The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue V: June 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Tue Jun  1
<TheProf> Someone found my site in a search engine by typing in "naughty
	  wife". My site came up #11.

Tue Jun  1
*** NathanR_Away changes topic to ''
<Jondar> Nate: good grief... it's up already!?! >:-)
[SOUND] oof.wav
 * TheProf lies unconcious on the floor.
 * Alden covers Prof with a sheet.
<TheProf> The end truelly is here.
<TheProf_Away> Nathan!!!! How dare you do the quotefile on time
	       without warning everyone. It took ten minutes with
	       oxigen to wake up TheProf----theprofess.

Tue Jun  1
<TheProf> No sex in the Tardis.....of course once outside the Tardis.....
<DonQuay> and of course... no sex with the tardis.
<Theta-G> ooer. fancy the TARDIS! phwoar!
<Theta-G> nice roundels, baby
<TheProf> Hi Babe. Want to see my central column go up and down?
<Theta-G> she's bigger on the NO I'M NOT GOING THERE

Tue Jun  1
<CrowTRobt> It's interesting... I only open Microsoft Money about once
	    a month but when I do it empties my bank account
<CrowTRobt> hmmm
<NathanR> Oh dear... Another sneaky Microsoft trick...
<CrowTRobt> I find a corralation to the arrival of the bills as well
*** CrowTRobt is now known as SherlockCrow
<SherlockCrow> I shall solve this mystery
<SUDS> SherlockCrow , take the ock out of your name :)

Tue Jun  1
 * fuzzyoctopus kicks her printer. piece of junk!@! you're called a 'printer'
   not a 'sit there and blink at me machine"

Tue Jun  1
 * Blor is sneaking through my girlfriends mp3 collection while she's not
   around... :)
<NathanR_Away> Heh
<fuzzyoctopus> not a good idea, Blor. you might find out something you
	       dont' want to know....
<Blor> Fuzz: Too late.
<Blor> Whitney Houston!

Wed Jun  2
<The_Anti> I remember seeing Michael and thinking it was Nate for some
	   strange reason
<The_Anti> don't know why.. well.. maybe it was owing to the large
	   concentration of blood in my booze.

Thu Jun  3
*** Janet1 has joined #drwhochat
<Janet1> Hi K^9_Away
<K^9_Away> i Janet
<K^9_Away> +h
<K^9_Away> Apple's latest product... the iJanet

Fri Jun  4
<CrowTRobt> True story I heard... A new secretary arrives to microsoft
	    for her first day on the job... She arrives at 7 am
	    sharp... is startled to find a haggart unkempt man
	    sleeping under a desk and calls for security... yep it was
	    the boss ole Billy Gates.
<NathanR_Away> ROTFLMAO
* NathanR_Away is suddenly tired
<CrowTRobt> hmmm
<CrowTRobt> not getting enough rest my friend?
<NathanR_Away> I only slept 10 hours last night
<CrowTRobt> Mr. Enters his son's room to find a haggart unkemp man sleeping
	    under a desk... It is his Son Nathan Roberts

Fri Jun  4
 * NathanR runs AfterStep on the Linux box
<CrowTRobt> it it LINE-icks or LINE-uhcks or LEN-icks or LIN-uhcks ?
 * NathanR says LIN-uhcks
<CrowTRobt> NOne of the above
<NathanR> ?
<CrowTRobt> it is pronounced "who cares" as per Linus
<NathanR> Actually, his exact words were "I don't care", according to the
	  ZDTV interview :P
<CrowTRobt> Pedant
 * NathanR points out that he told Crow about the "I don't care"
   response months ago
<CrowTRobt> and nitpicky
<NathanR> You forgot arrogant
<CrowTRobt> oh yeah and extremly arrogant and egocentric
<NathanR> Thank you :)
<NathanR> Credit where credit is due, I always say

Sat Jun  5
<CrowTRobt> I have to say though that my child is not that
	    picky... She is happy with what she gets and hasn't wanted
	    a sing and snore Earie or furby
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow is the luckiest man on earth
<CrowTRobt> Nathan it is all on how you rear your child
<CrowTRobt> if you teach your child to be greedy then they in turn
	    will be... they learn by example >:)
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahah
<Nathan_Roberts> My kid would grow up wanting their own LAN to themselves.....

Sun Jun  6
 * Brigadier typed in "where can i find information on winomdems"
<Brigadier> and askjeeves came up with "information on uzis" under one of the
	    search engines

Mon Jun  7
<TheProf> I had heard Lis didn't like her middle name.
<Alden> I write to her and suggest swapping.
* Alden giggles
<TheProf> I already did and her husband was not happy with the
	  idea....oh!  You mean the name thing.

