The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue VII: August 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sun Aug  1
 * DoctorWho_Away slaps TheProf with a stuffed penguin
 * TheProf fwaps DoctorWho_Away around with a copy of Windows 98
   operators manual.

Mon Aug  2
 * DoctorWho harasses Alden for more icons
<Alden> Not tonight, dear.  I have a headache. ;-)

Mon Aug  2
<Alden> "If you are an educational institution you can get the source
	code for NCSA Mosaic"
 * Alden checks.
<Alden> Nope, I'm not an educational institution
 * Alden checks again.

Tue Aug  3
* Jondar is getting confused with two mIRCs running.
<Jondar> should we stay here, or go to hebron?
<Jondar> Nate and CK are over there
<Whomiga> We have 3 over here - only two over there - go figure ;^)
<Jondar> [03:25] <Anmarc> heehee, Rich says you two should come to viper :)
<Whomiga> hehe
 * Jondar waits for a response
<TheProf> Tell them viper is giving out free candy.
*** DoctorWho has joined #drwhochat
 * DoctorWho wants his free candy!
<Whomiga> Hi, you're the Doctor - Want a Jellybaby?
<DoctorWho> LOL
<Whomiga> Doesn't quite sound right

Wed Aug  4
<CrowTRobt> When I grow up I want to be a sysadmin
<CrowTRobt> I am going to try to get a job at the college I attend I
            am weasling around sticking my nose in people's business
            and my foot in doors
<CrowTRobt> ::knock knock:: "yes can I help you?" I'm here looking for a
	    job in your IT department "please remove your foot from the
	    doorway" If I do that you will slam the ::Slam!:: ow ow ow

Wed Aug  4
 * Jondar is constantly amazed at people on IRC thinking I'm older. :)
<TheProf> Your 85 right?

Wed Aug  4
<random_C> I need a rent-a-nate....
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<random_C> For immediate shipping to the London area

Wed Aug  4
<DoctorWho> hi Janet
<JanerLoloo> Neat nick, Nathan.  <g>
<JanerLoloo> never seen you using it before, I don't think.
<TheProf> He had a tailor fit it for him.
<TheProf> I think the brown shoes don't go well with it. I think he
	  should give it to me. :o)

Wed Aug  4
*** TheProf is now known as Nathan^Roberts
<Nathan^Roberts> Now is time for me to go to all the really sick chat
		 rooms and ruin Nate's reputation.
 * Nathan_Roberts slaps Nathan^Roberts around a bit with a stuffed penguin
<Nathan^Roberts> I could try a variation on Alden's nick but like he has
		 a reputation that can be tarnished.
 * Nathan_Roberts doesn't /have/ a reputation
*** Janet1 is now known as Nathan-Roberts
<Bozzie> Ack
<Nathan-Roberts> Triplets.  <g>
<Bozzie> a room full of nathan roberts...
<Nathan-Roberts> *giggle*
<Nathan-Roberts> I'm Nathan Roberts
<Bozzie> should I be scared? ;-)
<Nathan-Roberts> no, I'm Nathan Roberts
<Nathan-Roberts> no, I'm the real Nathan Roberts
<Nathan^Roberts> I am Nathan Roberts
<Nathan-Roberts> you can be scared or join in, Bozzie.  hehe...
*** Nathan_Roberts has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to
    Night of the Living Nathan's
*** Nathan^Roberts has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to The
    Nathan Witch Project
<Nathan-Roberts> LOL!!!!!
*** Bozzie is now known as Nathan|Roberts
<Nathan^Roberts> OOps. Dueling topics.
<Nathan|Roberts> heh
<Nathan|Roberts> Will the real Nathan Roberts please stand up? ;-)
 * Nathan-Roberts stands up
 * Nathan_Roberts stands up
<Nathan^Roberts> This is a chessy way for Nathan to be sure he gets
		 himself into the quotefile. No matter who makes a
		 witty comment he gets credit for it.
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Nathan-Roberts> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 * Nathan|Roberts stands up and then looks at the other two sdtanding
   and quickly sits down again
 * Nathan^Roberts sits on the floor.
<Nathan|Roberts> hah :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, YOU'RE the one that started it!
<Nathan^Roberts> I did not! Nathan did!!!!
 * Nathan-Roberts walks over and glances innocently out the window.....
 * Nathan^Roberts points at Nathan and blames him......oh sorry. It was
   the other one.
<Nathan|Roberts> I am he and he is me
<Nathan|Roberts> and we are all together, gugugachook (or whatever it is)
<Nathan-Roberts> kookookachoo - or something like that
<Nathan_Roberts> Bless you
<Nathan-Roberts> Thanks....
 * Nathan^Roberts can't wait for someone to wonder in.
[Wonder is right...]

Wed Aug  4
<Theta-G> Microsoft. We put the "wizz" in Wizard.

Wed Aug  4
<Nathan_Roberts> Wow.  It took 98 megabytes of disk space to compile the Gimp
<Jondar> Nate: perhaps we should call it the Blimp? :)

Wed Aug  4
<Theta-G> oh, american football
<Theta-G> it looks like a brown lemon, but they call it a ball. 
	  this bothers me.

