The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume III, Issue I: January 1999

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Sat Jan 02
 * Jondar reuploads for the 5th time...
 * Jondar glares at Prof...
<Jondar> :)
 * TheProf looks like an angel
<TheProf> Not my fault the first three times. :o)
<Alden> You look like a 45 degree Angel
<Whomiga> Nah - he's an Obtuse Angel
<TheProf> Jason zipped the folder wrong the first time. :o)
<TheProf> I put the theme on and only the color scheme showsed up.
<Jondar> Prof: it's still your fault, because you're the one who told me
	 about it >:-)
<TheProf> I went "Jason the wallpaper doesn't work."
<TheProf> Neither do the icons.....or cursors.....or sounds.
<Jondar> /ignore TheProf
<TheProf> LOL
 * Jondar sticks his fingers in his ears and sings: "I'm not listening!" >:-)

Sat Jan 02
 * Alden would set up a web server, but has dynamic IP, so there wouldn't
   be much point.,
<Alden> Well, it'd only work when I was connected anyway. :-)
<Whomiga> Alden - Hmmm, isn't that all the time?

Sat Jan 02
 * Brigadier crosses fingers and dives into to find a
 * Alryssa looks into the Microsoft Pool
<Alryssa> hmm, looks a bit shallow. 
 * Alryssa sees the sign: No Diving
*** Brigadier has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

Sat Jan 02
*** TheProf is now known as Guest666
<Guest666> Stealing Blor's nick here.

Sat Jan 02
<TheProf> Do you have trouble with daleks?
<TheProf> If so you should call 1-800-dalekssuck.
<TheProf> Our advance system for eliminating this pesky problem involves
	  a new highly secret patented product call nuclear weapons.
<TheProf> Rememebr the number is 1-800-dalekssuck.

Sat Jan 02
* michaell continues his hunt for the new, perfect PC.
<random_C> michaell - It's a G3 
<random_C> With OS8.5
<michaell> Sadly, I'm off the Mac train.... I need something I can do work
	   on occasionally.
<random_C> *fwap*
<random_C> work? such as?
<michaell> Windows programming :)
<random_C> ah
<random_C> Does your mother know what you do? ;)

Mon Jan 04
<Cryptkeeper> 90's tv..blah
<Nathan_Roberts> Yeah...
<Nathan_Roberts> You know it's really bad when the only channel that
		 has something worth watching at any given time is MTV...

Mon Jan 04
<TheProf> My screen saver is annoying me.
<TheProf> It seems to be slowing down to much.
<TheProf> How can I find out how much ram it is using up?
<Alden> Prof: Open your computer and look at the ram and see which
	ones are being used.

Mon Jan 04
<Nathan_Roberts> The mac version of the client is outdated, and mirabilis
		 refuses to update it.  It might not support message logging
<TheProf> They have good taste.
 * TheProf runs for his life!!!!!!!!!
 * Nathan_Roberts powerbooks Prof
<TheProf> iMac. The computer for the clueless age.
 * random_C thinks Prof must have a thing about being beaten up by girls

Wed Jan 06
<Alden> I've said it before, and I'll say it again - passwords are
	prejudiced against people with bad memories.
<Nathan_Roberts> That's what they invented pencil, paper, and lockboxes for.
<Alden> I only wish I'd written them down....
<Alden> Fudge.
 * Nathan_Roberts writes down... Alden's password is Fudge
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, that's NOT what you meant... nevermind

Wed Jan 06
<Alden> OK, ICQ password, max of 8 letters...
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Bonnie?

Thu Jan 07
<Shel> lol, i found this quit line quite humorous
<Shel> *** Temporary-Nick ( Quit
       (Quit: Connections reset by peer, Excess flood, Ping timeout, No
       route to host, Dead socket, Broken pipe, and Leaving)

Thu Jan 07
<Jefferys> What should I watch? The Senate Impeachment Trials, the Senate
	   Impeachment Trials, or he Senate Impeachment Trials
<Nathan_Roberts> Jeff: How about a blank screen instead?
<random_C> Deadly Asassin.
<Jondar> Jeff: none of the above

Fri Jan 08
<Nathan_Roberts> Just got a mail from the Brig about the gallery... 
		 "Add me you goit"

Sat Jan 09
 * Whomiga_386 needs to update that page - but it isn't currently on my to
   do list
<Whomiga_386> Or at least very low on it
<Drake> update a web page............................................
	people do that?

