The #drwhochat Quotefile

Volume II, Issue XII: December 1998

Compiled by Nathan Roberts

Wed Dec 02
<Issydoingfinal> Prof: So how'd *you* end up thinking the same
		 thing Jason did?:)
 * Jondar is telepathic... I planted the idea in Prof's head... :)
<Issydoingfinal> Jason: Ah hah!:)
<TheProf> I must buy more Australian exports.
 * TheProf places an order for 1,000 cases of vegimite.
<TheProf> I had vegimite once I know while they
	  sent all those folks to Australia. Anyone who likes that stuff is
<Jondar> Prof: well, I'd call myself unstable... certainly not deranged
	 though >:-)

Fri Dec 04
<EviLyssie> The sex drive??? Macs have them, don't they?
<Nathan_Roberts> Lyssie: Except for the iMacs

Sat Dec 05
<ash-man> AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (Scream copyright SJS 1998)

Sat Dec 05
<Alryssa> Theta: I can't believe ford called one of their cars 'The Probe.'
<Theta-G> i lnow, i can't see one of those without thinking NO, NOT THE FORD

Sat Dec 05
<TheProf> I think I'm really lagged. In my other room folks are talking
	  about if Roosavelt should run for a third term.

Sat Dec 05
<Jefferys> This week, Voyager runs into a bunch of aliens.  They try to kill
	   the crew for no apparent reason, Janeway kills them all.  There's
	   some romantic tension.  The episode ends.  There's your plot
	   synopsis for any Voyager episode...  lol...

Sat Dec 05
<Nathan_Roberts> That settles it.  It IS the aligning of the planets
<Shel> nathan, guess what... men don't suck!
<Shel> hehehehe...
 * Nathan_Roberts chokes
<Shel> i knew that would top it off ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> That's not the aligning of the planets... That's Hell
		 Freezing Over!!!

Sat Dec 05
 * Alden hears Ace scream. Ooo, Mel's got competition.

Sun Dec 06
<Shel> okay, there are certain rules for someone to abide by to survive
       a horror movie ;)
<Shel> sex=death
<Shel> drinking & drugs=death
<Shel> and saying "i'll be right back"=death

Sun Dec 06
<Theta-G> hey Alden, are you a college student?
<Alden> Er, no.
<Alden> If college = University, not since '94
<Theta-G> i apologize if i'm being intrusive, but what occupies your time
	  outside of dwc
<Alden> I have time outside #DWC?

Mon Dec 07
<Shel> my mom has no idea how to use a computer for anything other
       than wordprocessing
<Shel> i had to help her figure out how to get her email
<fuzzyoctopus> Shel; same here
<fuzzyoctopus> mom; "how do I send the email?"  me; "click the button
	       that says 'send' "

Mon Dec 07
<Nathan_Roberts> Eep!  It's 12:48!
<Jondar> Eeep! it's 19:47! >:-)
<Shel> realy? i thought it was 1998

Wed Dec 09
<TheProf> Nathan_Roberts.exe. A virus that once on your computer
	  attempts to convert your Windows programs to Linux.

Wed Dec 09
*** Alden has joined #DrWhochat
[Alden SOUND shatner.wav]
*** Alden has left #DrWhochat
<Shel> fly by shatting!
<TheProf> You missed it Alden.
<Whomiga> We've just been Shatnered!!!
*** Alden has joined #DrWhochat
<Alden> Sorry, felt like doing a drive-by Shatnering.