Wed Aug  4
<Alden> Well, I'm hoping to work out how to get Jinkies so it doesn't
	jam up mIRC
<Jondar> Error: mIRC jam. Please reinsert an IRC network and try again.

Thu Aug  5
 * TheProf needs a picture. a blank copy of the Blair Witch poster. I
   want to put on it "In Oct 1983, 5 timelords went into the Deathzone
   of Gallifrey. A year later their Tardis was found. The Rassilon
   Witch Project.

Thu Aug  5
 * TheProf ordered $150 worth of Disney stuff today.
<TheProf> The wife says I have to sell my body now to make the money for it.
	  She says at $1.50 a shot it could take a while.
<DoctorWho> What makes you think you're worth that much? <runs like hell>
<TheProf> Run farther, run faster Nathan.

Fri Aug  6
-Jondar:@#DrWhoChat- Testing 123
<Jondar> did people get that Testing message?
<TheProf> -Jondar:@#DrWhoChat- Testing 123 I am not wearing pants
<TheProf> Mind you I'm not wearing pants either.....a nice skirt.
<DoctorWho> Hmmm
<DoctorWho> -TheProf- Don't tell the others, but if I'm quiet it's because
	    I'm busy in one of those sex chat rooms
<Lyssie> LOL!
<TheProf> My lips are sealed
-TheProf:@#DrWhoChat- Guess where Nathan is folks!!??
 * DoctorWho LARTs Prof
<TheProf> LOL
<Lyssie> Dancing with the Go-Gos?
<TheProf> My seal are lipped.

Fri Aug  6
*** Alryssa has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
*** TheProf changes topic to 'In August 99 Alryssa was disconnected from
    IRC. A year later her hard drive was found. The Peer Witch Project.'
<Lyssie> LOL
*** Alryssa has joined #drwhochat
*** Alryssa changes topic to 'In August 99 Alryssa was kicked by AOL.
    A year later the remains of her ISP were found. The Peer Bitch Project.'

Fri Aug  6
[Reading RADW...]
<TheProf> "I am not going to buy the DW DVD purely from the standpoint
	  that is has no extras in it."
<TheProf> Your buying the Five Doctors you moron!!!!!!!!
<TheProf> The person probibly doesn't even own a DVD player!
*** DoctorWho changes topic to 'RADW: Where quality is not an
    extra. It's not even an option!'

Fri Aug  6
 * DoctorWho is now on the FreeBSD box, connected through the Tin Can Netwock
<DoctorWho> Network
<DoctorWho> The NetWock... not only will it connect your computers
	    together, but you can cook with it too!

Fri Aug  6
<Alden> Ewww, naked men on TV.
<Alden> That man's intestine's just exploded!
<MrBean^> I avoid Taco Bell for just that reason!

Fri Aug  6
<Alden> One of our polictical parties is planning to get $800 million by
	removing the offensive capability of the defence force.
<Alden> I didn't know we *had* an offensive capability.
 * Alden fwaps Prof in anticipation
<Jondar> you don't - it's a *defence* force, silly :)
<Alden> :-)
<TheProf> Alden: What are they going to do? Get rid of the bullets
	  than can be shot to far?

Fri Aug  6
<random_C> When Qui-Gon asks Anakin's mother who his father was, Mark
	   whispered "Well I was at one of Dave Stone's parties, and..."

Fri Aug  6
<Nathan_Roberts> Somebody upstairs has been banging on something since I
		 woke up
<madha^^er30> do you know why Nate
<Alden> A bed?
<Nathan_Roberts> No idea
<Nathan_Roberts> All I know is I've been hearing this intermittant
		 "thump thump thump thump thump" noise for the past 2
		 or 3 hours
<Alden> Someone's putting together some shelves?
<Alden> A lot of shelves? :-)
<madha^^er30> maybe they are putting pictures up
<Nathan_Roberts> at 11:30 at night?
<Whomiga> Maybe they have the same life as you...
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually it sounds like people are stomping around
		 their apartment
<Alden> Nate: someone needs bunny slippers
<Alden> Is there even life after IRC?
<IsraelBeta> Alden: That's just a nasty rumor.

Fri Aug  6
 * random_c is trying a new mail program. Someone mail me!
 * Whomiga tries to cram Random into an Envelope - Sorry, you don't fit!

Fri Aug  6
[Alryssa is having problems with her ISP...]
*** Alryssa has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<TheProf> OK! Who bet on 15 minutes for Alryssa?
*** Alryssa has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<TheProf> Who had 30 seconds!?
<DoctorWho> Who said 30 seconds?
<Whomiga> Who bet less than one minute?
*** Alryssa has joined #drwhochat
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Alryssa
<Alryssa> sigh.
<Alryssa> let's try this again
<TheProf> OK; We start the clock at 1:03
<TheProf> I have 2 minutes.
<Whomiga> I'll take less than one minute
 * DoctorWho bets 45 seconds!!
<Whomiga> Oh - 30 second then
<Alden> I bet 2 mminutes
<TheProf> I love the fact that the bets are down to seconds.