Sat Jan 09
<CrowTRobt> I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... I'm all out of ass

Sat Jan 09
 * Jondar wonders if the US is getting to the stage where they need 8 digit
   local phone numbers (disregarding the area code)
<CrowTRobt> we are going to get a new one here too
<CrowTRobt> once we had only one for the whole state
<CrowTRobt> then it went to 2 now it will be three
<Nathan_Roberts> California used to have too many.  Now it has three many.

Sat Jan 09
 * TimJR laughs, as MIRC just highlighted all those for having the letters
   T i and m next to eachother
<Alden> Tim: That's why I turned my highlight thing off.  People kept talking
	about Walden Books

Sun Jan 10
<TheProf> ChanServ Services is currently down. Please wait a few moments,
	  and then try again.
<TheProf> Damn, and I needed an oil change for my Beanie room.
<Nathan_Roberts> I think DALnet should just set up so it shows a "Chanserv
		 Services are currently up, for a change.  Do what you need
		 while you have the chance"

Sun Jan 10
<TheProf> I was listening today to the radio and this had this telephone
	  psycic on this radio show. He specialises in using esp to talk
	  to people's pets. 
<TheProf> He has a number and for $2 a minute he will act as a go between
	  so you can talk to your pets.
<TheProf> I mean even Art Bell would call this guy a crank!
<Anmarc> LOL!
 * Anmarc tries ESP on his dog...
<Anmarc> Hmmm... she wants a big juicy bone :)
 * The_Anti can see the Profess stopping the Prof from using said service
   to talk to his beanies
<TheProf> lol
<TheProf> Mind you I would pay an awful lot if I could truelly talk to my
	  cats for 15 minutes and ask them why they do things. I wonder what
	  my cat would ask me?
<Nathan_Roberts> "Where's my food!!"
<TheProf> Where do you go hunting for the can food?
<TheProf> Why do you get in that thing that poors water on you? Very scarey.
<The_Anti> "Why aren't you petting me?!"
<Anmarc> :)
<TheProf> My cats are amazed when I take a shower. It's like a daredevil show
	  for them.
 * Anmarc 's dog doesnt' want to go anywhere near the bathroom... She knows
   that there's a big bath in there
<TheProf> I can just see them going "One of these times his luck is going to
	  run out and the water will get him.

Sun Jan 10
<Blor> Crow: Grek? Nah... he never worked for me. Cant have such a clumsy oaf
       working with these delicate things...
<CrowTRobt> heh... am I a good servant or what?
<Blor> Crow: You would be an excellent carsalesman.

Sun Jan 10
<CrowTRobt> I have to take intermediate Algebra
<CrowTRobt> I forgot all the higher maths I learned in high school
<CrowTRobt> I will have to work up to calculus
<CrowTRobt> Richard said he is taking Java
<CrowTRobt> I don't know which of us is worse off

Sun Jan 10
<CrowTRobt> me tests his new pop ups
 * CrowTRobt fwaps Brigadier
 * CrowTRobt bookshops Brigadier
 * CrowTRobt clobbers Brigadier with the Windows98 Resource Kit!
<CrowTRobt> this has been a test
<CrowTRobt> this was only a test
<CrowTRobt> If this had been an actual emergency Nathan Rogers would have
	    been kick/banned

Sun Jan 10
*** Brigadier has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Brigadier
    (And stay out!)

Sun Jan 10
<Shel> lol... my son is doing mazes... and i just told him you can't go
       through those walls, and his reply "i didn't go through it, i jumped
       over it"

Sun Jan 10
<Nathan_Roberts> There's a function trying to access a variable it never
<Jondar> Nate: good grief
<Jondar> "You must declare, or it's up in the air" - Mr Hennessey, 12th
	 grade computers teacher, giving a lesson on basic programming
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL
<Jondar> needless to say, I had a weird computers teacher in 12th grade :)

Mon Jan 11
<Alden> OK, who else do I need on notify...
<Jondar> me :)
<Alden> Jason: Mauhaha
 * Alden got you. :-)
<TheProf> Bill_Gates?
<TheProf> We can harrass him.
<TheProf> ./msg Bill_Gates Brother can you spare a million?