Wed Dec 09
 * Shel blows up a rubber doll, and tapes a name tag on it, "hi, i'm alden's
   meg substitute for the evening"

Wed Dec 09 <Theta-G>
"chatting in different fonts and colors is like going to a party where some of
the people talking have bullhorns and others are on stilts. it gets more
distracting than social."
-- me, 10 seconds ago

Wed Dec 09
[Talking about SimCity]
<TheProf> The fun thing was to take the survey during a disaster like
<TheProf> You would check the survey and 10% would say crime and 15% would
	  say traffic was the biggest problem and then $45% would
	  say "FIRE!!!!"
<TheProf> I had this wonderful vision of some phone survey person calling
	  someone on the phone and asking what the biggest problem in the
	  city was and the person would say "Fire! Fire!" The surveyer would
	  then ask "What is the second biggest problem?"
<Arcalian> and the person tries to answer but they begin to burn and scream
	   into the phone.  The number two answer on the survey is
	   then "Aaaaagh!"
<TheProf> I always use to end my games of simcity by turning all the fire
	  departments off and then setting a few fires and watch the entire
	  city burn to the ground. Made me feel good after listening to these
	  little sim citizans complain about the traffic.

Thu Dec 10
 * Jondar doffs hat :)
 * TheProf steals Jason's hat.

Thu Dec 10
<Alden> "public beta release"?  Is this where you annoy total strangers with
	bugs as well as your friends? ;-)

Thu Dec 10
<Jondar> "To install Linux you need: 1) The cover CD, 2) Approximately 500Mb
	 or more of diskspace, 3) 2 blank floppy disks, 4) patience,
	 5) caffeine"

Sat Dec 12
<Nathan_Roberts> Even among weirdos I'm a weirdo
<Whomiga> And that's news? :^)

Sat Dec 12
<Alden> "And to change a directory in Linux, you compute the square root of
	215.65334, then type cd 455 -c -xyz -wibble lefthammer whatzt"

Sat Dec 12
<TheProf> Tried to get gramps to take a vacation to Europe a few years ago.
	  He said he was there once and the folks weren't very nice. I tried
	  to explain to him he was there in 1944 and I promised this time
	  they wouldn't shoot at him.

Sat Dec 12
<Whomiga> The bed covered with computers.... again?
<Nathan_Roberts> Well, it's not covered in anything now, except blankets
<Whomiga> oh - really?
<Whomiga> Wow - that's new!

Sat Dec 12
<TheProf> My wife is only 5'3. When ever she needs something off the top
	  shelf she has to call me and I call her a runt and mutter about
	  getting a taller wife next time.

Sat Dec 12
<TheProf> Someone once asked who made the big desisions in our household and
	  my wife was in the next room. I yelled over "Honey do I get to make
	  the big desisions for the house?" She goes "Yes you do dear. You
	  can if you really want to".

Sun Dec 13
 * Jondar tries to fold the map back up the right way
<TheProf> Jondar attempts what few men have ever done successfully in the
	  history of man.

Sun Dec 13
<TheProf> I added a slave hard drive and am trying some tricks out.
<Alryssa> ah.
 * Alryssa has a slaved hard drive
 * Alryssa cracks her whip
<Alryssa> faster!
 * Alryssa whips her 2.5 gig hard drive

Sun Dec 13
<TheProf> If I fill up these two drives I need a trip to the Betty Ford
	  clinic for the computer obsessed.

Sun Dec 13
<Elf_Alden> "This drive does not support long file names?
<Elf_Alden> ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!
<Elf_Alden> What?!?!
* Elf_Alden looks confused.
* Elf_Alden grabs Nathan and shakes him. What have I DONE?!?!
<Nathan_Roberts> Sa aa aay  whh hh at tt?
<Nathan_Roberts> Time to reboot windows
<Elf_Alden> Ah...
<Elf_Alden> OK...
 * Elf_Alden will BRB.
<Nathan_Roberts> I don't know that will solve the problem
<Anti_Claus> What Alden doesn't know is that secretly we've replaced Windows
	     with Folger's Crystals.. let's see the end results...

Mon Dec 14
<Shel> i think nathan's sleeping...
<Lyssie> Naaaaaaaaaatttttttte!
<Arcalian> yoo hoo Nate!
[Shel SOUND] biggun.wav
<Nathan_Roberts> You banged?

