The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue VI: July 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Thu Jul 01
<Whomiga> It's 4 minutes to Midnight PDT - Do you know where your quotefile is?

Thu Jul 01
<Jondar> I figured that was pointless anyway
<AldenTaxShootMeNow> Like my pencil

Thu Jul 01
 * AldenTaxShootMeNow wonders if he should tick the "This return is for a
   deceased person" box
 * Nathan_Roberts shoots Alden.
<Nathan_Roberts> Go right ahead. >:)
<Alden> <tick>

Thu Jul 01
 * Jondar goes to sleep when he's tired, and wakes up usually when the phone
   rings :) 
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
 * Alden goes to sleep at about midnight and wakes up about 3 hours after the
   alarm clock goes off.
<Alden> At which point I get some morning tea and carry on doing my work.
 * Nathan_Roberts goes to sleep when tired, and wakes up when his
   internal clock goes off. Which doesn't always coencide with having
   gotten enough sleep :/
<Alden> Nate: Have you had the battery checked on your internal clock?

Thu Jul 01
<MegL> I've got that picture of you sticking it out and it doesn't
       look short >:)
<Alden> Sheesh, there's a guy with a 6-inch tongue on TV.
 * MegL thinks we need to measure your tongue someday

Thu Jul 01
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> K9 and VarosScript may yet merge into one..... ;)
<Jondar> :)
 * TheProf sneaks in and steals the Varos script.....hmmmmm.....I like
   the plot but I think the hero being killed by a Kangaroo at the end
   is kind of a downer.
 * Jondar fwaps Prof
<TheProf> Ok. The kangaroo stays but the tap dancing nuns in that 6th
	  scene have got to go.
<Jondar> ROTFL!
<Jondar> Prof: what about that kinky sex with water toys in scene 21?
 * TheProf turns the paper upside right....Oh! This is a program
   script.....still upside it is not a bad musical thriller.

Thu Jul  1
 * Alden grumbles.
<Alden> Does anyone want a brother?
<Alden> I've had enough of mine.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: I'll take him (indicates the bottomles pit in his room)
<Jefferys> How old is Alden and what's age diff between him and his
	   other siblings?
<Alden> Jeff: I'm six and a half, and they are all seven years younger than me

Fri Jul 02
<The_Anti> Loincloth and a shiny dome, that's what Ghandi is...

Fri Jul 02
 * Alden puts Morgan up for auction on ebay.
<NemoDream> Morgan?
<Alden> My brother. ;-)
<MegL> LOL
<MegL> are you going to split the profits with Trevor? I mean he'll
       get a room of his own if you do this >:)
<Alden> Meg: Depends if he helps me package Morgan up for mailing. ;-)

Fri Jul 02
[Trying out the ICQ random chat feature.]
<Alden> johnboy: "Looking to talk to anything female"
 * Alden goes and gets his cat.
<TheProf> game for a laugh,anything goes, virtually unshockable
 * Alden gets the jumper leads

Fri Jul 02
 * TheProf finished watching his Everest documentary.
<TheProf> I am reminded of about 20 years ago some French climbers decided
	  to show how advanced moutain climbing was buy taking a cow to the
	  top of the Matterhorn....the cow died on the way up.
<TheProf> Now here you are almost to the top of the mountain with a dead
	  cow....boy they sure must have felt like a bunch of asses.
 * TheProf has always wondered what they did with the cow......
<FolkBoy> More likely they had fresh prime rib.
<TheProf> I figure they should have taken the cow the rest of the way
	  and left him on the summet. Image the shock of any climbers
	  coming up from the other side when they reached the top.
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> LOL
<TheProf> Explain that to the folks at basecamp.

Fri Jul 02 
<TheProf> I remember the big thing about the hidden profecies in the
	  Bible. When the author was critisized by James Randi he said
	  "When Randy can find one assassination in Moby Dick I will
	  be convinced. Randi found 34 total in just 10 chapters in
	  Moby Dick. Never give James Randi a challenge like that.

Sat Jul 03
<TheProf> Hmmmm. I just clicked on a Geocities site and was informed I
	  now am the intelectual property of Yahoo.

Sat Jul 03
 * TheProf broke his mouse.
<Nathan_Roberts> Uh oh
<Jefferys> Poor mickey
<TheProf> I sort of smashed it.
<TheProf> I sort of took my fist and crushed it like an egg.