Mon Jan 11
*** Alden is now known as Doctor1
<Doctor1> Isn't this Yads' nick?
<TheProf> Yeah!
<Doctor1> Gosh, I seem to have accidentally registered it. ;-)

Mon Jan 11
*** TheProf is now known as Nathan_Roberts
<Nathan_Roberts> I now have 60 seconds to visit as many sex rooms as I can
		 and ruin Nathan's reputation.
<Doctor1> LOL!!!
<Jondar> Muahahahaha!
<BansheeRed> oh my
<BansheeRed> lol
<Doctor1> Or until he ghosts you. ;-)
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as TheProf
*** Signoff: TheProf (Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used by The_Sentry)))
<Doctor1> LOL!!!
<Jondar> Muahahahahahaha!
<The_Sentry> Too slow!
*** TheProf has joined channel #drwhochat
<Jondar> Too Slow Proffie! :)
<TheProf> Unfair! I switched in time!
<The_Sentry> No you didn't, apparently >:)

Mon Jan 11
*** TheProf is now known as CrowTRobt
<CrowTRobt> I could do Crows nick but it would only improve his reputation.

Mon Jan 11
 * TheProf sees there is a shortage of blood in the US.
<TheProf> I need to donate tomorrow
<TheProf> One time I was donating and four officers came in to donate
	  and are sitting all around me. They had all these balloons
	  around and finally one of the officers says "I want a
	  balloon!" The nurse says she will get him one and after a
	  while he still doesn't have it so he goes "I want a
	  balloon. I have a gun and I want a balloon".
<TheProf> He got a balloon that matched his uniform's colors and had it with
	  him when they left.
<TheProf> The other police officers were cracking up at this guy as was
	  everyone else.

Mon Jan 11
<random_C> What are RMAs?
<Nathan_Roberts> I have no idea
<The_Lumley_Dr> Royal Mail Addicts?
<The_Lumley_Dr> Record Making Atheletes?
<random_C> oh thank you
<The_Lumley_Dr> ;-)
<The_Lumley_Dr> Sorry, I've no clue
<Jefferys> REgistered Medical Assistants?
<The_Lumley_Dr> What's the context?
<Shel> returned merchandise authorization
<Whomiga> Return Material Authorization?
<random_C> Thank you.
<random_C> Ask a simple question, wait for the *woman* to answer....

Tue Jan 12
<TheProf> I get distracted by the thought of Lis in a bikini. Jason you
	  get distracted by the thought of a modem in a bikini. :o)
 * Jondar fwaps Prof with the Fwapper of Rassilon (TM)
<Jondar> unlike Nate, I'm not *that* much of a computer nerd :)
<TheProf> There is something understandably sexy about 56k.
 * Alden puts a condom over his modem.
<TheProf> safe surf

Tue Jan 12
 * Alden wonders if he should point out the irony of a newsgroup spammer
   putting a spam block in their email address when they post....

Tue Jan 12
<Jondar> Oh great, Intel's releasing a Pentium III
<Nathan_Roberts> Yup
<Jondar> can't  they think of original names? :)
<Alden> Sheesh...
<Alden> Yeah, when do we get the sextium?
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: That would have been the Pentium II
<Jondar> by rights, it should be called the Septium :)
<Jondar> Octium? Nonium? Decium? :)
<Jondar> what happens at 11? :)
<Nathan_Roberts> 12 would be the Dodecium... What would 11 be then?
<Jondar> GMTA
 * Jondar looks up for a word for a 11 sided shape
 * Jondar gets out the reverse dictionary
<Jondar> Ha! found it! "Hendecium"
<Jondar> "Hendeca" is the prefix for 11
<Jondar> the dictionary doesn't mention 13... may I suggest Unluckium? :)

Tue Jan 12
 * Jondar wishes they made an encyclopedia like this dictionary... it's
   really well set out.
<Nathan_Roberts> What dictionary is that?
<Jondar> "The Readers Digest Reverse Dictionary"
<Jondar> Subtitle: "How to find the words on the tip of your tongue" >:-)

