The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue IV: May 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mon May  3
<Edict_of_Expert> How does this Varos Voting station work?
<Jefferys> Press 'Yes' or 'No' 
<ThetaRobo> pretty complex

Mon May  3
 * Nathan_Roberts will just wait for it to come out on video.  Or more
   likely, when it comes on TV
<Nathan_Roberts> Besides, I've never been to the movies, I don't want
		 to spoil my record! ;)
<FolkBoy> Never?
<Nathan_Roberts> Never.
 * Nathan_Roberts peeks out from under his rock
<Whomiga_386> We need to keep Nate away from Episode 1 - then we can all brag
	      we know someone whom has never seen Ep 1

Mon May  3
<Jefferys> Why is the 128bit verions of Netscape not be ditributed outside
	   of the US?
<Alden> Jeff: the US government has restrictions on exporting 128-bit
	encryption technology
<The_Anti> perish forbid the New Zealanders get their hands on such
	   powerful encryption...
<Nathan_Roberts> Jeff: Cuz it's as dangerous as a bomb
 * The_Anti sees the hordes of Kamikaze sheep being issued their orders in
   the 128-bit encryption...
 * Jefferys shrugs.....
<Nathan_Roberts> At least, according to the government, and we know they're
		 never wrong
<Jefferys> hehe
<Alden> Nate: Hahahahaha!
<Alden> Of course, we can develop 128 bit encryption and the US govt can't
	do a thing. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Hell, we could send you a /book/ describing the
<Nathan_Roberts> Since a book is harmless, as we all know.  It's only when
		 you mix volitile source code with microscopic magnetic
		 domains [as on magnetic media] does it become dangerous
<Nathan_Roberts> Apparently the magnetic domains on magnetic media
		 interferes with the magnetic fields of the earth in certain
<Nathan_Roberts> Those locations convientely are weak enough to be harmless
		 in the United States and Canada
<The_Anti> ye gods.. Nate's been listening to Art Bell, hasn't he?
<The_Anti> a friend of mine had a T-Shirt with the NSA encryption algorithm
	   on it.. the title proudly proclaimed : "This T-Shirt is a
	   registered munition. It cannot be exported outside of the
	   United States"

Tue May  4
 * Nathan_Roberts puts Prof out of his misery
<TheProf> Don't you dare hurt my wife!!!

Tue May  4
 * TheProf decides to make Alden unhappy. Did you fix my button?
<Alden> Prof: Not yet - only just got your message.
<TheProf> No problem.
 * Alden wonders where to stick the "THE"
<TheProf> I know.
 * TheProf decides not to ask Alden to bend over.
<Alden> Maybe if I use lowercase for the title
 * TheProf would never abuse the English language like that.
<FolkBoy> No, just Alden, apparently.

Tue May  4
 * MegL screams !NEDLA just to see what doing it backwards
   will produce ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> !!uaplV
[Hint: Look at it umop ap!sdn]

Fri May  7
<TheProf> One of the new Beanies they released last month was a Paul
	  the Walrus. He showed up on Sat for three hours and then was
	  gone. Two days later he was back. I wrote on a message board
	  about how he had died and the new Beanie was an imposter. I
	  wrote about 5 clues to show he was dead, all parodies off of
	  old Beatles paul is dead clues. Folks loved it although a
	  few wrote they didn't understand what I was talking about.
<TheProf> My favorite clue was I had heard from a friend whose sister
	  has a hair dresser whose brother knows a Beanie retailer
	  whose Doctor has a receptionist who is dating a guy whose
	  former roomate worked for Ty for two weeks and said Paul was
	  dead which is practicly first hand.
<Theta-G> when the (real?) MacCartney dies, the headlines are going to
	  be fascinating: "Paul is really dead now"

<Jondar> Thete: Nah, they'll just bring another imposter out of storage... :)
<TheProf> Worked for George Burns.
<TheProf> They went through 6 of him I think.
<TheProf> They are on Dick Clark #12 from what I have heard.

Fri May  7
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Wimp
<TheProf> I am not a wimp and if you say that again my wife will beat you up.