Mon Dec 14
*** London__Guy has joined #drwhochat
 * London__Guy waves a biiiiiiiig hello to everyone
<Nathan_Roberts> Hi Algae
<London__Guy> Algae?
<Nathan_Roberts> LG: Say LG out loud :)

Tue Dec 15
<TheProf> Hmmmm. A Mr Hanky Christmas desktop theme.
<TheProf> Looks like shit.

Tue Dec 15
<Nathan_Roberts> Ash: I crashed Windows 95 twice a day (at least) when I
		 was running it
<Alden> Nathan: Yeah, but you'd crash your car twice a day if you drove. ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> You're confusing me with Prof

Tue Dec 15
<Nathan_Roberts> I've actually only managed to crash Linux once
<Nathan_Roberts> The OS itself that is.  I've locked the hardware itself up
		 on other occasions
<Whomiga> Nate - and you did a great job with the Drive under linux
<Nathan_Roberts> What drive?
<Whomiga> Well - The linux crash...You impressed Brett with
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh yeah
<Nathan_Roberts> Spontaneous Corruption
<Nathan_Roberts> Usually you only see that in Washington

Tue Dec 15
<Nathan_Roberts> But I haven't had any troubles with it since I reformatted
		 it and reinstlalisoslkjnk jsdfy92783o 9787(*$& #)(P(*YF
		 PIUHKJH :AESL*OR)(@*&#+_)( _+_)@#(_ )*_)
<Whomiga> Hmmm...
<Nathan_Roberts> ::KABOOM!!!!::
<Nathan_Roberts> And I've only have one problem with it since I reformatted
		 it and reinstalled everything

Wed Dec 16
<Arcalian> shel: god, didnt you get any sleep?
<Shel> sleep?
<Arcalian> yes, you know, that thing that keeps you from collapsing on your
	   face when you go to work
<Alden> Oh, caffiene!
<Arcalian> no, thats the thing that only keeps you up for a little while,
	   then if you use it too much, you get a tolerance, and then
	   eventually it does you no good at all and you crash down into a coma
 * Nathan_Roberts is somewhere between the tolerance category and the
   coma category

Wed Dec 16
<Shel> nicotime
<Shel> nicotine
<Whomiga> nicotime - that's what the Brigadier always arrives in

Wed Dec 16
*** random_C has changed the topic on channel #DrWhoChat to and while the
    strikes take place, someone waves "hello mum" on a night-sight camera.
    Welcome to the modern world.

Wed Dec 16
[Anti_Painting SOUND] biggun.wav
<Shel> that was interesting...
<Shel> my son just ran out in the other room to get me, saying he heard
       a big gun noise com from my computer

Thu Dec 17
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh good lord
<Nathan_Roberts> I've had my radio on mute for half an hour now
<Nathan_Roberts> Because I muted it because some stupid commercial was on and
		 forgot to unmute it
<Nathan_Roberts> So now I go to unmute it, and guess what's on?  The Same
		 Damn Commercial!!!

Fri Dec 18
<TheProf> I tried the DW drinking game where you take a drink when ever
	  Adric does something that annoys you but got drunk in 10 minutes.

Fri Dec 18
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, I got paid today!
 * TheProf is impressed......especially as Nathan is not married and gets
   to keep his money.
<Nathan_Roberts> Jealous is the word you're looking for, Prof :)
<TheProf> That too Nathan.

Fri Dec 18
<TheProf> By the way. Who made fun of my wife last night?
 * Nathan_Roberts looks innocent
<TheProf> You caught my wife in a grammer mistake and pointed it out to
	  her Nathan? BLESS YOU!