Thu Jun 10
<Nathan_Roberts> I've gotta bail now
<Shel> bye nathan
<Shel> thanks for listening to me bitching :)
<Nathan_Roberts> bye shel
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, I guess I can take you off /ignore now >:)
 * Nathan_Roberts ducks

Fri Jun 11
 * TheProf wonders what an autobiography for each companion would be titled.
   Adric would be the obvious "BOOM!!!"
<Nathan_Roberts> Hahahaha
<Jefferys> Mel - I Screamed and Screamed
<TheProf> "A Mouth on Legs" by Janet Fielding.
<TheProf> "A Life in Leather" by Louise Jameson.
<Jefferys> "Standing Naked with a Dalek" by Katy Manning
<TheProf> "The lights are on but Nobody is Home" by Katy Manning.
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<TheProf> "I was a Robotic slave" by John Leeson.
<TheProf> "Breaking the Sound Barrier" by Bonnie Langford.
<TheProf> "I am not an Imbicile" by Ian Marter.
<Nathan_Roberts> "Breaking the Skin Barrier" by Nicola Bryant >:)
<TheProf> LOL
<Jefferys> "Aging to Death" by Jean Marsh
<Nathan_Roberts> Or how about , "A man's best friends..."
<TheProf> "Skirt Loose and Fancy Free" By Sarah Sutton.
<Nathan_Roberts> Bwahahaha
<TheProf> "The Crystal Cupcake" by Mark Strickland.
<TheProf> "Bwahahahahaha!!" by Anthony Ainly.
<TheProf> "Confessions of a Fashion Felon" by Janet Fielding.
<Jefferys> "You Will Obey Me (and Buy This Book)" by Roger Delgado
<Jefferys> "My Husband, The Doctor" by Lalla Ward
<TheProf> "I was never a fashion designer" by Colin Baker.

Sat Jun 12
<TheProf> My cats are plotting against me.
<TheProf> I just wallked into the bathroom and turned on the light and all 
	  three were sitting there together in the dark.
<Lyssie> this is a new thing?
<Jondar> heehee
<Alden> Prof: LOL!
<TheProf> This is a very new thing.
<MegL> LOL
<TheProf> It was like walking into a room and everyone stops talking real 
<TheProf> Brings out the paranoids really quick.
<TheProf> They were just sitting there. All three right next to each other 
	  in the dark. I felt like I was interrupting.
<Alden> You mean that *isn't* normal behavior?
<TheProf> Not really. The one rarely goes into the bathroom at all.
 * Alden thinks it's further proof cats communicate telepathically.
<TheProf> Of the other two one only goes in to get drinks out of the faucet 
	  but they follow you in to do that. They were already there.
<Alden> Hmmm.
<Alden> Were any of them concealing weapons?
 * TheProf shakes with fear.
<TheProf> Yes Alden. They had their claws in.
<Jondar> Prof: they could've been holding their annual general meeting :)
 * Alden thinks you should watch out for them digging shallow graves in the 
   back yard.
<TheProf> LOL
<Jondar> all those in favour of booting the male-human out of the house say 
<Lyssie> lol
<Alden> Hehehehehe.
 * TheProf is the only male in the house.
 * TheProf wonders if the wife is behind this.
 * Alden looks up sharply as the cat walks past.
 * MegL wonders if they are discussing a move to Georgia?
<MegL> LOL Alden
 * TheProf plans to sleep with one eye open tonight.
 * MegL didn't see the bit about the grave earlier
<Alden> Maybe they're going to strike.
<MegL> then again, if the litter box is in the bathroom, they may have been 
       disucssing that >;)
<Alden> No more purring or rubbing til they get Whiskies[tm].
 * TheProf is in danger. They are now all three in the living room behind me 
   together watching me.
<TheProf> I'm not kidding.
<Alden> Prof: Get out of the house!!!!
 * Alden plays the music from psycho
 * TheProf looks for Alfred Hitchcock. If he shows up I'm a dead man.
*** Joins: `Delerium
*** `Delerium is now known as Cat_1
<Cat_1> meow
*** Cat_1 is now known as `Delerium
<`Delerium> Sorry. Had to do it. ;)
<TheProf> This is wierd.
<Alden> Prof: have you warned the Profess? :-)
<TheProf> I am now entering a a dimention of not only sight and sound but of 
 * TheProf is afraid to go to the bedroom. They have me cut off.
 * Lyssie laughs
<Jondar> perhaps that's their plan... deprive you of sleep :)
 * Alden thinks Lesley's cat is probably not in on the cat uprising. I doubt 
   the other cats would talk to him with a name like "Randy"
<TheProf> Sleep calls me folks. I should have the sounds close to done 
          tomorrow Alden and figure out what cursor colors I want.
<TheProf> Let me know when you finish the icons.
<TheProf> I want to blow this lady's mind. Here she is being a slow poke and 
          we whip out a great theme in a few days. :o)
<Lyssie> sleep well!
*** Quits: TheProf (Quit: If I'm quick perhaps I can make the bedroom before 
		    the cats can cut me off.)

