The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue II: February 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Mon Feb  1
[We have fake Elsa's popping up on our notify lists]
 * AldenB takes out a gun and shoots fake Elsa
<AldenB> There, maybe now I can get some piece. ;-)
<MegL> lol alden
<Nathan_Roberts> Mercy killing I take it
<AldenB> Nathan: I'm just puting Darwin's theory into practice.

Mon Feb  1
 * AldenB doesn't think much of all these Y2K doomsayers. So what his his
   computer crashes on Jan 1 2000, it does it every other day too.

Mon Feb  1
 * Nathan_Roberts yet again rediscovers one of the nicest things about
   working with Unix
<Nathan_Roberts> You don't like the way something works?  Hack into the
		 source and change it! >:)

Mon Feb  1
 * Nathan_Roberts worries about you, Prof
<TheProf> And I you........and the wife both of us.

Mon Feb  1
<random_C> Bill Gates is a Madam - his empire is based on screwing people.

Mon Feb  1
* Alden finds one of the registry values Internet boost changes
<random_C> IE4mode=SLOW?

Wed Feb 3 
<CrowTRobt> how to pick out good fruit and veggies... stand at the
	    market and hold things and look pitiful and wait for a
	    woman to pick you out some good ones

Thu Feb  4
    Topic for #drwhochat: Our ChanServ, what art in hebron, typed be
    its name, thy server come, thy modes be done, in channel as they
    are in dcc chat. Give us this day our daily ops, and forgive us
    our netmask, as we identify our netmask to NickServ. Up yours. -

Thu Feb  4
<TheProf> Remember how Apple was bragging about iMac being the #1
	  selling computer in the world? Seems they might have been
	  fudging abit. They announced they are closing their plant
	  here in sacramento due to "Lower than expected sales."
<TheProf> How about this on their website? The have the logo "It was a
	  bug Dave. Only Macintosh was designed to run perfectly".
	  Right below that they have "This update to Mac OS 8.5 fixes
	  several bugs..."
<Theta-G> I think a Mac must've killed Prof's little brother when he
	  was younger.
<Nathan_Roberts> Steve Jobs is full of it
<Theta-G> Steve Jobs is made of it, not just full of it

<TheProf> The latest was Jobs talking about storage drives like zip
	  disks and floppy discks and he said "The iMac is so far
	  advanced than the old IBM pc that it doesn't need a floppy
	  drive" I wonder how long he thinks it will need a monitor?
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: What I want to know is, what's this so advanced
	  way of transferring files that he hasn't told us about yet?"
<Nathan_Roberts> "Hmm... Let's design a computer that... doesn't have
		 the ability to transfer files back and forth!  Yeah,
		 that'll REALLY sell!"
<The_Anti> Steve Jobs: Keyboard? Nonsense.. we can make it talk and such!
<Theta-G> recall, his staff dubbed him "The reality Distortion Field"
<TheProf> I swear Jobs uses the same speach writers as Clinton.
<Theta-G> the iMac: equipped with the ports ever other computer
	  has. (small catch. i meant in 2003)
<Theta-G> just buy an iMac, and wait four years for it to me
	  compatible with everything else (small catch: then it'll be
	  four years slower ;-)
<TheProf> My teacher who loves the iMac was talking about how much
	  better it was than an IBM last week. He then went onto talk
	  about our homework which must be done and brought in on a
	  floppy. I asked him what students with the iMac do for
	  homework in his classes. He straitfaced told me iMac
	  students he suggested use the school lab and the IBM pcs

Thu Feb  4
*** I_was_a_teenage_teenager has joined channel #drwhochat

Fri Feb  5
<trinalin> Friends help friends move.  Real friends help friends move
	   dead bodies.