Fri Aug  6
 * TheProf thinks about locking his desk drawer at work on his last
   day, taking the key home and leaving some fish in the
   drawer....That should make the office really nice and perfumey come
   the next monday when someone takes over my desk.
<TheProf> I can just see the desk becoming known as "The desk of death".
<TheProf> After a full weekend they will need to hire Red Adare to
	  open the drawer.
<Jondar> Prof: question is how would you smuggle the fish in? :)
<TheProf> Smuggling the fish would not be hard. The folks there are
	  use to me having smelly stuff in bag when I fix my own lunch.

Fri Aug  6
[Prof has been laid off his job, and his wife has been promoted to Kansas City]
<TheProf> We would have prefered Atlanta actually.
<TheProf> Very close to her brother and parents.
<TheProf> And Disney World!!!!!!
<Jondar> "Now that you've been laid off from your job, where are you
	 going to go?" ... "I'm going to DisneyWorld!!" >:-)

Fri Aug  6
<TheProf> Someone wanted to know if I was DrProf. I said no but the
	  nick she was using was interesting so I did a whois.
<TheProf> sexxxyjulie is * julie
<TheProf> sexxxyjulie on +#0!!!!!!!!Girls&OlderGuys 
	  #0!!!!!!!!!!!!!sexpicsxxx #0!!!!!!!!!!supersexpics 
	  #0!!!!!!!!!!xxxsexpics #sex 
<TheProf> I can be him if she wants me to.

Fri Aug  6
<Alden> If KC was in NZ, it would be a major population center. :-)
<Jondar> Alden: if most US cities were in NZ they would be a major
	 population center :)
<TheProf> If my apartment complex was in NZ it would be a major
	  population center.

Sat Aug  7
<TheProf> I can't imagine 27 million people in one city.
<Alden> Prof: I can, just not the smell.

Sat Aug  7
<Jefferys> New FOX series: "When Stock Footage Explodes"

Sat Aug  7
 * TheProf watches a blow up Nathan Roberts delflate.
 * DoctorWho watches a deflated Prof blow up

Sat Aug  7
<Jefferys> Fish! !hsiF Phish! Fiche!
<Thete> Today's fish is Trout a la Crme. Enjoy your meal.
<Thete> .laem ruoy yojnE .emrC al a tuorT si hsif s'yadoT
<Thete> Today's phish is Band a la Drugs. Enjoy your trip.
<Thete> Today's fiche is Times a la Chronicle. Enjoy your research.
*** Alden is now known as Fish
<Thete> Today's fish is Trout a la Crme. Enjoy your meal.
*** Fish is now known as Alden
<Thete> Today's alden is Kiwi a la Hutt. Enjoy your meg.

Sat Aug  7
[In a private conversation with Prof...]
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
<TheProf> You want to grab this wav.
[TheProf SOUND] mime.wav
<Nathan_Roberts> I do?
<Nathan_Roberts> Is this uncompressed or am I gonna have to boot the Windows
		 box to play it?
<TheProf> Don't bother. It's 10 seconds of silence. I've been driving
	  people in the room nuts with it.
<TheProf> >:o)
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<TheProf> Meg played it three times before getting the joke.
<TheProf> She kept turning her speakers up.
<Nathan_Roberts> Damn.  Now I'll never know how long it would have taken me to
		 figure it out
<TheProf> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> Probably 5 seconds, knowing me.
<TheProf> I have got to try it on Jason when he comes in.
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't tell anyone.  I'm going to reuse it.
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm going to rename it linuxcrash.wav >:)
<TheProf> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> See if anyone figures it out
[Nathan_Roberts SOUND] linuxcrash.wav
[Crow grabs the sound]
[Meg grabs the sound]
[Alden grabs the sound]
<TheProf> Here fishy fishy fishy
<Nathan_Roberts> Two bites
<Nathan_Roberts> 3
<TheProf> If they complain yoiu say "Evil, look it up."
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
[In the channel...]
<CrowTRobt> nate that wav doesn't play... linuxcrash.wav
<MegL> it's playing
<MegL> just no sound
<Alden> I think that's the joke...
<Alden> IE, Linux doesn't crash. ;-)
<Alden> Mind you, considering it's crashed on Nathan twice now...
<Nathan_Roberts> You guys should have known better than to even grab
		 that after mime.wav
<Thete> I did ^__^
<MegL> LOL Nathan
 * CrowTRobt beats head on wall
<MegL> hey, I grabbed it too Bill
<Alden> So did I. ;-)
<CrowTRobt> come join me
<Thete> but then i'm very mime-aware at the mo'
*** Nathan_Roberts has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to
    Suckers had for tonight: 3
<CrowTRobt> **whamwhamhwham**
* Alden knew it was going to be silence though. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> So why'd you bother?
<Thete> "because it's there"
<CrowTRobt> probably to run the joke on someelse Nate
<Alden> It's easier to press F12 than opening the folder and making a
	copy of the wav, then renaming the copy...
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Alden> Otherwise every time you use that joke, mIRC is going to
	complain at me. ;-)

Sat Aug  7
 * Thete presses F12
<CrowTRobt> what does f12 do for you?
 * Thete presses F12 lots of times
<Alden> F12 is wavgrab
<Thete> hmm.
<Thete> just as I thought.
<Thete> PUBLIC NOTICE: F12 still does smegall on my keyboard and all's well.
<Nathan_Roberts> Theta: It's something script-specific
<Thete> just wanted to be sure it wasn't boobytrapped :-)
 * Thete enjoys the feeling of total security in pressing F12, causing
   absolutely nothing to happen.