Fri May  7
<Alden> Kltpzyxm?
<dse> Alden: that's Mxyzptlk backwards
<Alden> Doug: No excrement. ;-)
<Alden> Garbage is garbage whichever way you put it in the trash. :-)

Fri May  7
 * The_Anti sighs as he finds he has a can of green beans and a 6 pack of
   Snickers bars..
<The_Anti> I've already eaten 4 of the candy bars
<TheProf> The Snickers are more nutrisious.
 * TheProf should have just written better for you.

Fri May  7
<Theta-G> it's the end of a beatles song played backwards: "Paul is
	  dead, man. Miss him, miss him, MISS HIM!"
<dse> I did miss him, that's why he's still alive
<dse> darn faulty gunsight
<Alden> Doug: I always use a bazooka.  Harder to miss.
<TheProf> If you play one of the later Beatles songs backwards you can
	  hear John say "Pauls alive, my mistake, my mistake.....

Fri May  7
 * Jondar is watching the Australian version of Sky News, which cuts into
   UK version when there's no interesting Australian news :)
<Alden> Jason: We do likewise, so we get 24hour  UK news. ;-)

Fri May  7
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar's Disease approaching terminal stage
<Jondar> Nate: Ha!
<Alden> Nathan: Can we hack into an online medical journal and insert a paper on this? ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> >:)
<Nathan_Roberts> Bit late for an AFJ

Sat May  8
 * TheProf tries to wake up Nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> You bang?

Mon May 10
 * TheProf never played a musical instrument. I played the drums.
<Nathan_Roberts> That's kinda like saying "I never sang in my life. 
		 I'm a rapper."

Mon May 10
<TheProf> Doctor Who meets Star Trek. Capt Picard accuses the Dr of
	  breaking the prime directive. The Dr replies to this charge
	  "Bite me."

Mon May 10
 * MegL can't believe the costume changes Liz gets in this episode
<Nathan_Roberts> All of which occur offscreen unfortunately >:)
 * Alden giggles
<Nathan_Roberts> How come we get to see Pertwee in a shower scene, but
		 we don't even get to see a companion change clothes onscreen?
<Alden> Nathan: Nysaa, Terminus
<Nathan_Roberts> Ooh, forgot about that one
<TheProf> Yeah but her skirt was only 1/4 of an inch longer than her slip.
<MegL> no, that was a loss of costume
<MegL> not costume change honny :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Which was the basic idea :)

Tue May 11
[Talking about Hand of Fear]
<TheProf> Does anyone in their right mind believe Britain would fire a
	  nuclear missile to blow up one of their own nuclear powere plants?
<Theta-G> i do
<Theta-G> but i'm a bit dotty
<TheProf> Does anyone in their right mind and not Theta believe
	  Britain would fire a nuclear missile to blow up one of their
	  own nuclear powere plants?

Tue May 11
 * TheProf thinks Jo Grant's advantage in DW was she was suppose to be
   dim to begin with so she was stupidly cute as where Adric was
   suppose to be smart and he was just plain stupid.
<TheProf> Had Adric been equipped with a pair of 36Ds he may have
	  gotten away with it.

Tue May 11
*** Jondar has joined channel #DrWhoChat
<TheProf> I still think Ghandi would drop Mother Teresa in the 4th
	  round Nate and win the fight.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Huh?
 * TheProf waits for Jason to try and figure out how a conversation
   got to the point of my last sentance.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I am too, and I was here for it the whole time
<Jondar> Prof: with you, I throw expectations right out the window :)
<LysScripting> Prof: you'll have to clue the rest of us in, too.
<TheProf> It's an old writers trick. You have a character enter saying
	  this bazaar line and the audience can only imagine what the
	  people were talking about before that led to that sentance.

Tue May 11
 * TheProf plans to go see The Mummy while everyone else waits three days
   inline for Star Wars. I will have the Theater to myself. :o)

Tue May 11
<Theta-G> app: "crash!" linux: "so? as if i give a damn. go ahead, run it
	  again, i don't care."

