both fairly well-developed characters
           who actually had defined, useful skills
<Starfury> they could have made a great team
<Starfury> Plus, I would kill to have seen Mel in The Happiness Patrol.
*** Alden has joined channel #DrWhoChat
<Starfury> Alden: You just missed it! I said something nice about Mel!
 * Starfury is deep in imaginative thought, contemplating a Happiness Patrol
   with Mel and Ace together
 * TheProf contemplates them together as well but I think you would slap
   me for the way I'm contemplating it.

Thu Oct  7
<Alden> John Long on RADW: "This place aggrivates the hell out of me"
<Alden> Funny, I thought it was the other way around.

Thu Oct  7
 * Alden sees a Brian Thompson in the credits. The bastard offspring for
   Prof and Crow??
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
 * Alden ducks!
 * TheProf fwaps Alden around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
 * TheProf fwaps Alden around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
 * TheProf fwaps Alden around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
<Thete> wow, Alden. that would be complicated
<Alryssa> Prof: You do realise that thing is only a couple of
          micro-millimetres thick?
<TheProf> Two of those were for Bill who would have hit you twice had he
          been here!!

Thu Oct  7
 * TheProf decides to go to #wehavemorebrains
<TheProf> TheProf on @#wehavemorebrains @#drwhochat 
<Nathan_Roberts> Thanks a lot, Prof
<TheProf> Nate came in and I banned him.
<Nathan_Roberts> I knew he would too
<Alden> Going into a channel under Prof control?  That was asking for it.
<TheProf> We have our standards in #wehavemorebrains 
<Alden> Not very high standards if you're in charge. ;-)
 * Nathan_Roberts asks Prof to do a /whois on him
<TheProf> Nathan_Roberts on @#wehavemorebrians @#drwhochat
<TheProf> LOL!!!!!

Fri Oct  8
<MegL> I found it! The Dead People Server
<Alden> Is Elvis the webmaster?

Fri Oct  8
<Alden> How can you have a "quick reference guide" that's half an inch thick?
<Alden> I mean, seriously, looking up anything's going to take several hours.
<Alden> Ok, it's actually only ten pages, but it's in 8 different languages.

Fri Oct  8
 * TheProf is working on the Pertwee theme and has on the most god awful
   color scheme ever created by man.
<TheProf> This is so bad the cats who are color blind won't even come into
          the room.
<Alden> Prof: What colour is it?
 * Alden waits for "all of them"
<TheProf> Mind you my cats are usually pests when I am on the computer.
<TheProf> They can be pretty mouthy for someone only a foot tall.
<marchhair> you've got something practical then, Prof, a cat-proofing
            scheme for the computer!
<TheProf> The scheme is blue and green
<TheProf> The wife when asked her opinion went into the other room and put
          sunglasses on and came back.

Fri Oct  8
<TheProf> The phone lines here are terrible. That is why I am having all
          my ISP problems. I can hear the static on these lines most of
          the time. Pure garbage.
<TheProf> Here I sit 1 mile from Sprint national headquarters and I can't
          get a decent clear phone line.
<TheProf> The wife went to a hodown today. Funny how she was suppose to be
          working but she got payed to go to this company hodown and danced
          with the Vice President of Sprint.
<TheProf> She was going to dance with the CEO but the VP cut in.
<Alden> Ooo, no christmas bonus for him
<TheProf> So here I am twiddling my thumbs and the wife is out hob knobbing
          with rich men.
<marchhair> so, the static is due to the VP of Sprint sending mind control
            waves over the wires to seduce your wife!
<Alden> Dan: Prof's the one using the computer, I hope he doesn't get
        seduced instead
<TheProf> She said she went outside to pet the horses after that. I said
          "So instead of dancing with this guy worth hundreds of millions
          you went to pet a horse? There goes the big raise and Christmas

Fri Oct  8
<TheProf> Hmmmm. I got an e-mail today from someone asking if I was going to do
          anymore Beanie baby desktop themes.......NO!!!!