Sat Aug  7
<Alden> "Imagination, Demonstration, Orchestration, Distribution"
<Alden> What's that about? :-)
<Thete> make shit up, bust moves doing it, mix it sly and pass it out

Sat Aug  7
 * Jefferys wonders what Cntrl-F12 does
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't do it, Jeff
<Nathan_Roberts> That's the new panic button
<Alden> Jeff: Try Alt-F4.
<CrowTRobt> ahhaha
 * Jefferys has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<CrowTRobt> ahhahaha
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Alden> Darn. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jeff is too smart for us

Sat Aug  7
 * TheProf is web browsing at:
 * TheProf gets more cheap and cheesy website hits this way as well.
 * CrowTRobt waits for the images on Profs to load
<MegL> how?
<CrowTRobt> we are all going to his page now Meg
<CrowTRobt> cheap quick hits
<MegL> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> I should have expected this from the "creator" of mime.wav...

Sat Aug  7
<Thete> Today's fish is Trout a la Crme. Enjoy your meal.
<Shel> copy and paste, or are you manually wearing yourself out typing?
<Thete> i'm manually wearing yourself out typing?
<Thete> i'm manually wearing yourself out typing.
<Thete> i'm manually wearing myself out typing.
<Nathan_Roberts> he's manually wearing himself out typoing

Sun Aug  8
<Thete> The Blue Box Project: Two schoolteachers entered a junkyard in
	search of a spooky pupil. One year later, they turn up again
	and get married.
<Blor> The Blor witch project. A bunch of dorks enter the woods to
       wander aimlessly and moan about evil fish. Sure enough, they're
       eaten by a swarm of winged, cannibalistic pikes.
<Thete> The Beeble Brox Project: one rather attractive astrophysicist
	from Islington leaves a party with a guy who claims to be from
	a different planet. One year later, the planet Earth cannot be
<Shel> the nathan roberts project...  a man wanders into the world
       alone in search of the bill witch
<Whomiga> The #drwhochat project - an entire channel goes online and
	  are never seen again...

Sun Aug  8
 * Theta-G is running FishPeople 1.0 by Peter "Nothing in ze vorld can
   shtop me now!" Fagan

Sun Aug  8
 * TheProf Screams and beats on Nathan!
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as NearDeathNathan
*** NearDeathNathan is now known as DearNeathNathan
<Jondar> "Dear Neath Nathan, I wish to inform you that you are now dead."
<Jondar> "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your death"

Sun Aug  8
<CrowTRobt> like when I took pics with the stars at Visions I was happy then 
<TheProf> Yeah, but that was because you were about to grope the lady
	  you were having your picture with.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof tells about his latest Lis fantasy
<CrowTRobt> I didn't grope Louise
<TheProf> That's because they made you wear handcuffs for the pic. :o)
<CrowTRobt> she was a very nice lady and I mearly leered at her

Sun Aug  8
<Alden> Whoa, Bill lost the beard of evil. ;-)
<CrowTRobt> Alden I lost it since I started back to school
<TheProf> Just the beard. Not the evil.

Sun Aug  8
<Shel> is theta still alive?
<Thete> no
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL. Good answer

Sun Aug  8
 * Alden asks again, anyone wanna test a dodgy software beta? ;-)
<TheProf> Let me know when it comes out at least on VHS.
 * Jondar fwaps TheProf with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<TheProf> Alright then DVD.
<Shel> prof, nah, dvd will be better
<Shel> beta supposedly is better than vhs, just poor marketing
<Shel> i wouldn't know, i've never compared the 2
 * TheProf reads postings about people complaining about the Five
   Doctors DVD on RADW. You just want to slap the shit out of some of
<TheProf> Beta was better but Sony was so wrapped up in filing
	  lawsuits against people that they were a year late in
	  releasing it and it was to late then. VHS had won.
<TheProf> Fox's problem right now is they have a finacial stake in
	  Digital VHS. They are convinced DVHS is going to win over
	  DVD. Lets see, how popular was SVHS? Remember digital audio
	  tapes that were suppose to be just as good as CDs and could
 * MegL thinks DVD won't completely take off till you can record with
   it, but that time seems to be coming
<TheProf> Meg: People said the same thing about CDs. Digital tape was
	  suppose to be better because it could record. Sony once
	  again was the backer of that and lost bigtime.
<Alden> Grief, the discussions you can start just by asking if anyone
	wants to test some software. ;-)