Tue Jan 12
[Referring to some Microsoft project called Doctor Who...]
 * Alden is browsing off at:
<Nathan_Roberts> Ladies and Gentlemen... We're in /big/ trouble...
<TheProf> What's this we white man?
<Alden> Proof Bill Gates is a fan!
 * Jondar reads the page and FOHCL!
<Alden> Dr Who will showcase MSR efforts to make computers
<Alden>                                speak, see, listen, and learn
<TheProf> This is a Major Microsoft project.
<Alden> And the computers will say: "Exterminate! Exterminate!"
 * MegL wonders if Bill thinks he's Davros now or what?
<TheProf> Nathan will be torn between his hate for microsoft and his love
	  of DW.
<Jondar> Meg: the Black Guardian, more likely :)
<Nathan_Roberts> We must overthrow The Gates
 * Alden staples a dead blackbird to Bill's head.
 * Jondar imagines Bill Gates with a bird on his head and FOHCL again!
<TheProf> Nathan, Microsoft, Doctor Who. Sort of a twisted Internet love

Wed Jan 13
[Prof is trying to register some Xoom webspace]
<TheProf> GGGgrrrrrrrrrrr
<TheProf> TheProf is taken for a name.
<Jondar> phoooey :(
<Alden> Prof: You've been taken?  Where?
<Jondar> Prof: is this Xoom?
<TheProf> Yes
<Nathan_Roberts> MrBean?
<TheProf> The_Prof is also taken.
<TheProf> MrBean taken and Mr_Bean is taken.
<Jondar> BeanieProf?
<Jondar> ProfandProfess
<Nathan_Roberts> Beaniac? >:)
 * TheProf chooses "BeatNathanwithastic"

Wed Jan 13
*** Jefferys has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to "It's common
    knowledge that Paradise is somewhere between Intercourse and Blue Ball."
<Theta-G> jeff needs to get (1) off chat and (2) some.

Thu Jan 14
<Alden> Unfortunately, I lost the Premiere install disk. :-P
<MegL> lost it?
<MegL> where did you loose it at?
<Alden> Meg: Pass.  :-)  I just couldn't find the disk.
<MegL> LOL
 * MegL tells Alden to think about places he keeps disks and maybe he'll
   find it
<Alden> Well, I've tried turning my bedroom upside down.
 * Nathan_Roberts gets this image of Alden picking up the entire house and
   shaking it upside down waiting for the disk to fall out

Thu Jan 14
[Theta-G SOUND] crickets.wav
 * Lyssie grins
<Lyssie> Is that really crickets chirping?
 * MegL thinks so
<Theta-G> No, I'd say that it's variable levels of amplitude occurring at
	  such a high rate as to simulate the actual natural occurrance
	  of insectoid legrubbing
 * Lyssie shoots peer with the BFG
<MegL> Yeah! That's it
 * Lyssie wonders if Peter has been replaced with a dictionary...
<Nathan_Roberts> Translated: "It's fake."
<Theta-G> damn sound's didge, girl. diggit?
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks Theta made more sense the first time

Sun Jan 17
 * Alden looks around and drops one of Jason's pins.
 * Jondar sees that 10 pins are now down, and starts bowling.

Sun Jan 17
 * Jondar watches another soap actor get killed off... this time
   having been kidnapped, then locked into a car, and the car driven
   into a lake... the actor then drowns.
<Jondar> at least, the character does... though, I wish the actor did
	 really drown :)
 * Alden was about to say..!
<Jondar> Alden: I don't think the actor would... this acting is so wooden
	 he'd prolly float :)

Sun Jan 17
<Alden> A text-to-voice product?  I can do that with my vocal chords.

Mon Jan 18
<Jondar> XXXX = another Australian brand of beer. Just as popular as
	 Fosters here.
<Alden> There's a joke about it being called XXXX cause they didn't know
	how to spell beer. :-)

Mon Jan 18
<The_Anti> Beer: Fermented Wheat Urine

Mon Jan 18
<random_C> Help is like buses - comes when you don't need it, in threes

Mon Jan 18
<Alden> What's next?  A version of Netscape that doesn't crash when you
	resize the window?
<Nathan_Roberts> It's called the Linux version, Alden

Mon Jan 18
<TheProf> I have a new pet called coco
<TheProf> It's a Furby.
<Whomiga_386> Oh, no!!!
 * Nathan_Roberts makes a cross symbol at Prof
<Alden> Furby......  Prof, you're sick. :-)
<TheProf> It keeps the cats company.
 * MegL thinks this furby is going to be fodder soon then >;)
 * Whomiga_386 waits for Prof to come home and find bits of Furby around
   the house
<TheProf> I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I have never had an
	  improper relationship with Coco the Furby.