Fri Oct  8
<Alden> My god, my heads going to esxplode
<Alden> BRB
<Alryssa> What's up, Alden? 
<Alryssa> Headache?
<TheProf> He's looking at my color schemes

Fri Oct  8
<Alryssa> is there a virus checker in existence that won'y screw up Win98?
<Alryssa> correction: Won't screw itup any further than it is already

Fri Oct  8
<Alden> That's so insane it just might work
<Alryssa> That's so insane it just might work - Bill Gates on Windows 
<Alryssa> look what happened :)

Sat Oct  9
 * Alden draws a moustache on Lis.
 * Alden flees Prof's wrath
<TheProf> You'll feel more than that Kiwi of Evil.
<TheProf> Mind you in PSP once I cut and pasted a mustache on Katy Manning.
<Nathan_Roberts> What's next?
<Nathan_Roberts> Pasting Lis's brain into Katy's body?
<TheProf> How about Lis into a pic with a Dalek?
<Nathan_Roberts> Mwahaahahahahah!
<TheProf> I actually have a picture of Lis with that very same Dalek.
<TheProf> It was at a convention and Lis wore a little more than Katy did.
<Nathan_Roberts> Would have been an interesting convention if it weren't
                 that way...
<TheProf> Don't forget that Lis sold her underwear at a con once.
<TheProf> I have a few times gotten e-mails from folks saying that story
          was not true but I heard in an interview Lis say it was true
          and she went into details.
<TheProf> I think it speaks a lot for Lis that she would sell her knickers
          for charity....and autograph them as well to the high bidder.
<Nathan_Roberts> I think it speaks more about the buyer...
<TheProf> If you ever see Lis at a con ask her about the pair of
          her knickers that are framed on a wall somewhere in America.
<ElZoof> Thanks, prof, but I like life :)

Sun Oct 10
<TheProf> My favorite Voyager character is 7 by 38D.

Sun Oct 10
 * Jondar has just realised why it's so hot in this room... my fan is in
   the other room :)
<Alden> Jason: You have fans?
<Alden> Do you have groupies too?

Mon Oct 11
<The_Anti> I'm fish!
<Theta-G> Today's fish is Trout á la Créme. Enjoy your meal.
<TheProf> Todays nutcase is Theta-G, please be very afraid.

Mon Oct 11
<Nathan_Roberts> I just had a nice semi-crash under Linux.. .The system
                 ground to a halt for about 5 minutes, and half the apps
                 I was running just died.
<Nathan_Roberts> What was I doing at the time?  Making a wallpaper that
                 said, "Why crash? (Use Linux)"
<Alden> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> I think continuing to make this wallpaper would be
                 pretty pointless at this point...

[Talking about Alden's purity test]
Mon Oct 11
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Now there's an obvious question we missed.
                 Do you lust after a Doctor Who actor/actress
<Alden> Yeah, but that was on Ash's test.  Didn't want to duplicate
        any questions
<TheProf> I think most of us who are human would say yes.
<TheProf> "Have you insulted Adric?"
<Alden> Have you ever insulted Mel?/what's your address so I can come
        beat you up? ;-)

Tue Oct 12
<Nathan_Roberts> Pamela Anderson: 100% pure (silicone)
<TheProf> She actually had them removed recently. You may actually be
          computing with her breasts.
<TheProf> The new Intel Pentium 38DD chip.

Tue Oct 12
 * Nathan_Roberts is back
*** Theta-G has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Nathan Roberts
    is back, in "On Her Majesty's Software Service"
<NemoDream> "Nathan Roberts, 00101 in: The Linux Box is Not Enough"
<NemoDream> "The Byte Who Loved Me" "Tomorrow Never Reboots"
<NemoDream> :D
*** Theta-G has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Nathan Roberts
    is back, in "From Linus, With Love"
*** Theta-G has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Nathan Roberts
    is back, in "View to a Kernel"
*** Alden has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Nathan Roberts
    is back, in "Never say Windows"
*** Theta-G is now known as NR_Agent00101
<NR_Agent00101> Do you expect me to crash?
*** NR_Agent00101 is now known as WinFinger
<WinFinger> No, Mr. Roberts. I expect you to reinstall!
<WinFinger> Muahahahaha
*** WinFinger is now known as Theta-G
 * TheProf returns and sees someone forgot to take his pills this morning.
<Theta-G> just because i'm not laid back like a dead fly...
<TheProf> No, but just as entertaining. ;o)
<TheProf> Theta, I say this because we all care. There are many
          decaffinated brands that taste just as good as the real thing.

