The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue III: March/April 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mon Mar  1
[Talking about the game Roller Coaster Tycoon]
<TheProf> I had a slight park accident.
<Alden> Prof!  What did you do?!!
<TheProf> I made a huge coaster. Great coaster but it had a design flaw....a
	  flaw that saw 12 people die as a result.
*** Jondar has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Tragic accident at
    Proffieland - 200 people dead: Film At 11 (12 Central :)
<TheProf> I decided to remake the coaster so I deleted it.
<TheProf> It seems it didn't like that and it deleted anything it actually
	  went over.....including tracks for other rides.
*** Jondar has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Tragic accident at
    Proffieland - 200 people killed by force of nature: Film At 11 
    (12 Central :)
<Alden> Oook!
<Jondar> Prof: Yuck! :(
<TheProf> The notices started comming in. First 20 people died on another
<TheProf> Then the log ride started dumping the riders into the lake killing
	  four at a time.
<Alden> LOL!
<TheProf> Then I started getting notices about how people were drowning in
	  the lake. People who were on the walkways that the computer deleted.
<Alden> This is beginning to sound like a disaster movie. :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFLMAO
<TheProf> Lastly I saw it coming. Here comes the train with the bridge out.
<Alden> LOL!!!
<Alden> Prof: That must be a record. :-)
<TheProf> Into the lake goes the train. 68 people died on the train. The
	  final death toll is unknown but I think 200 is close to the death
	  toll.....including one entertainer who died in a Panda costume.
<Alden> How embarressing for him. :-)
<TheProf> Unfortunately I didn't kill any mimes.
<Alden> LOL!
<Jondar> ROTFL :)
<TheProf> Imagine my horror. At first I tried to save the folks on the log
	  ride only to get messages about two coasters crashing. I even
	  killed 12 people on the go Karts. I saw the last three drop off
	  into the water.
*** Jondar has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to PROF: The Ulimate
    Disaster Movie?, or something else? YOU decide....
 * Jondar can see the SimLawyers going into a frenzy... :)
<TheProf> There is not enough money in the world to pay off all the lawsuits
	  something like this would entail.
<Alden> Prof: You should have named the park Microsoft FunPark'95
 * Alden watces a horde of little people in brightly coloured clothing swarm
   into the channel waving summons.

Mon Mar  1
<TheProf> In this game you can kill more people than Quake and Doom combined.
 * Blor had a game on his C64 lots of years ago called Theatre of europe
<Blor> It was a rather simple strategy game BUT it had nuclear weapons.
<Blor> Sometimes I just played the game just to be able to start WWIII...
<TheProf> LOL
<Blor> That was simple fun
<TheProf> Sounds like me in Civ II.
<TheProf> I loved it when I got the bomb. I liked to bully my neighbors and
	  if anyone was a pain during the game he usually got a few cities
	  toasted in revenge.
<TheProf> I had one game where there was a big fight for a city. I lost but
	  eventually I got the bomb and nuked his city three times back to
	  the stone age. It was like "You want the city! Here it is for

Mon Mar  1
 * TheProf is still depressed about all those people who died in my game.
   They had so much money still left to spend at my park.
<Jondar> there there Prof, it's only a game
<TheProf> I still hadn't put balloon stalls out yet.
<TheProf> The detail is so accurate that folks even lose their ballons
<TheProf> You see this balloon floating away over the park.
<Jondar> :)
<TheProf> The good news is they often buy another. :o)

Mon Mar  1
 * Nathan_Roberts is hopelessly lost
<TheProf> Nathan your more lost than my wife on a trip to the corner market.

Mon Mar  1
 * Nathan_Roberts suddenly gets a horrible idea
<Nathan_Roberts> The Doctor Who Annoying Companions Doom Patch
<TheProf> I would buy a hundred copies if you had the companions in bikinis.
	  Doom: The game of the bikini clad companions.
<TheProf> Mel would use her sonic weapon to try and kill you.
<Nathan_Roberts> Sonic weapon = Voice? >:)
<TheProf> The men from UNIT could find a place in here but I have to admit
	  the idea of the Brig in a bikini is rather frightening.
<Alden> LOL!!!!
<TheProf> Jenkins! Chap in the Thong! Five rounds rapid!
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<TheProf> The truth is we never knew that the Brig always went into combat in
	  womens underwear.

Mon Mar  1
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Have you seen my MacOS8ified AfterStep dekstop
<Alden> Yes.
<TheProf> Yes but the Doctor says he should recover in time.

Wed Mar  3
[We're gawking at roller coaster tycoon screenshots]
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at #2... Is that supposed to be a roller coaster or
   an Escher painting?