Mon Jan 18
<Alden> Profess: I'm truly shocked by your husband sometimes. ;-)
<TheProf> She says if you met me that would change to horrified.

Tue Jan 19
[Whomiga is helping RedQueen with a text adventure game]
<Whomiga_386> e, se, sw, w, sw, se, e, se, e, n
 * Jondar follows Richard directions and ends up in the bathroom... :)
<Whomiga_386> Jason: Examine mirror
<Jondar> >Argh! You look awful

Thu Jan 21
<Theta-G> I never actually tried to smoke anything. Seemed an odd way to
	  get chemicals in the bod
<Nathan_Roberts> I've never tried to smoke anything either.
 * Whomiga_386 figured if I wanted to smoke, I could find a burning
   building and put my head in the window

Thu Jan 21
<IsraelBeta> Nathan: BTW, has anyone asked "the question" tonight?
<Nathan_Roberts> Don't even think about it.
 * Theta-G thinks about it
<IsraelBeta> Nathan: I didn't, I simply asked if anyone had asked it.:)
 * Alden decides to ask "The Question": Nathan, will you marry me?
<Theta-G> LOL!
<Leela> ROTFL
<MegL> LOL
<Jondar> LOL Alden
 * MegL fwaps Alden
<Nathan_Roberts> Let me think about it...
*** Alden has been kicked off channel #drwhochat by Nathan_Roberts (No!)
 * Alden sighs. jilted...
 * Nathan_Roberts gives Alden "The Answer"

Thu Jan 21
<The_Anti> "Chap with the television stomach.. one round rapid!"
<Whomiga> Only one round?

Thu Jan 21
 * TomsOH kills Sonic
<FolkBoy> Poor hedgehog.

Thu Jan 21
<michaell> my!
<TomsOH> God!
<TomsOH> <Shatner impression mode off>

Thu Jan 21
 * TomsOH bops Alden on the head and watches a long bump rise up.
<TomsOH> Eh-oh, Dipsy!

Thu Jan 21
<Alden> Alryssa: What does "OH" stand for?
<TomsOH> Alden: Tom's Other Half.
<Alden> Oh....
*** Alden is now known as MegsOH

Thu Jan 21
<Theta-G> my biohrythms are completely screwed up
<Theta-G> my circadian mechanism is out of phase
<Nathan_Roberts> You too, huh?
<Theta-G> It's all just a wash of time and bouts of lost consciousness...
<Theta-G> every so often it makes me fall over and.... what is the word?
<Nathan_Roberts> Sleep?
<Theta-G> yeah

Thu Jan 21
<Alden> Weird coincidence that the same year a new series called Crusade is
	about to premiere, we turn up a DW episode with the sname name...
<Alden> Quick!  Someone make a series called "The Tenth Planet"!

Fri Jan 22
Daft away messages:
 * Alryssa is away (Hi. Alryssa's answering machine is broken. This
   is her fridge. Speak very slowly and I'll stick your message to myself
   with one of these magnets.)
 * The_Anti is away (Loo... toidy... toilet.. .porcelain goddess.. it's a
   TOILET! I'm there.)
 * Jefferys is away (I'm away. Messages will be sauteed over a bed of
   wild rice and vegetables.)

Fri Jan 22
 * Alden tried looking for pictures of Bonnie in a bikini once, but the
   bikini bottoms kept riding up and got really uncomfortable.

Sat Jan 23
<Nathan_Roberts> I can now do 120wpm, peak, at-best, when-I'm-really-trying,
		 just from real-world practice
<Nathan_Roberts> My real WPM is probably around 70
<Nathan_Roberts> My mind boggles at the thought of what I could do if I
		 mastered the Dvorak keyboard as well as I have the Qwerty
<Jondar> Nate: prolly overload the keyboard :)

Sat Jan 23
<Andrew_> and you're lookingat EOnline...ha.
*** Andrew_ has signed off (Killed ( (Nickserv enforcement)))
* Shel reminds everyone, never say "ha" ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> NickServ has signed off (Killed (
		 (Smitten by God)))