Sat Dec 19
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> brb, testing something on K9
<Whomiga> Uh, oh
 * Jondar doesn't like the use of the words "test" and "K9" in the same
   sentence :)

Sat Dec 19
<TheProf> Nathan I remember watching Saddam standing on a balcony after the
	  Gulf war firing a pistal into the air declairing his victory over
	  the US and thinking "Someone needs to really tell him what happened".
<TheProf> Sort of like the guy stepping foot out of his bomb shelter into
	  a nuclear devistated city and celebrating.
<TheProf> I think under Saddam's definition of victory Gen Custer beat the
	  shit out of the indians.

Sat Dec 19
<Jondar> something odd is going on... I can't hear any wav that Prof plays
<Alden> Jason: And this is bad? ;-)
 * Alden runs!!!
*** TheProf is now known as StealthProf
<Alden> Argh!
 * Alden runs faster!
<The_Anti> shouldn't run Alden..
<The_Anti> makes it easier for the DeathBot 5000 to find you..
*** Nathan_Roberts is now known as DeathBot5000
<DeathBot5000> Someone called?
 * Alden raises shields.
 * StealthProf moves around the room unsean.................and since he
   showered unsmelled.
<StealthProf> someone switched my a and e keys again.
<Jondar> UnSean? that's true, I thought your name was Brian, not Sean :)
 * StealthProf slaps Jondar around with a copy of Windows 98.
 * The_Anti sicks DeathBot on Alden
 * Alden cloaks.
 * DeathBot5000 marches towards Alden
<The_Anti> get 'em boy
<Alden> Argh!!!!
<DeathBot5000> Don't make me call out one of my 4999 predecessors.  They're
	       not as discriminating as I am
<DeathBot5000> (Why'dya think they were recalled? >:)
 * Alden slides into a parallel universe and brings back the evil version
   of Bill Gates.
<Alden> Wait....
<Alden> We already _have_ the evil version of Bill Gates. ;-)
 * Alden throws Bill Gates in the DeathBot's path.
 * DeathBot5000 evicerates Bill Gates with the utmost pleasure
<StealthProf> There's a good version of Bill Gates!?
<DeathBot5000> Prof: Yes.  Somewhere out there in one of the parallel
	       universes, he invented Linux
<Jondar> Prof: yeah, he's a philanthropic hippie who sells flowers at a
	 roadside stall
<StealthProf> I must say I am impressed with anyone who can spell
	      philanthropic on the fly like that.
<Alden> And in that universe, Nathan is running Win95. ;)
<Jondar> Alden: he's running it now...
<DeathBot5000> Nathan in running Win95 in this universe too
<Jondar> OK, who swapped the Nate's around? :)

Sat Dec 19
<StealthProf> Alden: Just got an e-mail from Ctoys. They are putting a link
	      up to your cursors in the morning with my themes.
<Alden> Cool spuds
<StealthProf> Expect a couple of hundred downloads in the first day and
	      then a stream of e-mails with questions like "I'm running a
	      Mac. How come they won't work?"

Sat Dec 19
<Atomized_Prof> Best of the Spice Girls is half price.....does that mean it
		makes you only half as ill?
<Atomized_Prof> If the Queen gives them an MBE I'm going to ralf.
<Nathan_Roberts> ralf?
<Atomized_Prof> Vomit, spew chunks, throw up, drive the porcelin bus.
<Whomiga> Yes, An involuntary personal protein spill

Sat Dec 19
<Alden> Prof: Always stick a condom over your modem
<TheProf> LOL
<Jondar> ROTFL Alden
 * Nathan_Roberts slaps Alden around a bit with a large trout
<TheProf> Safe surfing?
<Whomiga> A Comodem?
<TheProf> Mind you I am a married man and to be caught with a condem is
	  death by castration, being burned at the stake, torn into tiny
	  pieces and baried alive.
<Whomiga> Prof - If ypou find a condom large enough to go around the modem -
	  your wife won't kill you - she'd be too busy laughing at the fact...