Wed Mar  3
[I was talking about a scene in the Time Monster...]
 * Alden balances a mug of coffee on top of the bottle and starts it spinning
 * Jondar watches as his copy of Netscape crashes
<Jondar> damn you Alden! you crashed my Netscape!
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Alden> Ooops. :-)
<Alden> I was aiming for Azaxyr's newsreader. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Now Alden's the record holder for Cause and Effect...

Thu Mar  4
 * TheProf likes a comment made the other night by Dennis Miller. He
   said "Folks face it. When it comes to computers your child is
   McGiver and your a middle aged Amish man."
 * Alden wonders... when he gets old like his parents will he lose all
   ability to use a computer?
<TheProf> No Alden: Your kids will tease you because you can't use the
	  molecular stablization converter right.

Thu Mar  4
 * Alden will BRB, about to start hacking Windows.
 * Nathan_Roberts watches in horror as  Windows hacks back with a machete!

Thu Mar  4
[I'm bitching about the bullshit I have trouble with in college]
<random_CD> I gotta get over there, so you can teach me LINUX and I can
	    teach you bullshit...

Thu Mar  4
 * TheProf begins to download the wav of Shatner singing on his new 
   album.....Dead Man walking!!
<TheProf> LOL. The computer rejected it!
 * Dark_Anti sees that and jumps on it
<Alden> "kirk.mp3"  Hmmm, typecast?  Naaaah. ;-)
<Dark_Anti> my gods.
<Dark_Anti> this is bad.
<Dark_Anti> very bad.
<Dark_Anti> arrrgh this is hurting my head.
 * Alden listens....
 * Alden stifles a giggle.
<MegL> LOL at this song!
<Dark_Anti> actually.. it's not THAT bad.
 * TheProf screams in pain!
<Dark_Anti> he's not singing... more like reciting
<TheProf> James Kirk. Rap artist.
<TheProf> Sorry. I meant crap artist.
<Alden> Prof: If he says the word Homies, I'm leaving. :-)
<TheProf> ROTFL!!!!!
<Alden> Maybe he'll cover "You can't touch this" next.
<TheProf> Captain Kirk raps with the home boys. Coming to a record store
	  near you. Includes the song "Yoeman my bitch." and "The white man's
	  a Klingon".
 * Lysbrb shudders.. MC Shatner?????

Thu Mar  4
<TheProf> I like this site. It is a link site with links to celebrety
	  websites. 2008 female and 40 males.
 * Alden bets 39 of the males are Leonardo DiCaprio. ;-)
<TheProf> LOL!
<TheProf> The other is Mel Gibson.

Fri Mar  5
<Jondar> Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?
	 A: Time to get a new fence >:-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Q: What time is it when an elephant sites on your head?
		 A: Trust me, you won't care.
<Alden> Q: What time is it when an elephant sits on your clock? 
	A: <holds up mangled clock face>  Well, the big hand's pointing to
	   the 12....

Fri Mar  5
 * Jondar sees an instruction on a box: "Lift to open"
 * Jondar lifts the box...

Sat Mar  6
 * Alden gets spam email about the Y2K bug.
<Alden> Oooooh, how nice, they want to set me up with an offshore corperation
	in case the US dollar drops in value.
<Alden> And legal citizenship in over two dozen countries!
<Anmarc> let me guess, send US$500 to such and such address
<Alden> I think it was $1500 :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Do you get a bridge in Brooklyn and beachfront property in
		 Arizona for a bonuns?
 * Anmarc proceeds to send California into the sea... so his Arizona beach
   front property really is beach front

Sat Mar  6
 * Hat_Stand thinks that it's a sad state of affairs when the furniture is
   making all most of the noise in the room. (uh, exception if it's the bed)

Sun Mar  7
 * Lyssie snickers.. Nicola Bryant. Two brains, one woman.

Sun Mar  7
<Nathan_Roberts> $20 gets you only $13 hours, to put it into perspective
<Nathan_Roberts> err... remove the $ from the 13
 * TheProf takes Nathan's $ and has it surgically removed.
<TheProf> Mind you if a Doctor did that he could remove $ from you twice.

Mon Mar  8
 * Alden gets a spam mail entitled "Want to increase your sales 100 - 150%?"
<Alden> Well, lesse...  $0, an increase of 150% would be, um....
<Whomiga_386> Alden - Exactly my thought

Mon Mar  8
 * Anmarc got talking to one of my friends in ITSS at work about
   connecting my work PC and work iMac together in a
   mini-network... 30 minutes later, when I came back from
   lunch... there was a note on my Win95 desktop - "PC and iMac now
   connected together"
<Anmarc> so, for the best part of 3 hours after that little important work
	 got done, I was trying to crash the PC using an iMac :)

Tue Mar  9
<CrowTRobt> Nate is our Unix Guru
<Theta-G> G.U.R.U.
<Alden> Theta: Great Users Run Unix?