Sat Jan 23
<Alden> He has a point though.  In resteraunts, there's usually too few staff
	and too many tables.
 * Alden would also suck at such a job, cause he can never remember anything.
 * MegL thinks balaning the food was a problem Alden
<Alden> Oh, balancing is also a problem.
<Alden> The top of my head to too round.
<Jondar> LOL Alden
 * MegL winces at the idea of alden putting a scalding Pizza on his head
<MegL> hehehe
<Jondar> Alden should go to finishing school, and learn to balance books
	 on his head :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Just get yourself married to someone that'll bash you over
		 the head with a frying pan a few hundred times, that'll
		 solve the problem >:)
<Jondar> heehee Nate
<Alden> Nathan: Yeah, but Kate Orman's taken. ;-)
 * Alden grabs Meg and I got her already. :)
 * Jondar thwacks a frying pan over Alden's head a few times
 * Nathan_Roberts gives Meg a frying pan.  You know what to do with it. >:)
<Londo> yeah, can you make me a few eggs while you're at it Meg?  I'm
	hungry, thanks :)
<Jondar> ROTFL!
<Nathan_Roberts> Knew that was coming
 * MegL wacks Nathan over the head very hard
 * Alden giggles.
 * MegL then makes breakfast for Londo and Co.
<Nathan_Roberts> ouch
<Nathan_Roberts> knew that was coming too
<Nathan_Roberts> You guys are just too predictable ;)
<Londo> Nathan:  erjk32 3j5;k432tj qkjdefjk3523 3243j;!$#@!#$!@#!$.  
	Did you see that coming too?  (Benny Hin Jr.?)
<Londo> (sorry, I used the wrong name Nathan...err, I didn't mean Benny
	Hin, I meant umm, Kreskin (sp?)
 * Nathan_Roberts forsees... Londo getting his just rewards...
 * Nathan_Roberts slaps Londo around a bit with a large Linux Penguin
<Nathan_Roberts> Wow, 3 for 3... Scary
<Londo> oh no
<Londo> I have a penguin beak stuck in my!@#
<Londo> I'm tired, and I really need to try and get this pengiun out of my ass before I sleep or I won't be getting sleep (or going to the bathroom) in the very near future..sooo
<Londo> goodnight Alden, Jondar, Leela, nathan, Theta, WHomiga!
<Jondar> 'night Londo
<Whomiga_386> Night Londo
<Whomiga_386> Just sleep face down...
*** Londo has signed off (I where SupremeDalek was here to use the plunger
    on my butt....oh well)
<Nathan_Roberts> o...k...
<Whomiga_386> I nominate that for the QF
 * Alden stares at th quit line. Wha?!
<Jondar> that quitline doesn't make sense
<Theta-G> N. F. Idea alden
<Alden> Jason: It does together with the peguin line...
<Nathan_Roberts> s/where/wish/
<Jondar> Nate: Ah!
<Alden> He needs the plunger to remove the penguin, obviously.
<Alden> Another satisfied Linux customer. ;-)
<Jondar> Muahahahaha! Alden
<Theta-G> thanks nate (but where's the semicolon!!!!!?)
 * Nathan_Roberts shoves a semicolin up Theta's ass!
<Theta-G> half a sixth doctor is better than all i suppose
<Jondar> semicolin? a transparent Doc6... Hmmm...
[Nathan_Roberts SOUND] boo.wav
<Alden> LOL!!!!!
<Theta-G> sorry to be so suppository
<Jondar> Oh look! 
you can see the carrot juice go down his throat! >:-)
[Nathan_Roberts SOUND] boo.wav
<Theta-G> this is getting real barfy
<Jondar> Thete: well, you started it :)
<Theta-G> NOT
<Jondar> you wanted the semicolon... :)
<Alden> Hehehehehehe.
<Theta-G> NATE didn't terminate his line of code, dammit
 * Alden has a large intestine, will that do?
<Nathan_Roberts> I suppose if I shoved the semicolon up his ass he's now
		 got a rectum and a half
<Jondar> LOL Nate
<Theta-G> all class, this lot
<Nathan_Roberts> The phrase... "Not!" comes to mind...
<Alden> FOMCL!
 * Whomiga_386 comes close to laughing soda out his nose