Sat Dec 19
[Talking about SimCity and its kin again]
<Theta-G> i wanna play sim skate
<Theta-G> i wanna see some massive wipeouts
<TheProf> Simprison might be kind of fun. Comes with a bar of soap.
 * Nathan_Roberts thinks... SimBrothel...
<Theta-G> hat's nast, prof
<Nathan_Roberts> SimBill... You get to run Microsoft for a day
<TheProf> Simnerd.....basiclly all you get is a mirror.
<Anmarc> trapdoor just killed a connection between sonic and itself, ozbytes
	 is all by itself
 * Nathan_Roberts goes to nail down the trapdoor, but decides it's
	not worth the trouble
 * TheProf puts a rug over the hole and invites some perverts in.
<Nathan_Roberts> Mwahahaha Prof
 * Nathan_Roberts lugs in a tubful of gators and chucks 'em down the hole,
   and runs a hose down it

Sat Dec 19
<Nathan_Roberts> I once got an ICQ message from Prof asking WTQF??
<Nathan_Roberts> Then I got an ICQ message from Drake saying "WTQF??
		 (Prof made me say this)"
<Nathan_Roberts> Then Prof got a message from me saying "Fwap!!"

Sun Dec 20
 * Shel doesn't think adric is *that* bad
<IsraelBeta> Shel: An itchy rash isn't *that* bad.  Marilyn Manson isn't
	     *that* bad.  Nuclear annihilation isn't *that* bad.

Sun Dec 20
<Alden> We've swapped Crow's shampoo for depilatory cream.  Let's see if he

Sun Dec 20
 * Nathan_Roberts_Away finds an interesting page...
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> "This page is screwed compliments of Geocities"
<Jondar> Muahahaha!
<Lyssei> Nate: You should be proud. I'm getting off geocities
 * Jondar actually wants to get a hold of the Java code that does
   the "watermark" :)
<Alden> Jason: Me too. >:-)
 * Jondar pictures the possibilities of having a Varos watermark :)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Jondar: Go to
		      and steal it :)
<Jondar> Nate: actually, the code for the watermark isn't embedded onto the
	 page, the popup Java code is
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> How can it not be??
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> If it's not there, HTF does the browser run it?
<Jondar> Nate: no idea... but I went to a GeoCities page, and only the popup
	 code was there :)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Tilt
<Jondar> found it!!
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> LOL
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> t-10 seconds: "It ain't there" - t-0 seconds: "Found it!"
<Jondar> I went to a standard GeoCities company page and it has the watermark
<Jondar> (actually I stupidly entered Nate's mock GeoCities URL and found
	 the watermark code on the 404 error page)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> ROTFLMAO!
<CrowTRobt> Jondar don't laugh I did the same thing
 * Shel did the same thing :)
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I think that falls in to the category of "So stupid
		      it was brilliant"
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I made up a saying and put it in my tagline file...
		      "The difference between a brilliant idea and a stupid
		      idea is that one works."
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> I later added, "...and people listen to the other one."
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Note that I don't explicitely say which is which >:)

Sun Dec 20
<The_Anti> somebody wake me up in an hour..
<The_Anti> the mpeg should be done then
* The_Anti has the headphones on.. so it should be real easy
<DrNathenstein> /timer 1 60 sound #drwhochat biggun.wav

Sun Dec 20
<TheProf> Blor?
<TheProf> Here kitty, kitty Blor.
 * TheProf wonders if they sell evil bait?
 * Nathan_Roberts digs a hole, covers it, and lays an exposed soul on
   top of it
<TheProf> ROTFL!
<Jondar> ROTFL Nate
<Alden> Ah, Nathan's baring his soul.
 * Jondar draws a chalk pentagram and starts chanting...
<TheProf> Alden actually he needed to borrow one.
<Jondar> Ohm marny marny Ohm... Ohm marny marny Ohm... Ohm marny marny Ohm...
<``Sanity> ohmm.. hommmm..hoommm..
*** Blor has joined channel #drwhochat
<Jondar> the summoning worked!
<Blor> You summoned me?
<Jondar> Blor: it was either the summoning or the soul bait :)
<Blor> Soul?! Where?! Giveittome!!!
 * Jondar hands Nate a 20... looks like it was the soul bait...