Tue Mar  9
 * Alden just went out to the living room, and my sister started complaining
   cause my hair curls and her's doesn't. ;-)
 * the_quark points out that "hers" doesn't have an apostrophe.
 * Alden points out that this is IRC and correct spelling is not manditory. :-)
<the_quark> Indeed, but adding extra apostrophes is just willful abuse.  :)
<Alden> Quark: I'l'l t'r'y t'o a'v'o'i'd i't i'n f'u't'u'r'e ;-)

Thu Mar 11
*** Mode change "-o Anmarc" on channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts
*** Mode change "+o Anmarc" on channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts
<Nathan_Roberts> Note: Alt-D in TkIRC does /not/ have the same effect as
		 it does in Emacs

Thu Mar 11
 * Anmarc is still looking for a useful pager.wav
<Anmarc> it just beeps at me at the moment.
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: I think I have a phone.wav... you should already
		 have it (from when you grabbed my colelction)
 * Anmarc nods
<Anmarc> I'm looking through your collection right now... lots of goodies in
	 there :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I've got all sorts of neat stuff in there
<Nathan_Roberts> Quite an assortment...
 * Anmarc nods
<Nathan_Roberts> Of course, you could always use biggun.wav for your pager >:)
<Anmarc> no thanks
<Alden> I wouldn't either...
<Anmarc> I'd like something loudish, noticeable, but not something I'm likely
	 to hear, and then throw my computer out the window
<Alden> "OK, you pages me.  Now hold on while I change my underpants"

Thu Mar 11
<MegL> Oh goodness I forgot to tell my story about the SW trailer from
       earlier today. My mom was watching TV with me when it aired and
       she was still going on about the Eye Wide Shut trailer so she
       didn't pick up what it was I was waiting for. Anyway, she saw
       the start of that trailer and got one look at the rolling hills
       and asked me if this had something to do with the
 * MegL burst out laughing

Thu Mar 11
 * Anmarc needs more storage space in this room, *sigh*
 * Alden picks up one wall of Jason's room and shifts it out two feet.
<TheProf> Won't the neighbors be surprised.

Thu Mar 11
 * TheProf needs to find out what flights go from Sac to Dallas.
<TheProf> Anyone know a place to look up flights?
 * TheProf gets to book the wife's flight to Dallas.
<Nathan_Roberts> Why do you get to do it?
<TheProf> Because if they do it they will pick the best time THEY think
	  is good for us.
<TheProf> The wife doesn't want to fly to Dallas at 6am and sit in her hotel
	  all day on her thumbs.
<Nathan_Roberts> The point I was getting at was, why doesn't she do it herself?
<TheProf> Nathan: We are talking about my wife. She'd end up in Tokyo.

Sat Mar 13
[More tales from the Roller Coaster Tyrant...]
<TheProf> I built a coaster on top of a hill and set the booster to
	  shoot it out of the station at 60 mph. It then goes down a
	  hill and at the end I had it go up. It was going almost 100
	  mph by the time it went airborn. Cleared the lake and
	  impacted on the far side. 24 people died and when I
	  restarted it some dim twits got back on the ride!
<TheProf> I named it suicide and of course shot it off again. Figured that
	  had to be the ghost of Darwin sending me a message to clean out the
	  gene pool.
 * MegL thinks you should put tracks on the other side of the lake and aim
   the one part at the other

Sat Mar 13
[Talking about Mike Tyson...]
<TheProf> Million bucks worth of talent with a 5 cent control tower running
	  the show.
<Alden> I thought he'd given up the ear-only diet. ;-)
<the_quark> He was going on and on about how he's such a fierce competitor
	    that conventional definitions of good and evil don't apply to him.
<the_quark> I'm not sure he used words with that many syllables, of course.  :)

Sat Mar 13
<Nathan_Roberts> WELLINGTON (Reuters) - New Zealanders prefer sleeping,
		 eating and sailing to sex, a private research company said
<Nathan_Roberts> What does Alden have to say about that?  No, on second
		 thought he's probably not the best one to ask.
<Alden> Nathan: They shouldn't have asked Nuns.

Sat Mar 13
<Alden> Ack, that's the third time tonight they showed the Lotto
	numbers on screen and I missed writing them down!
<the_quark> Prolly the third time tonight you didn't win, too.

Sat Mar 13
<Nathan_Roberts> Keep firing, assholes!
 * MegL thinks that would be funnier if you took the comma out Nathan
<Nathan_Roberts> >:)
 * Nathan_Roberts looks at his assholes-to-fire list...

Sat Mar 13
<the_quark> I take they haven't gotten to "Spock's Brain," yet
<TheProf> Spock and the writer of that episode had something in common.