Tue May 11
<TheProf> According to some book Nostradomas predicted california will have
	  a major earthquake on May 12.
<TheProf> Mind you I have heard this before.
 * TheProf figures the 12th is the safest day for earthquakes you can have.
<Alden> Aren't they releasing Quake 3 tomorrow? ;-P
<Alden> Wait, the 12th???
<Alden> That's today!
 * Alden dives under the desk
<Theta-G> TheProph

Tue May 11
<TheProf> 199: The Virgin Mary will appear to every person on earth
 * TheProf decides to shave just in case.
<TheProf> Won't the Dali Lama be surprised.
<Theta-G> the name's Justin. Justin Case.

Tue May 11
<TheProf> We have 400 people in Texas now waiting for the second
	  coming that say say will arrive in three months....the
	  second coming of David Koresh!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: That's /scary/
<TheProf> Yeah.
<TheProf> They believe he was Jesus and he will have a second
	  coming. I wanted the reporter to tell the dummy that if he
	  was Jesus wouldn't this be the third coming?
<Nathan_Roberts> >:)
<TheProf> Maybe he wants to see Star Wars Episode one and isn't
	  planning to stay?
<TheProf> The weirdest thing in that Heavens Gate group was they
	  believed that Gene Roddenberry was a messanger from God and
	  was given Star Trek as a vision so the world could see what
	  the life on the spaceship was going to be like. Now I like
	  Star Trek but if it was a holy vision God would have
	  suggested someone other than Shatner for the lead role.

Tue May 11
 * LysScripting waves
 * Alden midis
 * Heptite mods.
 * Nathan_Roberts mp3s
<Alden> Damn, Nathan always gets the good formats.

Tue May 11
<LysScripting> *** Brucha has quit IRC (Quit: "Luke... I am.. I am..."
	       "What?" "I have writer's block." "Damn!")

Wed May 12
<TheProf> Star Wars Episode 27: The Empire stikes out. Vader: "Hey
	  babes, I'm a Jedi. Want to get together later?" Lady: "Buzz
	  off rust breath."

Wed May 12
<The_Anti> I can now assume my throne as the God of all Geeks... where once
	   I was a mere mortal geek.. I am now.. A GOD!!!
 * The_Anti 's eyelids flutter and he rolls his eyes back
<Nathan_Roberts> You'd be a lot more respectable as a god without that
		 duck on your head

Fri May 14
 * TheProf has bad eyesight. Perhaps I should have listened to mom.
 * TheProf puts away the Playboy.

Fri May 14
 * Alden has never held a Playboy in his hands.
<Alden> Or hand, as it is traditionally held. ;-)

Fri May 14
 * Jondar throttles his sister...
 * Jondar is sick and tired of her coming into my room every couple of
   minutes asking for something. :(
<TheProf> "Jason can I have the fire extingisher?"
 * Nathan_Roberts wouldn't be surprised if Alden's brother came in
   asking for the fire extunguisher...
<Alden> Nate: I wouldn't either...
<Nathan_Roberts> "Umm... The computer just caught fire... Can you fix it?"

Fri May 14
 * Alden wants to write a DW fanfic where the Doctor goes into the
   kitchen of a Chinese resteraunt.
<Alden> Then he couls say "Ohh, look, woks!"

Sat May 15
 * Nathan_Roberts needs a new background...
 * ZipProf thinks up a background for Nathan....You were born in East
   Germany but escaped in a pickle barrel. After three years trying to
   get rid of the smell you join the RAF......

Sat May 15
<Alden> The old ones say "Reserve Bank of New Zealan Twenty Dollars"
	and the news ones just say "New Zealand Twenty Dollars"
<ZipProf> The bank went under?
<ZipProf> That would mean it should pop up here!
 * ZipProf hears a rumbling sound between his feet.
 * ZipProf is flung into the air as a bank bursts up from the ground!!!!

Sat May 15
<Alden> How do you spell Keaneu?
<Jondar> Keanu
<Alden> Ah, thanks. :-)
<Jondar> Hawaiian for "bad actor" >:-)

Sat May 15
 * TheProf is one sick puppy.
<Alden> Prof: Only one?  I think you're 1001 sick puppies...