Sun Aug  8
[Peter is doing vanity searches...]
<Thete> search for my name in this page:
<Thete> Peter Fagan
<Alden> Theta: Well....  the things you find out. :-)
<TheProf> Found it.
<TheProf> Peter Fagan's hasty departure from Helen's life suggests
	  that he had second thoughts about marrying a woman who would
	  be completely dependent on him.
<TheProf> You bastard!
<TheProf> Fearing for his own independence, he had no choice but to
	  leave her reaching for him, yearning in the familiar quiet
*** Thete has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to I'm sorry,
    Helen. Really, I am...
<Thete> oh great, here's another Peter Fagan..
<Thete> Peter Fagan, Ph.D., the director of the Johns Hopkins Sexual
	Behaviors Consultation Unit.
<Alden> Thete: So if we want to get up to any sexual behaivor, we have
	to sonsult you? ;-)
<Thete> TMI

Sun Aug  8
<SupremeDalek> Flash!
<Theta-G> Today's Flash is Red a la Suit. Enjoy the blur.

Sun Aug  8
<SupremeDalek> Flush!
 * Whomiga doesn't really want to know the response for that one
<Theta-G> Today's flush is Boat a la Bowl. Enjoy the blue.
 * Theta-G fights for Taste
 * Theta-G loses :-)

Sun Aug  8
<Whomiga> Flame!
<CrowTRobt> Today's flame is John a la Long. Enjoy the heat.

Sun Aug  8
<Alryssa> Feet!
<Theta-G> Today's feet are Toes a la Corn. Not much enjoyment going on there.

Sun Aug  8
[Playing with Richard's Love Calculator script...]
<Evil_Willow> !lovecalc Adric Morticia
<Whomiga> "Adric" and "Morticia"
<Whomiga> Chances of Successful Relationship is 31%
<Feeta> !lovecalc Adric Earth
<Whomiga> "Adric" and "Earth"
<Whomiga> Chances of Successful Relationship is 13%
<DarkRyssa> !lovecalc Adric Cyberman
<Whomiga> "Adric" and "Cyberman"
<Whomiga> Chances of Successful Relationship is 13%
<Nathan_Roberts> !lovecalc Adric Anything
<Whomiga> "Adric" and "Anything"
<Whomiga> Chances of Successful Relationship is 0%
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<DarkRyssa> LOL!
<Feeta> LOLOL

Sun Aug  8
<Jondar> Question 1 on a quiz show: "Who is the chief executive of the
	 worlds largest computer software company?" >:-)
<Alden> Steve Jobs!
 * Alden ducks!

Mon Aug  9
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL... The slashdot icon for education-related stories is
		 a chalkboard.  With "2 + 2 = 5" written on it.
<Nathan_Roberts> There was this long thread about why it said 2 + 2 =
		 5, ranging from it being a sociopolitical statement,
		 to a statement on the lack of education of the
		 american people, to a reference to 1984 and
		 preceptions of reality...
<Jondar> heehee
<Nathan_Roberts> Then this one guy hits the nail on the head.  "Either
		 that, or they just thought it looked kinda funny"
<Jondar> ROTFL!
<Nathan_Roberts> I know the latter is the correct answer, because i did
		 something similar once
<Nathan_Roberts> There was some project we did in class once, which
		 involved making a scale-model of something.  (I ended up
		 making a scale model of one corner of the classroom)
<Nathan_Roberts> On the model, I wrote on the chalkboard, "2 + 2 = 5"
<Nathan_Roberts> Which I thought rather ironic, seeing as it was a math class.

Mon Aug  9
<Alden> Nate: I had an "I want Linux" moment before.  I installed a
	printer, and Windows promptly decided the modem didn't exist.

Mon Aug  9
<Jondar> Alden: channels are dynamic content... basically constantly
	 updated webpages
<Alden> Wow, obviously for webmasters with a lot of time on their hands.
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Jondar> like me, huh? is that what you're insinuating Alden? :)
<TheProf> If Alden doesn't I will.
<Alden> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Jondar> :-PPP
<Nathan_Roberts> Coming Soon: VarosChannel

Mon Aug  9
*** TheProf has joined channel #drwhochat
<Alden> re Prof
 * TheProf walks back into the room with a Mae West on dragging an
   inflatable raft.
<Jondar> re Prof
<Nathan_Roberts> Today's crash is Prof ala Blue.  Enjoy your death.
<TheProf> Fortunately I used my head to cushion the impact. No bwain
	  dwamagee i Thhiink.
<Alden> Nope, none at all. ;-)
<Alden> At least no *further*....
<Nathan_Roberts> You left out a "to" there
 * Nathan_Roberts leaves where the "to" goes as an exercise
<Jondar> Nate: he didn't leave out a "to" there
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes he did.  It should be after "brain"...
<Jondar> LOL!
<Alden> LOL!!
[TheProf SOUND] whump.wav
 * TheProf beats Nathan into his component atoms!!!!!