Sun Mar 14
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: I did something tonight you'd be proud of.  I actually
		 downgraded to the latest version of something :P
 * TheProf faints
<Anmarc> which did you downgrade to?
<Nathan_Roberts> KDE 1.1
<Nathan_Roberts> I hate KDE :P
<Nathan_Roberts> I upgraded it in the hopes that it had improved some, but
		 obviously it hasn't
<Nathan_Roberts> I also spent most of the night installing it
<Anmarc> :(
<Nathan_Roberts> AfterStep may be a pain, but KDE is a nightmare
<Nathan_Roberts> And then there's Enlightenment...
<Nathan_Roberts> What comes next after nightmare?
 * Alden solomnly hands Nathan a copy of Win98.
 * Nathan_Roberts takes it and whacks Alden upside the head
 * TheProf hears a hollow ringing

Tue Mar 16
[Talking about me coming over to fetch a tape from Theta...]
<Theta-G> well since i'm beginning to think you're a RAM construct and
	  that August was a clever hologram sure, but you are invited
	  to check out some rare vid & such if you wanna visit
<Nathan_Roberts> That would be nice, but it's a logistical nightmare...
<random_C> Moving the hollogram projector?
*** Theta-G has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to "Nathan's got
    classes tomorrow but he's lost his light bee."

Tue Mar 16
 * FolkBoy zips his lips and throws away the key. (Mixed metaphor? What
   mixed metaphor?)

Tue Mar 16
<Theta-G> not being a pmeb'er i had to be told who richard e. grant was!
<Nathan_Roberts> Who?
<Theta-G> see? (points to nate)

Thu Mar 18
<Blor> People who attach their mail to birds frequently find
       themselves held hostage by a seemingly random course of
       delivery. In fact, none of the subjects who attempted to
       deliver their mail via bird were able to confirm receipt of
       their correspondence.
<Blor> Those who threw their mail (see fig. 1 & fig. 2) fared better,
       but only in instances where the intended recipient was between
       three and six feet away. For those who need to mail items
       further than their own property, throwing proved as impractical
       as bird delivery.
<Blor> "We now have clear evidence that the post office is doing a
       great job," said Larry Rogers, director of research for Bergman
       & Associates.
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Anmarc> ROTFL!
<Anmarc> now, if only the post office would tell me where my copy of
	 Perfect Timing is, I'll be happy :)
<Alden> Jason: Maybe Mark should have sent it by carrier pigeon

Fri Mar 19
<TimJR> Adric's gone completely emotionless
<TimJR> wait... no difference there than.
<Theta-G> i did wonder how you sussed the subtlety there, tim

Fri Mar 19
<trinalin> Rusty - Actually, I was flattered in the dream,. but very
	   uncomfortable because I knew he was happily married.
 * TimJR once had a dream that he woke up and was Adric. Didn't sleep
   for weeks. :)

Fri Mar 19
<TheProf> Couple of interesting things about IE 5.0. The go function
	  now has a button, e-mail is now in the browser also. Also It
	  imported all my bookmarks from Netscape as well as some of
	  the settings. You think they don't want me to use Netscape
	  and instaed their browser?

Fri Mar 19
 * Alden is really getting the hang of driving. I didn't run over _anyone_
   last week.
<TheProf> For me it's "Nobody hit me......head on this week".

Fri Mar 19
[More Roller Coaster Tycoon babble] 
* Alden thinks - Lunar based park. ;-)
<TheProf> Yes.
<TheProf> You can theme the park.
<TheProf> Roman, Old west are the only two I know of....Oh and Egyption.
<TheProf> You can build a Phynx.
<Alden> Yes, but can you make your own theme?
<TheProf> How do you mean?
<Alden> Well, say I wanted to insert an object that looked like a police box
	into the park...
<Alden> Actually it'd be fun to be able to cusomise the park guests too.
	You could turnthem all into Daleks. ;-)
<Alden> The first theme park on Skaro

Sat Mar 20
 * TimJR is away (I've got into a catatonic state. If you send me
   messages it is almost certain i will lose concentration and
   die. Therefore all messages should be written on post it notes and
   stuck on my body.)
 * Whomiga writes Kick me on a post it note and puts it on Tim's back

Sun Mar 21
<Theta-G> I'm putting off joining a webring until my site gets a
	  little more dynamic than stonehenge

Sun Mar 21
 * Jondar growls... my PC "toolkit" has gone AWOL :-P
<Nathan_Roberts> My toolkit is at school
 * Jondar now remembers he left the ruddy thing at work :-P
<Nathan_Roberts> You too huh?
 * Jondar was working on expanding his "toolkit" to Mac and PC :)
<Alden> An axe for the PC, and a mallet for the Mac.