Wed Oct 13
<ElZoof> An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An onion a day keeps
         everyone away.

Wed Oct 13
<ElZoof> The pain, the pain...
<ElZoof> Hand!
<Theta-G> Please do not throw hands at me.
<Theta-G> Today's Shat is Kirk a la Bill. Endure the acting.
<ElZoof> Solo!
<ElZoof> Please do not throw Hans at me.

Wed Oct 13
<ElZoof> I have found the music they play in hell. It's the "On hold
         version of "Let it Be".

Wed Oct 13
[I've just sent Zoof a "music" file called horny.xm...]
<ElZoof> This is insane...
<ElZoof> Who did this horny thing?
<ElZoof> Er... let me put that a different way...
<ElZoof> Who did this horny.xm?
<ElZoof> It must be heard to be disbelieved...
<NathanR> ElZoof: don't worry.  I'm sure they were taken out and
          shot long ago
<Alden> Or committed.

Wed Oct 13
<TheProf> I wrote a new intro for Nathan's K9. I felt it was more honest
          than the one he uses at present.
<TheProf> K9 Mk. II Beta9802, Copyright (C) 1999 Nathan "he's the man"
<TheProf> K9 Mk. II comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and in fact could
          cause your hard drive to melt, you to vote for Jesse Ventura,
          start singing Feelings off key and to become infirtile. This is
          free software although I will accept Mountain Dew and twinkies, and
          you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions, the
          main one is I get a twinkie every time you do. See the file
          COPYING for details if you ever can find it because I've
          hidden it really, really well..
<ElZoof> I think importing twinkies is illegal under the dangerous
         chemicals act.

Wed Oct 13
<ElZoof> Adric in chantilly lace?!?
<MegL> Full Circle joke :)
<ElZoof> I thought the Full Circle joke was Adric...

Wed Oct 13
<TheProf> For what I am planning to do tomorrow I should be locked away
          for. A cursor 400k in size and with 180 frames. Every frame will
          need to be hand cut and pasted from animation shop into
<TheProf> One frame at a time
<Alden> On the up side, Prof's going to be very quiet tomorrow. ;-)
<TheProf> Not exactly. I'll be the one in the white jacket with
          the long sleeves screeming drivel in the corner.

Wed Oct 13
<TheProf> OH! I got e-mailed a good joke. Let me paste it here.
<TheProf> The burglar was creeping noiselessly through the darkened home,
          filling his bag with various valuables. As he reached his hand
          out to a box of  jewelry, he heard a voice say, "Jesus
          is watching you."
<Alden> heard it!
<Nathan_Roberts> I hiavent
<Nathan_Roberts> havent
<Nathan_Roberts> hacne't
<Nathan_Roberts> jacaenm't
<Nathan_Roberts> javen't
<Nathan_Roberts> havcen't
<Nathan_Roberts> haven't
<Nathan_Roberts> I think I set a new personal record there
<TheProf> Nateor shall we call you Bob!?!?
 * TheProf rips of Nathan's mask to reveal Bob!
<Nathan_Roberts> argh
<TheProf> Oops.......sorry Nate, it really is you......don't worry
          a good plastic surgeon can repair your nose

Wed Oct 13
<NemoDream> the roaches in Jamaica are bigger than your fist. I know.
            One's guts got sprayed across the wall of the room where
            we stayed.
<Starfury> that's sick
<Alden> Nemo: Ewwwww!
<NemoDream> yeah. I didn't want to be the one who squashed it -- or it to
            be my shoe either...
<NemoDream> ok.. on to a less gross topic
<Whomiga> Time to purchase a new shoe?
<Alden> Thank you, I'm eating! ;-)
<Starfury> thanks, like I didn't already feel ill enough
<TheProf> Palmento bugs. Larger armored insects in texas. My wife lived
          there one year and dropped the Houston phone book on one.....
          and the phone book began moving across the floor.