Sat Jul 03
 * TheProf thinks about swimming.
 * Nathan_Roberts doesn't think about swimming
<Nathan_Roberts> The sight of me in a swimsuit would give people seizures
<Alden> Eeep
<Alden> So swim naked
<Nathan_Roberts> I guess people dying from the shock /would/ solve the problem
 * TheProf passes out
<Nathan_Roberts> It looks like the mere /thought/ of me in a swimsuit
		 gives some people seizure
<TheProf> Actually the coast guard might get nate for polluting the oceon.
 * Nathan_Roberts beats Prof with a stick!
 * TheProf enjoys it.
 * Nathan_Roberts tells Prof to turn around and bend over
<Alden> Prof: Nate couldn't go swimming because his computer would get wet.
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> True. nate could never find a phone cord long enough so he
	  can use the computer while he swam.

Sat Jul 03
<Nathan_Roberts> You're only as old as you feel
<TheProf> And body....I feel old.
 * TheProf turns to dust.
 * Nathan_Roberts sweeps up Prof
 * Alden adds water. Instant Prof!

Sat Jul 03
 * Jondar bets Prof will hate the colors I've chosen
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> The wife hated the last one. :o0
<Jondar> Prof: I bet she did :)
<TheProf> She said "What's wrong with his nose?" 
	  I answered 'That's Jon Pertwee".

Sat Jul 03
 * Jondar 's sister is having her 13th birthday party tomorrow... any chance
   of spending tomorrow night at one of your places? :)

Sun Jul  4
<Jondar> BRB - have to brave the hordes of teenage girls to get something to
	 eat for dinner
 * Nathan_Roberts gives Jondar a cross...

Mon Jul  5
<Jondar> BRB - some interesting music is coming from the living room.
<Alden> Teenagers?  Interesting music?
<Jondar> Alden: yeah... oxymoron I know... :)

Mon Jul  5
<Nathan_Roberts> Amazing what you can do with a little cornstarch and water
<Alden> Nathen: You've invented flubber?

Mon Jul  5
 * Jondar remembers making hi bouncy balls in 10th grade science, in
   the last week before I graduated from that school.
<Jondar> we'd finished all the work we needed to do, so the teacher
	 just set up some cool experiments :)
<Jondar> made stink bombs that week as well... didn't make the
	 principal too happy :)
<Jondar> the principal was going to report the lessons to the science
	 co-ordinator, until he realised that the teacher teaching
	 lessons was the science co-ordinator :)

Mon Jul  5
<Jefferies> jgklhl
 * Alden thumps Jeffrey on the back
<Jefferies> oof
<Alden> Anyone know the Hiemlich manovre?
<Alden> Anyone know how to spell the Hiemlich manovre?

Tue Jul  6
<Shel> i didn't realize until this weekend how many estrogen brigades
       there are out there
<CrowTRobt> oh yeah
<Nathan_Roberts> Pathetic, isn't it
<CrowTRobt> Paul McGann doesn't have the monoply on them
<CrowTRobt> I think there are estrogen brigade web rings
<Nathan_Roberts> I drool.  Therfore I am

Wed Jul 07
<Nathan_Roberts> I admit part of my motivation for writing K9 was so I
		 could have my own "cool" script with my name stamped on it ;)
<CrowTRobt> I must admit that I wrote Crow Extentions so I could have
	    my own lame stuff in a script that I ripped off with my
	    name attached to it

Wed Jul 07
<Nathan_Roberts> I vaguely recall reading about how Linus came to
		 choose a penguin as the Linux logo
<Nathan_Roberts> He was once attacked by one...
<Alden> LOL!
<Lyssie> heh
 * Alden misses the logic with that...
 * Nathan_Roberts too
<Alden> Does this mean a window once fell on Bill Gates?
<Lyssie> This would explain his lack of a brain, right?

Wed Jul 07
<Alden> Good grief, Norman Lovett with a body.
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> lol
<MegL> ?
<Alden> He plays Holly's head on Read Dwarf. :-)
<Alden> He's basically this disembodied head on a computer screen. :-)
<MegL> Ah
<MegL> OK
 * MegL would hope he has a body in real life >;-)
 * Alden is glad he does. It would be hell trying to check the mail
   otherwise. ;-)
<MegL> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Or do anything else for that matter
<Alden> Nate: Except play basketball.
<Alden> He could be the ball. ;-)

Wed Jul 07
 * Jondar notices that Red Dwarf is on... Rebuggered

Thu Jul 08
<TheProf> They have this stupid commercial jason where these 4 guys
	  set out this obstical course of sofas and boxes and at the
	  far end is a can of Surge. One guy screams "SURGE!!!" and
	  they race over all this garbage and trample each other for
	  this can of soda. Dumb commercial. Just buy a six pack
 * TheProf puts a picture of Peri in a bikini at the far end of the
   room and yells "PERI!!!"