Fri Feb  5
<Alden> I need to rationalise my living space.
<MegL> oh?
<Alden> Well, it sounds better than "I need to tidy up my room"

Fri Feb  5
 * Nathan_Roberts slaps Alden around a bit with a large Linux Penguin
<TheProf> Search your hard drive Nathan. You know it to be true.
<Nathan_Roberts> Over my cold dead body!
<TheProf> Nathan: You must face the truth. Bill Gates is your father!
 * Nathan_Roberts commits suicide
<TheProf> And your Mother was probibly a 16 bit web browser if I had to guess.
<Alden> It was the only honorable thing to do,.
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden is right.  It's better this way than having Billy
		 Boy as a father

Sat Feb  6
*** Blor has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by TheProf (I have always
    wanted to lay a little leather on evil.)
*** Blor has joined channel #drwhochat
<TheProf> lol
<Alden> Uh oh, now you're in troudle.
<TheProf> K9 makes it so hard to deal with idlers. :o)
*** Mode change "+b *!*dalek@*" on channel #drwhochat by TheProf
*** Blor has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by TheProf (TheProf)
<Nathan_Roberts> I  forgot he was even here!
*** Mode change "-b *!*dalek@*" on channel #drwhochat by TheProf
<TheProf> <Blor> should not have done that...
<Nathan_Roberts> Ah, so he is awake
<TheProf> <Blor> I'm gonna have a talk with your wife. I've decided to up
	  your agony a bit.
<TheProf>  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
<Whomiga> hehe
*** Blor has joined channel #drwhochat
 * TheProf runs for his soul!!!!!!!!!!
<Alden> Re Mighty one.
*** Blor has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by NathanR (Just because)
<TheProf> We're doomed!!!!
<Nathan_Roberts> Now would someone unban him?
<LyssKiki> Booooossss!!!! Come back!!
*** Mode change "-b *!*dalek*@*" on channel #drwhochat by TheProf
<Alden> Great, now we're all going to be cursed with a plague.
<Alden> This could really put a crimp on 1999
*** Blor has joined channel #drwhochat
<Blor> Well, well...
<Nathan_Roberts> *Blor* You are being VERY annoying, Nate.
<Nathan_Roberts> I learn from the best >:)
<TheProf> Blor: Nathan made me do it.
 * Alden snatches Prof's remote control back off Nathan
 * Alden plays with the controls
<Nathan_Roberts> I did no such thing!
<Nathan_Roberts> I was "inspired" by Prof
<Blor> *sniff*
<Blor> I smell naughty people...
<Blor> What do we do with naughty people...?
<Whomiga> Promote them?
<TheProf> He made me kick you and then he blames me for it. I swear
	  one of these nights I'm going to sneak into nathan's house
	  and steal the negatives of those pictures of me and that
	  Chimp house at the zoo and then Nathan will be powerless.

Sat Feb  6
<Alden-afk> Trina: afk stands for "a free kick:"
<Alden-afk> Means anyone's allowed to give me a kick in the butt if they want
*** Alden-afk has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by random_c
*** Alden-afk has joined channel #drwhochat
 * trinalin gives Alden a kick in the butt (now that he's back)
 * Alden-afk smirks
*** Alden-afk has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts
    (If you insist)
*** Alden-afk has joined channel #drwhochat
 * Nathan_Roberts pokes Prof... Now's your chance!
*** TheProf has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Alden-afk (Beat him!)
<TheProf> Seems you boys were up to nogood while I was away.
 * TheProf goes and get the switch.

Sat Feb  6 <Theta-G>
things seldom seen in movies:
 + computers with the case open
 + "so the government informant's name is- shit! reboot. just
   a minute, i'll log back in."
 + actors bouncing up and down impatiently watching dos bootup messages
   scroll past "come ONNNNNNN!" as Tha Man breaks down the door downstairs

Sat Feb  6
<Whomiga_386> Kinda ironic, now that I'm growing a beard, I've found several
	      rechargable razors

Sun Feb  7
 * Whomiga_386 makes up a box for failed electronics experiments...
   hmmm, * gets a bigger box...

Sun Feb  7
<TheProf> In search for his gif image he needs for his website TheProf
	  decends into the pits of Hell.
 * TheProf is web browsing at:

Sun Feb  7
<Nathan_Roberts> Repitition is the best way to memorise.
<Nathan_Roberts> Repitition is the best way to memorise.
<Nathan_Roberts> Repitition is the best way to ... err, what was it again?