Wed Oct 13
 * Alden finds an MP3 called "Edmonton is Safe" Not while Yads lives
   there it isn't!

Thu Oct 14
 * TheProf has gone blind.
<TheProf> I did 4 cursors today, including that 191 frame monster.
<The_Anti> what.. did you actually look at yourself in the mirror?
 * Alden checks Prof's palms for hair
 * The_Anti hides
<Whomiga_386> You forgot to stop playing with it? :^/
 * TheProf fwaps Alden around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
 * TheProf fwaps Alden around with a copy of Windows 98 operators manual.
 * TheProf slaps Alden across the room.

Thu Oct 14
<Alden> OK, Mum's given me the go ahead to sell Morgan's internal organs
        on EBay.

Fri Oct 15
<ElZoof> !eybdooG
<ElZoof> Hmm... too much reading the quotefiles can give you brain damage.
<Nathan_Roberts> Dain bramage?
<ElZoof> Maybe if I read the quotefiles enough, I can write for Home and
         Away! If I read them too much, I'll have to star in it.

Fri Oct 15
 * Nathan_Roberts plays There's Nothing On Top Of The Fridge again
<ElZoof> Wow! Can I play too?
<Nathan_Roberts> "There's Nothing On Top Of The Fridge" is a mod file
<Nathan_Roberts> You remember Horny don't you?
<ElZoof> Heh... how could I forget? No matter how hard I try?
<ElZoof> Send it to me! Please! I love stupid things. For god's sake,
         I watch Xena...

Fri Oct 15
[Talking about what we would do if we could live our lives over again...]
<ElZoof> I'd write a letter to John Lennon saying "duck!"

Fri Oct 15
[Talking about the recent quakes and weather phenomena...]
<Alden> Damn, I just realised what's going on - Earth isn't Y2K compliant.

Fri Oct 15
<Nathan_Roberts> On one of these maps, I zoom in past 8 meters and
                 I just get blank space
<Nathan_Roberts> No map, no graphic, no nothing
<Alden> You're zooming in on Yads' mind?

Fri Oct 15
<Nathan_Roberts> Hm.  Slashdot discussion: "What music do you code by?" -
                 First answer that pops up on my screen: "Britney!"
<Jondar> Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
<Jondar> that's my reaction :)
<ElZoof> Who's Britney Spears?
 * Alden hands ElZoof his rock.

Fri Oct 15
<Nathan_Roberts>  Akira?
<ElZoof> It's an Anime film (apparently the first to hit the big time)
         about... well...
<ElZoof>'s kind of hard to explain quickly.
<Jondar> try to explain the plot of Akira... got a month to spare? :)
<ElZoof> You could do it in a month?!?

Fri Oct 15
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders what's up with
<Jondar> Nate: prolly got sucked up into it's namesake :)

Fri Oct 15
<Nathan_Roberts> "(25/8/99) Look! Look! I spent almost 2 minutes
                 re-doing the website! Sux huh?"
<Jondar> you definitely won't find that comment on the What's New page
         of :)
<Nathan_Roberts> For varos it'd be more like "Look! Look!  It's been
                 almost 2 minutes since my last update!"

Sat Oct 16
<TheProf> OK, how about this. favorite non companion who would have made
          a great companion. I vote for Richard mace in Visitaion or
          Binliner in Paradise Towers.
<ElZoof> One of the marsh-fruit in "Full Circle" - oh wait, we *did* get
         one of the marsh fruit as a companion.

Sat Oct 16
<TheProf> I got music from Titanic once while on hold someplace. I
          thought it was a bit disturbing for a company rumored to
          be in financial trouble.

Sat Oct 16
*** ElZoof has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Dolph Lundgren
    cast as the Doctor, Gary Oldman as Adric
<ElZoof> "I am the... er... um... the... Dogturd! What do you mean, cut?"

Sat Oct 16
<ElZoof> Hmm... apparently they're planning to make an updated Wolfenstein
<ElZoof> I say hmm to much
<ElZoof> too
<ElZoof> Hmm?
<ElZoof> Hmm hmm hmm. I'm hmm trying hmm to hmm beat hmm William
         hmm "Hmm" hmm Hartnell's hmm hmming hmm record. hmm.