Sun Mar 21
<AldenB> rearrange these letters to make an English word: c,k,u,f.

Sun Mar 21
<CrowTRobt> as you can see all of nates knowledge is aquired through
	    experience of trial and error... mostly error

Mon Mar 22
<Jefferys> Why do people say "cute as a button"?  Since when were buttons cute?
<Payge> i think it was cute as a butt, and was changed... j/k
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks "cute as a butt" depends on who's butt you have in
<Nathan_Roberts> Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

Wed Mar 24
<Thete> Did Valentine die all that long ago?

Wed Mar 24
 * Edict_of_Expert goes to Ask Jeeves and requests the best way to clean
   a house.
<Edict_of_Expert> Ask Jeeves is stumped ;-(
<Edict_of_Expert> For some reason, though...Ask Jeeves has suggested a site
		  called "The Gay Yellowpages"....Huh?
<CrowTRobt> lol
<CrowTRobt> well see you can find a new mate in there who just might come
	    clean up the place for you :)

Sat Mar 27
<Jondar> there's plans afoot to get Robert Picardo out in Sydney again
	 while Sylvester McCoy is out here next January, so the DWCA
	 and the Star Trek official club here to put on an event
	 called "The Double Doctor Dose"

Mon Mar 29
<CrowTRobt> bed... must... go... to...
<Nathan_Roberts> nite Yoda

Tue Mar 30
 * CrowTRobt throttles microsoft
<Arcalian> Crow: thats no good, when you kill it, it just upgrades
<Nathan_Roberts> Microsoft Hydra 99

Tue Mar 30
<Nathan_Roberts> You know... it's not well known, but that's what why
		 Hal went berserk.  He was running Windows 2001.

Sat Apr  3
<jason23> Alright. Complete this quote from William Hartnell about
	  Doctor Who: "Once you've been involved with the Doctor
<CrowTRobt> "eh hehehe mumble"

Sat Apr  3
 * Whomiga finds the AOL commercials "Everyone I know is on it" - My
   answer, "Everyone you know is as clueless as you are"

Sat Apr  3
<Nathan486> What's nice about the older ones, like Netscape
	    1.1, is that they're small and fast
<Nathan486> But they crash a lot :/
<Brigadier> kind of like foreign sports cars then?
<Brigadier> small, fast and have an inordinate tendecny to crash?
<Nathan486> I guess the current browsers are SUVs then..
<Nathan486> Big, bulky, and when they crash they take everything
	    around them out with them

Sat Apr  3
 * TheProf reads an old quotefile.
<Nathan_Roberts> Which odd quotefile?
<TheProf> Really old. Jason and Alden are talking about Jimmy Carter.
<Alden> LOL!
<TheProf> Seems Alden likes the idea of a peanut farmer being president.
<TheProf> Jason is talking about his concerns about Iran but Alden
	  says they are our best friends in the Middle East.
<Nathan_Roberts> And what about me?
<Fenric1> And some fool is wagering that the soundtrack to Saturday
	  Night Fever is going to bomb...;>
<TheProf> Alden also believes one day a wrestler could become govenor
	  and Nate bans him for being insane.
<TheProf> Alden it seemd had an old nick he used back then as a backup.
 * Nathan_Roberts FOHCL
<TheProf> Wonderful. We have a good twin bad twin.
 * Alden smirks
 * TheProf looks at Alden and assumes we got the bad one.
<Fenric1> And everyone's questioning this upstart Lalla Ward...
<TheProf> Not really although Jason says he heard they plan a new
	  companion who will be warm, soft spoken and very sweet and
	  much too his happyness an Australian air stewardess.
<Nathan_Roberts> 1 out of 4 ain't /that/ bad...
<TheProf> Also rumored was they had found a new wonder kid actor for a
	  new companion. He'll play a thirf type character with nifty
	  costumes and great acting talent.
<Nathan_Roberts> 0 out of 3..... let's face it.... sucks
<Fenric1> Well, he got the kid part right...;>
<Fenric1> And if "thirf" is a typo for "turd" then he got even more right.

Sat Apr  3
 * Jondar goes "Bah!" at this Pepsi promotion... they say 1 in 3
   bottles win a prize... I have a case of 24 bottles, and none of
   them had a prize :-P
 * TheProf holds up a case of 24 bottles. All winners."This what your
   looking for Jason?"

Sat Apr  3
 * MegL got to spend an entire day listing to CoFire
<MegL> it was the theme of the Year book conference I attened in HS
<MegL> I truly hate that song >:)
<Alden> You mean they played it on a loop??
<MegL> Oh yeah - over and over and over
<MegL> in every panel
<Alden> Good greif.
<MegL> it was a 9 to 4 conference
<MegL> I was so sick of the song I was seriously pukey :)
<Nathan_Roberts> I could understand why
<MegL> :)
<Alden> Did you run in slow motion to the exit?