Tue Aug 10
<Nathan_Roberts> Never heard that song either
<Jondar> Hmmm... you have been isolated under that rock, haven't you? :)
 * Nathan_Roberts was just waiting for that
<Jondar> :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually I was expecting something like, "What's with you,
		 do you live under a... oh, nevermind"
*** DoctorWho is now known as RockMan
<Jondar> I bet it's registered :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Yup. And has nick kill enforced.
<Nathan_Roberts> But Nickserv isn't harassing me!
<Nathan_Roberts> This guy must have his access list screwed up
*** RockMan is now known as DoctorWho
<Nathan_Roberts> Jeez.  I switch to my own nick and /then/ it harasses me. :P

Wed Aug 11
<Nathan_Roberts> Remember the problems my college was having with their new
		 computer system?
<Nathan_Roberts> I got a letter yestarday apologising for the lack of a wait
		 list system.
<Nathan_Roberts> They said, "The wait list system has been removed."  I think
		 that translates into "We don't know how to make it work."

Thu Aug 12
 * Nathan_Roberts starts to wonder why his Linux box has a tendency to
   page itself to death
<Alden> "Paging Nate's computer.  Paging Nate's computer.  Oh, wait!
	I _am_ Nate's computer! *urgh*"

Thu Aug 12
[Crow and his daughter are on the Crowcam...]
<TheProf> Where did the picture go?
<CrowTRobt> reload
 * TheProf demands entertainment!
<CrowTRobt> you can see the top of sarah's head
<TheProf> Hi Sarah!
<TheProf> Listen very carefully Sarah. Grab Daddy's mustache and pull
	  real hard.
<CrowTRobt> sarah says hi Mr Brian
<CrowTRobt> She says your name sounds like Mr. Bean
<TheProf> LOL. I hadn't thought of that. :o)

Thu Aug 12
 * Theta-G wairs pariently
 * Whomiga_386 wonders how to wair
<Theta-G> It' s like waiting, but you can get up from the computer
<Whomiga_386> Oh, I can't do that while waiting?
<Whomiga_386> No wonder I lurk so much - I'm not following the rules

Thu Aug 12
<Blor> Uhm
<CrowTRobt> hmmm?
 * Blor calms down
<Nathan_Roberts> Are you on drugs?
<CrowTRobt> lol
<Blor> Uhm. I just looked at Crow's page.
<CrowTRobt> lol
  * Nathan_Roberts is unenlightened
<Blor> NEver read Lovecraft, Nate?
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope
<Blor> Ok, so that joke missed you by a couple of miles.
<Nathan_Roberts> I think it missed by a light year or two
<Blor> A couple of galaxies.
<Nathan_Roberts> hell, it might have missed by an entire univers
<Nathan_Roberts> univers
<Nathan_Roberts> univers
<Nathan_Roberts> universe
<Nathan_Roberts> premature enter syndrome strikes again
<Nathan_Roberts> Prestrikulation (sp?)

Thu Aug 12
 * Thete files the clue, having obtained one
<Alryssa> you wouldn;t get a clue if you smeared yourself with clue
	  musk and went to the middle of the clue breeding grounds at
	  the height of clue mating season and did the clue mating
	  dance for days!!

Thu Aug 12
<Alryssa> so... if you want to be at the online reception... Saturday
	  night August 21st :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> What time?
<Alryssa> we're hoping to get married at 7pm, so prolly from 9 or so onwards
<Nathan_Roberts> There's a good chance I'll be asleep
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually I need to radically alter my sleep schedule
		 by Tuesday :/
<Alryssa> Nate: know what that's lie. I've been awake since 10pm last night.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alryssa: I was half-expecting you to say, "What,
		 you're getting married too?"

Sat Aug 14
*** Leela is now known as Leelaway
<Whomiga> How do you remove Leel? - With Leelaway!

Sun Aug 15
<chrisk> Anyone here ever use 130-minute videotapes?
<Theta-G> yes but i didn't inhale

Sun Aug 15
<TimJR> !hsif
<Theta-G> .ffuts siht *daer* yllautca uoy eveileb t'nac IW

Mon Aug 16
 * The_42nd_Doctor was looking at Nathan's pictures in the quotefile...
 * The_42nd_Doctor is killing herself laughing.
<The_42nd_Doctor> <errk>
*** The_42nd_Doctor is now known as The_43rd_Doctor

Tue Aug 17
<Blor> Hey Nate
<Nathan_Roberts> You're not gonna like this... but I'm leaving the
		 house again today
<Blor> Nate: In the end , you're gonna melt or something.
<Blor> Or you will most likely slip on something and get killed in the fall.
<Blor> Or get a piece of a comet smack on your head.
<Blor> Or be attacked by a rabid kitten.
<Blor> If the last one happens, can you please film it? Or at least take
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO
<Blor> You know what I would like to hear in a 'conversation' like this?
       Someone blurbing: "Hey, thats nothing to make jokes about!"
<Nathan_Roberts> Hey, that's nothing to make jokes about!
<Blor> *fwap*
<Nathan_Roberts> Also i'm going to go to the store shortly to get some
		 junk food
<Blor> Ok. There's still some Nate in you.
<Nathan_Roberts> You can take the Nate out of the junk food, but you
		 can't take the junk food out of the Nate...hmm, that
		 doesn't work as well as I had hoped
<Blor> Uhm... no. But I get your point.