Sun May 16
<TheProf> We all were [an IRC novice] at one time.
<TheProf> Except Nathan who is a freak of nature and somehow has the
	  race memory of irc imbeded in his brain from a time travel
<TheProf> I tried to recreat the experiment for myself but the only
	  knowledge I got from it was Bill Gate's bank account status
	  in the year 2009 which was very depressing.
<TheProf> Bill Gates diary entry for Feb 3rd 2009. Felt like having
	  tacos for dinner so I bought Mexico City this afternoon and
	  ordered 6 tacos.

Mon May 17
<TheProf> How many siblings do you have?
<Alden> three.
<Alden> Two brothers and a *spit* sister. ;-)
 * TheProf has one to many.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I.E. One? >:)
<TheProf> Yep.

Mon May 17
<Jondar> <flood>
<Jondar> Lockheed  F-16 Fighting Falcon - $25 million dollars
<Jondar> Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Bomber - $45 million dollars.
<Jondar> Boeing B-52 Stratofortress - $74 million dollars.
<Jondar> Brand new B-2 Stealth Bomber - $2.1 billion dollars.
<Jondar> A decent map of downtown Belgrade.   -   Priceless.
<Jondar> </flood>

Tue May 18
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at the innards of his computer and is surprised a Dust
   Puppy hasn't crawled out of it yet

Thu May 20
 * Nathan_Roberts is about to give up on computers and go back to pen
   and paper.
<Shel> nathan, no! the apocalypse mustn't be that close?!?!?!

Thu May 20
[Nathan is having computer problems, yet again]
<Nathan_Roberts> To be fair, Linux probably works great, and it's just
		 this flaky computer that's the problem
<Nathan_Roberts> Or maybe I just have bad karma
<TheProf> Or flaky operator.
<TheProf> Did I say that!?
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I was thinking the same thing actually :/

Thu May 20
 * Thete hi5's nate
 * Shel hiC's someone

Thu May 20
<Nathan_Roberts> Actually all things considered, I get along pretty well
		 with Linux.
<Nathan_Roberts> We only occasionally try to kill each other

Thu May 20
<Thete> reading the nutrition information on a candybar is like
	looking for help with your math homework in a strip joint

Sat May 22
 * MegL was 12 in 1977 :)
 * Whomiga was 7 in 1977
 * Nathan_Roberts was -1 in 1977
 * TheProf was a brat in 1977.

Sat May 22
<Nathan_Roberts> Morentis: K9 does... well, lots of stuff
<Nathan_Roberts> He protects you from being deopped or kicked
<Nathan_Roberts> He protects you from being flooded
<Nathan_Roberts> He has a system that will automatically (or manually,
		 at the touch of a button) mark you away
<Nathan_Roberts> He will automatically scan people that join the
		 channel for questionable channels
<Nathan_Roberts> He will listen for people cursing in the channel
<Nathan_Roberts> "All that and MORE!"
<MegL> yes, but will he do my laundry?

Sat May 22
[Blor has a new computer and will now be IRCing from home instead of at work]
<Blork> I promise I'll be around more...
<Blork> Even worse...
<Shel> even worse?
<Blork> Since I wont be working I will probably be able to...... CHAT.........
<Blork> :)
 * Nathan_Roberts reels in horror!
<Nathan_Roberts> But but but...
<Nathan_Roberts> You're the IDLEMASTER!!!
<Blork> Nate: I am so sorry. With a modem I wont be able to resume that
	position... :)

Sat May 22
<Nathan_Roberts> So I went outside to check it out.  He was down in
		 the lower parking lot, with a hammer and lever,
		 trying to unscrew the sewer cap
<Nathan_Roberts> Soon as it came out, sewage immediately started
		 spewing out of the drain, about a foot high.
<Nathan_Roberts> Lasted for a good minute and a half or so
<NemoDream> Old Dreadful..

Sun May 23
<TheProf> I am never wrong although I occationally say wrong this just to
	  keep others on their toes.