Sat Oct 16
<ElZoof> Where *is* everyone?
<ElZoof> Everyone else, that is. Not that I don't enjoy talking to you,
         or anything... um... I think I'll just shut up.

Sun Oct 17
[Discussing silly .MOD files]
<ElZoof> Hmm... didn't think much of "Ride of the Retards"
<The_Sentry> Have you gotten to screw yet?
<ElZoof> Wha?
<The_Sentry> erm
* The_Sentry adds some punctuation
<The_Sentry> Have you listened to "Screw!" yet?
<ElZoof> Ah. That's a question I feel less reluctant to answer. No.
<ElZoof> That's the answer to the *second* question. I'm not telling you
         the answer to the first.

Sun Oct 17
<ElZoof> 80 fossicking retries.
<NathanR> I confess that this is the first time I've ever heard
          the word 'fossicking'
<ElZoof> To fossick - it means to search, I believe.
<ElZoof> Of course, I'm using it out of context here.
<NathanR> So I see
<ElZoof> It's instead of using a word that rhymes with duck. And isn't
         luck, truck, ruck, buck, suck, or muck. Or any word that isn't fuck.

Sun Oct 17
<ElZoof> Anyone know a good gopher site?
<NathanR> Try your backyard for starters
 * ElZoof thwaps Nathan
<ElZoof> Backyard indeed. We don't have gophers in Australia. And I live
         in an apartment.
<ElZoof> I'd ask about archie sites, but you'd probably tell me "Look
         between Batman and Sabrina: The teenaged witch in the comic
         book section"

Sun Oct 17
<Alden> What does frontpage do?
<Jondar> Alden: it's a WYSIWYG web editor
<Jondar> it includes some "bots" that do certain things
<Alden> Ah, hum.
<Jondar> like a counter, search form, etc
<Alden> Is there a hitbot?
<Alden> like I can pay it and it will go shoot that guy who nicked my page?

Mon Oct 18
<Alryssa> Dammit, I WANT MY TAPES!!!
<TheProf> Nixon said the same thing.

Wed Oct 20
<Nathan_Roberts> The name's Scope.  Peri Scope.

Wed Oct 20
<Alryssa> my cat is just being Colin Baker as usual. Fat and loud.

Wed Oct 20
<Theta-G> I have a plan...
<Kiri`> oh no... he has a plan
<Alden> A cunning plan?
<Theta-G> Quite so.
<Kiri`> startlingly devious plan?
<Theta-G> Devilishgly cunning, indeed.
<Theta-G> I'm going to take over the USA and make them all go metric,
          and rewite all country western songs that mention miles
<Theta-G> there will be no more lost satellites

Thu Oct 21
<Theta-G> shel: find morpheus or tank on #whiterabbit and get him to
          download some hardware expertise into yer head
<Shel> damn, i wasn't that stupid...
<NathanR> #whiterabbit?
<Theta-G> follow the white rabbit.
<MegL> bet they get a lot of Jefferson Airplain people in there on accident
<Theta-G> well it's all lewis carroll now isn't it ;-)
<MegL> true
 * NathanR looks lost
<MegL> one pill makes you bigger and one pill makes you small . . .
<NathanR> Is one of those Viagra? >:)

Thu Oct 21
<Shel> so, does that prove i'm not a trekkie or what?
<NathanR> what.
<Shel> nathan, i was hoping you wouldn't say that, because i don't
       know what yet
<NathanR> Well, whatever it is, it proves it
<Shel> okay...
 * Shel writes down, goal in life, find out what
<Shel> i always had thought the goal in life was to find out why? but
       i was wrong, it's what?
<NathanR> </bullshit>
 * Theta-G : a man in search of the day his </bullshit> tag will appear
<Theta-G> it's neither why? or what?
<Shel> which?
<Theta-G> it's whoa!
<Shel> lol
<KeanuReeeves> trust me on this one
<Shel> but you know the answer to whoa! it's dude!
<Shel> dust, wind, dude
<KeanuReeeves> whoa.
<Shel> dude
<Shel> sorry, whoa, just doesn't seem finished without dude