Mon Jun 14
[Talking about graduation ceremonies]
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow: The worst part, the part that stands out in my mind,
		 was the lip-sync performance...
<Nathan_Roberts> That was so lame... even though they /were/ good
<CrowTRobt> Lip sync?
<CrowTRobt> Milli Vanilli performed at your graduation?

Mon Jun 14
<Nathan_Roberts> Of course, what good is a slide rule when you can get a
		 scientific calculator for $10 nowadays
<CrowTRobt> Nate when the y2k hits and all the clacualtors go boom you
	    can still do your home work?

Fri Jun 18
 * Jefferys is running: K-9 Mk. II Beta9606 - (c)1998-99, 
   Nathan Roberts & Richard Poser
 * Whomiga is running: Can I stop now?

Fri Jun 18
<TheProf> Whe your a kid and you eat a bug it's discusting. When you do it
	  as an adult it is concidered gourmet food.

Tue Jun 22
<FolkBoy> Einstein Express: For when it absolutely, positively, has to
	  get there Last Week.

Wed Jun 23
*** Jefferys has joined channel #drwhochat
*** JeffB has joined channel #drwhochat
<FolkBoy> Ack!  Jeff, Jeff, and I are going to cause critical mass if we're
	  not careful.

Wed Jun 23
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as SAL_9000
<The_Anti> That's it... HAL didn't go nuts from conflicting
	   orders.. he had gender confusion problems!

Wed Jun 23
<TheProf> 2001 is a great movie but if people can not understand the
	  ending then the director failed. The ending is very clear in
	  the book and I have no idea why they didn't explain what was
	  going on.
<MegL> Stanley Kubrick
<MegL> two words :)

Thu Jun 24
<Drake> services????? isn't that just a dalnet myth?????

Thu Jun 24
<Jefferys> I always like /msg'ing people who are using nicks that are
	   already registered that I have in my notify list (whenever
	   Fake Elsa's and fake Drake's abound).  I wonder if it
	   scares the bejeezus out of them to be reffered by some
	   other name.
<Jefferys> dse is ana515@ * guhjk
<Jefferys> dse on #lesbian 
<Jefferys> Douglas not telling something that he should be? :-)

Thu Jun 24
<Nathan_Roberts> Ha!  The best description of 2001 I've found yet:
		 "Basically a music video for the Blue Danube"

Thu Jun 24
[SOUND] biggun.wav
 * Nathan_Roberts kills Prof
 * Nathan_Roberts offers to help peel Alden off the ceiling
 * Alden peels off naturally and goes splat on the floor

Thu Jun 24
 * Alden watches Bill Gates on Celebrity Deathmatch
<Nathan_Roberts> Oooh
<TheProf> Who is he fighting?
<Alden> Micheal Flatley
 * TheProf bets $100 on Gates.
 * Jondar places $1000 on Gates
 * MegL bets Jason's seen this or something
  * Nathan_Roberts puts $100 on Gates too
<Nathan_Roberts> Either way, I can't lose >:)
<TheProf> LOL
<TheProf> Gates bought the fight.

Fri Jun 25
<TheProf> I did read someplace one time Lis was watching Planet of the
	  Spiders with her daughter and Sadie said "Mommy, why did you
	  let them put that hobbible costume on you?"
<CrowTRobt> because dear I couldn't pick my own wardrobe and mommy
	    needed to eat

Fri Jun 25
<Alden> Ebay is up?  Wow!  Call the press. ;-)

Fri Jun 25
 * TheProf is working on a Peri picture in PSP and accidently blows up
   the picture x6.....hmmmm, life sized.
 * Alden giggles
<Nathan_Roberts> lol
<TheProf> I am trying to figure out how to print this out now.
* MegL suggests printing it out and putting it on your wall of your
  bed room and wait for the reaction from the Profess >;-)
<Alden> Prof: Make a cardboard cut-out.;-)
<MegL> LOL
<TheProf> Mind you when I bought a printer the first thing I printed
	  was a pic of Peri in a bikini. I tried to explain it was
	  because I got a great mixture of flesh tones and colors for
	  the test but the wife was not convinced.
<SupremeDalek> LOL!
<Alden> Hahahahhaa!
<TheProf> Especially as I also printed out a picture of Katy with a
	  Dalek as the second one.
<SupremeDalek> Prof: BIG mistake! (LOL!)
<TheProf> Not really....the pictures looked great. ;o)