Thu Jul 08
 * TheProf sees Alden and lines up another large rock to fling at him.
 * Jondar hands Alden a meteorproof umbrella
<Alden> It's OK.  Apparently if one falls on the house we get $80,000
<Jondar> Alden: is that all... how much is your house worth on the
	 market anyway?
<Alden> Jason: Dunno.  That how much meteors sell for though.
 * Alden tries to interest Prof in a used rock

Fri Jul 09
* Nathan_Roberts goes to scan his ticket stub
<Whomiga> Nate - hehe (I have three around here somewhere for different shows)
<Whomiga> Last one has about 20 people in the theatre
 * Nathan_Roberts has one for Dress to Kill (the Eddie Izzard show) too
<Whomiga> The other time you actually left your rock
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually...
<Whomiga> You took your rock with you?
<Nathan_Roberts> I went out and met someone /else/ from IRC (not here)
		 last week
<Nathan_Roberts> And I'm going to meet them again (and some others) in
		 a couple weeks.
<Nathan_Roberts> 3 outings in one year.  That's 300% improvement over
		 last year...
<Blor> Nate: What the heck's wrong with you, man?!?! ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Blor: Everything.  ANd you're one to talk,
		 Mr. I've-got-a-girlfriend!
<Blor> Nate: Well, sorry. But its her fault, not mine!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Sure, blame the woman :P
<Blor> Nate: Of course. She's not around so I can get away with it.

Fri Jul  9
<Nathan_Roberts> Good god, since I woke up I've sucked down 3 cans of
		 Mountain Dew
<Nathan_Roberts> When I drink soda, I /really/ suck it down
<Jondar> Gee... that aluminium must be painful :)
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
 * Alden giggles
<Jondar> and how did you manage to make your mouth that wide? :)
<Alden> Jason: I'll start worrying when he starts on the bottles
<Jondar> heehee :)
<Jondar> Alden: especially those 3L ones :)
 * Nathan_Roberts grabs a 12-pack and swallows it whole >:)
<Nathan_Roberts> *BEEEEEEEEELCH!!*
<Jondar> I actually have a tower stack of empty Sprite and Fanta cans
	 on my desk... trying to see how many I can stack before the
	 tower topples
<Jondar> the number is 7 :)
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL!
<Nathan_Roberts> I take it it just fell?

Fri Jul  9
<CrowTRobt> I never heard of Pete Conrad
<CrowTRobt> which program did he work with?
<Nathan_Roberts> duno
<Nathan_Roberts> +n
 * CrowTRobt finds it sort of funny that Nate is corecting himself
   on the spelling of word that doesn't exist...

Mon Jul 12
<Nathan_Roberts> Were you here when I was talking about last thursday?
<Whomiga> Nate - Not sure - what about lats Thursday?
<Nathan_Roberts> I went out to SF to meet Vani and Dan
<Nathan_Roberts> (Madha^^er30 on IRC)
<Whomiga> Wow - you actually went out!?!
<Nathan_Roberts> Rich: Don't jump out of your skin.  Yet.
<Nathan_Roberts> I saw Star Wars!
<Nathan_Roberts> (Now you can jump out of your skin.)
<Nathan_Roberts> BTW Blor... Enjoying the snow? >:)
<Blor> Nate: I was just wondering where it all came from.

Mon Jul 12
<Nathan_Roberts> BTW Crow, guess what?
<Nathan_Roberts> I'll give you a hint.  It's skiing season in Blor's domain >:)
<CrowTRobt> you were saying hell froze over nathan?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes.
<Nathan_Roberts> Three guesses as to how.
<CrowTRobt> hmm
<CrowTRobt> you decided to use one of my lamo ideas?
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope.
<CrowTRobt> Uh
<CrowTRobt> you decided to take k9 out of alpha and beta and call it a
	    release version?
<Nathan_Roberts> Nope.  That would only cause a brief winter in Hell.
<Bob01> one guess left
<CrowTRobt> I don't know
<CrowTRobt> I give
<Nathan_Roberts> I saw Star Wars yesterday >:)
<CrowTRobt> whoa
<CrowTRobt> did you stay awke through it?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yes
<CrowTRobt> I'm inpressed

Thu Jul 15
 * Jefferys is baking brownies.
 * CrowTRobt gets the fire extinguisher
<Jefferys> When baking something in the oven, always remember to turn
	   on the oven.