Sat Jan 23
<Theta-G> I get logged out! But I log in again
<Theta-G> No, they're never gonna keep me out!
<Theta-G> I get logged out! But I log in again
<Theta-G> No, they're never gonna keep me out!
<Theta-G> He tries the guest account
<Theta-G> He tries the root account
<Theta-G> He gets the passwd file
<Theta-G> He skims the mail awhile
<Theta-G> He hacks the sites that remind him of his college days
<Theta-G> He sifts the trash for the papers people threw away
<Theta-G> Hacking the night away...
<Theta-G> Hacking the night away
<Theta-G> I get logged out...
<Theta-G> [Repeat and Fade]

Sun Jan 24
[Talking of putting screenshots up on webpages...]
<Whomiga_386> A lot of the Amiga people put up their screenshots of Workbench
 * Jondar wonders if he should start putting up screenshots of his Desktop :)
<Nathan_Roberts> The #dwc screenshot gallery?
<Nathan_Roberts> Vote for your favorite? ;)
 * Whomiga_386 doesn't because his changes so often and is totally different
   depending on the moment
<Nathan_Roberts> I bet my AfterStep shots would win >:)
<Nathan_Roberts> Rich: Mine probably changes weekly
<Whomiga_386> Nate - yea, yours does change more than mine
<Jondar> Rich: I don't do it either, because mine rarely changes at all :)
<Whomiga_386> Jason - well, mine usually has small changes - but they
	      usually change from moment to moment
<Nathan_Roberts> Rich: The clock you mean? ;)

Mon Jan 25
<TheProf> My class teacher called the iMac a "Computer for folks who
	  don't know which side of the floppy disk goes up. It's
	  basicly meant to be idiot proof which is fine because that
	  is who they are targeting."

Mon Jan 25
<TheProf> Someone once asked me what a quake feels like. I told them it was
	  like God picked up your house and can't decide where he wants to
	  set it down.

Mon Jan 28
<Nathan_Roberts> hi Prof
<TheProf> Call me mary Ann.
<Nathan_Roberts> I will not call you Mary, and don't call me Ann!

Mon Jan 28
 * Nathan_Roberts wonders what his mother is trying to do to him. She got
   him a button-down shirt.
<TheProf> It's time to look like the nerd you are.
<Nathan_Roberts> And you know what else?  Throw in the flannel and I look
		 good in these clothes.  Guys, I'm starting to panic...
<UniGrl> Oh my god!  Look out!  An Incipient Sense of Style is abornin'!

Sat Jan 30
<Jondar> humanity needs cargo transmat technology urgently :)
<Nathan_Roberts> Jondar: Not to mention Human transmat technology
<Jondar> Nate: well, transmatting humans may be risky... try it on
	 inanimate objects first :)
 * TheProf transmats Yads.
<Jondar> Furbies = perfect initial test subjects >:-)
<Nathan_Roberts> LOL Prof!
<Jondar> on power-boosted open-ended transmat beams.... into deep space....
<Nathan_Roberts> Mwahahaha!
<Nathan_Roberts> Better yet.  Into the Death Zone.
<Jondar> No, the Furbies are intelligent enough to defeat the stuff at
	 The Death Zone :)
<Nathan_Roberts> And we have those buggers running free among us?  Horrors!

Sat Jan 30
<Jondar> Prof: I saw a English/Furbish dictionary online...
<Nathan_Roberts> Seen any English/Refurbish dictionaries?
<Jondar> LOL!
<Jondar> Refurbish: Well, we can replace the foam cushioning and French
	 Polish the woodwork --- English: We can get you a new cushion, and
	 wipe the beer stains

Sat Jan 30
<TheProf> Found a bunch of wavs.....can you say Furby desktop theme?
 * TheProf watches Jason shake.
<Jondar> Prof: don't you DARE!!!
<TheProf> LOL!
<Jondar> if you do make it, you can have it on your own site

Sat Jan 30
 * TheProf now has 20 Furby wavs.........I need theropy.
[SOUND] biggun.wav
 * Nathan_Roberts gives Prof the necessary thearapy
<TheProf> Hah! You hit me right in the head so you didn't do any damage!

Sun Jan 31
 * Jondar can kill mIRC with kick prot scripts!
<Alryssa> *snort*
 * Alryssa watches yet another program die at Nate's hands
<Nathan_Roberts> Crow's Law: Nathan can break anything.
<Alryssa> Can you break wind? :)

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