Wed Aug 18
 * MegL kicks her connection
*** The_Anti is now known as Megs_connection
<Megs_connection> Hey!
<Megs_connection> don't kick me.
*** Megs_connection has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by
    Nathan_Roberts (Why not!?)
*** The_Anti has joined channel #drwhochat
<Nathan_Roberts> You were just begging for that one!
<The_Anti> you know.. I thought I would have learned my lesson with
	   that by now

Wed Aug 18
 * Fenric1 is only staying until the Nyquil kicks in...;>
<The_Anti> oh no.. I'm not falling for this one.
 * The_Anti happily stays The_Anti and resists the urge to change his
   nick to Nyquil and kick Fenric

Thu Aug 19
 * Blor watched a movie called Superstition when I was 10. I took my
   matress to my parents room and slept there for a week
<Blor> The trouble today is that I dont get scared easily... basicly
       no movies scare me, with a few exceptions...
<AnythingThatsNotRegistered> fish movies!

Thu Aug 19
<Nathan_Roberts> Some friends and I were setting in the cafeteria at
		 college, and suddely someone comes along, leading a
		 bunch of little kids into the kitchens
<Nathan_Roberts> And my friend goes, "So THAT'S where the Mystery Meat
		 comes from!"

Thu Aug 19
 * Nathan_Roberts has written some reports of the times he's gotten out of
   the house at
<Nathan_Roberts> Blor will like the fact that I titled Episode I "The
		 Nightmare Begins"
<Blor> A story of nature gone wrong?
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahha
<Blor> "The nightmare begins" is a good title, but it really doesnt
       explain that this is truly one of the signs of the apocalypse
<Nathan_Roberts> Episode V is "EarthShock"...
<Brigadier> blor - i thought the first sign of the apocalypse was that
	    you werent evil
<Blor> Brig: Well, that would be kinda awkward. Who's gonna provide
       all the hellfire?
<Brigadier> the temp workers
<Blor> Those buggers?!?! HA! They cant tell sulphur from washingpowder!
<Nathan_Roberts> You know something, Blor...
<Nathan_Roberts> While I was out on Tuesday, there was an earthquake!
<Blor> Yeah, I told you things would happen!
<Blor> Btw, got any movies or pictures for me?
<Nathan_Roberts> Of the event?
<Blor> Nate: I was referring to the rabid kittens
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah.  I'm afraid I wasn't attacked by any
<Blor> Hmm.
<Blor> You should have been.
<Nathan_Roberts> Well I wasn't.
<Blor> I paid a .. I mean. Uhm.
<Blor> Nothing.
<Nathan_Roberts> You been robbed.
<Blor> Damn.
<Blor> Do you know how hard it is to get hold of rabid kittens?
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm sure you will go find and have a pleasant word
		 with the guy.
<Blor> Yes. 'Pleasant' is the key word.
<Nathan_Roberts> Naturally.
<Blor> I mean, I would never actually hurt anyone. Oh no.
<Blor> I could send him some pikes.

Thu Aug 19
<Blor> Nate: You tend to get lost sometimes, am I right?
<Nathan_Roberts> Blor: You're reading my trip reports, aren't you?
<Blor> Yep.
<Nathan_Roberts> Have you gotten to Episode V yet?
<Blor> Yep.
<Nathan_Roberts> Well, in answer to your question.... Yesyesyesyesyesyesy
<Blor> Not that I really needed an answer to that question...
<Blor> ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Three times in one day... That's pathetic
<Nathan_Roberts> And that's after getting hopelessly lost once before
<Blor> Maybe its a sign that you should stay indoors?
<Nathan_Roberts> Probably
<Nathan_Roberts> Doesn't mean I'm going to listen to it >:)
<Nathan_Roberts> You'd think I'd learn to bring a map and plan ahead
		 or something
<Blor> Plan ahead?!
<Blor> HA!
<Blor> Thats for chickens!
<Nathan_Roberts> Well the thing is, I *DID* plan ahead.
<Nathan_Roberts> Fat lot of good it did me.
<Blor> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts> But if someone had just told me, "The Mariott is the
		 tallest building in San Francisco", I'd have been fine.
<Nathan_Roberts> Probably.
<Nathan_Roberts> Maybe.
<Nathan_Roberts> Possibly.
<Blor> 'Not bloody likely' are the words youre looking for, I think.

Thu Aug 19
<TheProf> I have a wife with learn tact or pain control.
 * Nathan_Roberts is tempted to take a guess as to which one Prof
   learned... >:)

Thu Aug 19
<TheProf> Around here they raise buffalo for food......and Ostrich.
<TheProf> Ostrich burgers are rather good.
<TheProf> The feathers are a bit disturbing.
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Prof like he's nuts
<Alden> Cashew?
<Nathan_Roberts> Gasundheit

Fri Aug 20
  TheProf is web browsing at:
<TheProf> The person put a search link up for
<TheProf> Go to a DW site and then search on for the
	  valume prescription you have always needed so you could
	  watch The Web Planet all the way through.