Sun Dec 20
<TheProf> Nathan it's now 24 degrees here.
<TheProf> BRB. The wife wants me to get stuff out of the car......if I am
	  not back in 5 minutes send out the Eskimos to look for me.

Sun Dec 20
<Alden> We all know when Doctor Who will be back on TV.  The same day that
	Blor skates to work.

Sun Dec 20
<TheProf> We have four hours until sunrise and we are at 20 degrees!
<Nathan_Roberts> I went out for a few minutes to go to the laundry room, and
		 I wasn't a bit unconfortable
<TheProf> It hasn't been this cold here since the last ice age.
<TheProf> Add to the problem of 100% humidity and I have no idea what the
	  wind chill is.
<TheProf> I'm a California boy. The wife may think this is no problem but
	  I'm afraid of losing some toes.
<Nathan_Roberts> I'm a California boy too, and it doesn't bother me a bit
<TheProf> Nathan your a Mars boy.
<TheProf> Your use to freezing cold and no oxigen for that matter.
<TheProf> Now Blor I know is going "20 degrees and he's cold? What a wimp!"

Sun Dec 20
<TheProf> Must dash.
<TheProf> Wiofe is screaming at me to go to bed.
<Nathan_Roberts> We sure know who's the boss in THAT household ;)

Wed Dec 23
Topic for #drwhochat: My New Year's resolution: 1280x1024 (Alden)

Wed Dec 23
[Jondar is dealing with a dead CD-ROM drive]
<Jondar> the motor still works, it just won't read for some reason
<Nathan_Roberts> Check the cables?
<Jondar> yep, done that
<Whomiga> Checked the pins at the connector - on the CD-ROM - seen them
	  bent or broken off before
<Jondar> Rich: did all of that,
<Whomiga> Then it's probably dead
<Jondar> there's nothing wrong the cable, the pins, or the IDE controller
<Alden> Jason: Tested which wires are live using your sister?  ("Put your
	fingers here..... Ah, yes, that's live...")
<Jondar> ROTFL Alden
<Jondar> my sister wasn't home actually... luckily for her :)

Wed Dec 23
*** Alden has left IRC (Quit: This is a very witty quit line.)
*** Nathan_Roberts has left IRC (Quit: This is a very quitty wit line.)

Wed Dec 23
 * Nathan_Roberts picks up his whole bloody computer system and chucks it
   out the window
<Nathan_Roberts> Desk and all
<Whomiga> Yikes
<Alden> Nathan: Linux pissing you off? ;-)
<Nathan_Roberts> No.  Perl.
<Alden> Ah.....
 * TheProf wonders how long Nathan's fingers are that the computer went
   out the window and yet he can still type on it?
<Whomiga> Or, is nathan on the laptop logged into the system with a long cable
<TheProf> Or Nathan is typing while haninging out the window with his toes
	  holding onto the window Nathan is using Windows. :o)
<Whomiga> Nah, just the sill
 * Nathan_Roberts frees one foot just long enough to kick Prof in the butt
<Whomiga> Wow - Nate, you must be fun in a game of twister :^)
 * Nathan_Roberts frees the other foot and kicks Rich
[Sound of someone falling to the ground]

Wed Dec 23
<TheProf> I made screen saver to test a few things. I need Theta someone to
	  take a quick look and give an hinest opinion.
<Theta-G> Let me see if I understand your request.
<Theta-G> I am 3000 miles from home, using my sister's husband's computer,
	  and you would like me to infect it with whatever heinous armageddon
	  you may have accedentally brewed up in your laboratory.
<TheProf> Yes Theta. Exactly.
<TheProf> It's simple Theta. All you have to do when you download it is
	  double click it and it will play. It won't install and you can
	  then just delete it.
<Theta-G> Aren't you the one with the 'famous last words' in your quit message?
<Nathan_Roberts> Oh, and if your virus scanner kicks in and warns you about
		 it having the Exploding Computer virus, ignore it.  It's a
		 known false alarm