Sat Jun 26
<Jondar> those that weren't around yesterday can see that image for
	 scan of Australian coins
<TheProf> Some coins. No dead people on a single one of them.
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
 * Nathan_Roberts whips out the new prototype $1 coin with Prof's head
   on the front
<Alden> ROTFL!
 * TheProf looks closely.....hmmmmmm. I'm afraid that's you Nate.
<NemoDream> Prof isn't dead yet -- wait a minute...
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at the coin
 * TheProf runs while Nate is distracted!
 * Nathan_Roberts watches Prof run right out the 5th story window
[TheProf SOUND] falling.wav
[TheProf SOUND] splat.wav
<Nathan_Roberts> Funny.  Same thing happened when they showed
		 Washington the new dollar bill they made

Sat Jun 26
 * Nathan_Roberts rocks to "Everything Louder than Everything Else"
 * TheProf asks nate to turn it down.
 * Nathan_Roberts asks Prof to turn around and bend over.

Sat Jun 26
<Jefferys> Is today Saturday?
<Nathan_Roberts> Yup
<Jondar> Jeff: no, it's Monday, you really slept in :)
* Jefferys is expecting to hear from Alden that it's sunday now.
<Alden> Nope, it's still Saturday
<Jefferys> Jason - Gee, I heard of time zone difference, but that's ridiculous!

Sat Jun 26
<Jefferys> You know, I ust realized that it was "Take Your Dog to Work
	   Day" yesterday
 * TheProf took a Beanie Baby dog.
<TheProf> To make it more real I had it leak beans onto the floor.

Sat Jun 26
<Brigadier> hi fake Nathan
 * Nathan_Roberts fwaps the brig
 * Brigadier looks at his tag
<Brigadier> 100% genuine Nathan
 * Brigadier looks at Nathan_Roberts' tag
<Brigadier> 50% polyester
<Brigadier> ah there you have it
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at Brig's tag
<Nathan_Roberts> Idiot Inside

Sun Jun 27
 * NemoDream finds the Internet Traffic Report
<NemoDream> of course... it's running a bit slow
<NemoDream> 59 miles per hour and going down... ;)
<TheProf> Their is a slight accident on the Australain backbone
	  between a theme and an audio file that is backing up
	  traffic. Officilas are at the scene now and are reporting
	  one packet fatality at the scene.

Sun Jun 27
<TheProf> If I sell all 7 of the Millennium Falcon ornaments I will
	  have enough for the dvd player....which is now hidden in my
<TheProf> brb. Wife found the dvd player.
<Jondar> Oh-oh....
<NemoDream> oh dear
<NemoDream> If the Profess found it this quick, he must not have hid it well
<NemoDream> either that or she has ESP
<Jondar> Nemo: or she was looking over Prof's shoulder as he typed :)
<NemoDream> :)
 * TheProf is alive....much to his surprise.
<TheProf> The cat squeeled on me!!!!!
<TheProf> I didn't shut the closet door all the way and the cat went in and started making noise and she got up to get the cat out of the closet.
<MegL> LOL
<Jondar> ROTFL!
<MegL> Hey nemo should get $ for guessing right ;)
<Alden> Prof: OK, now I'm almost convinced the cats plot against you....
<TheProf> I told her the good deal it was and told her about the five
	  free movies so she is cool with it although if the ebay
	  stuff doesn't sell she says I am dead meat.

Sun Jun 27
 * Jondar listens to a proper version of the TVM theme (no
   interruptions by voiceover or Mickey Mouse daleks)
<Alden> D.A.V.R.O.S. K.A.L.E.D

Wed Jun 30
 * Alden blinks at the tv and decides Ally McBeal would be less painful
<Alden> *click*
[A few minutes later]
*** AldenB has joined #DrWhoChat
*** Alden has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ ()))
<AldenB> That was a real Spaceballs moment.  "What did you do?" "I
	 turned off the TV." "No you didn't, you turned off the whole
	 Internet!  Turn it back on!"

Wed Jun 30
<Jondar> BRB - have to give my sister her birthday present from me.
<Alden> Jason: Don't forget to pull the pin out. ;-)

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