Sun Feb  7
<Jondar> Rich: I'd do that... but you know how often I change the design
	 of Varos.... >:-)
<Whomiga> Jason - you are one extreme and Drake is the other

Mon Feb  8
[I'm talking about the possibilities of running a webserver on my computer]
<Nathan_Roberts> That would be an interesting idea... I could have a CGI
		 script and form or something so people could instantly send
		 a message or something
<Alden> "Dear Nathan.  WTQF.  Prof"
<Jondar> Muahahahaha!
<Whomiga> Hmmm...
<Jondar> "Dear Prof.  /sound ak47.wav. Nate."
[2 seconds later]
*** TheProf has joined #drwhochat
<Jondar> speak of the devil...
 * Alden giggles.
<Janet1> howdy Prof
<Whomiga> Um, Hi Prof
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL

Mon Feb  8
<TheProf> I also have Nemoy singing.
<TheProf> He's better than Shatner at least.......then again so is my
	  cat when her tail is stepped on.

Mon Feb  8
<Alden> Wow, I have 118MB in my recycle bin
<Jondar> ROTFL!
<Jondar> don't you purge it every day?
<Alden> No...
 * Alden wonders when he stuck that picture of Lis Sladen in a bikini in there.
<Alden> Oh well.
 * Alden emties the recycle bin.
<Nathan_Roberts> Ladies and Gentlemen you are about to witness a 
		 historic moment.
<Nathan_Roberts> The death of Alden at the hands of Prof
<TheProf> The room stands amazed at the violece leveled against Alden at
	  the hands of the Prof.

Mon Feb  8
<Jefferys> Dalnet's motto: "Peer is out to get *YOU*." :-)

Mon Feb  8
<DeTroyes> well, i just checked microsoft's research website.  it
	   appears they've taken down the page about their voice
	   recognicion software they code-named "Dr. Who".
<Nathan_Roberts> Have they now...
<Nathan_Roberts> Is there anything there explaining why or just a 404?
<DeTroyes> just a 404
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders...
<DeTroyes> the beeb probably found out and made a stink
<DeTroyes> I copies the page somewhere.  I should just post it back to the
	   net for laughts
<Nathan_Roberts> If it's down because the BBC made a stink, that might
		 not be such a good idea
*** Jondar has joined channel #DrWhoChat
<Nathan_Roberts> hi Jondar
<DeTroyes> it would be down because it was blatant trademark infringement,
	   and microsoft (of all companies!) should know better
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Guess what?  The Microsoft Dr. Who page has
<Jondar> Ha!
<Jondar> who told the BBC then? :)
<DeTroyes> whoops.  ok, spoke too soon.  i just found it by looking
	   through the sitemap.  they moved it.
<Nathan_Roberts> D'oh!
<Nathan_Roberts> Another good conspiracy theory brought down by the facts.....
<Fenric1> What's the big deal if it's just named after Dr. Who?
<Fenric1> Oh wait, nevermind, I just looked at the page...
<DeTroyes> lol, nat!
<Jondar> Fenric: it implies that someone at Microsoft is a DW fan
<Nathan_Roberts> And that someone may well be Gates himself...
<DeTroyes> its actually quite funny, if you're a dw fan
<DeTroyes> "we hope that Dr Who technologies will find their way into MS
	   mainstream products"
<DeTroyes> TARDIS 98, anyone?
<Fenric1> DeT: I think some of them have... 
	  "Hey, my print job arrived 2 years after I sent it!"
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Jondar> Fenric: it would be even better if the print job arrived two years
	 *before* you sent it :)
<Fenric1> Jond: Ideally, yes, but this *is* Microsoft we're talking about...;>
<Nathan_Roberts> The TARDIS Print Service.  When it absolutely, positively
		 has to be printed yesterday.