Sat Dec 26
<Alden> Boxing day is when we're _supposed_ to open presents.
<Alden> the presents would be in boxes.
<Jondar> Alden: I don't think that's right...
<Shel> maybe you're supposed to box up all your bad gifts and return them? ;)
<Nathan_Roberts> Virtually all my gifts won't be returned.  They'll either be
		 spent or eaten :)

Sat Dec 26
*** Shel has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Happy Boxing Day!
    Don't forget to throw your trees in the streets
*** Nathan_Roberts has changed the topic on channel #drwhochat to Happy
    Boxing Day! Don't forget to rip your tree apart and throw it into the box

Sat Dec 26
<TheProf> Man seeks woman Large hairy man with a liking for tall buildings
	  and bananas. Seeking woman preferably in black and white and
	  preferably skantiliy clad.

Sat Dec 26
 * TheProf found his wife at work.....who says office romances don't
   work......of course she quit which may have helped.
<TheProf> It was fortunate because had I had to fire her.............

Sat Dec 26
[Prof is talking about the game Thief]
<TheProf> The wife scared me to death one night. I was playing the game and
	  was under some stairs have up to my chin in water while zombies
	  walked right above me. One sound and I would be dead and I'm being
	  very quiet and the wife comes up and goes "BOO!"

Sun Dec 27
<Alden> Theta: What particular occasion are you refering to, Theta?
<Nathan_Roberts> Alden: Being redundant there, Alden
<Alden> Nathan: I do like the target of my sentences to be fully aware of
	his target-like nature, Nathan. ;-)

Tue Dec 29
 * TheProf tried to talk the boss at work into asking everyone at work to
   use smaller font sizes to save hard drive space. She didn't fall for it.

Sun Dec 29
<Nathan_Semi_Away> I got a Sony 4x 2 or 3 years back (back when 4x was a
		   lot), and it's served me well ever since.
 * Nathan_Semi_Away watches his CD-ROM smoke and splutter as he says that ;)
 * Alden hands Nathan some nicotine patches for his CDROM drive.

Sun Dec 29
<TheProf> You know folks are not reading your read me files when you get an
	  e-mail that has the question "I downloaded your theme and don't
	  know what to do. Do you need another program to make it work?
<TheProf> Now I know why folks send e-mail bombs.

Mon Dec 29
*** Leia_42 has joined #DrWhoChat
<Londo> Hi Theta :)
<Leia_42> oh crap, I'm wearing my sister's clothes.
*** Leia_42 is now known as Theta-G
<Nathan_Roberts> Stealing ideas from Eddie Izzard, Theta?

Mon Dec 29
*** Londo has quit IRC (Quit: (Quit: Killed (NickServ (Ghost command used
    by Casper))))
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Very appropriate.
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Ghost command used by Casper
<Shel> casper the friendly ghost just killed!
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Casper the not so friendly ghost?
 * Theta-G would go see a movie called 'Casper Goes Apeshit and Lays Waste
   to manhattan'
<Theta-G> oh wait, wasn't that Ghostbusters?

Mon Dec 29
 * Shel breaks down and has a mid-mid-life crisis
<Shel> i was just combing my hair and found a gray (actually silver) hair,
       and i walked back in the room and sat down, and the song sings "i'm
       not growing old"
 * TheProf gave up pulling grey hairs. Grey is prefered to bald.

Mon Dec 29
<TheProf> I've done my last Beanie prodject. I want to do more DW stuff.
<TheProf> where did that d come from?
<TheProf> OK! Who snuck a d in there!
<Nathan_Roberts_Away> Prof: Must have fallen out of Davidson

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