Sun Apr  4
<TheProf> If you play a wav and nobody has their speakers on does it make
	  a noise?
<TheProf> Sort of the old if a mime falls in the forest.
<TheProf> Would you watch a man walk against a heavy wind or be
	  trapped in a small box? Of course not but people pay to see
	  some guy pretend to do it!
<TheProf> Now Houdini really did lock himself in a box. None of this
	  fake shit with him and they dropped him into lakes! Lets see
	  that French mime do his stuff while wet!

Sun Apr  4
<TheProf> I know his name but I refuse to try and spell it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Whose name?
<TheProf> The french mime.
<TheProf> Marcel Marcuo.
* Nathan_Roberts peeks out from under his rock
<Nathan_Roberts> Who?
<TheProf> The most famous mime of all time.
<TheProf> The guy is a legend.
<TheProf> Nathan: go to your front dorr. Now I know this is very frightening
	  but open it.
 * TheProf hoses Nathan down with reality.
<Nathan_Roberts> Aaaaarg!
<Nathan_Roberts> It's... it's...
<Nathan_Roberts> It's so... BIG... out there
<Nathan_Roberts> All that open space
<TheProf> That's just the hallway Nathan.
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh..
<TheProf> lol
 * Nathan_Roberts opens the door and steps through
<Nathan_Roberts> AAARGGH!
<Nathan_Roberts> IT's...
 * Nathan_Roberts faints
<TheProf> Air?
 * Nathan_Roberts stares straight upwards
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh my god... Where's the ceiling??
 * TheProf fans Nathan with an old sock.
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm looking straight up, but I can't see anything!
<TheProf> We hocked it. Got New Zealnd in exchange.....boy did we get ripped
<TheProf> At least we got Tahiti tossed in with the deal and three free
	  movie rentals at Blockbuster.
<Nathan_Roberts> Wait, I can begin to see something
<Nathan_Roberts> There's a bunch of little white points all over the place
<TheProf> We painted those on there.
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh..
 * TheProf decides not confuse Nathan.

Mon Apr  5
<CrowTRobt> I am thinking of doing an entirely new Doctor who web
	    page... 'The 2 "D"s in Davidson Web Page'

Mon Apr  5
 * Jondar looks for color images of Daleks
 * Whomiga knows of one image - unfortunately Katy Manning gets in the way :^)

Mon Apr  5
[Alden is reading a story for Random's archive]
 * Alden gets to the end of chapter 2, and wonders if Random would let
   him get away with "shit happens" for the synopsis
<Alden> Probably not. ;-)
 * Alden gets to the end of chapter three.
<Alden> OK, I'm convinced the synopsis should be "shir doesn't happen"
<Alden> So far, all the TARDIS crew have done is stand around in the
	TARDIS bitching.  Reminds me of an early Davison episode.
<Nathan486_Away> ROTFLMAO!
<Whomiga> Seems, it reminds me of a certain Hartnell episode too - oh,
	  yea they were trying to kill each other...
<Nathan486_Away> Yup. Yup.
<Alden> The Massacre? ;-)
<Jondar> Alden: Edge of Destruction
<dse> Edge of Massacre
<Jondar> er Descruction :)
<Nathan486_Away> The Edge of Desecration?
<dse> Edge of Deconstruction of Falling Massacres
<Nathan486_Away> The Edge of Distraction would seem to be appropriate
		 here.  Get back to work, Alden!
<Whomiga> Edge of Defection - Everyone leaves the Doctor to move in
	  with the Master
<Jondar> Edge of Deflection - The Doctor develops a new forcefield for
	 the TARDIS...
<Whomiga> Edge of Detection - The crew spend the entire episode trying
	  to detect the TARDIS after it turns invisible
 * Alden looks back at the story. Halfway through chapter 4, and still
   nothing's going on.
<Alden> I'm on the back of my seat.
 * Nathan486_Away suggests a new synopsis... NOTHING happens
<Jondar> "Chaaaaaapterrrrrrr Four and buggerawwwwwwwwls going on..."

Mon Apr  5
<Jondar> "and we'll just set the Lotto balls rolling" *large 90 second
	 pause while the Lotto ball mixing machine doesn't work*
 * Jondar sees a stagehand kick the machine and it starts up...

Mon Apr  5
 * TheProf ordered $60 worth of Dapol figures. :o)
 * Nathan486 calls the men in white coats
<TheProf> My wife has her "Village" which is a bunch of Disney and
	  Wizard of Oz figures. I plan to set up my own Doctor Who
	  village next too it.
<TheProf> Can you say "Time for the Daleks to do a little ethnic cleansing"?