Fri Jul 16
<CrowTRobt> first there is Prince Mongo Hodges who claims to be from
	    another planet... He runs ever time there is a mayor's race
<CrowTRobt> the scary thing about him is that he always comes up the
	    100 signature on his petition to run
<Whomiga> I might sign a petition like that just see the guy try to run...

Sat Jul 17
<Bozzie> Hmm, now *that's* funny
<Bozzie> someone posts to a newsgroup with an extra word on his email,
	 to prevent spam (something like aol.comwindows).
<Bozzie> I miss that and read his sig, and it says:  To reply, delete windows
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Bozzie> And I think, hmm, he must really not like MS products.. :-)
<Bob01> does anybody like MS products?:)
<Bozzie> I'm sure Bill Gates does
<Bozzie> And I do like DOS, if nothing else (never mind the fact that
	 he stole it and lots of other stuff...)
<Bob01> he didnt steal from Steve Jobs he borrowed it:)
<Bozzie> Bob: oh, ok then... could I borrow 100 bucks, bob? I'll, err,
	 return it, yeah, that's the ticket ;-)

Tue Jul 20
 * TheProf is web browsing at:
<Jondar> OK
<Jondar> it's Iomega, BTW :)
<TheProf> I know but the search engine insists on spelling it with an I.
<Jondar> LOL Prof
<Nathan_Roberts> Is there an iRassilon and an iOther?
<Nathan_Roberts> And more to the point, do they come in colors? >:)

Sun Jul 25
<Jefferys> Fish!
<Theta-G> Today's fish is Trout a la Creme. Enjoy your meal.
<Nathan_Roberts> hsiF
<Whomiga> .laem ruoy yojnE .emrC al a tuorT si hsif s'yadoT
[Fwap!  Fwap!]
<Theta-G> eff eye ess haych
<Nathan_Roberts> Tee oh dee ay why apostrophe... no, I'm not even going to try
<Jefferys> Phish!
<Theta-G> Today's Phish is Band a la Drugs. Enjoy you trip.

Sun Jul 25
 * random_c hides in the lampshade.
 * random_c wonders if the lamp's fittings strong enough for both of us....
<random_c> *crash* 
<random_c> nope.

Tue Jul 27 
<IsraelBeta> And of course, there's the new 2000 model Volkswagen
	     Beetle.....or the y2K bug.:)

Tue Jul 27
 * MegL goes eni mini miney mo and picks IE to look this up in ;)
*** MegL joined channel #drwhochat
<MegL> re
 * MegL crashed
<Nathan_Roberts> * MegL	goes eni mini miney mo and picks IE to look this
		 up in ;) <-- Gee, I wonder what caused it? >:)

Tue Jul 27
 * MegL shows Nathan her new computer
<Nathan_Roberts> New?
<MegL> it's an emachine 400id. Not exactly great, but it's been pretty
       good so far
<MegL> my mother board melted
<Nathan_Roberts> Me...elte...d??
<MegL> yeah - diode went right through it :(
<Nathan_Roberts> Great Crap
<MegL> Yeah, well I wasn't happy
<Nathan_Roberts> I figured.
<IsraelBeta> Meg: Your machine has done something so major, you
	     shocked *Nathan*!:)

Wed Jul 28
<CrowTRobt> sneakernet still has some advantages
<yatesy> crow: yeah its good to walk around occasionally:)