Fri Oct 22
<Theeeeeet> i can't help wondering how many years it will take for
            a recordable dvd (or other disk!) standard to be
            the "real deal." buying dvd's feels like waiting for the
            other show to drop
<Theeeeeet> shoe
<Shel> i got a shoe for you ^.^
<NathanR> Don't tell me you still have that shoe in your freezer...
<Theeeeeet> ooer
<Shel> no! lol
<Shel> i totally forgot about that...  
<Shel> but the little wax turtle is still there, no one has claimed it yet
<Shel> and it's been 4 years!
<Shel> hehehe
<NathanR> LOL
<NathanR> Who claimed the shoe?
<Shel> the owner, the next day... he laughed hysterically
<Shel> he knew the freezer rule... but really didn't think i'd put
       a shoe in there
<NathanR> The rule of, if you're missing something, check Shel's freezer?
<Shel> yep, that's the rule
<NathanR> be glad I don't live near you.
<NathanR> I'd be constantly bothering you. >:)

Fri Oct 22
<TheProf> I wasn't an only child despite hpow I begged my parents to give
          my sister up for adoption.

Fri Oct 22
<ElZoof> It's a Donkey Kong applet. The old handheld version. :)
<ElZoof> Okay, so it seems to be simulating this game after the
         batteries ran down.
<ElZoof> I'm going to simulate putting it away in a drawer for
         seventeen years until I find it one day and discover it's
         leaked battery acid all over family photographs.

Fri Oct 22
<ZombieProf> I know in a blooper someplace from the Five Doctors Borusa
             says "No, not the mind probe!" and the other guy
             says "Ok your choice, Turn around and bend over."

Sat Oct 23
<NathanR> First thing I do when I get a cd-R drive is make some
          audio CDs out of the MODs I have
<Thete> nate that's gonna make 'em easy to listen to anywhere which
        is cool, even if it's a bit like faxing a word document ^_^

Sat Oct 23
<Jondar> well, the OCR program that came with my scanner doesn't work.
<random_C> Do they ever?
<Jondar> well, I wasn't expecting it to crash my computer and force a reboot
<random_C> eek
<random_C> I expect all software to crash my PC
<Alden> Nobody expects the Spanish BSOD!

Sat Oct 23
<CrowTRobt> That is one problem with monopoly on the computer... if you
            get rich you can't smoke a cigar and wave your money inthe
            other player's faces

Sat Oct 23
*** Payge has joined #drwhochat
<Payge> to avoid seeing this message you should always choose shut down
        from the start up menu
<Payge> should read... to avoid seeing this message get an OS that really
<Shel> winamp and win98 are not compatible ;)
<Shel> actually, i should be more clear
<Shel> winamp, win98, and java in netscape are not compatible
 * Shel gets all daring and tries to load that page again with winamp
*** Shel has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
*** Shel has joined #drwhochat
<Shel> okay, that wasn't daring, that was stupidity

Sat Oct 23
 * Alden longs for simple times, when men were men, women were women,
   and the most complicated thing they had to deal with was a
   pocket calculator
<Alden> Course, I'd be out of a job, but oh well
 * ZombieProf prefers the time when men were women too.

Sat Oct 23
 * ZombieProf would love to do an episode with Lis as Sarah jane
   although you might be shocked at my idea for the plot.
<DoctorWho> Knowing you... no, we wouldn't be

Sun Oct 24
<Shel> it was make a difference day
<NathanR> Make a difference day?
<Shel> supposed to make sure to take some time out of your day to make
       a difference in your community by helping someone no matter how
       little or much
<CrowTRobt> you helped out by not helping