Mon Apr  5
*** RaspSwirl is now known as aldfkgndlfkj
<aldfkgndlfkj> there we go.
<Alden> riiiight
<aldfkgndlfkj> are you knocking my nick?
<aldfkgndlfkj> at least its more original than "Alden"
<Nathan486> You'll have to take that up with his parents

Mon Apr  5
 * Nathan486 gets an EMail about K9
<TheProf> Time for his shots?
<Nathan486> I really enjoyed your script! It had all the features I
	    wanted and none of the ones I didn't. I found one spelling
	    error so far: (That is what I am good at, so if you ever
	    need me to test that I will) in the channel pop-up---->
	    channel settings----->no extermal messages (should be
	    external). If you want me to give you notes on this in the
	    future I will. I have been looking for a nice simple
	    LOADABLE script for so long, it is refreshing to find
	    someone that knows it is not about quantity but quality!
<Jondar> congrats Nate :)
<Jondar> I bet someone saw it on pairc...
<Nathan486> Probably, although they might have found it on my page
<Jondar> true...
<TheProf> Nate: The nice thing about K9 really is that it is streamlined.
<TheProf> You found a nitch I think. Defense script light.
<Nathan486> lol
<TheProf> All the good stuff and half the calories.
 * Nathan486 hires Prof as his head of marketing

Mon Apr  5
 * MegL has been on line, at home since March 1996 (and about a year before
   that at the library)
<Alden> I've been on the Internet since the start of 93
 * Jondar first went onto the internet in August 1996
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Let's see... It was the summer between my junior
		 and senior years in HS...
 * Jondar hasn't quite celebrated my 3rd anniversary yet.
 * TheProf is shocked that he was on before Jason.
<Nathan_Roberts> That would make it... LOL!  About the same time as Jason
<TheProf> I got on two days after I bought my first PC.
<TheProf> I still couldn't turn on the screen saver but I could get on
	  the Internet.
<Jondar> my first contact with the internet was in July 1996 - when I was
	 selected as part of a HS "advancement camp" at the university I
	 now go to
<Alden> I would have had my 6th anniversary sometime during last month,
	I think.
<TheProf> Alden is the old man.
<Alden> Yeah, I'm 60 in net years.

Mon Apr  5
<CrowTRobt> But my Linux prject fell apart last summer if you recall
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah.  Couldn't get that 486 to work
<CrowTRobt> the IDE controller was shot IIRC
<CrowTRobt> I could either have a HD and no CD ROM or a CD-ROM and no HD
<random_C> nyerk
<random_C> single IDE??
<random_C> eeeew
<random_C> that was the cable, or the controller?
<CrowTRobt> Random think packard hell
<random_C> Cause I have...oh, forget I spoke

Mon Apr  5
<CrowTRobt> I must be off... school and stuff. I have to do the 3 "s"s
<random_C> ??
<CrowTRobt> Sh*t shower shave  the only 3 things men do in the bathroom

Tue Apr  6
<Jondar> "Voyager has been infected by a macro virus" - The HoloDoc
	 (Don't tell me the Melissa virus has invaded the 24th century! >:-) )

Tue Apr  6 <Blor>
What is the difference between a golfer and a skydiver? 
A golfer says "whack... ...DAMN!" and a skydiver says "Damn... ...WHACK!" 

Tue Apr  6
<Alden> I'm just waiting for the goverment to introduce "Air tax"

Tue Apr  6
<Theta-G> Maybe with my credits trivia I can start a Dr Who Episode
	  Esoterica Bin on the Web
<Theta-G> "the hand than kept Sutekh's cushion from sticking to his butt
	  when he stood up"
<Theta-G> "the visible chin and mouth of Omega when he got really mad in
	  one shot in 3docs
<Theta-G> "the electic cord running down the back of Tom's white cotton shirt
	  from the coronet of rasillon when he collapsed in the
	  invasion of time
<Theta-G> "the single frame of a kaled guard on the phone followed by a shot
	  of him giving lines with it already hung up in genesis part two
<Alden> "The Special Weapons Dalek disguised as a BBC camera roaming through
	the jungles of Mechanus"
<Theta-G> I could build the entire DWEEB site in a weekend i'll bet
<Theta-G> the visible human eye behind the silurian one on warriors part one
<dse> "the guns in Invisible Enemy that have neither triggers nor barrel holes"

Thu Apr  8
[It's time for Anti's Daily Spam]
<The_Anti> Subject: Girls of Spring Break '99
<The_Anti> and I follow the link and...

Thu Apr  8
 * TheProf likes the new fix for Windows 98. I wonder who found this glitch
   in the system and if they have a life?
<TheProf> This update corrects a timing problem in the Windows 98 operating
	  system. After 49.7 days of continuous operation, your computer may
	  stop responding and require rebooting. 
<TheProf> After almost two months I would think the computer deserved a rest
	  and not just a reboot.