Mon Feb  8
[Prof is uploading his web page for the first time]
<TheProf> This could be the end of the internet as you folks know it.
 * Nathan_Roberts sees that it will be Prof, not the y2k bug, that will be
   the end of the world.
<TheProf> Get ready to look at your own sites and weep openly.
<Nathan_Roberts> Unless your page is really cool like Alden's or Jondar's,
		 in which case you will laugh openly at Prof's site >;)

Mon Feb  8
<Alden> Windows 1.0 is only 644K?
 * Alden looks at the size of Win98. Wow, what happened?

Mon Feb  8
<random_C> It took two 6502s to put a man on the moon. Now you need a
	   PII to play solitaire.

Tue Feb  9
[Jondar SOUND] uhoh.wav
 * Alden looks at ICQ and wonders why theflower isn't flashing.
 * Alden looks at IRC and fwaps Jason. :-)

Tue Feb  9
<TheProf> I am still not sure if I will lighten the blue text. It's very
	  readable on my computer.
<Jondar> it may be so, but not all computer monitors or eyes for that
	 matter are the same
<Theta-G> why is it that when you show someone your page in person, *their*
	  computer is the one on Earth that has a problem with the page? ;-)

Wed Feb 10
<Nathan_Roberts> You know something?  Mp3s take bloody forever to encode
<Whomiga> Nate - yep
<Jondar> Nate: of course
 * Nathan_Roberts sees himself start to grow a beard as the progress meter
   approaches 4%

Wed Feb 10
 * Nathan_Roberts sees himself start to go gray as the meter approaches 7%

Wed Feb 10
 * Nathan_Roberts feels arthritis set in as the meter approaches 11%

Wed Feb 10
<Alden> I'm a little teapot, short and stout.  This is my handle, this is
	my spout.
 * Jondar wonders if Alden's been drinking all of Anti's cough medicine...
<The_Anti> Jason: nah.. he found the 666 cold relief
<The_Anti> I've used it, and trust me.. it cleans out EVERYTHING.
<Theta-G> Anti: I used that stuff. My cold's gone, but I feel a strange loss
	  of my immortal soul.

Wed Feb 10
 * Jondar begins to wonder what computer he could get by the end of
   the year... :)
<Nathan_Roberts> How about an iMac?

Wed Feb 10
<Theta-G> Has anyone read Asimov's "I, Mac"

Wed Feb 10
 * The_Anti turns into a Marshman
<Marshman> eeeeerrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!
 * Marshman stomps around wrecking Nate's computer lab
<Marshman> eeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
 * Whomiga has to go - night
<Alden> Night Richard!
 * Marshman crushes Richard's neck farewell
<Marshman> aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!
<Whomiga> ouch
<Marshman> urrrrr?
 * Marshman stares at TheProf for a moment
 * Alden strikes a heroic pose.
<Marshman> uurrrrrr!
<Alden> I must go... TO BED!
<Marshman> UURRRRR!
<Alden> Boldly going, even....
 * Marshman strangles ShatnerAlden
<Marshman> URRRR!
[Alden SOUND] shatner.wav
 * Marshman puts his hands to his ears in pain...
<Theta-G> now I know why Marshmen have no talk shows
<Marshman> URRRRRRRR!!!
<Theta-G> What? Billy's in trouble?
 * Marshman thrashes at the speakers that play the Shatner..
<Marshman> URRRRRRRR!
 * Marshman trashes the speakers and moves on to the control room
<Marshman> urrrrrrrr!
<Marshman> Urrrrrrrrrrr!
 * TheProf has an idea.
 * Marshman swats at the light bulb above Prof's head
<Marshman> urrrr arrrr urrrrr!
 * Marshman waves his arms around a bit
 * Marshman falls into the water...
*** Marshman is now known as Marshspider
 * Marshspider crawls out and turns into a melon
*** Marshspider is now known as Marshmelon
 * MarshMelon rolls off a cliff

Wed Feb 10
*** The_Anti is now known as Decider_Anti
*** Theta-G is now known as Decider_Theta
<Decider_Theta> we need a third
<Decider_Anti> tell Alden, Theta.. tell him... we've come full... circle....
 * Decider_Anti falls over and stops living
<Decider_Theta> Make that a second and third