Sun Oct 24
<Nathan_Roberts> I hate Linux
<Nathan_Roberts> You know something, Shel?
<Nathan_Roberts> You're right.  The apocalypse is coming.
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm about this close -- to throwing Linux off my system
<CrowTRobt> gasp
<Nathan_Roberts> No, make that this close -
 * CrowTRobt faints dead away
 * CrowTRobt hypervenalates
 * Nathan_Roberts does too
<CrowTRobt> The end is nigh
<Nathan_Roberts> The end is /here/
<Nathan_Roberts> This close .
<TomFODW> Nate, I thought you were the great apostle of Linux
<TomFODW> What happened?
<CrowTRobt> whatever would make you turn on linux so?
<Nathan_Roberts> Shit happened.
<CrowTRobt> His faith has been shaken
<Shel> LOL
<Jefferys> hehe
<TomFODW> He sounds like a spurned lover..
<CrowTRobt> Tell us, my son, of thy woes
 * Nathan_Roberts eyes the Windows CD
<Jefferys> Get Windex
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: Nothing f*cking WORKS
<TomFODW> Don 't do it, Nate! Resist the Evil Empire of Redmond!
<TomFODW> Don't give in to the Dark Side of the Force!
<CrowTRobt> It proves my theory
<CrowTRobt> Nate can crash *anything*
<Nathan_Roberts> It's not the crashing that's the problem
<CrowTRobt> you have mucked up something
<Nathan_Roberts> No I haven't.
<CrowTRobt> can you run a scandisk utility?
<Nathan_Roberts> There's nothing to run scandisk opn
<CrowTRobt> huh?
<Nathan_Roberts> I downloaded the Realplayer G2 for Linux and it crashes
                 on startup
<CrowTRobt> you HD died?
<CrowTRobt> can you use an emergency startup diskette to go in and erase it?
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm IN LINUX NOW
<CrowTRobt> ok I cornfused now...
 * Nathan_Roberts prepares to descend into the pits of hell
 * Nathan_Roberts descends into the pits of hell
<Nathan_Roberts> BRB.
And off he goes, to nuke the last remnants of Linux off of his computer
forever, to be replaced with Windows.  The Nathan you knew is gone.
He's been replaced by an evil clone.

Sun Oct 24
<TheProf> I got the message from Meg and e-mailed him. I may finally
          be getting a web award of some sort.
<Alden> Lucky you. :-)
 * Alden isn't bitter cause he hasn't got one, oh no. ;-)
 * TheProf watches Alden beat his computer with a cricket bat.
<Theta-G> ignore him, Alden. yer site rox too
<Alden> Heeeeeeey, I don't take out my frustrations on my computer... I
        take them out on Morgan. ;-)
<Alden> He heals cheaper

Sun Oct 24
 * Alden listens to the seagulls flying overhead.
<Jondar> gulls? at 8:40pm?
<Alden> They're on the CD. ;-)
<Theta-G> seagulls screaming, 'kiss her, kiss her'
<Alden> It has waves gently crashing against a shore and seagulls, and music.
        It's supposed to be relaxing.
<Alden> Instead, I'm constantly worried about being pooped on.

Sun Oct 24
*** Shel is now known as I_Don-t_Wanna_Be_Shel_No_More
<I_Don-t_Wanna_Be_Shel_No_More> someone shoot me before i do something
                                even more stupid ;)
 <SupremeDalek> OK. You aksed for it!
 * SupremeDalek shoots I_Don-t_Wanna_Be_Shel_No_More
*** Theta-G is now known as Shel
<Shel> whoa.
<Shel> I don't wanna be Shel no more.
*** Shel is now known as Thete
<Thete> there.
<Alden> nickserv doesn't want you to be Shel either. ;-)
<Thete> i noticed ;-)

Sun Oct 24
*** TheProf changes topic to 'TheProf found frozen to death grasping
    a travel broshure to sunny California.'

Mon Oct 25
<DoctorWho> This just kills me... Windows is running faster than Linux
            ever did.  Or Windows for that matter. <?>
<random_C> Whassup Nate?
<DoctorWho> Bad news.
<DoctorWho> I threw Linux off my system.
<DoctorWho> I'm sorry.
<random_C> *hugs*
<Blor> Nates body has been replaced with an alien replica.
*** random_C changes topic to 'A day of mourning - Nate has gone back to
    the Dark Side'
<DoctorWho> I feel so... dirty
 * chronotis hits the floor like a large pile of matter in a loose
   fitting skin
<chronotis> *thud*
 * DoctorWho gives Blor a space heater. He's gonna need it.
 * DoctorWho looks over at Blor with his teeth chattering
<Blor> Nate: If your face opens up and some tentacles come out I will
       smack you in the face.
<DoctorWho> Blor: If my face opens up and some tentacles come out... Get
            the shotgun.