Thu Jul 29
 * TheProf saw a whale blown up on tv tonight.
<Lyssie> ew
<TheProf> Not something you see every day.
<Nathan_Roberts> o...k...
<TheProf> This huge whale beached and died on the beach and this
	  engineer had a great idea. Blow it to bits and the seagulls
	  and scavengers will have a feast.
 * MegL thinks this was a bad idea
<MegL> engineers are not the best people to make these choices
<Alden> He was probably a software engineer too. ;-)
<TheProf> The big problem was how much TNT to use and they decided to
	  error on the side of to much.
<TheProf> They kept everyone back 1/4 of a mile for safety.
<MegL> oh god
<TheProf> The explosion was
<TheProf> They had video taken of it by spectators and a tv crew who
	  were watching. It looked cool uintil it started raining
	  pieces of whale on the spectators.
<MegL> Bahahahaahah
<MegL> serves them right
<TheProf> The reporter said he went from a light beige colored rain
	  coat to one that was pink.
 * Lyssie snickers
<Lyssie> what Meg said
<TheProf> One car was crushed by a 200 pound chunk of whale meat that
	  was blown 1,500 feet from the blast.
<TheProf> The tape was hysterical because people were cheering and
	  suddenly started running for their lives as chunks of whale
	  and this pink rain began to pelt them from the sky.
 * MegL wonders if these guys have been reading to much Douglas Adams
<Nathan_Roberts> >:)
<Lyssie> "I think I'll call this... grrrr...grrrr...ground! Ground!"
 * MegL can't help it and is laughing
<MegL> they really really deserverd this
<MegL> you just don't dynamite a whale
<MegL> engineers >;-)
 * NathanR points out that both he and Alden are engineeres...
<Alden> Nathan: And I wouldn't put either of us in charge of getting
	rid of a whale carcass. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Neither would I...
<Nathan_Roberts> Because I'm the sort of person that would have
		 suggested dynamiting it....
<MegL> LOL!!!!
<Alden> Nate: Me too.  The only difference would be where I would have
	suggested sticking the TNT. ;-)
 * TheProf just had a thought. I wonder how the guy whose car was
   destroyed explained it to his insurance company?
<TheProf> Is flying whale blubber covered on most policies?
<Alden> Prof: I'd put it down to "Act of glob"

Thu Jul 29
<random_c> Nate - so you're coming to Gally 2000 then? Shall we all?
<Nathan_Roberts> I doubt it
<Nathan_Roberts> The idea of a con just doesn't appeal to me
<random_c> go on! Or I'll come and drag you persenally.
<random_c> aaaaw
<Alden> What can we entice Nate with?
<Nathan_Roberts> Computer equipment!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> The quickest way to a geek's heart is through his UART

Thu Jul 29
 * Whomiga is running: IRCTools.AmIPlug 1.1, <This space is for!>
   - (c)1999 by Richard H. Poser II
<Whomiga> Cheap of course is relative...
<Whomiga> Anyone with less money than Bill Gates need not apply...

Thu Jul 29 
*** CrowTRobt has quit IRC (Quit: Windows is a stable enviroment. I
    don't need those patches. I don't now .hat peple
    m1 an when they say microsoft suck Read error
    s... TCPPL.. NO CAR..... eof.)

Fri Jul 30
 * Jondar found a phone number for UKTV today. Rang them a couple of
   times. each time got a machine :-P
<Alden> They've got Daleks on the phones then?

Fri Jul 30
 * TheProf got another Elisabeth Sladen nude hit on my site....glad to
   see I am not the only one who does that search.

Fri Jul 30
 * TheProf is running: K-9 Mk. II Alpha9708 - 1998 aka The Beast, a
   perversion of nature by Nathan Roberts & Richard Poser -
 * Nathan_Roberts slaps TheProf around a bit with a stuffed trout
<TheProf> You mean Nathan that isn't the right url? :o)
 * Nathan_Roberts beats Prof over the head with an empty Pepsi
   bottle. No, on second thought, make that a full one

Fri Jul 30
*** Nathan_Roberts has joined #drwhochat
*** Topic is 'How many roads must a man walk down....before you call
    him a cab?'
<Theta-G> Hey Nate, you're a cab.
<Nathan_Roberts> I guess the answer is, "not very many"

Fri Jul 30
<Alden> Dr Who's Underworld brings you the up to date news: New
	character in the BBC Doctor Who books will be Sam
<Alden> up to date news: The 8 Doctors, the BBC book is set to be
	released next year
<IsraelBeta> Up to date news: Virgin Publishing has acquired the
	     license to put out a series of new Doctor Who novels.
<Alden> Dan: this page isn't _that_ out of date. ;-)
<HelmJeff> Up to date news: BBC cancels Doctor Who
<Bob01> Up to date news: Colin Baker is fired as the Doctor
<Rednaxela> up to date news:  wheel invented
<HelmJeff> Up to date news: Earth created.  Man arrested for indecent exposure.

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