Wed Feb 10
<The_Anti> and so ends yet another performance of the
	   Not-Ready-For-Anything #DWCPlayers and their dramatic
	   recreation of 'Full Circle'

Fri Feb 12
 * TheProf is running: K-9 Mk. II Beta8910 (c) 1998 aka The Beast, an
   abomination by Nathan_Roberts
 * Alden is running: Urak 1.0 1999

Fri Feb 12
[Talking about the CDA2]
<TheProf> It's called adult check and you have to pay a monthly
	  fee. In the law as it was written they would be just about
	  the only company to do it. The law stated a requirement to
	  register with the goverment to run this service but the law
	  specified Adult check by name so they would be the only
	  company that could register the credit cards for a few
	  months until another company came along and got approved
	  which could have taken months.
<Nathan_Roberts> You have twice the mental capacity of the entire US
		 congress combined.
<Alden> Adult check is a yearly fee, not monthly.
<TheProf> So the law handed this one company a monopoly on a platter.
 * Alden suddenly feels everyone looking at him.
 * Nathan_Roberts stares at Alden
 * Lyssie blinks at Alden
 * TheProf stares at Alden.
<Alden> And there are dozens of other similar services.
 * TheProf keeps staring.
<Nathan_Roberts> What do you.... know of such.... services?
 * Lyssie stops staring and hops up on the bar
 * Alden eeps
<TheProf> Alden: Care to share you password with us for all the good sites?
<Alden> Sure, it's melporn. ;-)

Fri Feb 12
[Now I'm talking about trying to fix (or break) a spare laptop]
 * Nathan_Roberts takes the laptop and smashes it full-force into the floor!
<Nathan_Roberts> It's amazing.  The laptop survived!
<Nathan_Roberts> Hm... I just smashed my fist into the top of it. THAT
		 killed it.
<Nathan_Roberts> Shattered the LCD, specifically
<Nathan_Roberts> [00:40] <Gillmesh> Old laptops, army used them alot,
		 youcould throw them around like mad and they wouldnt
		 befased in the least.
<Jondar> ha!
<Jondar> yet a simple punch in the monitor renders them useless.... 
	 Hmmm... typical army equipment :)

Fri Feb 12
*** Jondar has quit IRC (Quit: Alden)
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden!  What did you do!
 * Alden looks around wildly.
 * TheProf backs Alden into a corner. CONFESS!
<Alden> I didn't do it... no one say me do it.  You can't prove anything
 * MegL tells Prof to watch his back
<Alden> Prof: Look out.. Meg'll avenge me!
 * TheProf brings out the cumfy chair to torture Alden. CONFESS!
<MegL> you've got a wife! stay away from my alden!

Fri Feb 12
 * TheProf is trying to come up with a name for his website. Something
   using South Croydon would be nice.
<Alden> South Croydon 90210

Fri Feb 12
<Alden> There should be some way to resize the nicklist,  so there!
 * Alden writes: Dear Mr Mardam-Bey. Please make it so you can resize the
   nick list. thank you.
<Alden> PS does your nose squeak in real life?

 Sat Feb 13
 * Nathan_Roberts loves this passage be read on slashdot...
<Nathan_Roberts> It's a miracle ! We've split the atom ... Put a man
		 on the moon ... Cloned animals .... And now
		 ..... Somebody actually got a refund for Windows !!
		 Yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!
<Alden> LOL!
<RaspSwirl> OMG - notify the church, its a miracle!
<RaspSwirl> whats the pope's number?
<Nathan_Roberts> 1-900-HOLY-SHIT
 * RaspSwirl fwaps Nate to hell
<RaspSwirl> why'd i do that? he was clearly on his way anyways.
<Whomiga_386> 1-900-Trinity?
<Alden> 1-900-save-souls?
 * Alden will BRB.
<RaspSwirl> 1-900-sinless-sex?
<RaspSwirl> sorry that was really poor.
 * RaspSwirl crawls under a rock.
 * RaspSwirl stays there
<Alden> back
 * Alden sits on RaspSwirl's rock. *squish*

Sun Feb 14
<Alden> My mum always said you can tell the sex of a computer cause the
	boy ones have joysticks

Sun Feb 14
 * Jondar reads over one of the requirements of the HTML design course...
   "it is suggested that students keep a log of any useful URLs they
   use/encounter while doing this course"
<Alden> ;-)
 * Jondar grins evilly :)
<Jondar> LOL!
<Alden> "Well, the web design was good..."