Mon Oct 25
<ElZoof> I appear to be having another one of *those* days.
<ElZoof> Stupid lousy piece of **** ******* ****...
<FolkBoy> *those* days?  Clock-tower with a rifle type of day?
<ElZoof> No, more sobbing in the corner and wishing Bill Gates had
         never been born type day.
<DoctorWho> You too, huh?
<ElZoof> Me and the rest of the planet.
<FolkBoy> Oh, that.  Feeling lost?  Have you tried Hari Linux?
<DoctorWho> Just give me a nice bridge to jump off of, and I'll be happy
<DoctorWho> Better yet.  Give me a nice bridge to throw Bill Gates off of

Tue Oct 26
<DoctorWho> And I'm starting to wonder who that fool was that came on the
            radio a couple years ago, proclaiming that women /don't/
            have a biological time bomb
<DoctorWho> Excuse me, biological /clock/ I mean.

Wed Oct 27
<ElZoof> Oy! Chanserv!
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o ElZoof
<ElZoof> 'sbetter.
<CrowTRobt> ooo
<CrowTRobt> it answered back
<CrowTRobt> You must be in league with it
<CrowTRobt> Nate... get a rope
<ElZoof> Hey! It's not like I work for Microsoft or anything.
<CrowTRobt> hmmm good point
<CrowTRobt> we have more to fear from the linux defector than you
 * CrowTRobt edges slowly away from Nathan
 * ElZoof has sudden visions of swampies dancing up and down
   shouting "Linux!"
 * NathanR edges slowly away from Zoof

Wed Oct 27
<TheProf> My condolences on your Linux Box. I know you were both very close.

Thu Oct 28
<TheProf> The Wife and I went to the musium again today.
 * TheProf pulls out a Van Gogh painting to prove his story.
<TheProf> Figured it would look nice in the bed room.

Thu Oct 28
<TheProf> Mind mind's been going places, without me lately.
<TheProf> My
<MegL> like the Bahamas?
<MegL> if so, bring us back some postcards

Sun Oct 31
<Apollo``> Doctorwho,are you the person who created this channel?
<Random_C> Nope, that's Drake
<Random_C> Nate's an AI
<Apollo``> aha.
<DoctorWho> Beep.
<Apollo``> and what is an AI?
<DoctorWho> AI... Artificial Intelligence
<Random_C> Artificial Intelligence
<Random_C> I keep him under a rock and he writes software for me
<Random_C> Amazing thing they're doing with those experimental
           chips from Apple
<Apollo``> but... he replied to my questions
<Apollo``> he is a bot?
<Random_C> He's experimental. San Francisco.
<Apollo``> Nate is Doctorwho?
<Random_C> Yep.
<Apollo``> Nate: say "1"
<DoctorWho> 2
<Apollo``> excellent
<Apollo``> :)
<Apollo``> he is the perfect bot

Sun Oct 31
*** Random_C changes topic to 'Trick or Treat! Got your chocolate covered
    garlic ready for the kids, everyone?'
<_STeveB_> random: You're evil :)
<Random_C> So are the the bloody kids round here.

Sun Oct 31
 * _STeveB_ would have a webcam but their are laws about the broadcast
   of horrific material in this country

Sun Oct 31
 * Whomiga wonders...If I came in here just now for the first time...
   how long would it take me to get kicked....
 * Whomiga just invites a kick, doesn't he?
*** Whomiga was kicked by DoctorWho (If you insist.)
*** Whomiga has joined #drwhochat
<trinalin> Whomiga - if your nick was BadShitM`Fcker you'd be deserving
           a kick.
*** Theta-G is now known as BadShitM`Fcker
<BadShitM`Fcker> this is a test.
*** BadShitM`Fcker was kicked by DoctorWho (Fail.)

Sun Oct 31
<TheProf> Worlds of Fun closes for the Winter tomorrow. I can understand
          why. Riding a roller coaster in sub zero weather could be
          hazardess to your nose.

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