Mon May 24
 * TheProf likes the saying "One out of every three people is
   ugly. Next time you are in a movie look left and right. If they
   look ok you know who you are."
<MegL> and he wonders why people won't go to the movie with him >:)

Wed May 26
<Shel> you know what's nice about #drwhochat...  when you mention the
       word "sex" you aren't suddenly swamped with messages of "wanna
       cyber?"  or other related messages like in other channels
<Shel> and of course, i have to be proven wrong

Thu May 27
<TheProf> My eyes are killing me.
 * Nathan_Roberts can just see the courtroom when /that/ case goes to trial.

Thu May 27
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Make up your mind.  Do you love it or hate [Paint
		 Shop Pro]?
<TheProf> Depends on if it obeys.
<TheProf> Sort of like the wife.
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<TheProf> Actually not because she never obeys.
<TheProf> Had Obey been mentioned in our wedding vows she would have
	  said 'What was that last bit again?"

Thu May 27
 * TheProf looks and wonders why a person would make a desktop theme
   about IE 5.0?
<Jondar> Prof: people will make desktop themes about anything :)
 * Jondar holds up a mirror at Prof as proof of that statement :)

Thu May 27
 * Nathan_Roberts does something really out-of-character.
<TheProf> Bathes?

Thu May 27
 * FolkBoy returns into conversations about Marvel heroes, and turns
   around and goes away again...

Thu May 27
<Jefferys> I'm in the mood for either The Mutants (Pertwee, that is)
	   or The Two Docs
<TheProf> How about the Five Doctors?
<Nathan_Roberts> How about something /without/ Sarah Jane for a change
<Jefferys> Prof - You always want something with Sarah Jane
<Thete> right on, NAte
<Jefferys> Sheesh
<Nathan_Roberts> There's more to Doctor Who than Sarah jane.
<Nathan_Roberts> I know you don't think so, but... :)
<TheProf> I wasn't thinking about Sarah as much as we have not done
	  the Five Doctors.
<Whomiga> Yea - like a Bikini?

Thu May 27
<TheProf> By the way. I was doing an ego search today and put my name
	  in Metacrawler to see what popped up. Imagine my surprise
	  when I found this site.
<TheProf> I didn't even know any of my themes were on softseek let
	  alone a page with my name on it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof finally gets his 15 minutes
 * TheProf steals an extra 5 from Monica Lewinsky.

Thu May 27
 * Alden peers out of the window and wonders if he should bring one of
   the sheep in to talk to you guys.
<MegL> LOL Alden
 * MegL whipsers to you that if she catchs you two timing with a
   sheep, it's going to end up as mutton for sunday dinner >;-)

Thu May 27
<MegL> Oh, I loved my brother in laws comment to day. He mentioned
       that people are going nuts trying to get those beanie babies at
       McDonalds and my youngest nephew got one and tore it apart to
       see what was in side :)
<MegL> they turned it into a finger puppet :)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Some people just have no appreciation for beanies.
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I am proud to be one such person. >:)

Thu May 27
<Alden> Nathan: Stop getting technical! ;-)
<thetaWerk> might as well ask him to stop breathing oxygen , alden
<Nathan_Roberts> lol Theta
<Nathan_Roberts> like asking Jefferys to start making sense
<Nathan_Roberts> or asking Prof to give up beanies

Thu May 27
*** Blor has joined #drwhochat
<Shel> blor!
 * Shel hugs joachim
<Shel> oh wait, i don't do that...
<Shel> is it a full moon or something?
 * Blor has a new computer..... :)
<LysEditing> nifty!
<Shel> or is it your girlfriend's computer
<Blor> Well, actually it is my girlffriends... but dont tell her that..... :)

Sat May 29
<MegL> what happened to the gravity?
<Theta-G> they're in transit to the moon
<AldenB> No one understood the gravity of the situation, so they turned it off.

Mon May 31
<Jeff-writing-RR-chapter> Hey Alden - I'm killing off Mel in MIA#14.
			  I hope you don't mind.
<Alden> Jeff: That depends.  How attached are you to your internal organs? ;-)

Mon May 31
 * Alden sees there's a whole lot of new Linux newsgroups.
<FolkBoy> comp.os.linux.crash.does-it?

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