Sun Feb 14
<Dammed_One> So.. Whos your favorite Doctors?
<Alden> Kildaire

Fri Feb 19
 * TheProf rushes to get mental help for nathan before it is to late.
<Nathan_Roberts> It IS too late!
<TheProf> Not yet. You still haven't bought an iMac. That's when you hit
	  rock bottom.
<Jondar> Prof: what does that make me?
 * Jondar has a PC and iMac sitting on my desk at work
<AldenWriting> Prof: Rock bottom is when he buys an iMac... and then
	       loads Linux on it...

Sat Feb 20
*** Signoff: Nathan_Roberts (Client exited)
 * TheProf watches as a huge client picks up Nathan and walks out the
   door with him.

Sat Feb 20
*** TheProf_Away is now known as TheProf
 * TheProf has returned from the land that chocolate forgot.

Sat Feb 20
 * TheProf is going to starve come April. I'm going to get very skinny,
   fall down and then die.
<TheProf> The wife is going to Dallas for a week for training. Burger
	  King is my only hope.
<MegL> Prof, try microwave TV dinners
<TheProf> Microwave? You mean you aren't suppose to suck those things frozen?

Sat Feb 20
<Anmarc> I can actually picture John Lithgow playing the Doctor
<Anmarc> that's the scary part.... :)
 * Nathan_Roberts coughs

Sat Feb 20
<Alden> "What Star Wars vehicle would you most like to show up at work
	or school driving?
<Alden> I don't think there's enough room at work to park an AT-AT....
<Nathan_Roberts> SQT: Whats's an At-at?
<Alden> Or a super star destroyer, for that matter. ;-)
<dse> AT-AT = All Terrain Armored Transport
<dse> those were the giant walking tanks seen in Empire Strikes Back
<Alden> Nathan: One of the big four-legged things from the start of Empire
	Strikes Back.
 * Nathan_Roberts imagines himself stomping in to college on an At-At
   and falls off his chair

Sat Feb 20
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL... The official word on the pronunciation of Linux...
<Nathan_Roberts> "I don't care." - Linus Torvalds

Sat Feb 20
 * TheProf is trying to get the wife to record a wav.
<TheProf> So you guys can know she is real so you can alert your
	  national defence forces.
<Jondar> erm... the Australian national defence forces are currently
	 invading NZ... the PM's visit is a ploy to catch all the
	 Kiwilanders and their sheep off guard....... Oops! :)

Mon Feb 22
 * Alden seens Microsoft's next OS after Windows 2000 will be
   "MS Linux: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"

Tue Feb 23 
* TheProf is reading that Mike Tyson has to defend himself in a
  hearing tomorrow in jail........I wish they could record it. It
  would be funnier than a Red Dwarf episode. "Uhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhhh....I
  threw the tv because I'm.....Uhhhhhh.......stupid.
<Jondar> Prof: no... it would be "bleep, bleep, threw bleep TV, bleep, bleep,
	 yeah, bleep" >:-)
<TheProf> lol
<Jondar> considering that TV interview he did a couple of weeks ago
<TheProf> Then he would chew off the ear of a guard.

Tue Feb 23
*** Greken has joined channel #drwhochat
<Greken> tada !
<Jondar> Hi Grek :)
<Greken> God Morning all...
<Alden> Grak!
<Alden> Grek!
<MegL> Hi Grek
 * MegL hugs Grek
<MegL> LTNS!
 * Nathan_Roberts gapes
<Greken> MegL: i've been busy, as always... :O)
<Nathan_Roberts> Grek?
<dse> hi Grek
<dse> LTNS
<Nathan_Roberts> Ahhh.... I've been waiting for this moment for a long
*** Greken has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts
*** Greken has joined channel #drwhochat
<Greken> Ahh..back to old times :)
<Alden> Nathan: Feels like #DWC again, don't it. ;-)
<MegL> LOL
 * Nathan_Roberts feels much better now >:)
<Greken> :-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Prey that MrB doesn't show up tonight..... :)
<Greken> to be kicked by an old friend, thats like being kicked by an
	 ...uh..hmm..old friend..yeah..