Sat Aug 21
<dse> btw, there's a rumor that the B-Movie Channel will pick up all
      10 seasons of MST3k
<Nathan_Roberts> There's a B-Movie channel now too!?
<chrisk> There's a B-Movie Channel???
<Brigadier> B-Movie Channel ... Movies so bad even USA won't show them

Sat Aug 21
<Nathan_Roberts> If you DCC them to me, they tend to get lost in all
		 the crap on my hard drive
<TheProf> Your hard drive is a piece of shit?
<Nathan_Roberts> Well, that too...

Sun Aug 22
<TheProf> Someone got paid to write that.
<Alden> I write all sorts of crap and I don't get paid, dammit.

Sun Aug 22
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at the time
 * Alden watches the time look back at Nate

Sun Aug 22
 * Nathan_Roberts has been up all night win95ifying his Linux box
<Alden> Nate: You poor soul
<Alden> Nate: You have a blue screen with "General Protection Fault"
	written on it?
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Nathan_Roberts> I suppose I could install the BSOD screensaver and
		 have it kick in randomly :D

Mon Aug 23
<Nathan_Roberts> What are the default colors for the two-toned Win98 titlebars?
<Jondar> NatE: hold on, I'll get you the RGB codes
<Jondar> Nate: 0/0/128 is on the left, and 16/132/208 is on the right
<Nathan_Roberts> What about for inactive?
<Jondar> 128/128/128 left, 181/181/181 right
<TheProf> 36/24/36 if you have the Playboy edition.

Tue Aug 24
 * Alden wanders through his Windows directory, deleteing stuff
<DonQuay> user.exe...deleted
<DonQuay> gdi.exe...deleted

Wed Aug 25
<Theta-G> speaking as somewone whose website is up on blocks in the
	  front yard, I don't care how much you know if your work is
	  up on blocks in the front yard.

Wed Aug 25
<TheProf> When in Florida I was shocked at how warm the water was. I
	  am use to the cold waters off SF. You don't go swimming on
	  the beaches in SF. Way to cold.
<Theta-G> Uless you're a group of loopy witches leaping into the surf
	  in December in a nature-crazed rebirth ceremony
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Theta-G> and no, I didn't. :-)

Wed Aug 25
 * Alden sighs.
<Alden> My eyes are starting to look like <><>
<Alden> Damn HTML
<Theta-G> <SKULL><EYE>Tiredness</EYE></SKULL>

Wed Aug 25
<Alden> Morgan just walked in in his pyjamas to annoy me again, so I
	pointed out the webcam.
<Alden> Of course, he doesn't know it's not going. ;-)

Wed Aug 25
 * Alden goes and gets his piggy bank
<Alden> $10
<TheProf> Trying to buy Jason a decent ISP?
<Alden> $20
<Alden> $30
<Alden> $40
<Alden> $50
<Alden> Prof: I don't think it's going to stretch that far
<Alden> $60
<Alden> $66:30
<Alden> Darn, not enough for a new Hard Drive
 * TheProf flits Alden a quarter.
<Alden> Gee, thanks mister
<Alden> I need another $434 at least.  Maybe I can sell Prof's body on
	the street.
<Jondar> Alden: tried auctioning off siblings on Ebay? very lucrative... :)
 * Alden auctions the Prof's body on EBay
<Alden> Dang, only 5 cents.

Thu Aug 26
<TheProf> The computer and the bed are the only things in the house
	  not you think I should let the wife out of the box?

Thu Aug 26
*** TheProf left IRC (Read error: Connection reset)
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
 * Alden places bets that Prof's acutally IRCing from his car, and he
   just drove into a tunnel

Thu Aug 26
<Alden> There's a toilet seat up/down argument raging on my University BBS.
<TheProf> Everyone puts it down Alden. End of argument.
<TheProf> it keeps the cats from falling in--the profess
<TheProf> Nothing worse than watching a cat attempt to keep their
	  dignity after falling into a toilet.

Fri Aug 27
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders what would happen if he tiled Theta's,
   Crow's, Alden's, Anti's, Random's, and Whomiga's cams on screen
   (assuming they're all running at once...)
<TomRyssa> Nate: I accept no responsibility for the cracked monitor
	   that results LOL

Sun Aug 29
 * Edict_of_Expert drops ONE TON WEIGHT on BicycleRepairMan
<BicycleRepairMan> whoa! flattop!
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<BicycleRepairMan> stylin'
<Nathan_Roberts> flat/everything/
<BicycleRepairMan> that too
<BicycleRepairMan> not as stylin'
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
*** BicycleRepairMan has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to
    Flatman and Ribbon

Mon Aug 30
 * Jondar thinks about attaching a chain to this pen, and then bolting
   it to his desk...
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks about attaching a chain to everything he owns, and
   then bolting them to his desk...
<Alden> I thought about that, but I realised it would be easier to
	chain up my siblings.

Mon Aug 30
[Watching the AldenCam...]
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Your brother is behind you with a knife...

Tue Aug 31
<Alden> OK, Norton fixed Win98.
<Alden> He should work for Microsoft.  Their software might actually
	start working properly.

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