Thu Apr  8
<Nathan_Roberts> Anyway... I went out and opened the refrigerator, and
		 lo and behold, there were 4 cans of Safeway Mountain
		 Breeze sitting there that I'm pretty sure /weren't/
		 there before
<Edict_of_Expert> Nate: You've been visited by the SoftDrink Fairy.

Thu Apr  8
 * TheProf reads again where Al Gore says he invented the
   Internet. That may be true but Dan Quayle invented spell check.

Fri Apr  9
*** TheProf changes topic to 'Is there a cure for Jondar disease?'
<TheProf> I have Jondar disease. I can't stop fooling with my webpage.
<CrowTRobt> I suggest we start a support group... Jondarholics Anonymous
<TheProf> My name is TheProf and it's been.....3 minutes since I
	  updated my webpage.

Fri Apr  9
<Edict_of_Expert> Windas doesnt know its ass from a hole in the ground.
 * Alden makes a note not to tell windows to stick a post in a hole in
   the ground.

Sat Apr 10
 * MegL has to wonder about these guys who are sitting in line for SW1
   at the moment
<Nathan_Roberts> Meg: Proof that there are aliens among us...
<MegL> Oh this is funner yet
<MegL> they are posting comments from passers by
<TheProf> Comment #1. Get a job!!!

Sun Apr 11
 * TheProf has a room mate as well...she looks damn good in a skirt.
 * Whomiga hopes Mrs Prof doesn't find out :^)
<TheProf> Who do you think I was refering to? The cat?

Mon Apr 12
<Jondar> Seen on a sign at a Music Conservatorium: "This door is
	 baroquen, please wiggle Handel" - scrawled underneath the
	 sign "if I wiggle Handel, will it wiggle Bach?"

Mon Apr 12
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: Error between keyboard and seat
<TheProf> Error between Nature and evolution.

Mon Apr 12
 * Jondar gets another idea for Varos... Muahahahaha!
<Nathan_Roberts> VarosKitchenSink?

Tue Apr 13
<Blor> ATTENTION LIBRA!  I'm sorry to report that in the next few
       months, you'll discover a large, ugly lump on your neck.  It's
       your head! Muahahahahahaha!  So don't pick at it, it'll just
       make it worse!  Muahahahahahaha!  Hey!  Does your head hurt?
       Well, it's killin' me!  Muahahahahahaha!

Wed Apr 14
<Jefferys> My graduation ceremony seemed a bit shorter than previous
	   years' too.......I think they cut out a lot of the
	   religious stuff due to some weird thing about the state
	   trying to enforce Separation of Church and was
	   hillbilly High School for crying out loud....everybody
	   (except for me and a few others) went to the same church

Sat Apr 24
<Fenric1> You're going to reap just what you sow!!!! ;>
<Nathan_Roberts> You're going to rip just what you sew

Sun Apr 25
 * Alden wonders if his trousers are Y2K compatible....
<Alden> Could be embarressing otherwise...
<Edict_of_Expert> Alden: Why would you're pants go down at y2k?
<Alden> Rusty: Well, you never know.
<Nathan_Roberts> Rusty: Because he was with Meg at at y2k party? >:)

Sun Apr 25
<Shel> sending a "get to know your friends" email
<Shel> with a list of questions for them to answer and return ;)
<Shel> it's different than the one i saw before, this one asks about odd things
<Shel> like skinny dipping, humiliating moments, etc...
<Shel> most of the other ones asked, just basic, color, food, etc...
<Alden> Colour?
<Alden> I'm sort of pinkish.

Mon Apr 26
<TheProf> Only kids play with toy cars. Men play with die cast miniatures.

Wed Apr 28
[Talking about a Blake's 7 episode]
<Theta-G> this had more dw actors than a dw episode

Thu Apr 29
 * Jondar wishes he had access to PhotoShop, (and some decent
   vortex/swirl graphics)
<Alden> Jason: Tak a photo of food colouring going down the plughole

Thu Apr 29
<Alden> Plural of genius = genii, plural of octopus = octopi, plural
	of bus = bi
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: By that logic... The plural of Us is I...

Thu Apr 29
 * Brigadier is getting one when you can get a good one for < $150
<Nathan_Roberts> I borrowed my mom's
<Brigadier> ohhh
<Brigadier> i see
* Brigadier tries that tact
<Brigadier> "hey dad, did you know that you need a cd burner"

Thu Apr 29
<Theta-G> useless dw game #421
<Theta-G> take a letter from a dw title
<Theta-G> the greatest sow in the galaxy
<Theta-G> colon in space

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