Thu Feb 25
<DonQuay> anyone here from the uk?
*** random_C has joined channel #drwhochat
[Timing is, once again, everything]

Thu Feb 25
<Alden> Today, someone at work found an easter egg.  They typed "I'd
	like to kill Bill Gates" into Word and hit the thesaurus.  It
	came up with "I'll drink to that."

Thu Feb 25
<Alden> Ed Begley Jr... that name rings a bell...
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: That's the phone.
<Alden> Oh!
 * Alden answers the phone
*** Alden has left IRC (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by AldenB)))
*** AldenB has joined channel #DrWhoChat
<Alden> rererere
<Jondar> :)
<Jondar> re Alden
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden, you picked up the wrong phone!
<Alden> D'oh!
<Alden> That explains why they didn't answer when I said hello, just made
	whining noises.
<Alden> At first I thought it was one of my sister's friends.

Thu Feb 25
*** Mode change "+oo Blor Greken" on channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts
<Jondar> Nate: er... was opping Grek a good idea? >:-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: He'll just kick himself (or Blor)... Any wagers
		 on how long it'll take? >:)
*** Greken has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Blor (Not long)
<Nathan_Roberts> ROTFL
<Jondar> Muahahaha!
<Nathan_Roberts> He IS paying attention!
<Jondar> Blor: you didn't let me place my bet! :-P
<Jondar> I was going to say < 1min too
<Blor> Sorry Jondar... :)

Fri Feb 26
 * Nathan_Roberts sends another spam to Binary Hell
<SupremeDalek> Nathan: You sent it to Blor? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> No, he's in the human souls department.  Somebody else is
		 handling damned bits.
<Nathan_Roberts> Some guy by the name Dev Null.... Never met him to be honest

Sat Feb 27
<KyNs56> ^C0,1 @^C15Mp3 KyNs56 ^C13G^C06reenday ^C13^C06^C13
	 ^C06^C13B^C06asket ^C13C^C06ase.^C13M^C06p3 ^C0(^C151.39 ^C1,1^C04M
	 ^C05ega ^C04B^C05ytes ^C1564^C1,1^C13K^C06bps MONO^C0) ^C14>^C15>
	 ^C0>^C15>^C14> ^C9T^C10ype^C00 ^C9T^C10o ^C9G^C10et ^C9M^C10y 
	 ^C9L^C10ist ^C9O^C10f^C00 508 ^C9S^C10ongs
<TheProf> What do I type to get him to stop doing that?
<Nathan_Roberts> Prof: /kick :)
<TheProf> Nathan goes for the easy way out.
<Nathan_Roberts> Specifically, /kick theprof
<Alden> /kill -9 KyNs56

Sun Feb 28
<TheProf> Wife found a grade B horror movie on TV. Parrana.
<TheProf> Bad movie. Only good thing is most of the females are in bikinis
	  for much of the film.

Sun Feb 28
 * TheProf finds only his wife attractive. No other women can compare.
 * Nathan_Roberts takes the lie detector to Prof
<Nathan_Roberts. [........./]
 * Whomiga watches the lie detector overheat and die
<Nathan_Roberts> I know he's lying because he must have at least meant,
		 "I find only my wife and Lis Sladen attractive"
 * TheProf must also admit he has a thing for the girl in Buffy the
   Vampire slayer.

Sun Feb 28
 * TheProf wrestles the computer back from the wife.
 * TheProf is back.
<TheProf> Give me back my toy you she-devil!

Sun Feb 28
<Alden> Well, there's gratitude for you!  I make a perfectly nice
	rollercoaster and all the people are afraid to go on it. >;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> Very wise.
<Nathan_Roberts> They must know you personally.

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